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#rockbox log for 2003-08-24

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00:44:45joshnzagor: I'm having trouble with my compiler config
00:45:28joshnit nukes all global vars
00:45:57joshnthat is, I can set them, and when it exits the if statement, or the function or whatever, they're reset to zero
00:46:21Zagorin the debugger, sim or target code?
00:46:24joshnis my compiler set up incorrectly?
00:46:54joshnit's not using the rockbox makefile, could it be that?
00:47:41Zagorcould be. there's a lot of flags and options that we use and you need.
00:47:46joshnalso, whenever I try to snprintf() a var, it nukes it
00:48:19joshnI copied all the compiler flags that show up in the makefile...
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00:49:31Zagorcan you insert your code into rockbox and run it, just to try?
00:50:01joshnthe problem is, it's for another player
00:50:32Zagoroh, ok
00:50:53joshnI'm trying to port RB to it
00:51:20joshnit's kinda nice when you're vars stay at what you set them at :-)
00:52:31Zagorhehe. are those automatic or static variables?
00:52:57Zagorand they all go poof?
00:53:04joshnseems so
00:53:58joshnI can set them, printf them, and they're fine...
00:54:12joshnthen printf them again right away, and they're gone
00:54:29Zagoryou don't have gdb for the target?
00:54:40joshnno, unfortunately
00:54:57joshnit's pretty difficult to set it up, isn't it?
00:55:35Zagorit shouldn't be too difficult if the hardware is very similar to the archos so you can use our gdb stub
00:55:54Zagorbut of course you need an rs232 adapter and a serial port hookup
00:56:07joshnok, I could probably handle those...
00:56:48joshnone of the biggest things now is, the bootloader I'm working with doesn't copy the code from flash to DRAM
00:56:53Zagorhave you disassembled the code and looked at it?
00:57:15joshnit's very similar, at least the boot code...
00:57:18Zagorhmm, how does it do with the .bss segment?
00:57:58joshnhang on...
00:58:47joshnI have the .lds file, if that would help
00:59:15Zagoryes. where is the .bss segment linked to? if that's still in flash...
01:00:05joshnI'm not sure. :-) my familiarity with linker scripts is limited...
01:00:31joshnit has the start at 0x020000...
01:00:46joshnoops 0x020200
01:00:56joshnthen ".flash0x00020300 : { boot.o (.text) *(.low) . = ALIGN(4); _ram_f = .; }"
01:01:06joshnthen ".ram 0x09000000 : AT (_ram_f) { _ram_s = .; *(.text) *(.ram) . = ALIGN(4); _ram_e = .;}"
01:01:19joshn_fix_f = _ram_f + SIZEOF(.ram);
01:01:19joshn.fix0x0f000000 : AT (_fix_f) { _fix_s = .; *(.fix) . = ALIGN(4); _fix_e = .; }
01:01:19joshn_data_f = _fix_f + SIZEOF(.fix);
01:01:19DBUGEnqueued KICK joshn
01:01:19joshn.mdata _ram_e : AT (_data_f) { _data_s = .; *(.data) . = ALIGN(4); _data_e = .;}
01:01:20***Alert Mode level 1
01:01:20joshn.bss. :{ _bss_s = .; *(.bss) *(COMMON) . = ALIGN(4); _bss_e = .; _end = .; }
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01:03:18Zagorouch, that got messy :)
01:03:38joshnyeah :(
01:03:55Zagorsend it to me with dcc
01:04:57joshnit's called dram.lnk, but it's an .lds file...
01:05:59joshnthat is the linker script for the old firmware...
01:07:32Zagorhmm, looks a bit odd. i'd reformat it to the rockbox-style syntax where you first declare memory regions and then define which region each section goes into
01:08:07Zagoralso, your file says OUTPUT_FORMAT(coff-sh) while we are using elf format in rockbox
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01:33:14_joshnsorry about that, my connection dropped out at just the wrong time...
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02:17:48_joshnzagor, I tried to modify that file as best I could. You want to look at it?
