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#rockbox log for 2003-08-30

00:00:30midknight2k3quite a few warnings/errors but nothing fatal yet
00:00:46CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 7 minutes and 9 seconds at the last flood
00:00:46*diddystar5 is very happy that sf cvs now works!!!!
00:00:50hardeepuhm, errors are fatal
00:00:54*diddystar5 is going to watch TV
00:01:01midknight2k3sorry hardeep lol
00:01:12 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
00:01:27midknight2k3stuff like this
00:01:37midknight2k3/home/rockbox/rockbox/build -DARCHOS_FMRECORDER -DAPPSVERSION=\"030829-
00:01:38midknight2k3DDISABLE_NOTHING -Irecorder -c recorder/tetris.c -o /home/rockbox/rockbo
00:01:38***Alert Mode level 1
00:01:38midknight2k3recorder/tetris.c: In function `move_down':
00:01:38***Alert Mode level 2
00:01:38midknight2k3recorder/tetris.c:367: warning: implicit declaration of function `print_
00:01:38***Alert Mode level 3
00:01:38midknight2k3recorder/tetris.c: In function `tetris':
00:01:39***Alert Mode level 4
00:01:39midknight2k3recorder/tetris.c:447: warning: unused variable `buf'
00:01:41midknight2k3recorder/tetris.c: At top level:
00:01:43midknight2k3recorder/tetris.c:470: warning: return type defaults to `int'
00:01:45midknight2k3recorder/tetris.c:470: warning: function declaration isn't a prototype
00:01:47midknight2k3recorder/tetris.c: In function `print_level':
00:01:49midknight2k3recorder/tetris.c:483: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
00:01:51midknight2k3that bot's gonna get me soon
00:02:11Plughhow do I access your playlist features hardeep?
00:02:11midknight2k3i dont believe it
00:02:21midknight2k3i think
00:02:37MTi made mine use f3 then down
00:02:52MTbut the other way is menu -> playlist -> view playlist
00:02:58MTtoo fiddly for care use :)
00:03:07midknight2k3OH MY GOD
00:03:09midknight2k3the patch worjks
00:03:25midknight2k3thanks a lot
00:03:28Plughhardeep: neat. Got it installed
00:04:14 Join edx` [0] (
00:04:18Plughwhich one mid?
00:04:20 Join _aLF [0] (
00:04:23midknight2k3ui changes
00:04:43PlughI really need to hack/slash the UI
00:04:57Plughlike I need invert display available to me in 2 clicks...
00:05:21midknight2k3F3 - down
00:05:32MTthats an mt custom option ;p
00:05:41midknight2k3its already like that
00:05:51MTfor playlist?
00:05:54MTdont think so
00:07:00MT case BUTTON_F3 | BUTTON_DOWN:
00:07:00MT global_settings.invert = !global_settings.invert;
00:07:00MT lcd_set_invert_display(global_settings.invert);
00:09:54gizz_bye all !
00:11:40***Alert Mode OFF
00:11:43Plughhardeep: the controls are a little less than intuitive :) But a nice patch
00:12:59MTthey are pretty intuitive when you get sued to them
00:13:11MTif that makes sense
00:13:15MTits not what i mean
00:13:18Plughso was driving a car
00:13:23MTthey make sense once youve done them a few times
00:14:16*Plugh uploads 54000 genes to a database for analysis
00:14:33 Quit gizz_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:14:46midknight2k3i like this ui changes
00:14:47midknight2k3sort of
00:17:02midknight2k3how do you make your own widgets? just wodnering?
00:17:09midknight2k3you use bmp2rb right
00:20:34hardeepPlugh: any suggestions to improve the controls? it's pretty much the same as the tree browser right now
00:21:25midknight2k3or maybe is there a doc on bmp2rb?
00:21:33 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:25:47Plughhardeep: I'm just not a "power user". So I haven't used any on+key
00:27:04midknight2k3never done ON+PLAY?
00:27:22Plughwhat does that do
00:27:32midknight2k3queue, rename, delete...
00:27:36midknight2k3update vbr file...
00:27:43midknight2k3add to playlist..
00:28:28Plughwow. that's useful
00:29:07Plughwould be nice if on+play could recursively delete a directory
00:30:01midknight2k3not yet
00:30:04midknight2k3but soon i hope
00:30:09midknight2k3as well as copy, cut and paste
00:30:31DarthWufei,24195,3505139,00.html <- Hm
00:30:34midknight2k3then it would be basically no limits on file management
00:30:36DarthWufeiWrong chat
00:32:26midknight2k3wish cent20 came by
00:34:14 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
00:39:32Plugh20gig just isn't enough anymore
00:39:38midknight2k3get a 40gig drive
00:39:50midknight2k3erm you're too crappy to put it in yourself HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
00:39:58midknight2k3... ha.. haaa....
00:40:07Plughnot at all
00:40:22midknight2k3i know what you think
00:40:22PlughI've just been riding out my warranty
00:40:32midknight2k3never mind
00:40:39Plugh40gig is teensy
00:41:01Plughthat 80gig IBM sounds nice though
00:42:17midknight2k380gig IBM, 300 bux. 30gig ipod, 500.
00:42:41Plugh80gig IBM + FMR = $579
00:42:43midknight2k3"i've just been riding out my warranty" meaning?
00:43:08Plughmeans it the tits of my unit point at the sky, I want to be able to get a new one
00:43:14midknight2k330gig IPOD = $579 with tax
00:43:29PlughiPod is teh suck
00:43:35PlughI've used it
00:43:42Plughit's all slick, no substance
00:43:55midknight2k3it's too light and underfeatured
00:44:09midknight2k3archos with rockbox isntalled has about 5x the features or more
00:44:16midknight2k3it's too light too
00:44:23midknight2k3i like the archos.. feels more solid
00:44:34midknight2k3i know 2 cd's with jewel cases is just a bit too light
00:44:51midknight2k3apple will strat adding fishing weights to it until it's good ;)
00:45:21Plughthe iPod is all shiny and slick looking. It's tempting to put it in your pocket, but if you do, you're afraid it'll get scratched on your spare change
00:45:52Plughand for good reason. chromed plastic is weak and flimsy
00:46:45Plughbut if my FMR were half the weight and thickness, I wouldn't complain
00:46:55midknight2k3thickness, sure
00:46:59midknight2k3weight, i dunno bout that
00:47:11midknight2k3closer to a feather than a mp3 player
00:47:11Plughyeah. batteries and hd are heavy
00:47:24midknight2k3i dislike things too light
00:47:27Plughbut I think they could get it down to 1 circuit board
00:47:31midknight2k3it's just too light
00:47:42midknight2k3how would that help?
00:48:03Plughit would decrease the weight by about 1/2oz
00:48:22midknight2k3anything after that would be too light
00:48:32midknight2k3the fmr is pretty light actually
00:48:41midknight2k3the second lightest hd-mp3 player prolly
00:49:04midknight2k3my point is other ones are heavier
00:49:16midknight2k3my fmr is good size and weight for me
00:49:19Plughremoving a circuit board would also make it thinner
00:49:29midknight2k3there's only one
00:49:48PlughI'm trying to get it down to pocket size without making me look deformed
00:49:56midknight2k3how so?
00:50:01midknight2k3shave off the bumpers? lol
00:50:18midknight2k3you mean right now you are physicaly trying or jus thinking of ways
00:50:29Plughmost people don't have a 4"x3" rectangular penis showing in the front of their pants
00:50:55midknight2k3in the front of your pants?
00:51:00midknight2k3you put it in your pants?
00:51:12Plugharchos bulge detracts from my hot bulge
00:51:35Plughmakes chicks think I'm geeky
00:51:42midknight2k3something officially unneeded saying
00:52:52Plughyou had to push the issue
00:53:01midknight2k3no i didnt
00:53:20Plugh15:52 < Plugh> I'm trying to get it down to pocket size without making me look
00:53:20midknight2k3it doesn't go in the front of your pants
00:53:20Plugh deformed
00:53:20Plugh15:53 < midknight2k3> how so?
00:53:33Plughright! It doesn't
00:53:33midknight2k3i meant...
00:53:44Plughbecause it's too big and bulky
00:53:54midknight2k315:08:45 | <Plugh> I'm trying to get it down to pocket size without making me look deformed
00:53:54midknight2k315:08:53 | <midknight2k3> how so?
00:54:01Plughthe iPod is sleek and sexy enough to go to the front pocket
00:54:09midknight2k3front pocket?
00:55:23Plughabout the best that can be managed with the FMR is putting it in that blue case on a belt look and looking like the belt equivalent of a wall wart
00:55:40midknight2k3carry it
00:56:28midknight2k3so are you physically trying to make it smaller?
