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#rockbox log for 2003-08-04

00:00:21tracktheripperwell im glad u still talking to me
00:01:39tracktheripperThere is one improvement I like to make to the Peak Meter
00:02:35diddystar5badger: NONE of these docs have the stuff needed about the MAS?
00:03:28Bagderthey don't give out info about it on trequest either
00:03:35Bagderyou need to sign an NDA and stuff
00:03:45tracktheripperBagder I like to invert the end section of the Peak Meter so it looks like the "Red zone" on a tape-deck's VU meter
00:03:57Bagderthey treat it as top secret
00:04:42Bagdertracktheripper: so, there's one feature request for that, isn't it? file a comment there
00:05:02tracktheripperyea it was MY request
00:05:15tracktheripperbut I wouldn't mind fixing it if I knew how to invert the pixels
00:05:16Bagderso why are you saying this?
00:06:12tracktheripperyea but it would just be the end pixels in the LCD
00:07:18Bagderso pass in the correct args to the function
00:07:21diddystar5you can tell it what pixels to invert with that function right?
00:08:14*diddystar5 isn't very good with all that graphics and pixel stuff
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00:08:54diddystar5hey hardeep
00:09:33tracktheripperBagder my most liked request is "Invert"
00:09:36tracktheripperEveryone likes that
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00:13:12tracktheripperhello bag
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00:43:49BagderKinslayer: so with your font and your patch, hebrew works in rockbox?
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02:45:39Neohey guys
02:45:49Neoim returning my archos jukebox recorder 20 tomorrow
02:45:56Neoto swith it out for another one
02:46:08Neoand is there any way that i could tell if the rom is flashable or not
02:46:18Neocaue ive heard that there are some that the rom isnt flashable
02:46:33Neoor is it just a lucky hand
02:56:01hardeepNeo: only way to tell is running rockbox and looking in the debug info or opening up the unit
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03:00:28Neo_um, any way to tell from the package?
03:00:37hardeepNeo_: alas, no
03:01:05Neo_im getting a brand new one from circuity city
03:01:14Neo_is it a good chance that its flashable
03:01:17Neo_my last one was flashable
03:01:20Neo_and i got it there
03:01:37hardeepNeo_: yeah, from what i hear most are flashable
03:02:41Neo_im not sure if im pleased with archos though
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06:01:46PsycoXul/m/math 10*28.35
06:01:51PsycoXulgah :p
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09:21:07AtifearI'd like to know something about rockbox
09:21:15Bagderask ahead
09:22:30Atifearwhen I use this firmware, i've got some problems with the battery. even if it's full, the rockbox says that therer is about 20 percent of battery when i put it on and the indicator goes up slowly
09:23:13Atifearwhen i start it, so when he says that the battery is empty, i cannot play music correcrtly bcause it stops, 'cauz of the battery
09:23:48Atifearbut with the original firmware i haven't got any problems like that
09:24:33Atifearrockbox used to work perfectly with me but i have this problem for a week
09:24:37Bagderso what is your question?
09:24:45 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
09:24:46Atifearis this normal?
09:24:57Bagderthat you get battery problems?
09:24:59Atifeari use dialy builds
09:25:04BagderI don't get battery problems
09:25:20Bagderare you sure your batteries are good?
09:25:55Atifeari think yes bedause they work good with the orgininal FW
09:28:11AtifearI hoped taht it's a dialy build's bug but it seems not
09:30:38Atifeari'm trying the last dialy build and it says 100% of battery, i'll try this one
09:31:29Atifearwhat's the better disk spindows and anti-skip buffer's settings?
09:31:48Bagderleave em on default
09:31:57Atifearin order to have a good anti-skip/battery compromise (sorry about my bad english)
09:32:51Atifearso, thanks for you help
09:33:09Atifeargood bye
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11:35:14tracktherippermorning (-:
11:35:52tracktheripperhi bagder
11:37:27tracktheripperwhats up?
12:00:46 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
13:01:52MTBagder: any leads on the mysterious power problems flashed fmr have?
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13:18:44Bagdernot in my end
13:20:10MTshame :/
13:20:58BagderI don't even have a fmr
13:21:42MToff topic: my headphone out has become quite 'erratic', only playing left side, no right side - easy to fix (im guessing loose connection) or better to rma the unit
13:21:50MTshould still be under warranty ..
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15:25:26Guesthi all... if anyone is around that is
15:25:35*Bagder is around
15:26:26Bagdera little at least ;-)
15:26:34GuestI had a quick question but im goig to check the site first so i dont annoy you ...
15:28:41Guestwell i have had a few problems with my rockbox firmware but there seems to be an update
15:28:45Guestmaybe that will fix my problems
15:29:18Guestsongs stop playing, player freezes, and recently during play the whole screen was messed up, showing the graphic bars on the bottom all wierd and the top information like battery life and volume all missing
15:29:28Guestthen yesterday all that missing messed up stuff fixed itself
15:29:38Guestplus when i boot up
15:29:42Guestand this is since day one
15:29:51Guestit shows archos bootup first, is this always going to do that?
