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#rockbox log for 2003-08-15

00:00:20 Join JT1 [0] (
00:04:29 Join LinusN [200] (
00:04:36Bagderevening linus
00:05:10JT1hi linus
00:06:12JT1wats up?
00:06:24LinusNnot much
00:06:26JT1I used the Archos ROM firmware the other day for some reason
00:06:48LinusNpoor you
00:07:04JT1its not that bad in a way
00:07:37LinusNit works
00:08:04JT1i used it because I wanted to see the sliders :-)
00:08:42LinusNhere we go again :-)
00:08:54JT1the Sliders do make sound adjusting easier
00:09:13LinusN"easier" is a subjective thing
00:09:16JT1because u get a visual indication over how much bass or treble u are adding or removing
00:09:24BagderI disagree
00:09:32LinusNsome people find Rockbox easier because they want finer control
00:09:35Bagderthey're eye candy and look good, yes
00:10:34JT1ok Linus how about a switchable option
00:10:38JT1sliders or numeric values?
00:10:58JT1because I actually prefert the sliders
00:10:59BagderJT1: I don't think anyone is against sliders
00:11:12Bagderbut no one has made any
00:11:14JT1theres a lot of space wasted on the LCD which could use a slider when using bass or treble
00:11:20Bagderor rather...
00:11:25Bagdersome have, but never contributed the code
00:11:43JT1why don;t u or linus or zagor make them?
00:11:50Bagderwhy don't YOU?
00:11:57JT1because i can't code
00:12:10Bagderyou can learn
00:12:17JT1dont have the time
00:12:20Zagorwe write what we want to use
00:12:45JT1ok Zagor, u the boss
00:13:06Bagderthere are many people who *could* write a patch to offer sliders
00:13:13Bagderbut none of them have so far
00:13:36ZagorJT1: that doesn't mean we refuse what we don't use ourselves. just that we aren't as likely to write it.
00:13:43Bagderbut everyone and his aunt have features like this they want us to add
00:13:44JT1oh ok
00:13:59JT1like the "make and delete folders"
00:14:18Zagorthat one of the more useful features requested, actually :)
00:14:40JT1ok Zagor what are the unimplemented requests u think are most useful?
00:15:09ZagorJT1: id3 database is on my toplist.
00:15:23Zagori can't say i keep a toplist, but that's one I can think of right away
00:15:55JT1track has loads of ideas
00:15:55Topic"Today's news: 370 open feature requests" by Bagder (
00:16:38Bagderand he whines and nags about them all the time
00:16:51Bagder"when will you make it reshuffle on repeat"
00:16:53JT1im sure he means no harm
00:17:08BagderI don't think he means harm either
00:18:06Bagderbut then again
00:18:09Bagderyou are track
00:19:14JT1anyway is there gonna be any new features added?
00:19:26BagderJT1: so how come you're on track's host?
00:19:30Zagorno new features, ever
00:19:40JT1just a co-incident
00:19:55JT1just a co-incidance
00:20:02#>>"seen" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
00:20:09Bagderyeah, right
00:20:22CtcpDCC request from Zagor! (CHAT chat 3654789665 26567)
00:20:22ClientZagor (Zagor) added
00:20:22ClientConnection accepted at socket 4
00:21:02JT1do u really hate him?
00:21:22JT1for all those requests which are rejectes
00:21:24Bagderwho said we hated him`
00:22:27 Quit JT1 ("Leaving")
00:22:42 Join tracktheripper [0] (
00:22:53Bagderoh, what a surprise!
00:26:19 Join miko_ [0] (~miko@
00:26:28miko_what's rockbox?
00:26:36#>>"explain rockbox" by Bagder (
00:27:23miko_oh i see
00:27:26miko_thank you =)
00:27:31 Part miko_ ("Leaving")
00:28:38tracktheripperi give up disguising
00:28:40tracktheripperreally I do
00:29:10Bagderchanging nick is not enough you know ;-)
00:29:25LinusNare you going to confess that you really are Zagor? :-)
00:29:36ClientZagor removed at socket 4
00:29:47Bagderok I'll confess:
00:29:54BagderI'm Zagor's brother!
00:30:01LinusNoh no!
00:30:13LinusNi thought i was!
00:30:26Bagdernono, you're his uncle
00:31:00tracktheripperand i confess to being an annoying little brat
00:32:24LinusNoh no!
00:32:25LinusNi thought i was!
00:32:34CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:32:34*Bagder gigles
00:32:34tracktheripperbecause I am
00:32:57tracktheripperI was gonna file "Use the wiggly Play button as a joystick" but I didn't
00:35:04tracktheripperso how do I change the IP address?
00:35:32Bagderstep 1. learn how networks work
00:36:38Bagderstep 2. realize that you get one by your provider and cannot change it
00:36:54Bagderstep 3. login to another computer and irc from there, using a different ip
00:37:53tracktheripperwell if u like u can always erase my Sourceforge account and ban me from coming here
00:38:09Bagderare we depressed today or what?
00:38:37 Join blastman007 [0] (
00:38:43tracktheripperbecause Bjorn and co don't like me
00:38:49tracktheripperand im very very very depressed
00:39:03Bagderyou're paranoid track
00:39:14blastman007do you know "schranz" ??
00:39:15tracktheripperyou do not come in here and address the IRC as hoi
00:39:44LinusNis that a person?
00:39:47blastman007n :-)
00:39:56blastman007lol **
00:39:59Bagderschranz as in "you seen that big schranz lately" ?
00:40:10*Bagder looks at blastman007
00:40:12LinusNoh, what a big schranz you have
00:40:14blastman007i dondt knwo that
00:40:28blastman007yu mean 18cm ?
00:40:36blastman007noooo nooo noo
00:40:37LinusNlook out! he has a schranz!
00:40:47blastman007schranz is an other word for techno
00:40:51tracktheripperim gonna buy an Ipod tommorow
00:41:03LinusNtracktheripper: traitor
00:41:16Bagdertracktheripper: you keep saying that, but so far you haven't
00:41:19blastman007i think it is an german word i dont know
00:41:19tracktheripperand im gonna file "make Ipod run on the Rockbox"
00:41:22 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
00:42:00Bagdertracktheripper: do that on Apple's feature-request tracker ;-)
00:42:31tracktheripperok just fix "Reshuffle" then ill shut up
00:42:55DBUGSent KICK blastman007 to server
00:42:55*blastman007 (`._(`._(`._( tracktheripper )_.)_.)_.)
00:42:55*blastman007 (_.(_.(_.( tracktheripper )`._)`._)`._)
00:42:55Kick(#rockbox blastman007 :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!
00:42:55 Join blastman007 [0] (
00:43:06blastman007bye must go to bed now
00:43:11LinusNsleep tight
00:43:21blastman007wiht my schranz
00:43:32 Quit blastman007 (Client Quit)
00:43:52tracktheripperyea Bjorn and co fix "Reshuffle" then ill shut it
00:45:40joshnBTW, linus, did you get my email?