00:56:33midknight2k3or just thginking of ideas
00:57:28 Join _aLF [0] (
00:57:47PlughI'm trying to lighten and reduce the size of my personal electronic gear
00:57:59Plughsorry, my boss gets answered before you
00:58:16midknight2k3what have you done so far?
00:58:29PlughI got a phone with palmOS
00:58:43Plughso I could stop carrying 2 devices
00:58:59midknight2k3you ARE a good
00:59:01midknight2k3i mean
00:59:04midknight2k3you ARE a geek
00:59:08PlughI am
00:59:37PlughI also carry two audio devices
00:59:45Plughthe archos and my Audible Otis
01:00:14Plughcan't listen to books on the archos
01:00:29PlughI'm sure you read my mail on the subject
01:00:56midknight2k3why would i
01:01:16midknight2k3i dislike reading mails
01:01:16Plughyou make me sad. I should nail your head to the table
01:01:39midknight2k3how do i make you sad?
01:01:51PlughI thought you were on the dev list
01:01:57midknight2k3dev list
01:02:03midknight2k3i dislike that
01:02:08midknight2k3devlist sucks
01:02:29Plughwhy? Easier to gripe here in realtime?
01:03:59midknight2k3not wait five years for a response
01:04:43Plughproperly managed email is a beautiful thing
01:04:56Plughpeople can consider their questions and their answers
01:05:03midknight2k3eat moi
01:05:09midknight2k3that took no consideration
01:05:19Plughmmm needs garlic
01:05:26hardeepPlugh: i've heard you can convert books to mp3 using goldwave... would let you listen to them on the ajb
01:05:41Plughoh, cool
01:05:43midknight2k3not really, plugh
01:05:51midknight2k316:05:39 | <Plugh> oh, cool
01:06:44midknight2k314:39:24 | <Plugh> i like
01:07:03midknight2k314:39:27 | <Plugh> i am also retarded
01:07:53Plugh16:03 < midknight2k3> I like little boys
01:08:08midknight2k316:02:27 | <Plugh> why? Easier to gripe here in realtime?
01:08:08midknight2k316:03:49 | <midknight2k3> yes
01:08:08midknight2k316:03:56 | <midknight2k3> not wait five years for a response
01:08:08midknight2k316:04:04 | <midknight2k3> retard
01:08:13midknight2k3said nothing of the sort
01:08:30Plughnor did I
01:09:06midknight2k3yes you did
01:09:29midknight2k3let me find it
01:10:38Plughmethinks he'll be looking a while
01:11:02midknight2k3i got it
01:11:03midknight2k314:37:13 | <midknight2k3> what have you done so far?
01:11:03midknight2k314:37:27 | <Plugh> I got a phone with palmOS
01:11:03midknight2k314:39:16 | <midknight2k3> retarted
01:11:03***Alert Mode level 1
01:11:03midknight2k314:39:24 | <Plugh> i like
01:11:03***Alert Mode level 2
01:11:03midknight2k314:39:27 | <Plugh> i am also retarded
01:11:06 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
01:13:30Plughthis is gonna be cool if it works
01:13:46midknight2k3goldmember thing?
01:13:47PlughI could give the Otis to my wife
01:13:59midknight2k3I WANT THE OTIS
01:14:02Plughyeah. GoldWave
01:14:09midknight2k3just cool
01:14:12Plughyou have a FMR
01:14:16midknight2k3sort of
01:14:19midknight2k3but i want an otis
01:14:20midknight2k3its better
01:14:31midknight2k3i just do
01:14:33midknight2k3its cool
01:14:37midknight2k3its small
01:14:49midknight2k3i dont wanna sign up for 12 months of audio books either
01:14:53Plughwhy do you want small? You like carrying your FMR in your hand
01:15:08midknight2k3otis is a neat name
01:15:14midknight2k3i want the otis
01:15:18midknight2k3it's just different
01:15:20midknight2k3to play with
01:15:27Plughit's not different
01:15:31midknight2k3YES IT IS
01:15:36Plughit's stripped out
01:15:48Plughchintzy, flimsy
01:15:56Plughuses AAA batteries
01:15:59midknight2k3why give your wife a chintzy peice of crap?
01:16:13midknight2k3"i loe you honey, heres a piece of crap mp3 player just for you"
01:16:48Plughbecause she loves audio books and doesn't have an FMR
01:17:08midknight2k3i dont have an otis!
01:17:12midknight2k3i need one
01:17:16midknight2k3it's 64mb?
01:17:20PlughI don't have an iPod
01:17:20midknight2k3that's like half a book worth
01:17:23Plughyea. 64meg
01:17:42Plughbut uses Secure Digital chips
01:17:49midknight2k3"hold on, boss. i have to go home to load my second half of audio book onto my otis crap. i finished the first half"
01:17:53Plughso easy to add stuff 256meg at a time
01:18:02midknight2k3i want it
01:18:06midknight2k3just so you know lets you stream, download the tracks to 4 computers/devices...
01:18:47midknight2k3the otis is solid state
01:18:54midknight2k3perfect for.. my.. us, workouts yeah
01:19:03Plughbut the otis holds about 10 hours of book
01:19:04midknight2k3it would work well for my "work outs"
01:19:12midknight2k3that's it
01:19:15midknight2k3work outs!
01:19:29Plugh< midknight2k3> it would work well for my "wank outs"
01:19:45midknight2k3so would the fmr
01:20:54midknight2k3since i, uh, run...
01:21:01midknight2k3it would, uh, work well for when my,, uh
01:21:04***Alert Mode OFF
01:21:08midknight2k3my leg moves
01:21:16midknight2k3you know
01:21:18Plughthat may be the only reason I keep the Otis around
01:21:27midknight2k3what reason?
01:21:28PlughI bike to/from work
01:21:37midknight2k3the fmr works for biking
01:21:46Plughwe'll see
01:22:13midknight2k3it does
01:22:20midknight2k3why not?
01:22:29midknight2k3it only squeeks when you shake it lightly
01:22:53midknight2k3and then goes CLICK CLUCK <grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr>
01:22:57midknight2k3and grinds away
01:23:00midknight2k3but that's no problem
01:23:05midknight2k3it's .. er, normal noise
01:23:11midknight2k3and it's good for the player
01:24:40midknight2k3ever made a patch?
01:25:56 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
01:26:28midknight2k3i guess not
01:26:34PlughI've customized stuff in mine
01:26:40Plughbut never published a patch
01:27:12midknight2k3like what
01:27:19Plughsome menus
01:27:31Plughdidn't like how they were ordered
01:27:40Plughput stuff I used to the top
01:28:20PlughI don't fully grok the codebase yet
01:28:24midknight2k3my f3 is busted
01:28:52Plughyou get something stuck in it while you were... "running"?
01:28:54 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:29:10midknight2k3when i took it apart, it was hard to press
01:29:12*Plugh cringes at the sight of aol
01:29:13midknight2k3then it snapped
01:29:41Plughmid uses aol too
01:29:49midknight2k3sort of
01:29:58midknight2k3you wouldn't understand
01:30:04Plughbut I thought AOL disabled your caps lock
01:30:08midknight2k3this way i can't use linux :(
01:30:12midknight2k3hey retard
01:30:14midknight2k3shut up
01:31:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:31:44*diddystar5 dosen't like aol but its what my dada likes, and i aint gonna pay for another isp ;)
01:32:54PlughI don't like pacbell either, but they got me over a barrel
01:33:04midknight2k3shut up plugh
01:33:36Plughmid is Sofa King. We Todd Ed.
01:34:04diddystar5i want one of those voodoo pcs whoaa mama
01:34:25midknight2k3they're very neat
01:34:28midknight2k3i wish i had one too
01:35:21 Join PsycoXul [20] (
01:36:15 Quit ze (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:36:23midknight2k3hes back
01:37:09diddystar5humm looks like sf's cvs servers are very busy
01:37:21midknight2k3worked for me 1st try
01:37:24midknight2k3and that's a FIRST
01:37:29PlughI have 2 of these
01:37:31midknight2k3usually takes a few - 20
01:37:37midknight2k3shutup plugh you're a retard
01:37:43PlughI just use a while loop
01:37:57Plughwhile [ $? -eq 0 ]; do cvs up -A; done
01:38:08midknight2k3that's retarded
01:38:11midknight2k3shutup plugh face
01:38:18 Nick PsycoXul is now known as ze (
01:38:18Plughand I let it run till it's checked out
01:38:26midknight2k3lol psyco
01:38:36midknight2k3shutup plugh
01:39:48Plughwhy does mid remind me of Eminem?