02:19:47_joshnI'm not sure if it's syntatically correct, since I can't use it to compile...
02:21:39_joshnI don't think we want to use it more than to see how the old code worked..
02:22:03_joshnI'd like to be able to modify the rockbox file
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02:31:09Zagordcc seems flaky. bbl.
02:32:06_joshnshould I email it to you?
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02:34:50_joshnmy broadband just went back up... I wonder if it will work better now
02:39:52_joshnshould I email it?
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05:43:23darkalfieheya guys. anyone knows the voltage of the archos recorder 20 charger ?
05:43:41darkalfieand is it +ve inside (on the adapter connector)
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08:00:13midknight2k3it's still empty
08:00:27scott666_it is?? :(
08:00:35midknight2k310 people?
08:00:41midknight2k3unless mIRC is busted
08:01:01scott666_no, theres 10
08:01:12midknight2k3a few days ago there was only 5
08:01:15midknight2k35 or 6
08:01:18scott666_unless theres a big extended split
08:01:27scott666_but i doubt it
08:01:41 Nick scott666_ is now known as scott666 (
08:02:05scott666well it still isnt _empty_
08:02:07scott666just small
08:02:21midknight2k3basically empty
08:02:28midknight2k3never seen k3no or mbr talk
08:02:33midknight2k3not fun sized
08:02:39midknight2k3fun sized it bigger than bite sized
08:02:42scott666plugh is capable of speech
08:02:45midknight2k3it's 5x the fun size
08:02:54midknight2k3who is ze?
08:02:55scott666or uhhh
08:03:08CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:03:08*scott666 pokes logbot with a stick
08:03:24midknight2k3 /logbot says hello
08:03:40scott666maybe zagor was trying to log in but forgot how to spell his name and then passed out
08:04:06midknight2k3good idea
08:05:35midknight2k3maybe it should have been bagder instead of zagor?
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08:53:49midknight2k32anyone try that enhanced sound settings for recorder patch?
08:54:09scott666not i
08:54:25midknight2k32i was thinking of trying to compile the simulator for it as my archos aint handy
08:54:37scott666fuck, its 2 already??
08:54:39midknight2k32what is X11?
08:54:43midknight2k3211:54 here
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08:55:07 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back....eventually...")
08:59:12midknight2k32i guess noone here can tell me... never mind.
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16:46:10DarthWufeiSo is anyone awake. >_>
16:49:45 Join ^gizz^ [0] (
16:51:43DarthWufei:O I made my first contact with another person. :)
16:51:52^gizz^huh ?
16:51:57DarthWufeiNothing hehe
16:52:05^gizz^heh ;)
16:52:22DarthWufeiSo are you part of the dev?
16:52:35^gizz^not really, sadly...
16:52:55^gizz^these guys are too mighty coders for me
16:53:00DarthWufeiAh, neither am I... I don't even have an Archos yet, it's stuck at UPS, but should be here tomorrow...
16:53:06DarthWufeiI hear ya. :P
16:53:18^gizz^recorder ? fm ?
16:53:35DarthWufeiRecorder, :D
16:54:15^gizz^I _only_ have a player..
16:54:49^gizz^but I'm willing to test the recent flash-the-rom test for the player..
16:55:11^gizz^(I wonder if Idc-dragon lurks here on IRC)
16:55:31^gizz^will you install rockbox on your recorder ?
16:56:05DarthWufeiYeah I will
16:56:11^gizz^good boy :)
16:56:17DarthWufeiFirst thing I'm going to do after I make sure everything works
16:56:19^gizz^you won't regret it ;)
16:58:13DarthWufeiHave you ever tried playing mp3s through USB 1.1? :\
16:58:45DarthWufeiDo they play fine?
16:59:02^gizz^do you mean, from ie: winamp through the archos ?
16:59:15DarthWufeifromt he Archos
16:59:54^gizz^it works, but it's never good to use the archos like an ordinary fixed hdd...