00:45:43 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:45:53midknight2k3holy junkers
00:45:55hardeephmmm, 370 open feature requests
00:46:10midknight2k3ever single person i have ever met is in here
00:46:12hardeephow about freezing new feature requests until we get back down to a reasonable number... =)
00:46:26midknight2k3hardeep: well, start off by going through them once more
00:46:32midknight2k3many can be rejected right away
00:47:00LinusNjoshn: yes, i haven't had the time yet, though
00:47:04midknight2k3i see many "invalid"s
00:47:10joshnok, that's fine; no hurry
00:47:14Bagderthe invalids are not included in the open count
00:47:21joshnjust wanted to make sure it got to the right place :-)
00:47:30midknight2k3i mean i see many that can be marked invalid
00:47:40midknight2k3just impossible
00:48:05tracktheripperjust reject all my requests
00:48:07tracktheripperproblem solved
00:48:19midknight2k3seems sensible
00:48:20Bagdermost them already are ;-)
00:48:23midknight2k3EXCEPT the rezone
00:48:27tracktheripperyea go on
00:48:32tracktheripperno skin off my nose
00:48:39Plughwhich Linus feels is pointless ;)
00:49:13tracktherippereverything is covered anyway
00:49:19tracktheripperno more new features are worth adding
00:49:23midknight2k3AFAIK impossible
00:49:41midknight2k3wish i could be an admin
00:49:41LinusNnot really
00:49:45midknight2k3get to business lol
00:50:03midknight2k3Linus: zagor already stated it was simple to make a pop but impossible for a beep?
00:50:08LinusNa beep isn't impossible at all
00:50:19LinusNjust very tricky
00:50:33tracktheripperjust include a MP3 file that is a beep
00:50:35midknight2k3that should be a .. priority of 3
00:50:48midknight2k3and every time spin up to play it?
00:50:58LinusNtracktheripper: exactly, the hard part is how to insert it into the playing stream
00:51:17tracktheripperoh ok
00:51:27midknight2k3i think the most sensible is Redzone
00:51:34midknight2k3give that an eight
00:52:13midknight2k3reject and i am sure
00:52:21midknight2k3usb mode is "dummy" mode
00:52:32LinusNfm is perfectly possible in usb mode
00:52:40midknight2k3are you kidding me?
00:53:06LinusNusb mode only restricts hard drive access, everything else is running like normal
00:53:57midknight2k3so we could watch "bounce" while transferring files?
00:54:13 Join scott666 [0] (
00:54:27 Quit scott666 (Client Quit)
00:54:37LinusNyou scared him off!
00:55:00midknight2k3come back!
00:55:08midknight2k3tracktheripper protending to be someone else
00:55:27midknight2k33rd comment from the top
00:55:34midknight2k3haha sounds just like him
00:55:53 Join scott666 [0] (
00:56:09midknight2k3i am sorry scott
00:56:14midknight2k3i meant not to scare you
00:56:28scott666trillian wanted to be patched
00:56:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:57:02Bagderwe should make bounce the usb screen :-)
00:57:03tracktheripperwhat u mean 3rd line from top?
00:57:12midknight2k3third comment
00:57:22midknight2k3READ stoopid
00:57:26midknight2k3i dont get it
00:57:38midknight2k3you mean like vertical text?
00:58:17midknight2k3like going up then entering from the bottom
00:58:44scott666why though?
00:58:48midknight2k3Linus, or zagor: can we have animated menus like where the line selector will "slide" down the options available instead of jumping?
00:58:51midknight2k3yeah i dunno
00:58:56LinusNBagder: yeah, bouncing the word "USB"
00:58:59scott666ooooh i know
00:59:09midknight2k3it was me linus
00:59:09scott666so you can have more then 7 lines
00:59:11midknight2k3not bagder
00:59:22midknight2k3makes a little more sense
00:59:32scott666you could have like 10 lines and have em scroll up and down
00:59:41 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:00:00midknight2k3if earhurts comes i can say everyone i ever met/liked is in here
01:00:17midknight2k3even people i haven't seen for months
01:00:30midknight2k3is it a special day?
01:00:35scott666yeah its rare when theres actually people here
01:00:49midknight2k3i dunno EVERYone's here
01:01:10tracktheripperwhats happening wiv the redzone
01:01:14LinusNit's Rockbox Appreciation Day
01:01:23midknight2k3YAY! I APPRECIATE
01:02:19midknight2k3on the count of three we all say "i appreciate!"
01:02:19DBUGSent KICK midknight2k3 to server
01:02:19midknight2k3i appreciate!!!!
01:02:19***Alert Mode level 1
01:02:19DBUGsent MODE #rockbox +b *!*LaLaLaLa*@*
01:02:19midknight2k3uhhhh.. hello?
01:02:19Kick(#rockbox midknight2k3 :No flooding!) by logbot!
01:02:19***Alert Mode level 2
01:02:19Mode"#rockbox +b *!*LaLaLaLa*@* " by logbot (
01:02:29tracktheripperwhy not use both lines of character cells on the Player as a peak meter
01:02:33BoD[]i appreciate rockbox
01:02:35LinusNtracktheripper: it will be implemented some day when someone feels like implementing it
01:02:37BoD[] i appreciate!!!!
01:02:53mecrawanyone think it's time to update ?
01:02:53DBUGsent MODE #rockbox -b *!*LaLaLaLa*@*
01:02:54Mode"#rockbox -b *!*LaLaLaLa*@* " by logbot (
01:03:01LinusNtracktheripper: the missing peak meter on the Player is not about the LCD limitations
01:03:02tracktheripperwhat LinusN
01:03:29tracktheripperjust use borth lines of character cells
01:03:57Zagormecraw: fixed :)
01:03:59 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
01:04:04LinusNthe MAS on the Player doesn't have a way of reading the peak
01:04:06midknight2k3who made logbot an admin?
01:04:08midknight2k3undo him
01:04:13Zagormidknight2k3: i did
01:04:17mecrawZagor: is that the fastest fix yet?
01:04:24Zagormecraw: :)
01:04:29tracktheripperseems the Player can't do anything compared to ther Recorder
01:04:32midknight2k3i dislike logbot when he is an admin
01:04:50midknight2k3can it be done? the animated menu thing?
01:04:54midknight2k3or a graphical one?
01:04:55LinusNi like when logbot is admin
01:05:01midknight2k3why linus?
01:05:23tracktheripperso are more requests gonna be rejected now?
01:05:30LinusNtracktheripper: the Player MAS is not as cool as the one on the Recorder
01:05:31midknight2k3i hope
01:05:38tracktheripperoh ok
01:05:41midknight2k3do i get an answer?
01:05:59hardeepyou can't handle the answer!
01:06:12LinusNi like when logbot kicks the lame colorcode l00sers
01:06:24midknight2k3logbot can talk?
01:07:08tracktheripperso am I
01:07:10Bagderyou too?
01:07:23Zagori have many brothers
01:07:23midknight2k3let's get back on topic
01:07:32midknight2k3can you answer me or must i ask for the fourth time?
01:07:39midknight2k3i can handle the answer
01:07:47tracktherippertea maker
01:07:59LinusNmidknight2k3: the animated menu thing will probably be too slow
01:08:14midknight2k3graphic menu then?
01:08:25LinusNdefine "graphic menu"
01:08:39midknight2k3well hang a second
01:08:55Zagorby the way, i have a fix for the 16-pixel limitation in lcd_bitmap
01:09:03Zagorit also speeds up update() a bit
01:09:09LinusNeven nicer
01:09:15tracktherippercan it now display greyscale?
01:09:34BagderZagor: nicers
01:09:41tracktherippertea maker
01:09:49BagderZagor: then the logo function can be improved slightly
01:09:54ZagorBagder: yes
01:10:14LinusNand the Player LCD emulation :-)
01:10:25midknight2k3new logo?
01:10:26tracktheripperpardon LinusN?
01:10:27midknight2k3better logo?
01:10:59Bagderread again :-)
01:11:03midknight2k3linus here's what i mean
01:11:05LinusNthe logo drawing routine will be simpler, that's all
01:11:19midknight2k3it's way more graphical than it should be but i was thinking something along those lines
01:11:28LinusNmidknight2k3: why?
01:11:37midknight2k3.. it looks better?
01:11:44midknight2k3i am not sure it would be cool
01:11:53scott666in black and white?