01:40:01PlughI bet he even wears the same silly clothes and stupid haircut
01:40:11midknight2k3shutup buttplugh
01:40:30midknight2k3making the computer go DING because you say my name or any form of it
01:40:44diddystar5Plugh: nice and it's a shuttle!
01:40:50midknight2k3including: midknight2k3, midk2k3, mid, mk, mk2k3, midnight, midknight etc
01:40:50Plughdiddy: yeah
01:40:59midknight2k3plugh sucks!
01:41:01Plughmid: not my fault
01:41:13midknight2k3ding ding
01:41:16midknight2k3is all i hear
01:41:19midknight2k3cause plugh sucks
01:41:25midknight2k3is that a ":)"
01:41:30midknight2k3first time for plugh
01:41:49PlughI was using :) before you were born
01:42:02midknight2k3you lie
01:42:06midknight2k3We Todd
01:42:18midknight2k31985 what?
01:42:26Plughthat was when I first used :)
01:42:37midknight2k3i doubt it
01:42:45PlughI speak troof
01:43:01Plughgot my first 300 baud modem then
01:43:03midknight2k3i fink udderwise
01:44:02diddystar5humm 300 baud... nice!
01:44:50midknight2k3plug wanna sell your fmr to me?
01:44:58midknight2k3i pay 400 bux
01:45:28PlughI'll go to Fry's and get you one and mail it if you send me $400
01:45:36midknight2k3i want yours
01:45:50Plughsure. Send me the money
01:45:55Plughand I'll go to Fry's
01:46:00Plughand get one for myself
01:46:13midknight2k3mailing address?
01:46:40Plughbut you knew that
01:46:42midknight2k3i dont like paypal
01:46:46midknight2k3oh yeah
01:46:47Plughif you read the mail list
01:46:50midknight2k3that mudbarn thing
01:46:57midknight2k3i made the logo
01:46:58midknight2k3ha ha
01:46:58diddystar5whooa who!!! plguh, im gonna spam that address!
01:47:10Plughdiddystar5: feel free
01:47:11midknight2k3me too
01:47:22PlughI'll blacklist you in spamassassin
01:47:24midknight2k3never mind then
01:47:27diddystar5im just kinding i wouldn't do that
01:47:34midknight2k3kinding is neat
01:47:37midknight2k3what is kinding?
01:48:03Plughmidknight2k3: it's a speling eror
01:48:15diddystar5whats an eror?
01:48:18midknight2k3i could paste like 75 lines in here to flood
01:48:27midknight2k3so logbot would ban me when he became an op
01:48:28Plughthe bot will hate you
01:48:44midknight2k3"want to see all the errors i get compiling"?
01:48:50midknight2k3"maybe you can help"!!
01:49:06midknight2k3"sounds great!!"
01:49:10midknight2k3"here they are"
01:49:15midknight2k3never mind
01:49:32midknight2k3i need help
01:49:34midknight2k3settings_menu.c:1069: warning: (near initialization for `items[5]')
01:49:34midknight2k3settings_menu.c:1069: warning: excess elements in struct initializer
01:49:34midknight2k3settings_menu.c:1069: warning: (near initialization for `items[5]')
01:49:34midknight2k3settings_menu.c:1069: warning: excess elements in struct initializer
01:49:34midknight2k3settings_menu.c:1069: warning: (near initialization for `items[5]')
01:49:34 Quit midknight2k3 (Excess Flood)
01:49:42 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
01:49:46midknight2k3holy crap
01:49:51midknight2k3that was an accident
01:49:57midknight2k3sorry sorry
01:50:12midknight2k3what i was TRYING to say
01:50:12midknight2k3settings_menu.c:1098: warning: unused variable `items'
01:50:13midknight2k3make[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/rockbox-2/build/settings_menu.o] Error 1
01:50:13***Alert Mode level 1
01:50:13DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
01:50:13midknight2k3make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/rockbox-2/apps'
01:50:13***Alert Mode level 2
01:50:13midknight2k3make: *** [apps] Error 2
01:50:19midknight2k3any ideas?
01:50:24PlughI don't get errors, midknight2k3
01:50:34Plughmidknight2k3: mine compiles clean
01:50:48Plughmidknight2k3: must be your crazy patches
01:51:17diddystar5wanna see mine??? it's about 20 pages long?
01:51:31Plughthe bot's gonna kick everyone
01:51:38midknight2k3at least they kicked me beforemine finished
01:51:51midknight2k3hey face plug
01:52:23diddystar5ohhh i know what about my cvs log back when sf cvs wasn't working, now thats a long one!
01:52:49midknight2k3all righty then
01:53:40 Join T-rack [0] (
01:53:53Plugh3 AOLers in a row
01:54:15CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:54:15*Plugh curls up in a mid-sized ball
01:54:23midknight2k3that dinged
01:54:31midknight2k3cause you said mid
01:54:49PlughHow bout that Brett Famke?
01:55:42*Plugh is Bob Bastard, the evil QA engineer
01:55:57Plughif it's possible to make it break, I will do it
01:57:54 Quit T-rack (Client Quit)
01:58:47midknight2k3make it break?
01:58:53midknight2k3like throwing a tv off the roof?
01:59:13midknight2k3does plugh have a video camera?
01:59:49PlughI have a camera that takes short video clips
01:59:59Plughlike maybe 30 seconds worth
02:00:08PlughFuji Finepix 20i
02:00:14***Alert Mode OFF
02:00:29midknight2k3set it up to record you trowing a tv off the roof to cause a great shatter
02:01:50 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
02:02:42PlughI just might have a TV worth doing that to
02:02:50midknight2k3are you serious?
02:02:52Plughbut I don't have a building worthy of it
02:03:01midknight2k3i mean
02:03:05midknight2k3use a hammer?
02:03:22midknight2k3i am a <ahem> professional </ahem> video editor
02:03:29PlughI don't have a hammer worthy of it either
02:03:31midknight2k3or close enough
02:03:45midknight2k3it doesnt matter
02:03:56midknight2k3just hit it
02:04:38midknight2k3STATUS = PROGRAMMING FLASH
02:04:47midknight2k3VERIFY_COMPLETE = YES
02:05:38Plughtrying to decide on a language to learn
02:05:48midknight2k3smash the tv
02:06:22PlughFrench, German, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Japanese...
02:06:29midknight2k3SMASH IT
02:06:33midknight2k3i want to edit the video
02:06:37midknight2k3and it will be funny
02:06:37Plughmidknight2k3: where do you think I am right now?
02:06:51midknight2k3home with a worthy-of-smashing TV next to you?
02:06:54midknight2k3yes, i had a ding
02:07:11Plughum, no mid. I'm at work right now
02:07:26midknight2k3whne do you go home?
02:07:42PlughI'll be home some time after midnight
02:07:49midknight2k3meaning in 4 hours?
02:08:18Plughit's only 5:11 here, mmmmkay?
02:08:36midknight2k3no ding there
02:08:46Plughaw, I thought mk was triggered
02:08:53midknight2k3it did ding
02:09:01midknight2k3when you said mk
02:09:08midknight2k3say mmmmmmkay againm
02:09:33midknight2k3didnt work
02:09:55midknight2k3only get my attention with mk, midningt, midknight, midknight2k3, midk2k3, midk, midknight
02:09:58midknight2k3i think
02:10:06PlughI think I'll start by learning Spanish, considering I live in San Jose
02:10:30midknight2k3hey retard
02:10:59 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as mk|back-in-15 (
02:10:59DBUGEnqueued KICK mk|back-in-15
02:10:59Plughand then maybe...
02:11:06mk|back-in-15be back in 15 or less
02:11:21mk|back-in-15stay around
02:11:30mk|back-in-15AND DONT SAY MY NAME OR IT WILL GO DING
02:12:13mk|back-in-15startng now
02:13:34combthinsWell, after 30 mins playing about with sim build in Visual Studio I remembered that VS is crap.
02:13:46 Join SeanL994 [0] (~Sean@
02:14:21SeanL994hello, i KNOW there is no rockbox for Archos's multimedia player(s) but does anyone here happen to have one, or experience w/ one?
02:14:39combthinsSo I went back and tried a bit harder with Eclipse. Got it working. Anyone been there before?
02:15:21Plughthe mmp is a totally different platform
02:15:28SeanL994i'ev been having trouble w/ the battery charging, (holding a charge) on the multimedia
02:15:43SeanL994yea, like i said I KNOW there wont be rockbox for it, i just need help w/ the player
02:16:22SeanL994but i'm sure there are fanatics about archos in general, and happen to own one of each
02:17:32SeanL994do you know of any sites that sell the Archos MM battery?