15:29:57Guestmaybe i didn't install properly
15:30:00Bagderunless you flash it
15:30:53Bagderyou're loading rockbox from disk, so the archos firmware of course starts first
15:30:59Bagderthen loads rockbox from disk
15:31:09Bagderthe archos one is built-in to the flash rom
15:31:17Guestthats what i figured
15:31:21Bagderbut you can replace the flash rom contents too these days
15:31:35Guesti think i was reading about that
15:31:38Guestis it a quicker boot?
15:31:50Bagderfrom about 15 seconds down to perhaps 3
15:31:55Guestis that just another download or is it more complex
15:31:59Bagdermore complex
15:32:17Guestmaybe i should just fix my stuff first heh...
15:32:21Guesti also want a larger hard drive
15:32:31Guestbut i think im going to wait until larger ones come out
15:32:54Bagderlarger than 80GB?
15:33:16GuestI'd like 120 or 200
15:33:43Bagderit'll take a while until we get there
15:33:50Bagderfor 9.5mm 2.5"
15:35:43Guesti dunno
15:35:53Guesti swear this one site was selling 120gb upgrades on ebay
15:35:57Guestbut their site said only 80
15:36:03Bagder80 is the biggest made
15:36:12Guesti asked and they said it just hadnt been updated yet so i waited and now they say they never had that
15:36:20Guest80 isnt bad though
15:36:21Bagderand it is still expensive
15:36:28Guestyeah about $350
15:36:34Guestbut not too expensive if you think about it
15:36:43Guestsay six hundred total for the player and update
15:36:57Guesthell my PSB floor speakers cost that alone
15:37:24Guest20,000 songs in a walkman sounds worth it to me
15:37:32GuestI also need to get a large external hard drive
15:37:37Guestthe 250's look nice
15:37:45GuestMy computer is too small for all this music
15:38:02Guestbut I'll have to upgrade to a usb2 and i dunno if i can even do that
15:39:47Bagderyou have a recorder20?
15:39:51elinenbeBagder: what's new?
15:40:14Bagderelinenbe: not very much
15:40:31BagderI modified the names of the daily builds, that's all I've done today
15:40:45Guestyeah the recorder
15:40:55BagderGuest: then you can just get a usb2 card
15:41:03Bagdercheap and easy
15:41:09Guesti was going to get the multimedia because well its definately very cool , but decided not to take the hit in battery life
15:41:27Guesti think I'll get the rca video model its cheap and small with a 20gb hard drive
15:41:47BagderI don't care for video on a tiny screen
15:42:24 Join nevs [0] (
15:42:56Guesttiny screen?
15:43:12BagderGuest: the multimedia
15:43:18Guestjust think of it as a portable hard drive with visual access but you can hook it up to any tv very easily
15:43:29Guesti'd like it for trips and stuff
15:43:35BagderI wouldn't
15:43:51Guestyou can watch on the tiny screen in the car then hook it up to your friends tv with all your favorite movies instead of lugging them around
15:43:58Guesthehe well im not trying to sell you
15:44:03Guestto each their own
15:44:59GuestI'd like to one day have the expanded mp3 player, an expanded video player with camera, and a G3 phone with internet acces
15:45:09Guestcourse thats a lot to lug around
15:45:48nevsjust get a sony erisson p800 with mp3 player phone
15:45:58Guestone toy with all that would make me pee my pants.... 400gb hard drive in a cell phone with a camera, A/v In and out, cable ready and with bluetooth tech hehe
15:47:03Bagdertake a week to copy a film :-)
15:47:27nevsbut u coulld have wirless video and audio transimmisons
15:47:35nevsno cables
15:47:42Bagderbluetooth is ~1 mbit/sec
15:47:46Bagderusb 1.1 is 12
15:47:50Bagderusb 2 is 480
15:48:14Bagderreal wifi would be wiser
15:48:15nevsmaybe they will make bluetooth 2
15:48:32Bagderyeah, but I see no point
15:48:33nevsat 100
15:48:38nevsbe nice
15:48:41Bagder802.11 rocks
15:48:50nevsi got sony erricosn t68i and its got bluetooth
15:48:55Guestim looking up the ericsson right now
15:49:07Guesti just like the idea of my tech talking to each other
15:49:17Bagderbluetooth is made for tiny gadgets, not for data transfers of any considerable size
15:49:24Guestwalk in the room and my pda updates my computer, downloads new contact info from my phone to my main organizer etc
15:49:28nevsi know but its nice
15:49:32Guesti dont even have a pda though because the current tech sucks
15:49:44BagderI think real wireless networking is a lot nicer
15:49:55Bagderqne can be done at 55 mbit/sec already today
15:50:16dwihnoWireless for me!
