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#rockbox log for 2003-09-06

00:00:20klax0nprice of an ipod. but hey, you can pick your own font, and play games, and ... and ...
00:00:29*klax0n can't wait!!
00:01:21klax0nPlugh: what's the $$ for an 80gb 2.5" drive, just curious
00:02:29uski[IDC]Dragon: let me try your new version of RockFlash ;)
00:02:43uskiklax0n: should be like $160
00:03:36[IDC]DragonI'll by my next drive not before they hold 120 GB.
00:04:51klax0nso... jbr6000 is like $100 on amazon, + $160 for 80gb drive.. yowza.
00:05:45Plugh[IDC]Dragon: okay, I got rockbox_flash.rock, rockbox.ucl, and firmware_fm.bin
00:06:08klax0nsome won
00:06:30klax0n.. some won't take flash - is jbr15 one of them?
00:06:47Plughrecorders can be flashed
00:06:59Plughplayers, in general, can't
00:07:30klax0nohmygoshohmygosh, yes!
00:08:34Plugh[IDC]Dragon: do I need to run the .rock in your archive or the one I just built from source?
00:09:03[IDC]DragonBetter use eveything from the package, that's been tested.
00:11:55klax0nokay see ya next week! this is gonna be fun!
00:12:45 Part klax0n
00:14:06 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:15:18Plughokay, all flashed
00:15:24Plughincluding my patches
00:15:48PlughI failed to run firmware_flash before rockbox_flash
00:15:58[IDC]DragonAha, that was quick!
00:16:34Plughheh. I'm not a dolt. I just have to see the logic of it before I can succeed
00:16:49PlughI like to have it all worked out in my mind before I progress
00:17:08[IDC]DragonAnd? How is it?
00:17:52PlughI never was really annoyed by the startup time, but now that it's in flash, I can see the benefit
00:18:13Plughalso, I liked the USB icon in rockbox better than archos
00:18:40[IDC]Dragonwhat I was about to ask a flashed FM user:
00:18:50uskitest, sb alive ?
00:18:54 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
00:19:04[IDC]DragonYou probably need to hold "On" for a while to bring it up?
00:19:24[IDC]Dragon(Longer than usual)
00:19:48Plughyeah. I noticed that
00:19:53Plughsomething to get used to
00:19:58Plughbut I appreciate it too
00:20:03[IDC]DragonDoes this also happen for F1-On?
00:20:20[IDC]DragonOr does that work with a short press?
00:20:48Plughsame with f1+on
00:21:18[IDC]DragonIt's not a feature, it's a side effect.
00:21:45 Join uski [0] (
00:21:45 Quit uski (Client Quit)
00:22:00[IDC]DragonGonna do something about it, but need to change my bootloader for it.
00:22:22[IDC]Dragon(And first find out what pin to use to bridge "On")
00:22:47PlughI like the fact that when I plug the usb into a powered-down box it comes up with the rockbox usb graphic
00:23:18[IDC]DragonThat's not the case without flashing it?
00:23:59Plughnah. comes up with archos usb screen
00:24:22[IDC]DragonI see, shure. But it doeas come up.
00:24:37[IDC]DragonRecorders don't.
00:25:24[IDC]DragonYou've backed up your original flash?
00:26:19 Join uski [0] (
00:26:26Plughum, I knew I forgot something
00:26:28uski[IDC]Dragon: does not work :\
00:26:56[IDC]DragonPlugh: not so bad, the FMs are all alike.
00:27:54[IDC]DragonYou'll need it in case you have persistent charging problems, if even F1+plugin won't charge properly. Some people had that.
00:28:49[IDC]Dragonuski: what happenes?
00:28:58PlughI heard something about it. I thought fmr had hardware charging
00:29:11uski[IDC]Dragon: "error while transmitting monitor byte XX, got YY"
00:29:28uski[IDC]Dragon: with random YY and "not so random" XX
00:29:36uskiperhaps a baudrate problem or sth like that
00:29:39[IDC]DragonPlugh: they do, but maybe that needs to be enabled or so.
00:30:10[IDC]Dragonuski: hmm.
00:30:24uski[IDC]Dragon: perhaps it's a hardware problem, im not sure...
00:30:34uskialso, might it be caused by an incorrect boot mode ?