02:18:53PlughI know nothing about the hardware either. Perhaps someone else does. But if it's the same LiIon batteries they used in the FM Recorder, they're custom
02:20:04SeanL994how were they in the FM rec, was it 4 AA liIon or like my MMJB its 1 thin about the size of the unit battery
02:20:51Plughit's 2 thin flat packs
02:21:05Plughsquare, about the width of the unit
02:21:08SeanL994hmm, wonder if its the same as in my mm,
02:21:15Plughvery likely
02:21:16SeanL994so they are custom? meaning i cant buy them?
02:21:25SeanL994there is only 1 in the mm tho,m
02:21:40Plughthey're not available through any retail channels
02:22:00SeanL994whats a guy to do?
02:22:01Plughif yours isn't holding charge, you might want to get a warranty replacement
02:22:24SeanL994i bought it from somewhere similer to ebay..(for sale/forum)
02:22:47combthinsI read that as: wonder if its the same as in my *Mum* lol
02:22:52SeanL994i dont have original packaging, but i have unit/ac/usb/usb2/cd's/i think thats it
02:22:52Plughdid you get a receipt? Or can you contact the seller?/
02:23:18SeanL994i can contact the seller sure, wont do me any good
02:23:42Plughcall Archos and see. They have a good support dept
02:23:42SeanL994wtf are you talking aobut comb
02:24:00SeanL994i will call monday/tues, but i have emailed them about 9 times
02:24:07SeanL994(w/ no responce)
02:24:18SeanL994good support? i thouight it was 100% pure shit?
02:25:18mk|back-in-15i am back
02:25:22 Nick mk|back-in-15 is now known as midknight2k3 (
02:25:22DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
02:25:31SeanL994midknight, what up
02:25:37SeanL994maybe you can help out
02:25:51midknight2k3battery problemes i see?
02:25:54PlughI talked to them. They were smart and helpful
02:25:54SeanL994know of any places i can get a new Archos MMJB battery
02:25:54combthinsSean: Oh dont worry, it made me smile!
02:26:06midknight2k3no idea
02:26:10SeanL994ok plugh, i'll give it a shot
02:26:18SeanL994yea, midnight googled my ass off
02:26:45midknight2k3lol tryin to fit my fmr's plug into my camera' port
02:26:50SeanL994all i could find were disscussion boards, talking about how shitty the archos multimedia plug in is
02:27:10midknight2k3seen that page whree they fixed the only one terminal connected thing?
02:27:17midknight2k3might help
02:27:44midknight2k3somethin about the crappy quality of the battery port or whatever, only one cell was in use instead of two
02:27:52SeanL994oh yea,
02:27:56midknight2k3cause the 2nd prong wasn't connecting
02:28:01Plughthe batteries are really shitty
02:28:12midknight2k3from what i've heard, yes
02:28:19Plughone person said thee laminate was peeling off and exposing foil
02:28:21SeanL994yea, thats how i discoverd that this unit doesnt use 4 AA like my (old) archos studio 20
02:28:37SeanL994hell, should i open mine up like the dude on the site did?
02:28:40midknight2k3exposing foil?
02:28:46midknight2k3might help sean
02:28:55SeanL994this MoFo, is just to fucken expensive for me to open up and F somthin up
02:28:55midknight2k3just dont do anything wrong
02:29:02midknight2k3just be careful
02:29:07midknight2k3just look is all
02:29:32SeanL994i dont use a soldering iron.. so scratch that off the list
02:29:40midknight2k3don't need it really
02:30:07SeanL994well, i'm gonna go now, thanks for the chat, hopfully i can do somthin w/ this unit
02:30:16midknight2k3good luck
02:30:18midknight2k3give em a call
02:30:21midknight2k3prolly help
02:30:32SeanL994oh hell.. just for the hell of it, where can i get a CHEAP car addaptor(power) for the mm
02:30:48SeanL994example.. does radioshack have em? i saw 1 on ebay for like 40 bucks..
02:30:58midknight2k3best buy around?
02:31:01SeanL994i'd rather spend like 15-20 at the most
02:31:06SeanL994not here no :(
02:31:17midknight2k3i got a car kit there with cassete adapter and power plug with different voltages and stuff for 30
02:31:19midknight2k3fred meyer?
02:31:24SeanL994circirt city,wal mart,fre meyer
02:31:32midknight2k3fred meyer
02:31:38 Join top_bloke [0] (
02:31:39midknight2k3i seen a kit there for 20-25
02:31:43SeanL994well, i have the cassete adaptor alredy, and the rca
02:31:46midknight2k3power adapters probably even cheaper
02:31:49SeanL994ok, i'll go there tomarrow
02:31:56midknight2k3circuit city too probably
02:32:01midknight2k3more than likely
02:32:12SeanL994i looked there, i just forgot my unit, and couldnt test it
02:32:18midknight2k3give archos a call
02:32:22midknight2k3most will work
02:32:25SeanL994hell sorry, i gotta run, peace out, thanks for the help, i'll call monday
02:32:29midknight2k3if it don't you can return it
02:32:31midknight2k3ok bye
02:32:37SeanL994cant return it,
02:32:47midknight2k3i mean the power adapter
02:32:48SeanL994got it online from a forsale/buy forum
02:32:51SeanL994oh.. right
02:32:59midknight2k3ok bye
02:33:01 Quit SeanL994 ()
02:33:16 Quit combthins ()
02:35:40midknight2k3so plugh
02:35:45midknight2k3any tv smashing action yet?
02:40:28PlughI don't have a place to do a good drop
02:40:50midknight2k3how about a hammer?
02:40:56midknight2k3it's very cool that way
02:41:00midknight2k3or like ze did
02:41:07midknight2k3with a marble and a slingshot
02:42:26Plughit'd be cool to see what happens when you throw a TV in front of a train
02:42:40midknight2k3try this
02:42:56midknight2k3record yourself throwing a lightbulb off a roof or just up in the air and down to the earth
02:43:02midknight2k3a tv is funnder though
02:43:09midknight2k3it goes "HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS"
02:43:47Plughdo you realize there's about 20kV stored in a TV picture tube?
02:43:53 Quit edx` ()
02:44:57midknight2k3whats the problem?
02:46:00Plughthe problem is, none of my hammers are insulated against that sort of thing
02:46:12midknight2k3what do you mean?
02:46:18midknight2k3got a wrench?
02:46:28Plughum, yeah
02:46:36Plugha big honkin' pipe wrench
02:46:41midknight2k3throw it HARD at the tv
02:46:57Plughwhat are you trying to accomplish here?
02:47:00Plughget your own damn TV
02:47:04midknight2k3no wait
02:47:07midknight2k3that works easy
02:47:10Plughgo to Goodwill and get a B&W for 5 bucks
02:47:10midknight2k3come on
02:47:32midknight2k3take advice
02:47:38PlughI don't have any place to make that kind of mess
02:47:53midknight2k3go outside
02:48:40PlughI'd get arrested
02:48:54PlughCali is weird about that sort of thing
02:48:57midknight2k3go to somewhere that's not visible
02:49:30Plughtoo much like work
02:50:01midknight2k3inside then
02:50:03midknight2k3i dont know
02:50:09midknight2k3have you ever smashed a tv?
02:50:52Plugh1987 maybe?
02:51:53PlughI yanked out the circuit board and unsoldered every component on it
02:52:42PlughThis past weekend, there were three more murders in Washington,
02:52:42Plugh D.C. −− the streets of Baghdad are still safer than those of our
02:52:42Plugh nation's Capital.
02:52:56midknight2k3thats it?
02:53:00midknight2k3you didnt smash the tube?
02:53:45PlughI have an aversion to glass
02:54:03Plughever since some flew in my eye and scratched my cornea
02:54:31midknight2k3you haven't lived if you haven't smashed a tv tube
02:54:31Plughyeah. Probably the most pain I've felt in my life
02:55:34Plughmidknight2k3: I'm 32 years old now. I've had plenty of life, and seen many TV tubes get smashed. Doesn't mean I have to do it to make my life feel complete
02:55:42midknight2k3all right
02:56:23PlughI've also been in vehicle impact at 75mph. I know about smashing things
02:56:52midknight2k3its esp. fun if you tap the round thingy and it goes HISSSS for like 1 minute
02:56:59Plughmy wife and I got T-boned by some jackass doing 75 in a 25 zone
02:57:14midknight2k375 in a 25 zone?
02:57:30Plughheh. I did that on a 42" screen once
02:57:46Plughknocked off the glass nipple in the back and heard *hisssssss*
02:57:53Plughmy dad was PISSED
02:58:05midknight2k3why did you?
02:58:11midknight2k3were you alowed to?