15:50:19dwihnoGimme wireless!
15:50:20Bagderat a larger distance than bluetoorg even
15:50:40nevshow expensive is it
15:50:42dwihnoI want wireless link to my friend who lives approx 350 meters away. Is it psosible?
15:51:07Bagderdwihno: there boosters that surely will make it possible, otherwise it might be hard
15:51:16Bagderthere are
15:51:41nevshow expensive is it?
15:51:52BagderI don't know
15:51:58dwihnoBagder: "boosters"?
15:52:14Bagderwell, "signal enhancers" then
15:52:19Bagderstronger antennas
15:52:25BagderI don't know the proper word for it
15:52:29Guestsee from what i was reading on the website it seems like the future plans of bluetooth and the like, is that not only can you link directly to your own stuff and the internet but you can access stuff through other peoples gadgets
15:52:31dwihnoRoof mounted anntennae for my house and his?
15:52:34nevshow do u use a wifi card, becuase i know you get them pcmcia cards, but ? for a desktop
15:52:48Guesti like the idea of having pure access to anything anywhere because everyone has the tech
15:52:52Guestno dead zones
15:52:58Bagdernevs: you get a pci card
15:53:01dwihnoNo dead zones... Yum
15:53:06dwihnoI'll get a PCMCIA card.
15:53:10dwihnoPCMCIA for the people!
15:53:11Guestbut im also a high promoter of multi-platforms run at once
15:53:17nevsbut surley thats got to take up alot of space
15:53:25Guesti hate the fact that if its rainy my cell phone sucks
15:53:28Bagdernevs: what is?
15:53:43Guesttheres no reason it cant revert to alternate technology when its main operation isnt as good
15:53:46nevsdoesnt a wifi have an atena sticking out of it
15:54:01Bagdera tiny bit, yes
15:54:08BagderI guess it depends on the card/model
15:54:09Guestwhy cant a cell phone be cellular, satalite, and short range at the same time?
15:54:10nevsso in a desktop
15:54:49nevson laptop pcmcia cards there about 10-15cm long
15:55:22Bagdernot mine
15:55:32Bagderits about 2cm outside the laptop
15:55:44dwihnoBagder: you got a wifi card?
15:55:48nevsi suppose its about how far u want the range to go
15:55:51Bagderdwihno: yes
15:56:13dwihnoBagder: anything that is sticking up? I have a USB2 card in the above compartment which does not allow anything too big below :)
15:56:27Bagderits not sticking up at all
15:56:33nevsdoes anyone like formulae one racing here?
15:56:33Bagderit sticks out perhaps 15mm
15:56:43nevsgo to
15:57:00Guestso you think an update to version 2.0 will probably fix my problems?
15:57:27BagderGuest: you're using something OLDER than rockbox 2.0?
15:57:27nevsdid u go to that link?
15:57:38dwihnoBagder: What card do you have?
15:57:45Bagderdwihno: a dlink one
15:57:47Guestthink so my player is in the car
15:57:48Guestmaybe im wrong
15:57:53dwihnoThe best thing about my work: Free hot choco :-)
15:58:01Guestmaybe i just need to reinstall the software
15:58:05BagderGuest: you should consider upgrading to 2.0, or even a recent daily build
15:58:08dwihno(which actually tastes yum yum)
15:58:09nevsdwihno go to
15:58:20dwihnoBagder: I do not like those dlink cards :/
15:58:41BagderI'm actually not using it yet, so I don't know how it delivers
15:59:04Guestoh and is there a "lock" option?
15:59:10nevswhat ya think dwihno?
15:59:18Guesti could never figure out how to lock the player so pressing buttons didnt do anything untill you unlocked it
15:59:19BagderGuest: yes, I suggest you read the manual
15:59:33Guesti did quickly, guess i should again! heh sorry
15:59:43Bagderno problem
16:00:59Guesti also need to figure out a better sorting system. I currently use alphabetical folders so all songs that start with the letter A go into files A1 A2 A3 but i usually end up listening to only like 20 bands because they are the ones i remember, i completey forget about others that are in folders i dont visit often
16:01:35nevsuse artists then albums then tracks
16:01:46Bagderuse playlists
16:01:53dwihnonevs: well, not too funny
16:01:58GuestI'm also trying to save my cd collection. They are all majorly scratched and its taking so long to copy, pick out the good ones, then transfer
16:02:07nevsit was good wasnt it
16:02:08Guestthank god for
16:02:20Guesti definately plan on playlists
16:02:29Guestbut wantd to make sure i got rockbox working before i wasted my time
16:02:40nevsi think it was quite good dwihno
16:03:09dwihnoIf it had some monty python humour, I might have smiled at least.