00:30:40uskiperhaps i failed while making the uart boot mod
00:31:09[IDC]Dragonuski: when you enable it, the box stas frozen on powerup?
00:31:29uskiblank screen, backlight always on
00:31:43uskiyea, sound good byut perhaps there are other modes, and perhaps i am not in the right one
00:31:43[IDC]Dragonbacklight on?
00:31:48uskiyea it stays on
00:32:06uski(i know the screen works)
00:32:13[IDC]Dragonwell, maybe players are different, it's off on recorders.
00:32:58uskii don't think it is an issue
00:33:40uskihmmm interesting !
00:33:51uskii get the same error while launching RockFlash when the archos is not connected
00:33:58[IDC]Dragonmaybe my baudrate byte transmittal has a problem. It's a blue sky implementation, never tested.
00:34:19[IDC]Dragonuski: same numbers?
00:34:21uskiyes but i should not get garbage when the archos is off
00:34:35[IDC]Dragonbut you do?
00:34:35uskilet me check
00:34:48uskiyes i do, but im not sure it is exactly the same nyumbers
00:35:22[IDC]Dragonanyway, I have to leave soon.
00:35:49uskiwill you be there tomorrow ?
00:36:03uskihmmm now it stays on "Downloading monitor..." without saying anything after it
00:36:07uskiand i did not change anything
00:37:55uskihmm the garbage came back, looks like a bad contact.
00:40:36[IDC]Dragonuski: not tomorrow.
00:40:52[IDC]DragonMaybe your RX and TX are shorted?
00:41:33uskilet me check... would kill me if it's the case ;)
00:42:30[IDC]Dragongotta leave now, bye!
00:42:51 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
00:46:57 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:51:48uskiWOWir works !!!
00:52:13uskiuart boot
00:52:24midknight2k3yours died or something?
00:52:24uskiafter hours of effort it works :)
00:52:26uskiim happy :)
00:52:36midknight2k3why did you need it?
00:52:39uskinah, im siply playing with an old jukebox
00:52:47uskiand im validating idc dragon's code for players
00:52:50midknight2k3which model?
00:52:55uskiplayer 6k
00:52:58 Quit AciD- (" -")
00:53:01midknight2k3i guess that got answered before i asked
00:54:03uskihmmm my problem is to have a file to boot with
00:56:12midknight2k3what now
00:56:37 Quit hanzz ("I was using TinyIRC! Visit for more information.")
00:56:47Plughheya mid
00:57:05midknight2k3hello plugh
00:57:11Plughjust flashed my fmr
00:57:25uskianyone knows the addr of idc dragon's website ?
00:57:25midknight2k3i flashed mine months ago
00:57:29PlughI know
00:57:35midknight2k3its somewheres on the main page
00:57:43midknight2k3under the Rockbox started from flash rom thing
00:57:56midknight2k3i like the quick boox
00:57:59Plughbut I finally got an UNDERSTANDING of the flash process
00:58:03midknight2k3not the 15 second one
00:58:04uskiok midknight2k3 thx
00:58:06midknight2k3oh really?
00:58:10midknight2k3no problem uski
00:58:14midknight2k3let me know if you cant find it
00:58:32Plughmidknight2k3: I actually flashed my personal build
00:58:38Plughso I'm pleased
00:58:42midknight2k3i do that like every day
00:58:49midknight2k3but neat
00:58:55Plughonly thing is, I forgot to save off my old fw
00:59:03midknight2k3flash a recorder image, plugh
00:59:05midknight2k3try it out
00:59:10Plughno thanks
00:59:11 Join AciD [0] (
00:59:11midknight2k3itll be funny
00:59:14midknight2k3why not?
00:59:17PlughI'm sure
00:59:46Plughbesides, I'm only set up to do fm builds
00:59:53midknight2k3mm hmm
01:00:07 Join AciD` [0] (
01:00:07 Quit AciD` (Client Quit)
01:02:40Plughmid: missed you yesterday
01:03:11PlughI was looking for someone to pester
01:07:57midknight2k3oh really
01:08:15midknight2k3i was at school. you were at work. you should have been afk, as was i
01:08:31midknight2k3bu tnoo you waste your DNA bug research time playing with #rockbox
01:13:22Plughyou were at school until 7:00 Pacific?
