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#rockbox log for 2003-09-01

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08:51:08Gavitrondoes anyone know when the next rockbox recorder firmware is coming out, i cant get enough of it!
08:54:25*MiChAeLoL smacks aol with a large trout because it wont accept the mail he is sending to it through his xbox
08:55:16scott666Gavitron: download a daily build
08:55:30*MiChAeLoL likes it launching off flash rom
09:02:51Gavitroncan i just drop the daily builds into the root menu of my Archos or do i have to do some work. ie. programing
09:03:05scott666just download the ajz
09:04:22Gavitronwhat kind of new stuff are in the daily builds
09:05:43scott666lots of stuff
09:05:53scott666dynamic playlists for example
09:06:02Gavitronmore games?
09:06:08Gavitroni really liked the games
09:06:22scott666just download the full zip
09:06:30scott666cause you need the .rocks too
09:07:12Gavitronso.... i need to download the ajz's or the full's
09:07:21scott666download the full zip this first time
09:07:42Gavitronoh ok
09:08:37Gavitronshould i download all the daily builds or just the latest one
09:08:47scott666just the latest
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09:14:23Gavitronholy shit
09:14:34Gavitronthese games are pimp
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09:15:49Topic""Rockbox for president"" by Zagor (
09:15:53Topic"Rockbox for president" by Zagor (
09:16:15Zagorman, this irc client is hard :)
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09:18:01Gavitronhow come the Othelo game doesnt work
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09:27:19Gavitronwhat are the Bleeding Edge builds?
09:29:07uskiGavitron: for the othello, i understood that somebody broken a line in the code; but i'm not sure if they have commited a patch or not
09:30:30Gavitrondo you know what the Bleeding Ege builds are?
09:31:16uskino idea, but perhaps checking the changelogs will tell you :)
09:31:42Gavitronoh ok
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10:37:01uskisb there ?
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13:02:47nevsi need some help with a question
13:03:18dwihnoI hej on you!
13:03:54dwihnoI salute thee! :)
13:04:33nevsive got archos studio 20, and i was wondering , does it make it alot quicker if i de frag it?
13:04:43nevsive never done it before
13:04:59dwihnoI doubt it will be a lot quicker.
13:05:08nevsis it worth doing?
13:05:14dwihnoProbably not
13:05:19nevsi havnt defreeged my jukebox since i got it
13:05:51dwihnoI never defrag mine.
13:06:10nevsim virus checking it at the moment
13:06:50dwihnovirus in mp3s? :)
13:07:29nevsyes, u can get them in .mp3 and also i have other file formats on it like .exe, .zip etc
13:07:45nevsyou can get super hidden extensions
13:07:55dwihnosuper hidden extensions?
13:08:04nevsso even if you make a file.mp3, it might be ssss.mp3.exe
13:08:08dwihnoI got .exe .c and some more :-)
13:08:24nevsget the point?
13:08:36dwihnoRenaming files... Yeah, I get it.
13:09:33nevseven though it has the icon of widnows meadia player and stuff , and it says.mp3 after it still could be a super hidden extension which could be a worm or virus code
13:09:55nevsdo use kazaa?
13:10:00MT'super hidden extension' ?
13:10:08dwihnosuper hidden extension?
13:10:28nevsi just told you
13:10:39MTtools -> folder options -> view -> disable hide extension for known file types
13:10:43dwihnoHow is the extension hidden?
13:10:58*dwihno uses file management utilities and not explorer.
13:11:25MTtom@linux.woodhall.barn [12:05 PM] '~/rockbox/mnt'
13:11:27MT> $ sh virus.mp3.exe
13:11:27MTvirus.mp3.exe: virus.mp3.exe: cannot execute binary file
13:11:33MTi cant catch the virus :/
13:11:35nevsu see mt when u go to folder options in windows and click display all file extensions, it still wont display super hidden extensions
13:11:52MTsuper hidden extensions
13:11:56MTmade my day
13:12:24nevsmt what the fuck are u on about
13:12:27dwihnoI don't buy it.
