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#rockbox log for 2003-09-05

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01:11:55Guestwhat is a ROCK file?
01:12:29GuestI see next to daily bulds there are rock files
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01:14:33scott666rock files are plugins
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01:14:48somfhow do you install them?
01:15:07scott666you put them in \.rockbox\rocks
01:15:11UncleSaltygood afternoon everyone
01:15:24Plughmmm Salty
01:15:35UncleSaltyi have a question for the gang
01:15:40somfdo they work on the players or just the recorders?
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01:16:09scott666download the one for your model, and they will all work
01:16:26UncleSaltyi see on the feature list that rockbox can queue files, but i can't find how to do it... anybody know?
01:16:36somfThanks scott666
01:16:43scott666hold on and press play while in the dir browser
01:16:51somfBTW: Rockbox for governer of California - has my vote!
01:17:11UncleSaltyawesome thanks!
01:17:25UncleSaltyi couldn't find it in the manual.. was it in there?
01:17:30scott666and if you get a daily build theres about 7 options for queueing
01:17:49scott666never read the manual
01:18:09scott666you can also rename and delete files with the on+play menu
01:18:12UncleSaltyi'll get one of the newer builds then
01:18:19UncleSaltyi've still got one from july i think
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01:18:49scott666might want to look into flashing too
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01:19:09UncleSaltyi've thought about that.. but kinda scared
01:19:32scott666did you check your flash values in debug>view HW info?
01:19:45UncleSaltyyes i did
01:20:32scott666the only risk is the first flash
01:20:36scott666after that youre fine
01:21:20UncleSaltyi know.. i flash other devices all the time.. but when it comes to my jukebox i'm protective
01:21:25UncleSaltyhowever i think i'll do it
01:23:35UncleSaltythanks for your help scott!
01:24:02UncleSaltyprops to rockbox and the gang
01:24:12UncleSaltypeace out
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01:59:14Plughslow day
02:00:03LinusNnot much time for rockbox hacking nowadays... :-(
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02:01:14Plughmore debate on the mailing list than the IRC
02:01:40Plughbut I've been somewhat at fault in that ;)
02:02:04LinusNi have contacted Micronas, waiting for a response
02:02:23PlughI'm also interested in those dirt cheap speakers
02:03:18Plughjust trying to dig up info on the cables
02:04:40LinusNyeah, kind of unusual with a mini-DIN
02:05:04Plughpeople say they work on an SBLive 5.1, which I have
02:05:15Plughbut the connector there is the same as the FMR
02:09:22Plughdo you know if the PCM input pin is wired on the recorders?
02:09:42LinusNthere is no PCM input pin, afaik
02:10:11Plughhm. I was looking at the data sheet and could have sworn I saw it
02:10:24Plughor perhaps it's just a logical connection
02:21:14LinusNgotta get some sleep
02:21:16LinusNnite all
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02:21:24Plughwhat I'm seeing is that pin 49 is a PCM input
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03:28:28Guest25hi all
03:29:29Guest25i have a loan of a jukebox studio 10 and have added a load of tunes to it, now i get a 'HD Error' and it won't start up, can any one advise what i should do
03:29:39Guest25will rockbox help to fix it ?
03:30:31hardeepGuest25: that usually happens when your batteries are low
03:31:03Guest25i have the power lead in the player
03:31:22Guest25the disk checks as ok in windows as works fine
03:31:47hardeepGuest25: so you can connect via USB?
03:32:19hardeepGuest25: and it doesn't report an HD error?
03:33:01Guest25notthru usb, only when i try to turn on the unit with no usb lead in
03:33:30hardeepGuest25: hmmm, that's strange
03:33:58hardeepGuest25: sounds like some sort of a hardware issue. switching to rockbox won't help
03:34:08hardeeper, probably won't help
03:34:30Guest25the archos site says that i could format and reinstal the firmware using the 'rchos Firmware installer'
03:34:44Guest25ui dont seem to be able to find the installer utility any ideas where to get it from ?
