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#rockbox log for 2003-09-04

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01:15:06midknight2k3i wish i could make logbot learn new words
01:15:31midknight2k3anyone around?
01:16:45midknight2k3/msg logbot by midknight2k3 (
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01:49:54midknight2k3hello joshn
01:51:57CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 18 minutes and 15 seconds at the last flood
01:51:57*Plugh harasses midknight2k3
01:52:03midknight2k3uh oh
01:52:07Plughcuz, as he says, I hate him
01:52:13midknight2k3you do
01:52:35Plughif I hated you, you'd know it
01:52:44midknight2k3you said it before
01:52:53midknight2k3when you were provoking me
01:53:04Plughyou started it ;)
01:53:12midknight2k3oh yeah right
01:53:25midknight2k3when i was saying nothing and you said "i hate you" or whatever
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01:56:39midknight2k3has plugh made any rockbox modifications
01:59:43Plughonly to my own
01:59:50midknight2k3like what?
02:00:10Plughbtw, I've started some research on .wav play
02:00:33Plughthe recorder has a PCM input
02:00:52midknight2k3playing wav on archos you mean?
02:01:09Plughwell, any PCM
02:01:12midknight2k3as in programming the MAS to..?
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02:17:02PlughI'm not gonna tell you every time I go afk
02:17:10midknight2k316:53:15 | <Plugh> well, any PCM - 17:08:54 | <Plugh> yeesh
02:17:12Plughlive with it :)
02:17:17midknight2k3took long enough lol
02:17:25midknight2k3what mods have you done yourself?
02:17:29PlughI do have a job
02:17:57PlughI re-ordered my menus to put my most-used features at the top
02:18:06midknight2k3like what?
02:18:12midknight2k3i dont believe it, i just did that
02:19:12midknight2k3where did you go afk to?
02:20:22Plughhad a discussion with our dev team about mp3 and other audio formats, DRM, and CD media
02:20:36midknight2k3where do you work?
02:20:45PlughSilicon Genetics
02:21:14Plughumm, meaning I work for Silicon Genetics
02:21:29midknight2k3and you talk about mp3?
02:22:52Plughwell, yeah
02:22:57Plughgenes are boring
02:24:10Plughgeeks are still geeks, no matter what industry we work in
02:24:27midknight2k3why do you work at Silicon Genetics?
02:24:35Plughcuz they pay me
02:24:45midknight2k3what do you do all day? hang on IRC?
02:24:49Plughif they didn't, I probably wouldn't work here
02:25:11Plugh Mon Aug 25 13:13:45 GMT-08:00 2003
02:25:11DBUGEnqueued KICK Plugh
02:25:11Plugh Human PDR 54K
02:25:11Plugh upload the Genome 'Human PDR 54K'
02:25:21Plugh Mon Aug 25 13:13:52 GMT-08:00 2003
02:25:24Plugh fpjag:2
02:25:26Plugh upload the Sample '6040.xls' (by uploading the entire genome 'Human PDR 54K')
02:25:31Plughthat sort of thing
02:25:34Plughlogbot's gonna hate me
02:25:49midknight2k3makes no sense
02:25:55midknight2k3in human terms?
02:26:29Plughwe write data analysis software for scientists working with genomic expression data
02:26:51Plughdo you know what DNA is?
02:27:08Plughdo you know what it does?
02:27:55Plughwell, there's some times when certain areas of the DNA strand are actively producing certain proteins
02:28:34Plughlet's say, when you're in the sun, certain proteins are created to darken the skin to provide protection
02:28:41Plughyou call it a suntan
02:29:23Plughthere are some chips that are used to measure which genes along the DNA strand are most active
02:30:07 Join Guest [0] (
02:30:46Plughthose chips spit out numbers, based on how active a gene is at a given moment
02:31:09Guesthey, guys! has anybody ever tried using Archos with FM car transmitters?
02:31:09Plughour software takes those numbers and applies statistical analyses
02:31:19midknight2k3not i, guest
02:31:31PlughGuest: I've thought about it, but I have a line in on my car stereo
02:31:40Plughso I just plugh it in to that
02:31:51Guestah, lucky you! :)
02:33:24Plughmidknight2k3: we also have some visualizations we can apply to the data
02:33:25 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
02:33:43Plughlike I said, boring work
02:34:19midknight2k3you're on irc all day
02:34:40Plughstatistical analysis is time consuming.
02:34:53Plughyou start a process and come back some minutes later for the results
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02:39:42Plughyay! Found a bug
02:46:10midknight2k3which bug
02:46:14midknight2k3inr ockbox?
