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#rockbox log for 2003-08-19

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00:26:15Plughmid wants this graphical mod to the peak meter
00:26:30Plughand nobody really wants to expend the resources to do it
00:26:47Plughactually, I looked at it and it serves no practical purpose
00:26:59Plughthe end of the scale is the limit you really want
00:27:14Plughif it's maxing off the end, your input is too hot
00:27:25T-rackits just a warning to let u know u are reaching the limit
00:27:43Plughthe warning is a solid black peak line
00:28:14Plughyou want the peak meter to be touching the end of the screen
00:28:22Plughbut just tapping it
00:28:32T-rackwell its supposed to be like a tape-decks VU meter
00:28:39PlughI read through it in the code. The end of the line is 0dB
00:34:26Jet8810is it easy to update the latest daily builds in flash?
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00:35:40PlughI don't bother
00:37:56Jet8810but is it easy to do?
00:39:07PlughI've never done it
00:39:10Plughso I dunno
00:39:32PlughI just run with my originally flashed FW and have it load the ajbrec
00:39:41Plugherr, rockbox ajbrec
00:40:09hardeepJet8810: it's as easy as PLAYing the ucl file
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00:46:37Jet8810apparently hardeep, I cant replace the ajbrec.ajz in the zip rom file with the latest daily build :)
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00:48:19hardeepJet8810: i don't understand. what zip rom file?
00:51:12Jet8810ok, in rom it is only like 2 secs faster
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00:53:08Jet8810s that normal?
00:53:36hardeep2s faster than archos firmware?
00:53:57hardeepdepends on how fast the other one loaded.... it should ~3-4s to boot now
00:53:59Jet8810it still takes like 6-7 secs to boot
00:54:16hardeepdo you have a lot of files in your root dir?
00:54:20Jet8810like 10 actually
00:54:28Jet8810i have 6 folders
00:54:30Jet88101 file
00:54:44hardeepusing the latest daily build?
00:54:59Jet8810the one that came with ROM zip
00:56:31hardeeptry upgrading to latest... it takes 4s from when i hit on to when a track starts playing (resume=on) on my jb
00:56:32Jet8810update the ajbrec.ajz file in the root?
00:56:47hardeepJet8810: no, flash the latest
00:57:27hardeepJet8810: ROLO to the latest version of firmware, make sure the plugins are up to date, and then download latest UCL file and play it
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00:59:16Jet8810do you have to rename .ucl to anything?
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01:08:21midk2k3someone got an fm recorder and sold it off because they didn't know about rockbox
01:10:32Plughmid: I looked over the code to see where the redline would fit in
01:10:42Plughit's not worth implementing
01:10:52Plughthe red line you're looking for is the end of the screen
01:10:53midk2k3its already in plugh
01:11:01midk2k3i put it in already
01:11:19midk2k3it went innnn
01:11:24midk2k3you are wrongggg
01:11:31Plughwell, after looking through the code, the red line should be the end of the screen
01:11:41PlughI didn't say it was impossible
01:11:44midk2k330 pixels from the end
01:11:49midk2k3i like it
01:11:54Plughbut that's not 0dB
01:11:56midk2k3the old tracktheripper liked it
01:12:00Plugh0dB is the end of the screen
01:12:08midk2k3and golik or whatever liked it
01:12:17midk2k3this is for letting you know you're NEAR odb
01:12:19midk2k3not that you're at it
01:12:24PlughI never said I didn't like it
01:12:39midk2k3you said it wasnt worth it
01:12:41Plughyou actually want it to peak over 0dB on occasion
01:12:43midk2k3i dont care
01:12:59midk2k3dont use it if you dont want
01:12:59Plughokay, fine. You can record too quietly all you like
01:13:17Plughif the scale were re-calibrated, it may be more worthwhile
01:13:31Plughlike maybe to +2dB
01:13:43midk2k3you need it to clip before it is "loud enough"?
01:13:51BoD[]hey .. does anybody know the cause of the power outages in toronto and such ?