16:03:16nevshang on which is better recorder 20 or fm recorder 20
16:04:14Bagdernevs: it depends on your personal preferences, I'd say
16:04:26Guestfm recorder has fm player
16:04:26nevsare they worth the same
16:04:28Guestthat you can record
16:04:36PsycoXuli think the old recorders are constructed better, and it's nice that it's batteries are so widely available...
16:04:43Guestit has some awsome recording options if thats your bag
16:04:59nevsare they worth the same price
16:05:02Bagdernevs: if you don't mind a LiIo battery you can't change, and the lack of digital in, the go for the FM
16:05:04Guesteh i have a slightly older model with no screws holding the battery in
16:05:07Guesthow dumb is that?
16:05:07PsycoXulbut the fm's give you a recordable fm radio, and the 2200mah li-ion battery is also nice
16:05:29PsycoXulBagder: you can change it, you just can't get one to change it with :p
16:05:37Bagdertrue ;-)
16:05:41Guesti find the battery in the fm recorder coupled with rockbox is extremely good
16:05:50Guesti can get 14+ hours sometimes
16:05:52nevsare they worth the same price ?
16:05:56Guesti generally charge after three or four days
16:06:07PsycoXulnevs: that probably depends on the store and market conditions and promotions and such
16:06:20nevsi found them both for $254
16:06:29nevsthats quite good isnt it?
16:06:39Guestuse ebay
16:06:51elinenbehow come there is such big mentions of and itunes but never weblisten?
16:07:17Guestbecause weblisten isnt teh same
16:07:35Guestthey use a spanish loophole that allows you to access music regardless of american copyright laws
16:07:40Guestsort of like puretunes which just came out
16:07:48Guestcept weblisten has been around a long time
16:08:11Guestyou can get a weekend pass for $14.04 and download thousands of songs
16:08:33Guestbetter then p2p and you cant get in trouble becaues the page clearly states that it has the permission of the artists to distribute the music
16:09:04Guestand also and itunes put heavy restrictions on how you can handle your mp3's. Sometimes you cant even get the songs to copy to your mp3 player
16:09:09Guestoh yeah and itunes is for mac only
16:10:36nevsi need a piece of freeware, i need to convert .wma files to .mp3 but i think the .wma files have got DRM, how do i get rid of it?
16:12:02PsycoXulit tends to be proud of circumventing microsoft's media's download and copying restriction
16:12:25nevsso will that work
16:12:34PsycoXulmaybe try it
16:12:39nevsif i get mplayer it will get rid of the drm
16:13:03PsycoXuli never tried any .wma's
16:13:23PsycoXulbut if it supports it, it'll let you decode it so you can encode it however you want, and it'll probably be able to reencode it itself if you like
16:13:33nevswhats the website
16:14:38nevsmovie player for linux?
16:14:49PsycoXulwhat what?
16:15:03PsycoXulit plays everything
16:15:15nevsis it freeware?
16:15:34PsycoXuland it'll play it to the screen and/or soundcard or to other format audio/video files or decoded to frames or raw/wav audio or whatnot and etc
16:15:44PsycoXulyeah it's free
16:16:02HesDo they still have strange rules about no binary distributions?
16:16:20PsycoXulthere's no rules against binary distribution in most free software
16:16:29PsycoXuljust rules against keeping the source from those you distribute it to
16:16:39PsycoXulyou have to let them access the source too
16:17:01 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
16:21:03PsycoXulthe idea with that is just so that it's not only born free, but stays free heh
16:24:54Hesmplayer used to have strange rules, it wasn't _that_ free
16:25:14Heswhich is why it isn't in the distributions (or wasn't?)
16:26:43PsycoXuloh hmm
16:28:31nevsdoes this mplayer work for windows?
16:28:53dwihnothere's a win32 port
16:29:02Bagderpeople still use windows?
16:29:28dwihnoWell, that Linux stuff has not had pre-emptive multitasking for centuries.
16:29:36nevsu guys on linux?
16:29:41*Bagder is
16:30:07nevs so where do i find mplayer for win
16:30:17dwihnonevs: w8, I'll fetch you da URL thing
16:30:28dwihnothere U go
16:31:25nevswhich one do i want?
16:32:47dwihnotry them out
16:37:38 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
16:50:09nevsi downloaded one
16:50:21nevsbut there are no menus for converting?