01:13:34midknight2k3i do other things
01:13:45Plughthat's right. You "work out"
01:14:05midknight2k3i "eat"
01:14:09midknight2k3and "drink"
01:14:53Plughsounds like a dull existence outside #rockbox
01:15:02midknight2k3sure is
01:18:50midknight2k3and you
01:20:14Plughlet's see... after work, I went home to drop off stuff, went to Home Depot to buy stuff to turn my truck into a camper
01:20:33Plughthen I fucked my wife to sleep
01:21:02midknight2k3you could have left out that last part.
01:21:37Plughyou asked
01:21:56midknight2k3i don't really need to know that
01:22:13midknight2k3"you had to push the matter" "you asked" "you started it"
01:22:37Plughsince you never responded to my query a while back about your age, I'm treating you as an adult
01:22:53midknight2k3i like being threated that way
01:24:17Plughfalling asleep at my desk waiting for the experiment to finish loading
01:24:26midknight2k3which experiment?
01:24:36midknight2k3suntan producing cells?
01:24:53Plughin this case? Breast cancer
01:24:57 Join Josh [0] (
01:25:07Joshalright, how do I delete rockbox from flash?
01:25:10Joshwanna record from radoi
01:25:20midknight2k3you cna radio record in rockbox
01:25:25midknight2k3or F1+on to archos firmware
01:25:31midknight2k3no need to "delete it"
01:25:39Plughon+f1 will start up the old fw
01:25:47Joshradio record in rockbox?
01:26:00midknight2k3to record in rockbox, set radio, hit on and go to MENU->recording
01:26:05midknight2k3set to line in
01:26:14midknight2k3and it will consider that "radio" recording
01:26:18midknight2k3similar to ON at wps
01:26:23Joshand can you tell it to stop in say, 3 hours?
01:26:24midknight2k3no problem
01:26:28midknight2k3not yet
01:26:37midknight2k3you can tell it to make a new file every three hours or so
01:26:45midknight2k3and delete the ones you dont want
01:27:00Plughyou can't tell rockbox to record off the radio yet
01:27:10midknight2k3yes you can
01:27:21midknight2k3i'm like 1/3 your age and you dont even know THAT
01:27:27Plughis it recording source line in, digital, or mic?
01:27:32midknight2k3line in
01:27:42midknight2k3radio must be activated first
01:27:50midknight2k3otherwise it will really use the line in
01:28:36Plughyou can't get the recording menu if you're in radio mode.
01:28:43midknight2k3press ON
01:28:57midknight2k3like the WPS as i said
01:29:09midknight2k3keeps playing, lets you mess around
01:29:18Plughas to FM recording, my box interferes too much to get a good signal
01:29:27Plughso it's a useless feature to me
01:29:37Joshhmm, if I record for four hours...
01:29:38midknight2k3you need to admit you were wrong
01:29:40Plughall the FM functions are worthless imo
01:29:41Joshhow big you reckon th efile will be?
01:29:54midknight2k3at highest quality?
01:30:13Plughabout a meg a minute?
01:30:18midknight2k3maybe a gig?
01:30:25midknight2k3it depends
01:30:33midknight2k3i always use highest quality
01:30:37midknight2k3probably about 500megs
01:30:45midknight2k3plugh can't say it!
01:33:11midknight2k3i still wait
01:33:21Joshnight of joy in disney now
01:33:23Joshawesome concert
01:33:30Joshlive on radio...needa record it to listen to it later
01:33:39Joshyet I cant find my damn charger now for archos
01:33:45midknight2k3it went from "you can't get to record screen from radio" to "it doesn't really matter anyways"
01:33:51midknight2k3uh oh
01:33:55midknight2k3sounds angry
01:33:59Joshhaha :)
01:34:16midknight2k3no "i was wrong" in between
01:34:20midknight2k3or "i am dumb"
01:34:24*Plugh falls asleep on his keybbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbfdfbbbbbbbcbbbbbdbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
01:34:26midknight2k3or "it DOES work, neat!"
01:34:35midknight2k3just "it doesnt mattery anywayys"
01:35:39Plughhey mid, did you get that Oracle system serv
01:36:06midknight2k3i didn't get that OR an "it works, thanks mid" either
01:36:10midknight2k3whats oracle?
