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#rockbox log for 2003-08-26

00:03:09gizzdragon : ok, I ucl'ed latest rockbox, about to powercycle now
00:03:20midknight2k3it may work!
00:04:01gizzstill the red led flashes
00:04:20[IDC]Dragonwath exactly is the symptom?
00:06:18gizzscreens lightens (backlight) then it freezes, and red lid is blinking
00:06:35[IDC]Dragonnothing on the display?
00:07:00[IDC]Dragonbut backlight is on all the time?
00:07:23 Quit T ("Leaving")
00:07:40gizzone point :
00:07:46gizzhdd never spins up
00:07:50 Quit AciD` (Operation timed out)
00:07:54 Join AciD` [0] (
00:08:17[IDC]DragonInteresting, for the recorders it's on by default.
00:08:18gizzdragon : it's funny, my archos doesn't make any noise
00:08:31[IDC]Dragonwithout any software interaction.
00:08:41gizzso you gav me a recorder firmware heh ? :)
00:08:49DarthWufeiI've got a bunch of corrupt folders, dunno how to delete them
00:08:53DarthWufeiWindows won't let me heh
00:09:41[IDC]DragonDo we have LED blinking code?
00:09:51Bagderwe do
00:09:56Bagderthe original code
00:09:57gizzdragon : to my opinion, it's an ata_start missing or something ?
00:09:58Bagderfirst ever
00:10:16gizzor even an ata IO init missing
00:10:19 Quit DarthWufei (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:10:20midknight2k3bagder should have said "we do indeed"
00:11:13[IDC]DragonBagder, where and under what conditions is that kicked off?
00:11:21Bagder[IDC]Dragon: the led blinks when we read from the disk
00:11:47gizzbut there, it blinks regularly, like an error
00:11:57[IDC]DragonI know, but is it also some early error indication?
00:12:03Bagderah, no
00:12:08BagderI don't think so
00:12:22[IDC]DragonLike, if inits fail and the LCD is not yet alive?
00:12:37Bagdernot to my knowledge
00:12:41[IDC]DragonWould be a smart thing.
00:13:31[IDC]DragonAh, I found it.
00:13:35midknight2k3i got an idea
00:13:51midknight2k3can you turn the red led into an infrared beam thing so we can use remotes?
00:13:55[IDC]Dragonif app_main() returns, we do flash in main().
00:14:21 Join DarthWufei [0] (
00:14:28DarthWufeicorrupt folders, can't delete heh
00:14:32[IDC]DragonShould be 5 Hz, can you confirm that, gizz?
00:14:48gizzlet me review the movie ;)
00:15:30gizzwell, I can see
00:15:40*DarthWufei sighs
00:15:44DarthWufeiI open the folder
00:15:45gizzthe red led being lightened every seconds
00:15:54DarthWufeiand find a bunch of folders and files with gibberish titles
00:16:32[IDC]DragonSO it's more like 1 Hz?
00:16:52*DarthWufei sighs
00:17:03gizzdragon : indeed, yes
00:17:16gizzdefinitely not 5HZ
00:17:19[IDC]DragonHmm, then it must be something else.
00:17:26DarthWufeiCan anyone even see what I'ms aying?
00:17:45 Join T-rack [0] (
00:18:10*DarthWufei just decided to wait until someone is willing to help
00:18:40*DarthWufei sighs
00:19:05[IDC]DragonA panic also flashes the LED, if I read the code correct.
00:19:07gizzdarth : xp ? 98 ?
00:19:18gizzdragon : at what freq ?
00:19:36gizzdarth : and you say the root of your archos is full of files heh ?
00:19:45DarthWufeiNo, one of the folders I made
00:19:53DarthWufeiFull of gibberish folders and files X_X
00:20:09[IDC]Dragoncan't tell, it's not timed "properly", instead there is a wait loop.
00:20:35 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:20:37gizzdragon : all I can say, is the period seems to last one sec,
00:20:57gizzand the duty cycle seems to be 1/2
00:20:59[IDC]DragonI strongly guess there's missing inits.
00:21:33[IDC]DragonThe LCD is not initiialized, and the HD is not powered up, causing the rest to fail.
00:21:37gizzdragon : about you 5 hz code, do you guess the duty cycle there ?
00:21:58[IDC]DragonDuty is exacly 50%.
00:22:02BagderDarthWufei: you ran scandisk on it?
00:22:13DarthWufeiI can do that? @___@ Ok
00:22:17DarthWufeiNOt yet
00:22:19gizzdragon : well, then
00:22:48BagderDarthWufei: try that, it sounds like a filesystem messed up
00:22:53[IDC]Dragongizz: I suggest you flash an ucl of your liking now.
00:22:53gizzdragon : maybe your 5 Hz could be some 2Hz or so here, (if timer is not as accurate as wanted)
00:23:08[IDC]DragonNo quick fix for tonight.
00:23:15DarthWufeiI'll try it, what's the command for scandisk?
00:23:29[IDC]DragonI'd like to go to bed.
00:23:31*Bagder has no clue
00:23:36gizzdragon : I understand...
00:23:45gizzdragon : thank you anyway ! :)
00:23:46BagderDarthWufei: try finding it some menu
00:24:02[IDC]DragonThis is the hard part now: finding missing inits.
00:24:05gizzfor those interested, I've put some movies of the beastie online ;)
00:24:45[IDC]DragonAlmost impossible via remote debugging, without such a box.
00:25:15[IDC]DragonBest thing is gdb.
00:25:16gizzdragon : do you think I should set the serial mod up ?
00:25:31midknight2k3gizz could have toasted his player
00:25:37midknight2k3must not care for the old thing that much
00:25:50[IDC]DragonIf you can, and have the skills to also work with it to find the bugs.
00:26:16gizzmidknight : well, if you'd seen what my archos looks like, you wouldn't have said that ;)
00:26:30gizzdragon : I'll see
00:26:35Bagdergizz is a hero!
00:26:54gizzbagder : oops, not too quick !
00:26:57[IDC]DragonLinus has serial at his player, but it's not flashable :(
00:27:09gizzdragon : I know :(
00:27:19gizzplus he's a Master at gdb'ing
00:27:36[IDC]DragonOK, we have to postpone this.
00:27:38gizz.. he's a Master, shortly indeed
00:27:51gizzdragon : ok, good night then
00:27:58 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
00:28:17gizzanybody interested by the archos-being-flashed movies online ?
00:28:27gizz(before I leave :))
00:29:59midknight2k3i want to see them
00:30:08midknight2k3bagder should put them on the rockbox website
00:30:12gizzI just hope you'll be able to view AVI as MJPEG
00:30:38gizzit's not high quality theatre :)
00:30:38midknight2k3i want to see
00:30:46midknight2k3neither is any online movie
00:30:47gizzjust amateur garbage ;)
00:30:57Bagderwhich is the best one? ;-)
00:31:24T-rackwhy can u no longer file requests as Anonymous?
00:31:26gizzthe different movies where shoot at every step of flashing process :
00:31:47gizzfirst, the dual boot, then ucl, etc...
00:31:56midknight2k3track-because of you
00:32:00gizz(don't remember exactly what is what :))
00:32:03midknight2k3too many bogus ones as anonymous
00:32:18T-racklol like wot
00:32:23midknight2k3like "sdd"
00:32:27midknight2k3or like "tea maker"
00:32:32midknight2k3or like "multi function"
00:32:38^-^_DarkAngel_^-too many people on this file ?
00:33:03*Bagder watches movies ;-)
00:34:02Bagderthey're cool!
00:34:04gizzbagder : don't dream of them tonight ;-)
00:34:15gizzcan you see MJPEG moveis ?
00:34:16Bagderxine plays them fine
00:34:31gizzmy xine/mplayer crash randomly :(
00:34:49DarthWufeiHmm, why is it that Rockbox shuts down and Archos boots to the old firmware after a while on USB?