13:14:05nevsu guys still here
13:15:44MTthe key to not getting viruses is not having a brilliant virus checker, its not making sure you dont have any super hidden extensions, its not even making sure all your patches are up to date, its not even installing 'zonealarm' or any other 'personal' firewall program
13:15:54MTtwo simple rules
13:16:02MTdeny all new incomming traffic
13:16:08MTdont run untrusted code
13:16:08nevsthats bollocks
13:16:36MTtbh, im not the guy virus checking his mp3s
13:16:45nevsany program u download or create must be virus checked before opening or priviewing
13:17:09MTthats rule number 2
13:17:15MTuntrusted code
13:17:21MTjust dont run it
13:17:22nevsu do know that i could find a virus hidden as a .mp3 file and if you ran it it would fuck up your pc like hell
13:17:53MTa virus embedded in a non executable file
13:18:01MTwell, first for everything i suppose
13:18:09MThow would this virus code get executed then?
13:18:27uskinevs: you are wrong
13:18:28nevsits a fucking .exe program which looks like a .mp3 file!
13:18:36MTthen it isnt an mp3
13:18:45nevsbut u think it is
13:18:47uskiif you tell windows to show the extension, you will not be fooled...
13:18:51MTand why would i run britney spears goes pop.mp3.exe
13:19:03MTnevs: why on earth would i do that
13:19:10MTthat would be pretty fucking dumb
13:19:11nevsBECUASE IT WONT SHO W .exe after .mp3 dipstick
13:19:18uskinevs: it is a setting
13:19:24uskisee the options...
13:19:24MTok, addendum: rule 3 - thou shallt not be dumb
13:19:30nevsgo to google , type in super hidden file extensions and look at the results
13:19:40uskiopen "My computer", go to Settingsd or sth like this and there is an option "Hide known extensions"
13:20:00uskiso, uncheck the box
13:20:04nevsi know but it doesnt show super hidden extensions
13:20:19nevsnot in windows
13:20:21MTmy computer.lnk is going to get me!
13:20:23uskilet me look on google then..
13:20:25nevsunless u edit the registry
13:20:51MTtbh, even if i did have some super hidden extensions
13:20:51uskianyway, im not using windows so... :]
13:21:06MTi trust all the executable code on my computer
13:21:10MTthats why its still there
13:22:19uskiA number of viruses (virii?) masquerade as normal files by adding an extra, super-hidden file extension to the filename of an e-mail attachment. For example, the AnnaKournikova virus that recently made the rounds had an attachment named "AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs", but because of Windows' habit of always hiding certain file extensions, seemed to be named "AnnaKournikova.jpg", a seemingly-innocent graphic file. The vbs extension is hidden, even whe
13:22:19uskin you have instructed Windows Explorer to show all filename extensions.
13:22:22nevsdo u see my point
13:22:22uskithat's what i said
13:22:35uskiask windows to show the extensions of known types
13:22:46uskinevs: wait i try on a winxp box to be sure...
13:22:47nevsthat wont work
13:23:05nevswindows doesnt show super hidden file extensions!
13:23:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:23:17gizz_uski :
13:23:24gizz_Show Super hidden file extensions
13:23:24gizz_By default, there are some extensions that windows will never display, even if "Always show file extensions" is checked. This can be a security problem. A program can use one of these extensions and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Example: Message.txt.shs. Shs is a shell scrap object and is not displayed, you would only see Message.txt. To show ALL file extensions...
13:23:38nevsthank you gizz
13:23:47gizz_"even if "Hide known..."..."
13:23:50uskiintersting :)
13:24:04uskii want to try it myself, wait :)
13:24:13gizz_uski : not interesting, ugly... (I'm a linux so wnyway :))
13:24:22uskianyway, it shows that windows SUCKS really, and that microsoft is really doingnothing to protect users
13:24:32gizz_linux person, sorry
13:24:38nevsdoes linux show super hidden files?
