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#rockbox log for 2003-08-22

00:00:02Bagdereye candy is good, if functionality is still good
00:00:10midknight2k3we need more things like an oscilloscope, vu meter, peak meter, and flashy bouncy circles
00:01:22midknight2k3how much cpu does the peak meter take and how much does playback need?
00:01:46Bagderagain: I can't tell you an exact limit
00:02:12Bagderthat is the reason the peak meter updates as it does
00:02:22midknight2k3it looks ugly
00:02:34BagderI told you
00:07:13midknight2k3did track mention anything about archos replacements?
00:07:39Bagderhe always does
00:08:32midknight2k3he has changed for the worse
00:09:59midknight2k3he thinks you all dislike him
00:10:07BagderI know
00:10:11Bagderhe is paranoid deluxe
00:10:26midknight2k3his bogus requests got to him heh
00:11:23midknight2k3will you be happy that it will be bogus-request-free?
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00:39:18midknight2k3after afternoon
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01:08:59Zagorbed time
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01:30:17Plughlogbot: convert 5 millimeters to inches
01:30:30Plughlogbot: help
01:30:38Plughoh. bleh
01:32:35HesPlugh: I got a lot of email today offering for methods to convert to a couple inches more length.
01:34:22HesDidn't order any of the stuff yet, though.
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01:37:56PlughHes: heh. I got the conversion done. I was setting my bike computer up and it said the max distance from the magnet to the sensor should be 5mm. My brain doesn't work in mm
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02:43:53midknight2k3nobody bug me
02:44:07midknight2k3i am busy watching a person throwing a tv off a bridge onto train tracks
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03:00:06MTi no longer read
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03:00:59MTive finally found an email client i like, and fixed my server side filtering, and joined the (spits) email mailing list
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03:11:13midknight2k3did anyone try my patch?
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04:09:50DBUGEnqueued KICK scott666
04:09:50scott666,01new computer!!
04:10:03midknight2k3very cool
04:10:07midknight2k3what is the specs
04:11:18scott666,01athlon xp 3000, 1gb ram, ATI AiW 9700 pro, audigy 2, 52x24x52 cd burner....
04:11:33midknight2k3nice nice nice
04:11:46midknight2k3did you just get it? and can you stop the dumb colorcode thing?
04:12:30***Alert Mode level 1
04:12:30scott666,01oh, right
04:12:40***Alert Mode level 2
04:12:40scott666,01stupid trillian..
04:13:50scott666still better than better than mIRC
04:14:00midknight2k3not really
04:15:13midknight2k3did you try my redzone patch?
04:15:25midknight2k3you bum
04:16:50scott666xp sucks cock
04:16:57midknight2k3and you use what?
04:17:10scott666i had 98SE
04:17:35midknight2k3come on
04:17:38midknight2k3xp is way better
04:17:41midknight2k3how does it suck?
04:17:47midknight2k3get used to it and it is great
04:17:55scott666its idiot-proofed
04:18:00CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:18:00*scott666 isnt an idiot
04:18:16scott666i mainly hate it cause it took me like 6 hours to get the net to work
04:18:17*midknight2k3 isn't either
04:18:28scott666whos the one on AOL?
04:18:30midknight2k3just get used to it youre bound to like it
04:18:37midknight2k3not i
04:18:46scott666not what your login says
04:18:47midknight2k3i use Compuserve, not aol
04:19:00midknight2k3its imitation aol
04:19:09midknight2k3you still use the blue color scheme?
04:19:09scott666so even worse?
04:19:20scott666color scheme on what?
04:19:38scott666i changed it to classic everything
04:19:45midknight2k3what a retard
04:19:49scott666eat me
04:19:59midknight2k3i will if i am hungry
04:20:00scott666i needed something i could use
04:20:10scott666not something that has pretty flowers everywhere
04:20:19midknight2k3use the silver color scheme
04:20:21midknight2k3it looks better
04:20:25scott666ive seen it
04:20:31midknight2k3its better
04:20:41scott666and if im usin a skin im makin it myself
04:20:48midknight2k3all right
04:20:55midknight2k3use stylexp
04:21:00midknight2k3its the perfect skin tool
04:21:30scott666ill look into it
04:21:35scott666but not now
04:21:38midknight2k3it's VERY flexible
04:21:51scott666ask me in a week if ive went there and if i havnt ill go then
04:21:51midknight2k3im sure you will appreciate it once you try it
04:22:14midknight2k3think of the aol user!
