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#rockbox log for 2003-08-09

00:00:14ljx805i was just wondering if the 5000 was full of bugs or anything
00:00:24ljx805any defects i should know about
00:01:05hardeepljx805: if you're running rockbox then you won't see many firmware bugs (and we'll try to fix them if you do encounter them)
00:01:49ljx805ok well thanks alot....should have my player this week ill check in
00:01:51hardeepljx805: there have always been complaints of Archos' hardware QA... i haven't had any problems with my jukebox but people have had problems
00:02:16ljx805well ill cross my fingers and thanks again
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00:32:59Plughwb scott
00:33:02Plughall burned?
00:35:14scott666couple linux distros for my cousin
00:35:33scott666cause i have cable and he has 56k
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02:10:06PlughI need one that says I'm feeling cracked-out
02:10:47Plughyou should see my AIM buddy icon ;)
02:11:39BoD[]what is it
02:12:07Plughdo you have AIM installed?
02:12:47BoD[]i use trillian (a clone)
02:13:02Plughah. what's your AIM nick?
02:13:19BoD[]wait i don't have an aim account
02:13:28BoD[]only icq, yahoo, and msn
02:14:23PlughI'm trying to find the gif
02:17:38Plughokay. I give up
02:17:56Plughit's an animated gif that says Smoke crack and worship Satan
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02:18:31Plughwb Ear
02:18:50PlughI think you're safe for a minute. scott left the channel about an hour ago
02:39:15BoD[]i go to bed now
02:39:15BoD[]see you all
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03:58:58joyntkidis there a max storage space for a hard drive i can put in my AJB10?
04:00:13hardeepjoyntkid: i believe the limit is ~130GB or something like that...
04:00:35hardeepjoyntkid: of course, the largest hard drive that will fit in the driver currently is 80GB so you should be okay. :)
04:01:02hardeeper s/driver/jukebox
04:01:23joyntkidok, cause i have thinking about getting a 60 or 80GB HD
04:01:34joyntkidbut ill get a new jukebox of course, the old studio 10 sux
04:01:37hardeepjoyntkid: yeah, you should be okay
04:02:34joyntkidu no any cool mods i could try on my old jukebox since im getting a new one?
04:04:33hardeepjoyntkid: see for some mods
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04:34:17midknight2k3I AM LATE
04:34:23>>>"seen" used by midknight2k3 ( [snoop prevented]
04:39:27midknight2k3Who hates me
04:42:32midknight2k3you all do
04:42:54PsycoXul"ALL FANATICS MUST DIE!"
04:43:11midknight2k3having fun with your ZEN pSYCO?
04:43:27PsycoXuli'm having more fun with my sennheiser's
04:43:28PsycoXulbut yeah
04:43:45midknight2k3any more details on the dead tv scene?
04:44:11midknight2k3did you get spanked? lo
04:44:28PsycoXulhmm no i don't think so
04:45:05midknight2k3did you get a new tv?
04:45:10PsycoXulof course
04:45:21midknight2k3was it color?
04:46:08midknight2k3next question
04:46:14midknight2k3it made no hole then?
04:46:27PsycoXuldepends on what you'd call a hole
04:47:29midknight2k3a something that goes into the TV as big and round like the marble you shot
04:47:35midknight2k3like a round hole
04:47:41midknight2k3into the tv
04:48:02PsycoXulwell like
04:48:15PsycoXulit was like a hole but like a broken dent or something heh
04:48:28midknight2k3i think i get the idea
04:48:31PsycoXulso it's sorta ambiguous :p
04:48:35midknight2k3did it hiss long?
04:48:38PsycoXuli forget
04:50:13midknight2k3you never tried it again?
04:53:34midknight2k3you never tried it again?
04:53:39PsycoXuloh come on
04:53:46PsycoXulyou're repeating dumb questions?
04:53:50PsycoXulyou know i am trying to do stuff :p
04:53:51midknight2k3you didn't answer
04:53:55midknight2k3i take it as a no
04:53:58midknight2k3like what?
04:54:07midknight2k3H4X0R you Z3N?
04:54:09PsycoXuli have to pretty much write my own program to transfer files on this zen
04:54:12midknight2k3H4X0R your Z3N?
