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#rockbox log for 2003-08-11

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02:06:47doctorsmithHi all!
02:09:03doctorsmithhow are you?
02:10:37BoD[]i'm fine
02:11:11doctorsmithback on the rockboxx train after my previos one died and i gave my nomad to my mom
02:11:48BoD[]what is rockbox missing ?
02:11:59doctorsmithI'd say nothing..
02:12:17doctorsmithmaybe some more games and demo's, but for me if it plays mp3s nicely then i'm happy
02:12:25BoD[]it can't be perfect right ?
02:12:26doctorsmithi love that oscilograph.. and i can't spell either
02:12:31doctorsmithnothing's ever perfect
02:12:37doctorsmithbut rockboxx sure is getting closer! :D
02:13:32BoD[]i think it misses some "database" like the ipods
02:13:51doctorsmithi've never had an iPod so your going to have to explain it to me
02:14:14BoD[]you know, so you can browse files through artists, genres, albums, etc... any id3 info really
02:14:40doctorsmithoh like on a Creative Nomad?
02:14:48BoD[]like the "media library" of the new winamps, or windows media player
02:14:58BoD[]well probably :) i never used a creative nomad
02:15:08doctorsmithyour lucky
02:15:20BoD[]ahah :)) really ? that bad ?
02:15:38doctorsmithi cant even begin how much i hated it
02:15:50doctorsmithi only got it because I was in a rush, i will never rush my self EVER agian
02:16:03BoD[]why is it so bad
02:16:16doctorsmithThe main points are lack of decent PC based software...
02:16:23doctorsmitharchos, plug it in and bam.. new drive letter
02:16:29doctorsmithits a harddrive almost..
02:16:48doctorsmithcreative nomad jukebox 2? noooo.. thats only in the newest version of their file manager, but you can only add files, not delete!
02:16:53BoD[]it's not the same with the nomad ? you can't use it to store data ?
02:16:55doctorsmithand half the time it wouldn't transfer
02:17:00doctorsmithyou can store data, but its hard
02:17:05doctorsmithtoo confusing for me, i'm stupid
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02:17:40doctorsmithi had to use WMP9 to transfer songs to my nomad
02:17:42doctorsmiththat was hell
02:17:50doctorsmithit would convert all my songs THAN copy them.. grr i hated it
02:18:05doctorsmithwith my archos's i just plug it in and drag and drop
02:18:05BoD[]convert to what format ?
02:18:10doctorsmithbam done easy as pie
02:18:12doctorsmithfirst .wma
02:18:20doctorsmithbut i got the cyberlink mp3 encoder plugin
02:18:27doctorsmithso now WMP9 encodes in .mp3
02:18:27BoD[]beurk: )
02:18:44doctorsmithbut i can't really select any decent bitrates, only 128 and then jumps to 192.. no 320.. :(
02:19:50BoD[]i puke :)
02:19:55doctorsmithLaughing Out Loud
02:21:47BoD[]my next mp3 player will probably be an ipode
02:22:02doctorsmithi'd love one but they ar $$$ and no rockboxx for it :D
02:22:24BoD[]true, very true :)
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03:00:01*lilo looks in
03:00:17lilohi Plugh
03:00:22lilohas anyone seen Hes lately?
03:00:34liloah, hhmm
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03:16:03earHurtsanyone here?
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05:31:54earHurts dear god
05:32:14earHurtsis the entire dev team on holiday?
05:32:54hardeepwow, didn't know god used rockbox
05:33:22earHurtsyou think he'd use the /archos/ firmware??
05:33:50earHurtsI don't suppose you saw my abject plea on the list?
05:34:36hardeepi don't recall seeing it
05:35:07earHurtshmm. perhaps you'll have an answer then.
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05:36:09earHurtsI'm trying to creat a file in a seperate thread, and it hangs on the creat, with the red led continuously on
05:36:50hardeephmmm, are you sure it's in the creat?
05:37:07earHurtsIf I don't do file i/o, the box functions normally
05:37:36earHurtsor at least I assume; without the io I can't tell what the thread is doing
05:38:03hardeepyou can try "splash"ing messages to see where you are
05:38:49earHurtsgood idea. but the file i/o is the first thing it does, after sleeping 60 * HZ
05:39:30earHurtsis there anything special I need to do to "prepare" a thread to do file i/o?
05:39:36hardeepearHurts: nope
05:40:03hardeepearHurts: can you show more of your code?
05:40:17earHurtsdo I need to explicity create a queue? Becuase I'm not.
05:40:20hardeepearHurts: it's probably not the creat() that's causing it
05:40:29hardeepearHurts: create a queue for what?
05:40:36earHurtsthe minimal code that fails is:
05:40:45earHurtsa queue for the thread.
05:41:04hardeepyou only need a queue of you're planning on passing messages to the thread
05:41:10hardeeps /of/if
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05:41:38earHurtsand does file i/o need to pass messages? or the underlying ata code?
05:42:30earHurtscode: void mythread( void ) {
05:42:38earHurtsint fd ;
05:42:47earHurtsbool ok ;
05:43:45earHurtsok = ( fd = creat( "foo", O_WRONLY ) ) != -1 ;
05:44:02earHurtsif( ok ) close( fd ) ;
05:44:40hardeepthat creat() will always fail, pathnames need to be absolute
05:45:21earHurtsok, it's actually creat( "/p.log" ....
05:45:24hardeepalso, not sure what happens when threads exit
05:45:44hardeepdo like a while (1) at the end or something
05:45:45earHurtswhen the name is bad, I don't get the hanging red led
05:47:35hardeepif that's all the code is, looks okay to me
05:47:41earHurtswhat header is splash in?