17:01:51^gizz^indeed, heavy use of the archos via usb stresses it I guess
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17:02:18^gizz^ie : it's not a good idea to do some scandisk on the archos hdd
17:02:30^gizz^(it's a very long operation)
17:02:45DarthWufeiDoes it stress it to the point where it wears out?
17:03:47^gizz^if I remember well,
17:03:57 Join Epikuros [0] (
17:04:12^gizz^there's one big difference between archos standalone playing music,
17:04:36^gizz^and archos plugged via usb, and mounted by the host computer :
17:05:19^gizz^the hdd is continuously spinning in the later case, as opposed to the former, where timeouts take care of shutting it down..
17:05:25^gizz^see what I mean ?
17:05:29DarthWufeiAh, yeah
17:05:32^gizz^hi epikuros
17:06:29DarthWufeiSo what do you do? Listen through headphones at the computer?
17:06:58^gizz^you can do that, yes
17:07:37^gizz^but I prefer have the same MP3 tree on both my hosts and my archos, and keep them in sync,
17:07:49DarthWufeiI see
17:07:53^gizz^then I can listen to music from hosts when working,
17:08:06^gizz^and from archos when jogging or roller skating..
17:10:19Epikuros*just looking around*
17:10:31DarthWufeiMaybe these speakers here at my PC can plug into the headphones? o_O
17:10:51DarthWufeiI would love to have the space to sync them like that, but I don't have that big of a HDD..
17:13:45^gizz^I see
17:14:11^gizz^well, I'm just playing ac dc from my archos with winamp;
17:14:18^gizz^no problems !
17:14:30DarthWufeiBut fo rhow long? :P
17:14:48^gizz^music is crispy clear, no skip (and I'm in USB 1.1, you will be with USB 2.0 lucky you :))
17:15:43DarthWufeiOh no, USB 1.1, haha. MY PC is kind of old. :
17:16:14^gizz^to my opinion, it's no problem to use it to hear music occasionnaly (when hdd are too small) but I wonder if it's a good idea in the long term (archos wearing out ?)
17:16:43^gizz^usb : well, upgrade ! (usb pci cards tends to be cheaper day/day)
17:17:15DarthWufeiah yeah, I really should
17:18:39DarthWufeiI could just put my PC speakers into the headphone jack
17:18:55^gizz^yes, I see no problems
17:19:03^gizz^it's a standard connector
17:19:21DarthWufeiAh cool
17:20:22^gizz^plus, there are both "ear" (amplified) and "line out" (not-amplified) output jacks on my player, it must be the same on recorders
17:20:43 Quit Epikuros ()
17:20:56^gizz^this way you can use an external amplifier if you have one
17:21:27DarthWufeioh nice
17:28:14 Join scott666 [0] (
17:29:07 Join T-rack [0] (
17:31:42DarthWufeiheya Scott and T-rack
17:32:34scott666heh, the first time i read that i thought it said 'DarthWaffle'
17:32:51DarthWufeihaha, that's fine. Everyone does. :P I don't mind if I'm called that either
17:32:58scott666persoanlly i think thats a much better name
17:38:02 Quit T-rack ("Leaving")
17:38:14DarthWufeigizz: So maybe if I just use it through USB for a short time, like to broadcast something, it should be alright?
17:38:27scott666what should?
17:39:16DarthWufeiPlaying mp3s from the archos to winamp..
17:39:20DarthWufeithrough USB 1.1
17:39:38scott666whats the problem there?
17:40:00scott666ive done it, it works fine
17:40:22DarthWufeiAh, gizz just said that it may not be a good idea for long term use.
17:40:30scott666well not for longterm
17:40:44scott666...unless you plug it in to the charger
17:41:03scott666but if its going to be longterm anyway, why not just copy all the files off?
17:42:10DarthWufeiHehe, my Archos is larger than my PC's HDD. So I'm trying to make room, plus I was in the market for a MP3 player anywho heh. Though it's not really longterm, just a few hours every day for when I'm on the PC.
17:59:23^gizz^DarthWaffle :) : just a few hours a day, it must be doable w/o harming the archos too much..