01:14:02midk2k3it's a warning, not a "YOUR'E TOO LOUD! SHUTUP ALREADY!" thing
01:14:05Plughyou don't clip at 1dB
01:14:13Plughyou clip at like 4
01:14:23midk2k3let me explain
01:14:33midk2k3rip a cd, then play it on the recorder
01:14:45midk2k3the level is in the middle or a bit near the top
01:14:53midk2k3that is what the redzone indicates
01:15:04Plughdepends on how you rip it
01:15:33midk2k3i dont put it to +20db
01:15:38midk2k3i rip it at a normal level
01:15:48midk2k3you live your way and i live mine
01:16:00midk2k3disable it if it ever gets submitted or implemented
01:16:01Plughit should fluxuate between -2 and 1, or so
01:16:14midk2k3if you use dbfs
01:16:27midk2k3oh god
01:16:34Plughit's not a prob. It can be re-coded to provide professional recording level scales
01:17:04midk2k3thats a rough drawing of the redzone
01:17:08T-rackhi Plugh
01:17:10midk2k3almost to scale
01:17:24midk2k3you met plugh already track
01:17:26PlughI looked at the graphic image you did in paint
01:17:33T-racki know
01:18:03PlughI gotta get on the mac and poop out an install CD
01:18:20Plughbut it's 4:20 and I REALLY would prefer a smoke break
01:18:40midk2k3i made a good one
01:18:50midk2k3its at
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01:19:29T-rackye i saw
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01:24:39Dirtevening everyone! I just purchased an archos av320. Is there a rockbox firmware for my device?
01:24:58midk2k3no, sorry
01:24:59T-rackthere isnt
01:25:17midk2k3very cool aint it? the av320
01:25:32midk2k3how's playback?
01:25:55Dirti just got it out of the box a few minutes ago and am letting it charge for the first time
01:26:10DirtI think I will be pleased
01:26:18midk2k3sounds cool
01:26:21midk2k3how much?
01:26:50Dirttoo much?
01:27:17midk2k3not really
01:27:36midk2k3but you have to be really wanting to use it often to pay that (at least for me)
01:28:29DirtIm a gadget junkie
01:28:53midk2k3very much :D
01:29:18Dirtwillrock box have a firm ware for it someday?
01:30:07midk2k3i can safely say, no
01:30:11midk2k3maybe someone else
01:30:16midk2k3but rockbox will not
01:31:09DirtI understand, thanks again for the info. I do appreciate it
01:31:18midk2k3its no problem
01:31:24midk2k3have fun with your new toy
01:31:44Dirtsure will, catch you later
01:31:53midk2k3dirt -just so you know, the reason is they'd have to do everything all over, except they have even more work that time
01:32:16midk2k3because doing the archos recorders isn't counting a 65,000 color lcd or anything
01:32:24midk2k3so that makes things harder
01:32:26midk2k3a new cpu
01:32:28midk2k3all that
01:33:11DirtFrom the research i found, rock box has an EXCELLENT reputation, so congrats on that!
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01:33:47midk2k3i'm not really a part of it, but i'm sure the coders would appreciate it
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04:28:55hipnotiqYou guys using usb2.0 or 1 transfering files to ur archos
04:29:06 Join scott666 [0] (
04:29:13hipnotiqi've got a 6000, and if the device isnt 100% transfering files becomes a mess
04:36:02hipnotiqhow much u think a archos 6gb w/no headphones, case, 4 batteries+car kit+charger would go for
04:36:07hipnotiqthe archo is a bit of banged up
04:36:12hipnotiqfew scratches
04:41:06 Quit hipnotiq ("Just cause he wear a kufi dont make him right, Just cause you don't understand him don't make him nice.")
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07:14:20midknight2k3it's.. empty?
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08:10:51 Join Bagder [241] (
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08:37:13midknight2k3hi bagder
08:37:33midknight2k3if my third time zone is correct, where you are it is... *:36AM
08:38:08midknight2k3tracky is just getting up at 7:36 - he'll be here soon i suppose
08:38:28midknight2k3talking of TFTs and LCDs and transistors and STDs and BFGs and whatever
08:38:47midknight2k3i vould like zis badly:
08:39:40midknight2k3can we have a VU meter demo, bagder?
08:39:52Bagdersure, make one!
08:40:00midknight2k3is it possible?
08:40:11Bagderwell the archos firmware has one, right?
08:40:25midknight2k3a VU meter?
08:40:33midknight2k3are you kidding?
08:40:33Bagderwell, whatever you care yo call it
08:40:55midknight2k3that no frills on-the-cheap crappy never-updated always-ugly firmware?
08:41:00midknight2k3with a vu meter?
08:41:05midknight2k3i meant as in the picture
08:41:08midknight2k3not a peak meter
08:41:19BagderI didn't look at the pic ;-)
08:41:30midknight2k3its nice
08:41:34midknight2k3and its what i like
08:41:37midknight2k3and it is cool
08:50:11midknight2k3is it possible?
08:50:29midknight2k3like where you have a needle point to the output, except digitally?