02:58:27midknight2k3you took it apart?
02:58:29Plughthe back was off the TV, someone else bumped it into the wall
02:58:41Plughyeah, I had the back off working on something or other
02:58:54midknight2k3and it got knocked off?
02:59:24midknight2k3you knocked it or someone else?
02:59:44Plughsomeone else
02:59:53midknight2k3it was your dad's tv?
03:00:20Plughit had an intermittent connection. The back was off for convenience
03:00:22midknight2k3and the tv was declared dead?
03:00:37Plughdead or a $700 picture tube
03:01:04midknight2k3you just threw it away after that?
03:01:08midknight2k3the normal way?
03:01:47Plughone time I was working on a TV. Had a wire clamped to the yoke with a pair of hemostats. My forearm touched the hemo when I had a wire in my hand. I got a couple kV across my arm. Threw my shoulder out
03:02:16midknight2k3ouch ouch
03:02:25Plughhad a burn scar for about 5 years
03:03:02Plughwe tried to find a replacement tube used. Never could, so we tossed the TV and got another big one
03:03:15Plughwithout an intermittent connection on the mainboard
03:03:31midknight2k3you threw it away the normal way/
03:03:40Plughyeah. Set it out by the street
03:03:51Plughcan't do that anymore
03:03:52midknight2k3i don believe it
03:04:00Plughnobody wants the lead in their landfill
03:04:03midknight2k3i'd never let a perfectly broken tv pass me by
03:04:12midknight2k3without a good pow
03:04:31Plughthe tube wasn't under vacuum anymore
03:04:44Plughit would have just been like breaking a bathroom mirror
03:04:47midknight2k3still be fun to hit
03:04:53midknight2k3my point exactly
03:05:45Plughwell, my wife's here
03:05:53Plughshe's more enjoyable company
03:06:03midknight2k3at work?
03:06:08midknight2k3ah well
03:06:12midknight2k3if you hate me you hate me
03:29:25midknight2k3bye then
03:29:25 Quit midknight2k3 ()
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03:44:43CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 14 minutes and 23 seconds at the last flood
03:44:43*MiChAeLoL wonders where everyone went
03:47:28 Quit knobby (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:11:09 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: its wax ecstatic")
04:16:33 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
04:19:53top_blokeyou all hear about the new Archos AV320 MediaBox
04:23:21 Quit DarthWufei ("Through our bleeding, we are one.")
04:38:20 Quit AciD` (" -")
05:03:55 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
05:06:20 Join knobby [0] (
05:31:29 Part knobby
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06:32:00 Join scott666 [0] (
07:19:50 Part scott666
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09:47:35 Join combthins [0] (
09:49:31 Join knobby [0] (
10:07:16 Quit k3no____ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:20:08 Join SeanL994 [0] (~Sean@
10:20:31SeanL994anyone happen to know that site where you can 'trade'in your archos for another (or upgrade hd)
10:20:45SeanL994been lookin for the last 20 mins, figure someone here would know
10:24:12SeanL994this joint is dead, wow....
10:25:44SeanL994this is gonna look pretty lame on the irc logs at rockbox, someone talk
10:25:44 Quit knobby (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:28:24SeanL994oh :(
10:28:36SeanL994i cant remember where i saw that site, it was about 3 months ago
10:50:31 Join knobby [0] (
10:50:34 Quit SeanL994 ()
11:02:35 Join Rendering_Rebel [0] (
11:06:30 Quit Rendering_Rebel (Client Quit)
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11:49:38 Join edx [0] (
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16:58:34 Join uski [0] (
16:58:41uskihi :)
16:59:20uskii have a jukebox 6000, and i'd like to use the serial port of the C to receive instructions from a remote
16:59:31uskibut i don't know if the firmware can be modified to allow it
16:59:59uskiit seems you can use gdb with the serial port, so perhaps the serial port is driven by some low level logic of the C ?
17:00:16uskiif someone can confirm that i can modify the firmware to support a remote, it would be great...
17:02:22webmindheh my archos still lives :))
17:02:31webmindthought sound chip was fscked
17:02:35webmindwas headphones
17:06:00zeuski: the firmware already supports the archos remote, so....
17:07:14uskiok, so i don't have to modify the firmwae ? the problem is that my archos does not have a serial port
17:08:35uskiso perhaps the support for the remote has been removed
17:09:00uskialso, i want to make my own remote, so i must find the technical info about what is sent to the jukebox; i'll look into the sources for this
17:09:27zethere's info early in the mailing list about making a custom remote
17:09:36zein the archives
17:09:49zefor like early 2002 iirc
17:10:10zeand if you have a jukebox 6000 you do have a serial port
17:10:21zeit's recieve only (all you need for a remote of course)
17:10:27zeit's in one of the jack's, headphone or whatever
17:10:30zeas a 4th pin
17:10:49zeall the info's in the mailing list archives and the hacking section of site i think
17:24:23 Join texbox [0] (
17:26:09texboxi successfully mounted my rockbox in linux, but when i am ftp'ing the files to my xbox, a lot of the files do not copy... why not? i thought this might be a usb1.0 problem, but i can't copy those files even individually. any ideas?
17:27:28 Join knobby [0] (
17:28:22texboxhi knobby...
17:28:24texboxi successfully mounted my rockbox in linux, but when i am ftp'ing the files to my xbox, a lot of the files do not copy... why not? i thought this might be a usb1.0 problem, but i can't copy those files even individually. any ideas?
17:29:29webmindtexbox, hmm if u have problems with usb u might try the alternate usb driver ?
17:30:55texboxok. currently, i'm using the standard usb driver (i.e. i didn't install any driver at all). *some* of the files copy, though. but not all. how do i go about installing the alterate usb driver?
17:31:13webmindwhich dist. ?
17:31:25webmindtexbox, well i usually compile a new kernel after install
17:31:30texboxdebian woody (hd install of clusterKnoppix)
17:31:38webmindshould work
17:31:45webmindalthough.. knoppix...
17:31:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:31:54webmindknoppix does have the other mod i think
17:32:00webmindcant recall the name though
17:32:04*texbox is linux newbie.
17:32:39webmindbut the problems the driver gave me where more that it hangs up my system
17:33:22texboxit may be a problem with the xbox ftp, because i seem to be able to get the file to the HD, but then it won't accept it when i ftp it to the xbox. it doesn't get hung... it just says "could not write to file ....."
17:33:35texboxi think it started writing it, failed, and now doesn't want to overwrite it.
17:35:20uskize: hmm ok i found the pin, and thanks for the info about the archives, i look at them. )
17:36:04texboxno... i tried renaming it and then copying it... same message "could not write to file ..... xxxx.mp3.part".
17:36:10webmindtexbox, xbox ftp ?
17:36:10texboxwhat's this .part extension?
17:37:42texboxi don't see why *some* of the files copy, but not all. and there are specific files that it doesn't seem to like.
17:38:26zeuski: np
17:39:16texboxi noticed that when i refresh the file view of the usb directory, the last one to read the "title" of the mp3 (in Konquerer) is the same file that it doesn't want to copy.
17:40:12webmindtexbox, odd program then
17:42:23texboxi just tried another dir, and all the files copied perfectly. maybe it gets screwed up if the usb cache thingy gets filled up. ?
17:44:05texboxanother successful dir... hmmm... seems to be working now.
17:44:24webmindi dont think its a usb problem
17:44:30webmindbut i just use cp and mv
17:44:33webmindworks fine
17:44:43texboxmaybe the files were corrupted in some way. not sure.
17:45:34texboxdoes that work for recursive dirs? what's the command?
17:47:45webmindcp -r
17:47:52webmindplease do read the manual :)
17:48:24texboxk... i do appreciate your help. i should have rtfm first.
17:49:28webmindbtw.. if u have the cheap fold in head phones..
17:49:54webmindi just upgraded mine (who where broken anyway) to a sennheiser.. GREAT sound improvement
17:50:06webmindcosted me only 20 euros
17:50:34texboxthanks for the tip. those cheap headphones always hurt my ears. i just use them when i can't find any better ones. i'll look out fr the sennheiser ones.
17:51:12webmindthey're usually not the cheapest.. but they are the best :)
17:51:22webmindin sound atleast
17:54:40texboxi wonder if i should mount the xbox instead of ftp'ing it? i'm a little afraid that i will screw up the xbox hdd though.
17:56:14 Quit k3no__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:00:39 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:01:21uskiooo i got an idea
18:01:26uskii love rokbox im full of ideas now haha
18:06:10 Join AciD` [0] (
18:12:32 Quit texbox ()
18:18:44 Join texbox [0] (
18:19:19texboxwebmind (and anyone else who cares)... the problem with the xbox was the fatx file system has a limit on number of characters. i renamed the long filenames, and now it works.