13:24:41uskigizz_: yea im using linux too but i have a windows partition on my laptop so i'll test in a few secs
13:24:46uskinevs: yea of course
13:24:53MTlinux shows files
13:24:54gizz_nevs : linux is not a dumb OS :)
13:24:59uskilinux is able to find a file type without any extension
13:25:04MTit has no concept of 'super hidden'
13:25:10uskibut if you want you can use extensions too
13:25:16gizz_linux is... wonderful ;)
13:25:25uskilinux, hurraaa !
13:25:39uskianybody have an archos recorder here ?
13:25:43nevsyeah, but whats linux like playing games
13:26:00uskilinux could do this very well if there were games developped for it
13:26:09uskianyway im not concerned, i don't play games lol
13:26:13gizz_if there were a market too
13:26:17nevslinux is very very good for programming
13:26:22gizz_uski : same as me ;)
13:26:28uskigizz_: by creating linux games, they will create the market
13:27:04gizz_uski : you're right, but I won't buy them anyway ;) I prefer coding (and learning to also ;))
13:27:19uskinevs, gizz_: on my box, creating a file called "test.mp3.vbs" shows ".vbs" at the end
13:27:32uskii keep my windows OS up to date, perhaps a patch is removing super hidden extensions...
13:27:35nevson what os
13:27:49uskitest.mp3.vbs shows as test.mp3.vbs..
13:27:54gizz_so maybe your registry doesn't contain "NeverShowExt" key in reg
13:27:55uskiant not test.mp3 or anythinh
13:28:05uskigizz_ yea but i never removed it
13:28:13uskiso: it was NOT here or it was removed by a patch
13:28:14gizz_uski : see for infos
13:29:02gizz_uski : BTW all these wind*ws stuff makes me laugh here :D
13:29:13uskigizz_: yea lol
13:29:29uskii plan to remove this fucking windows from my laptop asap
13:30:04uskianybody with an arhcos recorder ?
13:30:08uskijust a small question
13:30:39gizz_uski : the point (to my opinion) is it is good to use both, to find easily jobs in CS :) [but keep Nux @home :)]
13:31:07uskiCS ?
13:31:43gizz_Computer Science
13:32:05uskioh ok
13:34:55nevsgiz i have a archos stuido is it worth defragging it?
13:35:29gizz_what hdd size ?
13:35:58gizz_do you add/remove MP3 often ?
13:36:27nevsa bit
13:37:20nevswoudl it ake file browsing on the archos any quicker?
13:37:30uskinevs: i don't think it will improve speed
13:37:34uskiat all
13:38:04gizz_nevs : well,
13:38:22gizz_if your hdd is really fragd,
13:38:41gizz_do it, but if not, you must know doing it will reduce its lifetime a bit
13:38:53uskiserisouly, it won't improve speed...
13:38:56nevsof the hd?
13:39:06uskithe disk is accessed very very rarely compared to its capabilities
13:39:09gizz_=> because it must be USB plugged all the time, and hdd will be spinning all time too
13:39:16uskiand the data rate is so slow that it will not improve speed at all
13:40:30nevsim scan disking my archos right now
13:41:58gizz_you can do that too, but same issues apply :(
13:42:10gizz_(I did it yesterday because of FAT pb)
13:42:20uskinevs: really, it is useless unless you have a problem
13:43:58MTthinking fo buying a denison mp3 player head unit for my car
13:44:23MTparticularly elegant solution - the front flips up and you slot in the hd caddy
13:44:33MTwich also acts as a portable mp3 player
13:44:39MTand gets recharged as you drive along
13:49:40 Quit nevs ("Leaving")
13:51:06uskiyesterday i wanted to buy a creative zen, but now i want to buy an archos "because of" rockbox :))
14:06:29 Quit satino (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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14:24:55gizz_hi Bagder
14:26:15gizz_I managed to adapt you uisimulator x11 sources to compile with SDL
14:26:52gizz_it's almost buggy for recorders (it works for players)
14:27:04gizz_the point is :
14:27:11gizz_is it worth it ?