04:54:14PsycoXulsince all the existing ones suck
04:54:32midknight2k3i wish i had that old tv
04:54:59PsycoXulbut first i've gotta set up this program to retag all my files so that i can just use the id3 info in that program
04:55:15PsycoXulcause the functions to transfer the files need all that info
04:55:29midknight2k3must suck not having rockbox
04:55:29PsycoXulcause it adds it to a database or whatever on the zen
04:55:46PsycoXulso that you can sort and search by all the various id3 fields
04:55:49midknight2k3if you get angry remember there's such things as DV cams, hammers and TV's :D
04:56:10PsycoXulyeah and i happen to have all 3
04:56:15PsycoXulbut i'm not smashing any tv's heh
04:56:32midknight2k3did i say that?
04:56:39midknight2k3i meant,
04:56:40PsycoXuli suppose it's we threw away all those broken monitors we had already
04:56:46PsycoXuler it's too bad even
04:56:47midknight2k3use the dv cam to record from the tv
04:57:05midknight2k3and.. use the hammer.. to uh.. change the channel :)
04:57:09PsycoXulheh :p
04:57:26midknight2k3you threw away broken monitors?
04:57:26PsycoXultrust me
04:57:34PsycoXulif i didn't have to face any negative consequences for it
04:57:37PsycoXuli'd be smashing plenty of tv's
04:57:42midknight2k3OH! GOD! WHY BROKEN MONITORS? WASTED??!?! AWW!
04:57:51PsycoXulthen i'd feel like i was helping the world :p
04:57:58midknight2k3negativ comsikwences?
04:58:03PsycoXulespecialy americans
04:58:26midknight2k3like what negative consequences
04:58:32midknight2k3i agree though
04:59:03PsycoXulum well you know there's the cost for one
04:59:16PsycoXuland if it's other people's there's all that pesky business with law enforcement
04:59:20midknight2k3thrift store: $5
04:59:52PsycoXuli waited months before i finally spent $17 on some tea that i wanted
05:00:29midknight2k3pop quiz
05:00:38midknight2k3if you had a broken TV what would you do with it?
05:01:16PsycoXuli held on to one broken monitor for a while
05:01:31midknight2k3it was your favorite?
05:01:40PsycoXulbecause i was planning on rigging up some power supplies and oscillators and stuff to the tube and coils
05:01:51midknight2k3it was busted
05:01:59PsycoXuljust the electronics
05:02:01PsycoXulthe tube and coil were fine
05:02:12midknight2k3i have a better idea
05:02:23midknight2k3put in a stick of dynamite and test it out
05:02:25PsycoXulthen you can play with the electron guns and coils various ways
05:02:34 Join mecraw [0] (
05:02:36midknight2k3like BOOM BANG POW
05:02:39PsycoXulmake an oscilloscope or just have colors fly around the screen or whatnot
05:02:43midknight2k3i have an electron gun
05:02:50midknight2k3stay back
05:03:07PsycoXuli've got 3 staring me in the face and firing constantly
05:03:11midknight2k3either way you'd hang on to a TV (with a DEAD TUBE)?
05:03:30PsycoXulwho said anything about dead tubes?
05:03:46PsycoXulwhy would i have a tv with a dead tube?
05:03:56midknight2k3if you just had one
05:04:05midknight2k3if i came over and banged on it with a hammer
05:05:09PsycoXulthe tv in our livingroom is a big-screen
05:05:19PsycoXulso it doesn't have a tube
05:05:38midknight2k3the bedroom tv then
05:06:10PsycoXulwell my parents' probably be pretty pissed of somebody came over and smashed their bedroom tv :p
05:06:21midknight2k3if i HIT it
05:06:28midknight2k3but left thescreen intact
05:06:32midknight2k3just killed the tube
05:06:36PsycoXuland my TV is in the bottom back corner of my closet facing the wall
05:06:55midknight2k3HOLD ON
05:07:11midknight2k3the same parents that saw when you wreaked havoc on the old tv?
05:07:25PsycoXulthey didn't see it
05:07:28PsycoXuli was home alone, remember
05:07:31midknight2k3i mean
05:07:35midknight2k3saw it when they got back
05:07:50PsycoXulwell, one of the same, yeah
05:08:04 Join keno [0] (
05:09:03midknight2k3so either way
05:09:15midknight2k3what if... the tube died on your tv? what would you do?
05:11:31midknight2k3it's a dumb question?