18:19:51webmindaah yes
18:20:48*texbox got a little help from #xbins-chat.
18:20:49webmindfat32 should be capable of using long file names right ?
18:21:04texboxnot sure. but the xbox uses fatx.
18:21:32texboxi think it's MS's way to try to discourage using the xbox for any other purpose.
18:21:47webmindxbox ??
18:22:07webmindyour using an archos with an xbox ?
18:22:37texboxxbox game console is just a celeron 700 Mhz intel machine. i have a media player loaded on the xbox, so i am transferring the mp3s from my archos to the xbox (via linux).
18:26:35 Join satino [0] (
18:29:48 Quit texbox ()
18:41:40 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:49:33 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
18:49:43 Join k3no__ [0] (
19:11:29 Quit adi|home (
19:11:51NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
19:29:52 Quit knobby (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:31:40 Join k3no [0] (
19:31:41 Quit k3no__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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19:41:54 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
19:49:29 Join buco [0] (
19:50:19bucois anybody here?
19:50:20 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
19:52:19uskibuco: yea
19:53:12 Join x-snoopy [0] (
19:53:24midknight2k325 people wow
19:54:26 Quit buco ("Leaving")
19:55:37uskianyone knows where to buy replacment buttons for the jukebox ? they get hard to press with time (bad quality..... :\)
19:56:02midknight2k3which model?
19:56:21midknight2k3i have an fm recorder and my f3 button is.. "broken"
19:56:39midknight2k3it broke itself off the "F-button chain"
19:57:31uskimine is an archos 6000
19:57:43uskimy brother also have one and he is experiencing the same problem
19:58:02midknight2k3i never heard of replacements
19:58:03uskiyou must press very strong if you want the button to work
19:58:29uskiwell we simply have to find the ref of these buttons, then we could order them from any good electronic shop
19:58:46midknight2k3i doubt that
19:58:48uskii don't think asking archos about it is a good idea (they'll tell "i dunno")
19:59:00midknight2k3it's worth a try
19:59:28uskihmmm you're right... i can try, nothing to loose, and i don't think the info is very private
20:00:00midknight2k3they can't do anything really
20:00:10midknight2k3they can't void your warranty or anything
20:00:31uskimy warranty is expired for months, so no problem :)
20:01:35midknight2k3well you get the idea
20:02:07x-snoopydoes anybody knows the development status of bookmarks
20:02:19midknight2k3they're made, x-snoopy
20:02:26midknight2k3all they have to do now is be implemented
20:02:31midknight2k3soon is my guess
20:03:34x-snoopyare they available for me?
20:03:50midknight2k3at the patches section
20:04:49x-snoopywhat I have to do with the patch. until now I have only downloaded the daily builds
20:08:18uskimidknight2k3: mail sent, in english and in french, so they'll understand. if you want i can keep you informed about what i find, if you want to change the button of your recorder... :)
20:08:46midknight2k3actually, uski, sounds a good idea
20:09:09midknight2k3since best buy no longer ships archos' im pretty sure, so if i replace it i get a ... "ZEN"!!! argh!
20:09:26midknight2k3unless they let me upgrade to a Karma...
20:11:01uskiheh, im currently thinking of buying a ZEN but i have to hurry as the firewire version is no longer made and i must find a place to buy it that still has it
20:11:15midknight2k3Karmas Rock!
20:11:23uskiwhat is Karma ?
20:11:28midknight2k3Rio Karma?
20:11:38uskihmm i don't know it, but i dno't like Rio :)
20:11:39uskiok i look
20:11:51midknight2k320gig, crossfading, timestretching, with a dock, networking...
20:12:00midknight2k3super small
20:12:03midknight2k3pretty small
20:12:13midknight2k3and one excellent lcd
20:12:15uskiand how does it costs ? <:)
20:12:20midknight2k3like $400
20:12:28midknight2k3it's the supergadget
20:12:36midknight2k3$500 for a 40gig i think
20:13:46uskiyes but archos are funny
20:13:54uskiyou can reprogram them :] i like it
20:14:06midknight2k3you can reprogram lots of mp3 players
20:14:12midknight2k3as long as you put in the super hard work
20:14:16uskiyes but rockbox is very advanced
20:14:30midknight2k3which i am amazed bjrn and linus and daniel did
20:14:30uskibut with rockbox, all the lowlevel job is already done
20:14:45midknight2k3i love it
20:14:56midknight2k3but i'm just saying if i HAD to have another player it would be the karma
20:15:43uskiand i like my archos because a friend gave it to mee ;) it does not have any housing, it's just the bare PCB with the buttons :))
20:16:01uskii must find a HDD and i'll use it as this, with some mods
20:16:10uskii plan to make first a wired remote, then i'll make a wireless remote
20:16:33uski(if i find some place to put the receiver)
20:17:11midknight2k3no housing? no warranty
20:17:19uskiyea, nothing lol
20:17:34uskii really want to find a HDD, so i can stop playing with my brother's one lol
20:17:46uskibut these days, buying another player is cheaper than buying a new HDD
20:17:58midknight2k3such as an fm rec
20:18:01midknight2k3or a rec
20:18:39midknight2k3or a KARMA
20:18:46midknight2k3mmm Karma
20:18:46uskii'd like to find a broken mp3 player so i can get the HDD ;)
20:18:58uskihey Karma is yourdream lol ! "karmaaaaaa karmaaaaaaaaa"
20:19:09midknight2k3with it's VU meters
20:19:14midknight2k3and oscilloscope
20:19:18midknight2k3and its dock
20:19:21midknight2k3and its features
20:19:29midknight2k3and it's networking capability
20:19:34midknight2k3mm Karma
20:19:34uskihaha it might be implemented in the archos :P with an external DSP that sends info to the serial line
20:19:43uskibut... it's not worth the work to do it
20:20:47uskibut the archos looks really homemade when you see it without its "clothes"
20:21:04midknight2k3never occurred to me
20:21:04uskiwired soldered over the PCB, components added very "dirtyly"...
20:21:09midknight2k3probably cause i have an fm rec
20:23:13midknight2k3that's the one that has all the wires all over right?
20:23:43midknight2k3i thought that was something rockbox did
20:23:50uskilooool nope
20:24:11midknight2k3can't make it look better than that huh
20:24:53uskithere are SMD resistors soledered everywhere the ones on the others, and so one
20:25:03uskireally, you don't want to know this when you pay for it :)
20:25:09midknight2k3yeah lol
20:25:12midknight2k3i wouldn't pay for it
20:25:23midknight2k3as recorders tend to be.. better?
20:26:08 Quit ze (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:30:29 Join ze [20] (
20:33:29uskimidknight2k3: well, now you can't buy an archos 6000, it is discontinued
20:33:35uskibut i don't want to buy archos products now
20:33:51uskithe sound quality is bad, and i am really deceived by the quality
20:34:11uski(the overall quality i mean)
20:34:21midknight2k3with a recorder i am very impressed with it.. sound, size and build quality
20:34:34uskiyes...when you solder wires everywhere and you don't make a new PCB, it is really lame
20:34:37midknight2k3once dropped it from about 3.5 feet and it didn't hinder it a bit
20:34:57uskiperhaps the recorders are better
20:35:06uskibut for the 6000: bad bad really bad :)
20:35:11midknight2k3no wires all over
20:35:19uskiyea ;)
20:40:00x-snoopywhat I have to do with the patch. until now I have only downloaded the daily builds
20:40:18midknight2k3if you cant compile it get it precompiled
20:40:48x-snoopywhere can i find it? what is the name?
20:40:55midknight2k3hang on
20:42:01midknight2k3extract all files in there to a folder on the archos and it will make subfolders
20:42:06midknight2k3then play the new ajbrec\
20:42:10midknight2k3for your model
20:42:14midknight2k3recorder right?
20:45:08 Quit adi|home (Connection timed out)
20:49:46 Join knobby [0] (
20:50:33x-snoopymidnight2k3 thank you for informations
20:50:45midknight2k3no problem
20:54:59 Quit x-snoopy ()
21:12:26 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
21:20:59 Quit knobby (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:31:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:40:48uskianyone knows if someone already tried to use an archos with a... compactflash ? there are adapters to use their "truIDE" mode (they can work as IDE drives)
21:41:09uskiit would be great for the battery, and also shocks/vibration won't be a problem anymore
21:41:11midknight2k3not possible
21:41:17uskiwhy ?