01:36:29midknight2k3was i supposed to?
01:36:42Plughyou. so you can test our software
01:36:56midknight2k3where is it? you emailed it or what
01:37:33 Quit Josh ("Leaving")
01:37:49Plughyou can download it if you really want
01:37:56midknight2k3where at
01:38:00midknight2k3how big?, and it's about 35 or 40 meg
01:39:13midknight2k3cant do 35meg on 56k right now
01:39:16midknight2k3wait till tomorrow
01:39:49midknight2k3it's a rat
01:39:55midknight2k3it looks like my deceased hamster Fred
01:40:04midknight2k3i miss him
01:41:00 Join track [0] (
01:41:51midknight2k3hello track
01:41:57midknight2k3plugh: how interesting
01:42:21midknight2k3you work with this all day
01:42:33trackwheres bjorn and co?
01:42:38midknight2k3not here
01:42:44midknight2k3not been around a long time
01:42:50midknight2k3i saw bagder a few days ago
01:42:54midknight2k3zagor, a month maybe
01:43:00midknight2k3linus? i forget
01:43:03midknight2k3longer than zagor
01:43:11trackprob gave up
01:44:09trackmidknight i have a request for u
01:45:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:47:26Plughyes this is what I work with all day
01:47:49midknight2k3looks neat
01:47:59PlughI guess
01:48:45midknight2k3and the rat is cool
01:49:34Plughour demo data is a rat genome
01:49:45midknight2k3and can you make the rat move?
01:49:50midknight2k3like scamper?
01:50:41midknight2k3or like jump up and down, or go "scritritrit" like rats do?
01:51:54midknight2k3can it move?
01:52:13midknight2k3it just shows the bunch of lines and dots then?
01:54:09Plughnah. Not even that
01:54:19midknight2k3what then?
01:54:34Plughwe just display genomic expression data
01:54:46 Join edx [0] (
01:54:52midknight2k3meaning a lit of numbers and crap?
01:57:24midknight2k3i gues that means no
01:57:33midknight2k3i just makes a CGI rat appear on screen
01:57:35midknight2k3sounds FUN!
01:59:14Plughthat rat is just a marketing gizmo. It represents our software's ability to turn raw data... numbers... into something more easily analyzed, as visual representation.
01:59:49midknight2k3did you CGI render the rat?
01:59:58PlughI don't know who did
02:00:10midknight2k3tell them the rock
02:00:14midknight2k3can you make cgi junk?
02:00:42Plughnot really my area of expertise
02:01:01PlughI'm a system administrator and analyst
02:01:14midknight2k3are you on the website?
02:01:43PlughI specialize in data transfer protocols, databases, and inter-process communication
02:02:26Plughumm, I make pieces of software talk with other pieces of software
02:02:33midknight2k3i mean
02:02:37midknight2k3are you on the website
02:02:38Plughand make sure they're talking correctly
02:02:44Plughnot that I know of
02:02:52midknight2k3how dare they
02:02:55Plughno, there's rats on the site
02:02:58Plughbut no plughs
02:03:15midknight2k3any other rat pictures?
02:03:18Plughwhat? You wanna see pix of me?
02:03:21midknight2k3who cares about plugh
02:03:37midknight2k3that kill it in the face thi
02:03:40midknight2k3i fogot
02:12:36 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
02:13:21 Quit edx ()
02:13:33midknight2k3MAKE A NEW ONE
02:16:24zePlugh: you look a little like brendan frasier
02:16:50Plughmy wife wishes that were true ;)
02:17:00zenot that much like him
02:17:04zebut enough to remind me of him
02:17:36Plughshe has a crush on Brendan Frasier
02:18:32zeshe reminds me of somebody too, but i dunno who
02:18:58 Quit track ("Leaving")
02:32:20midknight2k3expirement loaded yet, plugh?
03:45:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:21:12Plughdunno Mid. I left at 5:20
04:38:57 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: ribbed for her pleasure!")
05:16:23 Join _seb_ [0] (
05:16:27 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
05:18:07midknight2k3cmon plugh
05:45:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:02:23 Join mike [0] (
06:02:32 Nick mike is now known as michaelol (
06:02:45michaelolanyone here use the archos with a mic for recording?
