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#rockbox log for 2003-09-02

00:06:54gizz_didn't work :(
00:07:36[IDC]DragonI have refined my version to include the port inits, it's a bit different.
00:07:42[IDC]Dragon(sending now)
00:09:00gizzbtw, the 2 lines of port B init come from your recorder work, or from the player disass ?
00:09:13[IDC]Dragonfrom recorder.
00:09:25[IDC]Dragonplayer is different in the dis:
00:09:37[IDC]DragonPBCR2 &= 0xC000;
00:09:49[IDC]Dragonbut that's in my file.
00:09:56[IDC]Dragonyou got it?
00:14:19gizzwow init is complete
00:14:47[IDC]Dragonfrom UCL?
00:15:06gizzno no, I meant, in your source
00:15:16gizz(lots of init added)
00:18:38gizz_maybe I've got to look at the schematics, maybe there is a Chip Select or Enable line to toggle too...
00:19:12[IDC]Dragonno, just those 4 lines.
00:19:36 Quit gizz (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:19:51gizz_yeah, but what if necessary inits are done earlier/above ??
00:20:30[IDC]DragonI think we did all of the inits now.
00:20:50[IDC]DragonThe recorder code isn't touching more lines.
00:21:02gizz_I see
00:21:23gizz_so what do you suggest master ?
00:21:26[IDC]DragonI'll send you the disassembly to play around with.
00:21:36[IDC]DragonThen I go to bed ;-)
00:24:13[IDC]Dragonit's out.
00:25:08[IDC]Dragona remark: I always introduce my comments with ";;", so you can easily search for them.
00:26:13gizz_got it
00:26:42gizz_dragon ?
00:26:46gizz_still there ?
00:30:07gizz_I just saw the filesize of your player5.08.bin, and it's only 82820 !!
00:30:59gizz_I wonder if it's a .MOD patch (descrambled) or really a full firmware in flash (like mine I ripped off : 168408 bytes !!)
00:31:36gizz_because, the lcd init part we're seeking is in flash, not in .MOD files
00:31:44gizz_ok, nevermind :)
00:32:32[IDC]DragonI'm back, was brushing my teeth.
00:32:39gizz_hehe again :)
00:32:55gizz_I'll mimic you while you read
00:33:09[IDC]Dragonthe .bin file is the descrambled relevant part of the flash.
00:33:57[IDC]Dragonthat's what's being written to the DRAM and started.
00:35:02[IDC]DragonThis is exactly what you have in your first image, btw.
00:35:22gizz_sorry for my ignorance
00:35:40[IDC]DragonThe .mod distributed by Archos are smaller, they lack the inits, I think.
00:35:55gizz_that's what I guessed
00:37:10 Quit T-rack ("Leaving")
00:38:23[IDC]Dragonanother idea:
00:38:29gizz_yeah ?
00:38:55[IDC]Dragonprobably the gnu compiler is better than the one used by Archos,
00:39:19[IDC]Dragonso if the loops are really tailored (doesn't look like so),
00:39:32gizz_timing problems ?
00:39:39[IDC]Dragonmaybe it's useful to double or triple the count.
00:39:47gizz_ahh if only I had a logic analyzer
00:40:12[IDC]Dragonor a scope
00:40:30[IDC]Dragondur a disassembler is good, too.
00:41:32gizz_.. but you have to know how to read sh1 dead listings though :)
00:41:34[IDC]Dragontheir loops are 4 insructions
00:41:48[IDC]Dragonwith a nop in there.
00:42:30[IDC]DragonI hope the gnu compiler is not optimizing away the loops
00:42:42gizz_and what if I incorporated directly asm code snippets with asm directive ?
00:42:55[IDC]Dragonshould do it.
00:43:17[IDC]Dragonjust place a nop int the body of the for loop.
00:43:26 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
00:44:25[IDC]DragonAbout SH disassembly:
00:44:57[IDC]Dragonyou know about that reverse order execution before branches? (delayed instructions)
00:45:14[IDC]DragonMakes it a bit tricky to read.
00:45:25gizz_are there some in there ?