00:35:16midknight2k3i know
00:35:27midknight2k3rockbox runs out of battery and shuts down and archos jumps in and boots with itself
00:36:10midknight2k3makes sense
00:36:52DarthWufeiI wonder if that failed my scandisk... 8pokes it*
00:37:32Bagderwhen the disk runs, you can't feed it enough power
00:37:38Bagderit will eventually run out
00:37:46Bagdereven if plugged in
00:38:55T-racklol there should be a request "Turbocharge the harging operation"
00:39:12midknight2k3disable the regulator
00:45:11*gizz snorks - no rockbox yet in his dual boot player :'(
00:45:52 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
00:46:37DarthWufeiHow many phases does scandisk have? -_-;
00:47:15hardeephmmm... new, waning, waxing, full ?
00:47:27gizzhi hardeep
00:47:34^-^_DarkAngel_^-thanx to midknight2k3, I've just submited my first patch :)
00:47:37hardeephi gizz
00:47:47PlughDark: what this time?
00:47:55gizzhardeep : are a player or recorder owner ?
00:47:56PlughNobody wants to work on my patch :(
00:48:03^-^_DarkAngel_^-euh.... Plugh : ?
00:48:15hardeepgizz: recorder
00:48:30gizzok nevermind :)
00:48:34Plughmidknight tends to pester people into writing his patches for him
00:48:42PlughI do too, but with less success
00:48:50hardeep^-^_DarkAngel_^-: you should use a btter description then "to fast"
00:48:55hardeeper better
00:49:15midknight2k3wati a sec
00:49:24midknight2k3people talking about me and me not paying attention?
00:49:44^-^_DarkAngel_^-done :)
00:49:55^-^_DarkAngel_^-this is my first try :)
00:50:09^-^_DarkAngel_^-so please say if I'm doing something bad :)
00:50:17BagderI changed the subject at the same time you did ;-)
00:50:33midknight2k3i think darkangels name was better than yours lol
00:50:48^-^_DarkAngel_^-yep but already in use :)
00:50:57DarthWufeiso slow ~_~
00:51:31^-^_DarkAngel_^-funny the "changes" table on cvs :)
00:51:47^-^_DarkAngel_^-is the patch working ?
00:51:55*DarthWufei ponders if scandisk is doing anything
00:52:01midknight2k3i am trying to get somethign else working before i do that
00:52:19Plughscandisk runs as many times as it feels like
00:52:30midknight2k3ti does really
00:52:36Plughif the disk is in use, it will keep running forever
00:52:42^-^_DarkAngel_^-scandisk ? still exists ? not check disk (chkdsk) ?
00:52:56^-^_DarkAngel_^-Plugh : yes... again and again :)
00:53:07^-^_DarkAngel_^-until you have a power break :)))) lolol
00:53:08Plughchkdsk is oldschool
00:53:09*DarthWufei isn't using the disk though -_-
00:53:18^-^_DarkAngel_^-Plugh : and new school too :)
00:53:59 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
00:54:02^-^_DarkAngel_^-lol :)
00:54:36*Plugh loads up 53242 genes in his data inspector
00:54:36DarthWufeiForget it
00:54:49DarthWufeiThere really should be a faster to way to fix this
00:55:11^-^_DarkAngel_^-DarthWufei : low disk format ?
00:55:22PlughDarth: Hand me that unit. I'll tell you whether it works or not... ;)
00:55:22DarthWufeiWhat does that do?
00:56:06^-^_DarkAngel_^-well... put 0 on your drive... :)
00:56:07PlughThe side of the building says your case is cracked and your unit may have sustained physical damage to the internal parts
00:56:36DarthWufeiWhat are you talking about? heh
00:57:07Plughthis group has this defenestration fetish
00:57:18midknight2k3i do!
00:57:42^-^_DarkAngel_^-I'm not from this group yet (what am I doing here ?)
00:58:14DarthWufeiI'm really in no mood for kidding aroun
00:58:40midknight2k3if you can laugh you can kid
00:58:44Plughit's what we do when we don't know the answer
00:58:57DarthWufei"Heh" is not really a laugh coming from me. @_@
00:59:28^-^_DarkAngel_^-actually i'm not really laughing... just a smile (to late for me...)
01:00:26DarthWufeiI'll run scandisk again
01:00:53Plughfsck may be better
01:01:04DarthWufeiWhat is fsck?
01:01:19midknight2k3fuck with an s
01:01:26DarthWufeiOk enough really
01:01:27Plughit's the fscking best utility to fsk your fscking disk
01:01:34midknight2k3fsking fsk on!
01:01:37DarthWufeiI've had no sleep.
01:01:41DarthWufeiAnd want some help
01:01:46DarthWufeiAnd I'm just not in the mood
01:01:56^-^_DarkAngel_^-what's up DarthWufei ?
01:01:56PlughUNIX file system check
01:02:12PlughFile System ChecK
01:02:35DarthWufei[17:15:37] <DarthWufei> I open the folder
01:02:38DarthWufei[17:15:47] <DarthWufei> and find a bunch of folders and files with gibberish titles
01:02:59gizzdarth :
01:03:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:03:17^-^_DarkAngel_^-ah... last time I had this... I reformat (in low level with the bios) and it works :)
01:03:18gizzwhat kind of gibberish data do you have exactly ?
01:03:33DarthWufeiREFORMAT? Ugh
01:03:46^-^_DarkAngel_^-strange characters ? like '?', '@', '¤', '£'....
01:04:01^-^_DarkAngel_^-got an AntiVirus ?
01:04:23gizzdarth : I've seen that well, yesterday
01:04:48gizzit was on a FAT32 partition
01:04:52^-^_DarkAngel_^-format is (I think) the better way...
01:05:08^-^_DarkAngel_^-gizz : same for me but a long time ago (fat16 maybe)
01:05:13DarthWufeiWell I best move these files back onto the main PC..
01:05:14gizzI had to format :-(
01:05:52^-^_DarkAngel_^-on the net (google...) you can find data restore software... but all I can say is "Good Luck"
01:05:56gizzI believe this is a FAT corrupt problem => you have to format
01:06:16DarthWufeiCan I change the HDD type afterwards?
01:06:20DarthWufeiTo NTFS or something?
01:06:20gizzdarth : did you have so important data ?? or only MP3 files ?
01:06:25DarthWufeiMP3 files
01:06:36Plughno ntfs
01:06:42gizzdarth : if you have your MP3 tree in sync somewhere,
01:06:44Plughbad. evil. nasty.
01:06:44^-^_DarkAngel_^-MP3 can be remade (you got the original, of course :)
01:06:56gizzthen don't hesitate : format (full one, not quick one)
01:07:05gizzdark : hin hin
01:07:26gizzdarth : don't turn it to NTFS. Just don't
01:07:30^-^_DarkAngel_^-maybe with partition magic you could restore something.... maybe not :)
01:07:31gizz(it won't work)
01:07:39^-^_DarkAngel_^-no ntfs for the archos :)
01:07:43^-^_DarkAngel_^-just fat
01:07:51gizzdark: I guess not : if his FAT is broken
01:07:53DarthWufeiHey it works now
01:07:59DarthWufeiScandisk DID do something
01:07:59gizzaha ?
01:08:06^-^_DarkAngel_^-well, try "fdisk /mbr"
01:08:12gizzdo you see clear name again ?
01:08:16^-^_DarkAngel_^-maybe with a lot of luck :)
01:08:24DarthWufeiThe folder with the corrupt stuff is gone
01:08:34^-^_DarkAngel_^-waow... lucky...
01:08:41gizzdark : do you know exactly what fdisk mbr does ?
01:08:44^-^_DarkAngel_^-copy all to another place then format...
01:08:49gizzgood new then :)
01:09:10^-^_DarkAngel_^-gizz : replace the partition table with an old one...
01:09:16^-^_DarkAngel_^-should work
01:09:23 Quit T-rack ("Leaving")
01:09:36gizzdarth : if you have extra external hdd space, I suggest you to keep a backup MP3 tree for next time ;)
01:09:36DarthWufeiOkay, I'm moving everything back.. then I'll format... how long does formatting take?
01:09:44Plughmbr only replaces the master boot record
01:09:55Plugharchos doesn't use an mbr, afaik
01:10:04gizzdarth : hdd size ?