08:50:48midknight2k3there's SO MANY IDEAS and SO LITTLE TIME
08:54:03scott666go to the patches page and look at how many things are DONE but still arent in CVS
08:54:26Bagderwe could probably use a few more CVS commit people
08:54:36scott666well as long as you get the idea that there are a lot you dont really have to
08:54:40midknight2k3what does that require
08:54:47midknight2k3well there's many concepts i meant
08:55:11midknight2k3a VU meter, a scrolling peak meter... a... i cant think of them all right now
08:55:19midknight2k3they all seem to be visually stupid
08:55:32midknight2k3a vu meter, scrolling peak meter, animated menus.. lol
08:55:42scott666fuck that
08:55:57scott666the last one
08:55:58midknight2k3how dare you abash my ideas!
08:56:22scott666the others are just unnecessary
08:56:32midknight2k3what do you need to become a cvs commit person thingy?
08:56:48Bagder1. show yourself worthy
08:56:49scott666an accepted plugin gets you it
08:56:52Bagder2. ask for it
08:57:04midknight2k3that's all?
08:57:09Bagderyes and
08:57:10midknight2k3i mean what is the job really?
08:57:18Bagder3. get accepted
08:57:29midknight2k3sounds easy
08:57:44midknight2k3so what do i do if i were a cvs commit guy thingamabob
08:57:48Bagderit is, if you know the handicraft
08:58:48midknight2k3i put the code in the rockbox/
08:59:20scott666i cant believe no ones done a dynamic plugin loading patch yet
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08:59:31midknight2k3dynamic plugin laoding?
09:00:33scott666instead of the hard coded list have something like dir /plugins/games *.rock
09:00:35midknight2k3Bagder: so, basically the job is to review the patch then put it in cvs?
09:01:06midknight2k3maybe it should have been grock for game, arock for app, drock for demo and urock for utility?
09:01:20midknight2k3trackie should be here any time now
09:01:35midknight2k3is there a way to hide myself from others?lol
09:01:54scott666yeah, just type /quit hiding
09:02:06midknight2k3never mind then
09:02:38scott666or /nick midknight2k3-hidden
09:02:48midknight2k3it is too long
09:02:52midknight2k3and will truncate
09:03:21scott666how about /nick innocentbystander
09:03:24midknight2k3Um.. Rats! I sure wish i.. knew how to do the CVS commit thingy! It would be a very neat thing To know! It sounds Like A fun Job!
09:03:34midknight2k3too long
09:03:52scott666fine, /nick extra
09:04:04scott666or /nick civilian
09:04:16scott666so he doesnt know its you
09:04:34midknight2k3or /nick someone's archos to have a spare!
09:04:46scott666hell, how about /nick tracktheripper
09:04:51scott666hed never expect that
09:05:00midknight2k3THAT's just crazy enough to work
09:05:17midknight2k3no out of all the people in here of courese i'd be the one to nick his nick
09:05:26scott666or something just slightly different
09:05:32midknight2k3then he'll yell that i nicked his nick
09:05:34 Nick scott666 is now known as midknight2k4 (
09:05:44midknight2k3then say he knows about the LCDs and TFTs and GTPs and stuff
09:05:59midknight2k3and then he'll say i am such a baby
09:06:13midknight2k3(i'm not saying i'm not such a baby) but still
09:06:24midknight2k3and THEN he will pout and not say anything
09:06:31midknight2k3an publicly advertise my own redzone
09:06:40midknight2k3I HATE THAT BUKENFLATZEN
09:06:42midknight2k4actually hes going by t-rack now
09:06:46midknight2k3i know
09:07:01 Nick midknight2k4 is now known as scott666 (
09:07:03midknight2k3and he is also going by "i am such a...
09:07:09midknight2k3jackass" yeah
09:07:14midknight2k3good wording there
09:07:21midknight2k3i cant wait till he gets in ehre
09:07:27midknight2k3i will give him a picece of that word
09:07:33midknight2k3jack or ass?
09:07:36scott666almost bedtime...
09:07:44midknight2k3in rockbox world...