00:45:42[IDC]Dragonwhen the code reaches an unconditional branch,
00:46:09[IDC]Dragonit executes the instruction after the branch first, before actually branching.
00:46:33[IDC]Dragonbecause it is already in the pipeline.
00:46:38gizz_ah yeah ?
00:46:45gizz_it could be annoying
00:47:04gizz_that explains the nop after branch then ?
00:47:11[IDC]Dragonjust to read. For the code it's good, you get an instruction for free.
00:47:51[IDC]Dragonyes, sometimes nop, often something useful, like loading an argument for a subroutine call.
00:48:19[IDC]Dragonlook at 0x0900EA9A:
00:48:38[IDC]Dragon(our first LCD command)
00:49:00[IDC]Dragoncode says load R4, jsr, load R5
00:49:21[IDC]Dragonbut execution will be loads fist, then jsr.
00:50:08gizz_when jsr returns (if any) does it load r5 again ?
00:50:34[IDC]Dragonno, it returns after this.
00:50:51gizz_well, useful tip to know :-/
00:51:03[IDC]DragonOK, gotta leave you now.
00:51:14gizz_do you work on SuperH @work ?
00:51:20gizz_good night
00:52:01 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
00:52:38gizz_good bye all
00:52:44 Part gizz_
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01:39:28midknight2k3rockbox is back
01:52:55scott666 know what i just noticed?
01:53:20scott666the .rockbox browsing patchc is almost a year old
01:55:52scott666we obviously arent pestering zagor enough
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05:37:56midknight2k3well hello
05:58:39 Join mecraw__ [0] (
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06:28:55DarthWufeihardeep, do you think you could update your playlist binaries?
06:29:04midknight2k3hey darth
06:29:15midknight2k3i am making a play implementation in the f3 menus
06:29:19midknight2k3its coming nicely
06:29:23DarthWufeiOh nice
06:29:28midknight2k3i dont even know c much
06:29:31midknight2k3but its working well
06:29:33midknight2k3yay for me
06:29:44midknight2k3F2/F3 menus
06:29:48midknight2k3not only f3
06:30:05midknight2k3when i get f3 done just copy and paste to f2 an recording f2 and f3s
06:30:12midknight2k3then just modify what it changes
06:30:25DarthWufeioh cool
06:30:53midknight2k3i hope its put in rockbox :D
06:31:03midknight2k3what do you think i should use f3 wise in normal mode?
06:31:12midknight2k3i mean, theres scroll bar, status bar and invert
06:31:17midknight2k3i was testing with show icons
06:31:25midknight2k3but id unno if that would prevail or something else
06:31:39midknight2k3line selector maybe?
06:34:39midknight2k3hard to say whats more useful
06:34:46DarthWufeiDo you think it's possible to remove the numbers in the playlist viewer? Due to the small screen, I think there should be an awesome..
06:34:48midknight2k3probably line selector
06:37:27midknight2k3talking to hardeep?
06:37:49DarthWufeiWait, you're just making a play menu and not playlist menu? @_@
06:37:58midknight2k3wait huh
06:38:15DarthWufeiI was talking to you, I thought you were making a playlist viewer as well
06:38:17midknight2k3in the f2 and f3 screens, < V and > were used
06:38:24midknight2k3i was putting in PLAY
06:38:30DarthWufeiOh I see
06:38:38midknight2k3playlist viewer is too advanced for i yet
06:38:52DarthWufeiWell I guess I'll just direct it towards hardeep. :P
06:39:01midknight2k3shur thing
06:39:15midknight2k3whats more popular, show icons or line selector? heh
06:46:46midknight2k3not important too much yet
06:46:51midknight2k3prolly end up as LINE SELECTOR
06:51:37DarthWufeiHmm, if I save rockbox's daily build over hardeep's binaries will I love the playlist viewer?
06:52:18DarthWufeiI'll brb heh
07:00:01midknight2k3WE HAVE SUCCESS!
07:00:09midknight2k3now to duplicate...
07:00:18midknight2k3and then patch goes up!
07:00:22midknight2k3must go now
07:00:36 Quit midknight2k3 ("I DID IT! F2 and F3 HAVE PLAY SETTINGS!")