01:11:54LinusNi think it looks very cryptic
01:11:58midknight2k3and little icons like a gear for general settings and a speaker for spund settings
01:12:12midknight2k3and a ...
01:12:18midknight2k3thats all
01:12:20***Alert Mode OFF
01:12:40LinusNmost of the time i dislike pictograms
01:12:56midknight2k3well sheesh
01:13:07midknight2k32.2 holds a user interface overhaul
01:13:11midknight2k3what wuld that be like?
01:13:18LinusNbecause there are few of them that are easily understood by all people
01:13:21tracktheripperwhich is not possible i believe
01:13:57scott666i want to know what the features and fixes held off for 2.0 are
01:14:06LinusNmidknight2k3: the GUI overhaul is mainly a menu redesign and a remap of the keys
01:14:21midknight2k3how about everything?
01:14:28midknight2k3caption backlight?
01:14:31midknight2k3you know
01:14:33midknight2k3line selector
01:14:37midknight2k3all the new stuff
01:14:41scott666yeah but why arent we AT 2.1?
01:14:49midknight2k3i have no idea.
01:14:57LinusNbecause we don't feel that it is stable enough?
01:15:06midknight2k3well linus what did you have in mind?
01:15:08scott666why not/
01:15:20midknight2k3i see no other way to put the menu really
01:15:23LinusNor because we want to shove more thing in?
01:15:30midknight2k3maybe like a one selector and left and right to select or soemthing
01:15:43midknight2k32.1 will be the biggest update ever then
01:15:47midknight2k3if it aint already
01:16:27midknight2k3but still
01:16:31midknight2k3that's not really easier
01:16:37midknight2k3i will get it when it is done
01:16:48midknight2k3im sure you will come up with something good
01:17:28LinusNif you want nice icons and pretty menus you will be disappointed
01:17:36 Quit Bagder ("")
01:18:14midknight2k3i just don't see how it could be different than what it is without being out of your... "specifications"
01:18:32tracktherippermidknight just get back to the peak meter redzone please
01:18:41midknight2k3i can't
01:18:44midknight2k3nobody can help
01:18:48midknight2k3earhurts is missing
01:18:51scott666you could have the F buttons do different things in different places
01:18:58midknight2k3makes sense
01:20:41scott666having F3 doing ANYTHING but what it does now would be an improvment
01:21:29scott666is that badgers context sensitive idea?
01:22:01scott666thats a good idea
01:22:19tracktheripperive got a good idea
01:22:29tracktheripperAdd the UP arrow in the Fx menus
01:22:34tracktheripperits wasted doing nothing
01:22:51midknight2k3oh boy
01:22:52midknight2k3here we go
01:23:12scott666not possible due to hardware limitations
01:23:23midknight2k3true scott
01:23:24LinusNtracktheripper: didn't i explain that to you?
01:23:32midknight2k3here we go
01:23:34midknight2k3hold on tight
01:23:50tracktheripperno you didn't
01:24:16LinusNthe quick screens are designed to accept key combos
01:24:26LinusNlike F2+down
01:24:36LinusNor f2 and then down
01:25:07LinusNhowever, the UP key can't be combined with the Fx keys
01:25:13tracktheripperwell write a software up button then
01:25:32midknight2k3like the software tuner?
01:25:35LinusNyeah, like a hologram, hovering right above the LCD
01:26:04midknight2k3how about the faster rolo-load?
01:26:08midknight2k3is that going into rockbox?
01:26:09scott666id vote for removing Fx+direction
01:26:21tracktheripperor the coffee maker
01:26:21scott666and just keeping menus
01:26:23LinusNthe faster rolo will be accepted
01:26:33LinusNscott666: agreed
01:26:59midknight2k3i don't think it would work if you tried to leave the tracktheripper persona behind you like youa ttempted
01:27:09midknight2k3it sort of is just obvious it'
01:27:11midknight2k3s you
01:28:20scott666yeah, just reprogram the MAS
01:29:14scott666programming without documentation is the hardcore way
01:29:23tracktheripperjust keep the pitch constant :-)
01:29:35midknight2k3it is possible lol
01:29:43midknight2k3but it is hard
01:29:51scott666iff we had the documentation
01:34:35midknight2k3who can help me code the redzone?
01:37:15Zagorbed time. bye.
01:37:17 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
01:40:52midknight2k3before you leave from now on can you please please tell us that you are leaving?
01:41:31midknight2k3i never have chance to say bye or anything
01:41:52 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:42:06 Join scott666 [0] (
01:52:53tracktheripperIn most cases changing the pitch sounds a lot better than timestretch
01:53:08midknight2k3probably yes
01:53:16midknight2k3i rarely do though
01:53:21midknight2k3why do you wnat to?
01:54:03tracktherippernever mind
01:54:34 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:58:00midknight2k3one sec
01:58:27midknight2k3stay track
01:58:30midknight2k3i have an idea
01:58:48PlughI knew I smelled smoke
02:01:38midknight2k3"i knew i smelled smoke"
02:01:52*Plugh looks around innocently
02:02:02*midknight2k3 wonders...
02:03:56midknight2k3what did you mean
02:04:10Plughgears grinding around in yer head
02:04:19Plughyou said you had an idea
02:04:31Plughnevermind... wasn't really funny anyway
02:04:45midknight2k3i guess now it makes a bit of sense
02:04:52midknight2k3still sort of odd
02:05:20Plughit's my common response to someone who says "I've been thinking..." with a long, dramatic pause
02:05:43midknight2k3now i know what it means
02:05:46midknight2k3you can use it now
02:06:05Plughtoo late. It's been analyzed to the point of unfunnyness
02:10:44 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:20:48PlughI love America. This year, at Burning Man:
02:20:49Plughbianca's will once again be in full effect. They have been rather
02:20:49Plughsecretive about the shack's location. It's down over on the end there
02:20:49DBUGSent KICK Plugh to server
02:20:49Plughpast that giant thing Todd Rundgren is building.
02:20:49PlughIf you missed it last year, then you're in for a real treat this year.
02:20:50Kick(#rockbox Plugh :No flooding!) by logbot!
02:20:57 Join Plugh [0] (
02:21:04Plughthanks logbot
02:21:05midknight2k3i hate logbot
02:21:27*Plugh anally fistfucks the bot
02:21:29midknight2k3i really understand thanks plugh
02:21:41midknight2k3* Plugh is weird
02:21:56Plughdid I ever claim otherwise?
02:22:11LinusNtime to sleep
02:22:14LinusNnite all
02:22:18Plughg'night Linus
02:22:26 Part LinusN
02:22:41midknight2k3<midknight2k3> <Plugh> i am retarted
02:23:08midknight2k3 <Plugh> i am retarted
02:23:12PlughNo definitions found for "retarted", perhaps you mean:
02:23:13Plughweb1913: Retorted Retarded
02:23:13Plughwn: retarded
02:23:19midknight2k3 <Plugh> i am retarted
02:23:24DBUGSent KICK midknight2k3 to server
02:23:24midknight2k3 <Plugh> i am retarted
02:23:24Kick(#rockbox midknight2k3 :Stop repeating yourself) by logbot!
02:23:28 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
02:23:33midknight2k3fuck asshole dumb logbot
02:23:48Plughsee? Now you want a piece of the bot's ass
02:23:52Plughwait till I'm done
02:23:53midknight2k3no thanks
02:24:48Plughjust repeat to yourself aloud, "I am Sofa King. We Todd Ed."
02:25:15midknight2k3it is untrue
02:25:31Plughyou're not Sofa King?