05:47:45hardeepdunno what could be wrong... you'll have to debug some
05:48:08hardeepre: splash()
05:48:34earHurtsok, thanks, lemme try without i/o but with splash
05:49:00hardeepearHurts: do you do any i/o besides the creat() ?
05:49:32earHurtsnot in the miminal failure version
05:49:38earHurtsyes in the real thing
06:00:08earHurtsis splash async?
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06:00:45hardeepearHurts: well, it updates the screen so if something updates after it then it'll disappear
06:01:04hardeepearHurts: but if you pass in 0 as timeout, it won't block
06:01:35earHurtsah, well the thread works with splash instead of file i/o
06:01:41earHurtsgood suggestion
06:02:01hardeepearHurts: i was recommending the splash to figure out _where_ it was failing
06:02:15hardeepprint a splash before the creat, another one after and see how far you get
06:02:55earHurtsyeah, working on it
06:07:59MTearHurts: you have the syntax of your call wrong
06:09:11MTok = ( fd = creat( "foo", S_IRWXU ) ) != -1 ;
06:09:23MTsecond argument of creat is mode, not flags
06:09:34hardeepsecond argument is ignored by rockbox
06:09:54adi|homeblah blah
06:09:57MTfor creat the flags are assumed to be O_CREAT|O_WRONLY|O_TRUNC
06:10:11hardeephowever, i do notice a problem in that call... the return value for an error is not always -1
06:10:22hardeepit's some value < 0
06:10:23MTis this running on rockbox or sim?
06:10:32earHurtsoh, really?
06:10:37MTsim does care
06:10:47earHurtsI though posix returned -1 on error
06:11:08earHurtsanyway, the last splash comes before the call to creat
06:11:15hardeepearHurts: well rockbox doesn't
06:11:19earHurtsand then the red led stays on
06:11:51hardeepearHurts: you have a splash after the creat but before the close?
06:12:33earHurtswhat args to creat do you suggest as best?
06:12:35hardeepearHurts: can you do any other file i/o... like write a config file?
06:12:47hardeepearHurts: for rockbox the args don't matter as they are ignore
06:12:59earHurtshaven't tried writing a config
06:13:05hardeepif you're using sim then you might need to change them
06:13:21earHurtsso just creat( "/foo" ) ;
06:13:35hardeepcreat("foo", 0); or somesuch
06:16:11earHurts oh crap
06:16:42earHurtsopen modifies via pointer to const
06:27:07earHurtsok, loos like the hangup is at fat_create_file
06:31:32earHurtsok, after adding the debug splashes, it hangs after succesful creation
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07:14:00earHurtsanyone here?
07:24:05 Join matsl [0] (
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08:14:55earHurtsanyone here?
08:18:24 Join Bagder [241] (
08:20:42earHurtsbagder, how nice of you to drop by just as I have a question
08:21:50*Bagder stands ready to reply
08:22:13earHurtsthe config file auto increments file names; is there a function that will do this for arbitrary file names?
08:22:28BagderI don't think so
08:22:42earHurtsthat's annoying
08:22:51Bagderwe should make one
08:23:11earHurtsyeah, well, I,ll go ahead and do so then
08:23:45earHurtsbtw, the open function modifies strings pointed at by const char*
08:25:22earHurtsalso, you and zagor said that threads must watch for usb connection, or risk waiting until the thread wakes for usb to start?
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08:48:46hardeepearhurts: was 20 * DEFAULT the minimum stack size that worked for you?
08:49:12Bagderit does seem a bit excessive
08:49:28Bagderdefault is 1K
08:49:32hardeepdefinitely looks like the default of 1024 is insufficient but 20k is a little much
08:49:49earHurts10 * didn't work, but by that time I was splashing throughout file.c and fat.c
08:50:01earHurtsdefualt is 400 bytes
08:50:07hardeepi see a couple of functions that create a buffer of 512 in the create path,
08:50:08Bagder= 1024
08:50:52earHurtsI'll be sizing down as I can
08:51:06earHurtsnot that it really matters in this case
08:51:23earHurtsthe entire thread is just to do some testing
08:51:33hardeeplooks like the main thread has a stack space of 8960 bytes
08:51:48Bagderthere's a debug view of the stack space used, isn't it?
08:52:00earHurtsin percent, yes
08:52:01hardeepBagder: it only gives a %
08:52:07Bagderah, right
08:52:41earHurtsin any case, it's working.
08:52:56*earHurts grumbles
08:53:44hardeepearHurts: if you do want to test the stack thing a bit more, you can make a call to thread_stack_usage() down the call stack
08:54:16 Join k3no [0] (
08:54:24earHurtsI think bagder nailed it: 512 byte buffers
08:54:30 Quit k3no (Client Quit)
08:54:57hardeepearHurts: yeah, but there isn't 40 of them... it's the 20k that's worrisome
08:54:58 Join k3no__ [0] (
08:56:23earHurtsagain def size is 400
08:56:34earHurtsso it's < 8K
08:56:39hardeepearHurts: 0x400 = 1024 bytes
08:56:44Bagder0x400 * 20 = 20K
08:56:56earHurtssorry, didn't read closely
08:57:18earHurtsok, what value should I try?
08:57:39Bagderwhen you use 20 *, check the percentage in the debug view
08:57:59Bagdercould offer a hint
08:57:59 Quit adi|home ("Damn flying monkies")
09:00:04hardeepouch re: bug that was just reported
09:00:35earHurtswell, only if I catch it when it's opening the file
09:00:56earHurtsmost of the time the stack usage will be quite small
09:04:41 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
09:05:22earHurtswhat bug, hardeep?
09:05:44Bagder"Pb with file creation" I guess?