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07:50:09hardeepDarthWufei: still around?
07:56:51hardeepDarthWufei: I updated the binaries to latest CVS (although not much has changed since the last build)
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09:07:30hardeepheya Bagder
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14:18:05Guesthello bag
14:19:52Guestany new developments in the pipeline?
14:20:14Bagdernot by me
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19:33:36midknight2k3same faces, no talking
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20:43:42 Join Orby [0] (~Orby@
20:44:00Orbyhey guys
20:44:07midknight2k3hey orby
20:44:22Orbywhat's new in the rockbox world?
20:44:37midknight2k3i'm implementing PLAY in the F2 and F3 screens
20:44:42midknight2k3only good if you have a recorder
20:44:55Orbyfiggers! I have the player :(
20:45:07Orbyso many things I can't do
20:45:15midknight2k3is Jackpot fun?
20:45:24midknight2k3how does it work?
20:45:32Orbydunno, does it work on player?!
20:45:42midknight2k3never tried it?
20:45:42Orbyooh cool
20:45:44Orbynot yet
20:45:50Orbygave up looking for stuffs to try out
20:45:55OrbyI just figgered out how to use the buttons!
20:46:02midknight2k3just got it then?
20:46:07Orbyhelps to read the docs every now and again
20:46:15Orbynah, had it for a long time
20:46:34Orbyjust thought that wasn't doable
20:46:39Orbyswear I read that early on in the rockbox life
20:47:11OrbyI think my unit needs replacing anyhow
20:47:18Orbyit does weird stuff when I jog
20:47:19midknight2k3hrm lol
20:47:23Orbylike just stops outputting sound
20:47:30Orbytime stills advances
20:47:35Orbybut can't control the music anymore
20:47:44midknight2k3when i switch "show files" to "playlists", "resume" becomes "resumests"
20:47:52midknight2k3another bug to work out
20:47:56OrbyI can hold the - or + button down and it shows to be advancing, but as soon as I let go, it goes back to where it thinks it's playing
20:48:03Orbyso I have to reboot :(
20:48:10midknight2k3oh well
20:48:24midknight2k3cant fix what you cant fix
20:48:26Orbyyeah, but it drains my battery in the process
20:49:40Orbyis resumests like bestest?
20:50:01midknight2k3it's like a big
20:50:06Orbybig bug?
20:50:23midknight2k3and when i put it on Suppoted it becomes Resumeted
20:50:38midknight2k3i change resume to something else
20:51:13midknight2k3resume will now be "follow playlist"
20:51:43Orbywhat platform are u on?
20:52:01midknight2k3computer or archos?
20:52:09midknight2k3windows xp, archos fm recorder
20:52:58 Join _aLF [0] (
20:53:32OrbyI'm on 2k + player :(
20:54:05midknight2k3try jackpot
20:54:12OrbyLooking for it now
20:54:15midknight2k3i think it's like a slot macine thing
20:54:21midknight2k3daily builds page
20:54:30midknight2k3get a new ajbrec and rocks
20:55:18midknight2k3i'm used to recorders, ajbrec.ajz
20:56:12midknight2k3Archos JukeBox RECorder FM 20gig
20:58:21Orbysays Rolo Descramble?
20:58:35Orbywot I do wrong?!
20:58:40midknight2k3thats what it does
20:58:50Orbyhow do I select the file to play then?
20:58:50midknight2k3it's called rolo, to run new archos.mods
20:59:07Orbyokay, just keeps doing that everytime I go into ARCHOS
20:59:08midknight2k3what do you mean
20:59:24midknight2k3"go into ARCHOS"?
20:59:27midknight2k3you mean ARCHOS.MOD?
20:59:32OrbyI tried
20:59:40Orbyoh maybe that's what it's doing
20:59:43Orbytrying :)
20:59:44midknight2k3play ARCHOS.MOD and let it load
21:00:43Orbyokay got it
21:00:57Orbystarts out with $20
21:01:03Orbysays Goodluck
21:01:19midknight2k3now what? heh
21:01:20Orbyand then it scrolls through each of the 3 positions
21:01:28Orbyif none match, you lose a $1
21:01:32midknight2k3like a slot machine?