04:22:31midknight2k3comcast doesnt service the area..
04:22:37midknight2k3the only real option is dsl
04:22:41midknight2k3but i shiver to think
04:22:42***Alert Mode OFF
04:22:53scott666dsl wasnt bad
04:23:06midknight2k3cant match cable
04:23:10scott666its just not as fast and more expensice than cable
04:23:25scott666but if you dont HAVE cable it still beats the shit outa dialup
04:23:35midknight2k3thats why it's coming soon
04:23:51midknight2k3comcast services people six blocks away
04:23:56midknight2k3but not here..sureeee
04:24:08scott666they just hate you
04:26:00midknight2k3i bet
04:26:03midknight2k3i need to call them again
04:26:36midknight2k3the say it's a "pocket" that barely anyone services
04:27:09scott666thats code for 'we hate you'
04:27:30midknight2k3speakeasy dsl or something
04:27:33midknight2k3try my patch!
04:28:29scott666no time
04:28:42scott666cause i just got a new computer
04:28:44midknight2k3busy with Eckspeigh?
04:28:47scott666ive installed 2 programs
04:28:51scott6663 now
04:28:58midknight2k3lots to go
04:29:06midknight2k3you just bought this computer?
04:29:08midknight2k3or what
04:29:40scott666it just got here
04:29:52scott666shipped from the company
04:30:29midknight2k3what company?
04:31:36midknight2k3was it from a boilerplate or custom built?
04:31:51scott666completely custom
04:31:53midknight2k3i want the full specifications
04:33:01midknight2k3did you ever hear of Raisin Bran Crunch?
04:35:08scott666 Motherboard Asus A7N8X-Deluxe
04:35:08scott666 CPU AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 333FSB 512k
04:35:08scott666 Ram Samsung 512MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM (2)
04:35:08scott666 Case Lian-Li PC61 Mid-Tower Black
04:35:08scott666 Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda Serial ATA V 120GB
04:35:09***Alert Mode level 1
04:35:09scott666 Video Card ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9700 128mb DDR
04:35:11scott666 Sound Card Sound Blaster Live! Audigy 2 Platinum 6.1
04:35:13scott666 Speakers Creative Inspire 5.1 5200
04:35:15scott666 CD / DVD Rom Lite On 16x DVD (black)
04:35:17scott666 CD / DVD Rom Lite On 52/24/52 CD-RW (black)
04:35:19scott666 Removable Drive Teac 3.5inch 1.44 Floppy Drive (black)
04:35:21scott666 Operating System Windows XP Pro
04:35:23scott666 Software Intervideo WinDVD
04:35:25scott666 Accessories Extended 3 Year Warranty
04:35:27scott666 Accessories Black Face Plate Kit for SB Live Audigy 2 Platinum
04:35:29scott666 Power Supply Enermax 430W Whisper Power Supply
04:35:31scott666 Additional Cooling ThermalTake Volcano 9 HSF
04:35:33scott666 Case Mods IDE 24inch Round Cable Silver (2)
04:35:35scott666 Case Mods Floppy 18inch Round Cable Silver
04:35:37scott666 Case Mods Case Window Kit
04:35:39scott666 Case Mods Thermaltake PerfectLight Neon Light (red)
04:35:43midknight2k3luck logbot aint an op
04:35:51scott666i was just thinking that
04:35:55midknight2k3bagder and bjorn would dislike that lol
04:36:34midknight2k3ver cool
04:36:59midknight2k3sata drive... audigy 2 platinum...
04:37:08scott666with shipping
04:37:13midknight2k3WAIT A SEC
04:37:16midknight2k3do i read right?