16:51:14PsycoXulbeing commandline has advantages, like scriptability
16:53:24Bagdercommand lines we like
16:54:41nevsso how do i do it
16:55:29Bagderyou read the docs
16:55:38BagderI have no clue
16:56:13nevsi found one program
16:56:18nevsbut i need a key reg
16:56:32PsycoXulthis one you just need to read the manual
16:56:36nevsi dont want to pay 20 bucks
16:56:55PsycoXulthen pay a few minutes of attention to the manual
16:57:34PsycoXulhere try this
16:57:54PsycoXulmplayer -dumpadio -dumpfile blah.raw blah.wma
16:58:00PsycoXulmplayer -dumpaudio -dumpfile blah.raw blah.wma
16:58:24PsycoXuloh wait that might not be it
16:58:37PsycoXuli thought it said uncompressed but it says raw compressed audio stream
16:59:17nevsdo u know what .adf audio is, can i convert to that from .wma
16:59:31PsycoXulnever heard of adf
16:59:35PsycoXulok it's
17:00:20PsycoXulmplayer -ao pcm -aofile blah.wav blah.wma
17:00:22PsycoXultry that
17:00:40nevsi dont understand
17:00:49nevswhere do i type this in
17:00:55PsycoXulthe commandline
17:01:26nevswhcih is where
17:01:44Bagderyou have a long way to go
17:01:49nevsu mean cmd.exe
17:02:57PsycoXuli dunno anything about mplayer for windows though, how it needs to be installed or whatnot
17:04:25PsycoXulbut one way or another you run it on the file with those options and you'll get a .wav file that you can use any encoder you like on to make an mp3 or whatever
17:05:32nevsif i click onmplayer.exe
17:06:21nevsa quick command line box comes up then dissapears
17:06:54PsycoXulsounds right
17:07:01PsycoXulit's a commandline program
17:07:04PsycoXulyou have to run it from the commandline
17:09:02nevsso i have to locate the mplayer.exe in the cmd and run it yeah?
17:09:41PsycoXulif it got installed or whatever, and you're lucky, maybe it'll be in your path
17:10:05PsycoXulso first of all try just typing mplayer on the commandline and see what it says
17:10:23PsycoXulunless it didn't have an installer or anything
17:12:19nevsi get media player
17:13:05Bagderyes media player is called mplayer too I think
17:13:11Bagderthe actuall command
17:13:19nevsbut its windows meadi player
17:14:05Bagderso run the one that is mplayer
17:14:30nevsi put a folder called mp on the desktop
17:14:35nevson the cmd
17:14:52nevsdos prompt , what do i type in to locate that folder
17:14:59BagderI have no idea
17:15:02Bagderthat is windows woodoo
17:15:10BagderI rather not think about it
17:15:27BagderI would make a folder on the C: drive
17:15:33nevsyeah ok
17:16:24nevsim in it
17:16:27nevsive done it
17:16:50nevsive got a page about all the keys and stuff
17:17:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:22:22 Join scott666 [0] (
17:23:01PsycoXulok so give the command to run it first and then a space and "-ao pcm -aofile" (without quotes) and another space and the name of the wav file you wanna make and then the (path to, if necessary, and) name of the wma file and then enter
17:23:56PsycoXulso maybe like "mplayer -ao pcm -aofile some_thing.wav c:\someplace\some_thing.wma" or whatever
17:24:51 Quit nevs ()
17:26:10 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:26:36 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:36:27 Join _aLF [0] (
18:11:27 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:24:08 Join combthins [0] (
19:09:41 Quit TotMacher ("Sind wir nicht alle ein bischen TotMacher ?")
19:12:38 Join remus [0] (~remus@
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19:31:51 Join msoultan [0] (
19:37:36msoultananyone here?
19:37:38 Quit matsl (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:42:03 Join bove [0] (
19:46:01bovewhen using the archos recorder 20 with a daily build of rockbox for the past week installed, is it possible to lower the gain on the built in microphone past where it stops? It seems as if there is not enogh room to lower it enough when dealing with a high amplitude sound source.
19:50:32 Quit hardeep ("Erection reset by queer")
20:02:43 Join aodh [0] (
20:03:50msoultanI've got a recorder 20, and it hangs every time during playback with recent builds within the first few seconds
20:04:02aodhhello, i broke the harddrive in my archos (recorder 15 gig) and i am looking at a 60 gig toshiba... could anyone give any advice? i've read all the news group posts
20:04:13msoultangot me..
20:05:06aodhhaha... i think both of us are lost :)
20:07:56 Quit aodh ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/20030624]")
20:17:50 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:20:54Plughwhat's news? I've been dropping acid in the woods for the last 4 days and lost touch
20:23:16 Quit bove (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:23:34scott666not sure, ive been drinking in the woods for that last 3 days
20:23:56scott666the non-evil definition of 'camping'
20:26:45scott666'give a man a fire, hell be warm for a day, set a man on fire and hell be warm for the rest of his life'
20:34:34PlughI went "camping" with about 350 of my best friends, and we consumed a LOT of chemical alterants of all sorts, and cranked up a 40kW generator with a sound system that could take advantage of it
20:41:17 Join Triple-z [0] (
20:58:15 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:00:48 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
21:01:03MiChAeLoLhow would i go about getting a .se domain?
21:02:46*MiChAeLoL reads about flashing the firmware
21:06:37MiChAeLoLhave you done it yet?