02:25:46midknight2k3i am sofa kind but i am not we todd ed
02:29:19 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:29:20 Quit scott666 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
02:29:39 Join scott666 [0] (
02:50:12 Quit BoD[] (
02:50:12 Quit joshn (
02:50:12 Quit _aLF (
02:50:12 Quit mbr (
02:50:12 Quit Kinslayer (
02:50:12 Quit midknight2k3 (
02:50:12 Quit AciD` (
02:50:12 Quit hardeep (
02:50:12 Quit Plugh (
02:50:12 Quit Hadaka (
02:50:12 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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02:51:59 Join mk2k3 [0] (
02:52:10mk2k3HE IS BACK THAT BUM
02:52:27 Quit Hadaka (
02:52:27 Quit hardeep (
02:52:27 Quit AciD` (
02:52:27 Quit Plugh (
02:52:27 Quit midknight2k3 (
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02:53:06 Join scott666 [0] (
02:53:15 Nick mk2k3 is now known as midknight2k3 (
02:53:25Plugh17:47 -!- midknight2k3 [] has quit [Excess Flood]
02:53:29Plugh17:48 < Plugh> *snicker*
02:53:44Plugh17:47 < midknight2k3> now i can flood
02:54:11midknight2k3hush youe face\
02:54:15midknight2k3I HATE LOGBOT
02:54:28Plughhad to get that in the channel for the logbot to see so it would be on the web for posterity
02:55:01scott666106807 pwns j00
02:55:13midknight2k3pwns me, huh?
02:55:24Plughyou realize that you opened a can of worms in AIM yesterday...
02:55:43midknight2k35C077666 15 4 R374RD.
02:55:48midknight2k3can of worms?
02:56:04midknight2k3i mean
02:56:12midknight2k3C4N 0F W0RM5?
02:56:23midknight2k3what mean you that by?
02:56:47Plughyeah. Now I will tease you mercilessly for your next 20 years on IRC
02:56:53Plughabout everything
02:56:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:56:59midknight2k3what do you mean?
02:57:52PlughI have two modes on IRC. Passive and playful
02:57:59Plughyou flipped my playful switch
02:58:18scott666hes gonna play with you?
02:58:30midknight2k3he did play with me
02:58:36midknight2k3what do you mean by this Plugh?
02:58:43 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:58:59PlughI will tease, berate, pester, flood, and joke about you behind your back
02:59:15midknight2k3i don't understand
02:59:18midknight2k3please just explain
02:59:47Plughonce someone shows themselves to have a sense of humor on IRC, I will challenge it
03:00:06midknight2k3what does this have to do with aim on irc?
03:00:15scott666how do you challenge humor/
03:00:26PlughI don't challenge the humor
03:00:33PlughI challenge your sense of humor
03:00:52scott666then what are you challengeing?
03:00:54Plughdon't ask
03:00:57Plughjust watch
03:01:12*scott666 watches *
03:01:21*midknight2k3 just waits *
03:02:18Plughuntil you tried to flood me on the other IRC net, I would never have cracked the sofa king joke
03:02:32Plughjust as an example
03:02:53scott666sofa king?
03:03:04midknight2k3"i am sofa kind. We Todd ed.
03:03:15midknight2k3what does this have to do with anything?
03:03:21Plughnothing really
03:03:27midknight2k3i want to know about these worms
03:04:42Plughoh, you will
03:04:51midknight2k3huh what?
03:05:27scott666can of worms is a figure of speech
03:05:28 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:05:37midknight2k3no wait
03:05:40midknight2k3what is going on here?
03:05:56scott666hes going to digitally molest you
03:06:15midknight2k3uh oh
03:06:34midknight2k3let's see here, block him would be the first step...
03:07:34midknight2k3because i flooded him after he flooded me?
03:07:56 Nick Plugh is now known as ChesterMolestor (
03:08:30midknight2k3buy me one
03:09:11ChesterMolestoranyone else old enough to remember Chester the Molestor?
03:10:27midknight2k3my cat attacked me
03:10:49ChesterMolestormy kitten jumped on my bare back this morning
03:11:02ChesterMolestorwhile I was on the computer
03:11:14midknight2k3did it hurt?
03:11:25ChesterMolestorfuckin a
03:11:43midknight2k3throw out office space
03:11:51midknight2k3was it you that was talking about it before?
03:12:10midknight2k3i recall
03:12:22midknight2k3"someone gets so frustrated with their computer they kick it to hte hall"
03:12:44ChesterMolestorthe fax machine in Office Space
03:12:54midknight2k3OH GOD
03:13:01midknight2k3but you said...
03:13:16midknight2k3grr. i was tricked.
03:13:46ChesterMolestordid you want your can with or without worms?
03:13:57 Nick ChesterMolestor is now known as Plugh (
03:19:48 Quit BoD[] ("DODODODODODO")
03:19:59scott666ahh, but how are you gonna get them in the can?
03:20:11midknight2k3i dont know
03:21:44*Plugh knows how to get 'em in the can...
03:21:47Plughbut not tellin
03:21:58midknight2k3i do to
03:22:08midknight2k3you pick them up, andput them in DUHHH
03:22:19scott666you have to close the can thuogh
03:22:37midknight2k3dur dum dee?
03:22:46midknight2k3you uh
03:22:53midknight2k3take the lid and tigten it on
03:22:58midknight2k3or push it on either one
03:23:25scott666youre so naive
03:24:20*scott666 sighs
03:24:55midknight2k3you mean like worms like viruses?
03:25:09midknight2k3i must download that pirated version of systemworks 2003!
03:25:18midknight2k3YOULL NEVER GET ME MATEYS
03:25:26midknight2k3NO WAY ERHEHEHAHAH
03:25:30midknight2k3I AM SO SMART!
03:25:36midknight2k3NON NAEVE
03:25:43Plughwho can tell me what protocol the first Internet worm exploited?
03:25:55midknight2k3it was protocal 53
03:26:21midknight2k3i know what it is
03:26:30Plughyou know what 53 is?
03:26:36midknight2k3dam it google
03:26:39midknight2k3hurry up
03:26:43midknight2k3what now?
03:27:08Plughdomain53/tcp# name-domain server
03:27:08Plughknetd2053/tcp# Kerberos de-multiplexor
03:27:08DBUGSent KICK Plugh to server
03:27:08Plughrndc953/tcp# rndc control sockets (BIND 9)
03:27:09Kick(#rockbox Plugh :No flooding!) by logbot!
03:27:13midknight2k3the HTTP
03:27:16 Join Plugh [0] (
03:27:16midknight2k3is a protocal
03:27:20midknight2k3i got it
03:27:22midknight2k3the http
03:27:40*midknight2k3 slaps Plugh around a bit with a large trout
03:27:50midknight2k3bow down
03:27:56*midknight2k3 slaps scott666 around a bit with a large trout
03:27:59midknight2k3you too
03:28:15*scott666 slaps midknight2k3 for using mIRC
03:28:34midknight2k3i should use that thing uh bitchx right?
03:28:36midknight2k3or JIRC
03:28:54PlughCTCP VERSION reply from Plugh: irssi v0.8.6.CVS - running on
03:28:54Plugh Linux i686
03:29:08Plughwith SILC plugin
03:29:14midknight2k3what is protocale 53?