14:27:40Bagderwell, what would we gain with using SDL?
14:27:54gizz_I mean : the only interest would be to compile it for win32 platforms this way, but I didn't manage to do that :-(
14:28:14gizz_gain : one source, many platforms (natively)
14:29:09Bagderbut with the added price that everyone need to install sdl
14:29:31gizz_*install* sdl ? :)
14:29:39gizz_it's quite light
14:29:48gizz_compare it to X1 :)
14:29:58BagderI'd need to built it from source
14:30:11Bagderwhich *I* have no problem with
14:30:13gizz_but you must be true, I don't know if all this is worth it
14:30:14Bagderbut some will
14:30:35BagderI'm just trying to add pros and cons
14:30:43gizz_many sdl-using soft distribute SDL.dll, etc.. as binary packages
14:30:56gizz_Bagder : you're the master, not me ;)
14:30:57Bagderbut I'm on linux
14:31:05gizz_Bagder I'm too ;)
14:31:32Bagderif we got one source that use SDL and works for both windows and Linux
14:31:36BagderI'd say that would be good
14:31:42gizz_one pro though :
14:32:05gizz_I find it's a pity there are two separate uisim branchs : x and win32,
14:32:15gizz_and there are *difference* between 'em
14:32:42gizz_ie : no jukebox scan in the window for x : only the virt screen
14:33:08gizz_in win32, there is the nice looking face of jukebox
14:33:09Bagderyeah, but that picture is only giving us problems
14:33:30BagderI vote for its removal in the win32 sim
14:33:30gizz_at least, with one source tree, devs can work together
14:34:52MTtbh tho, not much dev work goes on in the simulator tree
14:35:19MTas long as the simulator tree works for whatever OS it is required for, people can then get on with the job of developing the apps tree
14:35:35MTwhich is why people compile the simulator anyways
14:35:37gizz_mt : right
14:35:47MTfrom my perspective that is
14:36:43gizz_so, I'd certainly forget about all this...
14:36:48gizz_sorry all
14:37:06MTso the benefit of an sdl port would be to allow the sim to work on a platform where it currently doesnt, but sdl does
14:37:21gizz_mt : exactly
14:37:25MT(thats not insignificant)
14:37:33Bagderit seems people have problems today with building/using it on windows
14:37:45gizz_personnally, I can run linux and win32, but I was wondering about aother users indeed...
14:38:17gizz_you may have all noticed,
14:38:31gizz_someone did compile the sim with eclipse,
14:38:47gizz_but it needs java, and when Bagder talked about SDL *install* needed,
14:38:51gizz_well, :-)
14:38:59MTi'd probably have tried it on windows, but when i have linux on the computer next to me, seemed silly to be installing huge dev environments
14:39:09gizz_you can compare blue whales and fish tanks ;-)
14:39:26MTplus im on a 56k modem, getting updates just for my OS is enough for me :)
14:39:50dwihnoModems rule!
14:40:02gizz_and.. adsl sucks ?? ;)
14:40:42MTthe only thing i miss about adsl is the low ping
14:40:51MTvery hard to work over ssh on 56k
14:40:53gizz_Bagder : I'm running into problems by working on flash-the-player code,
14:41:36gizz_I'm consedring setting up an SH1 emulator, any infos about the guy called Stevie O ?
14:41:40BagderI'm not that involved in flashing, but is there anything I can do?
14:41:55Bagdergizz_: no, he's been gone for a while now
14:42:22gizz_I believe he's one some work for emulating recorders,
14:42:30dwihnoBagder: have you flashed yet
14:42:34Bagderdwihno: nope
14:42:41gizz_but what a pity he didn't leave some open source behind him...