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05:11:47PsycoXuli dunno
05:11:55PsycoXulthe only future i can tell is the one that won't happen
05:11:56midknight2k3it's obviously unanswerable
05:12:13PsycoXuland that's intentional
05:12:38midknight2k3right now though
05:12:40midknight2k3what if right now
05:12:44midknight2k3what would you do?
05:12:46PsycoXuli'm too busy
05:12:50midknight2k3What DO you do?
05:13:04midknight2k3when are you unbusy?
05:13:18PsycoXuli'm trying to reach higher awareness, create new technology, program stuff for my zen so that i can then transfer my files to it, etc
05:13:25PsycoXulwhen the universe is unexistant
05:13:42PsycoXulor i die...
05:13:46PsycoXulyou know whichever comes first
05:13:48midknight2k3can you make the redzone?
05:13:56PsycoXulbut then that's just a guess on that dying thing
05:13:57midknight2k3if you throw a tv off the roof
05:14:02PsycoXuli can't really say if i'll be unbusy then either
05:14:03midknight2k3and your mom kills you
05:14:22midknight2k3i need help
05:14:55midknight2k3peak meter
05:15:19midknight2k3red zone
05:15:21midknight2k3on peak meter
05:16:54PsycoXulhee hee he's dancin to mye muuusic
05:20:31midknight2k3what did you do to make it to the rockbox credit screen?
05:20:39midknight2k3"This tests."?
05:20:59midknight2k3it must be simple
05:21:06PsycoXuli also coded some lame crap for them to look at
05:21:21PsycoXulmy devbox thing
05:21:22midknight2k3I want to be on the credits
05:21:32midknight2k3so you used them?
05:21:33PsycoXulwhich you can find early in the mailing list archives
05:21:36midknight2k3to be part of the pact?
05:21:48midknight2k3i shall ask themif my name can take your place
05:21:55midknight2k3since you left you know
05:21:57PsycoXulused what?
05:22:02PsycoXulhey i've still contributed
05:22:08midknight2k3i need to
05:22:11midknight2k3then i can be on there
05:22:14midknight2k3one day..
05:22:26PsycoXuli also patched the first player progressbar to make it work
05:22:45PsycoXuli've done a handful of bits here and there :p
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09:52:38Guestuh... hello?
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09:54:46 Join Mk1 [0] (
09:59:39Mk1I read about the NODO on Archos Multimedia...
10:00:00Mk1are there any plans or any groups you know that that has attempted this project/
10:00:00 Quit Mk1 ("Leaving")
11:00:39adi|homeanyone around?
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11:13:30 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:14:30tracktheripperDid u complete the "red-zone" for peak meter?
11:14:52earHurtsI took another look at the code, though
11:14:54tracktheripperok midknight said it was done
11:15:15earHurtsif so, he did it himself
11:15:25earHurtswhich was what I was hoping for
11:15:46tracktheripperoh ok
11:16:36earHurtsmy mom taught me to read by reading the hobbit to me
11:17:11earHurtsshe'd stop at the cliffhangers, and tell me she didn't have time to keep reading to me
11:17:40earHurtsbut if I learned to read, I could find out how the cliffhanger resolved itself
11:18:08earHurtsso now I read pretty good. ;)
11:25:17 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
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13:08:02thuanyone alive?
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18:23:26blastman997hi hou
18:24:23 Nick blastman997 is now known as blastman007 (
18:24:30 Nick blastman007 is now known as neofihgt (
18:25:04neofihgthallo ?
18:25:16 Nick neofihgt is now known as blastman007 (
18:26:30blastman007du you know if it is possible to build an blue light in the archos that looks much cooler
18:27:54Zagorit is possible, but quite difficult
18:40:03 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
19:01:23blastman007i would like to have 8mb ram but who makes this for me ?
19:02:56Zagornobody. you have to make it yourself.
19:06:28blastman007does this no electrican ?
19:07:01Zagornot that i've heard of. modifying consumer electronics is not a big market... :)
19:08:08blastman007i know how to upgrade the HS but the RAM ....................
19:08:25blastman007i mean harddisk
19:08:46Zagorthe ram upgrade is *much* more complicated than the harddisk
19:09:27blastman007to put it out looks a bit easy but to put the other one in thats difficult
19:10:30blastman007if the documentation was in german it would be a little bit easier for me
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19:14:43blastman007did you made patches for rockbox ??? :−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−]
19:16:11blastman007does this work with searching ?
