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#rockbox log for 2003-08-06

00:00:56scott666shake harder?
00:01:21scott666gently push it with a non-conductive screwdriver?
00:01:39[IDC]DragonI'd need to pull it.
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00:02:07Zagorthere is some sort of lock on the battery hatch. once the hatch is open, the battery slides out without effort
00:02:31Zagoror do you mean you have the hatch open already?
00:02:53[IDC]Dragontried to slide it with a screwdriver from the side, applied quite some force to it, but it didn't move.
00:03:25[IDC]Dragonwhith "hatch" you mean the topside cover?
00:03:47[IDC]Dragonmaybe 7 by 1 cm?
00:04:03[IDC]Dragonyes, that's open.
00:04:24[IDC]Dragonanything locking the battery, you said?
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00:05:06Zagorno, i meant the hatch. i can't remember anything about the battery. i only saw him do it once, and wasn't really paying attention
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00:07:46AciD-i'm back from cooking [IDC]Dragon, what do u want ?
00:08:50[IDC]DragonAciD-: Oh, long ago. I only wanted to ask which firmware version you have.
00:09:03AciD-i just installed the 2.0
00:09:15AciD-(discovered the site today)
00:09:15[IDC]DragonNo, Archos.
00:09:23AciD-jb 6000
00:10:03[IDC]Dragon5.07a from flash, or from .mod file?
00:10:24[IDC]Dragonwhich in flash?
00:10:24AciD-didn't knew we could flash anything in archos
00:10:48[IDC]DragonAha. Too old to be ineresting, thanks.
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00:11:17AciD-i bought it one years and alf ago
00:12:49alexandreI don't understand my motherboard/XP : few minutes ago, my FMR was recognize, now it isn't
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00:21:32[IDC]DragonGrr. I have an FM here from a friend, but it won't start since the battery is too weak to do anything.
00:26:34AciD-just plug it then
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01:02:50BoD[]plugh :)
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02:30:32kenoI really like the idea of flashing the rockbox, but I just wanna make sure I do it in a stage in which it's stable enough.. (heard of ATA errors and other bugs?)
02:33:50BoD[]can't help
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02:52:22PlughI'm patient enough to bear the load time. I run up-to-the-minute code, so I don't like risking not having a fallback plan. And I really don't want to build a serial cable
02:53:31BoD[]i didn't try to flash it neither
02:53:35BoD[]but i will ... one day :)
02:54:24kenogood arguments that are correct for me as well, but there will be a point in the future where flashing will be reliable enough.. only a question of when
02:54:49PlughI wouldn't mind flashing the version I have now
02:55:02Plughbut there's no real point to it
02:58:25Plughrebuilding rockbox with current cvs
02:59:13Plughride's here. later
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03:27:17AciD-finally i got a question :
03:27:41AciD-how can u 'play' a .wps located in /.rockbox as player don't show that directory
03:28:33AciD-i scratch this
03:28:35AciD-i said nothing
03:29:00earHurtsgo to menu - general settings - file
03:29:20earHurtsset it to display all files
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04:32:24midknight2k3whats with the new name?
04:32:56earHertzmy old nick was in use from a client disconnect
04:58:24AciD-somebody knows in which .c or .h i could find the code about the %pf thing (in wps files) ?
04:58:42midknight2k3whats PF
04:59:19midknight2k3whats PF acid?
05:00:24AciD-the code
05:00:34AciD-to shows time and progress bar
05:00:39AciD-on players
05:00:43midknight2k3i just wondered what it stood for
05:00:52midknight2k3i checked - you took to long
05:02:25AciD-the pb is i did a global search for 'pf' on the source dir
05:02:45AciD-and there isn't any 'pf' in it :o
05:02:46midknight2k3it might be in apps\player
05:02:55midknight2k3some file in there
05:03:06AciD-i'm currently looking at wps.c
05:03:12midknight2k3in apps
05:03:16midknight2k3look in apps\player
05:04:15midknight2k3earHerts must take over
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06:06:11jorbondi have the dump from the player 5.08
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08:02:48midknight2k3hello hello hello
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08:17:46midknight2k3i recall you said you wantd to get the multiresume bookmark patch in rockbox right bagder?