21:41:28uskii think it is
21:41:33uskilook here:
21:41:35midknight2k3well it aint lol
21:42:10zemidknight2k3: i think he means as a harddrive, i.e. upgrade the internal HD with a CF card
21:42:20uskioh yes that's what i mean
21:42:29midknight2k3i thought you meant interface with it
21:42:29uskisorry lol
21:42:34zeuski: cool
21:42:37uskiyes it is not possible to interface it
21:42:41zei've wondered about doing such things too
21:42:45midknight2k3never mind, sorry
21:42:47uskii plan to order one of these adapters along with a 256mb card to test...
21:42:57midknight2k3make sure it's returnable
21:43:00uskize: do you live in the US ?
21:43:02midknight2k3unless you have another use for it
21:43:11uskimidknight2k3: this kind of things can always be used :)
21:43:16zeuski: yeah
21:43:22midknight2k3and it has an ATA adapter on it too?
21:43:23uskiif my laptop HDD fail, i'll have an emergency solution ;)
21:43:34uskiwhat do you mean by ATA ?
21:43:36midknight2k3so that could just be dumb enough to work
21:43:48midknight2k3the thing with the pins
21:43:53uski(if it works, WOOOOW)
21:44:07uskium ean the CFDISK.1C ?
21:44:08midknight2k3the black thingy
21:44:25midknight2k3just means no adapters are needed to plug it in
21:44:45midknight2k3prolly costs some $$ thought
21:44:51uskioh, you can use the CFDISK.1C in your desktop computer with no adapter
21:44:58uskiyes but it is interesting
21:45:03uskiand it's worth trying
21:45:06midknight2k3ze: how is the zen?
21:45:17uskize: you have a creative zen ?
21:45:18midknight2k3terribly worse than anything in the world?
21:45:25midknight2k3he had to get one
21:45:28midknight2k3instead of a archos
21:45:37uskia friend of mine have one, he is lucky he has the firewire version... impossible to find it now
21:45:40midknight2k3best buy stopped shipping jbrecs
21:45:46uskialso the problem with the zen is that you need specific software for the download
21:45:53midknight2k3so next time i go in for replacement
21:45:58midknight2k3I GET A ZEN
21:46:05zei like it
21:46:07midknight2k3unless they start shipping karmas
21:46:12uskiZENs are really good
21:46:13midknight2k3then i ask to get one of those
21:46:15zenice volume, good sound quality, great playlist management
21:46:16midknight2k3i know
21:46:19midknight2k3but htey have no rockbox
21:46:22uskimidknight2k3: ...and karmas are not that expensive
21:46:29uskiperhaps they'll have one one day ;)
21:46:30midknight2k3i know
21:46:33zeit's a little thinner and lighter than the archos
21:46:37midknight2k3uski: they are shipping
21:46:44zeuski: i found a linux prog to upload stuff to the zen
21:46:48midknight2k3they have the karma spot all set up lol
21:46:53midknight2k3with the tag and all
21:46:57zeuski: it was a little lacking but i hacked it up a bit and it works great
21:47:05uskize: yea but i would prefer to have something like: mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/zen ;)
21:47:11zeit's nice not to have to mount it and umount it
21:47:13midknight2k3ze: hacked?
21:47:17midknight2k3how so?
21:47:18uskize: hmm yea
21:47:20zea song's transferred and it's transferred
21:47:28uskimidknight2k3: you take a text editor, you edit the source, the you do "Make"
21:47:29zeif something screws up after, that song's still intact
21:47:41midknight2k3uski: thats not what i meant
21:47:48zewell it's what i meant
21:47:51midknight2k3ze: what did you do hackwise
21:47:54uskimidknight2k3: yea i know, just kiddin'
21:48:06midknight2k3you hacked the firmwarE?
21:48:10midknight2k3or just the driver?
21:48:13zei hacked the program for sending files to it
21:48:18zeno not the driver either
21:48:23zea commandline interface for sending files to it
21:48:34midknight2k3well my plan is to wait till karmas are shipping, smash my fmrec's screen and take it in for "replacement" >:)
21:48:46midknight2k3oh and make sure they are out of zens
21:48:53midknight2k3and act like i need a player NOW
21:48:57midknight2k3or i will die
21:49:04midknight2k3and they will go, ohg well
21:49:07midknight2k3here ya go
21:49:09uskimidknight2k3: you should put 50V on the battery pins
21:49:11midknight2k3it's next closes thing
21:49:13uskiso the wxarranty will work
21:49:23midknight2k3on the battery pins?
21:49:23zei could've drove to a bestbuy in another town to get another fmrec
21:49:26uski"hey my archos does not work anymore it is shit i want sth else !"
21:49:35uski"give me a refund !"
21:49:37midknight2k3why didnt ypu
21:49:47zebecause the fmrec's suck
21:49:50midknight2k3"that Karma will do.. yes it will"
21:49:58zenot built as well as either the original players, recorders, or the zen
21:50:06midknight2k3i hear that
21:50:13midknight2k3my f3 buttin is broke
21:50:28midknight2k3when the <ahem> karmas start shipping i will get it replaced
21:50:46midknight2k3because i will convenienlty have broke it there on the spot
21:50:50uskii should really find a place to buy replacment buttons
21:50:53midknight2k3and i will need a new player
21:51:08zeso whats this karma thing
21:51:13uskimidknight2k3: oh, if you don't need ur archos anymore, you know i'll take the embarassing stuff ;)
21:51:26midknight2k3ze: rio karma?
21:51:27uskize: a RIO player
21:51:33uskimidknight2k3: why ? o:)
21:51:38midknight2k3shut up lol
21:51:56midknight2k3don't even bother with "
21:51:58midknight2k3rio sucks
21:52:08midknight2k3because the karma is the bst
21:52:21midknight2k3BESTUBY: get it together and put it on the shelfs
21:52:58midknight2k3nice karma
21:53:03midknight2k3nicey wicey
21:53:23midknight2k3crossfading and timestretching and docking and networking and grayscaling...
21:53:31zesmall, light, 15 hours, 160x128 grayscale LCD
21:53:47midknight2k3and reverse el backlight
21:53:50midknight2k316MB buffer
21:54:07zeEQ, VORBIS and FLAC(!!!), rca-line out, ETHERNET?!
21:54:09*ze wants one
21:54:29midknight2k3ogg n flac for shure
21:54:41midknight2k3it's like a little square
21:54:59midknight2k3get your zen "replaced" soon
21:55:22midknight2k3"you're out of zen's? i'll just take that karma thing then. it will work, i guess... probably..."
21:55:34midknight2k3"i don't wanna but if i have to...
21:56:05zethat'll have to wait a while
21:56:10midknight2k3the karma appeals to me more than nay player right now
21:56:11zelike a year when they're down to $250 heh
21:56:23midknight2k3the archos has rockbox but
21:56:23zeso that it's in the range of this thing
21:56:36midknight2k3a few years is all
21:56:41midknight2k3unless they let you pay the diff
21:56:46zewell i can't wait too long
21:56:52midknight2k3me iethery
21:56:54zegotta get it while i've still got the warranty
21:56:55midknight2k3i want it now
21:57:03zeer the bestbuy service plan, you know
21:57:08midknight2k3my warranty is anothe 1.5 years or something
21:57:14midknight2k3yeah lol
21:57:15 Quit DarthWufei (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:57:22midknight2k3but i want it anywyas
21:57:34midknight2k3who wouldn't?
21:58:09midknight2k3ogg, mp3, wav, flac... small... long battery life... big screen... neat backlight... ethernet...
21:58:13midknight2k3come on lol
21:58:17midknight2k3get with it already
21:58:27midknight2k3in 20 OR 40gb
21:58:58midknight2k3i must clean up parts of an annihilated speaker i smashed... hold on a second
21:59:06midknight2k3wish it was a tv
22:00:18zesmashing tv's isn't nearly as satisfying as you think
22:00:25 Join DarthWufei [0] (
22:00:30midknight2k3how would you know?
22:00:34zeunless you like drop it from a 30 story height or something probably
22:00:36midknight2k3i smashed a lot of tehm
22:00:44zeoh ok
22:00:54midknight2k3naw.. i just WANT to smash one
22:01:03midknight2k3i smashed one a month ago
22:01:06midknight2k3it went HISS
22:02:38midknight2k3i even have a picture somewheres
22:02:40uskiwhy i say that player looks "poor quality":
22:04:46midknight2k3ze: how about a picture of the zen and it's menu features?
22:05:35zeyou can probably find that somewhere
22:05:46midknight2k3i cannot find any such thing
22:05:46zei'm creating sounds!
22:05:47midknight2k3i tried
22:05:49zeand other things
22:05:50midknight2k3like what?
22:05:56midknight2k3like tv smash sounds?