09:07:58midknight2k3TZ2: RBX 9:07AM
09:08:07midknight2k3or in trackies world
09:08:21midknight2k3TZ3 TTR 8:07 am
09:08:32midknight2k3or in my world
09:08:42scott666or in scott's world: 2:09 am
09:08:42midknight2k3TZ1 SEA 12:08AM
09:08:57midknight2k3i got too mumbo jumboey last time i stayed up
09:09:03midknight2k3not dojng that again
09:09:13midknight2k3i am becomung mumbo jumboey
09:09:24scott666stupid elephants
09:09:25midknight2k3bagder must be eating breakfast
09:09:30midknight2k3ugly tracktherippers
09:09:46scott666im gonna go in a minute
09:09:53midknight2k3yes... eating breakfast
09:09:56scott666get better soon mk
09:09:56midknight2k3dont go
09:10:02midknight2k3not yet
09:10:06midknight2k3nooo pleease
09:10:11midknight2k3hey wait
09:10:14*scott666 sigh
09:10:15midknight2k3if you see t-rack
09:10:34midknight2k3tell him he's a big T rack that is.. a big.. tft knower buffoon
09:10:43*scott666 sighs and corrects himself
09:10:47midknight2k3and tfts and lcds and stds and OH MY
09:11:16scott666the frozen throne?
09:11:37midknight2k3thin flat thing.. like a lcd
09:12:05midknight2k3i just like that
09:12:09midknight2k3i don't know why
09:13:47midknight2k3sheesh! i hear breakfast is an important meal! i hope bagder eats good!
09:14:41midknight2k3aka get the fuhjeezus back here before i go ballistic
09:14:58scott666scott want sleep
09:15:07midknight2k3wait one sec ok
09:15:12midknight2k3han gon
09:15:19midknight2k3hang on
09:15:27*scott666 hangs on
09:15:29midknight2k3will you sleep good?
09:15:44scott666how should i know?
09:15:47midknight2k3when will you be back in your time?
09:16:00scott6668-10 hours
09:16:14midknight2k3you will be missed
09:16:22midknight2k3have a good night sleep. bye!
09:16:28scott666should i just idle then?
09:16:29midknight2k3think of rockbox
09:16:34midknight2k3if you want.
09:16:48 Nick scott666 is now known as scott-asleep (
09:17:06midknight2k3scott|sleep is more popular
09:17:16scott-asleepbut that key is missing
09:17:27midknight2k3copy and paste this: |
09:17:32scott-asleepgood idea
09:17:49midknight2k3get a new keyboard! bye!
09:17:51 Nick scott-asleep is now known as scott|sleep (
09:18:19scott|sleepi just have to work up the effort to get off the couch...
09:18:28midknight2k3you're on the couch?
09:18:33scott|sleepof course
09:18:44midknight2k3you occasionally get up to use the bathroom and sleep
09:18:52scott|sleepand eat
09:18:56scott|sleepdont forget eat
09:19:06midknight2k3pretend you will sleep and trick yourself into going to staples and get that new bluetooth ms keyboard mouse thing
09:19:21scott|sleepfuck ms
09:19:32midknight2k3get a logitech cordless duo thing
09:19:42scott|sleepi dont want wireless
09:19:43Plughfucking fuck fucks at Microfuck
09:19:44scott|sleepid lose it
09:19:48scott|sleepand id be fuckexc
09:19:50midknight2k3get a logitech elite keyboard
09:20:04midknight2k3i have one of those
09:20:15midknight2k3logitech elite... logitecchhh eliteeeee....
09:20:25scott|sleepi could use my ps2's usb sharkboard
09:20:26midknight2k3wait a sec
09:20:33midknight2k3plugh that was
09:20:38midknight2k3i thought that was scott
09:20:45*Plugh uses a wired MS trackball and some no-brand multimedia keyboard
09:20:46midknight2k3tricky... PERSON
09:21:04*midknight2k3 uses a ms intellimouse and a logitech elite keybaord
09:21:17PlughI resent that. I'm not a person. I'm a flatline construct, only alive in the net
09:21:33*midknight2k3 and a rio riot and an archos jb fm 20 and a fuji 3800 and a ... a.. couch
09:21:53midknight2k3and .. and a ..
09:21:57*scott|sleep unplugs plugh
09:22:08*Plugh can never be unplughed
09:22:09midknight2k3plugh has quit irc
09:22:11scott|sleepunplughs if you will
09:22:16Plughtoo much redundancy
09:22:26*midknight2k3 disagrees - plugh can be a buttplugh anyday
09:22:45*Plugh chases midknight with a cork
09:23:00scott|sleepi was gonna go to sleep
09:23:04midknight2k3night then
09:23:14scott|sleepget better soon mk
09:23:15*midknight2k3 takes cork and shows it in plugh's face
09:23:18midknight2k3ok scott
09:23:21midknight2k3i never knew i was bad
09:23:25midknight2k3but iw ill try to get better
09:23:31scott|sleepi just think you could be better than you are now
09:23:36midknight2k3i mean shoves in plughs face
09:23:37midknight2k3not shows
09:23:41midknight2k3how so?