08:17:55Bagderyes I do
08:18:07midknight2k3i hope you could put an option to have it on or off
08:18:22midknight2k3because i tried it today and it was very cool but sometimes it's an unneeded hassle
08:18:29midknight2k3sometimes i don't want to resume
08:18:41hardeepmidknight2k3: there is an option to disable it... see the bookmark settings in the menu
08:18:44midknight2k3OR maybe it could automatically make a bookmark when stopping
08:18:50midknight2k3oh ok thanks
08:18:54midknight2k3i'll stop now
08:20:43earHurtsbagder, was it you or zagor who mentioned tortoisecvs?
08:20:49hardeepBagder: btw, ben's last release is compatible with the dynamic playlist code (we disable bookmarks if the playlist has been modified)
08:20:51Bagderzagor did
08:21:17Bagderhardeep: cool
08:21:41earHurtsit works rather nicely
08:21:42Bagderany other known issue left with it?
08:21:52hardeepBagder: none that I know of
08:22:46Bagderthen I guess we should aim for commit
08:25:43midknight2k3hey hey
08:25:48midknight2k3you forget important part
08:25:54midknight2k3REDZONE on PEAKMETER
08:27:20earHurtslet's get the touch screen working first
08:27:35midknight2k3earhurts can you code it?
08:27:35Bagderyeah, and the FM for non-FM units ;-)
08:27:38midknight2k3ITS WHAT I WANT
08:28:16earHurtsI told you before that I'd help you to code it
08:28:26midknight2k3help me?
08:28:32earHurtsbut I don't have a big need for it
08:28:50midknight2k3many people could use it for recording
08:28:57midknight2k3just to know the optimum level
08:29:02earHurtsI need to figure out how to handle usb notification for a thread
08:29:33earHurtshow do you figure out what's optimum?
08:29:46midknight2k3by using the red zone
08:30:37earHurtsI sense a circular definition
08:31:46earHurtshow does the programmer figure out where the zona rosa starts?
08:32:18midknight2k310 pixels before the right edge of the screen?
08:32:46earHurtsand that helps with recording how?
08:33:01midknight2k3never mind
08:33:23earHurtslook, you want to write it, I'll help you
08:33:36 Join keno [0] (
08:33:39midknight2k3i can't
08:34:42earHurtsdidn't you write a speedier scroll?
08:34:53midknight2k3not really "write"
08:35:01midknight2k3but if that was writing i wrote a bunch of crap
08:35:49earHurtsso do that for the red zone
08:36:07midknight2k3but i modified the scroll
08:36:15midknight2k3i can't modify the redzone bacsue it doesn't exist
08:36:50earHurtsthe peak meter exists
08:37:14earHurtsyou just need to invert the video for the last 10 pixels
08:37:37midknight2k3and that's simple for someone who knows about 2% of all C code
08:37:45earHurtswherever a pixel is written, don't write a pixel, and vice versa
08:38:27earHurtsI'd use 2 for loops instead of the single current for loop
08:38:45midknight2k3i'd do it if i had a walkthrough or something but me trying to tell the peak meter to invert the last 10 pixels is like youtrying to code a... hypercube
08:39:55earHurtsa hypercube is just a four dimensional cube
08:40:07midknight2k3but a hypercube that really works
08:40:12midknight2k3seen in Cube 2
08:40:17earHurtsso where a cube has squares for sides, a hypercube has squares for sides
08:40:22midknight2k3anyhow it was just an exaple
08:41:05earHurtstake a look at the code, email me your questions
08:41:24midknight2k3look at the rockbox code and email you any questions i come up with?
08:42:29midknight2k3how about: what do i do?