04:37:30scott666think thats high or low?
04:37:49scott666and its black too
04:38:00midknight2k3price i'd say is .. pretty low
04:38:06midknight2k3almost very low
04:38:13midknight2k3with all tha
04:38:21scott666all this company does it order the parts and put it together
04:38:28scott666then test it, then send it to you
04:40:11midknight2k3"all" that company does
04:40:24midknight2k3might as well just say everything
04:40:40scott666well like alienware and dell try to sell you extra useless shit
04:40:41midknight2k3all this comapny does is everything you could want
04:40:51midknight2k3alienware has a cool laptop
04:40:52scott666and nothing you DONT want
04:40:55scott666that was my point
04:42:01midknight2k3i feel sa
04:42:11midknight2k3after all my work you wont test my patch
04:42:16midknight2k3do you have a recorder?
04:42:17midknight2k3or a player?
04:42:48midknight2k3thank god
04:42:58midknight2k3i was going to call you a tard if you had the player
04:43:24scott666lol yeah
04:43:34midknight2k3someone does
04:43:38midknight2k3i dont remember who
04:43:41midknight2k3maybe it was plugh
04:43:45scott666i want to know if theres any difference between the recorder models
04:43:45midknight2k3such new faces
04:43:50midknight2k3oh boy
04:44:00scott666cause you could get the lowst one with USB2 and just upgrade
04:44:23midknight2k3well, fm is different then the recorder in that it has an fm chip, smaller design, li-ion battery and is lighter
04:44:35midknight2k3lowest one with usb2?
04:44:40midknight2k3what do you mean
04:45:10***Alert Mode OFF
04:46:03scott666i mean like if the recorder6 had USB2, it would be a _lot_ cheaper
04:46:10midknight2k3Mattel Spy Tool Kit Electronic Gadget Set
04:46:16midknight2k3Encourages the Stalker in your child!
04:46:16DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
04:46:16midknight2k3Its probably illegal in most cases
04:46:25midknight2k3There is no skill more valuable in life than to be able to listen to other people's private conversations without them knowing. Lets forget for a minute that in most cases this is illegal. Now since your child is under 18 he can't spend much time in jail so he'd get off easy. So don't worry about the jail thing. Now if you suspect your child will one day want to become a stalker just like you, then this spy kit is the way to go for early trai
04:49:24midknight2k3i remember the old days
04:49:42midknight2k3scott666 and Plugh never existed
04:50:31scott666we didnt? :(
04:50:42midknight2k3not at #rockbox
04:50:55midknight2k3do you have an emusic account?
04:50:58midknight2k3that was earhurts
04:52:17scott666bitch better have my ________
04:52:31midknight2k3who and what?
04:52:40scott666just fill in the blank
04:53:02midknight2k3raisin bran crunch?
04:53:15scott666thank you
04:53:32midknight2k3what was that all about?
04:53:47midknight2k3i need to do a review
04:53:54midknight2k3i will review scott666
04:54:02midknight2k3Pros: funny
04:54:08midknight2k3Cons: everything else.
04:54:20midknight2k3i can review mirc
04:54:24midknight2k3what can i review?
04:54:32midknight2k3stop with the sheeshed already
04:55:14midknight2k3i can review Diskeeper
04:55:31midknight2k3what is it that i can review?
04:55:41scott666thatd be entertaining
04:55:57midknight2k3electronics or computers and software
04:59:14midknight2k3download the patch
04:59:19midknight2k3its also precompiled
04:59:21midknight2k3so there
04:59:29scott666i have a new comp to play with
04:59:36midknight2k3precompiled for recorder and fm recorder, and there's the redzone.patch
04:59:54midknight2k3i guess in that case me or anything of mine dont mattery
04:59:56midknight2k3i guess in that case me or anything of mine dont matter
05:00:56scott666mattery batteries?
05:01:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:02:46scott66646 new messages in rockbox??
05:02:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:02:52*scott666 sighs
05:03:00midknight2k3you mean mailinglist?