03:29:30midknight2k3i need to get something to drink but i am afraid to unlock the door because of the cat
03:29:40midknight2k3my leg is mangled
03:29:54midknight2k3it has a little scrate you know
03:30:00midknight2k3and there was about a drop of blood
03:30:08midknight2k3shiver me timbers
03:30:20midknight2k3maybe if i brong the laundry basket i can trap the beast
03:38:59midknight2k3that was like 5 minutes delayed
03:39:17midknight2k3at least with mIRC i can make it make a beep and flash the icon if you say something
03:39:17scott666tv is more important than you
03:39:24midknight2k3SMASH IT
03:39:29midknight2k3throw it off the roof
03:39:32midknight2k3then it is fun
03:41:22PlughI may get to destroy my Celeron 566 :)
03:41:35midknight2k3it has no tube
03:41:44midknight2k3try killing the monitor instead
03:41:52midknight2k3it makes a satisfying cruch
03:42:12midknight2k3as seen in
03:53:38 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: the original point-and-click interface.")
03:57:01 Quit scott666 (
03:57:01 Quit Kinslayer (
03:57:01 Quit mbr (
03:57:01 Quit _aLF (
03:57:01 Quit Hadaka (
03:57:01 Quit AciD` (
03:57:01 Quit Plugh (
03:57:23NJoinPlugh [0] (
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03:57:23NJoinHadaka [0] (
03:58:04NJoinscott666 [0] (
03:58:04NJoinKinslayer [0] (
03:58:04NJoinmbr [0] (
03:58:04NJoin_aLF [0] (
04:12:50midknight2k3whooo cannnn codeee?
04:19:38scott666i can code
04:19:50midknight2k3for rockbox though, no
04:20:09scott666yeah but thats not what you asked
04:20:41midknight2k3who can codeee for roooookcobx?
04:57:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:59:20 Join Tinman [0] (
05:03:03 Quit AciD` (" -")
05:07:33 Quit Tinman ()
05:07:56 Join AciD [0] (
05:40:25 Join diddystar5 [0] (
05:40:26 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:40:37 Join scott666 [0] (
05:43:03midknight2k3can diddystar5 code for rockbox?
05:43:50diddystar5midknight2k3: yes, but i can't do everything
05:44:16midknight2k3could you invert the video for the last twenty pixels of the peak meter to create a redzone?
05:45:03diddystar5im not good enough to do that ;) im sure someone like hardeep could do that
05:45:16diddystar5or Plugh
05:45:22midknight2k3hah plugh
05:45:25midknight2k3no way lol
05:45:36midknight2k3i dont recall why but i believe he cannot
05:45:41midknight2k3thanks anyhow
05:48:18midknight2k3i think the world doesn't want me to have the redzone lol
05:48:38diddystar5humm i nkow it can be done using lcd_invertrect() but thats not a good way to do it since people will have their peakmeter on differn't lines
05:49:14diddystar5does sound cool thing to do though :)
05:49:38midknight2k3Bagder and Zagor think it is pointless, Linus thinks it COULD possible be useful but is too busy to do it, AciD mentioned invertrect but cannot complete it, earHurts was going to help me do it but left, scott is not experienced with rockbox coding, Plugh just plain can't and psyco neither - oh and MT neither
05:49:50midknight2k3if you cannot tell, i am desperate lol
05:50:16midknight2k3yes it is going to be good for recording
05:50:29midknight2k3i guess showing the optimal level
05:50:35AciDhi midknight2k3
05:50:42midknight2k3hey acid
05:50:54diddystar5mey AciD
05:51:05AciDheya diddystar5
05:51:06midknight2k3yeah never thought of it but diddystar is right, invertrect won't work :(
05:51:23AciDwhy ?
05:51:29midknight2k3unless there was some extensive coding locating the peak meter and inverting only on that line
05:51:42midknight2k3becasue peak meter can be anywhere on the screen
05:51:59PsycoXulshouldn't be that extensive
05:52:06midknight2k3well psyco you do it then
05:52:20PsycoXuli don't have an archos anymore
05:52:30scott666oh yeah!
05:52:31midknight2k3live up to your rockbox 8th place in the credits huh
05:52:37midknight2k3oh suck
05:52:48midknight2k3can you code it and give it to me to try it and give you the results?
05:53:11midknight2k3I _AM_ DESPERATE!
05:53:12scott666just port rockbox to your zen
05:53:17scott666couldnt be that hard....
05:53:17PsycoXulall i was saying was that the code for locating the peak meter shouldn't be that extensive
05:53:29PsycoXulit's within the same program that's placing the peakmeeter afterall
05:53:29midknight2k3if you cannot tell, i cannot do that
05:53:44midknight2k3i want to invert the video for the 20 pixels
05:53:58midknight2k3not some fanshy smashny thing to make the rectangle
05:54:06midknight2k3go smash a tv
05:54:10AciDmidknight2k3, if i remember well, i allready wrote the general algorythm to do that
05:54:11PsycoXulwell you have to draw that 20 pixels don't you?
05:54:20AciDu only need some basic functions to make it workin
05:54:24PsycoXulwhy can't you add support for inverting it there
05:54:27AciDand integration off course :)
05:54:30midknight2k3eat me
05:54:48midknight2k3hmm acid
05:55:08midknight2k3it is a great idea dont get me wrong and it seems like it might be simpler in the long run but either way i cannot do it
05:55:09 Quit Hadaka (
05:55:09 Quit Plugh (
05:55:10midknight2k3so eat me
05:55:12NJoinPlugh [0] (
05:55:12NJoinHadaka [0] (
05:55:20PsycoXuleat yourself
05:55:24midknight2k3no way
05:55:38scott666he would but he cant reach ;)
05:55:48midknight2k3i would not!
05:55:50scott666his cousin walter broke his neck doing that ya know
05:55:54PsycoXuloh you know you would
05:56:04midknight2k3eat your Zen
05:56:09midknight2k3CAUSE ITS A ZEN HAHAHA
05:56:10AciDimho, inverting the screen 'after' the peak has been computed/draw is a loss of time
05:56:16PsycoXuli like my zen
05:56:18midknight2k3i dont care
05:56:19diddystar5you people r sick :)
05:56:20midknight2k3eat ir
05:56:23AciDit shoudl be integrate as PsycoXul said
05:56:25PsycoXulbetter sound quality, nice playlist management
05:56:45PsycoXuli've mostly been an ideas person around here anyway
05:56:45*midknight2k3 slaps PsycoXul around a bit with a large trout
05:56:51midknight2k3Don't hate rockbox you
05:56:51PsycoXuli can still contribute those :p
05:57:19midknight2k3took me too long to find that slap button
05:57:28midknight2k3now i need to make an eat me button
05:57:30PsycoXulthis thing has a few nice features that make some things a lot easier
05:57:36midknight2k3like what psyco?
05:57:44PsycoXulthe playlist management
05:57:47midknight2k3i can rip them off for feature requests and score points with the coders
05:57:58midknight2k3ok notepad ready
05:58:02midknight2k3playlist management
05:58:03midknight2k3got it
05:58:04PsycoXulyou can add whole artists, albums, or just tracks
05:58:07midknight2k3anything else?
05:58:14PsycoXuland it even groups them in the resulting playlist
05:58:17midknight2k3yah that comes with the id3 viewer
05:58:23midknight2k3ever used a riot?