21:06:45Triple-zi did
21:06:47tracktherippertoo scared to do it
21:06:49MiChAeLoLim going to
21:07:04Triple-zdo it, i was so sceard too.. but its awesome
21:07:09*MiChAeLoL flashes his mod chip all the time
21:07:22tracktheripperI have a recorder 10 which i think is nonflassable
21:07:46MiChAeLoLlooks foolproof, if theres 2 bios on it, its not gunna get messed up
21:07:56MiChAeLoLlol unless you unplug it in the middle
21:08:29tracktheripperas long as rockbox works is there any need for flashing?
21:08:49MiChAeLoLjust makes the boot time like instant
21:08:58Plughthere's constant new features
21:09:12MiChAeLoLand you can boot up the old one if ya want
21:09:19MiChAeLoLwithout doing anywork
21:09:59*MiChAeLoL runs to get his box to check the flash chip on it
21:10:14scott666well tyou have to getthe new ucl, thats SOME work
21:10:43Triple-zwhats your wps setting guys?
21:11:31Plughdefault currently
21:11:36scott666and complicated
21:11:45Plughbeen a little busy to hack on it
21:12:13MiChAeLoLhell yea
21:12:25MiChAeLoLm=bf D=D6
21:14:03 Quit adi|home (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:15:26MiChAeLoLdo i have to use the version of rockbox that they used when they flashed it?
21:15:49scott666you want to update to the lastest daily build
21:16:32MiChAeLoLbut i do want to use there firmware_flash.rock (the plugin for this job)
21:16:32MiChAeLoLfirmware_rec.bin or firmware_fm.bin (the complete firmware for your model, with my bootloader and the two images)
21:17:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:17:52tracktherippererm, does flashing knock the Archos firmware out for good?
21:18:12MiChAeLoLjust starts rockbox by default
21:18:23MiChAeLoLthen if you hold f1 it starts the archos firmware
21:18:25tracktheripperbecause i was gonna ask what happens if u need to use the Archos firmware?
21:18:35MiChAeLoLyou hold f1 when ya start it
21:19:15tracktherippermy archos isnt flashable anyway
21:19:34 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
21:20:17MiChAeLoLdamn this is gunna kick ass
21:23:18MiChAeLoLwhat is rockbox_flash.rock ?
21:23:37 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:23:46Triple-zthe plugin
21:24:09MiChAeLoLthen whats firmware_flash.rock
21:26:25MiChAeLoLdoes the ajz have games?
21:27:05MiChAeLoLoh wait i should use the ucl version then
21:27:58MiChAeLoLso should the ajz im using be the ucl version?
21:28:03MiChAeLoLor the ajz version
21:28:09MiChAeLoLto flash it
21:28:52hardeepMiChAeLoL: read and follow the instructions posted, it's all explained there
21:29:08MiChAeLoLi got it
21:29:11MiChAeLoLthe ucl version
21:34:26MiChAeLoLso before i do this, do i load the .ucl or .ajz right before i flash it?
21:34:36*MiChAeLoL doesnt get the point to the .ucl
21:34:55MiChAeLoLbecause on the page with the downloads it says "ucl - File to use when flashing Rockbox "
21:35:12MiChAeLoLbut on the other guide it says to copy the .ajz file
21:36:41hardeepMiChAeLoL: read and follow the following instructions:
21:37:02MiChAeLoLthats what im doing
21:37:20MiChAeLoLdont get why it says to use the .ucl on the download page and the .ajz on that page
21:39:41Triple-zwhats the best batt's for the AJB?
21:40:06*MiChAeLoL wonders which version to use
21:40:10MiChAeLoLdo i use ajz or .ucl?
21:41:34Triple-zif your flashin, u need ucl
21:42:00MiChAeLoLso i copy both to the jukebox
21:42:21MiChAeLoLor just ajbrec.ucl?
21:46:00 Join MiChAeLo1 [0] (
21:46:00 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:46:13MiChAeLo1damn shitty usb2.0 card :( randomly restarts my computer
21:48:05MiChAeLo1hmmm looks like i need a newerversion with all the plugins, mine doesnt have the plugin loader :(
21:49:34MTo~MiChAeLo1: read the instructions in the flash zip
21:49:47msoultananyone having problems with the current cvs?
21:50:22msoultanI'm running the 7/14 flash that's in the zip... tried today's abrec.ajz and it hangs with the drive light stuck on
21:56:39*MiChAeLo1 just figured it out
21:56:44 Nick MiChAeLo1 is now known as MiChAeLoL (
21:57:24MiChAeLoLi try running it, and it says incompadible version
21:58:05msoultaneven when you just drop it in the root and reboot?
21:58:24MiChAeLoLno the plugin says it
21:58:28MiChAeLoLit wont let me flash it
21:58:44msoultanwill it let you put the abrec.ajz in the root and reboot..