01:10:19^-^_DarkAngel_^-Plugh : my bad.... :(
01:10:30DarthWufeiLess than 7GB available..
01:10:50^-^_DarkAngel_^-got some GB here if you want :))))
01:10:53gizzdarth : some time then, but you're lucky for tonight, so don't ask too much :-)
01:11:15gizzsee what I mean ?
01:11:36gizzdarth : don't forget to power your archos while formatting
01:12:14^-^_DarkAngel_^-got to sleep a little before going to work... See Ya Rockbox Dream Team :)
01:12:28*^-^_DarkAngel_^- is leaving... thanx to all for help :)
01:12:48DarthWufeiI don't get it though, heh. I bought this thing to free up space.
01:13:13gizzbye dark
01:13:14^-^_DarkAngel_^-DarthWufei : defrag :)
01:13:19 Quit ^-^_DarkAngel_^- ("sleeping time :)")
01:13:19midknight2k3bye bye byte
01:13:32DarthWufeiYou've got me doing 500 things at once. X____X
01:13:57gizzdarth : forget the defrag one - 499 :)
01:15:55*DarthWufei sighs
01:16:32gizzbagder : are you there ?
01:18:09gizzbagder : I presume the fact that no ucl are generated for the player, is due to flash not implemented for it yet ?
01:19:13Bagderyou mean on the daily build page?
01:19:59DarthWufeiSo after I format
01:20:01DarthWufeiwhat do I do?
01:20:03gizzI see ucl for recorders, but not player
01:20:04Bagderyeah, I'm skipping that on purpose
01:20:16gizzdarth : you sync your MP3 back ??
01:20:21Bagderit'll be easy to add once it works
01:20:25gizzbagder : yes ?
01:20:45gizzbagder : well, it works, at least here :)
01:21:05BagderI saw the movie ;-)
01:21:06gizz(I'm speaking of ucl files, not rockbox-in-flash)
01:21:28gizzdo you think I'm stuck to compile player-ucl myself ?
01:22:13DarthWufeigizz: -_- Ok
01:22:17gizzmovie : I added the dual-boot proof :)
01:22:34*DarthWufei would likke to remind everyone he's using USB 1.1 still
01:22:43gizzon the previously told website
01:22:45Bagdergizz: I'd rather wait a little with adding the .ucl on that page at least
01:23:05gizzbagder : you're damn right indeed, I'm too impatient
01:23:27gizzdarth : the same for me grr - 15 GB to wait :-
01:23:46gizzoops 6 GB here :-p
01:24:06DarthWufeiI wish I didn'thave to sync, that doesn't free up any space..
01:24:46Bagdergizz: if you want to, I can set up a magic url for you
01:24:52Bagderwith the latest ucl for the player
01:25:32gizzwell, if you don't mind (I lost my sh-gcc setup :-()
01:25:45gizzI love magic :)
01:26:08Bagderthat's the rockbox.ucl file from the daily build
01:26:15Bagderit'll get rebuilt every morning here
01:26:28midknight2k3so now
01:26:35midknight2k3i will download that and flash it to my recorder
01:26:39midknight2k3so ti will die
01:27:07midknight2k3once i flashed a recorder ucl to my fm recorder
01:27:16midknight2k3i caught myself before turning it off
01:27:17gizztake no responsability here :-p
01:27:44gizzmidnight=lucky guy
01:29:16midknight2k3how so?
01:29:27midknight2k3i would have had fallback
01:29:32midknight2k3it would have been cool actually
01:29:48midknight2k3to see it go "&ROCKBOX" and then "<blank"
01:30:00midknight2k3and the hard drive would gnash it's heads at me
01:30:07midknight2k3and i would click on again and again
01:30:25midknight2k3like "VHIRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr..."
01:30:38midknight2k3is that bad for it to do that sound thing?
01:30:59midknight2k3the screech of death is it called?
01:31:09 Join thairock [0] (~jirc@
01:31:18thairockhowdy folk
01:31:30gizzbagder : did you set a cron job for the magic url ?
01:31:33midknight2k3thiarock rocks
01:31:38gizzhi thai
01:31:40midknight2k3thairock sorry
01:31:55thairockhey midknight, now my jukebox boots up but "descrambles" before bringin up rockbox
01:32:03midknight2k3thairock thinks ipods are crappy
01:32:04thairockhi gizz
01:32:13midknight2k3you have an old daily build
01:32:16thairockipods are for fanboys
01:32:19midknight2k3reflash with new wone
01:32:24Bagdergizz: nope, its a symlink straight into the auto build dir
01:32:28midknight2k3and they arent even all taht good
01:32:31thairockreflash again?
01:32:45Bagdergizz: and the autobuilds are cronjobs already
01:33:01thairockdownload the new daily build.. which file?
01:33:22gizzbagder : ah, and player-ucl were *already* cronjobbed ? :)
01:33:41gizzbut not advertized on dailies page ?
01:33:49Bagderyes, it is always built by normal builds
01:33:54Bagderif uclpack is present
01:34:02gizzBagder rulez
01:34:13*Bagder bows
01:34:24gizzoh, I remember such detail told on the ML :)
01:35:15midknight2k3heh gizz
01:35:16*gizz believes rockbox is getting mightier day after day - Congrats
01:35:23gizzyes ?
01:35:23midknight2k3i watched the 5929 movie
01:35:38midknight2k3click, Checking! Check OK!
01:35:41midknight2k3then it left
01:35:46midknight2k3your hand retreated slowly
01:36:31gizzlet me see again
01:36:50midknight2k3your finger went back a little, then a little more, then all the way back
01:36:53midknight2k3as you were surprised
01:37:15gizzheh - nobody laughs ok ?? :)
01:37:30midknight2k3it was pretty funny
01:38:02gizzdid you see the last added ?
01:38:10midknight2k3which one
01:38:19gizz5935 - live proof of dual boot
01:38:24midknight2k3i will
01:38:28midknight2k310mb on 56k sucks
01:38:43gizzI'm gonna test the latest bagder ucl, just to see
01:39:01gizzyou're not adsl'ed ?
01:39:12gizzare you ?
01:39:16DarthWufeiWhy exactly do I need to format? Everything is wokring. o_O
01:39:17gizzsniff for you
01:39:18midknight2k3that was the other guy
01:39:29midknight2k3sort of
01:39:30 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
01:39:32midknight2k3not really
01:39:48gizzhere in france it costs me 30EUR
01:40:08cent20good night or good afternoon or good whatever everybody
01:40:11 Part cent20
01:40:12gizzfor a 2400 Kbits/s
01:40:19gizzbye vince
01:40:21midknight2k3comcast doesnt service the area
01:40:27midknight2k3so my only option is like one dsl thing
01:40:56gizzdaarth ?
01:41:05midknight2k3i will say it
01:41:08DarthWufeiAny reason why I really need to format? @_@
01:41:18midknight2k3not at all drathwolfie
01:41:20gizzdarth : oooh yes
01:41:28gizz(sorry for the lag)
01:41:37thairockwhoo hoo, rockbox rocks!
01:42:02gizzdarth : believe me :
01:42:18gizzscandisk lets you One chance, not two,
01:42:24gizzsee what I mean ?
01:42:24midknight2k3\ /
01:42:27midknight2k3 \0/
01:42:30midknight2k3big arms
01:42:53DarthWufeiAm I going to encounter this problem a lot?
01:42:54gizzmidknight is in good shape tonight, gentlemen
01:43:04gizzdarth : well not exactly,
01:43:17gizzbut who said scandisk *totally* repaired your fat ??
01:43:22midknight2k3its afternoon
01:43:26midknight2k3i have fat!
01:43:35midknight2k3how can you repair fat?
01:44:06gizzmidnight : sorry, it's late here in Old Europe :)
01:44:40DarthWufeiwhat's the format command for XP? @_@
01:44:42DarthWufeiDrive F..