05:05:36midknight2k3i am reviewing: Opera Web Broswer for Windows
05:06:07midknight2k3-> *logbot* explain logbot
05:06:07midknight2k3-logbot- 'logbot' I am me
05:07:08scott666-> *logbot* explain linux
05:07:09scott666-logbot- *Shrug* I don't know
05:07:09scott666-> *logbot* explain C
05:07:09scott666-logbot- *Shrug* I don't know
05:08:08midknight2k3-> *logbot* explain Zagor
05:08:09midknight2k3-logbot- 'Zagor' The dark overlord of the Rockbox cult. Certified Code Police. Scares little children.
05:08:11midknight2k3is my favorite
05:08:25midknight2k3i dunno about anything else
05:08:28scott666especially the last bit
05:08:31midknight2k3there's not much he can explain
05:09:05midknight2k3what a stoopid is logbot
05:11:27*scott666 glances nervously at logbot
05:11:41*scott666 whispers "shhhhh! he can hear you!!"
05:11:46midknight2k3i bet
05:20:04 Quit scott666 (
05:20:04 Quit midknight2k3 (
05:20:04 Quit mbr (
05:20:14NJoinscott666 [0] (
05:20:14NJoinmidknight2k3 [0] (
05:20:14NJoinmbr [0] (
05:20:28midknight2k3hi keno
05:20:29midknight2k3hi psyco
05:20:31midknight2k3hi adi
05:20:33midknight2k3hi dw
05:20:36midknight2k3hi hes
05:20:40midknight2k3hi hadaka
05:20:44midknight2k3hi plugh
05:20:47midknight2k3hi mt
05:20:48scott666surround sound is excecllent
05:20:52midknight2k3hi logbot
05:20:56midknight2k3i mean i hate you logbot
05:21:00midknight2k3hi scnuff
05:21:07midknight2k3surround sound is good
05:25:10scott666especially with zeppelin
05:25:26midknight2k3i will keep that in mind
05:25:32scott666you better
05:25:41midknight2k3shush your face
05:28:14scott666note: that wasnt listening to you, that was apathy
05:28:50midknight2k3its plugh
05:28:51midknight2k3thank you
05:28:53midknight2k3test my patch
05:29:10Plughwhere do I get it?
05:29:20Plughis it in the sourceforge patch archive?
05:29:21midknight2k3i put it up
05:29:25midknight2k3precompiled as well
05:29:30*scott666 gasps
05:29:45midknight2k3very good
05:29:49midknight2k3thats a funny tidbit
05:29:51Plughdon't insult my intelligence
05:29:58scott666$50 says SCO uses that in their case
05:29:59midknight2k3sorry plugh
05:30:00PlughI do my own builds
05:30:10midknight2k3you do not
05:30:19midknight2k3you cant compile for junk
05:30:20midknight2k3i can
05:30:23midknight2k3its all in the keys
05:30:33midknight2k3see that slick?
05:30:37midknight2k3you need special to do that
05:30:40midknight2k3and "make"
05:30:44midknight2k3stand back people
05:30:46Plughmake -C plugins TARGET=-DARCHOS_FMRECORDER DEBUG= OBJDIR=/home/plugh/archos/rockbox/build VERSION=030821-2031 EXTRA_DEFINES="-DDISABLE_NOTHING" MEM=2
05:30:50Plughmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/plugh/archos/rockbox/apps/plugins'
05:30:51midknight2k3slick fingers
05:30:54Plughmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/plugh/archos/rockbox/apps/plugins'
05:30:57Plughmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/plugh/archos/rockbox/apps'
05:31:17*scott666 whispers "i think you killed him"
05:31:17midknight2k3compile it!
05:31:26*midknight2k3 agrees - plugh is weak
05:31:32midknight2k3he is simple to kill
05:31:38scott666no, you
05:31:43scott666you retard
05:32:04scott666Plugh: ,99,01,01,99,99,01bitch better have my ________ ,99
05:32:17midknight2k3fill in the black
05:32:31midknight2k3rasin bran crunch!