22:06:04midknight2k3POP and HISS and CRACKERS!
22:06:18zewell i just made something that sounds like a cymbol
22:06:27zebeing bowed with something like a violin bow or such
22:06:33midknight2k3can you make things that ound like glass breaking?
22:06:43midknight2k3like dropping a lightbulb from 20 feet?
22:06:49midknight2k3or smashing a tv?
22:07:02zei haven't tried to make any breaking or glass sounds
22:07:03midknight2k3i want zen pictures
22:07:04zei'm just getting into it
22:07:37midknight2k3The Karma features a cross-fader, 5-band parametric equalizer, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC support, and a backlit display capable of visualizations, animated menus, and 16 shades of gray. USB 2.0 provides fast transfers while the included docking station also adds drop-in charging, RCA Line-Out, and an Ethernet port for networking!.
22:07:37midknight2k3The Karma measures 2.7 X 3.0 X 0.9 and weighs 5.5oz.
22:07:37midknight2k3The Karma sells for $399.00.
22:07:56midknight2k3Assign an IP address for networking capability
22:08:03midknight2k3Auto-synchronization with host PC
22:08:10uskia question: is it possible with an archos player with rockbox to do a fast forward into an mp3 ?
22:08:11 Join texbox [0] (
22:08:23midknight2k3into a new one? no
22:08:29uskiif yes, what is the speed ? does it increase more and more with the time you press the button
22:08:30midknight2k3its possible but not implemented
22:08:38midknight2k3can you fast forward? yes
22:08:43uskiok :)
22:08:44midknight2k3you can set it
22:08:46zejust hold the button that skips
22:08:54zeand you can configure how it accelerates or doesn't
22:08:56midknight2k3and it will increse with time if you tell it to
22:09:04uskiand what is the speed ? because i have some MP3 of 70mins
22:09:08midknight2k3AND it can play games
22:09:13zelike we said
22:09:15zeyou can configure it
22:09:17midknight2k3you can make it go 60 seconds at a time
22:09:22midknight2k3if you so desire
22:09:30midknight2k3or just 2 seconds at a time
22:09:33zeyou can configure both the step size and acceleration
22:09:41midknight2k3but not with a zen
22:09:45midknight2k3ze has a zen
22:10:06zebut zen's seeking setup is pretty effective
22:10:13zeit's got a good overall step and acceleration profile
22:10:19midknight2k3I WANT A PICTURE
22:10:22zeit's pretty much the same as what i used on the archos
22:10:31zewell tell ya what
22:10:34zeone of the things i gotta do
22:10:39zeis make products to put on ebay
22:10:43zeso i'll have to take pictures of those
22:10:48zewhile i'm at it, i'll do some pics of the zen
22:10:53midknight2k3thanks a lot
22:10:57midknight2k3what is going on ebay?
22:10:59zebut i can't guarantee that'll be any time soon
22:11:14zeone thing is a pot leaf hanging suncatcher
22:11:19zemade out of laserdiscs
22:11:25zei need to design more things
22:11:35midknight2k3i want a picture of that too
22:12:26zewell obviously i'll be taking a pic of it :p
22:12:47zei need to change a bit of it's design
22:12:57zeit was structurally unstable being just a plain potleaf
22:12:59midknight2k3what does it look like?
22:13:06zebut i put an ellipse around it
22:13:08zeso it's nice and solid
22:13:14zeand it still looks good, some ways even better
22:13:24midknight2k3i wish you could just take a pcitures of the zen
22:13:24zebut i have it so it hangs by a loop in the stem
22:13:30zewhich is cool in and of itself
22:13:31midknight2k3now with a tripod or anything
22:13:40zebut it doesn't look nearly as good hanging upside down
22:13:51zeso i'm gonna just give it a straight stem and put a loop at the top to hang it by
22:14:11zeand it looks like a pot leaf
22:14:39 Quit texbox ()
22:14:50zei need to think of other things to make
22:14:58midknight2k3i know
22:15:01zei'm thinking yin-yang's
22:15:06zethat'll be a little difficult but
22:15:11midknight2k3how about a smashed tv?
22:15:14zemight be cool
22:15:16midknight2k3that's a cool idea
22:15:24midknight2k3sell a tv with a smashed screen on ebay
22:15:30midknight2k3for 100 obo
22:15:35zeum, no
22:15:41zei make things out of plastic and laserdisc
22:15:41midknight2k3why not
22:15:49zei design it in the computer
22:15:51zethe laser cuts it
22:15:56zeand engraves
22:16:05midknight2k3like that T@2 right
22:16:13zethere's no reason that i shouldn't have an income right now
22:16:14zebut i don't
22:16:18zeso i need to start getting one
22:16:33midknight2k3smash a tv. it helps
22:19:46uskihmmm az question; is there a delay between songs ? i mean, when you listen to a song that is about to end, does the disk spin up once the song is ended, or does it spin up some secs before to ensure that it will be ready to feed the MAS with data when the current song is finishing ?
22:20:13midknight2k3it does it differently
22:20:20midknight2k3it buffers all the adata it can
22:20:32midknight2k3so if that means the next song it will do the next song
22:20:44midknight2k3so it will buffer into the next song as far as it can
22:21:03midknight2k3basically it buffers 1.75MB of song, even in that is the next track
22:21:14midknight2k31.75MB more or less
22:21:22zeuski: they've done everything they can to ensure gapless playback, as long as the tracks are suited to it
22:21:52zeif you play your album and it's not gapless but should be then it means you need to find a better way to rip/encode it
22:22:04uskiok i see
22:27:27 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:29:03 Join texbox [0] (
22:32:55 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
22:34:01 Nick seb-away is now known as secretagentseb (
22:48:46uskimidknight2k3: hmmm now i want to buy... an archos lol
22:48:52uskirockbox is really interesting
22:49:02midknight2k3you mean a recorder?
22:49:03uskithere is so much things to do with it that i am ready to buy an archos simply for it :)
22:49:17midknight2k3it gets better and better
22:49:28uskiperhaps a regular user won't do it, but i love things that i can hack
22:55:03 Join knobby [0] (
22:57:51uskianyone knows the maximum size for the rockbox firmware size ?
22:58:16 Join midk2k3 [0] (
22:58:25midk2k3what'd i miss/
23:02:23uski<midknight2k3> yeah
23:02:23uski−−> knobby ( a rejoint #rockbox
23:02:23uski<uski> anyone knows the maximum size for the rockbox firmware size ?
23:02:23DBUGEnqueued KICK uski
23:02:23uski−−> midk2k3 ( a rejoint #rockbox
23:02:57midk2k3unless you flash it
23:03:51uskithe archos cannot handle firmwares bigger ?
23:03:57uskibigger firmwares*
23:04:07midk2k3if it goes over it will not load
23:05:03uskiok so ~80k left for my player
23:05:18midk2k3but that's not going to be used anytime soon
23:05:21uskinow i must find sth to do with this space
23:05:29uskiyea i realize that now :)
23:05:38midk2k3the majority is for mpeg playback and getting everything setup
23:05:51midk2k3now that it IS set up, there is less to do
23:06:14uskihmmm i have an idea :] i saw in the schematics that there are some ADC pins that are free
23:06:26uskiit would be funny to add a volume potentiometer lol
23:06:35uskibut i must find how to initialize the ADC
23:06:53uskiseriously it would be simple to add it
23:07:03uski[yea, stupid feature i know]
23:07:19uski[but im getting tired, and i'll be more and more stupid this evening]
23:08:34 Quit hardeep ("BitchX has bite! (Just ask Mike Tyson!)")
23:19:20uskiooooo, is it possible to display text files on an archos6k's screen ?
23:19:27uskiit seems there is a plugin for the recorder, but ...
23:19:32uski... what about the 6k ?
23:19:34uskiGREAT lol
23:19:39midk2k3play a text file and it will show
23:19:51uskii will use it at school on the interrogations haha
23:19:56midk2k3even though only 22 characters visible at a time lol
23:20:04uskiyea but it is not a problem lol
23:20:33uskihmmmm about using a compactflash card as a hard disk
23:20:38uskii have a problem: how to format the dirve ?
23:20:44uskican it be done through the ISD200 ?
23:20:51midk2k3i dunno
23:21:02midk2k3some help i am
23:21:24uskiyou ARE helpful, a lot !! but you don't know everything, that's normal :)
23:21:49midk2k3<sob> i feel so... <sob sob> ashamed!!!!!
23:23:06uskii'll ask on the mailling list
23:26:28 Quit texbox ()
23:26:37 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:31:12 Quit knobby ()
23:31:38 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
23:31:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:33:31 Nick midk2k3 is now known as midknight2k3 (

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