01:44:50midknight2k3format f:
01:44:55midknight2k3back it up first
01:44:57gizzdarth : if you want to be safe, better format it (and yes* I know how long it is to resync MP3 trees <sigh>)
01:45:03midknight2k3it might be format f:\
01:45:08DarthWufeiit's alright
01:45:23PlughI have less free drive space than the data on my FMR
01:45:28midknight2k3i watch videos in order
01:45:39gizzmid ?
01:45:39midknight2k3right plugh@
01:46:03gizzyes ? and ??
01:46:21midknight2k3it was a joke
01:46:23midknight2k3a laughable joke
01:46:32DarthWufeiAnd how long does formatting take?
01:46:46midknight2k3maybe 10 minutes?
01:46:50midknight2k3or a bit more
01:46:55midknight2k3just see the percent
01:46:59midknight2k3it shows the percent
01:47:06midknight2k3SHEESH what is it fifty questions
01:47:22DarthWufeiI don't appreciate the attitude, heh
01:47:44gizzmid : you're picky tonight
01:47:46thairockstarwars kid!!
01:47:58gizzand I don't understand all your jokes instantly -
01:48:02DarthWufeiWell I'm rebooting, bbl in a few.
01:48:14thairockanyone in Montana here?
01:48:15 Quit DarthWufei (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:48:24gizzmid : would you understand french ones yourself ?
01:48:45midknight2k3everyone hates me!
01:48:59gizzmid : plus you should know that capitalized sentences should be avoided
01:49:04gizzmid : no at all !
01:49:41midknight2k3i forgive you
01:49:41thairockyou're allright, mid
01:49:42 Quit BoD[] ("m lblblelebp")
01:49:44midknight2k3you're lucky
01:50:01thairocknow to connect my jukebox to the Mini
01:50:04*midknight2k3 has quit IRC ("You all hate me!!!")
01:50:16 Join DarthWufei [0] (
01:50:28midknight2k3I TRICKED YOU ALL!
01:50:33midknight2k3I WIN!
01:50:41midknight2k3simple usage of the /me command
01:50:54gizzmid : you joker :)
01:51:22thairockanyone use their archos in their car?
01:51:47gizznot me
01:51:50Plugh16:51 -!- BoD[] [] has quit ["m lblblelebp"]
01:51:55Plugh16:52 * midknight2k3 has quit IRC ("You all hate me!!!")
01:52:07midknight2k3* BoD[] has quit IRC ("m lblblelebp")
01:52:09midknight2k3<thairock> now to connect my jukebox to the Mini
01:52:09midknight2k3* midknight2k3 has quit IRC ("You all hate me!!!")
01:52:09midknight2k3* DarthWufei has joined #rockbox
01:52:12thairockcool. i got mine specifically for the car.
01:52:15midknight2k3no difference
01:52:24Plughmidknight2k3: must be your sucky client
01:52:40midknight2k3YOUR SUCKY CRAP-LIENT is more like it
01:53:02thairockheh, i'm on a java client
01:53:19DarthWufeiYou know, you can format within Windows heh.
01:53:25DarthWufeiLike you format a floppy.
01:53:28midknight2k3THAT is a crap-lient
01:53:32midknight2k3i know
01:53:35midknight2k3format f is better
01:53:38midknight2k3mine is format i
01:53:46DarthWufeiHow old are you?
01:53:56midknight2k3because i have a floppy, two hard drives, two cd drives and a archos
01:54:26thairocknow to get XM in the car
01:54:34*DarthWufei rubs his Archos
01:54:35DarthWufeipoor thing
01:54:39DarthWufeiHaving to go through all this
01:54:49midknight2k3i am watching movie 2
01:54:56midknight2k3from gizz collection
01:54:58gizzbagder : I tried you magic player.ucl : it failed, surely due to bootup IO init mess :(
01:55:07thairockis the Archos multimedia worth getting?
01:55:24gizzthai : no rockbox for it !
01:55:27DarthWufeiSo explain to me, what's wrong with NTFS?
01:55:32midknight2k3it sucks
01:55:35midknight2k3thats why i use it
01:55:35thairockthen i guess not
01:56:07gizzdarth : about archos : it *needs* fat32. that's all
01:56:13DarthWufeiI see
01:56:23DarthWufeiWell I guess since it is fat and all
01:56:27DarthWufeiIt would make sense
01:56:40zesince you can flash rockbox now
01:56:42DarthWufeiThat was a joke. >_>
01:56:56zetheoretically you could switch the filesystem on a flashed unit
01:57:03zeif you implimented a driver for it
01:57:08zei think
01:57:21zei could be wrong, but it seems like you could heh
01:57:21gizzze : you're right
01:57:49zemidknight2k3: hi
01:57:56gizzmaybe some kind of ext3 fs would be more robust
01:58:02midknight2k3sounds familiar...
01:58:04zei dunno about ext3
01:58:16gizzit's a journalized fs,
01:58:16zei've had a bad experience with it personally
01:58:25gizzyes ?
01:58:29zei trusted it to keep my data safe and it didn't
01:58:33midknight2k3i have heard ze somewhere befire
01:58:33gizzI use it every day
01:58:36zei lost a lot of data
01:58:40zemy whole /home directory
01:58:41midknight2k3but where
01:59:00zeand i've still not been able to recover it
01:59:19gizzwhat is an earlier ext3 version ?
01:59:20midknight2k3who can it be?
01:59:23midknight2k3who is ze?
01:59:28midknight2k3or have i not met you before?
01:59:29zemidknight2k3: i'm psycoxul
01:59:29gizzmid : you fool :)
01:59:40midknight2k3i knew it!
01:59:50midknight2k3i knew someone was fooling me
01:59:57 Join edx [0] (
02:00:12midknight2k3try the command /nick. it helps
02:00:28zethis is my new nick
02:00:40zei stopped identifying with that old one a long time ago
02:00:40midknight2k3is there a reason?
02:00:46zebut couldn't come up with a new one
02:00:50midknight2k3i saw ze a few days ago
02:00:56midknight2k3why didnt you keep the old one?
02:00:59zethen recently this one just kinda spontaneously grabbed me
02:01:03 Quit thairock ("Leaving")
02:01:26zei actualy changed my nick on 3 other irc networks some time ago
02:01:30zebut somebody had it on this one
02:01:36zeso i had to wait till they got offline so i could steal it hehe
02:01:50midknight2k3why wasnt psycoxul kept?
02:01:57zewhat do you mean?
02:02:03zekept how?
02:02:10midknight2k3why dont you use that?
02:02:11midknight2k3you don'
02:02:15zelike i said
02:02:15midknight2k3t like it any more?
02:02:20zei stopped identifying with it a long time ago
02:02:25midknight2k3for which reason?
02:02:34zeit was the end of an evolution of nicks
02:02:34midknight2k3people knew psycoxul was a tv smasher?
02:02:43zeand it could evolve no further
02:02:48midknight2k3i miss it
02:02:55zewhile i've evolved past it's meaning
02:03:04zeit doesn't suit me anymore
02:03:30midknight2k3i guess psycoxul is a good nick for someone who enjoys putting marbles through CRTs
02:03:49 Nick gizz is now known as gizz_ (
02:03:55 Nick gizz_ is now known as gizz (
02:04:02 Quit Bagder ("")
02:04:06midknight2k3announcing your presence, gizz? eh?
02:04:24midknight2k3i bet there's also a..
02:04:48gizzmid : nope, I wanted to check if my nick is still used :(
02:04:51midknight2k3or not
02:05:04midknight2k3i bet
02:05:24gizzmy english sucks definitely
02:05:56midknight2k3its very excellent
02:06:26gizzbetter than your french right ? :-p
02:06:47gizzoops sorry
02:07:33midknight2k3would you have been angry if your player died?
02:07:43gizzgood question
02:07:50gizznot really I guess
02:07:55midknight2k3you seemed more than willing to kill it
02:08:01midknight2k3an excuse to get the new ipod lol
02:08:08gizzwell, when you see the movie, you can guess that nope ?
02:08:30midknight2k3if it died what would you have done? sold it on ebay as a 80gig player with all accessories?