08:42:51midknight2k3i don't understand the code; asking you to help me would be like saying get a copy of the C book and type it up for me
08:43:00earHurtslook at the peakmeter functions in wps_display.c
08:43:12midknight2k3all right
08:48:49midknight2k3i see
08:49:03midknight2k3i am still basically at a loss
08:49:11midknight2k3which is a polite way of saying, help
08:51:06hardeepthe majority of the peakmeter code is in apps/recorder/peakmeter.c
08:51:18midknight2k3i know
08:51:24midknight2k3but earhurts said wps-display
08:51:32midknight2k3which would it be?
08:51:38midknight2k3must be peakmeter.c
08:51:44midknight2k3beacuse the recording calls for it too
08:51:47midknight2k3not just wps
08:51:53earHurtsi was wrong
08:52:39midknight2k3i sill dunno
08:53:17earHurtslook, you care about where it writes to the screen
08:53:31earHurtsso look for calls to lcd_ functions
08:53:41midknight2k3and that differs how from .... "peeks_per_draw"? lol
08:54:15earHurtsi dunno. got to go.
08:54:21 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
08:54:33midknight2k3hardeep help!
08:55:00hardeepmidknight2k3: i don't know that code
09:05:20 Quit hardeep ("[BX] He-Man uses BitchX. *HE HAS THE POOWWEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!*")
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10:51:02PsycoXulthe /wi ze
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11:47:44RensoukenHey there peeps
11:48:16RensoukenHave any of you guyz have had thier Jukebox screen...broken?
11:48:40Rensoukenif so, how would I fix it, aka, is it possiable to replace it with a better lcd screen?
12:01:30RensoukenWell, I got to jet, so, if any of you peeps have the time to think this over I could really use ur suggestions
12:01:48Rensoukenmy e-mail is so drop me a line with your thoughts, thanks
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16:56:08diddystar5hey badger
16:56:49diddystar5could you make the daily tarballs in the bzip2 format please!!!!!
16:57:18diddystar5im on a 56k and it takes less time to download :)
16:57:36Bagderit'll just save a few percent
16:58:01diddystar5humm yes but i does take a 1min half for me to download
16:58:31diddystar5the laster tarball is 490 kb instead of 600
16:58:40diddystar5*in bzip2
16:59:49Bagderyeah, but can the windows users deal with bzip2 as easily?
17:00:36diddystar5yep i use 7-zip it is a one click to decompress bzip2 then another to decompress the tar
17:01:07diddystar5and cygwin has the bzip2 decompresser also
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17:10:45Plughgnu tar has bzip2 support as a command line flag
17:12:10diddystar5cool thanks Plugh
17:13:32Plugh110k should take somewhere on the order of 20 seconds
17:13:38Plughprobably a little less
17:14:17Plughthat's the diff between 490 and 600
17:14:54Plughbut bzip2 isn't very CPU friendly. Not only does it take longer to compress, but ties up more CPU
17:15:35Plughnot saying it's the wrong thing to do, but it does have its own set of issues
17:16:30diddystar5takes about 1.5 secs to decompress on a 1ghz p3
17:16:50Plughwhat about compress?
17:17:22diddystar5about 3 sec to tar
17:17:57diddystar5and about another 3 to bzip2
17:18:26Plughcompared to gzip?
17:19:56diddystar5took 7 secs to compress to gzip
17:21:23diddystar5humm cygwin gzip difd it in 2 secs...
17:21:27diddystar5*did it
17:23:46Plughcygwin's always slower for me :)
17:24:02diddystar5but! 7-zip compresses to 580 kb cygwin did it at 614 kb
17:26:05Plughbzip2 -9
17:27:53diddystar5still didn't beat 7-zip made is a 603 kb file
17:28:21Plughbzip2 uncompresses the 7-zip file?
17:28:26MTwinrar copes with bz2
17:29:12diddystar5i never had to work with RAR
17:29:40 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:31:19diddystar5humm have to go your wormlet patch is cool MT!
17:31:23 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta Go!")
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18:01:47b1_how do I reply to threads in the rockbox newsgroup?