05:58:30diddystar5don't think x-chat has a slap button :(
05:58:37PsycoXulso you can select the tracks within the hierarchy of groups to play or delete
05:58:40scott666mIRC does
05:58:45midknight2k3i use that
05:58:54midknight2k3a rio riot does that but it is better
05:59:16midknight2k3and it auto does playlists like favorites, a mix of favos and non favos, songs not listened to etc
05:59:32PsycoXulit's got a menu when you click on genres/artists/albums/tracks to either open it, play it, or add to play it (and some other stuff)
05:59:39midknight2k3i know
05:59:44midknight2k3RIO RIOT RIPOFFS
05:59:59midknight2k3EAT THEM
06:00:05PsycoXulwell uh
06:00:13scott666as useful as that sounds id never use it
06:00:21PsycoXulshit should evolve
06:00:27midknight2k3<PsycoXul> ok
06:00:27midknight2k3<PsycoXul> well uh
06:00:27midknight2k3<PsycoXul> wtf
06:00:29PsycoXulwhy hold back innovation for competition
06:00:39midknight2k3well uh
06:00:43PsycoXulheh :p
06:00:45scott666cause i dont use genres, and my music is already grouped into artst/album/track
06:00:54PsycoXulif it's good, why not use it
06:00:57midknight2k3FAMOUS ADJFAKSD: <PsycoXul> hmm heh
06:01:00PsycoXulsee that's beside the point
06:01:02diddystar5scott666: mine too
06:01:09PsycoXuli'm not talking about how it's grouped
06:01:14PsycoXuli'm talking about adding things to a playlist
06:01:16midknight2k3SHUTUP ALL
06:01:19midknight2k3let me tell you
06:01:20scott666whats the point of virtual grouping when its physically grouped?
06:01:24midknight2k3how this works
06:01:28PsycoXulyou click on "add to play" and it autoadvances to the next
06:01:36PsycoXuland leaves the option "add to play" selected
06:01:41scott666we have dynamic playlists
06:01:57PsycoXulso you can sit there and click through a bunch at once to add whole directories or a bunch of tracks etc
06:02:07midknight2k3Zen and Riot and other things like iPod are all id3 reliant, they use an id3 database. archos uses a dir browser. UHM UHR DUH?
06:02:13PsycoXuli don't think the whole system is very good, i think rockbox can incorporate some of the same ideas and be better than it
06:02:24PsycoXulmidknight2k3: you don't listen
06:02:27midknight2k3maybe an iptd=aaaa
06:02:30midknight2k3cut me off?
06:02:33PsycoXulforget about how it manages the files
06:02:35midknight2k3ME TOO
06:02:39PsycoXulid3 or directories doesn't fucking matter
06:02:52scott666has there been a feature request to add an ipod wheel yet?
06:02:55midknight2k3it's fruitcupped, that zen
06:03:05midknight2k3no scott but tracktheripper will submit it soon
06:03:24midknight2k3would you rather have an fmr or a recorder than a zen?
06:03:31PsycoXulnot an fmr
06:03:36PsycoXulrecorder maybe
06:03:38midknight2k3rec then?
06:03:46scott666id like the 16mb of ram
06:03:49PsycoXulyeah i'm liking this zen
06:03:49midknight2k3DISLOYAL IDIOT, RIGHT HERE
06:03:59PsycoXuldisloyal to what?
06:04:05scott666and the equalizer
06:04:36PsycoXulit's just more powerful hardware in a slightly smaller package
06:04:40*diddystar5 is going bye bye
06:04:46 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
06:04:52PsycoXuli'd love to get opensource firmware on it
06:05:24scott666how much space do you think itd take to add a DIMM slot?
06:05:43scott6662mbs of ram?? try 512!
06:06:09scott666youd need a spinup once every few hours
06:06:21midknight2k3how much ram in zen? 16mb?
06:06:25PsycoXulhey there ya go
06:06:31PsycoXula hybrid player
06:06:37PsycoXulit has a big harddrive and a flash card of some kind
06:06:40 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:06:47midknight2k3OH MY GOD
06:06:49midknight2k3great idea
06:06:50PsycoXulit buffers with the flash card
06:06:58scott666id give up some size for 20x play time
06:07:04midknight2k3it loads the stuff into the 128mb cf card for a buffer
06:07:20midknight2k3AWESOME AND IT IS PATENTED
06:07:25midknight2k3it's my idea
06:07:27PsycoXulyou could even upgrade the "ram"
06:07:33PsycoXulwe've got logs, buddy
06:07:35PsycoXulofficial logs.
06:07:38scott666hear about that 4gb CF card?
06:07:46midknight2k3kill logbot
06:07:48midknight2k3get rid of logs
06:08:01midknight2k3but man
06:08:04midknight2k3that is a cool idea huh
06:08:07scott666(shhhhhh! he can hear you!!!)
06:08:12*scott666 hides
06:08:20midknight2k3like a cf slot and a 40gig hard drive, loads into the 256mb cf card for buffer
06:08:32scott666make it 60
06:08:44PsycoXulyeah 60gb
06:08:59PsycoXulhave it come with a 64mb card and use a standard one
06:09:07PsycoXulso people can upgrade it
06:09:21PsycoXulmaybe have different ones
06:10:09scott666we need the decoder thats in that new rio
06:10:21scott666that plays mp3s and wmas and ogg and flac
06:10:50scott666then we let it record into any of those or wav
06:11:30PsycoXulthis zen can do mp3, wma, and wav... all indications say it could do ogg, but that creative probably won't add it to their firmware
06:11:49midknight2k3hey psyco
06:11:49scott666ooh and a radio and have it have a collapsable antenna
06:11:53midknight2k3it does ogg from the get go
06:12:05midknight2k3the zen
06:12:06midknight2k3never mind
06:12:19scott666yeah, CREATIVE was the keyword
06:12:29PsycoXuler heh
06:12:39PsycoXulyeah that and that i started that line with 'this zen'
06:12:53scott666that too
06:14:36scott666how fast is CF?
06:14:53midknight2k3Xd is better
06:15:17midknight2k3smaller and faster - would be better for a mem-card buffer/hard drive palyer
06:16:25PsycoXulit might not be that great anyway
06:16:37PsycoXulalong with having it buffer less often you're also having it buffer longer
06:16:49scott666fine, ill reword my question: would CF be > or < as fast as ram
06:16:57midknight2k3longer is better than quicker but more often
06:17:02midknight2k3less fast
06:17:02PsycoXuland then if you switch directories/playlists etc you've got all that memory outdated
06:17:37PsycoXulwell it's gonna take like a couple minutes of the HD going to read 256mb off of it
06:17:46midknight2k3not really
06:17:54midknight2k3archos does 2mb in about 2seconds
06:18:01midknight2k3x128 means 256 seconds
06:18:10midknight2k3maybe its not a good idea
06:18:27PsycoXulheh see 4 minutes :p
06:18:31midknight2k3use a 32mb xd then
06:19:21midknight2k3it is a good idea
06:19:22PsycoXulbut then you could probably also have the firmware deal with it intelligently
06:19:24midknight2k3i have to go now
06:19:28midknight2k3so do the redzone
06:19:30scott666ok smaller ram completely defeats the purpose
06:19:33 Quit midknight2k3 ()
06:19:51PsycoXulbuffer the first tracks and then start spreading out the buffering over the course of several minutes
06:20:17PsycoXulso it'll act more like the small-rams do for a little while
06:20:29PsycoXuland then sleep for a long time
06:21:58PsycoXulthen more ram extends the time over which it'll do it's spread-out buffering but also increases it's sleep time basically theres no way to change the amount of time the HD spins up, only the space in between them?
06:22:11scott666that cant be right
06:22:27scott666cause the 8mb mod gets better life
06:22:29PsycoXulyour savings is in spinup/down time/energy
06:22:38PsycoXulit's that damn inertia
06:22:41PsycoXulthe friction of acceleration
06:22:55scott666so wouldnt 1 long spinup be better?
06:23:08PsycoXulwell yeah
06:23:31PsycoXulgetting bumped while it's reading isn't
06:23:49PsycoXulso you just spread out the reading a bit
06:23:59PsycoXulyou're not spinning up and down as much as if you were only buffering a few MB
06:24:10PsycoXulshould be a lot less
06:24:20PsycoXulbut it's just not one contiguous vulnerable chunk
06:24:39scott666how would CF be better than ram?