21:58:48msoultanwith today's build
21:58:59msoultandoes that run.. and play
21:59:06MiChAeLoLi think so
21:59:13msoultantry playing a song
21:59:19MiChAeLoLit runs fine, but wont let me flash it
21:59:28msoultannow on to flashing
21:59:33msoultanhave you flashed at all yet?
21:59:46MiChAeLoLit wont let me
21:59:49msoultanok, so you're running the stock firmware, correct?
21:59:59MiChAeLoLwhen i run the flashing plugin it says incompadible version
22:00:06msoultanI understand..
22:00:09MiChAeLoLim running the current cvs build
22:00:13msoultanjust work with me.. we'll get your working
22:00:15msoultanok.. hold on
22:00:38msoultanwhat kinda player do you have?
22:00:40msoultanfm or rec?
22:00:42MiChAeLoLfm recorder
22:00:47msoultango here
22:00:56msoultanand did you get flash_fm?
22:01:25msoultanone sec..
22:01:31MiChAeLoLwith firmware_flash.rock
22:01:44MiChAeLoLand when i run firmware_flash.rock it says incompadible version
22:01:45msoultantake the abrec.ajz that's in that zip and load that one
22:01:48msoultanyes, I know
22:02:02MiChAeLoLi also have rockbox_flash.rock
22:02:07MiChAeLoLand when i run that it says the same thing
22:02:31msoultanyou are not running the correct firmware..
22:02:50msoultanwhat you need to do is copy the abrec.ajz from the
22:03:05msoultanAND copy the rockbox_flash.rock from THAT zip file
22:03:11msoultanthen reboot the archos
22:03:17msoultanthen try and run the plugin
22:03:21msoultanand it should let you run
22:04:04msoultanremember, that each plugin corresponds to it's build of the firmware. If your firmware is different than what the plugins were made to run under, they won't work
22:04:35msoultandoes it run now?
22:05:34 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
22:06:15 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
22:06:16 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:06:19 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
22:06:22MiChAeLoLdidnt know that
22:06:32MiChAeLoLstill waiting so i can unplug it
22:06:43msoultannow here's the tricky part
22:06:52MiChAeLoLall the plugin loader stuff is new to me
22:06:59*MiChAeLoL used to have to appily the plugins
22:07:02msoultanlet's say you wanna upload a new firmware, you need to use the *old* loader plugin
22:07:08 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
22:07:14MiChAeLoLor upgrade the plugins
22:07:23MiChAeLoLand reflash
22:07:36msoultanupgrade the plugins, *and* make sure that you're running the current abrec.ajz that corresponds to those plugins
22:07:58msoultando me a favor
22:08:07msoultanyou rebooted with the 7/14 code yet?
22:08:15MiChAeLoLnot yet
22:08:22msoultanstill flashing??
22:08:22MiChAeLoLforgot to send the plugins (games)
22:09:05msoultantell me when you're done
22:11:30MiChAeLoLata error -32
22:11:34msoultanon reboot?
22:11:47MiChAeLoLwhen i was gunna turn it off
22:11:52MiChAeLoLand then i pushed on to debug
22:12:02MiChAeLoLpanic ata: -32
22:12:26msoultanso where are you now?
22:12:35msoultanas in, what state.. on, off?
22:12:36MiChAeLoLjust rebooted
22:12:42MiChAeLoLit booted shitfast
22:12:46msoultanpretty dope
22:12:51msoultanis it running?
22:13:06MiChAeLoLand my buffere is 1.657
22:13:08MiChAeLoLnice and fast
22:13:14msoultannow, you can delete the abrec.ajz file in the rooet
22:13:15MiChAeLoLbefore it was like 1.4 at fastest
22:13:24msoultantry this
22:13:34MiChAeLoLwill it mess up my box?
22:13:35msoultandownload the current build and copy it to your root and see if you can play a song
22:13:41msoultanif you don't have it, no
22:13:47msoultanbecause you don't need the abrec.ajz
22:13:54msoultanunless you want to use the current build
22:14:29MiChAeLoLi should delete the rockbox_flash
22:15:19msoultanyou can..
22:15:47msoultani gotta jam
22:15:53msoultanif you want to try the current build
22:16:01msoultancopy it like any other abrec.ajz.. right into the root
22:16:19msoultanif it doesn't work, turn the unit on with the usb cable plugged in and then delete the abrec.ajz
22:16:24MiChAeLoLhold on
22:16:24msoultanif you get into real trouble
22:16:31MiChAeLoLstill changing settings to my liking
22:16:44msoultanhold down the f1 key and power on.. that'll load the original archos firmware
22:17:20MiChAeLoLi cant turn it off
22:17:21msoultanI have to go to work..