18:02:34MTsubscribe to the mailing lsit and then reply to the messages you receive
18:03:36b1_done both. i started a thread a some have answered - then I go to reply but it's hasn't registered yet? dunno
18:04:03MTon the web version?
18:04:09MTit doesnt update immediately
18:04:35hardeepb1_: the e-mail address you reply with has to be the same as the one you subscribed with
18:05:09b1_it was - do I reply to the person who answered or to the rockbox web address?
18:05:32hardeepb1_: to the rockbox address if you want it to go to the mailing list
18:06:23b1_but if I reply to that address how does it know to slot the answer under the topic I started?
18:07:30b1_Also, Hardeep: are you doing something special to put my name in front of your replies (b1_:) or just typing it manually - new to irc?
18:10:42hardeepb1_: i'm not all that familiar with it but it's probably put under the correct thread based on mail header information
18:11:31hardeepb1_: i enter the name manually for the most part, some irc clients provide convenience functions for doing it
18:12:08 Quit krak ()
18:14:14b1_perhaps I should try replying to their address? Maybe there's some delay or something - just doesn't seem to be registering?
18:17:10hardeepb1_: registering where?
18:18:34b1_ah - there we go; it registered.
18:18:54b1_sorry, it registered on the newsgroup - it was just a delay of some kind
18:19:13 Quit HoeBot ("HoeBot has quit The Never Blinking Eye Online Time: 1h46m33s954ms - HoeCo... After All None Of Us Really Qualified as")
18:19:17hardeepb1_: newsgroup via the gmane site?
18:21:40hardeepb1_: ah. the rockbox guys don't have any control over that, not sure how/when it gets updated. You can take a look at to see if your e-mail was received
18:21:49 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:21:52b1_Thx MT, you were right (missed your answer there
18:22:21b1_thx hardeep - will do
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19:05:41hardeepheya Zagor
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19:18:17Zagori think we have a memory corruption bug somewhere, that overwrites global_settings.volume_type and battery_type. they sometimes change for me, for no good reason.
19:32:20hardeepZagor: i've seen a couple of reports where max files in dir / in playlist have also been reset to 0
19:43:27 Quit hardeep ("Erection reset by queer")
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19:54:54Zagorevening :)
19:57:22 Join _aLF [0] (
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20:09:38Plughanyone know where to get extra USB cables for the FM 20?
20:09:46midknight2k3not i
20:09:53midknight2k3never seen em around
20:10:03midknight2k3but hang on a sec i have an idea that might work for you
20:10:57Plughoh hell
20:11:03PlughI found it on
20:11:05Plugh30 bucks
20:11:11midknight2k330 bucks?
20:11:15midknight2k3fora usb cable?
20:11:28PlughUSB Cable (Mini B / A) for JBM, JB FM Recorder & ONDIO
20:11:28Plugh For Jukebox Multimedia 10 & 20, JB FM Recorder 20, ONDIO, AV100 & AV300 series
20:11:31PlughUSB 1.1 & USB 2.0 (Mini B / A) cable . Replacement cable for Jukebox Multimedia 10 & 20, Jukebox FM Recorder 20 & ONDIO
20:12:47midknight2k3i got it hang one more sec
20:14:06midknight2k3cheapest one i can find there but i was really looking for something different
20:15:03Plughyou're sure Archos uses a 5 pin mini B?
20:15:21midknight2k3<Plugh> USB Cable (Mini B / A) for JBM, JB FM Recorder & ONDIO
20:15:33midknight2k3i can check when i get home
20:16:36Plughit's a standard
20:16:42Plughfound the info on
20:16:50midknight2k3standard what
20:17:24PlughUSB mini-B is a standard connector style that conforms with the USB spec
20:17:35midknight2k3yeah yeah
20:18:58midknight2k3it seems to be at all "retail" stores - best buy, circuit city and compusa
20:19:33Plughnot Fry's :(
20:20:18Plugh6' is kinda long. Doesn't fit in the pocket on the neoprene case that came with the unit
20:21:28 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:22:15midknight2k3hang on i find shorter one
20:22:15DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
20:22:15midknight2k3they're all the same
20:22:35 Join AciD [0] (
20:26:00PlughI could live with 6'
20:26:23Plughwhat I really want is a cable for home, one for work, and possibly one for my laptop bag
20:28:06midknight2k3OR you could maybe get a A/a cable and get an a/MiniB adapter
20:28:06midknight2k3archos is great for transferring files
20:51:09 Join Herman [0] (
20:52:13Hermanhi, can somebody help me please
20:52:41HermanIn the rockbox manual, it says when installing the firmware
20:52:54Hermanyou can save your old firmware version
20:53:05Hermanby changing its name
20:53:19Hermanbut....i don't find the files on the root?
