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#rockbox log for 2003-08-03

00:02:17*LinusN files request "Bring back Linus from the dead"
00:03:19tracktheripperhang on LinusN im doing something
00:05:46 Join matsl [0] (
00:11:16tracktheripperLinusN are u chatting on a PDA now?
00:11:46LinusNnope, on my laptop
00:12:31tracktheripperthe USB HAS to be a master on the Archos since it matches the socket on a PC
00:13:28LinusNthey simply made a bad choice of socket
00:13:38LinusNit's still a slave
00:13:43tracktheripperah right
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00:22:22tracktheripperLinusN I think they chose the A socket because it fits nicely on the archos
00:22:32tracktheripperthe B socket would be awkward
00:26:12LinusNwell, they must have had *some* reason...
00:29:53tracktheripperat least use the mini socket like the one on the fm recorder
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00:49:04 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
00:49:41tracktheripperhi Adi
00:53:39tracktheripperLinusN u there?
00:53:45LinusNi am
00:54:24tracktherippercool :-)
00:54:36tracktheripperhave u flashed ur box yet?
00:55:03tracktheripperim too afraid to flash mine
00:55:24tracktheripperthe "normal" way of loading suits me fine
00:57:33tracktheripperLinusN if u can "flash" surely u can reprogramm it to play WMA or WAV
00:59:18LinusNno, we are still only writing code for the SH1 CPU, not the MAS
00:59:48LinusNthe only difference is where the code is located
01:01:07tracktheripperoh right
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01:04:15*LinusN is very tired
01:04:23tracktheripperawwwwwwwww LinusN
01:04:28tracktheripperwould u like some coffee?
01:04:42LinusNoh, no, i must sleep
01:05:07tracktheripperBagder doesn't like me now :-(
01:07:35JensingI got a question
01:08:02JensingMy Archos Studio 10 6000 Jukebox says when you load it "Jukebox Ver. : 5.08". My question is, What is this? The version of the firmware and is there a newer one?
01:08:31tracktheripperver 5.08 is the ROM version
01:08:39tracktheripperit displays that before Rockbox is launched
01:08:46Jensingit does
01:09:56JensingIs there a later ver. of this or does it matter
01:10:17LinusNthe onboard ROM starts first, displaying the ROM version, then it loads the firmware update from disk
01:10:42LinusNthat one will also display a version number
01:11:05LinusNhowever, it never updates the ROM firmware
01:11:41LinusNi don't know which Studio version is the latest
01:13:27LinusNi think 5.08 is the latest
01:14:07LinusNand no, the ROM version doesn't matter if you run Rockbox
01:14:57JensingI had an idea and was not sure if it was unrealized, was there an idea already made to ROCKBOX for a setting that will keep track of the tracks you play to full and then keeps this in a data file so that the ones you play most often and let play all the way to the end would build a data base for the next time you play in shuffle mode it will pick thoes first? This is not a realy good way to put this but I hope you get the point.
01:15:23LinusNi get it
01:15:50LinusNwe have an "add to the favourites playlist" plugin that does almost that
01:16:10Jensingkinda like smart play
01:16:59LinusNfeel free to file a feature request
01:17:17Jensingwell what would be a better way of putting that
01:19:27 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
01:20:43Jensingwhere is this "add to the favourites playlist" feature
01:21:09LinusNif i understand you correctly, you want a kind of weighted shuffle, that favours the most played tracks?
01:21:21Jensingcorrect !!
01:21:40LinusNthen file a request
01:22:10LinusNthe "add to favourites" plugin is kind of rudimentary right now
01:22:28LinusNwhen you run it, it adds the currently playing track to a playlist
01:23:23LinusNinstall the latest daily build along with the rocks (plugins)
01:23:48Jensingwell i dont think all the rocks work on my player
01:24:32Jensingi have a ? in front of most of them
01:25:41LinusNmost, but not all?
01:26:13LinusNand are you sure that it isn't the plugin icon, looking like a cord and a plug?
01:26:45Jensingok i see now
01:27:05Jensingbut it says "Nothing to save"
01:27:22LinusNdo you have a song playing?
01:27:56Jensingoh... you have to have one playing
01:28:00Jensingok sorry abotu that
01:28:18LinusNyes, it adds the currently playing song to the playlist
01:30:32JensingI cant get to the ROCKS folder while its playing
01:30:53LinusNwhy not?
01:31:00LinusNpress ON
01:31:55Jensinggeez i feel like a real dumb ass
01:31:59Jensingsorry dude
01:32:58LinusNsomeday we will have a better way of doing it, like a shortcut key directly from the WPS
01:33:13Jensingi had to scroll all the way back to it
01:33:24Jensinggod help me if i am in the car
01:52:57LinusNtime to sleep, nite all
01:53:19 Part LinusN
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20:24:33tracktherippercould a plugin be developed that lets you "play along" to music with drum-beats?
20:24:44tracktheripper(like on some other MP3 devices)
20:25:18tracktheripperor compose basic dance/drum beats on the fly?
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23:09:46diddystar5hey bagder
23:09:58Bagdergood evening
23:13:50diddystar5whats left todo before 2.1?