21:01:34Orbythat seems to be it
21:01:36Orbyslot machine
21:01:40Orbyhence Jackpot I guess
21:01:45midknight2k3i suppose
21:01:48midknight2k3sounds cool
21:01:59midknight2k3wish recorders had that :(
21:02:10midknight2k3we can have a fully graphical version
21:03:07Orbywrite one
21:03:22Orbyat least u can change ur font
21:04:39Orbyguess I should learn how to write my own plugins now that I see they actually can work on the player!
21:08:03 Quit Orby (Remote closed the connection)
21:12:32 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
21:13:44 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:15:27 Join [LoT]aZrAeL [0] (
21:15:47[LoT]aZrAeLhi! somebody here who's able to help me?
21:15:58hardeepdepends on what you need help with
21:16:02midknight2k3hello dragon
21:16:06[LoT]aZrAeLi try to explain
21:16:29[LoT]aZrAeLi use the newest official rockbox firmware with jukebox studio 20
21:17:12[LoT]aZrAeLthe proble is, that some files or folders are shown only uppercase
21:17:23[LoT]aZrAeLin windows, they are written lowercase
21:17:37midknight2k3rename them in windows as lowercase
21:17:47[LoT]aZrAeLi tried, this doesnt help
21:17:49midknight2k3windows whows lowercase even when it sometimes is uppercase
21:17:56[LoT]aZrAeLalso if i choose another name
21:17:57midknight2k3i have no idea then
21:18:18[LoT]aZrAeLhm :(
21:18:26midknight2k3hardeep might
21:18:57hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: you can set rockbox to ignore case when sorting. They will still display as uppercase though.
21:19:20[LoT]aZrAeLyes hardeep i did that
21:19:32hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: rockbox displays exactly what's on disk
21:19:47hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: other than the cosmetic issue, are you having problems because of this?
21:20:01[LoT]aZrAeLonly cosmetic ;)
21:20:16hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: you might want to file a feature request for this...
21:20:26[LoT]aZrAeLwhith the feature of ignoring case when sorting... its no big problem
21:20:51midknight2k3hardeep: i have a question myself when you finish with aZrAel
21:21:01hardeepmidknight2k3: ask away
21:21:09[LoT]aZrAeLhardeep what do u meen?
21:21:16 Join diddystar5 [0] (
21:21:33midknight2k3i'm messing with screens.c , and one way or other want Follow Playlist to be in the f2 screen
21:21:58midknight2k3problem is, when i put "global_settings.follow" or "global_settings.follow_playlist" i get an error
21:22:04midknight2k3how can i put it in there?
21:22:13hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: if you'd like rockbox to always display filenames in lower case, file a feature request for it
21:22:27[LoT]aZrAeLah ... no
21:22:42 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:23:00[LoT]aZrAeLi just want to be able to influence the case...
21:23:01hardeepmidknight2k3: i don't follow. what are you trying to do with "global_settings.follow_playlist" ?
21:23:13midknight2k3use it in the f2 screen
21:23:32hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: ah, in that case it needs to be done in windows... i'm not sure how to do it though. google search?
21:23:53[LoT]aZrAeLhm i just rename the file in windows
21:24:10hardeepmidknight2k3: ah, i see
21:25:00[LoT]aZrAeLlets say i rename the folder "nirvana", that is shown as "NIRVANA" at juikebox, to "a", than its still shown as "A" at jukebox.... but this happens only at several folders
21:25:25hardeepmidknight2k3: the option is "browse_current"... see settings.h for more info
21:25:39midknight2k3follow playlist is browse_current?
21:25:46hardeepmidknight2k3: so global_settings.browse_current
21:25:56midknight2k3are you sure?
21:26:02hardeepmidknight2k3: yeah
21:26:10midknight2k3that seems very un-similar to follow playlist
21:27:07midknight2k3like as in General Settings -> File View -> Follow Playlist
21:27:48hardeepmidknight2k3: heh, that's 'cause the original option was "browse current" but people found that confusing so we renamed it to follow playlist
21:27:53hardeepbut the setting option wasn't changed
21:27:54[LoT]aZrAeLhardeep: no more idea?