06:02:55midknight2k3i do
06:02:55michaelolwondering how good of quality it is through a mic
06:03:07michaelolcause thinking of getting a high quality mic on ebay for it
06:03:14midknight2k3sounds great
06:03:20midknight2k3no hard drive nouse
06:03:30michaeloldo you have any examples of it?
06:03:45michaelollike a short mp3 of it going through hte mic or something?
06:03:56midknight2k3i could make one
06:04:08michaelollike is it studio quality?
06:04:18*michaelol plays trumpet and needs a decent recorder
06:04:18midknight2k3it's very clear
06:04:25midknight2k3captures the sound good
06:04:32michaelolwhat kind of mic do you use?
06:04:36midknight2k3similar to the internal mic, but without the noise and stuff
06:04:41michaelolyea nice
06:04:48midknight2k3its not a professional one, just the one that archos makes
06:05:02michaelolbut it does record it good right?
06:05:20midknight2k3mine gives a bit of interference sometimes
06:05:24midknight2k3just has to do witht eh mic
06:06:03michaelolcause right now ive been using the mic on my video camera
06:06:08michaeloland just capturing the sound
06:06:11michaelolbut sort of low quality
06:06:17michaelolprobably gunna get a really good mic on ebay
06:06:19midknight2k3works great for me
06:06:22michaelolfor around 50-100 bucks
06:06:37michaelollooking for around 70 bucks
06:07:44midknight2k3mine works great
06:07:53michaelolwhat kind is yours?
06:08:00midknight2k3my what?
06:08:04midknight2k3archos fm recorder, archos mic
06:08:18*michaelol has an archos fm recorder too
06:08:20midknight2k3the archos one
06:08:33michaelolyep great deal got it just cause of rockbox
06:08:37michaelolfor 222 dollars
06:08:53michaeloland it is really nice now that i flashed rockbox to the rom
06:08:53midknight2k3just recently?
06:08:57michaelola while ago
06:09:01midknight2k3me too
06:09:15michaelollike the start of this summer or so
06:11:08 Join thu [0] (
06:11:16midknight2k3well good luck
06:11:22michaelolit recordes in stero through a mic right?
06:11:51midknight2k3i think my interference has to do with the radio towers... "next door"
06:12:03midknight2k3but otherwise is crisp and clear
06:12:20midknight2k3is there a link ot ht eproduct you might get
06:14:16thuis it easy to modify an fm recorder so that I can use its microphone with a PC?
06:14:40midknight2k3just have to do it right
06:14:50midknight2k3perhaps, earphone out to line in on pc?
06:15:21thuthat's still amplified
06:15:31midknight2k3what do you mean then
06:15:33thuyeah okay.. good enough
06:15:40*michaelol is still looking at mics
06:15:48midknight2k3any ideas in mind micheal?
06:15:50michaeloltrying to get one thats 20hz to 20khz
06:16:03michaeloljust like my speakers :D
06:16:27midknight2k3all righty
06:16:29midknight2k3i must leave
06:16:32midknight2k3good luck
06:16:40 Quit midknight2k3 ()
06:18:21michaelolhmmm just found a really good deal on a mic
06:18:25michaelol9 bucks
06:18:30michaeloland no shipping
06:18:53thuwhat do you want to record?
06:19:10*thu is looking for good portable headphones
06:19:48michaelolplaying trumpet
06:21:12michaelol - this space for rent solo lisa, tim - jazz band.mp3 <−− im the lead trumpet in here
06:21:24michaelolmight have to copy the link into winamp or something tho
06:21:27michaelolif ya want to hear it
06:22:44michaelolthats last year tho
06:24:07thuwinamp? what's that?
06:24:22michaelolor xmms
06:24:29thumeh.. 400 Bad Request
06:24:29*michaelol is using xmms right now
06:24:33thuyeah me too
06:24:38michaelolgot to copy the whole thing
06:24:48michaelol" - this space for rent solo lisa, tim - jazz band.mp3"
06:25:02thuyeah that's what I did
06:25:05 Quit AciD (Remote closed the connection)
06:25:06thunevermind I'll just download it
06:25:17michaelolor go to and click on number 6
06:25:18*thu grabbing Chopin off Emusic
06:25:38thumichaelol: omg! downloading music off the web
06:25:45thuwhat if riaa finds out?