02:08:34gizzand exchange my pcs for mac ? doh
02:08:39midknight2k3for like 300bux
02:08:45midknight2k3i dunno
02:08:51midknight2k3an excuse to get the new karma then
02:09:11gizzindeed, I did that because I knew it couldn't fry
02:09:23gizzthere's always fallbacks you know ?
02:09:34midknight2k3not really
02:09:42midknight2k3if you did firmware_flash.rock it would have died
02:09:47gizzever heard about the serial mod ?
02:09:47midknight2k3unless you did uart
02:09:48DarthWufeiall formatted...
02:09:59midknight2k3now get to work
02:10:02midknight2k3well gizz
02:10:06midknight2k3would it be worth it?
02:10:13gizzuart mod ?
02:10:20gizzwhy not
02:10:27gizzit's exciting
02:10:28midknight2k3if flashing didnt work period on players, it wouldn't help for uart
02:11:33gizzanother joke or simply real question ?
02:11:55midknight2k3real question
02:12:10midknight2k3uart wont work if you can't flash the player ever successfully
02:12:20midknight2k3if players just cant be flashed then what?
02:12:39gizzwell, I think they CAN be flashed
02:13:09gizzI believe the uart mod works EVEN if player died from flash
02:13:19gizzit's a.. ermm fallback :)
02:13:42midknight2k3but gizz
02:13:52midknight2k3all the uart will be able to do is let you reflash
02:14:08midknight2k3if it is impossible to reflash, like the chip can't be reprogrammed or wahtever, then what?
02:14:35midknight2k3you should pixelate your movies so they download quicker
02:14:43midknight2k3would you toss it?
02:15:15gizzah true, your RTC internet access..
02:15:41gizz56k already ?
02:15:48midknight2k3RTC on archos means real time clock
02:15:57midknight2k3or whatever
02:16:02*gizz is tired
02:16:32midknight2k3i wish you could take a movie of the player booting and show the scrolling
02:16:45midknight2k3does it scroll charcell by charcell?
02:17:36gizzdon't you see scrolls on movies ?
02:17:52 Quit edx ()
02:17:53DarthWufeiI'm out
02:17:55midknight2k3but so far not many show scroll
02:17:59midknight2k3i am watching the third one
02:18:00DarthWufeiThanks for the help guys, see ya later
02:18:03 Nick DarthWufei is now known as DW-Away (
02:18:12gizzbye darth
02:18:17midknight2k3downloading the third one
02:18:33midknight2k3now 76%
02:18:41gizzyou must have expensive inet bills don't you ?
02:18:46midknight2k3.1MB at a time
02:20:07gizzsorry for RTC : it's a french acronym :-/
02:20:37midknight2k3really .. tumorworthy crap?
02:20:56gizzmeaning : low speed (ie : 56k) commuted telephone network (??)
02:21:08gizzréseau télephonique commuté
02:21:14gizzsorry :)
02:21:28 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
02:21:47midknight2k3reflash again
02:21:59midknight2k3is it a JB 5000, 6000 or 20gig?
02:22:09gizzI've got the impression I make everybody go away from the channel..
02:22:23midknight2k3that is a really...
02:22:26midknight2k3it is very...
02:22:33midknight2k3i believe that is....
02:22:46midknight2k3never mind
02:22:56gizzshitty shit ?
02:23:09midknight2k3close enough\
02:23:13midknight2k399% of #3
02:23:21midknight2k3all done! yay
02:23:25midknight2k3now to watch
02:23:45gizzI hope you won't regret having d/l'd that.. :)
02:24:02midknight2k3i do
02:24:12midknight2k3it appeard to work
02:24:15gizzI warned you ;)
02:24:18midknight2k3i see
02:24:27midknight2k3you loaded a flashed 5.05 to rolo to rockbox
02:24:48midknight2k3rolo used loosely
02:25:04midknight2k3so #4 shows the red led blinking?
02:25:07gizzpretty correct
02:25:07midknight2k3the failed flash?
02:25:21gizzI'm not sure
02:25:36midknight2k3make them in a 56k version so i can see them lol
02:26:03gizzthat's a long work
02:26:13gizzI'm lazy
02:26:27gizzplus, I'm gonna have some sleep
02:26:44gizzsee you later
02:26:51 Part gizz
02:27:00midknight2k3bye then
02:27:06midknight2k3plugh sucks
02:27:15 Quit midknight2k3 ("EeEeE")
02:55:27 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
02:59:37 Join diddystar5 [0] (
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03:06:54 Quit AciD` (" -")
03:06:55 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:26:21 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
03:49:24 Quit adi|home (Connection reset by peer)
03:56:57 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
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05:16:10 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for Windows CE today!")
06:02:23 Join est [0] (
06:02:34estanyone home?
06:07:01 Quit est (Client Quit)
06:26:36 Join k3no [0] (
06:31:26 Join bazzzzzzz [0] (
06:32:00 Part bazzzzzzz
06:41:14 Join hYpersOnic [0] (jirc@
06:42:39hYpersOnichey could someone help me out?
06:43:28hYpersOnicanyone here?
06:45:13 Quit hYpersOnic (Client Quit)
06:48:09 Join Guest_0131239 [0] (B_aCk@
06:48:51Guest_0131239how do I locate and backup my factory firmware on my recorder?
06:50:55 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
06:55:51 Quit Guest_0131239 ()
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08:22:31 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:22:32 Quit k3no (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:27:47 Quit hardeep ("[BX] The Power Rangers use BitchX. Shouldn't you?")
08:34:32 Join matsl [0] (
08:59:51 Nick DW-Away is now known as DarthWufei (
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09:25:10 Join Malphas__ [0] (~s@
09:43:30 Quit DarthWufei (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:52:45 Join DarthWufei [0] (
09:56:18DarthWufeiwhen I play a m3u file it doesn't let me go to the next track
10:04:14 Join edx [0] (
10:04:43DarthWufeihi edx
10:09:07DarthWufeiAnyone alive that can help?
10:24:16 Join LinusN [200] (
10:24:37LinusNDarthWufei: no Next track function?
10:25:40DarthWufeiIt just replays the current song
10:25:52LinusNwhat happens? nothing?
10:26:03LinusNok, how does the playlist look like?
10:26:08DarthWufeiIt just starts the song that is playing over. X_X Rather than going to the next one.
10:26:15LinusNor do you have repeat-1 selected?
10:26:24DarthWufeiMaybe I do? *checks*
10:27:07DarthWufeihey thanks! ^_^
10:27:25DarthWufeiIS there a possible way to browse a playlist?
10:27:39LinusNyes, using the plugin written by hardeep
10:28:00LinusNi don't know how, or if, it works
10:29:40DarthWufeithanks ^___^
10:29:44LinusNah, his plugin edits the Dynamic Playlist, not generic playlist files
10:32:43dwihnoIs that plugin a part of the distribution yet?
10:32:50LinusNhi dwihno!
10:33:52 Quit adi|home (Connection timed out)
10:34:38DarthWufeiIs there a guide on how to install plugins?
10:34:57 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
10:34:58LinusNcopy the plugin to the HD. done!
10:35:52DarthWufeioh hah
10:35:53LinusNthen select the .rock file and press Play
10:36:21LinusNthere are a few exceptions, sometimes you need to copy it to .rockbox/rocks/
10:39:22DarthWufeiSo I just download the latest .diff? o_O
10:39:30LinusNoh no.
10:39:39LinusNyou have to compile it
10:39:59dwihnoHi Linus! :D
10:40:04DarthWufeiNow how is that done? -_-;
10:40:14dwihnoLinus: I vote for YOU to include the plugin :D
10:40:21LinusNdwihno: :-)
10:40:22dwihnoLinus: How has your summer been?
10:40:31LinusNnice and long
10:40:32dwihnoNEJ till EMU! :-D
10:40:47dwihnoNej till EMU, ja till Rockbox!
10:44:07LinusNhmm, looks like the playlist viewer isn't a plugin after all
10:48:36LinusNnot necessarily
10:57:49dwihnoI like the concept of keeping everything as separate modules
10:58:07dwihnoSuch as playlist editors ;-)
11:02:29 Join DarthAkabane [0] (
11:02:35 Quit DarthWufei (Nick collision from services.)