21:28:23midknight2k3and follow playlist, unchecked, will play it randomly?
21:28:43hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: the problem is what windows displays isn't always what it saves to disk... even though you're writing it in lower case, the filename might be saved in uppercase
21:29:06hardeepmidknight2k3: er, play what randomly?
21:29:24midknight2k3okay, Follow Playlist will do what?
21:29:29midknight2k3when checked and unchecked?
21:29:37midknight2k3i dont think i understand the concept
21:30:11hardeepmidknight2k3: when you exit WPS, follow playlist specifies which directory you should go to
21:30:33hardeepmidknight2k3: if on, it'll go to the directory of the current playing track
21:30:47midknight2k3otherwise, the root?
21:31:04hardeepmidknight2k3: otherwise the last directory you were in
21:31:21midknight2k3like if you hit ON to browse?
21:31:27hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: have you tried changing from command prompt? or maybe cygwin shell?
21:31:32hardeepmidknight2k3: yes
21:31:48midknight2k3seems EVEN MORE unlike "follow playlist"
21:32:33hardeepmidknight2k3: you have to look at the entire menu... File View->Follow Playlist
21:32:48midknight2k3that gives it a bit more sense
21:33:10hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: hmmm, looks like this utility might help:
21:33:17midknight2k3still an odd name, but there are no really un-odd names for that feature without making it a few sentences
21:33:41midknight2k3but, thanks a lot hardeep
21:33:54midknight2k3once more you've helped me when i never would have got it figured out
21:35:11[LoT]aZrAeLhardeep: thank you, i will try this
21:35:26midknight2k3oh hardeep
21:35:29midknight2k3one thing
21:35:41midknight2k3well let me try something first
21:35:57midknight2k3so what if i wanted to utilize "Resume"?
21:36:05midknight2k3On, Ask, Ask once, Off
21:36:11midknight2k3that won't go in there easily
21:36:33midknight2k3i know there is LANG_ON, LANG_RESUME_SETTING_ASK, and LANG_OFF
21:36:43hardeepmidknight2k3: what do you mean utilize? change the resume option when you press F2+PLAY ?
21:36:56midknight2k3at the f2 screen
21:37:11midknight2k3shuffle < > repeat
21:37:17midknight2k3 v
21:37:23midknight2k3the f2 screen
21:37:27midknight2k3play will change resume
21:37:35hardeepmidknight2k3: take a look at how repeat works... it has multiple options
21:37:41hardeepin the f2 screen that is
21:37:42midknight2k3i tried that
21:37:49midknight2k3i copied and pasted and then modified it
21:37:55midknight2k3somehow it didnt work
21:37:58midknight2k3i will try again
21:39:11midknight2k3does the ++ go?
21:39:29midknight2k3or does it need modifying?
21:40:01 Quit satino ("Client exiting")
21:40:08midknight2k3ahh crap
21:40:21hardeepmidknight2k3: are you familiar with the C programming language at all?
21:40:29midknight2k3a bit
21:40:30[LoT]aZrAeLhardeep: it doesn't work :(
21:40:43midknight2k3not at all advanced
21:40:44[LoT]aZrAeLstill, some folders are written uppercase
21:40:51hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: alas, i found that with a google search... maybe something else comes up
21:41:16hardeepmidknight2k3: ++ isn't all that advanced... i'd recommend learning at least the basics before you begin hacking rockbox
21:41:18[LoT]aZrAeLi also searched
21:41:25[LoT]aZrAeLbut i dont understand the problem
21:41:41midknight2k3i didn't originally need it but then this dumb resume junk comes up lol
21:41:45[LoT]aZrAeLwindows shows the files lowercase, so where does windows get this information?
21:43:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:44:09midknight2k3it gets the info from the archos
21:44:13midknight2k3then lowercases it
21:44:30[LoT]aZrAeLbut why should it lowercase it?