06:25:45michaeloli cracked a coupple of high d's but otherwise its good
06:25:53michaelolits me so its legal :p
06:25:59michaelolmy own recording
06:26:00michaelolof me
06:26:00thuI don't believe you
06:26:04thuthat must be illegal
06:26:10michaelollisten to it
06:26:13thuas soon as it comes out the trumpet riaa owns it
06:26:19thuno matter what you say
06:26:30michaelolill make a massive db of it for people to download
06:26:36michaeloland see them try to shut me down
06:26:44thudid you ask riaa for permission before recording yourself?
06:26:44michaeloland some crap of just me soloing
06:26:48thuit's illegal
06:27:11michaeloljust like the stupid eu nation trying to shut down linux lol
06:27:22thuyou're starving the poor artists by not only playing but even recording yourself
06:27:31thuand if that wasn't enough you distribute it freely on the web
06:27:34*thu shudders
06:27:38thuwhat's this world coming to?
06:28:26michaelolhehe i am the artist
06:28:34michaelollol ill sew people that download it from my site
06:28:46michaeloland have the riaa shut them down
06:28:52thunow you're talking
06:28:57thuhey this sounds good
06:29:07michaelolya should hear the blue bossa one too
06:29:12michaeloli have a long ass improv solo
06:29:13thuhow long have you been playin?
06:29:18michaelollong time
06:29:33thuwhat was that link again?
06:29:44thunm .. got it
06:29:49thuI mean.. yeah
06:29:56thuthis calls for wget
06:30:02michaelolthe popnrock ones are shitty tho
06:30:17michaeloldont bother with 1 or 3
06:30:40michaeloli recomend 6 7 and 8
06:31:06thuheh I've only recently started to educate myself with jazz
06:31:11thuthanks to emusic mostly
06:31:23michaelolyou play anything?
06:31:34thunever found the time
06:31:56thuor calling
06:32:00michaelolblue bossa in the middle is me improving
06:32:05michaelolthe trumpet
06:32:08michaelolsort of shitty that time tho
06:32:10thuI'm still at 06
06:32:16michaeloli c
06:32:24*michaelol and his slow 30kb capped upload
06:32:50thuheh I'm capped at 10-15kB/s
06:33:05thuthe recording is crappy
06:33:06michaelolor up
06:33:26michaelolthats why im lookin for a mic
06:33:26thuit feels like it's a mic in the room
06:33:34michaelolits off my video camera
06:33:38michaelolthe mic on that
06:33:53thuget mics for everybody and mix'em
06:34:03michaelolwith thesee 9 dollar ones i could
06:34:07thunow I got to the improv
06:34:12thusounds good
06:34:18michaelola little shaddy at spots
06:34:33thuwell at least it's listenable
06:34:42thuI get awfuly bored at weird jazz improvs
06:35:06*michaelol recomends you to get maynard "take the a train"
06:35:35thuwhat's that?
06:35:42michaelolgood song
06:35:54michaelolif you get the maynard fergison version
06:36:01thunot on emusic
06:36:04michaelolhow would you rate a 80 - 12,000 Hz mic
06:36:08thumm stranger on the shore
06:36:11thuI used to like that song
06:36:20thuacker bilk
06:36:22michaelolsort of sukky
06:36:38michaelolcasue i found a 80 - 12,000 Hz for 9 dollars
06:36:50thuI have no idea
06:36:55michaeloldont think its that good
06:36:56thunever recorded any music
06:37:06michaelolcause others are like 20hz 20,000 hrz
06:37:33thuargh I don't like stranger on the shore
06:37:37thuI mean your version
06:37:49michaelolyea my version sucks
06:37:59michaelolif ya want a laid back song get copy cat
06:38:12thuthe guy doesn't play trumpet
06:38:17thuI'm not sure what that is though
06:38:18michaelolcopy cat blue bossa and this space for rent are the only good ones
06:38:28thuyeah I liked blue bossa
06:39:24michaelolcopy cat is pretty good
06:39:28michaelolbut thats about it
06:40:42thuyeah.. you need a better recording than that
06:40:46thuPlaying: Lolita - For Petra [15905/15915]
06:41:03michaelolwanna hear a marching band chart
06:41:07michaeloli got a loud ass trumpet solo
06:41:25thuuhm I guess
06:41:27michaelol <−−good
06:41:41michaelolbetter now but good then
06:41:52thubleh embedded
06:42:03michaelolcause we were all blasting in a loud concert hall
06:43:27thuomg it's loud
06:43:33thuand lo-q
06:43:39michaeloli need a mic
06:44:20thuthe music sounds good but it's a pain to listen
06:44:51thuPlaying: Santana - Evil Ways [394/15915]
06:44:56thuuhm.. better :P
06:46:14michaelolyou got 15,000 songs?f
06:46:30*michaelol only has about 7,000
06:46:30thuumm yeah
06:46:41thuI've got more but I don't have time to copy them off CDs
06:46:51thump3 cds that is
06:47:19*michaelol *cough* gets *cough* cds from his sources in mp3 format as zip files
06:47:32thuhmm sources?