20:54:17Plughodd. It was in mine
20:54:25Plughdownload it from
20:54:43Hermanbut how can it work without it?
20:54:54Plughit's flashed in
20:55:06Plughyou can do the same with the Archos fw
20:56:01Hermanok, i'm going to give it a try installing the rockbox firmware
20:56:10Hermani hope i cannot damage anything
20:56:11Plughenjoy! I know I do
20:56:18Plughnot much to damage, really
20:56:36Hermanok thanks
20:58:11 Join googoogaigai [0] (
20:58:18 Quit Herman ("Leaving")
20:59:42 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:00:13 Join AciD` [0] (
21:01:14googoogaigainow i am googoogaigai
21:10:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:10:26 Join k3no [0] (
21:10:33 Quit keno_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:11:57 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
21:13:15 Nick googoogaigai is now known as midknight2k3 (
21:13:39midknight2k3Zagor did you hear my "favorites" idea?
21:15:18 Join Newbie [0] (
21:16:39NewbieHi, small question...i loaded my archos recorder in my car using a simple connection...can this be dangerous?
21:17:07PlughI use mine in my car
21:17:09midknight2k3loaded it?
21:17:16Newbieyes it did
21:17:28midknight2k3i do not understand
21:17:36midknight2k3you mean played it in your car?
21:17:54Newbieno , i just loaded the batteries.
21:18:10midknight2k3oh you charged it?
21:18:10 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
21:18:24Newbieoh yes sorry...i'm not native english
21:18:39midknight2k3with a car adapter then?
21:18:45midknight2k3that's fine i do it alot
21:18:46Newbieyes with a car adapter
21:18:55midknight2k3set it to 6v if you can
21:19:05midknight2k3just because mine on 4.5V was too little power
21:19:05Newbieoh good i'll do that
21:19:14midknight2k3or higher if possible
21:19:25midknight2k36v is good
21:19:40Newbiewell...the adapter that argos sells is 12 V - 1.2 A
21:20:03midknight2k3so the car adapter should be at least 6V
21:20:14midknight2k3at 6V it's close to the archos charger's output
21:20:23midknight2k3but if you can get it to be 10v or soemthing that's great
21:21:01Newbieoh in my car its 12V
21:21:05Plughthere's a regulator that takes it down to the correct internal voltage
21:21:17midknight2k312v in car?
21:21:22Plughbut if the unit is getting too warm, cut it back
21:21:27Plughcar is 13.8v
21:21:31midknight2k3it's a very good thing to do charge in your car
21:21:51midknight2k3but yeah take caution
21:21:54midknight2k3it should be ok
21:22:05midknight2k3no problem
21:22:06PlughI just plugged my wall adapter into a cheapo inverter
21:24:00NewbieThanks all of you, bye
21:24:25 Quit Newbie ("Leaving")
21:24:50 Quit k3no (
21:24:50 Quit AciD` (
21:24:50 Quit midknight2k3 (
21:24:50 Quit remus (
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21:39:40midknight2k3Zagor isn't there a feature that checks if you have a new ajbrec after unplugging from USB and prompts you to reboot to it/
21:40:26Zagoryes it is
21:40:30Zagorthere is
21:40:41midknight2k3it never seemed to work for me.. odd
21:41:07midknight2k3did you still want screenshots of the plugins from the simulator?
