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#rockbox log for 2003-08-17

23:55:13Zagormidknight2k3: it doesn't matter if you didn't mean to. that's the purpose of kicking. it keeps everyone else from being annoyed by a single persons mistake.
23:55:25Zagorit's not punishment, it's simply cleaning
23:55:34midknight2k3cause i could do it an rejoina nd do it again
23:55:38midknight2k3care to see?
23:55:47Zagoryou will be banned after a few attempts
23:55:47Bagderyes you can
23:56:02#>>"keeps the count ;-)" by Bagder (
23:56:05midknight2k3can you unban me if you wantted to?
23:56:13Zagoryes. but don't make us have to.
23:56:22Bagderfloods are inpolite
23:56:30midknight2k3i just wanted to show the ascii arte
23:56:34midknight2k3from dancer
23:56:38midknight2k3sometimes you need to huh
23:56:43Bagderwe've seen it
23:56:47BagderI made it
23:56:48midknight2k3like to show a log of what happened
23:56:58Bagderusing figlet
23:56:59midknight2k3like if i get a cygwin error
23:57:16midknight2k3just listen a sec please
23:57:24Zagormidknight2k3: then you use a private channel or private chat. flooding the channel is annoying and impolite.
23:57:32midknight2k3you flooded
23:57:35midknight2k3like 50 lines remember
23:57:40midknight2k3logobt didnt kick you out
23:57:44midknight2k3he's biased
23:57:48Zagoryes, and i wish logbot would have been op then so he could have kicked me
23:57:50midknight2k3a biased logging bot
23:58:00Zagorno. he simply wasn't op
23:58:07 Join T-rack [0] (
23:58:08midknight2k3can you un op him again?
23:58:47T-rackZagor is auto loudeness possible>
23:58:51Topic"Today's news: logbot is a biased, kicking, banning, talking bot!" by midknight2k3 (
23:58:59DBUGsent MODE #rockbox +o Bagder
23:58:59Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by logbot (

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