09:23:53midknight2k3HOW SO?
09:24:02 Nick scott|sleep is now known as scott|REALLYasle (
09:24:14midknight2k3gotta love em
09:24:24midknight2k3ok plugh
09:24:26 Nick scott|REALLYasle is now known as scott|asleep (
09:24:28midknight2k3now you do somethign
09:24:37midknight2k3make it sleep not asleep
09:24:42midknight2k3and stop stalling ;)
09:24:59 Nick scott|asleep is now known as scott|sleeping (
09:25:32midknight2k3not really
09:25:37midknight2k3you knwo you'll stay up and watch
09:25:54scott|sleepingthis next thing will be the last thing i type tonight
09:26:16scott|sleepingmk: eat me
09:26:26midknight2k3oh no you dont!
09:26:57*scott|sleeping turns off monitor and speakers
09:27:16midknight2k3i can turn on my fileserver
09:27:21midknight2k3never mind
09:27:25midknight2k3logbot will kick me for flooding
09:27:41DBUGSent KICK midknight2k3 to server
09:27:41midknight2k3(scott|sleeping): STUPIAD
09:27:42Kick(#rockbox midknight2k3 :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!
09:27:42 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
09:28:11midknight2k3as long as i have my sysreset, logobt cannot kill me
09:28:14midknight2k3I LIVE ON
09:28:30*midknight2k3 laughs with the power of sysreset 2.53
09:30:04midknight2k3<dx> i could make a list of parents to applicable subtrees, but that would be a lot of ->->->->->
09:32:22midknight2k3where you going to continue the game?
09:36:02midknight2k3never mind, sheesh
09:44:21 Join edx [0] (
10:50:32 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
10:50:43Bagderhi Quelsaruk
10:50:48Quelsarukhej Bagder :)
10:50:53midknight2k3bagder is done wiv breakfast?
10:52:08midknight2k3so can you tell me the main idea of a cvs commit person?
10:52:27Bagderone more person who can serve the project
10:52:34Bagderreviewing code
10:52:38Bagderapplying patches
10:52:48midknight2k3i wish i was good enough
10:54:26Quelsarukhow's everything here, Bagder?
10:54:43Bagderquite calm these days
10:55:05Quelsarukholidays, i suppose :)
10:55:28BagderI'd say it is basicly because of a busy Björn and Linus ;-)
10:55:30midknight2k310:54 already for bagder! and track isn't even here
10:55:41midknight2k31:55 for i
10:55:43Bagdertrack is never early
10:56:03midknight2k3tell him if he comes in to keep talking about his tfts and crts and ccds
10:56:18midknight2k3i have to sleep
10:56:24midknight2k3good night
10:56:36 Quit midknight2k3 ("crts and tfts! -=SysReset 2.53=-")
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11:14:15 Join Malphas__ [0] (
11:39:57QuelsarukBagder: how are your hardware skills?
11:40:21Bagderthey're not that developed, I'm more a software person
11:41:25 Join adiamas [0] (~adi|
11:42:12adiamaswe're looking for a cvs commit person?
11:42:27Bagderwell, that's my idea
11:42:45adiamasi take it we're falling behind in patch commits?
11:42:47BagderI think we need to bypass Björn more ;-)
11:43:21adiamaswill there duty be patch related, or every commit releated?
11:43:34*adiamas kicks at the dirt, curious about his write privledges
11:44:01BagderI would like to see more patches getting into CVS
11:44:04Bagderif they're ok
11:44:04Quelsaruki think i'm lost
11:45:21adiamask.. nods
11:48:40QuelsarukBagder: if one solder point is broken, could it act as if you were pressing the OFF key all time?? (strange question, i know)
11:50:04BagderQuelsaruk: I'm not sure, but I guess it could
11:51:56Quelsarukok. Then i can nearly swear that if you have the lower (near the bottom) left solder point broken... you have a problem trying to power on the jukebox :)
11:57:58 Quit adi|home (Connection timed out)
12:01:36 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
12:07:55 Join k3no [0] (
12:33:56 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (~adi|
12:33:56 Quit scott|sleeping (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:34:42 Join scott|sleeping [0] (
12:38:56 Quit Bagder (
12:38:56 Quit Schnueff (
12:39:01NJoinBagder [241] (
12:39:01NJoinSchnueff [0] (
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12:39:05 Quit PsycoXul (
12:39:09NJoinearHurts [0] (
12:39:09NJoinPsycoXul [20] (
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14:19:04 Join DoiDao [0] (
14:29:07 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
14:29:13 Part DoiDao ("Leaving")
14:36:54 Join k3no_ [0] (
14:38:06 Quit k3no (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:40:19 Quit MT ("changing servers")
14:40:56 Join MT [0] (
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14:59:47Bagderrm foo
14:59:47Bagderrm: cannot remove `foo': Value too large for defined data type
15:10:26 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
15:16:47 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
15:28:39 Join k3no [0] (
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15:41:48 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
15:43:33 Join devnull [0] (
15:43:44devnullHello guys
15:44:28devnullI've gone and done something bad, tripped and fell over. smashing my jukeboxes screen in the process
15:45:21devnullso does anyone know what make/model the lcd screen of "Archos Jukebox 20 FM" is? and how easy to replace?