06:47:40thusounds like organized crime to me
06:48:15michaeloli buy the goods that have been confiscated by the riaa lol
06:48:18*michaelol is joking
06:48:53thuI don't think that riaa confiscates stuff
06:49:03michaeloli dont either
06:49:14michaelolbut i know that they check copies against copys in p2p programs
06:49:38*michaelol looks for a high end studio mic on ebay
06:49:43thu4.0G /home/thu/MyMusic
06:49:43thu3.8G /mnt/space/music/dr/emusic
06:49:46thuemusic is good so far
06:49:56thuI think I'll get a 1 year subscription when this one expires
06:51:14michaelolwhat quality are the songs
06:51:26michaelolcause i heard the quality on buymusic sucks
06:51:28thuvbr most of them
06:51:32thusome of them 128kbps
06:51:34thuall sound good
06:51:40thuno ripping problems
06:54:02thuPlaying: Thelonious Monk And John Coltrane - Functional [16419/16490]
06:55:38thuonly problem is that they give you too much music
06:55:48thuI don't know what to download first.. let alone listen
06:56:01thuI don't remember when I listened to a whole album the last time
06:57:02michaelolhow many gb of it do you have?
06:57:16*michaelol only has about 4 left on his archos 20gb fm rec
06:57:31thu13G /mnt/space/muzica
06:57:31thu59G /mnt/space/music
06:57:31thu4.0G /home/thu/MyMusic
06:57:39thu477M /mnt/morespace/muzica
06:57:46thu4.0G /home/thu/MyMusic
06:57:46thu3.8G /mnt/space/music/dr/emusic
06:58:09thuand a few hundred megs in various dirs
06:59:51*michaelol has it all in one location
07:00:01thuI kept running out of space
07:00:26thu27G /mnt/space/video
07:00:26thu24G /mnt/morespace/video
07:00:31thubecause of these guys mostly
07:00:52michaelol15.4 gigs of music
07:01:03thuthat's a good start :P
07:01:14michaelolgot a crapload of movies tho
07:01:19michaelolin dvd quality
07:01:23michaelolthat arnt out on dvd
07:01:40thuanything interesting?
07:01:49thuI'm looking for The Cuckoo
07:01:50michaelolhehe they all say call 1800 no copy on the bottom everyso often
07:01:55thuyeah mine too
07:02:02thuI get them when they show up in theatres
07:02:12thuafter half a year they show up in my local dvd store
07:02:20thuI'm like 'i've seen that .. and that .. and that'
07:02:40thuand the only times I ever get a dvd from them I return it in 15 mins
07:02:49michaelolhave you ever used wine?
07:02:53thuthey go like 'is anything wrong with it?'
07:03:01thuand I'm like 'no, thanks'
07:03:18michaeloli think the only thing i can get wine to work with is mirc
07:03:29thuI got winamp to work in wine iirc
07:03:31michaelolcause everything uses the stupid install shield
07:03:37thuyou can install stuff in wine
07:03:39thujust run the setup
07:03:40michaeloland the install shield makes it crash
07:03:42michaeloli know
07:03:51michaelolhave you installed dreamweaver mx?
07:03:54thuhah no
07:03:56michaelolalways crashes
07:04:05michaelolmirc and quicktime isntalled fine tho
07:04:06thuuse vim
07:04:18michaeloldoes it show a spit screen like dreamweaver?