09:05:47hardeepearHurts: file write bug, you can create a file with the same name as a directory
09:06:01earHurtsincidently, I only occasionally got the "stkov" screen
09:06:25earHurtsmost of the time my problem resembled the symptoms of red dead led
09:06:53earHurtsnudge nudge, wink wink
09:07:18Bagderbut I doubt the RLD is a stack overflow
09:07:35Bagderthen it would happen for more people I think
09:07:45adi|homeBagder.. howdy
09:07:51Bagderhi adi
09:07:56adi|homequestion for you..
09:07:59adi|homethe plugins..
09:08:14adi|homeare those intentionally not doing language support?
09:08:32Bagdergood question
09:08:54hardeepadi|home: yeah, Zagor didn't want to make the plugins dependant on main code data
09:08:58adi|homebecause seems to me that language support should span to the plugins as well...
09:09:09earHurtsgw says everyone should speak amer'kin
09:09:17adi|homeright.. but when you compile that should be taken into account seing as we are building the rocks seperatly
09:10:09hardeepadi|home: ?
09:10:46adi|homewell when you compile.. thats when the language is built in..
09:10:52adi|homeas i understand the system..
09:11:02hardeepadi|home: into the main code, yeah
09:11:26adi|homeand when you compile the main code... (assuming you haven't built the rocks before) thats when they get compiled
09:11:52hardeepadi|home: that's when what get compiled? the rocks?
09:12:12adi|homeyes... if you havn't built the rocks before. the rocks get built when you build the main code
09:12:27 Join bazzzzzzz [0] (
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09:12:50adi|homeokay.. then why not have the language build in then?
09:12:57bazzzzzzzhi all
09:13:07adi|homewe could consider a diff system to seperate rock related language parts..
09:13:08bazzzzzzzlong time user, first time visitor
09:13:20adi|homeso they are not part of the main body of language strings..
09:13:37bazzzzzzzhardeep: are you awake?
09:13:45hardeepadi|home: sure, we could build it into the plugin
09:13:53adi|homejust seems assanine to me to force a user to use english in a rock if they can use anything they want in the main code
09:14:03hardeepbazzzzzzz: yep
09:14:22Bagderadi|home: yeah, we only need to fix a system that works stand-alone for the rocks
09:14:30hardeepadi|home: how about switching languages?
09:14:47bazzzzzzzhi! I am using the latest builds and I had a question about the difference between "playlist" actions and "queue" actions
09:14:53adi|homeyou have to do a recompile like you do now...
09:15:08adi|homeeither that or we need to do dynamic parsing/printing of languages
09:15:42hardeepbazzzzzzz: do you mean between queue and insert?
09:15:43bazzzzzzzoh yes, sorry! :)
09:15:43bazzzzzzzin the playlist menu
09:15:43hardeepadi|home: you don't need to recompile to run a new language...
09:15:43bazzzzzzzwhen you go "on" - "play"
09:15:50adi|homeum, you don't?
09:16:02hardeepadi|home: nope, just plan the .lng file
09:16:05hardeeper play
09:16:17adi|homeahh.. see.. i only ever use english :)
09:16:18hardeepadi|home: useful since official builds are only in english
09:16:44hardeepbazzzzzzz: right... queued tracks are deleted as soon as they are played
09:16:46adi|homewell.. we could consider saying, when you play a plugin, we look for a that plugin.lng file
09:17:01hardeepbazzzzzzz: and they aren't saved when you request a save from the playlist options menu
09:17:03adi|homebut that allows for alot of repitition
09:17:32bazzzzzzzahhh ok, so if i'm just playing a bunch of tracks and not building a playlist to save, just use queue
09:17:56hardeepbazzzzzzz: depends on whether you want to repeat them
09:18:06hardeepbazzzzzzz: if not, then queue... otherwise insert
09:18:08adi|homeBagder... im considering tackling the scroll bar display for settings....
09:18:26adi|homeif/when i complete it.. should i just commit it as an option or pass it to you and the lads to beta?
09:18:30earHurtsoh, queue doesn't repeat regargless of repeat option setting??
09:18:34bazzzzzzzthanks so much, rockbox is so damn good, you guys are doing a great job, night all
09:18:46adi|homenight bazzzzzzz
09:18:48adi|homefeel free to come back :)
09:19:02hardeepearHurts: queued tracks are deleted as soon as they are played so nothing to repeat
09:19:14earHurtsdidn't know that.
09:19:14bazzzzzzzI certainly will guys, g'night
09:19:16Bagderadi|home: I think we could make it run as "beta" first to get people's opinions on it before we commit
09:19:21Bagdernight bazzz
09:19:22 Quit bazzzzzzz ()
09:25:08earHurtshow inefficient is seeking to the end of a large file?
09:26:10adi|homeits not...
09:26:29adi|homeyou can stat the file, gets its size, open and jump right to the end
09:26:43adi|homenow.. if you want to seek for something in a large file, thats diff..
09:26:56earHurtsyeah, does rockbox do that if I lseek?
09:27:06adi|homedo what?
09:27:11hardeepin fat, you'll have to go through the entire list of clusters to get to the end
09:27:29hardeepit can be slow since you're reading this info from disk
09:28:02hardeeper, entire list of clusters for that specific file
09:28:48earHurtssay 20 bytes per line, 2700 lines
09:29:12earHurtsthat's 54,000 bytes
09:29:27hardeepearHurts that's nothing... will take no time
09:29:51hardeepi thought you were talking about several hundred megabytes. :
09:29:54earHurtsyeah, but how much battery/disk time will it take?
09:30:49hardeepearHurts: 50k won't take much time at all, that's ~15 or so clusters
09:31:08earHurtsok, I won't worry then
09:46:46hardeeper, make that ~6 clusters (16 secs per cluster)
09:48:30 Join adiamas [0] (~adi|
09:48:53 Quit adi|home (Connection reset by peer)
09:51:09earHurtsI'm out
09:55:39 Join Jon347 [0] (
09:57:10Jon347i'm having general trouble accessing my jukebox through usb, can someone point me in the direction of a forum that might be able to help?