14:42:44dwihnoBagder: well, you should! it rocks the rombox ;)
14:44:29gizz_BAgder : yes, you should try ;) even on player, dual-boot is great
14:45:50 Join lieting [0] (
14:45:54dwihnoYeah. Zero boot time! :D
14:46:25BagderI know I should
14:46:35Bagderbeen focusing on other things lately
14:46:37dwihnoWicked! :D
14:46:54dwihnoFocusing too much on the karaoke competitions in Stockholm?
14:47:13lietinganybody knows the progress of supporting unicode?
14:47:59Bagderrockbox will never support full unicode
14:48:18lietingwhy not?
14:48:25Bagderits simply too much
14:48:43lietingyou mean the font size? or the effort?
14:48:47Bagderwe have very little memory to play with
14:48:52Bagderthe font size
14:48:55Bagderthe tables
14:49:38lietinghow much memory does the MP3 cache need out of the 1.7M left?
14:49:54Bagderthe 1.7M is for the mp3 cache
14:50:02Bagderthe more, the merries
14:50:20lietingso it is really a tradeoff of the battery life?
14:50:34dwihnoBagder: do the 8 meg mod on my recorder :-D
14:50:49dwihnoI'll pay you with kebab (starka såsen of course)
14:50:51lietingI have a Studio 20
14:51:02dwihnoor perhaps I should ask Linus ;D
14:51:06lietingcan I mod it to an 8m?
14:51:07Bagderlieting: then forget about unicode, as you have a fixed charset
14:51:31Bagderlieting: I *think* you can, but I'm not sure
14:51:49lietingthanks guys.
15:06:04 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
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15:38:55uskiis someone using a usb 2 card under linux ?
15:39:08gizz_bagder ?
15:40:03BagderI do
15:42:40uskiwhat card is it ?
15:42:53Bagdera belkin one
15:43:04uskii am about to order an archos recorder 20, but i would need a usb 2.0 card as my motherboard only have usb 1.1
15:43:05uskioh ok
15:43:09uskithe card i can order is a balkin
15:43:15uskiit should work then... let's hope
15:43:17Bagderworks perfectly
15:43:34uskithe driver is provided with the kernel or is it a separate one ?
15:43:45Bagder2.4.19 and later has it built-in
15:50:52uskiok ty
15:57:03 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
16:01:42 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
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16:51:17gizz_bye all
16:51:33 Part gizz_
16:59:15MTuski: make sure it is ehci (most if not all are)
16:59:47MTi bought a super cheap (10 euros) no-name card with an NEC chipset (i think)
16:59:51MTworks fine
17:00:44 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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17:38:47 Join Guest [0] (
17:39:36Guestanybody here?
17:39:54Guestanybody can explain to me how font works in rockbox?
17:40:35 Join Administrator [0] (
17:41:02uskihi :)
17:48:45 Join diddystar5 [0] (
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20:05:36 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
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20:33:04 Nick seb-sleep is now known as secretagentseb (
20:33:08 Nick _DarkAngel|Away is now known as _DarkAngel (
20:33:30_DarkAngelhello everyone :)
20:34:17_DarkAngelyo secretagentseb :)
20:34:54secretagentsebhow are you today?
20:35:34_DarkAngelfine, n u ?
20:37:01secretagentsebgood, glad that the site is back and that i ordered my recorder
20:37:44_DarkAngelnice choice :)
20:38:17secretagentsebyeah i've had the player for a year and now i'm selling it to my brother
20:41:10secretagentseboh and i also picked up 2100mAh batteries
20:41:20_DarkAngelgreat :)
20:41:48_DarkAngelI'm currently preparing my computer for hardware changes :)
20:42:09_DarkAngelunplug of TVCard and plug of SCSI (3 HDD of 200Go:) )
20:42:38_DarkAngelI'll be disconnected for some time soon :)
20:43:55secretagentsebi wish i had 200 gigs of HD
20:44:08secretagentsebbut i do have a tv card :)
20:44:14_DarkAngelgot them from work... :)
20:44:30secretagentsebi don't have a job
20:44:36secretagentseband if i did i don't think it would be a computer one
20:44:56_DarkAngelsorry about that :( (job, not about computer!)
