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#rockbox log for 2003-08-02

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07:58:47BoveHello, I just tried to install rockbox on my Recorder 20- and it did not seem to work
07:58:54BoveAny advice?
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08:00:59BoveCould someone help me with an install of rockbox?
08:01:12BoveI cant figure out what i have done wrong
08:18:26BoveI figured out my install.
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12:12:56HuwSyLittle help Im having problems with flashing my recorder 10.
12:13:25HuwSyIt keeps saying Sanity check failed. at the 1st stage
12:15:46HuwSyanyone out there?
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17:28:53thuanyone alive?
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17:31:48*NibbIer is
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18:18:45boveI am a new user of rockbox for a recorder 20... what is the easiest was to create playlists? Can I do it on my computer, and then import it somehow?
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18:19:30hardeepbove: yep, you just need to copy the m3u file to the jukebox once you've created it
18:19:56boveDo i create the file in notepad?
18:20:44hardeepbove: yep. there are also several apps you can use to create playlists, suc as winamp
18:21:44bovehardeep: I tried to use the player to make a list, and i was greeted with a message about a buffer bing full when i tried to play from it... what does that mean?
18:21:53hardeepbove: also, if you're using the latest daily build, you can also create playlists on-the-fly with rockbox
18:22:21hardeepbove: how many tracks were in your playlists?
18:22:55bovehardeep: i made a few i think... about 10-20
18:22:59hardeepbove: rockbox has a limit on the number of tracks in a playlist. By default it's 10,000 but it can be configured up to 20,000
18:23:11bovehardeep: and it would only play one track
18:23:46hardeepbove: hmmm
18:24:02hardeepbove: the other limitation in rockbox is the number of tracks that can be stored in one directory
18:24:09hardeepbove: the default for that is 400
18:24:20hardeepbove: are you sure you were playing a playlist and not a track in a directory?
18:25:22bovehardeep: the play list icon is three lines with bullet points in front of them?
18:25:30hardeepbove: yes
18:25:37bovehardeep: 5lines
18:25:53bovehardeep: "playlist buffer full
18:26:14bovehardeep: and then it plays one track
18:26:20hardeepbove: hmmm, you must have more than 10-20 tracks in it then.... could you put the playlist up somewhere please
18:26:30hardeepbove: for me to look at that is
18:27:07bovehardeep: sure, how should i do that?
18:27:30hardeepbove: maybe just e-mail it to me.... hardeeps AT pobox DOT com
18:27:50bovehardeep: sure, ill do it now.
18:28:47hardeepbove: btw, what version of rockbox are you using?
18:33:34bovehardeep: i emailed it... i am using yesterdays daily build
18:34:18hardeepbove: got it, taking a look
18:37:59hardeepbove: strange, you're getting "playlist buffer full" when you play this file?
18:38:15bovehardeep: yes
18:39:48hardeepbove: what is the value of Menu->General Settings->System->Max playlist size ?
18:39:50bovehardeep: I just created a new playlist using musicmatch jukebox, saved it and copied it to the recorder...It told me the playlist buffer was sull and played the first track only again
18:40:26bovehardeep: max size 1000
18:41:16hardeepbove: hmmm, that should be fine
18:41:37hardeepbove: did you set that value yourself or was it like that already?
18:41:56bovehardeep: thats what i foundthere
18:43:06bovehardeep: i am running version cvs-030801, by the way
18:43:49hardeepbove: yeah, that version should be fine
18:44:28hardeepbove: try Menu->General Settings->System->Reset Settings (at bottom)
18:44:37hardeepbove: and then replay
18:45:39hardeepbove: what device do you have?
18:45:45bovehardeep: no luck
18:46:03bovehardeep: archos jukebox recorder 20
18:46:26hardeepbove: oh, after resetting.... reboot the jukebox
18:46:48bovehardeep: turn off and on?
18:46:54hardeepbove: yeah
18:47:09hardeepbove: need to restart for max playlist size setting to take affect
18:47:56bovehardeep: wow, it seems to work now!
18:48:31bovehardeep: the max playlist size is now 10000, i just checked
18:48:41hardeepbove: strange, your configuration block was messed up. Do you remember doing anything special... perhaps change some settings?
18:48:54hardeeper changed
18:49:24bovehardeep: no, i dont think so... i did not really look to deeply into any menus
18:50:50bovehardeep: before, i was also unable to just play a track by itself-i got that same message, followed by no playing- now I can choose a track to play, and it works
18:51:18hardeepbove: yeah, your max playlist size was being set to 1 for some unknown reason so you were only ever able to play one track
18:52:00hardeepbove: if it happens again, please let us know... i'll continue investigating to see what might have caused it
18:53:50bovehardeep: thanks again for the help, if you need any more info,lease feel fre to email me, as i won't be watching this board. I'll be happy to help. I was really confused about this- I am excited that thhings are workig now.
18:54:40hardeepbove: enjoy :)
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20:35:28Enilnolittle help with flashing
20:36:19Enilnoit keeps failing after I press F1 when asked in the firmware_flash.rock
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21:00:25Enilnosomeone is out there, finaly
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23:52:29*tracktheripper gets the red carpet for LinusN
23:52:36*LinusN bows
23:52:54*LinusN is on vacation
23:53:11*tracktheripper holds a gun to LinusN's head and makes him fix "Reshuffle When Playlist Repeats"
23:55:11LinusNi am working on other things at the moment
23:55:28*tracktheripper begins squeezing the trigger
23:55:44LinusN(well, as i am on vacation, there is virtually no rockbox hacking at all)
23:56:28*tracktheripper BANG!!!!!!
23:58:15tracktherippersorry LinusN

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