09:57:24earHurtsrockbox mailing list
09:58:17earHurtsreinstall your drivers
09:58:32Jon347its described for discussion, i don't want to clutter with a random question
09:58:49Jon347its from linux i have trouble
09:58:50earHurtsit's ok, it's happened before
09:59:10earHurtsdefinitely the list, then
09:59:17Jon347ok thanks..
09:59:34BagderJon347: what archos model?
09:59:34 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
10:00:07 Quit MT (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:00:25 Join MT [0] (
10:00:46Jon347recorder 20
10:00:50Jon347it was working fine
10:01:10Jon347but i accidently had it connected to usb while running on batteries without a charger
10:01:26Jon347of course, batteries die during an operation and corrupt the harddrive somehow
10:01:47Jon347i ran scandisk in windows, but it didnt seem to clear it up
10:01:49Bagderhave you ran dosfsck on it?
10:02:06Jon347i actually reformated it in windows
10:02:27Bagderand that didn't help either?
10:02:27Jon347and now in linux, it'll read alright for a while
10:02:39Jon347and then all of a sudden, maybe i'm playing a song in xmms
10:02:44Jon347i skip a few tracks
10:03:04Jon347and it freezes, xmms freezes, i try to kill it, but it won't die
10:03:12Jon347and nothing else can access the jukebox
10:03:25Bagderhave you checked /var/log/messages when this happens?
10:03:49Jon347i can do so now
10:05:09 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
10:07:55 Join Zagor [242] (
10:08:37Jon347last thing i see in /var/log/messages is the boot
10:09:21 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: its what's for lunch")
10:09:28BagderI've never seen anything like that happen
10:09:33Jon347i kind wish i knew, how to let xmms, let go of the device
10:09:50Jon347i'm unable to kill it
10:10:00Jon347or umount the device
10:10:51Jon347it just says device is busy
10:16:02 Join doctorsmith [0] (
10:16:11doctorsmithHi all!
10:17:50Topic"midknight2k3 will be gone till Wednesda" by doctorsmith (
10:17:53doctorsmithOh My God
10:18:00Topic"midknight2k3 will be gone till Wednesday" by doctorsmith (
10:19:34 Part Jon347
10:20:49 Quit doctorsmith (Client Quit)
10:51:27adiamasumm... ill ask a stupid quesiton :) how is midknight2k3's status relavent for topic :)
10:51:37Bagderit isn't
10:51:46adiamasjust checking...
10:51:53Topic"bleep" by Bagder (
10:52:18Topic"" by adiamas (~adi|
11:07:11 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
11:07:17 Quit adiamas (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:07:19 Join TotMacher [0] (
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12:02:45 Join kurzhaarrocker [200] (
12:04:12kurzhaarrockerConcerning rocks: does the api cover access to the mp3 buffer? Can rocks control the mp3 engine (like stop, play, etc)?
12:08:13Bagderif it can't, we can easily extend it to allow it
12:10:30 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
12:11:27*kurzhaarrocker needs a new JBR :( Mine seems to suffer broken wires on the pcb -> unfindable.
12:12:48 Part kurzhaarrocker
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14:50:07 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
14:50:15TBoygot a problem here
14:50:26TBoywhat is panic ata -1
14:50:45Bagderits a problem with the ata
14:50:55Bagderfor the exact meaning you need to read the source
14:51:13TBoyI can
14:51:21TBoyI can't start boot my player
14:51:26TBoymy fm that is
14:51:56Bagderhave you scandisked it?
14:52:17TBoyno I can't connect it to my pc
14:52:39Bagderinsert the usb cable before you press ON
14:52:47Bagderthen rockbox won't start
14:53:58TBoythan the archos f/w stops at 1/3
14:54:18TBoycan this be because of low batt or something
14:54:34TBoythat it so so low that the harddisk can't spin up
14:57:35TBoyor is this something to worry about
14:58:17Bagdermake sure you charge your batteries properly
14:58:21Bagderthen try it again
14:58:30TBoyI'll do that
14:58:55TBoyin the worst case, what would this be
14:59:06BagderI don't know
14:59:08TBoysomething like a headercrash
15:00:31TBoywell ok
15:00:44TBoywill come on later and spill my beans
15:00:47 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
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15:44:23 Quit Bagder ("")
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17:03:32 Quit Harlequin (Client Quit)
17:05:13 Join Harlequin [0] (
17:05:59HarlequinHi all. Does anyone know whether the FMR could display imbeded lyrics on the wps?
17:07:05hardeepHarlequin: there is no option available for that
17:08:01hardeepHarlequin: see for all available wps tags
17:08:25HarlequinYep, I looked at that. I thought it might not be documented.
17:10:44elinenbehardeep: anything new with your dynamic playlist / playlist viewer patch? I am heading out of town for 5 days and would like the latest version.
17:11:14hardeepelinenbe: the latest version is on SF, i haven't made any changes since then
17:12:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:13:48elinenbehardeep: thanks
17:17:32earHurtsYou want synchronized or unsynchronized lyrics?
17:20:35 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:22:20 Join needshelp [0] (
17:23:26needshelphi guys, anybody received a read access error on their Rockbox?
17:24:00hardeepneedshelp: what exactly is the error you see? and when?
17:24:51needshelpI am getting a read access error on my Rockbox after I installed new 2200mAh batteries.
17:24:53earHurtsis there any way fron the UI to force a dir listing to be refreshed, other than changing the displayed file types?
17:25:27needshelpI can't even get my computer to recoginize the drive now.