03:35:08hardeepyou just need the archos.mod file
03:35:30hardeepyou can go ahead and grab the rockbox one, it won't hurt any to use it
03:37:53Guest25hmmm weird it just came on, then went off maybe it is the batteries or the charger socet
03:38:38Guest25should there be an icon on screen when it is charging
03:38:44Guest25not powered on
03:39:02Guest25any help much appreciated i have only lent the unit !
03:39:07hardeepGuest25: yes, it should boot up to the archos charging screen
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09:39:50whiskasso what's going on here?
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09:39:59dwihnoNot much. Watching the game, having a bud' ;)
09:40:08whiskastrue, true
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09:43:48webmindargg.. -scared and runs off-
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11:49:42knobbycan anyone help me with a panic ata: -31 error?
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13:17:39knobbyhey Bagder, would you happen to know anything about ata panics? :)
13:18:02Bagdernot a lot, but I can try
13:19:52knobbywell, I keep getting a panic when i boot. ata: -31
13:20:20knobbyit's due to a busy status when entering check_registers
13:20:45knobbybut right before the call, there is a wait_for_bsy, so it doesn't seem logical
13:21:54BagderI agree
13:21:55Bagderseems odd
13:23:34knobbyI warn you now though, I'm porting rockbox atm so it very well could be the different arch...
13:24:03Bagderit could very well be an explanation, yes
13:24:10knobbybut I have the same cpu, adc, etc, etc
13:24:23Bagdersame ata stuff too?
13:25:00knobbyas far as I know
13:27:32knobbyit sees a master hd at address 0x206
13:27:44knobbythen panics
13:28:09Bagderyou tried skipping the test?
13:29:10knobbyI've tried forcing settings, but I haven't tried to skip the register check yet
13:29:52knobbytrying that now
13:30:07BagderI bet it fails in the next function then
13:30:43knobbypanic disk: NULL :)
13:31:34Bagderdisk_init() fails
13:32:44knobbybad boot sector signature
13:38:02knobbyit seems to toss up the busy flag when it wants to
13:38:12knobbyfreeze_lock just died due to timeout
13:44:56knobbyany idea where the addresses for the ATA registers came from? how were they determined?
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13:45:14Bagdersome kind of docs Björn has
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14:16:17SmabbageOn the player version of the Rockbox, where can I find the option for deep charge or normal charge?
14:16:28Bagderyou can't
14:16:36Bagderthe charging is controlled by hw on that unit
14:17:20SmabbageOh well, all the other features make up for it. :)
14:18:16SmabbageI've only had it on the player a day . Hope to play with it this afternoon and try to figure out how to make the resume feature work. I have a Studio 20
14:19:06Bagderresume should work once you enable the option
14:19:20Bagderand allow the disk to save the option when you stop/pause the playback
14:20:45SmabbageOk. Thanks. I'll try it a little later. Sitting at work at the moment. :P
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16:16:11Quelsarukgood afternoon to all :)
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16:22:46heiner-ichDoes anyone know when a new version of rockbox will be released?
16:22:59Bagderthere's no set date
16:23:05Bagderso no one can know
16:24:08uskiheiner-ich: why do you ask ? are you experiencing bugs ?
16:24:24uskiif you want a new version, you can try to get a CVS version or a bleeding edge
16:25:26Quelsaruknor even you Bagder?
16:25:46BagderQuelsaruk: we don't set release dates long in advance
16:25:52Bagderso no
16:26:50Quelsaruki know :P
16:27:10Bagderbut I think we should start thinking about making a release soon
16:27:14Quelsarukso i still have an oportunity to end my gfx menu... some day
16:27:25Quelsarukthat would be nice
16:27:40Quelsarukare we still in 2.0 official release?
16:27:43uskigfx menu ?
16:27:51BagderQuelsaruk: yes
16:28:00Quelsarukuski: a paranoid idea i had once
16:28:08uskitell me more plz :)
16:28:33QuelsarukBagder: would you mind waiting 'till first week of October?