15:48:39 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:49:53 Join Kuji [0] (
16:13:28 Join AciD [0] (
16:13:43 Join Malphas_ [0] (~s@
16:13:52 Part Kuji
16:14:01 Quit Malphas__ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:14:46 Quit AciD` (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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16:34:21 Join _aLF [0] (
16:39:51 Quit mecraw (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:53:06 Quit Malphas_ ("Because")
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17:33:05 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
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18:36:48 Nick scott|sleeping is now known as scott666 (
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19:35:49 Join diddystar5 [0] (
19:44:23diddystar5hardeep: any plans for adding you playlist viewer to cvs soon?
19:46:56 Quit TotMacher ("Sind wir nicht alle ein bischen TotMacher ?")
19:53:21hardeepdiddystar5: that's up to Zagor
19:53:25 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: not from concentrate")
19:56:01 Quit AciD` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:59:07 Quit adi|home (Connection reset by peer)
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20:26:14 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta go cya")
20:27:16 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
20:31:34 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:34:03midknight2k3hi hardeep
20:34:17midknight2k3three minutes late heh
20:34:46midknight2k3the redzone works well... thank you
20:45:11Plughany graphically artistic type folks out there?
20:45:21midknight2k3perhaps me...
20:45:26midknight2k3what is it?
20:46:12Plughtake a look at I need a graphic to replace the one at the top left that says Kill it in the Face
20:46:58midknight2k3kill it in the face.. i like it
20:47:15midknight2k3i could try something for it..
20:47:17midknight2k3how big?
20:47:23midknight2k3like a banner?
20:48:25Plugh320x200 or so
20:48:40Plughneed it white with a transparent background
20:49:11Plughbut I could probably transparentize the background
20:49:26Plughas long as you don't anti-alias the edges of the font
20:50:22midknight2k3the text white with a transparent background?
20:51:27midknight2k3hmm.. okay.....
20:51:31Plughtrying to get something that matches the theme
20:51:33midknight2k3anything else?
20:51:41midknight2k3well odd
20:51:44Plughnot that I can think of
20:51:52midknight2k3white text? by transparent you mean what?
20:52:10PlughI need it as a transparent gif
20:52:17midknight2k3if its on a white page...
20:52:39Plughbut if you do it white text on black, I can fix it
20:52:46Plughit's on a black/red page
20:53:03midknight2k3all right, white on black
20:53:04Plughyou see where it says ashGrunge on top?
20:53:30midknight2k3on top of where?
20:53:50Plughthe web page I linked
20:53:57midknight2k3NOT THAT I SEE
20:54:02midknight2k3not that i see
20:58:39midknight2k3no specific font?
20:58:59Plughnah. Just something that complements the overall page
20:59:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:59:48midknight2k3like the logo?
21:03:39Plughit doesn't have to match the logo
21:03:48Plughit just has to fit in with the rest of the page
21:04:03midknight2k3i guess i don't really get what the rest of the page is
21:04:07midknight2k3it's a white page
21:04:37Plughthat doesn't show up in black/red/grey?
21:04:54midknight2k3there we go
21:04:59Plughokie dokie
21:05:46Plughthat's my Everquest guild's message board. Or will be soon
21:18:54midknight2k3sorry it's taking so long, theres a font to be found and it's not found yet
21:18:54 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:19:28 Join scott666 [0] (
21:22:32midknight2k3i got a better idea
21:22:37midknight2k3i'll just make a few and zip them
21:27:36midknight2k3i think i got the perfct one
21:29:44midknight2k3all right
21:29:48midknight2k3i have like five
21:29:51midknight2k3or six
21:30:05midknight2k3white text on black background, non ainti-aliased
21:31:41midknight2k3do you have dcc send enabled?