22:17:26msoultanhold down off
22:17:28MiChAeLoLcant turn it off when its plugged into the wall
22:17:34msoultanthat's normal
22:17:41msoultanit always powers back on.. to charge
22:17:42MiChAeLoLata error: -32
22:17:46msoultanthat's weird
22:17:49msoultanI haven't gotten that
22:17:54msoultanbut I don't have an FM.. just rec
22:17:58msoultanok. I gotta run.. good luck1
22:18:03MiChAeLoLtry turning it off and holding it off button down
22:18:08MiChAeLoLwith it plugged in
22:18:11msoultanI have
22:18:13msoultanit turns back on
22:18:18 Part msoultan
22:21:09 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:22:44MiChAeLoLshit this owns
22:22:49MiChAeLoLbootsup like instantly
22:25:08PlughI just can't commit to flashing mine
22:26:19MiChAeLoLits so much better
22:26:37Plughnot if the operation fucks up
22:26:48Plughthen you have a paperweight
22:27:14MiChAeLoLthen you build the thinggy
22:27:27Plughthe serial port?
22:34:24MiChAeLoLhow do i have it autoresume when i turn it on?
22:39:24MiChAeLoLhow do i have it autoresume when i turn it on?
22:40:21 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta Go!")
22:43:31Plughthere's a setting under playback options for resume
22:43:36Plughset to no, always, or ask
22:45:58MiChAeLoLok thanks
22:46:13MiChAeLoLill turn on my rockbox and do that
22:46:26MiChAeLoLoh wait its already on (as i hug its speedy new firmware)
22:48:23*MiChAeLoL leaves for food
22:48:25 Quit MiChAeLoL ()
23:12:18 Quit combthins ()
23:12:49 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
23:17:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:17:49 Join Bagder [241] (
23:24:54 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:31:29 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
23:31:30 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:31:39tracktheripperI mean
23:31:54tracktheripperHi Bag
23:32:33*tracktheripper has been playing The Sims all night
23:33:52tracktheripperI wish there was a way to remove the green frame when Invert is on
23:36:31tracktherippermy family in The Sims is the Rockbox crew
23:41:32tracktheripperBagder wheres Zagor
23:41:37tracktheripperhavent seem him for a while
23:41:54Bagderhe's been on vacation
23:42:02BagderI thought he's back now
23:42:12Bagderso I expect he'll appear any day
23:42:26 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:43:26Bagderhi dragon
23:45:18tracktheripperhi dragon
23:45:29[IDC]DragonAbout your makefile recently: why do you create a fake ucl file if no tool?
23:47:24Bagderto prevent that the section is always run on subsequent invokes
23:47:45[IDC]Dragonso what?
23:48:30BagderI guess we could remove the whole else-clause in that if
23:48:55hardeep[IDC]Dragon: the change you made a couple of weeks ago to move power_init() up in main.c appears to be what's causing the wrong voltage being detected on my recorder (other people have reported this as well)
23:49:12hardeep[IDC]Dragon: i reverted the change and everything started working again
23:49:57[IDC]DragonAha, interesting. As I wrote with my cvs commit: I hope this has no side effects...
23:50:23hardeep[IDC]Dragon: yeah, there's a comment by Linus when he first moved it down that said it fixed what sounds like a similar bug
23:50:34[IDC]DragonI moved it up in order to have the charge screen actually charging.
23:50:55 Join msoultan [0] (
23:51:52msoultananyone here with a recorder 20 that's having problems with today's build?
23:52:00 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
23:52:03tracktheripperwell i have a recorder 10
23:52:22[IDC]Dragonhardeep, I see that comment now. Maybe there's something we can do to fix the code in the first place?
23:52:52msoultanyou running today's build?
23:52:53hardeep[IDC]Dragon: agreed... i guess Linus would be the person to ask (I don't know this code at all)
23:53:23msoultantrack: when I put it on, it just freezes when it starts playing
23:53:25[IDC]Dragonhardeep, yes, if he's back from vacation.
23:54:24tracktheripperwell i havent got todays build yert
23:55:00msoultanlemme try once more
23:55:04hardeep[IDC]Dragon: this thread seems related:
23:55:22hardeepmsoultan: i built my own version using latest cvs without any problems
23:55:54hardeepmsoultan: er without any problems while playing that is
23:56:44msoultanit just freezes up on playback
23:56:52msoultanhere's what I did, just so you guys know what's up..
23:57:05msoultanI reflashed with 7/14 according to the instructions on the rockbox site
23:57:14msoultanthe flash version works perfectly
23:57:39msoultanjust now I downloaded the "full" file for 8/4 and copied the abrec.ajz file and rolo'd
23:57:44msoultanI can move around the system just fine
23:58:01[IDC]Dragonhardeep: I think they moved it down after ata_init() because that takes long enough to have the ADC gather measurements for all channels.
23:58:08msoultanonce I play a song, drive light comes on and then gets stuck on for about 20 seconds.. no sound.. and is frozen
23:58:37[IDC]DragonBut that has been fixed: after adc_init all channels are valid right away.

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