18:00:15^gizz^.. but maybe you could consider buying an extra hdd (maybe 20-40Gig would be enough for MP3, and rather cheap tho)
18:05:26 Join edx [0] (
18:05:38DarthWufeiOkay @___@ I'll think about it >_>
18:05:57DarthWufeiI'd rather not, parents are going to buy me a new computer in January
18:06:02DarthWufeiSo I can wait heh
18:06:08DarthWufeiCollege :)
18:06:13^gizz^sure :)
18:06:36^gizz^usb 2, big hdd, wow :)
18:07:12^gizz^BTW, how old are you ?
18:07:55^gizz^I'm 10 older ;)
18:08:09DarthWufeiAh ha :D
18:28:11 Nick DarthWufei is now known as DW-Away (
18:40:48 Part ^gizz^
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20:22:42Plughyes, Scott. I do talk on occasion ;)
20:23:10PlughI also keep an eye on what's said in the channel from time to time
20:23:28Plugh23:04 < scott666> plugh is capable of speech
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21:17:20midknight2k3this is more like it
21:17:36midknight2k3and logbot aint an op
21:18:52Zagoryou want me to fix that?
21:18:53midknight2k3at the bottom of each page it says when last modified and then it says "The Rockbox Crew"
21:19:04midknight2k3Why does "The Rockbox Crew" link to the mailing list page?
21:19:07midknight2k3no please
21:19:21 Nick scott666_ is now known as scott666 (
21:19:26midknight2k3it should like to "The noble people behind rockbox" or something
21:19:31Zagorbecause we got a lot of rockbox mail to our private addresses when those were listed there
21:20:14midknight2k3but it could link to the credits or something else
21:20:20midknight2k3i guess it makes sense
21:20:21midknight2k3a little
21:21:06midknight2k3i found a bug
21:21:09midknight2k3i found a bug
21:23:05midknight2k3if you are skipping tracks
21:23:15midknight2k3youre at track one and you want to go to four
21:23:33scott666you press right 3 times
21:23:44midknight2k3you press 5 times and it goes to 5 and right away press BACK to get to 4 it will go to 6, thinking you pressed forward
21:24:05midknight2k3you press FOUR times and it goes to 5 and right away press BACK to get to 4 it will go to 6, thinking you pressed forward
21:25:42Zagorif you are at #1 and press five times, you will get to #6, not #5. that's not a bug, it's mathematics...
21:25:48midknight2k3Track 1 playing.. press >> 4 times and right away press << once and it will go not forward four and back one but forware four and FORWARD one
21:25:59midknight2k3thats not what i meant
21:26:26midknight2k3it regards << as >> when skipping
21:26:41midknight2k3it doesnt happen when you are going << and then head >>
21:28:35midknight2k3Track 1. >>, >>, >>, >>, then << equals track 6 instead of 4
21:28:37midknight2k3makes sense?
21:28:58midknight2k3i am compiling these new sliders by cent20
21:29:31Zagorsounds very strange.
21:29:44midknight2k3happens with the latest daily builds afaik
21:30:07midknight2k3it's like it's seen you go forward four tracks so it thinks the next button will be forward was well
21:30:21midknight2k3as well*
21:30:27Zagorsounds more like a hardware glitch, reall
21:30:41midknight2k3i tried it many times
21:30:45midknight2k3or at least 3
21:31:50midknight2k3my f3 button is busted
21:32:06midknight2k3it can lift up on either side or something
21:32:10midknight2k3its hard to press
21:32:23midknight2k3but i am afraid to return it as they might have done away with archos completely
21:32:32midknight2k3and without rockbox i am just...
21:33:27midknight2k3i can't imagine living with a zen
21:34:08midknight2k3do a lot of the patches not compile?
21:34:16midknight2k3because a lot of them i have tried dont
21:35:52Zagorpatches can't compile, per definition. a patch is just a change description.