20:46:40secretagentsebi'm 17 and about to go to college so it's not a big deal :)
20:47:30_DarkAngelwhat are you planning to do after
20:47:48secretagentsebafter college?
20:47:59secretagentsebi'm not sure, hopefully work in europe
20:48:23secretagentsebi think at college i'll study linguistics and computer science
20:48:25secretagentsebbut i'm not sure
20:51:57*_DarkAngel is going to shutdown for some time :)
20:52:02_DarkAngelsee ya all :)
20:52:16 Quit _DarkAngel ("HDD Connection :)")
21:11:50 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:16:45 Join _DarkAngel [0] (
21:16:59_DarkAngelre :)
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21:24:21 Quit _DarkAngel ()
21:24:27 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
21:27:05 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:36:43 Join gizz [0] (
21:38:10gizzhi all
21:39:10gizzdragon are you there ?
21:39:25[IDC]Dragonjust ringed me here.
21:39:44[IDC]Dragonhow are you doing?
21:40:05gizzbut lcd still un inited
21:40:36[IDC]Dragonhow come?
21:40:55gizzI wonder when I could ask linus for info about general init..
21:41:06gizzI dunno
21:41:20[IDC]DragonHe will possibly send you to Stevie...
21:41:33gizzI tried every combo with POR cmds
21:41:43gizzStevie oh yeah
21:42:11gizzbut nobody has seen him for a long time
21:42:23[IDC]DragonDo you at least have code that recovers from our de-init?
21:42:32gizzif only he left *code* behing him
21:43:51[IDC]DragonSorry: Do you at least have code that recovers from our de-init?
21:44:10gizzwell I had code that worked in MOD mode, but not in UCL mode
21:44:36[IDC]Dragonaha, at least.
21:45:04[IDC]DragonBut it seems there's more POR'ed than with our de-init.
21:45:09gizzindeed today I modified the flash code to wait for keys, so I can toggle values at boot time
21:45:31gizzso I can test more values and easier
21:45:49gizzbut it brought nothing new :(
21:46:40[IDC]DragonYou don't happen to have access to a logic analyzer?
21:47:39gizzno; I even started some kind of sh1 emulator.. but I need infos (I projected to simulate the firmware bootup from flash)
21:48:12gizzdo you know well the functionning of firmware in flash ?
21:48:13[IDC]Dragonwriting an emulator, or using one?
21:48:52[IDC]Dragonnot for players.
21:48:57gizzwell, I couldn't find one, so I picked up code from a sega saturn emulator
21:49:19[IDC]DragonI've seen that, I think.
21:49:35gizzthere are 2 sh2 in them
21:49:48[IDC]DragonThere is an SH simulator from Lauterbach, I'm using that.
21:49:57gizzso I started a standalone sh1/2 emu,
21:50:07gizzin order to simulate firmware exec
21:50:16[IDC]DragonNah, don't do that.
21:50:36gizzwell if you say so
21:50:58[IDC]DragonNot because I say, but because it's double work.
21:51:28gizzdid the Stevie lcd init logs help you to fix your flash code ?
21:51:41[IDC]DragonThe Lauterbach s/w is free eval, but has some bugs.
21:51:56[IDC]Dragonfix my flash code?
21:52:37gizzdidn't stevie provided you some lcd init log ?
21:52:58[IDC]DragonHe gave me the init sequence for recorder, yes.
21:52:59 Join Walld001 [0] (~jirc@
21:53:20[IDC]DragonI've put that into rockbox, and it worked.
21:53:22gizzwell I supposed I could try to mimic the trick for my player
21:53:48[IDC]Dragonlet me try to disassemble the firmware.
21:54:19[IDC]DragonIt should be possible to find the bitbanging for the LCD, then maybe what calls it.