17:25:28hardeepearHurts: reload_directory()
17:25:58needshelpIt won't start, it just displays the message
17:26:01hardeepneedshelp: are you getting something like an HD register error?
17:26:04earHurtser, from the UI, I mean as a user, not as a programmer
17:26:32needshelpnot register error, just read access error.
17:26:41hardeepearHurts: oh, nope in that case
17:27:06needshelpI then changed the batteries back to original ones, but I still get error.
17:27:27hardeepneedshelp: batteries fully charged?
17:27:35needshelpI'm so bummed cause I've had it since January.
17:27:50needshelpYes I left charger on overnite.
17:28:14hardeepneedshelp: can you access your hard drive when the charger is attached?
17:28:36needshelpI still get same message
17:28:54hardeepneedshelp: ouch, that sounds like a hardware problem then
17:29:34needshelpDamn, it worked great until I changed batteries.
17:30:15needshelpthanks anyway
17:31:40 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
17:32:39 Quit needshelp ("Leaving")
17:35:04 Quit elinenbe (" WOW! This IRC Client ownz! HydraIRC -> <-")
17:36:03 Quit k3no__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:55:08 Join Malphas__ [0] (
18:00:28 Part Harlequin ("Client exiting")
18:04:15 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
18:04:25TBoyok hoi
18:04:27TBoyi'm back
18:04:42TBoyI still get the ata panic -1
18:07:07TBoyany1 that has some sort of advice for me
18:07:16TBoyI'm starting to get scared
18:09:41TBoyone more what is panic ata -11
18:10:23TBoysome1 here
18:27:07GalikHave you run scandisk?
18:27:13 Join _aLF [0] (
18:29:24TBoyI cant connect it
18:30:20GalikWhat happens when u turn it off and then plug the usb in? Does it show the usb or the panic message?
18:31:01TBoyit shows nothing since the archos firmware cant start
18:31:05TBoyand in rb
18:31:09TBoyit shows the panic
18:31:40Galikit it flashed?
18:31:50TBoyyes :(
18:32:07Galikhave you trief f1 on?
18:32:23TBoyit just loads 1/3
18:32:25TBoyof the bar
18:32:36TBoybut if I connect the charger
18:32:38Galikhave u tried turn off hold f1 and plug in the usb ?
18:32:39TBoyit charges
18:32:57TBoyand if I charge with archos
18:33:05TBoyand then connect the usb it shows -11
18:33:09TBoyinstead of -1
18:34:11GalikWell I'm not an expert. Apparently you ahould be able to get it working with a serial cable but I don't know how to do that
18:34:33GalikI'd keep coming here till you find someone who can :(
18:35:25TBoythx anyway
18:35:26 Quit AciD (Nick collision from services.)
18:35:43 Join AciD [0] (
18:39:19earHurtsyo, yo, yo, where my playas at?
18:41:41TBoyyou can maybe help me out
18:41:54TBoywhen i boot up my player i get ata -1
18:43:16earHurtsmake sure you're fully charged
18:43:29earHurtsthen try loading the archos firmware
18:44:07TBoyarchos f/w doesn't load
18:44:48TBoyit stops at 1/3
18:45:06earHurtsare you charged?
18:45:46 Quit mecraw (
18:45:46 Quit earHurts (
18:45:46 Quit Zagor (
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19:06:04 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
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19:24:19earHurtsany playas in the hoouse?
19:25:01Plughzup ear
19:25:51 Quit hardeep ("[BX] The FDA says 5 servings of BitchX a day increases sexual potency")
19:25:54earHurtsyo, you got a player?
19:26:26 Join Zagor_ [242] (
19:26:29Plughthat count?
19:26:38 Quit Zagor (Remote closed the connection)
19:26:42 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
19:27:00Zagoryessss, my keyboard is now back to life
19:27:23earHurtsI need to test a .mod
19:27:36Plughwell, if you need FMR info, feel free to ask any time
19:28:44 Quit Zagor (
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20:32:19TBoyany1 here willing to help me out
20:33:06TBoywhat does panic ata -1
20:33:13TBoyand panic ata -11
20:33:41TBoywhat's the difference, apart from the numbers
20:34:15TBoyI have a FM
20:37:39hardeepTBoy: both errors mean that ata initialization failed (-1 = hard reset failed, -11 = master slave detect failed)
20:38:01hardeepTBoy: make sure your batteries are fully charged
20:38:06TBoythey are
20:38:18hardeepTBoy: in that case, sounds like some sort of a hardware error
20:38:34TBoythis is my 8 player within a year
20:40:26TBoywell this is what I was afraid of
20:41:07TBoyand deep inside I knew that it was a hardware problem
20:41:13TBoywell thx anyway :D
20:56:23 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
21:04:58 Quit k3no (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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21:13:33 Join remus [0] (~remus@
21:30:55 Join jorbond [0] (
21:31:06jorbondany linux ppl on here
21:31:18jorbondi am having trouble compiling the newest daily build
21:31:24jorbondi got it to compile last month
21:31:53hardeepjorbond: what error are you encountering?
21:32:39hardeepjorbond: what's the error?
21:32:50jorbondsca2 sec, in fluxbox so i cant copy and paste to xchat
21:34:04jorbondit says that 'FILE' is undeclared
21:34:15jorbondand that 'file' is undeclared
21:34:36jorbondrefering to the likne 'FILE* file;'
21:35:25jorbondalso i had to copy the files stdlib.h, stdio.h, and _ansi.h to the tools dir
21:35:36jorbondand change the brackets in scramble to quotes
21:35:42jorbondb/c it couldnt find the files
21:35:48 Quit jorbond (Client Quit)
21:36:14 Join jorbond [0] (
21:36:21jorbondsry about that hit the X
21:36:40hardeepjorbond: sounds like you don't have a proper development environment setup on your box
21:36:57hardeepjorbond: stdlib.h, stdio.h etc. should be in /usr/include
21:37:08hardeepjorbond: you shouldn't have to copy anything
21:37:11jorbondbut i am using the sh-gcc compiler
21:37:38jorbondso the enviroment for that is different
21:37:46hardeepjorbond: scramble.c uses gcc
21:37:57jorbondso i need to fix the makefile
21:38:42jorbondb/c it runs sh-elf-gcc -0 -s -ansi scampble.c -o scramble
21:38:51hardeepjorbond: er, what Makefile?