21:36:23midknight2k3a lot of them give errors
21:36:31midknight2k3and the patched rockbox won't compile
21:36:36midknight2k3is that wording correctly?
21:41:12midknight2k3zagor: i feel you should still make a rocks area similar to patches
21:41:28midknight2k3where people put up their rocks for download
21:41:34midknight2k3rocks don't mix well with patches
21:41:56Zagorwe should do a lot of things. like clone ourselves :)
21:42:17midknight2k3i remember a similar reply last time i mentioned it ;)
21:42:30midknight2k3"yeah. and we should have 48-hour days :)" or something
21:43:19midknight2k3it can't be that hard? just on sourceforge, i saw a different project with feature requests, bug reports, patches and plugins
21:43:21Zagori'm feeling a bit bad about having had so little time for rockbox the last month or so. i hope to get more time soon.
21:44:04midknight2k3you started the project in the first place. take a break if you wish, your highenss :D
21:44:22Zagori'm having that break right now, haven't you noticed? ;)
21:44:33midknight2k3and it is a welcome break
21:45:02midknight2k3i don't believe i just checked out rockbox to builddir
21:45:08midknight2k3not it's all mixed together
21:45:58midknight2k3can recording be a plugin later on?
21:46:02midknight2k3or is it too big?
21:47:13 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back....eventually...")
21:51:12midknight2k3aww man
21:51:17midknight2k3it wont compile
21:51:33midknight2k3where's cent20 when you need him
21:52:00Zagorrecording is core functionality, so it probably will not be a plugin
21:57:24 Join scott666 [0] (
22:25:18[IDC]DragonHi Zagor, I undestand PIC a bit better now.
22:26:49[IDC]Dragongcc sucks, its not "real" PIC, instead the linker can place a relocation table to a section you define.
22:27:14Zagorwhat other pic is there?
22:27:25[IDC]Dragonthis table contains all the absolute addresses in one place.
22:27:47[IDC]Dragon"real" pic can run from any address.
22:28:05[IDC]DragonAll the PC-relative calculations are done within.
22:28:06Zagoronly if there are no external references
22:28:32[IDC]Dragonshure, no outside ref, that's a different subject.
22:28:51[IDC]DragonBack to the table:
22:29:03 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
22:29:09[IDC]DragonIt can then be offset.
22:29:59[IDC]DragonIf you e.g. link to address 0 (recommended), you just walk the table and offset each value you find by your load address.
22:30:35[IDC]DragonOnly the table itself is patched, not the code.
22:30:58[IDC]DragonI think the table is 0-terminated.
22:31:19[IDC]DragonI've placed it at the beginning of my binary.
22:31:54midknight2k3does this have to do with flashing?
22:32:16[IDC]DragonYou know I'm having an eye on the plugins, would this still be useful?
22:32:41[IDC]Dragonmidknight2k3: no.
22:33:01midknight2k3i hoped that holding on butt would be solved soon
22:33:20[IDC]Dragonhold on to your butt
22:33:54midknight2k3i hope the on-butt-on dilemma will be solved soon
22:34:05midknight2k3i will do all butt hold my butt
22:36:03[IDC]DragonZagor, are PIC-plugins interesting?
22:37:13Zagorno, i still don't think the gains are worth the price
22:38:05[IDC]DragonYou mean codesize increase or the effort to offset a table?
22:38:27Zagorsystem complexity, mostly
22:39:35[IDC]DragonHmm, I'm not really buying that, but anyway.
22:39:46Zagori know i'm making you unhappy, but 8mb users are such an extreme minority
22:40:05[IDC]DragonI'm not unhappy. ;-)
22:40:12midknight2k3not yet
22:40:19Zagorok, good :)
22:41:29[IDC]DragonI'ts not just 8MB, its having an "executable format" that works more universally. Think about runtime allocation or multi-plugins.
22:41:50[IDC]DragonBut we can worry about that at it's time.
22:42:01Zagorexactly. there are so many other problems to be solved first before any of that can work
22:42:35[IDC]DragonFirst I'd like to see a flashed player.