02:49:59Plughin our database access
02:50:12midknight2k3you get paid extra for bugs or what?
02:50:16Plughwe're doing reports based on cached data
02:50:23Plughno, I get paid for finding bugs
02:50:50midknight2k3send it to me and i will find all the bugs for you
02:51:13Plughdo you have an oracle database and 20 or 30 gigs of gene expression data?
02:51:29Plughwe're looking for beta testers
02:51:39Plughespecially for the database
02:52:08Plughour bigger customers are working with 3 or 4 terabytes of data
02:54:35PlughI'm mucking around with audit logs right now
02:54:54Plughwe had to include code that would detect tampering with the database back-end
02:55:03midknight2k3hey plugh
02:55:05midknight2k3calm down
02:55:17midknight2k3i'm busy watching THE SIMPSONDS
02:55:21midknight2k3i'm busy watching THE SIMPSONS
02:55:31PlughTV sucks
02:55:35Plughkill your TV
02:55:52midknight2k3first time in ages
02:56:00midknight2k3kill your tv
02:56:02 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:56:03midknight2k3film it too
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03:04:21midknight2k3hey plugh
03:04:29Plughhey mid
03:05:14CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:05:14*midknight2k3 harasses Plugh
03:05:35Plughhard to harass me
03:05:44PlughI don't let stuff get under my skin
03:05:58midknight2k3i do
03:07:02Plughgonna be a long, hard life for you
03:07:31midknight2k3you too
03:08:10Plughit was long and hard until I stopped letting stuff get to me
03:09:30midknight2k3plugh, you have just changed my life
03:12:03midknight2k3how fascinating
03:15:43midknight2k3now if i say that i love britney spears, and you say i suck, and i say eat me, and you say no way, and i say shut up, and you say you hate me, i won't let that get to me
03:22:44Plughheh. I wouldn't say you suck for liking britney
03:22:50PlughI may say "I'm sorry"
03:22:57Plughbut not "you suck"
03:23:02midknight2k3just an idea
03:23:33Plughyeah. I'm generally not one to make ad hominem attacks
03:24:46Plugh ad hominem
03:24:46Plugh adj : appealing to personal considerations (rather than to fact or
03:24:46Plugh reason); "ad hominem arguments"
03:25:05midknight2k3whatever lol
03:25:42Plughhey mid
03:25:43midknight2k3I'm _generally_ not one to make ad hominem attacks
03:25:45Plughyou suck
03:25:47midknight2k3CHIMES AGAIN
03:25:52midknight2k3hey plugh
03:25:55midknight2k3i wont let that get to me
03:26:14Plughnext you'll be turning it back around on me
03:26:14midknight2k3actually i will
03:26:53Plughverbal judo
03:27:12midknight2k3i generally wouldn't let it get to me
03:27:23midknight2k3but if you said i sucked it might get to me
03:27:36Plughyou take the force of a verbal attack, deflect it from yourself, and turn it back around on the person who made it
03:27:54midknight2k3whats with all this stuff lol
03:29:20midknight2k3these words you say and then define
03:29:27*Plugh caresses his new laptop bag. Just big enough to hold and cushion the laptop in the main pocket with ample space for supplies in the outer pockets
03:29:42midknight2k3which laptop?
03:29:43*Plugh shrugs
03:29:47midknight2k3plugh has a laptop?
03:29:58midknight2k3fun stuff?
03:29:59Plughit has a full dev kit for rockbox on it
03:30:03midknight2k3can you play alex4 on it?
03:30:11Plughwtf is alex4?
03:30:19midknight2k3is it windows i guess i mean?
03:30:29Plughfor the time being
03:30:30midknight2k3alex 4 rocks
03:30:33DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
03:30:33midknight2k3you suck
03:31:08PlughI've been using it for GPS mapping
03:31:15midknight2k3leave it windows
03:31:18midknight2k3so you can play alex4
03:31:20Plughnot enough good Linux apps
03:31:22midknight2k3and my new map pack
03:31:32Plughwtf is alex4?
03:31:57midknight2k3are you on linux now?
03:33:14PlughLinux plugh 2.4.18-14 #1 Wed Sep 4 13:35:50 EDT 2002 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
03:33:22midknight2k3no alex4 for you
03:33:37Plughlooks lame
03:33:40midknight2k3its fun
03:33:41midknight2k3try it
03:33:51Plughnah. I hate platform games
03:34:05midknight2k3i accidebtally solidified my entrance to the exit
03:34:15Plughyou lose
03:34:20midknight2k3i know
03:34:24midknight2k3i was doing so good
03:36:08midknight2k3my best map is ruined!