21:39:38hardeepjorbond: did you set CC to sh-elf-gcc ?
21:40:11hardeepjorbond: if so, unset it... CC should be gcc
21:40:54jorbondi added CC=gcc to the tools makefile and it worked
21:41:37hardeepjorbond: you don't need to modify the makefiles, it sounds like your shell settings are incorrect
21:41:51jorbondno it does need modified
21:42:09jorbondb/c the makefile in my build dir sets CC=sh-elf-gcc
21:42:18jorbondso then it tries to use that on the tools
21:42:42hardeepjorbond: that's fine... run make from the tools directory to build the tools
21:42:49jorbondbut CC=gcc needs to be set in the tools makefile so that it knows to use gcc instead of sh-elf-gcc for building the tools
21:43:17jorbondif u just add that line u can still run a normal make
21:50:13earHurtscan anyone help me with patches, please?
21:51:14PlughWe don't have no patches
21:51:29earHurtsthose files you create with diff
21:52:31jorbondi hate patches lol
21:52:44jorbondtrying to fix there problems right now
21:52:46 Nick Zagor|food is now known as Zagor (
21:55:10earHurtsI'm making a patch but when I try to reverse it, it fails
21:56:17jorbondjust applied the fast rolo start patch :)
21:57:34 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
22:00:31 Join AciD [0] (
22:00:41 Part remus ("Client Exiting")
22:06:25jorbondhmm, that rolo patch isnt working for me
22:07:19jorbondgets to executing and takes about 5sec then it shuts down
22:07:54earHurtsdunno what to tell you
22:08:05earHurtswhat sort of archos?
22:08:21earHurtsoh, good
22:08:32earHurtswant to test something for me?
22:08:36jorbondi had to apply some parts of it manually
22:08:45jorbondso that might be the problem
22:09:08earHurtscan I email you a .mod file?
22:09:48earHurtsemail addy?
22:09:52jorbondsend whatever u like, mods, music, viruses
22:10:23 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:10:47*Plugh digs out his gig of viruses zipfile
22:13:16jorbondanyone ever heard of windows xp all of a sudden bringing up an nt error msg saying you must restart in 2 min, then it restarts the computer
22:13:28jorbondi have 2 friends who had this problem start today
22:13:45jorbondi said virus but he said his virus scan didn't pick anything up
22:14:21Zagordefinitely sounds like a virus
22:14:25Plughstuff like that usually isn't a virus
22:14:28Plughit's a trojan
22:14:42Zagorafaik windows never restarts automatically without you pressing "ok" or "restart"
22:14:55Plughoh yeah, it does
22:15:16Plughduring install
22:15:18jorbondyeah but it happens to him everytime he restarts so unless a kid is really bored and sending the cmd everytime
22:15:32Plughthe mechanism is there
22:15:45jorbondyeah but with a trojan u have to manually send the cmd
22:15:46ZagorPlugh: right, but not during normal use or administrative procedures
22:16:01Plughhappened to me about 2 weeks ago
22:16:08Plughwas just doing admin tasks
22:16:14Plughmebbe a windows update
22:16:18Plughand it auto-rebooted
22:16:30Zagormaybe xp is different. i'm staying away from it, so i wouldn't know...
22:16:43Plughthis was 2k
22:16:49jorbondalso windows xp does restart by itself b/c i had gfx card problems and it would do it randomly
22:16:57Zagornever ever happened to me in neither nt nor 2k
22:16:58jorbondso i formated and am going linux only
22:17:12*jorbond hugs gentoo
22:17:24Zagorjorbond: did it really say "i will restart in 2 minutes" then, or did it just crash?
22:17:38Zagorgentoo is silly, imho
22:17:56*Zagor loves the smell of napalm in the morning ;)
22:18:13Plughsmells like... iraq
22:18:38jorbondhe said it said that
22:18:43jorbondso did his friend
22:19:10Plughsounds like a new trojan out there
22:19:20jorbondn crash, b/c i would be talking to him, then he would be like that msg appeared, then he would logoff
22:19:21Zagorgentoo is for people whose idea of "fun" is waiting 36 hours for XFree86 to compile... :)
22:19:32earHurtsany reason patch works but patch -R doeds not?
22:19:33jorbondso he would call and say yeah it did it again hehe
22:19:42 Join AciD [0] (
22:19:43jorbondgentoo is good if u leave it on for a while
22:19:59Plugh 1:20pm up 15 days, 15:56, 11 users, load average: 0.22, 0.11, 0.03
22:20:04jorbondjust type emerge gnome, and in a weekend of playing on the beach my system is ready
22:20:04Zagorwhat's good about it?
22:20:05 Join k3no [0] (
22:20:25Zagortype "apt-get install gnome" and in, oh, 7 minutes my system is ready
22:20:28jorbondi like being able to use devel sources
22:20:42jorbondlike right now i am using 2.3.6 gnome
22:21:50Zagorsort of like debian unstable then
22:22:09Zagoronly with a few dozen hours waiting time every upgrade :)
22:22:39jorbondonce u get the big pacages done like xfree, and first time of gnome it is simple to upgrade
22:22:53jorbondonly like 2hrs max to upgrade to a new version of gnome
22:23:46jorbondi just copied ur mod to my player
22:24:07earHurtsdoes it run?