21:44:39midknight2k3i have no idea
21:45:08[LoT]aZrAeLi didnt set anything, that windows should lowercase any files that arent lowercase
21:45:22diddystar5the only way i am able to learn c is buy trial and error ;)
21:45:24midknight2k3it just does
21:45:26midknight2k3i dunno
21:45:32midknight2k3diddystar5: me as well
21:45:44midknight2k3or at least for now
21:46:28midknight2k3i'm sutck
21:46:43diddystar5i have a book on c++ stuff, but the syntax is differn't in c++ kinda messes me up sometimes
21:47:05midknight2k3you need a plain c book
21:48:00hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: what OS are you using?
21:48:21[LoT]aZrAeLwin xp
21:49:17midknight2k3hardeep, is it "global_settings.resume"
21:49:40hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: strange, XP shows the proper case for me
21:50:08hardeepmidknight2k3: yes. see settings.h for all the global settings
21:50:08[LoT]aZrAeLhardeep: normally, it always shows the right case
21:50:17midknight2k3ok thanks
21:50:22diddystar5[LoT]aZrAeL: works for me also
21:50:29[LoT]aZrAeLhardeep: 2 folders of 40 are showing the wrong case ....
21:50:45[LoT]aZrAeLand also some subfolders and filenames
21:50:58hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: what case does it show from command prompt?
21:51:35 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
21:51:54[LoT]aZrAeLhardeep: u mean, ren "name1" "name2" ?
21:52:09midknight2k3switch ( global_settings.resume ) {
21:52:09midknight2k3 case LANG_OFF:
21:52:09midknight2k3 ptr = str(LANG_OFF);
21:52:12hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: i mean, when do a "dir", what case are the directories in
21:52:20[LoT]aZrAeLah mom
21:52:21midknight2k3case LANG_OFF is right?
21:52:50[LoT]aZrAeLhardeep: they are lowercase
21:53:11hardeep[LoT]aZrAeL: i dunno then... something funky in windows... this is very unlikely to be a rockbox issue
21:53:35 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
21:53:55hardeepmidknight2k3: uhm, i have no idea what you're referring to...
21:54:00hardeepgotta go
21:54:01 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Twat?! I cunt hear you!")
21:54:35[LoT]aZrAeLhm damn
21:54:45[LoT]aZrAeLi'll have to live with that
21:55:10[LoT]aZrAeLthank u 4 helping
21:55:20midknight2k3no problem
22:05:00[LoT]aZrAeLi created a new folder in lowercase
22:05:21[LoT]aZrAeLthan i copied the files of the old folder to this new one
22:05:29[LoT]aZrAeLand its uppercase again ....
22:05:29midknight2k3and its lowercase?
22:05:42[LoT]aZrAeLdont understand this
22:05:45midknight2k3hint: try making a folder "con"on your hard drive
22:05:50midknight2k3it wont create
22:05:54midknight2k3or rename something to it
22:05:56midknight2k3it wont work
22:06:43[LoT]aZrAeLif the filename is only as long as the jukebox display
22:06:47[LoT]aZrAeLits uppercase
22:06:54[LoT]aZrAeLif its longer, its lowercase
22:07:45[LoT]aZrAeLyes its true i checked evverything
22:08:05[LoT]aZrAeLso it must be a rockbox thing ...
22:08:49[LoT]aZrAeLand hardeep has gone :/(
22:09:45midknight2k3must leav
22:09:47 Quit midknight2k3 ()
22:24:35 Join satino [0] (
22:31:31 Join track [0] (
22:40:38 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:56:53 Join _DarkAngel [0] (
22:57:12_DarkAngelhello there :)
23:02:01 Join _DarkAngel|job [0] (
23:02:35 Quit _DarkAngel (Nick collision from services.)
23:02:41 Nick _DarkAngel|job is now known as _DarkAngel (
23:35:27 Join LinusN [200] (
23:36:11LinusN[LoT]aZrAeL: if a dir or file name is 8+3, it will fit into a short name entry, and will be in upper case
23:36:35LinusNWindows will display it in lower case, however
23:36:49LinusNthere is actually a setting in Explorer for that
23:37:05LinusNrockbox displays short names in upper case
23:37:35 Part LinusN
23:42:54 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
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