03:36:13midknight2k3i hate that!
03:36:19midknight2k3i hate me
03:36:25midknight2k3why? why? WHY?
03:37:05Plughmidknight2k3: cuz God hates you
03:37:20midknight2k3WHY DID I HAVE TO SAY WHY WHY WHY?
03:38:28midknight2k3i love this game but i hate myself
03:38:32scott666midknight2k3: because youre an idiot who didn't think ahead?
03:38:39midknight2k3stop making it go ding
03:39:01Plughmidknight2k3: I see you have the machine that goes PING
03:39:08midknight2k3stop it
03:39:22Plughmidknight2k3: okay. I go home now.
03:39:29Plughmidknight2k3: I won't bother you anymore
03:39:30midknight2k3ding again
03:39:40Plughmidknight2k3: okay. Seeya tomorrow
03:41:18scott666plugh: i just watched that movie
03:41:27midknight2k3which movie
03:41:31scott666meaning of life
03:41:35scott666just came out of DVD
03:41:42midknight2k3never hard of it
03:42:26midknight2k3I HEARD OF ALEX4 AND I LOVE IT
03:42:40midknight2k3the music is good and its good
03:43:19midknight2k3so shut up and try it aledy
03:43:28midknight2k3i have to go
03:43:32midknight2k3plugh has changed my life
03:43:39midknight2k3thank youy plugj
03:43:45midknight2k3you* plugh&
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03:46:29scott666i just press p and then tab
03:46:46scott666even capitalizes it for you
03:47:08midknight2k3i need to press SCO then tab
03:47:11midknight2k3for your face
03:47:20scott666noooooooooo not SCO
03:47:36midknight2k3scot rocks
03:47:38midknight2k3i mean
03:47:40midknight2k3sco rocks
03:50:17midknight2k3had fun at school today?
03:51:01midknight2k3OR i can press S and then tab three times
03:56:33midknight2k3do you have fun at dna research?
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04:15:22tpelliottI'm ready to upgrade my hard drive (JBR 20). Any good deals on 60/80 gig drives?
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04:44:19 Part tpelliott
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13:03:39Bagderhey LinusN
13:04:12LinusNBagder: my mac hack is still bombing on me
13:04:41LinusNand i am a complete mac n00bie
13:05:19LinusNi wish i knew a mac hacker that could help me out
13:05:37LinusNbut i guess there are no "mac hackers"
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13:13:19[LoT]aZrAeLlinusN, are u there?
13:22:50 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
13:22:56Quelsarukmorning Bagder
13:23:58LinusN[LoT]aZrAeL: i'm here
13:24:11Quelsarukah! and LinusN :)
13:24:23LinusNi'm off in a minute
13:24:30Quelsarukand dwihno, adi... good morning to all :)
13:32:33 Part LinusN
13:40:12 Part Quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
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19:41:16uskihi all
19:41:20uskiQuelsaruk: hi
19:41:26Quelsarukhi uski
19:44:13Plughnot yet
19:44:25PlughThu Sep 4 10:37:54 PDT 2003
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19:44:40SmabbageAh, I'm two hours ahead.
19:45:22SmabbageWish I was off work so I could install Rockbox. I just found this modern marvel this morning...
19:46:07SmabbageAside from the added features, it looks like it will increase battery life.
19:46:54Quelsarukand a lot of things
19:47:39SmabbageI didn't see where it would do the dishes and wash the car but it did look quite impressive.
19:48:20SmabbageOf course those might be included in future plugins. :)
19:48:29Quelsarukit can also drive your car :)
19:51:10SmabbageSo, for the most part, is Rockbox developed for the Recorder first and then ported to the player models? I have a Studio 20.
19:51:41uskiit will work well with a studio 20
19:51:48uskirockbox rocks ;)
19:52:06uskiyou can try, if it does not work, simple remove the files with the usb cable
19:52:31Smabbageok. Sounds simple enough
19:55:32QuelsarukSmabbage: it's developed for both
19:55:59Quelsarukboth models are the same, except for the LCD
19:56:19uskihmm there is also a recording func :)
19:56:22uskion the recorders
19:56:28Quelsarukof course
19:56:30uskialso, if i remember the MAS are different
19:56:35uskibut im not sure of this
19:57:02Quelsarukbut the most important difference, (after recording) is the screen
19:57:41Plughyeah, the players don't have a recording-capable MAS
19:59:47uskidamn, i'll get my new archos in a few days, and i won't be able to do the 8mb ram mod :(((
19:59:53uski"warranty problems %$@#&)
20:00:50PlughI don't see a lot of need for the 8mb
20:01:17Quelsarukhd life...