05:32:34scott666tried and true
05:32:58midknight2k3stoopid and ugly is more like it
05:34:51midknight2k3is my patch compiled?
05:38:47Plughbuilding now
05:39:12 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:39:17PlughI'm not exactly convinced of the wisdom of making you patch -p0
05:39:17midknight2k3then test it
05:39:22Plughbut whatever
05:39:22midknight2k3it is perfect
05:39:36midknight2k3i made it to the edge of the clip line
05:39:44midknight2k3the clips come right after the redzone
05:39:47midknight2k3if they occur
05:39:55midknight2k3took so long
05:40:00Plughif it ever spans more directories you're gonna have to start higher in the tree
05:40:02midknight2k3like two minutes.. or THREE
05:40:09midknight2k3i know stoopid
05:40:56Plughderiding me isn't gonna get me to run your patch
05:41:05Plughhow do I know it's not spyware? ;)
05:41:05midknight2k3you dont hafta
05:41:08midknight2k3it is
05:41:12midknight2k3puts on a virus
05:41:16midknight2k3and kills the box
05:41:22midknight2k3its a good idea
05:41:35midknight2k3bump the peak meter FPS to 5000 and it might take too much cpu and kill it
05:41:50midknight2k3FYI, the peak meter fps rate in my patch is 95
05:41:55midknight2k3so it looks slicker than usual
05:42:06Plughand chews through battery
05:42:13midknight2k3not really no
05:42:22midknight2k3i should have downed it but i didnt
05:42:30midknight2k3its good at about 60
05:42:38Plughsince it didn't patch into the menu, I don't expect you have a way to turn it off, do you?
05:44:19midknight2k3hey fat face
05:44:19PlughI'm just a code asshole
05:44:23midknight2k3how do i do a menu?
05:44:25midknight2k3is it easy?
05:44:30Plughit comes with the job
05:44:32midknight2k3THATS WHAT I THOUGHT
05:45:35Plughrebooting my archos
05:45:45midknight2k3then resume
05:45:51midknight2k3and watch the redzone madjik
05:46:19midknight2k3youre the first one in the world to test my NEW redzone other than me
05:46:21midknight2k3i think
05:47:08Plughdidn't realize it was gonna patch into the playback too
05:47:15Plughthat's pretty pointless ;)
05:47:21midknight2k3you're pretty pointless
05:47:58Plughif the idea is for setting recording levels, why do you need it on the playback wps?
05:48:17midknight2k3whats with the questions is it thousand questions or somthin?
05:48:42PlughI'm a QA guy. They pay me to be abusive
05:49:09midknight2k3i have to go
05:49:14midknight2k3kwit complaining
05:49:16midknight2k3its a beta
05:49:21midknight2k3i will update it soon
05:49:24midknight2k3sheesh idiot
05:49:25Plughit's not even a beta
05:49:29Plughit's a patch
05:49:32midknight2k3like i didn spend hours coding htat
05:49:40midknight2k3bye already
05:49:41PlughI will needle you into submission
05:50:11midknight2k3bye then
05:50:17*Plugh waves
05:51:09midknight2k3i thought irc died
05:51:15midknight2k3tell scott to put it on his
05:51:24 Quit midknight2k3 ("I SPENT HOURS IDIOT HOURS!")
05:55:53 Join scott666 [0] (
05:56:11 Quit scott666 (Client Quit)
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07:23:05 Join bazzzzzzz [0] (
07:23:15bazzzzzzzhey all
07:24:19bazzzzzzzanyone have any ideas about the charging problem? I have to keep loading the orig firmware to fully charge
07:24:28scott666_no clue
07:24:46scott666_hey! who the fuck is that?
07:24:49bazzzzzzzits been mentioned a couple of times in the mailing list, do many people see it
07:25:10scott666_i seem to alreadu be here
07:25:25bazzzzzzzhehe, an evil twin
07:27:04 Quit bazzzzzzz (Client Quit)
07:27:22 Quit dw|gone (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
07:29:00 Join T-rack [0] (
07:29:18scott666_maybe i just lost the other window somewhere...