06:24:53scott666dont know much about cf
06:25:03PsycoXulbecause you could sell the whole thing fairly cheap with a cheap card
06:25:10PsycoXuland not CF specifically, just flash-based memory
06:25:35scott666but would the performance be better?
06:25:47PsycoXulbut people would be able to upgrade the buffer with standard cards to extend the distance between the drive-activity bursts
06:25:59PsycoXulbecause it would only buffer for a few minutes
06:26:06PsycoXuland then play for a couple hours
06:26:18scott666yeah and you could read CF cards from cameras and such
06:26:46PsycoXulcompactflash is just one kind of flash memory
06:26:53PsycoXulthere's a bunch, and cf is kindof dated now
06:27:02PsycoXulmost of the others have smaller packages
06:27:43scott666ive only see the sony memory sticks
06:28:11PsycoXulso like
06:28:15PsycoXulsay it's got a 256mb flashcard
06:28:26PsycoXuland it takes 1 second to buffer 1MB
06:28:32PsycoXuland 1MB plays for about 1 minute
06:28:54PsycoXulthen it'll take 4.2 minutes to buffer, which you could spread out over the first 20 minutes to lessen the chance of being bumped while reading
06:29:34PsycoXulbut you've still got almost 4 hours before it'll have to do another 20 minute spread of reading
06:30:04PsycoXulthat's a hell of a lot less spinups than if you were reading every few minutes
06:30:09PsycoXulthe whole time
06:31:25scott666but how much power would it take to read the flash card?
06:31:47PsycoXulwell they're a lot lower power than an HD i know that heh
06:32:01scott666what about compared to ram though?
06:32:37MTthis is pie in the sky right?
06:32:56MTtheres no way for us to ram [excuse the pun] a CF into an archo
06:33:01PsycoXulmmm sky pie
06:33:29PsycoXulMT: not that i know of
06:33:30scott666were not talking about the archos
06:33:51scott666were talking about an imaginary/theoretical player
06:34:29PsycoXulit exists in the mind!
06:34:36PsycoXuli've infected you with a meme
06:34:41PsycoXulthe concept is networked now.
06:34:49PsycoXulheh :p
06:36:06 Quit MalphAFKs ("Because")
06:36:52scott666i never even noticed he was there
06:37:00PsycoXulpeople are always excersizing and worrying about and self-and-other-conflicting between the two
06:37:04PsycoXulbut what about your middle brain?
06:37:21PsycoXuler hey i left out something important in that first part :p
06:37:27PsycoXulpeople are always excersizing and worrying about and self-and-other-conflicting between the right brain and left brain
06:38:01scott666the middle is just a big crack
06:38:08PsycoXulno it's not
06:38:21PsycoXulit's where your right brain and left brain connect
06:38:34scott666aka, big fucking crack
06:38:40PsycoXulit's not a crack
06:38:42PsycoXulit's a connection
06:39:07scott666it didnt say it was, i said its known as one
06:39:30PsycoXulbut it's not known as one
06:39:34PsycoXulit's just popularly view as one
06:39:36PsycoXulwhich is the problem :p
06:40:34PsycoXulthere's only 2 opposites that are ever seperate
06:40:41PsycoXulthats balance and ubalance
06:40:52PsycoXulall other opposites are just the 2 extremes of a single thing
06:41:12PsycoXulit's counter-productive to seperate them
06:41:25PsycoXulthey can't balance that way
06:41:33PsycoXulif you have 2 stones and you drop them both
06:41:36PsycoXulthey'll both just fall
06:41:47PsycoXulyou have to set them on the same beam with a central pivot for them to balance
06:42:03scott666my middle brain hurts....
06:42:12PsycoXulno it doesn't
06:42:21PsycoXulthe brain doesn't feel pain
06:42:27PsycoXulit's all in your head
06:42:35scott666THATS THE PROBLEM
06:42:41PsycoXulerr actualy
06:42:43PsycoXulit's all in your mind
06:42:45scott666you insensitive clod!
06:42:45PsycoXulis more appropriate
06:42:51PsycoXulyou know
06:43:00PsycoXulmy head hurts when i think about how my head hurts
06:43:09 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
06:43:17scott666yeah i could see that
06:43:21PsycoXulbut when i think about anything else it doesn't
06:43:29PsycoXulwell almost anything
06:43:37PsycoXuli can't think about how my head doesn't hurt either
06:43:41PsycoXulcause thats still thinking about my head hurting
06:43:43scott666just thinking about thinking about why my head hurts makes my head hurt
06:44:03PsycoXulyeah so just stop thinking your head hurts
06:44:04PsycoXulcause it doesn't :p
06:44:31PsycoXulthink about benificial cooperation between opposites
06:44:58PsycoXula union more powerful than either extreme
06:46:50scott666can we change the subject?
06:47:01PsycoXulyou'd think
06:47:06scott666i read that enough times that it makes sense
06:47:41PsycoXulwe can talk about other subjects
06:47:44PsycoXulbut this one will always be there
06:48:01scott666thats the beauty of repression
06:48:13PsycoXulno i mean literally
06:48:19PsycoXulthis one is in every subject
06:48:28PsycoXulbalance is fundamental
06:49:00PsycoXulthe foundations of existance has to do with balance
06:49:10PsycoXulanything that exists has to do with it somehow
06:49:27PsycoXulit's like a singularity connected to everything
06:49:44scott666what is the opposite of pie
06:50:18scott666like anti-matter i suppose?
06:50:35PsycoXuldepends on how you look at it
06:50:39PsycoXulyou could make an anti-matter pi
06:50:46PsycoXuland er pie
06:50:57PsycoXuland if you put the two pies together you'd be left with nothing
06:51:11PsycoXulbut i dunno if that'd really be an anti-pie
06:51:15PsycoXulit'd be a pie
06:51:46PsycoXuljust a pie that's anti-phase wave-conjugate with the other pie
06:52:28PsycoXulbut what is pie anyway?
06:53:39PsycoXulwell? how can you figure out what balance has to do with it if you don't know what it is
06:53:43scott666crust with fruit filling?
06:53:58PsycoXulso maybe an anti-pie would be fruit with a crust filling?
06:54:02PsycoXulbut probably not
06:54:25scott666like a giant apple thats been hollowed out and filled with brbead dough?
06:54:41PsycoXulbut pie itself is a balance
06:54:46PsycoXulon many levels
06:54:58PsycoXulthere's a balance between sugars and starches and etc
06:55:19PsycoXulwith the balance point centered around a set of criteria pleasing to the human senses
06:55:44PsycoXulit's a balance between temperatures and time intervals in it's processing to become a pie
06:55:57PsycoXulthere's balances between conditions in the manufacture of the ingredients
06:56:10PsycoXuland in harvesting of their original sources
06:56:34PsycoXulnot doing things to early or too late, not using too much or too little of that, not getting it too hot or leaving it too cold
06:56:53scott666what about frozen pies?
06:56:55PsycoXulnot eating too much of it :p
06:57:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:57:07PsycoXulwhats it matter what kind of pie?
06:57:28PsycoXulthere's still been lots of balances going into it's existance
06:57:59PsycoXuland on the same token lots of unbalances
06:58:09PsycoXulboth intentionally designed to create that product
06:58:37PsycoXuli mean if it were totally balanced you wouldn't have a pie at all
06:59:00PsycoXulyou'd have something neutral and inherently unidentifiable
06:59:03PsycoXulif anything at all
07:00:00PsycoXulbut you balance between that and something that's a stark contrastingly visible and present thing that unpleasantly overloads the senses
07:00:45PsycoXulto come up with something made up of a complex signature of balances and unbalances that matches patterns enjoyed by human consciousness and it's physical senses
07:01:34scott666so realaliy is defined through loss of balance?