21:41:22Zagoryeah, that would be good. png files preferrably
21:42:38midknight2k3the player ones as well right?
21:45:37midknight2k3am doing
21:45:44midknight2k3i might as well size them to the current ones size
21:49:45 Join Guest [0] (
21:49:52Guesthelo :)
21:49:53 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
21:50:23PlughI guess he drowned
21:51:48midknight2k3photshop can't even do it right
21:51:59midknight2k3paint to the rescue! lol
21:52:33Zagormidknight2k3: isn't the win32 simulator still buggy in the graphics?
21:52:43midknight2k3looks alright to me
21:52:50midknight2k3looks like a real recorder
21:53:12Zagorok, good
21:53:37midknight2k3oh well i guess theres a couple minor things a little different then normal but it's mainly ok
21:55:19Plugh Hitachi (IBM) 60GB Travelstar 80GN 08K0634, UATA100, 4200RPM, 12ms, 2MB, 3YR, 9.5mm - Bare Hard Drive
21:55:40midknight2k3very nice
21:56:06Plugh80gig for $100 more
21:59:57Zagormidknight2k3: well those "minor bugs" are not very nice in screenshots..
22:00:08midknight2k3hang on
22:00:15midknight2k3i'll check again
22:00:48midknight2k3i just don't undersatnd this
22:02:18Plughooh! 40gig is $149 and comes with a free 2.5" USB 2.0 enclosure
22:03:22midknight2k3are you going to upgrade or soemthing?
22:03:38PlughI intend to. Just trying to decide what to upgrade to
22:03:55PlughI could up my 20 to 40 and put the 20 in the enclosure for moving files around
22:05:32Plughnothing like a pocket full of drive storage space
22:36:08 Join googoogaigai [0] (
22:36:24 Quit _aLF (
22:36:38NJoin_aLF [0] (
22:37:08 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
22:38:50googoogaigaiwait a sec
22:38:54googoogaigaiam i googoogaigai?
22:39:05PlughI see you as gaigaigoogoo
22:39:16Plughbut that just may be my lysdexia
22:39:33 Nick googoogaigai is now known as midknight2k32 (
22:43:10Plughapparantly, I'm getting a new computer at work. 3.06GHz P4 with 1gig RAM and a DVD/CD-RW
22:43:26midknight2k32what? you lucky
22:43:55PlughI didn't even really ask for it
22:43:58midknight2k32windows is the greatest you know
22:44:12midknight2k32can you run "lee nooks" on a 3gig P4?
22:44:34PlughI could
22:44:45midknight2k32fat cahnce
22:44:59Plughwhat I'm gonna do is rotate my machines out
22:45:20midknight2k32take the 3 gig home
22:45:21Plughmy current Windows box is gonna get my Linux drive
22:45:33Plughthe new box will be Windows
22:45:46Plughand the old Linux box is gonna become a doorstop
22:45:55midknight2k32i want the old linux box!
22:46:06Plughno, you don't
22:46:11midknight2k32why dont i?
22:46:34PlughP2 233, 128 RAM
22:46:42midknight2k32fun to break
22:47:03midknight2k32is there a hard drive in it?
22:47:18Plughyeah. 7gig
22:47:31midknight2k32i want it badly
22:47:57PlughI wouldn't wish it on you
22:48:14midknight2k32oh well
22:48:19midknight2k32i still wish it wqas mine
22:48:27midknight2k32i could use it
22:48:47Plughit would cost more to ship it than it's worth
22:49:08midknight2k32but it's worth more than shipping because of two things:
22:49:11midknight2k32and the roof
22:49:33Plughupgrade through defenestration?
22:49:46midknight2k32right on first try!
22:50:29PlughMakes one wonder if "defenestration" is a computer term
22:50:49midknight2k325. The act of completely removing Micro$oft Windows from a
22:50:49midknight2k32PC in favor of a better OS (typically Linux).