19:26:48 Quit blastman007 ("get satisfied! • (Gamers.IRC powered by »» get it @")
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19:33:34 Join blastman997 [0] (
19:33:45blastman997are you here ?
19:33:57hardeepi think he left
19:34:02blastman997where must i copy the patches ?
19:34:19hardeepcopy for what purpose?
19:40:24blastman997sorry was on toilett
19:40:38blastman997i want to use for example the "search" patch
19:40:42hardeepthat's a little more information then I needed
19:41:07blastman997what must i do to work this ?
19:41:09hardeepblastman997: see on how to work with patches
19:41:38hardeepspecifically the section on Applying a Patch
19:42:22blastman997ok im reading
19:43:56blastman997<<must use a bablefish .−−−−)
19:46:49blastman997omg this is only to laugh in german that doesent help me can u a little explain me how to applay a patch ?
19:48:08hardeepblastman997: if you have cygwin installed, try "man patch" (hopefully that's translated)
19:48:28hardeepblastman997: basically, you're modifying the source code based on "instructions" from the patch file
19:48:31 Quit k3no (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:49:07blastman997where can i get cygwin ?
19:49:36 Nick blastman997 is now known as blastman007 (
19:50:49hardeepblastman997: you will need cygwin to build the source as well as apply any patches
19:51:14hardeepblastman997: see
19:51:17blastman007why musst i build the source ?
19:52:54hardeepblastman007: to get an updated firmware binary that contains the new feature you want
19:53:32hardeepblastman007: the patch file is for modifying the source code...
19:55:44blastman007i just want to run this patch so can you tell me step for step how to do this please
19:56:48 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
19:58:28hardeepblastman007: the instructions for applying a patch are on the webpage i mentioned earlier
19:58:59hardeepblastman007: patches are intended for developers... if you are not familiar with programming then you may have a tough time getting to work
19:59:30hardeepblastman007: you may want to post a comment on the patch asking the developer if he/she can provide you with a binary that includes the patch
20:01:17blastman007sorry im not able to do this
20:01:29blastman007i musst go now by
20:01:33 Quit blastman007 ("get satisfied! • (Gamers.IRC powered by »» get it @")
20:15:52 Join Herman1 [0] (
20:17:11Herman1Hi, i have a small question .
20:17:15Herman1From time to time my jukebox recorder just dies this problem knows
20:17:31Herman1I have to restart it , and everything is back ok
20:28:17hardeepHerman1: what exactly happens when it "dies" ?
20:35:28Herman1oh sorry hardeep, i'm back
20:35:45Herman1well it just shuts down
20:36:01Herman1it's a kind of crash
20:36:07Herman1it won't react anymore
20:36:16Herman1to me pushing any button
20:36:28Herman1so i have to push the off button
20:36:33Herman1and put it on again
20:36:51 Join thu_ [0] (
20:49:29hardeepHerman1: do you see a panic message?
20:49:44hardeepHerman1: or maybe the red led remains on?
20:50:34Herman1i haven't looked at the red leds...but there is no panic only stops playing and freezes
20:51:19hardeepHerman1: hmmm, that sonds a lot like the red led death bug that's still being investigated. See for more info
20:51:34 Quit thu (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:53:35Herman1oh thanks hardeep
21:01:15 Join AciD` [0] (
21:05:03 Quit AciD (
21:05:03 Quit mecraw (
21:05:03 Quit Hes (
21:05:35NJoinAciD [0] (
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21:05:35NJoinHes [0] (
21:07:41 Quit Herman1 ("Leaving")
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22:04:45adi|homeanyone around?
22:21:17 Join jorbond [0] (
22:21:30 Join Malphas__ [0] (
22:29:25 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:45:53 Nick thu_ is now known as thu (
22:51:53 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta Go!")
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23:16:55 Part doctorsmith
23:17:04 Join doctorsmith [0] (
23:17:17doctorsmithHola everyone!
23:21:08 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:21:39 Join mecraw [0] (
23:33:40 Quit Malphas__ ("Because")
23:41:25 Join Malphas__ [0] (
23:54:20adi|homeanyone know off hand if the plugins are supposed to make use of the lang features?

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