16:29:06Quelsaruki'll be stablished in Portugal for that date and have enough spare time for the manual
16:29:11Bagderwe haven't discussed this lately, so I think it'll last until then whatever we do before we get a release together
16:32:33uskijust to tell i am about to test the new firmware to see if the new method for detecting ATA works or not (it no longer probes); where to report the results ?
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16:45:58Bu88a1Anyone know if Uwe's RTC alarm mod code still in rockbox?
16:46:42BagderI think it is
16:47:22 Quit Bagder ("")
16:48:58Quelsarukit should be
16:50:30Bu88a1Yea I just CVS'd the code and found rtc.c etc. thanks
16:52:00 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
16:53:45heiner-ichfor me a new release would be nice, because I the new features may be usefull. Concrete bugs I could not find.
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16:56:40uskiis it known that the "red led of death" did not happen on rockbox 1.3 ?
16:56:52uskii installed rockbox 2.0 recently and it is since this setup that i experience this problem
16:58:58Quelsaruknot shure
16:59:24Quelsarukhave you tried zagor's special releases?
16:59:44Quelsarukhe tries to seek and destroy that nasty bug
17:01:15uskihmmm i did not know that there was a special release, where to find it ? im reading the mailling list archives currently
17:02:09uskiactually i'm playing with my brother's archos as i did not receive mine, and he told me "hey since you updated the firmware it freeze !" "how does it freeze ? the red led light up then boom ?" "yea exactly"
17:02:50uski(im using the lastest cvs build right now, i'd like to see if it improves the situation or not :))
17:04:53Quelsaruki don't have that problem
17:05:08uskiok :)
17:05:18uskidoes Zagor come on IRC ?
17:06:28Quelsarukmost mornings
17:06:45Quelsaruk(morning in sweden)
17:18:49MTuski: where are you from?
17:18:58MT(i have a theory)
17:19:05 Join LinusN [200] (
17:19:14MTi ONLY get red led when its either very cold, or very hot
17:19:14 Quit heiner-ich (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:22:32uskiwant my room temperature ? :)
17:22:44uskihmm anyway it is interesting.
17:23:01uskisome components like resistors or capacitors might have a high thermal coefficient
17:23:16uskiit may change their value enough to make problems like: failling CPU clock, ...
17:23:45uskialso, the current appeal made when the disk starts up might be the condition to crash the box, after the components values were modified by temperature.
17:23:51uskithat's a theroy :)
17:26:27uskiyou know what ? i will put my jukebox in the fridge !
17:26:37uskii'll see if it crashes after this
17:28:12MTit will get condensation in the fridge:)
17:28:29uskihmmm right, i'll put it into a sealed bag
17:28:40uskiof course it will be OFF and i'll switch it on after
17:28:55MTdo you have any silica gel?
17:28:56uskii do the test now :)
17:29:01MTlike you get with trainers
17:29:03uskihmmmm yea
17:29:08uskii should find this somewhere
17:29:11uskigood idea :)
17:29:15uskibrb in 3mins
17:30:26uskiif uou do the test, remove the batteries before putting th archos into the fridge
17:30:39uskialso, the LCD might look weird when cold, but it is reversible, it cannot be damaged
17:31:09MTit could be you upgraded the firmware just when france had that heat wave
17:31:47 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
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17:45:26uskii updated it like 2-3 days ago
17:46:03uski(it's in the fridge now, i soldered a static-shield bag so no humidity can enter)
17:46:16uskii'll tell you the results this evening if you're here ;)
17:53:51Quelsaruktime to go
17:53:51 Part Quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
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21:10:39Quelsaruk... again
21:24:16 Join Thernadrim [0] (
21:24:58#>>"explain Quelsaruk" by Quelsaruk (
21:25:54Quelsaruktime to go!
21:26:42Plughlogbot: explain Plugh
21:26:48Plughlogbot: hello
21:26:52 Part Quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
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21:51:08 Part Beau
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22:19:44 Part LinusN|away
22:31:28[IDC]DragonHello uski, do you read?