21:32:41midknight2k3never mind
21:34:53midknight2k3i give you link
21:44:44 Join cent20 [0] (
21:44:59cent20Hi everyone
21:46:08cent20does someone know an efficient way to debug a IllInstr error by chance?
21:46:21midknight2k3in rockbox?
21:47:04cent20yes cos i tried to build a menu with all the rocks files in the rocks dir and it works ...
21:47:21midknight2k3it works?
21:47:33midknight2k3submit it as a patch
21:47:36cent20but when i stop any of the plugins then i got an IllInstr
21:47:49cent20so it doesn't work that well
21:48:01cent20yes it's quite odd
21:48:06midknight2k3if you put it as a patch others can improve upon it
21:49:09cent20yeah so i could try, and i'll specify the prob
21:49:24midknight2k3then people will modify it and make it work
21:49:38midknight2k3you can always put things up that are WIP or stuff
21:50:59cent20ah ok, good to know, cos i'm really stuck on this one
21:51:15midknight2k3maybe you need to exit the rocks menu when you finish "rock"ing
21:51:30scott666cant: did you divide rocks into subdirs?
21:51:41scott666like /games and /demos
21:52:11scott666then how do you decide which are games, etc?
21:52:52scott666or did i misunderstand what you were doing
21:53:00cent20i'm not at this point now, i was just trying to build a simple menu, then if it works i'll see what i can do
21:54:06scott666cause my idea is to divide /plugins into /games /demos /apps, and have each menu do a dir of that subdir
21:55:02midknight2k3scott: /rocks, not /plugins
21:55:21cent20yeah i see, it's a nice idea
21:56:37cent20but mr. Trouble comes when you run the rocks that way and then stop them
22:01:36cent20anyway, i'll try another approach then i'll look at the dirs idea cos it'd be even better :)
22:02:46midknight2k3good luck
22:16:19 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
22:16:46midknight2k3bye then
22:16:57 Quit midknight2k3 ("BYEBYE -=SysReset 2.53=-")
22:19:01 Join Zagor [242] (
22:19:45 Quit Zagor (Client Quit)
22:19:49 Join Zagor [242] (
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22:20:32Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
22:23:38scott666pacman promotes the consumption of the undead!!
22:24:03cent20?? ... back in 2 sec
22:24:05 Quit cent20 ("Leaving")
22:24:15 Join cent20 [0] (
22:24:17 Join NNick [0] (
22:24:43cent20ah i feel better that way
22:25:28NNicki am a developer looking to get into my first open source project
22:26:38NNicki've used the rockbox replacement since it was announced on slashdot
22:26:46NNicki'm unemployed, and bored
22:27:11NNickare most people who visit this channel developers?
22:27:28NNickor users?
22:27:38cent20trying to be at least :)
22:27:44NNickor "i see dead people"?
22:28:30NNicki am on Win2k using WinCVS and xemacs. Is there a better way?
22:28:41scott666nice thing about IRC is it keeps most of the idiots out
22:29:00NNickcent20: does this mean you are familiarizing yourself with the project?
22:29:30NNickyes it does keep many ppl out! can be good for focused discussion
22:29:58scott666heh, dont get your hopes up ;-)
22:30:01cent20more or less yes ... i'm trying to build a few things but it crashes and it irritates me
22:30:19NNickty scott666. what is crashing cent20?
22:30:37scott666i still need to get around to getting into the code
22:31:08NNickthis is the first time ive used cvs
22:31:17cent20it's when it displays nice error messages like "04: IllInstr"
22:31:25cent20and hangs up
22:31:39NNickah, so error reporting is no good.
22:31:48NNickdoes it crash in the simulator too?
22:32:35cent20yes it does but not at the same point so i can't see what would happen with the simulator
22:32:50cent20it simply crashes when it tries to access the dir there
22:33:10Zagorcent20: the address on the next line is useful. look it up in the map file.
22:33:11 Join T-rack [0] (
22:33:13NNickthat is good that it crashes in the sim...that way you can have a starting point
22:33:45Zagoroh, it *does* crash in the sim? then that's by far the easiest starting point, yes.
22:33:47cent20but on the jukebox it crashes only when i stop a rock i launched through the menu
22:33:58NNickZagor: congrats on getting this all going, i've enjoyed rockbox for a while now
22:34:24T-rackhello Zagor
22:34:30cent20i got 2 different addresses so far : 63652E72 and 6E646178
22:35:10Zagorcent20: unfortunately, those are not useful.
22:35:31NNickcent20: have hope!