11:02:41 Nick DarthAkabane is now known as DarthWufei (
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11:03:18DarthWufeiHey guys, if I wanted to leave my archos on during the night so I listen to music through the headphones, what charge settings should I have or not have?
11:06:45dwihnoDeep discharge
11:06:48dwihnono tricke charge
11:06:53dwihno(that's what I would use)
11:07:04DarthWufeiOk, and leave it plugged in?
11:19:05DarthWufeiAwesome, thanks a lot
11:19:22 Nick DarthWufei is now known as DW-Away (
11:19:24DW-AwayGood night
11:20:42dwihnoHave a nice evening! :)
11:38:29LinusNcu l8r
11:38:32 Part LinusN
11:58:05 Join AciD` [0] (
12:00:20 Join DarthAkabane [0] (
12:00:31 Nick DarthAkabane is now known as DarthWufei (
12:16:01 Quit DW-Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:51:23 Quit dwihno (Remote closed the connection)
12:53:32 Join dwihno [20] (
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13:59:41 Join adiamas [0] (~adi|
14:00:42 Quit adi|home (Connection reset by peer)
14:00:59 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (~adi|
14:20:40 Join k3no [0] (
14:27:17 Quit adi|home (Connection reset by peer)
14:27:20 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
14:27:32 Quit adi|home (Client Quit)
14:27:36 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
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15:26:41 Quit DarthWufei (Nick collision from services.)
15:26:44 Nick DW-Away is now known as DarthWufei (
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15:38:14 Join k3no_ [0] (
15:41:59 Join k3no__ [0] (
15:41:59 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:49:35 Quit dwihno (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:52:51 Join dwihno [20] (
15:54:48 Quit k3no (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:03:44 Join _joshn [0] (joshn@
16:15:20 Join k3no [0] (
16:16:56 Join k3no_ [0] (
16:17:45 Quit k3no (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:19:15 Join Kinslayer [0] (
16:30:45 Part Kinslayer
16:35:45 Quit k3no__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:36:55 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:50:40 Join DarthWufei [0] (
16:50:51DarthWufeiHmmm, can someone help walk me through installing this dynamic viewer thing?
16:51:11hardeepDarthWufei: do you mean the dynamic playlist viewer?
16:51:44hardeepDarthWufei: you need to apply the patch into the source code and compile
16:52:11hardeepDarthWufei: or you can grab binaries from -
16:53:02dwihnohardeep: merge it into the tree! :)
16:53:05hardeepactually, hold off on the binaries for a few... let me update to latest cvs
16:53:20hardeepdwihno: need to get an okay from the big 3
16:54:02DarthWufeiSorry, I know nothing about this sort of thing so it's all so confusing.
16:54:49hardeepDarthWufei: if you're interested in compiling your own version, take a look at
16:56:31dwihnohardeep: I am so cool, I approve ;D
16:56:51 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:57:43DarthWufeiAh, so this playlist viewer might be included in a faily build soon? Or no?
16:57:45 Quit Malphas__ ("Because")
16:58:25hardeepdwihno: oh, in that case, i will commit immediately... ;-)
17:00:25hardeepDarthWufei: that's up to the lead developers (zagor, bagder, linus)
17:00:29DarthWufeiI see
17:00:35hardeepDarthWufei: okay, binaries have been updated
17:02:08DarthWufeiWhere do I install it? rocks?
17:03:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:03:31hardeepDarthWufei: it's a complete firmware file, replace ajbrec.ajz with it
17:04:55DarthWufeithanks a lot ^^
17:05:06 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:05:18 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
17:06:07 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
17:19:33 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
17:21:35 Join k3no [0] (
17:31:43 Join k3no_ [0] (
17:31:43 Quit k3no (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:01:11 Join scott666 [0] (
18:21:54 Join gizz_ [0] (
18:34:34 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
18:41:01 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Showering in your clothes shows you're crazy. Showering nude shows your nuts.")
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19:12:39 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
19:18:49 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:28:17 Part gizz_
19:30:24 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
19:31:54 Join scott666 [0] (
19:56:56 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:10:57PlughDarthWufei: you msg'd me at 1am. I was in bed. What's up?
20:11:25DarthWufeiI was needing help on something, but I fixed it... nor do I even know what I needed help on
20:11:52Plughheh. not a problem
20:12:58DarthWufeiThanks though. :)
20:13:38 Quit MT (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:13:39 Join _MT [0] (
20:15:14Plughfor future reference, I'm ALWAYS logged on. But not always in front of the computer. Kinda like an answering machine, if you send me a message, go ahead and leave a detailed one. I'll get back to you when I get back online.
20:15:42 Join _aLF [0] (
20:16:50 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
20:18:26DarthWufeiPlugh: Alright, that's great. I'll remember that. :)
20:24:02 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
20:24:02 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:24:11 Join scott666 [0] (
20:29:25 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
20:37:49 Join ^-^_DarkAngel_^- [0] (
20:38:36^-^_DarkAngel_^-hello :)
20:39:11^-^_DarkAngel_^-yo "flash man" :)
20:39:23^-^_DarkAngel_^-I got a question for you !
20:39:34[IDC]Dragonwaiting for my victim to come back...
20:40:01^-^_DarkAngel_^-he won't... his archos is back to the reseller :)
20:40:47^-^_DarkAngel_^-I'd like to make my own compile of rockbox (for testing... before developping)
20:41:00^-^_DarkAngel_^-so here is the question :
20:41:06^-^_DarkAngel_^-how to make the ucl file !
20:41:30^-^_DarkAngel_^-I got this :
20:41:33^-^_DarkAngel_^-uclpack: not found
20:41:33^-^_DarkAngel_^-no uclpack command found, makes a fake UCL file
20:41:48[IDC]Dragonso you need uclpack in the path.
20:42:09^-^_DarkAngel_^-in this one : "C:\cygwin\home\rockbox\tools"
20:42:11[IDC]Dragonget it from my flash distribution.
20:42:21^-^_DarkAngel_^ :)
20:42:22[IDC]Dragonno, not there.
20:42:29^-^_DarkAngel_^-oh... where ?
20:42:33^-^_DarkAngel_^-in the build dir ?
20:42:35[IDC]Dragonthat's not in the path
20:42:53[IDC]DragonI suggest putting it where the sh compilers are.
20:43:02[IDC]DragonThat's what I did.
20:43:17^-^_DarkAngel_^-ah... so C:\cygwin\rockbox\bin
20:43:21^-^_DarkAngel_^-should work ?
20:43:34^-^_DarkAngel_^-oki... brb :)
20:43:43[IDC]Dragonand delete the fake ucl before trying again.
20:44:00[IDC]Dragonelse the make thinks it's already done.
20:44:20[IDC]Dragonor do "make clean" to purge all.
20:45:50^-^_DarkAngel_^-grr... do I have to put some other things in this folder (descramble or something) ?
20:46:28[IDC]Dragonno, still not working?
20:46:50^-^_DarkAngel_^-see private... I sent you the result of compile :(
20:47:44^-^_DarkAngel_^-I try a "make clean"
20:47:46^-^_DarkAngel_^-to be sure :)
20:48:18[IDC]Dragonin the build dir, can you please type "which uclpack"?
20:48:38[IDC]Dragonthis tells you if and where it was found.
20:49:03^-^_DarkAngel_^-I got "command not found"
20:50:30[IDC]Dragonthen you placed it in the wrong dir, or haven't picked the cygwin version.
20:50:31^-^_DarkAngel_^-I'm trying a make (purge was ok)
20:50:45[IDC]Dragonno, hopeless.
20:51:02^-^_DarkAngel_^-well cygwin is ok (for windows and from rockbox's url)
20:51:02[IDC]Dragonif the command is not found by this, there's no point.
20:51:23^-^_DarkAngel_^-where should this "which" be ?
20:51:38Plughwow. my screen looks spammy when you two talk to each other
20:51:44[IDC]Dragondid you pick uclpack from the cygwin dir of my zip?
20:52:28[IDC]Dragonwrong one.