22:24:28jorbondit ran
22:24:46jorbondwell it shows all files
22:24:57jorbondand my bat when from 2 bars to 1
22:25:24jorbondbut it was borderline
22:25:29earHurtssee if there is a file called /power.baseline.00.log
22:25:34jorbondthere is
22:25:35 Quit jorbond (
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22:25:47Mode"logbot_ :+i" by logbot_
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22:25:55NJoinPlugh [0] (
22:25:57earHurtsdamn, I musta pissed you off
22:25:59 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
22:26:00 Join Malphas__ [0] (
22:26:02 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
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22:26:23NJoinjorbond [0] (
22:26:29jorbonddid i miss anything
22:26:32NJoinmbr [0] (
22:26:39earHurtsI don't think so
22:26:43NJoinAciD [0] (
22:26:50jorbondservers are being wacky
22:26:56jorbondso what does this mod do?
22:27:09NJoink3no [0] (
22:27:14earHurtswell, actually, it's the power save mod
22:27:31earHurtsexcept the player version doesn't suspend scrolling
22:27:47earHurtsbut it won't actually save you any power
22:27:47jorbondwell my bat just went from 39% to 41% so i guess its working hehe
22:27:50 Join MT [0] (
22:28:11earHurtsactually, it will consume more power than the normal
22:28:39jorbondwell thats great
22:28:57earHurtsoh, and it resets your settings. sorry, I should have warned you of that
22:29:09jorbondi didnt have any settings in the first place
22:29:21earHurtsah, then....
22:29:31earHurtswhat's your volume now?
22:30:04jorbondit set it higher
22:30:07jorbondit was 65%
22:30:22earHurtsI can't hear crap at 65
22:30:46 Join Schnueff [0] (
22:31:08earHurtsok, can you email me the power.baseline.00.log, please?
22:31:10 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:31:24jorbondi keep the backlight turned off and volume at 65, so that is my power saving lol
22:31:28jorbond2 sec and i will
22:32:27earHurtsgreat, it's a list of all your mp3s. the riaa will pay good money for that
22:32:45jorbondi dont use p2p im safe
22:32:53jorbondall copied from my cds :)
22:33:04earHurtsno one is safe
22:33:45jorbondwell i will shove my retail cds up there a** if they try and bring me to court lol
22:34:23earHurtslovely picture
22:34:38jorbonda little floyd in ther and some nirvana
22:35:04earHurtssend me that email for great justice
22:35:11jorbondsent it
22:36:12 Join Zagor_ [242] (
22:36:20 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
22:36:24tracktheripperHow are you?
22:36:26tracktheripperSmile :-)
22:36:28Zagorfine, thanks
22:36:39tracktherippergive us a smile :-)
22:37:07earHurtsdid you have the charger in??
22:37:26jorbondis my player special lol
22:37:37jorbondi also think my player has pms
22:37:42earHurtswere you playing music?
22:37:45jorbondb/c it refuses to boot sometimes
22:37:48jorbondfor a little bit
22:38:21earHurts192, and 128 bit cbr?
22:38:46jorbondit was 192 cbr
22:39:18earHurtswere you pausing it?
22:39:28jorbondi cant remember, maybe lol
22:39:42earHurtsthanks for your help
22:39:48jorbondim back to 2 bars also
22:39:59jorbond54% bat
22:40:10earHurtsremeber, my build will drain your battery faster
22:40:15tracktheripperZagor I went back to the Archos firmware today
22:40:20earHurtsdon't use it except to test
22:40:24tracktheripperthere isnt much different sound-quality wise
22:41:11earHurtsanyone with a recorder care to do some testing?
22:41:17tracktheripperYES ME
22:41:22tracktheripperill test whatever u wanna tes
22:41:42earHurtswhat's your email? priv msg me
22:41:56Zagortracktheripper: i wouldn't expect that, no
22:42:04tracktheripperpardon Zagor?
22:42:07tracktheripperwhat u mean dude?
22:42:11earHurtsok, give me 5 minutes
22:43:03tracktheripperearhurts did u get my email addy?
22:43:05Zagortracktheripper: i mean there shouldn't be a sound quality difference btwn rockbox and archos, except for the buzzing
22:43:07 Quit tracktheripper (
22:43:07 Quit _aLF (
22:43:21jorbondyep he has a trojan
22:43:28NJoin_aLF [0] (
22:43:29jorbondsomeone is messing with other things now
22:43:41 Quit _aLF (
22:43:43NJointracktheripper [0] (
22:43:44Zagorthe lovely world of windows
22:43:44jorbondanyone know a good trojan remover, he is putting a firewall on
22:43:54 Join _aLF [0] (
22:43:54jorbondtry and hack my linux i dare u
22:44:02tracktheripperearhurts what needs testing?
22:44:22tracktheripperZagor when I used the ROM Archos firmware I never heard significant buzzing
22:44:40Zagortracktheripper: it's not significant. it's very quiet.
22:45:06tracktheripperwell i never heard it anway
22:49:44 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:02:29Zagori wonder about the new rio karma. it claims 40gig in a 3-inch package. the naked 1.8" drives from toshiba are 3.1 inches long
23:03:36earHurtslooks sweet
23:03:54earHurtsbut frankly, I enjoy hacking too much to get one
23:04:33Zagori just wonder, are they plain lying about the size or are they using some weird new drive size (unlikely)
23:05:07jorbondUrge Overkill - Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon
23:05:11earHurtsmaybe their fudging
23:05:44earHurtssay a truncated pyramid design, measureing the smaller cross section?
23:06:40Zagorwe'll see, i guess. the specs look nice, i could imagine hacking on one of those
23:07:25 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
23:08:17earHurtsdoes it run L avarient of; linux?