07:29:42T-rackmirning scott
07:30:58 Quit scott666_ ("i'll be back....eventually...")
07:32:00 Join dw|gone [20] (
07:37:33 Join scott666_ [0] (
07:37:33scott666_why the fuck are there still 2??
07:37:33T-rackperhaps someone else has stolen your name
07:37:33scott666_but the whois gets me
07:37:33scott666_lemme test somethin
07:37:33T-racknever mind
07:37:35 Nick scott666_ is now known as zagor (
07:37:47 Quit scott666 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:38:07 Nick zagor is now known as scott666 (
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12:45:29 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back....eventually...")
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13:12:45 Join Bagder [241] (
13:15:07heiner-ich_Some days ago I asked for a software which converts mp3 -> wav
13:15:30heiner-ich_I have tried 4mp3.
13:16:25heiner-ich_It seems to understand vbr, but it reads the files with double sample rate -> the recording is to fast
13:17:08Bagdertry asking on the rockbox mailing list
13:17:11heiner-ich_My file is mono, so I suspect that it splits the channel in two.
13:19:29heiner-ich_Ok, first I will try winLAME, which is also at sourceForge.
13:46:35 Join AciD [0] (
14:05:20 Join k3no_ [0] (
14:09:12 Join T-rack [0] (
14:14:45 Join Burrito_Bill [0] (
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16:22:51 Quit DarthWufei ("Through our bleeding, we are one.")
16:35:30 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:36:20Burrito_Billis there anyone in here that could answer a hardware question on the jukebox?
16:42:02 Join T-rack [0] (
16:51:56 Quit Malphas__ ("Because")
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17:25:35MTwhy dont you ask anyways
17:25:38 Quit T-rack (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:31:30 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:31:51Burrito_Billmy jukebox studio 20 keeps giving me a memmory error on the screen and I see the red light on more and more. I bought this thing to use on my bike but as soon as I start down the road it cuts out and never ques back up. any ideas?
17:33:09hardeepBurrito_Bill: what memory error do you get?
17:57:40 Nick PsycoXul is now known as ze (
18:04:52 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:13:23 Join diddystar5 [0] (
18:23:48 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
18:24:04diddystar5hey idc
18:26:11 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
18:32:33zewhoa! i got my new nick finally! hah!
18:32:45*ze registers it quick
18:35:49zei was PsycoXul but now i'm ze!
18:36:39zei've had this nick on other networks for like a week or two, but somebody was holding it but unregistered on here.. and now i've stolen it to gain a unified front of ze! hehe
18:41:52 Join scott666 [0] (
18:49:13 Join NNick [0] (
18:51:57Burrito_Billhardeep −− i cant remember what the error was i will write it down next time. its almost like a page fault.. says error @ address blah blah
18:52:19 Join AciD` [0] (
18:53:14 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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19:05:33hardeepBurrito_Bill: It's probably an exception caught by Rockbox. We can use the address to try and determine where/why the problem occurred.
19:06:03hardeepBurrito_Bill: What version of rockbox are you using? If you haven't done so already, you may want to move to the latest daily build to see if you're still seeing the problem
19:11:31 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
19:11:45 Join T-rack [0] (
19:13:34Burrito_Billhardeep −− I was running version 2.0 and getting errors. I upgraded this morning to the latest daily and have already popped up 2 errors. it does not seem to do it when connected by usb.. only in play mode
19:20:13Burrito_Billanyone in here try to use their jukebox while riding down the highway on a motorcycle?? <−− I know ..its illegal
19:21:38 Join earHurts [0] (
19:36:04 Join scott666_ [0] (
19:36:05 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:36:19 Join IrcWorld263 [0] (
19:37:21 Quit IrcWorld263 (Client Quit)
19:42:00PlughBurrito_Bill: a friend of mine does
19:42:09Plughhe said it cuts out at about 78mph
19:42:14Plugh(also illegal)
19:43:09Burrito_Billplugh ahh mines out around 60 but i live in OHIO no roads are as bad as ours
19:44:28PlughBurrito_Bill: I've heard reports that California are the worst in the nation
19:46:07Burrito_Billplugh −− i have worked in this building for 6 years now. i have never NOT driven through a construction zone.