20:52:47^-^_DarkAngel_^-I have to use cygwin... oki... I'll test (make is running...)
20:52:51[IDC]Dragonyou're using cygwin to make, right?
20:53:18[IDC]Dragonplace the right one next to "sh-elf-gcc.exe" at al.
20:53:24^-^_DarkAngel_^-I thought it was win32 like a win32 version for cygwin :) oups...
20:53:29^-^_DarkAngel_^-oki :)
20:55:20[IDC]DragonDoes anybody here have a Player?
20:56:00^-^_DarkAngel_^-gizz is afraid (nice english ?)
20:56:09^-^_DarkAngel_^-scary looks better (sorry...)
20:56:33^-^_DarkAngel_^-UCL file :) thanx [IDC]Dragon :)
20:56:43[IDC]Dragonno need to be afraid, I'd just like to rolo a special version on a player, no flashing.
20:57:03^-^_DarkAngel_^-I got a recorder, sorry :(
20:57:51[IDC]DragonPlayers, anybody?
20:58:04^-^_DarkAngel_^-Pizza anybody ?
20:58:10[IDC]Dragonlast call for a Player
20:58:58*[IDC]Dragon goes passive, waiting for Gizz
20:59:25^-^_DarkAngel_^-One day, my little (crazy, dumb, #@$$¤!?), have fun with my charger (not standard) and burned my charging module on the archos
20:59:39^-^_DarkAngel_^-since then, I can't charge (but charger is detected)
21:00:08^-^_DarkAngel_^-so I'm changing my battery everyday (got 8 batt of 2200 wich works great)
21:00:13^-^_DarkAngel_^-I'd like to change the "runtime" debug info for people like me :)
21:00:52^-^_DarkAngel_^-runtime should show the continuous running time of archos (play time... or ON time... don't know yet)
21:01:12^-^_DarkAngel_^-I like to know if someone did something like this ?
21:02:08 Join knobby [0] (
21:03:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:06:21^-^_DarkAngel_^-is my english bad or you think it's stupid ?? (or you're bots? maybe you sleep ? eat? dead? dance? listen music?)
21:10:08knobbyanyone know the rs232 settings for the debug header of the archos?
21:12:57[IDC]Dragondebug header?
21:13:19knobbyyeah, you can use gdb through a debug header on the board
21:13:26knobbythe site has the wiring diagram for it
21:14:07[IDC]Dragongdb uses 115200 baud
21:14:59[IDC]Dragonfor recorders, that is.
21:15:07knobbyit worked
21:30:42^-^_DarkAngel_^-where can I find gcc and perl to compile the uisimulator for win32 (cygwin)
21:31:00knobbygcc can be had from
21:31:24^-^_DarkAngel_^-is it compatible with cygwin ?
21:31:26knobbyperl would be
21:31:30knobbyshould be
21:31:41knobbyit checks for cygwin in the configure script
21:31:42^-^_DarkAngel_^-well, I'll test :) thanx
21:32:37 Quit _joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:35:01[IDC]DragonAre there any FM owners here?
21:35:35[IDC]DragonI have one here, borrowed.
21:35:56[IDC]Dragonit's battery is deeply discharge, so it won't come up any more.
21:36:39[IDC]DragonI coudn't remove the battery, so I took it apart.
21:36:41Plughmine was like that yesterday
21:36:59[IDC]Dragonthe cells are a bit "fat"
21:37:10[IDC]Dragonis that normal?
21:37:15PlughI just plugged mine into USB and it powered up and charged to 7%
21:37:25Plughafter a full day in the usb port
21:37:39PlughI've never disassembled mine
21:38:07[IDC]Dragonbetter don't the mechanics is even worse than recorders.
21:38:23Plughso I've seen
21:38:25 Join LinusN [200] (
21:38:37PlughI was looking over the disassembly photos
21:38:41[IDC]DragonAh, here's somebody to ask.
21:38:42LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yeah, it is harder to take apart than the Recorder
21:38:45PlughI could do it, but there's no need right now
21:39:06[IDC]Dragonwith those solder joint to open before anything else.
21:39:09Plughis Linus spying on us?
21:39:15[IDC]DragonI guess.
21:39:24[IDC]Dragonpeeking logs
21:39:31LinusNit almost feels like they designed it to be replaced rather than repaired
21:39:50LinusNPlugh: i am psychic
21:39:53[IDC]Dragonthe cells of this one look like bursting
21:40:00LinusNare they greasy?
21:40:12[IDC]DragonI was hoping I can charge it a bit externally
21:40:19[IDC]Dragonno "grease", no.
21:40:58LinusNno, you can't charge them extarnally
21:41:00[IDC]DragonI'm afraid of Li-Ions, I think they explode in smoke and fire before spilling
21:41:18[IDC]DragonWell, I'm an electrical engineer.
21:41:30Plughfrom what I've read in the disassembly instructions, the batteries aren't very well made. They tend to delaminate
21:41:46[IDC]DragonYou can, but have to be very precise about the voltage.
21:41:53LinusNif the cells are completely flat, it may take a while until the charging starts
21:42:12[IDC]DragonThe unit is not even coming up.
21:42:28LinusNhow long has it been connected to the charger?
21:42:47[IDC]DragonDunno, it's not mine.
21:42:59LinusNi mean, how long have you tried to charge it?
21:43:10LinusNand have you tried to connect the USB?
21:43:21^-^_DarkAngel_^-well, gonna eat something... See you later :)
21:44:21knobbyso lets say I had a bad flash of the firmware and wanted to flash again with the debug header, any docs on that around? :)
21:48:33knobbyany doc on what I'm looking at? I actually am working on a neo car jukebox, but the archos uses the same microcontroller, etc.
21:51:24LinusNknobby: i'm pretty sure that the neo jukebox doesn't have the same boot procedure
21:51:33knobbyit is different
21:51:55LinusNthe uart boot thing is an Archos feature
21:52:10knobbyI have a debug header that I've connected to, but it's only a serial port on the uC, I don't want to fry my flash without a way to recover
21:52:28knobbyI'm actually in the process of coding a boot loader
21:54:12[IDC]Dragon(back from telephone)
21:55:24[IDC]DragonLinus, are you my man to try something on the player?
21:55:48[IDC]DragonI'd like to experiment with LCD init.
21:56:29[IDC]DragonIt seems to be missing, so I added some.
21:57:08[IDC]DragonA first check would be to test if that still runs rolo-ed.
21:57:59[IDC]DragonMeaning, check if I've everything to the values it already has.
22:01:37 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as [IDC]Dragon|food (
22:03:07LinusNi am unfortunately busy
22:03:10LinusNcu l8r
22:03:13 Part LinusN
22:09:50 Join pvh [0] (
22:10:10pvhHallo! Any linux 'boxers about?
22:12:55pvhI'm in the process of migrating my Mission Critical Applications from 'dows to 'nux, and I'm having some problems with my Rockbox.
22:21:42Plughwhat sort?\
22:28:20 Join T-rack [0] (
22:30:55 Nick [IDC]Dragon|food is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
22:32:20[IDC]Dragonwhat's "wb"?
22:32:33Plughwelcome back
22:32:37 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:51:34 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
23:00:10pvhSerious latency problems...
23:00:12 Join Zagor [242] (
23:00:43pvhI just installed Mandrake 9.1, and to get to the 'box, I mounted /dev/sda1 into a directory.
23:01:51pvhNow, browsing the directories is incredibly slow, and XMMS won't open any of the subdirectories.
23:02:39T-rackhello Zagor
23:03:09pvhIs anyone else using their rockbox under linux?
23:03:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:03:37Zagorpvh: yes, i do
23:03:48Zagorare you browsing with some kind of gui?
23:04:37Zagorusb2 or usb1?
23:04:37 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:06:00Zagorwhich uhci driver module are you using?
23:06:14 Join _joshn [0] (joshn@
23:07:04[IDC]DragonZagor, you have a ("new") player?
23:07:07pvhThe time from typing "mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/archos" to a response is about twenty seconds.
23:07:19pvhI do, Dragon.
23:07:26pvhOne of the unflashables.