23:09:02 Quit jorbond ("Client exiting")
23:09:52Zagorsome guy on slashdot claims it runs ecos
23:10:03earHurtsis that gpl'd?
23:10:22Zagorum, maybe not gpl actually.
23:10:52Zagorit's a modified gpl, which is a bit less viral
23:10:56earHurtscould we get the source
23:11:09Zagorto ecos, yes. to the rio, probably not.
23:11:17earHurtsthen screw it.
23:11:36earHurtsthis archos experience has taught me that much
23:11:58earHurtsI'm constantly amazed that you reverse engineered it
23:11:59Zagorotoh, rio is made by an american company. they might be more rational than archos about fostering a hacking community.
23:12:30hardeeper, i dunno about that... the US is the home of the DMCA after all
23:12:41earHurtsscrew it.
23:12:54earHurtsI don't want to be caught in archos hell again
23:12:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:13:07Zagorhardeep: true. but there also are a handful of rational people there. or so i've heard. :)
23:13:36Zagori'd say it's worth looking into
23:13:47earHurtsof course, I ended up paying $440 for my archos, more that the karma 20
23:13:56hardeepdefinitely... the device looks pretty sleek
23:14:17earHurtsI like the ogg and flac
23:14:21earHurtsand the screen
23:15:15 Join Bagder [241] (
23:15:27earHurtsbtw, I'm using that tortoise cvs you mentioned
23:15:47ZagorearHurts: is it good?
23:15:50Zagorhi Bagder
23:15:53earHurtsit's not bad
23:16:18earHurtsunediting is a bit harder/odder
23:16:44earHurtsand it doesn't collapse directories, making finding stuff harder than wincvs
23:17:16earHurtsbut it accepts cygwin cvs metadata better than wincvs
23:17:26earHurtsonce you explicitly tell it to
23:18:22earHurtsso, Zagor, hardeep, Bagder
23:19:03earHurtsone of you must be able to tell me why patch -R doesn't work for me
23:19:58Bagderuser error? ;-)
23:20:33earHurtsthe patch applies fine, but it doesn't reverse
23:20:49Bagderwhat happens then?
23:20:51earHurtsbtw, I wrote that incrementing file name function
23:21:43earHurtsHunk #1 FAILED at 422
23:22:13earHurts1 out of 1 hunk FAILED −− saving rejects to file wps.c.rej
23:22:38BagderI've never had any problems with -R
23:22:44Bagdernot that I use very often
23:23:33earHurtsI would be happy to send you the patch to futz with ;)
23:24:35Bagderyou can only remove a patch that was already added
23:25:11earHurtsI made the patch, applied it, tried to reverse it
23:25:24earHurtsso it was (and is) added
23:25:47Bagderand it isn't a line ending issue?
23:26:19earHurtsI used -w to make it, and -l to reverse it
23:26:57Bagderand the rejects, can you see in them why they failed?
23:27:18Bagderpatch/diff gets crazy on line ending differences
23:27:23Bagderno matter what options you use
23:27:30earHurtsbesides, all my lines end with lf only
23:27:56earHurtswait, ok, one crlf
23:28:04earHurtsgod knows why
23:28:40earHurtsoh, perhaps having to reinstall windows
23:29:52earHurtsah, I owe you a hefeweissen
23:30:06earHurtsremoving that one cr fixed it
23:30:23Bagdertr -d '\015' < patch > newpatch
23:30:24Bagder ;-)
23:30:31BagderI use that a lot
23:30:51earHurtswhat's tr?
23:31:03Bagderbut it can delete too
23:31:43earHurtswhen I reinstalled, I was using my editor's defaults
23:32:08earHurtsI've been pure lf for a while
23:32:29earHurtszagor, you still here?
23:33:30earHurtsa couple of days ago, you told me I'd have to watch my thread's queue for usb connections if my thread did file i/o
23:35:18 Join scott666 [0] (
23:35:51earHurtsthis doesn't appear to be the case
23:36:30earHurtsmy thread doesn't do anything other than skip file i/o if usb_connected()
23:42:32earHurtsadd the usb connects as it ever did
23:45:19 Join shampoo [0] (
23:45:41shampoohi, i just installed the Rockbox software on my recorder
23:45:52shampooi have a small question
23:46:44shampooon the 'while playing screen' on top is left from the time a circle with 2 dots in it ,shown
23:46:52shampooi don't find it in the manual what it means
23:47:03shampoocan somebody help me here?
23:47:03Zagorit's a dice
23:47:33shampoowhat is it for?
23:47:41shampoooh i understand
23:47:45shampoois it for the shuffle?
23:47:56shampoooh yes, thanks zagor
23:48:14shampooanother question, which is the font most used?
23:48:27BagderI like uwe_prop
23:48:40earHurtsatadore is easy on rhe eyes
23:48:45hardeepJ is the best font!!!!!111!
23:48:55earHurtsand I thought it was a card, not dice
23:49:34shampoothanks all of you...i'll give it a try with the fonts
23:52:41scott666which was the one that looked like the ipod font?
23:53:20hardeepscott666: chicago12
23:53:47Plughhm. I should probably get my rockbox on the charger
23:54:26 Quit shampoo ("Leaving")
23:54:26Plughalthough I only used 4% of the battery charge on a 2 hour or so commute
23:54:59 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
23:55:23Plughany audio book freaks around?
23:55:54hardeepdo you really believe someone would admit to being an audio book freak?
23:56:05 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:56:19PlughI would
23:56:24Plughwhy wouldn't anyone else?
23:56:38 Join scott666 [0] (
23:57:21Plughanyhow, I have a membership to and was wondering if anyone had gotten their format to play on the archos
23:57:52 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:58:09tracktheripperEarhurts what am I looking for in ur firmware?

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