07:01:52PsycoXulafter all, pie wouldn't be very good if it were too sweet, or too bland... too liquid or too dry... etc
07:02:14PsycoXulscott666: pretty much i guess
07:02:30PsycoXulthere is balance, but there's also unbalance
07:02:44PsycoXuland really thats sortof inherent
07:03:08PsycoXulyou can't have balance without unbalance
07:03:32PsycoXulor vice versa
07:04:32scott666because if it were always balanced youd never know if it was unbalanced...because it wouldnt be?
07:04:46PsycoXulbalance is the opposite of unbalance
07:05:31PsycoXulif you have anything
07:05:34PsycoXulthen you have an unbalance
07:05:37PsycoXulbut if you have nothing
07:05:40PsycoXulthen you have a balance
07:05:46PsycoXuland if you have a balance, then you don't have an unbalance
07:06:09scott666but if your stuff is balanced with you?
07:06:21PsycoXuland so you've got nothing except it's balanced so you've got something so you have unbalance
07:07:10PsycoXulbut if everything were just unbalanced
07:07:16PsycoXulit'd never be anything else
07:07:28PsycoXulit'd just be like a formless energy
07:07:38PsycoXulif everything was just balanced
07:07:40PsycoXulthre'd be nothing at all
07:08:05PsycoXulbut you can't really have either because a natural state of balance is an inherent unbalance
07:08:12PsycoXulyou can't balance between balance and unbalance :p
07:08:22PsycoXulso you get both
07:08:37PsycoXulan unbalanced balance or a balanced unbalance :p
07:09:21PsycoXuland well
07:09:38PsycoXulenergy is an unbalance wanting to balance
07:09:40PsycoXulblah blah blah
07:09:41 Quit hardeep ("Read error: 0 + -5 = --7 (Connection reset by third grade math)")
07:09:49PsycoXulnothing to define how energy expresses, you get pure chaos
07:09:59PsycoXulbut pure chaos contains every pattern possible
07:10:22PsycoXuland so you get pieces of chaos that self-appear as order
07:10:30PsycoXuland so you get life, the universe, and everything :p
07:11:50scott666fuck it
07:12:03PsycoXul42 is the right answer too
07:12:43PsycoXulit's a number, which means it's ordered, has form and definition
07:12:46PsycoXulbut it's a random one :p
07:13:40scott666im impartial to 37 and a half
07:34:58 Join k3no_ [0] (
07:34:58 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:35:20 Join scott666 [0] (
07:35:34scott666fucking comcast
08:01:31 Join k3no [0] (
08:01:31 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:01:31 Quit k3no_ (Connection reset by peer)
08:02:05 Join scott666 [0] (
08:34:54 Quit k3no (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:37:54scott666i would argue its morning
08:38:17Plugh1) It's not morning until you wake up
08:38:23PlughThu Aug 14 23:34:08 PDT 2003
08:38:46PlughI wouldn't argue that it's morning with a Left Coastie
08:39:07 Join Bagder [241] (
08:39:12Plughhi Bag
08:57:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:00:32Plughhe's a swede
09:00:36Plughyou're not
09:07:22scott666you dont know that!
09:07:40scott666...despite the fact that its true
09:08:36 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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17:47:36*diddystar5 is sick of Pink Floyd
17:48:17diddystar5pink floyd has been playing on my unit for 2 days because of that battery life test
17:53:56 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta Go!")
17:56:11 Join _aLF__ [0] (
17:56:55_aLF__is there a doc that described how to disassembling FMR ?
18:04:54Plughyeah. With photos
18:05:00Plughcheck the website
18:11:50 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:32:42_aLF__I found
18:46:50 Quit _aLF__ ("Client Exiting")
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19:26:03 Join Jjt [0] (
19:26:10cent20hi everyone
19:34:43 Quit Jjt ("Leaving")
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21:53:14 Join scott666 [0] (
21:53:14diddystar5humm getting a differn't cvs error cvs checkout: authorization failed: server rejected
21:53:14diddystar5access to /cvsroot/rockbox for user anonymous
21:55:56 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
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22:16:38 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
22:16:49midknight2k3Can plugh code?
22:17:12 Join sfdd [0] (
22:18:46 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:20:23scott666haha youre on aol
22:20:24midknight2k3hey track
22:20:35scott666both of you
22:20:37midknight2k3not quite lol but close enough
22:20:49midknight2k3comcast doesn't service the area
22:21:03scott666*** midknight2k3 ( has joined channel #rockbox
22:21:07midknight2k3so i have to look at other stuff
22:21:09midknight2k3UH SCOTT
22:21:15midknight2k3i said sure
22:21:19midknight2k3it is called compuserve
22:21:26midknight2k3but it is aol imitation
22:21:36midknight2k3scott can you code for rockbox?
22:21:58midknight2k3tracktheripper's most famous request:
22:22:34 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
22:23:28tracktheripperThis is my most famous request you penis
22:23:40midknight2k3hey dont be mean
22:23:56scott666im supprised they havnt banned him
22:25:18midknight2k3rejected without comment
22:26:23midknight2k3but tracktheripper is angry or upset or unhappy
22:27:38sfddhey guys. i'm trying to get started on coding for rockbox. Is there any documention for what people have written. Maybe some docs to give me an overview of the various parts of the code?
22:28:07 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
22:28:10scott666did you see the page about setting up the SDK?
22:28:13midknight2k3not much that i know of, sfdd
22:28:27 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:28:37midknight2k3tracktheripper left and came back
22:29:14tracktheripperat least I didn't file "Make the LCD display full colour on its LCD"
22:29:32 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
22:29:42 Join ttr [0] (
22:29:52midknight2k3why track?
22:29:54scott666fuckin AOLers
22:30:13midknight2k3what lol
22:30:17*midknight2k3 slaps scott666 around a bit with a large trout
22:30:20 Quit sfdd ()
22:30:51*scott666 steals midknight2k3's large trout and slaps hit around a bit with it
22:31:24*midknight2k3 oh yeah?
22:31:41*scott666 replies, "yeah!"
22:32:08*midknight2k3 slaps scott666 around a bit with a large trout
22:32:33*scott666 says, "I still have your trout."
22:33:03*midknight2k3 slaps scott666 around a bit with a different bigger trout and knocks him out
22:33:24 Quit ttr (Client Quit)
22:33:47*scott666 regains conciousness and steals midknight2k3's supply of trout, other fish, and furry woodland creatures
22:34:29*midknight2k3 sicks his cat on scott666
22:34:47*scott666 pets the cat
22:34:55 Join ttr [0] (
22:34:57 Nick scott666 is now known as cat (
22:35:01*cat purrs
22:35:03midknight2k3what is going on?
22:35:06 Nick cat is now known as scott666 (
22:35:40*midknight2k3 ;fadifjalksd
22:35:41*scott666 sends cat back to midknight2k3
22:36:08 Quit AciD (Operation timed out)
22:37:44 Join JamesBong [0] (
22:40:50midknight2k3can you code for rockbox?\
22:41:11JamesBongid did play around with it, yes
22:41:44midknight2k3bo you know how to invert the last twenty pixels of the peak meter?
22:42:09JamesBongno, I didn't look at the lcd code at all
22:45:00 Join AciD [0] (
22:45:06midknight2k3never mind
22:53:38 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:57:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:59:18midknight2k3bye all
22:59:19 Quit midknight2k3 ()
23:02:30ttrsee this funny request
23:09:08 Quit ttr ("Leaving")
23:22:03 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
23:34:08 Join edx [0] (
23:56:12 Join BoD[] [0] (

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