22:51:28midknight2k32thats not true
22:51:37midknight2k32i don't trust any.. more
22:51:59midknight2k32anyhow i still want it
22:52:06PlughFrom Jargon File (4.3.0, 30 APR 2001) [jargon]:
22:52:06Plugh defenestration n. [mythically from a traditional Czech assasination
22:52:06Plugh method, via SF fandom] 1. Proper karmic retribution for an incorrigible
22:52:06DBUGEnqueued KICK Plugh
22:52:06Plugh punster. "Oh, ghod, that was _awful_!" "Quick! Defenestrate him!" 2. The
22:52:06Plugh act of exiting a window system in order to get better response time from
22:52:08Plugh a full-screen program. This comes from the dictionary meaning of
22:52:11Plugh `defenestrate', which is to throw something out a window. 3. The act of
22:52:13Plugh discarding something under the assumption that it will improve matters.
22:52:16Plugh "I don't have any disk space left." "Well, why don't you defenestrate
22:52:18midknight2k32i know
22:52:18Plugh that 100 megs worth of old core dumps?" 4. Under a GUI, the act of
22:52:21Plugh dragging something out of a window (onto the screen). "Next,
22:52:23Plugh defenestrate the MugWump icon." 5. The act of completely removing
22:52:26Plugh Micro$oft Windows from a PC in favor of a better OS (typically Linux).
22:52:28Plughsorry for the flood
22:52:37midknight2k32i hate them guys
22:53:09CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 2 hours and 29 minutes at the last flood
22:53:09*Plugh cuddles with and dict(1)
22:54:06Plughanyone alive who's into archos audio books?
22:54:24midknight2k32archos audio books?
22:54:41Plughlistening to audio books on the archos
22:54:41 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:54:55 Nick midknight2k32 is now known as midknight2k3 (
22:55:14midknight2k3right now i am putting up a defenastrashun video for your pleasure
22:57:57midknight2k3there we are
22:58:52 Quit _aLF (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:59:50Plughthat rules
23:00:09midknight2k3it is of course (C)
23:02:33 Join _aLF [0] (
23:03:27midknight2k3my other favorite would be
23:04:56Plughthere's a good one with a fax machine
23:05:08midknight2k3what where
23:05:10Plughoh, nm... that's a movie
23:05:26Plughdid you see Office Space?
23:05:33midknight2k3oh yeah
23:05:35midknight2k3i didnt see it no
23:05:42midknight2k3but i saw some recreations
23:05:47Plughah. Watch it
23:05:56midknight2k3ok i will
23:06:07Plughthere's also a clip of a guy who gets pissed off at his computer and kicks it to the hallway
23:08:09midknight2k3whats that movie about then
23:08:21midknight2k3i heard of it lots of places but the main idea seems to be nonexistant
23:10:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:10:24Plugha couple weeks in the life of some San Jose area dotcommers
23:12:49midknight2k3oh gross
23:12:56midknight2k3did you ever hear of clubjackass?
23:13:23PlughI tried watching jackass style stuff
23:13:32Plughbut couldn't get into it
23:13:46midknight2k3the top one
23:13:50midknight2k3full body floss
23:15:39 Join _alex [0] (
23:17:19 Join earHurts [0] (
23:18:15Plughthat guy has issues
23:18:25midknight2k3left on me
23:18:27midknight2k3and i was lost
23:18:29earHurtswho, me?
23:27:34 Quit _aLF (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:29:33midknight2k3so earhurts can you help me?
23:32:45Plughmidknight2k3: thanks for reminding me why I don't watch TV anymore
23:38:13PlughI haven't watched cable or broadcast TV since last November, when I went to my brother's in-laws for his wedding, back in November
23:38:28PlughI watched half of an Iron Chef show
23:40:10 Join scott666 [0] (
23:44:00 Join Bagder [241] (
23:46:30Plughhiya Bag
23:46:42midknight2k3oh hey bagder
23:50:09Plughit's morning when you wake up
23:50:15Plughand I'm still waking up
23:50:19midknight2k3its afternoon
23:51:09Plughokay, so I've been waking up for 6 hours...

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