22:42:56midknight2k3i can run "star" and "wormlet" at the same time if you can do the executable mabob thingy?
22:43:04midknight2k3i will shut up now.
22:43:18Zagormidknight2k3: thanks :)
22:43:30midknight2k3i am a nuisance
22:44:05[IDC]DragonSpeaking about time, it's bedtime for me again.
22:44:22midknight2k3good bye and good night
22:44:24midknight2k3and good work
22:44:26Zagorgood night
22:44:37 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:46:32midknight2k3[hint] i really hope a-b repeat will be released soon! [/hint]
22:46:41 Join T-rack [0] (
22:46:48Zagor:-) don't hold your breath
22:47:06midknight2k3maybe someone else will do it
22:47:21T-rackhello Zagor
22:47:21scott666id rather the patches that already exist get added then to have more patches
22:47:30midknight2k3i bet
22:47:52Zagorscott666: amen
22:47:55T-racki said hi Zagor
22:48:02midknight2k3hell T-rack
22:48:05midknight2k3hello t-rack
22:48:06midknight2k3i mean
22:48:16midknight2k3i meant the other thing
22:48:17midknight2k3i think
22:48:23midknight2k3i think i thought i meant the latter
22:48:32Zagori T-rack
22:48:39midknight2k3oh my good
22:48:42Zagorhi even
22:48:43midknight2k3a new concept
22:48:53midknight2k3tracktheripper moved to mac
22:49:03midknight2k3i got it
22:49:18midknight2k3it's software that lets you mix music like soundforge
22:49:21midknight2k3I WILL BE RICH
22:49:30midknight2k3iTrack (C) 2003 midknight2k3
22:49:34midknight2k3all rights reserved
22:49:58midknight2k3thanks for the idea zagor
22:51:03midknight2k3just take out the space and the dash and you got a multimillon dollar program's name
22:51:17midknight2k3did i mention iTrack will be for apple macs only?
22:51:24midknight2k3note the lowercase "i"
22:51:33midknight2k3apple's trademark
22:52:26midknight2k3iPod iMac iMovie iBook iDVD iTunes
22:52:32T-rackSHUT UP
22:52:40midknight2k3i like that new camera
22:53:08midknight2k3thanks for your new persona track
22:53:16midknight2k3it helped me with the naming of a sound forge for mac
22:54:59 Quit T-rack ("Leaving")
22:55:06midknight2k3a bit grouchy?
22:55:21midknight2k3a bit of an understatement?
22:56:39midknight2k3is your new monitor working well zagor?
22:56:59DW-Awaymidknight, you're not a supporter of Rockbox are you?
22:57:03Zagoryup. i still haven't got my new graphics card for it, though
22:57:10midknight2k3supporter of rockbox?
22:57:28midknight2k3i am not a team member thing
22:57:34midknight2k3i am a rockbox user
22:57:41DW-AwayThat's what I meant.
22:57:48DW-AwayThen why are you bothering these guys?
22:57:49midknight2k3well, no i am not then
22:58:01DW-AwayYou seem kindof rude..
22:58:33midknight2k3"a bit grouchy?" was directed at t-rack
22:58:42midknight2k3and the three sentences after that
22:58:49midknight2k3except for the monitor one
22:58:56DW-AwayI see, well I don't get all the silly questions and constant nagging. @_@ Heh
22:59:16DW-AwaySorry, I just found it odd.
22:59:45ZagorDW-Away: you are right, midknight is an odd person ;)
23:00:03DW-AwayWell I'm back to being away heh
23:00:08midknight2k3good bye
23:00:15DW-AwaySee ya. :)
23:00:21midknight2k3beware of your wandering.. mouse pointer
23:00:35 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back....eventually...")
23:01:39midknight2k3it may be my last few days with rockbox
23:01:42midknight2k3i hope not
23:02:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:03:45midknight2k3i need cent20 to come back
23:03:49midknight2k3this patch will not compile
23:34:27 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
23:40:15 Join ^gizz^ [0] (

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