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23:18:58 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:19:41[IDC]DragonAnybody with a flashed FM here?
23:20:27PlughI have a non-flashed fm
23:20:45[IDC]DragonWhy? ;-)
23:20:55Plughcuz I'm chicken-shit
23:21:36Plughwell, I generally run a build that is 1-2 checkins behind bleeding edge\
23:24:26Plughif it'll help you out, I'll flash now
23:24:53[IDC]DragonNot if you're uncomfortable with it.
23:25:04[IDC]DragonThere are others I can ask.
23:25:06Plughactually, I was going to the other day
23:25:12Plughbut I couldn't find the ucl
23:26:18Plughwanna give me a hand with this?
23:26:45[IDC]DragonHave you downloaded my pachage and read the instructions?
23:27:38[IDC]Dragonrequired. ;-)
23:27:46Plughpoint me
23:28:27[IDC]DragonI'll have to update it.
23:32:24Plughoh. joy. I gotta install ucl
23:32:51[IDC]DragonOnly if you want to complile.
23:33:13PlughI always compile my own build
23:33:27[IDC]DragonLinux or Win?
23:33:48Plughgenerally Linux
23:33:52Plughoccasionally win
23:34:13PlughI have 3 rockbox devel environments
23:34:29[IDC]DragonFor linux, you'd need to compile it. For Win, no, just copy it to the SH compilers.
23:34:43Plughcompiling now
23:35:26uski[IDC]Dragon: im there, hi !
23:35:54[IDC]DragonJust send you email with updated RockFlash.
23:36:21uskiok :)
23:36:41uskii'll try to find what does not work with my jukebox this week end
23:37:07uskii'll receive my recorder 20 the 20/09 (approx), i'll flash it :)
23:39:58 Join phalan [0] (
23:40:03[IDC]DragonI thought you're working on some half dead player or so?
23:41:01phalani have the Jukebox Studio 20...And I put in the latest rockbox...i have only 1 do i turn the thing off? It used to be On & do i shut it off with rockbox
23:41:27Plughhm, uclpack isn't available
23:41:47[IDC]DragonPlugh,: why not?
23:42:01Plughdunno. I just built ucl-1.01
23:42:03uski[IDC]Dragon: i am, but i'll receive a new archos too, and i also have a working jukebox 6000
23:42:18[IDC]DragonA collector...
23:42:29uski(so i have 3 archos: a half dead player, a working player, and my new one :)
23:42:31uskiyeaa ;)
23:44:16Plughfound it
23:45:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:47:28phalanhow do i turn off the j studio 20 with rockbox
23:48:40 Join hanzz [0] (
23:48:56Plughhold the stop button
23:49:23phalanthank you
23:49:28 Quit phalan ()
23:49:38Plugh[IDC]Dragon: odd. I put the rockbox.ucl in the root dir and ran rockbox_flash, but it says there's no image available
23:52:56[IDC]DragonPlugh: RTFM
23:53:02 Join klax0n [0] (~klaxon@
23:53:03Plughworking on it
23:53:23PlughI didn't have firmware_fm.bin in there
23:53:32klax0nw00t! jbr 15g $160 at fry's
23:53:38Plughor... wait
23:53:41CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:53:41*klax0n can't wait!!
23:53:45Plughnot you
23:54:20klax0nhalf price and i can pick my own font! take that apple!
23:54:38Plughyou can also upgrade the hard drive to 80gig
23:55:05klax0nhere in SF there are soooo many ipod lamers. easy to spot:
23:55:16Plughheh. same here in SJ ;)
23:55:20klax0nthey rock those ghay earbuds.
23:55:31uski$160 only ???!!!
23:55:41uskinext time i have to buy an archos, i import it ! :)
23:56:27klax0nthe jbr 15g, is discontinued? well i don't care, it's usb 2.0
23:56:53uskii just bought a jbr 20 for $300

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