21:54:26 Quit Walld001 (Client Quit)
22:37:46[IDC]Dragongizz: I think I found something!
22:42:07 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Dr. Kavorkian is DYING to use BitchX. Aren't you?")
22:42:11gizzaha ? :)
22:42:34[IDC]Dragonlooks like an init here.
22:43:04[IDC]Dragonhang on...
22:43:27gizzcan you tell me in what file you are searching ?
22:43:35gizzfw ? internal rom ?
22:44:12[IDC]DragonI disassembled the 5.08 flash.
23:02:52 Join T-rack [0] (
23:07:47[IDC]Dragongizz: I got it now.
23:08:30[IDC]DragonI'd better write you an email, or code it right away and send you that.
23:09:12gizzno pb
23:09:28gizzBTW : you rule :)
23:09:54[IDC]Dragonwait, try it first...
23:11:06[IDC]DragonThe tricky part is that there are pauses between the commands, and they set the bits gradually.
23:11:30gizz_that could explain my failures
23:11:31 Quit edx ()
23:12:15[IDC]DragonThe pauses seem rather arbitrary, we can probably thin it out.
23:12:40[IDC]DragonIt's just counting loops with very "human" values.
23:13:00[IDC]Dragoncounting to 12000 and 300000.
23:13:18uskiidc !!
23:13:25[IDC]Dragonodd numbers in the hex disassembly, but nice in decimal.
23:13:35gizz_I didn't see timings to respect when setting POR cmd in the specs, though
23:13:44uskithe uart boot does not work. also it seems i don't have the lastest binary of RockFlash
23:13:54[IDC]DragonHi uski
23:14:02[IDC]Dragonwhat dis it do?
23:14:15uskiit says "error while sending monitor byte 0x??, got 0x??"
23:14:23uskii don't get the "uploading monitor... done" message
23:14:50[IDC]Dragonareyou doing a clean start?
23:14:56uskiclean start ?
23:15:26[IDC]Dragonfirst set your switch, then the box must be freshly started, then run the program.
23:15:27uskiyou mean an off/on cycle then i launch rockflash immediatly ?
23:15:32uskiyea i do it
23:15:49[IDC]Dragonwith the switch, the box should stay dead.
23:16:05uskiit does
23:16:13uskii get only the green led and the backlight, which stay on forever
23:16:20uskinothing on the screen
23:16:29[IDC]Dragonduring monitor download, the red LED should flash
23:16:35uskiit does not
23:16:40gizz_dragon : sorry, but did you sent your email already ? (I don't mind if you send only init bytes + wait loops = I can code them in)
23:17:05[IDC]Dragongizz: not yet, uski is distracting me.
23:17:20[IDC]Dragonuski: may I finish this first?
23:18:16[IDC]Dragonno , I'm sorry for letting myself get dragged away.
23:18:28gizz_please, don't :)
23:18:33gizz_(be sorry)
23:19:08uski[IDC]Dragon: yea; i can't stay, i go back to work tomorrow. if i don't go to bed now i know i will not go to bed before 2 am :)
23:19:31[IDC]Dragonuski; I know that problem.
23:19:35uskigizz: desolé de te piquer le magicien ;))
23:19:39uskicya all
23:19:40[IDC]Dragondo you have a scope?
23:19:45uski[IDC]Dragon: yea
23:20:02[IDC]Dragonhave you measured TX from the PC?
23:20:06uskigizz_: i have a Tektronix TDS220
23:20:15uski[IDC]Dragon: yea, and also the RX from the archos
23:20:25[IDC]Dragondo they talk?
23:20:27uskii mean what the archos is sending back
23:20:50[IDC]Dragonso it looks like the monitor gets transferred?
23:21:10uskino, before it seems to send only 0xF0 or sth like this
23:21:24[IDC]Dragonbefore what?
23:21:46uskioops s/before/but/ [/me is tired]
23:22:09[IDC]Dragonhmm, then they don't understand each other.