20:01:25SmabbageLess reads on the HD when playing was my understanding.
20:01:45PlughI get 10 hours
20:02:06Plughmy schedule doesn't keep me away from power for that sort of timeframe
20:02:09Quelsarukless reads on the HD means longer life, also longer batt life and of course, while recording from mic, less hd noises
20:02:45uski8mb is really cool, also you can load more and more plugins, have more and more code, ans so on
20:03:10uskiit makes me sick to know that i won't be able to make ANY hardware mod on my archos. GRR
20:03:18SmabbageMakes me wish I had the technical expertise to do the mod myself. :)
20:03:27Plughyou can, if you don't care about warranty
20:03:57SmabbageAnd if I didn't care that I'd have a paper weight when I was finished. :)
20:04:28uskisoldering DRAMs like this requires SMT soldering experience
20:04:34uskiit is NOT easy to do
20:04:49uskiit is better not to do the mod if you are unsure if you'll be able to do it
20:05:10uskisome mods are easier,like changing the leds of the backlight on recorders, or doing the alarm mod
20:05:16SmabbageMy point exactly.
20:06:08uskii will buy some "high capacity" batteries first, waiting to do the mod...
20:07:26SmabbageI would like to know where to get the 2000 milliamp batteries. I found some 1700 milliamp batteries in the camera department of Wal-mart but haven't found the 2000 milliamp flavor yet.
20:07:46Quelsarukradio shack?
20:08:28SmabbageWill have to check back with them I guess. Didn't see them the first go-round
20:08:47Smabbagegotta run.
20:08:50 Quit Smabbage ("Leaving")
20:11:25 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
20:14:02webmindtheey even have 2000mah here
20:16:30 Quit adi|home (Connection reset by peer)
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20:21:33 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
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21:18:40 Join _seb_ [0] (
21:20:14uskiwhere do they have 2000mAh ? i can find only 1850mAh here
21:23:23uskihmmm i just found 2200mAh batteries but... 19 euros for one battery wow
21:31:35 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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21:52:41MTanyone here ever had to RMA their archos?
21:52:53Plughnot yet, thank the gods
21:53:05scott666only to best buy
21:58:36MTim thinking of sending mine in
21:58:53scott666whats wrong?
21:58:57MTits developed an annoying fault
21:59:18MTthe earphone socket has to be fiddled with to get it to pass thru both channels
21:59:39scott666which archos?
22:00:01scott666i was afraid of that
22:00:15scott666i have one too, and i think that'll happen to me eventually
22:00:26MTbecause they virtually stopped making them :)
22:00:30scott666if you put any pressure on it you get a cracking noise?
22:00:35scott666*no ?
22:00:36MToh yeah
22:00:41MTthats the fella :)
22:01:02MTthe place i bought mine from no longer stocks them
22:01:34MTand they arent a little place
22:01:41MTthey only stock the av stuff now
22:02:13MTah crap
22:02:26MTAll returns must returned in the manufactures original packaging with the product, including all cables, software, manuals, driver diskettes, etc
22:02:36MT5 says i cant find the damn driver diskette
22:03:55Plughthat's ridiculous
22:03:59Plughnobody has all that shit
22:04:57uskiPlugh: i keep all the boxes of everything i buy into a small room
22:05:16uskii disassemble the boxes so they are slim (i remove the glue)
22:05:21scott666well you obvioulsy dont count
22:05:25MTactually, i just found them all :)
22:05:29uskiand if i have to return a product, i put some glue, then :)
22:05:43uskiMT: good then
22:05:43PlughI've already thrown away my archos box
22:05:44MTcant find the manual
22:05:56MTi may send them a printed out copy of the rockbox manual
22:10:17 Quit AciD- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:14:52 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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23:26:12shatenOkay question for those not lurking too much. I'm ordering the parts to mod out my rockbox
23:26:23 Quit AciD (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:26:41shatenarchos player. I'm going to do a memory, bass, and drive replacement.
23:27:00shatenI'm going to skip the volume adjustment. (I play it too loud already)
23:27:25shatenAny other modis I can do?? Maybe a window or water cooling :)
23:28:05shatenO yes this is a 6000 jukebox
23:29:00 Join k3no [0] (
23:29:13 Quit k3no (Client Quit)
23:31:26shatenhmm maybe a single tube colour box clear, but battery life would be bad..
23:33:12 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
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