23:14:16Bagdernothing imho ;-)
23:14:26BagderI'll have a talk with Björn about it this week
23:16:01diddystar5humm i think the playlist viewer should added. and that nim game for the player, then it's set!
23:16:16BagderI want the playlist viewer too
23:16:31Bagderand we should go over and add all the plugin patches
23:17:02diddystar5is there a patch cleaning day planed soon?
23:17:42BagderI haven't talked much with Björn in a while, so no
23:17:46Bagdernot atm anyway
23:23:38 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
23:29:08Kinslayeranyone know the lcd code well?
23:31:50BagderI've written parts of it
23:33:48tracktheripperHELLO BAGDER
23:33:52tracktheripperSORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY!
23:33:59Bagderyou knew that was coming
23:34:18tracktheripperi was drunk after being down the pub
23:34:20diddystar5o no it's track!
23:34:23tracktheripperthats why i did it
23:35:58Kinslayerbadger: ok so i've added some hebrew support (to correctly reverse hebrew parts of a string), it works fine on the ui simulator, but on my rockbox, whenever the scrolling algorythm is called i get some junk appearing on the 2nd last column of non scrolling lines. any idea why? :)
23:37:16tracktheripperhey bagder
23:37:25Bagderthat's not too easy to answer! ;-)
23:37:30Kinslayermy only real change is a str = hebrew_process(str) in lcd_putxyofs
23:37:43Kinslayerit looks like the problem is only there when s->offset > 0
23:37:53Kinslayerbut as said it only appeasrs in the box compile and works perfectly in the uisim
23:37:53tracktheripperrequest management?
23:38:08Bagdertracktheripper: yes?
23:38:27tracktheripperhello bagder
23:38:35BagderKinslayer: I think you would better post the patch and let people read the code and perhaps it'll reveal something
23:38:55Kinslayeryeah ok busy waiting for a sf login now. thanks :)
23:47:28tracktheripperbagder I may dissappear for good because im considering getting an Ipod
23:48:00Bagderseriously, why?
23:48:15diddystar5freakin' pods'
23:48:17tracktheripperbecause A) no-one likes me here and B) the Ipod feels nicer
23:48:38Bagderoh well
23:48:39Bagderbye bye
23:48:48tracktheripperwhat u mean byebye?
23:48:57tracktheripperI didnt say I was getting an Ipod for definite
23:49:38Bagderwhy did you say this at all?
23:49:57tracktheripper"wasting our time with your requests management"
23:50:13Bagderyou KNOW that
23:50:19Bagderyou're just being an asshole on purpose
23:50:31tracktheripperNot even I would call u that
23:50:47Bagderthat'e because I'm not
23:50:59tracktheripperok what if I called u that now?
23:51:03tracktheripperdon't worry Im not going to
23:51:04BagderI work hard to bring rockbox forward
23:51:09Bagderyou whine and obstruct a lot
23:51:17tracktheripperok ok ok ok ok
23:51:28tracktheripperif u want u can delete my sourceforge account
23:51:29Bagderyou could in fact help
23:51:35Bagderbut you decide not to
23:51:40tracktheripperbut I just CANNOT CODE
23:51:47tracktheripperand I don't have the time or resources to learn
23:51:55Bagderrockbox is much more than code
23:52:08tracktheripperok what can I do to help? (Im being seriious)
23:52:32tracktheripperwhatever I can do to help Ill do it
23:52:35Bagder1. stop messing around in our trackers with stupid things
23:53:08Bagder2. provide proper feedback and comments there, I know you can and I know you do at times
23:53:13Bagder3. help us with docs
23:53:18tracktheripper((is flattered))
23:53:29tracktheripperwell I have suggested a fix for bad HDs many times
23:53:43Bagderright, stop doing the many times part
23:53:55Bagderfiling a request or bug report is enough
23:53:58tracktheripperit was a fix that actually worked for someone
23:55:21tracktheripperwell Bagder several bugs I submitted got fixed
23:55:35Bagderyes, I know
23:55:42BagderI know you can be good
23:55:53Bagderthat's why I knod you're being bad on purpose
23:56:37tracktheripperI did read about another device that features the same MAS and includes time stretch
23:56:46BagderI know
23:56:48BagderI've read it too
23:56:53Bagderthat doesn't help us one bit
23:57:07tracktheripperwhat was the link I forgot
23:57:12tracktheripperIm sure it was a Terratec machine
23:57:17BagderI don't have it either anymore
23:57:39tracktheripperBagder ive just realised perhaps the timestretch is done by software and not by the MAS in that device
23:57:56tracktherippersince ive read the white paper about the MAS and it doesn't mention timestretching
23:57:58Bagderin that case they have a much faster CPU than we do
23:58:14Bagderyes, that's why you need to code the MAS
23:58:24Bagderusing the reprogrammable memory space
23:58:33tracktheripperbut like I said, I have no programming ability whatsoever
23:58:44Bagderand no one has the docs for it anyway
23:58:46Bagderso we can't do it
23:58:58Bagderthis has been mentioned a million times

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