23:07:37[IDC]Dragondoesn't matter for this one.
23:08:12pvhZagor: Sorry, missed your question. I'm not sure −− it's a vanilla Mandrake installation. How can i check?
23:08:13Zagordragon: umm, i think mine is new yes
23:08:21Zagorpvh: run lsmod
23:08:21[IDC]DragonCan I dcc you a firmware build to test LCD init?
23:08:25pvhZagor: It might be 'usb-storage'.
23:08:38 Nick DarthWufei is now known as DW-Away (
23:08:46Zagorpvh: no, it's either 'uhci' or 'usb-uhci'
23:09:10Zagordragon: sure. anything new?
23:09:23pvhZagor: How do I test?
23:09:30Zagorpvh: run 'lsmod'
23:09:33[IDC]Dragonthe LCD init was missing, hindering the flash start.
23:09:57 Quit knobby (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:10:00[IDC]DragonNow I do one, but have no idea if it's correct.
23:10:26pvhZagor: I'm using usb-uchi.
23:10:29Zagordragon: ah, ok. i haven't actually checked if my player is flashable. the charge controller is burnt so i always need to charge it externally... :)
23:10:36Zagorpvh: ok, should be ok then
23:10:41T-rackhello Zagor
23:10:49ZagorT-rack: hi
23:10:56pvhWell, it sure ain't. :(
23:10:59T-rackthats better :)
23:11:36Zagorpvh: i'm afraid I don't know what to do. i haven't heard that problem before.
23:11:48pvhWould the default USB firmware cause potential problems?
23:11:53[IDC]DragonZagor. just rolo this one and check if LCD is still there.
23:12:11Zagordragon: ok, i'll need to charge the batteries a bit first
23:12:35Zagorpvh: you mean the archos firmware? that doesn't affect usb.
23:12:53[IDC]DragonHow about fixing your charge controller?
23:13:30pvhZagor: Maybe it's a problem with my mounting process.
23:14:04Zagordragon: yeah, but i only use it for testing anyway
23:14:22Zagorpvh: well there's not many ways to mount wrong
23:14:30pvhIs there anything up on the internet I can read about this?
23:14:47pvhMy google searches for 'linux archos' were not very promising.
23:14:56Zagorpvh: which archos model is this?
23:16:50pvhI think I may have resolved the problem. Standby a moment.
23:18:09 Quit T-rack ("Leaving")
23:18:23pvhOkay, the latency problems are gone, resolved by mounting the jukebox in '/mnt/removable/' instead of /mnt/archos... (Why?)
23:18:33pvhBut XMMS still seems to think all my directories are files.
23:18:55pvhAnd ls -l seems to hang.
23:19:06pvhOh, I take it back. It was just slow.
23:20:07pvhAnd now I see my mistake.
23:21:20Zagorwhat was it?
23:21:55pvhMounting as root.
23:22:14pvhXMMS was running with my user's permissions, and the directories were -x by default.
23:22:36pvhNow I just need to figure out how to mount it more publicly.
23:23:14pvhchmodding seems excessive...
23:24:49Zagor/dev/sda1 /mnt/archos vfat noauto,user,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0
23:24:58Zagorput that in /etc/fstab
23:25:04Zagorwith your id instead of 1000
23:35:34[IDC]DragonZagor, how's the battery?
23:35:53[IDC]DragonOr would it be quicker to ask pvh?
23:36:18Zagorhe's got ar recorder, don't you pvh?
23:36:31[IDC]DragonAh , sorry.
23:36:41pvhNo worries. I'm one of the unlucky unflashables.
23:37:13[IDC]Dragonpvh, how's your soldering?
23:37:51[IDC]Dragoneven more unlucky.
23:37:54pvhReally, really terrible. I have very shaky hands, and little experience.
23:37:58pvhI _know_.
23:39:19*pvh is a software guy.
23:39:33midknight2k3get an old motherboard and practice
23:39:36[IDC]DragonI've got 2 chips left, hence my asking.
23:39:42midknight2k32 chips?
23:39:45midknight2k32 ROM chips?
23:39:58midknight2k3two flash chips?
23:40:08midknight2k3how much do they cost?
23:40:30[IDC]Dragonmoney is not the issue, it was the hassle to get them.
23:40:44midknight2k3just wondering
23:40:48pvhYeah, I seem to remember hearing about your trials and tribulations on the group.
23:40:52midknight2k3how did you get them and for how much?
23:41:19[IDC]Dragonby weeks of pestering people
23:41:30midknight2k3what did you tell them?
23:41:38[IDC]DragonI need samples
23:42:00midknight2k3did you tell them samples for modifying the archos jukebox recorders?
23:42:06[IDC]Dragoncommon practice in electronics development.
23:42:20midknight2k3did you have to pay for them?
23:42:37[IDC]Dragonpostage and packing, yes.
23:42:39Zagordragon: lcd worked fine after rolo
23:42:54midknight2k3how can i specify a cvsroot?
23:42:56[IDC]DragonZagor, good, so thge init can't be too far off.
23:43:02[IDC]Dragonthe init
23:43:30pvhmidknight: with -d after CVS, or by exporting your 'CVSROOT' environment variable.
23:43:56[IDC]DragonI could do the counter-check, init to power-on values and see if the display goes away.
23:44:19 Nick _MT is now known as MT (
23:44:58midknight2k3good bye.
23:45:01 Quit midknight2k3 ()
23:45:03Zagordragon: ok
23:45:29[IDC]Dragongimme a few minutes, keep charging ;-)
23:46:45pvhZagor, she's back to running incredibly sluggishly...
23:46:47pvhI don't understand it.
23:47:16Zagorme neither. your explanations previously didn't make much sense to me either.
23:48:08pvhYes, I'm sorry about that. My experience with Linux is mostly with a web server I configured once and now comfortably ignore.
23:49:44pvhOkay, I've edited the fstab file to include the line you gave me, and then tried to "mount /etc/archos".
23:49:57Zagorthen i guess you're not very keen on installing a new kernel...? :)
23:50:05Zagormount /mnt/archos
23:50:14pvhRight, yes, just a typo there.
23:51:02pvhAfter a long pause, I seem to regain control, and be able to change directories.
23:51:24pvhIt seems a bit like the archos is going to sleep and not getting woken up properly.
23:52:44pvhAnd now it's responding fine, and I'm browsing directories merrily, but trying to get an 'ls -l' to work seems to cause it to go back to slepe.
23:52:45Zagordragon: works fine too
23:53:12Zagordragon: umm, my bad. i have an old player...
23:53:19[IDC]Dragonso that code is not executed, or something else strange.
23:53:52[IDC]DragonTheir LCD command set is different.
23:54:07[IDC]DragonDo we have a datasheet for that?
23:54:14Zagorpvh: during "sleep", is everything frozen or just very slow?
23:54:31pvhThe system doesn't freeze... I think the pauses may be related to tab-completion.
23:54:52Zagordragon: not really. we're not sure exactly which controllers are used.
23:55:21Zagorpvh: but does the usb-access freeze? or can you still work with it, just more slowly?
23:55:47pvhIf I open another console and try to poke about, it just hangs as well, until it finishes the first request.
23:55:49[IDC]DragonFor new players, the values in the code match the Solomon datasheet pretty well.
23:55:58 Join k3no_ [0] (
23:56:11pvhThis is peculiar.
23:56:23[IDC]DragonFor old players, I don't know where their command values come from.
23:56:39pvhWhile it's hanging in one console at 'ls -l' I'm browsing in another just fine...
23:56:50pvhI don't understand what the problem is.
23:57:22pvhIt might just be _very_ slow data acess.
23:57:26Zagordragon: if i recall correctly, we extracted those from the archos firmware
23:57:51[IDC]DragonDid you extract inits as well?
23:58:19[IDC]DragonWhere's Stevie?
23:58:20Zagorpvh: i would recommend trying a standard kernel (from i know many redhat users also have strange usb problems with the redhat kernels. it could be the same with mandrake.
23:58:52Zagordragon: i honestly don't remember. it was a long time ago an my memory rots fast :(

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