23:22:20uskii can't work on this now; i will do some more advanced tests and i'll drop you a mail with the results
23:22:34[IDC]DragonLet's offload this to tomorrow.
23:22:46uskigood night everyone :)
23:22:51uskigizz: je te rends le magicien ;)
23:22:55[IDC]Dragonsee ya
23:22:56gizz_thx :)
23:23:09*uski is away: [afk]
23:23:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:32:27[IDC]Dragongizz: OK, it compiles.
23:32:47gizzcould you send me the sources ?
23:33:04[IDC]Dragondoing that right now...
23:34:29[IDC]DragonOut to laposte
23:35:39gizz_must I patch directly ?
23:35:53[IDC]Dragonjust use that file
23:36:07[IDC]Dragonoverwriting yours
23:36:17[IDC]Dragon(mabe backup yours first ;-)
23:37:39gizz_do I test MOD or directly UCL ?
23:37:51[IDC]Dragonhowever you like
23:41:05gizzmod blew lcd out
23:41:30gizz(I can't test anymore)
23:41:35[IDC]Dragonwhich mod? de-init ot the new one?
23:41:39gizz*joke here*
23:41:51gizzthe mod from your file
23:42:08[IDC]Dragondid what? (not joking)
23:42:35gizzit turned off the lcd
23:42:46gizznow, I'm gonna test the ucl
23:42:48[IDC]Dragonhmm, no good.
23:43:47gizzI have to have a look to your file...
23:45:17gizz_how did you find this magic sequence ?
23:45:41[IDC]DragonI told you: by disassembling the Archos software.
23:45:54gizz_ok, I meant : entry point, etc...
23:46:24[IDC]DragonI started with port B, to which the LCD connects at the lower 4 bit.
23:46:37gizz_oh I see, clever
23:47:12[IDC]DragonOnce I had the function pulsing out a byte, I searched for references to that.
23:47:34[IDC]DragonAnd found this sequence, which seems to make sense.
23:47:46gizz_do you think you've surrounded the whole lcd init seq ?
23:47:53[IDC]Dragonbut somehow doesn't work.
23:48:38gizz_I have a question for you :
23:48:51gizz_maybe at the time we're cold starting the lcd,
23:49:11gizz_maybe the port B low bits aren't config'ed right for in/out, etc... ????
23:49:28[IDC]DragonThat's a possibility, yes.
23:50:03gizz_ok , there are all to be outputs, but anyway :)
23:50:21[IDC]DragonI'll review the recorder LCD changes, maybe I had to do something like this.
23:50:33[IDC]Dragon(default is all inputs)
23:51:27gizz_maybe a PBIOR |= 0xF; could help ?
23:51:42gizz_I'll try that
23:53:24[IDC]Dragon PBCR2 &= 0xff00; /* MD = 00 */
23:53:24[IDC]Dragon PBIOR |= 0x000f; /* IOR = 1 */
23:53:31gizz_but the fact that the MOD corresponding to your file turn the lcd off sounds no good
23:53:54gizz_the 2 lines come from ?
23:53:57[IDC]Dragonah, yes, correct.
23:54:17[IDC]Dragonfrom the recorder LCD, but I didn't put them in.
23:54:30[IDC]DragonThey've been there before.
23:55:27gizz_do you confirm every cmd values you gave me (from what you disass) −− if yes, I try the UCL, bypassing the MOD weird effect..
23:56:12[IDC]Dragonyou haven't tried UCL yet?
23:56:57gizzwith PBIOR modif ?
23:57:07[IDC]Dragonhmm, dunno
23:57:16gizzwithout : yes (failed)
23:57:24[IDC]Dragonis there nothing like it?
23:57:26gizzwith : about to :)
23:58:06gizzdragon : I meant : the values in your new file come directly from the code you disass right ?
23:58:20[IDC]Dragonyes, values and loops.
23:58:31gizzlet's go

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