19:46:21Plughheh. ditto
19:47:05Plughthey're adding a lane to the exit near my office right now
19:52:02 Part scott666_
19:52:28 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:58:05 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the BeOS today!")
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20:09:27 Quit T-rack ("Leaving")
20:26:06 Part Burrito_Bill
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21:31:33 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
21:40:24 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
22:15:12 Join Guest1 [0] (
22:15:35 Part Guest1
22:15:35 Join Guest1 [0] (
22:16:07Guest1whats up?
22:16:56 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
22:23:44 Quit scott666_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:23:54 Join scott666_ [0] (
22:25:31 Nick scott666_ is now known as scott666 (
22:34:17GalikGalik is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
22:45:59GalikI've stopped killing people now!
22:46:11 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
22:57:06 Join scott666_ [0] (
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23:30:38 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:30:52midknight2k3hello idc dragon
23:30:58midknight2k3are you working on your flash plugins?
23:31:50*Plugh sneaks up and gives midknight a reason to feel harasses
23:32:00Plugherr harassed
23:32:17midknight2k3when you make a typo it blows the whole thing
23:32:30PlughI can get away with so much more when there's no logbot
23:32:30 Quit earHurts (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:32:39midknight2k3"I found rockbox-liion.gif somewhere, didn't know where anymore"
23:32:45midknight2k3what is rockbox-liion.gif?
23:32:48Plughand yeah, I'm lagged cuz I'm saturating my upstream, so typos happen
23:33:15Plughthat's the batty life curves
23:33:18PlughI think
23:33:28midknight2k3no comments?
23:33:33midknight2k3make a comment on the redzone
23:33:39midknight2k3say its the best thing ever
23:33:49midknight2k3so bagder will put it in rockbox
23:33:55PlughI'm running it
23:34:03Plughprobably the only person besides you
23:34:14midknight2k3how neat
23:34:23midknight2k3you seemed to hate the idea before you saw the redzone
23:34:28Plughbut I still don't feel like it's a necessary mod
23:34:37midknight2k3its useful
23:34:47Plughactually I'm running it cuz I compiled in another fix I really wanted ;)
23:35:22midknight2k3why dont you just compile the fix you want and leave out the redzone?
23:35:26midknight2k3and which fix?
23:35:47PlughModified Files:
23:35:47Plugh powermgmt.c
23:35:47PlughLog Message:
23:35:47DBUGEnqueued KICK Plugh
23:35:47PlughMeasured voltages for LiIon. I found rockbox-liion.gif
23:35:48Plughsomewhere, didn't know where anymore. Thanks to the one who measured the values.
23:36:11PlughModified Files:
23:36:11Plugh lcd-player.c
23:36:11***Alert Mode level 1
23:36:11PlughLog Message:
23:36:11***Alert Mode level 2
23:36:11PlughSmarter jumpscroll.
23:36:25Plughlaziness, I guess
23:36:46PlughI didn't want to unpatch your change, rebuild and re-upload
23:37:28Plughbut the redzone is visually distracting to me. I don't have a particular need for it
23:37:50midknight2k3you have a player?
23:40:12midknight2k3wht i thought
23:42:38PlughI do think I'm gonna change the fps back to 20
23:42:46Plugh70 is just a bit much
23:43:02 Join edx [0] (
23:43:04 Quit edx (Remote closed the connection)
23:43:17 Join edx [0] (
23:43:24Plughthe human eye can't track more than about 32
23:43:33midknight2k3put it at 35
23:43:35midknight2k3it helps
23:46:12***Alert Mode OFF
23:57:29midknight2k3are you stupid?
23:58:13Plughmy 135 IQ is too low :(
23:58:53midknight2k3where did you take an iq test?

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