22:35:32cent20actually i was trying to build a menu that shows the different .rocks that are in the rocks dir
22:35:38Zagorillinstr is nasty that way, since the address you get is the address the bad code has branched to, which could be anywhere
22:36:26NNickIs "Illegal Instruction" something like, an illegal indirection, only it's accessing the address as if it were program code?
22:36:30cent20oups yeah i see ...
22:36:32Zagorcent20: we have a patch ready for that
22:37:04NNickis it this?
22:37:08cent20ah ok so i don't have to worry about it then
22:37:20NNick".rockbox browsing patch"
22:38:11cent20i feel happy then :)
22:38:21NNickI used my jukebox rec a week ago Sunday for my 30th birthday party. It worked great, the batteries lasted the whole 6+ hours
22:38:26T-rackZagor does my request make sense?
22:40:51cent20arghhh by the way do i need to download them all or just the last one?
22:43:16T-rackobviously not :(
22:43:19scott666just the highest number
22:43:47scott666track: are you talking about the auto-loadness thing?
22:45:47T-racksee Sourceforge for details
22:46:34cent20alright thanks!
22:58:54Zagorcent20: yes, that's the patch
22:59:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:02:30ZagorT-rack: which request?
23:02:51Zagoroh, i see it now
23:03:01T-rackdoes it make sense?
23:03:15Zagoryes and no. it's possible, but pointless. make a new playlist instead.
23:03:28T-rackoh ok
23:03:34*T-rack fears a reject is imminent
23:03:53 Join Bagder [241] (
23:04:09scott666how can you still _fear_ rejections track??
23:04:24Zagoryo bro
23:04:33Bagderuname -a
23:04:33BagderLinux storebror 2.6.0-test3 #7 Fri Aug 15 15:46:54 CEST 2003 i686 unknown
23:04:56T-rackI put a lot of thought into that request
23:05:10Zagormy fat patch is in 2.6.0-test3, finally
23:05:30BagderI've got 2.6 up and mostly working now
23:05:44ZagorT-rack: ?
23:05:54T-rackthanks a lot for the reject :-(
23:06:40Zagorwhy are you taking everything personal? should I keep stuff we'll never implement open just to make you feel better?
23:07:05T-rackwhat is a fringe case?
23:07:07T-racka haircut?
23:07:14ZagorT-rack: very unusual
23:07:43T-rackSeriously what is a fringe case
23:07:55scott666<Zagor> T-rack: very unusual
23:08:38T-rackso "fringe case" means "very unusual"?
23:09:06Zagorfringe is sort of synonymous with "marginal"
23:09:16T-rackoh ok
23:09:27Zagori.e. very few people will every use that feature, should we implement it
23:09:28NNickfringe is that stuff on the corner of your rug or carpet
23:09:41T-rackthere should be a request "Turn off Rejected, Invalid and Works For Me" :D
23:09:56ZagorT-rack: you can simply ignore them :)
23:10:15BagderT-rack: run your own feature-request forum! ;-)
23:10:43T-rackah well never mind :0
23:12:12T-rackwell Zagor ditching the tracktheripper name and starting afresh to clear up my act helps :)
23:13:53T-rackZagor will the "Show BMP or JPEG" request ever be fixed?
23:13:59T-rackits been open for a very long time ;-)
23:14:15Zagorwe have a few hundred requests, you know
23:14:34T-rackyea i know
23:15:16T-rackyea its pointless fixing "Show BMP or JPEG", the images will look crap on a 1bit LCD in black and green
23:16:56T-rackZagor if u reject it ill get u a drink :-)
23:16:56Bagderjust check the doom logo ;-)
23:17:55T-rack"The Player however. MAY work if you could squeeze an entire cover into one of its character cells"
23:20:20T-rackDoes "Invert" use more battery power if the screen is inverted?
23:21:01T-rackbecause more pixels are being used?
23:27:36Zagori doubt it
23:34:24T-rackoh ok
23:34:30T-racki thought more pixels = more powe
23:35:48Plughyou only expend energy to switch the state of a pixel on an LCD
23:35:56Plughotherwise, power usage is constant
23:36:18Plughand pretty damn low
23:36:43Plughit takes more power to process the display change than it does to change the displayh
23:36:50T-rackoh k
23:37:22Plughq.v. digital watches :) They'll last for years on a small battery charge. The LCD draws VERY little power
23:37:50Plughbut if you run the backlight, it'll chew it up
23:41:03 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
23:46:41 Quit T-rack ("Leaving")
23:52:05 Join Guest [0] (
23:52:32 Quit NNick ()
23:53:13 Quit Guest (Client Quit)

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