07:04:25michaelolhalf code have the finished product?
07:04:42thuumm no.. you write everything by hand from scratch
07:05:04thuPlaying: Peter Katin, piano - Deux Nocturnes, Op. 48 No. 2 In F Sharp Minor [16282/16490]
07:05:18*thu loves Chopin's Nocturnes
07:05:25michaelol want a mic like this
07:05:28michaelolwith the case
07:05:39michaeloland then ill cut a hole in the foam for my archos
07:07:04 Join thu_ [0] (
07:22:22 Join DW [0] (
07:22:41 Quit thu (Connection timed out)
07:26:51 Join Guest [0] (
07:28:32 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
07:40:40 Quit DarthWufei (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:43:51michaelolhmm that one mic has pretty good reviews
07:44:04michaelolfor 25 bucks on clearence (discontinued) for 9 bucks
07:44:21michaelolthink ill pick up 2 and wire em so one is right and the other is left
07:45:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:46:18*michaelol leaves to sleep
08:37:52 Quit thu_ ("zZz")
09:45:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:23:12 Join edx [0] (
11:10:52 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
11:11:02 Quit Quelsaruk (Client Quit)
11:11:06 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
11:29:12 Quit DW (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:40:28 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
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12:08:49 Join uski [0] (
12:34:12 Nick seb-sleep is now known as secretagentseb (
12:34:20 Quit secretagentseb ("back on wednesday")
13:05:15Quelsaruktime to go
13:07:03 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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13:55:17 Join AciD [0] (
15:26:35uskianybody knows a good way to make a very high res photo ? i need to take a pic of a mod i did as i want to publish it
15:45:28***No seen item changed, no save performed.
15:45:38 Quit satino ("Lost terminal")
16:01:38MTdecent digi camera in macro mode
16:03:16 Join satino [0] (
16:03:55uskiMT: hmmm ok, i think my cameraes won't do the job :\ (macro mode = distance >= 5cm, and 2Mpixels only)
16:04:29MTi got good results with a sony 4 MPixel camera in macro mode
16:04:39MTnot sure what distance it can do
16:04:45MTbut i got to about 2 cm away
16:04:55uskii haev a Toshiba PDR-M4 and a Canon IXUS 300
16:05:01uskithat's good
16:05:14uskii can't have less than 5 cm
16:36:54 Join scott666 [0] (
17:06:03uskii have a problem compiling rockbox
17:06:04uskii get this:
17:06:05uski/bin/sh: line 1: sh-elf-gcc: command not found
17:45:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:03:48 Join diddystar5 [0] (
18:04:13diddystar5ahh i hate school i don't have any time to use the puter
18:11:57 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
18:56:44 Join k3no_ [0] (
19:07:54 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
19:09:30 Join _aLF [0] (
19:19:03 Quit scott666 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:19:08 Join LinusN [200] (
19:19:15LinusNuski: you there?
19:22:49LinusNsaw that you had compiling probs
19:23:10LinusNdid you install the cross compiler?
19:23:14uskii am currently testing idc dragon's stuff for UART boot, but i need to have a non scrambled firmware
19:23:21uskiso i decided to compile one, but it does not want to :)
19:23:30uskiim using linux
19:23:44uskiyou mean gcc ?
19:24:08LinusNyes, the cross gcc for sh1
19:24:21uski!! i did not
19:24:36uskican you tell me where i should get it ?
19:25:04uskiok thanks
19:25:26LinusNor you could just rescramble a daily build
19:26:34uskiyea but as i plan to help developping/debugging rockbox i thought that i should be able to compile it :)
19:28:52LinusNthen follow my instructions on the web page
19:29:03uskiyea ok
19:29:23uski[i'll try to use the lastest versions of the tools, and i'll tell you if it works so you can update the page if you want]
19:30:10 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:30:57 Join k3no_ [0] (
19:37:43uski−−> LinusN ( a rejoint #rockbox
19:37:44uski<LinusN> uski: you there?
19:37:44uski<LinusN> saw that you had compiling probs
19:37:50uskifunny, how did you saw that ? :)
19:38:01uskiyoure reading the logs on the website ?
19:40:36LinusNyes i am
19:40:41uskiomfg, big brother is watching us
19:45:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:55:45uskioooo i have an idea... i would like to hear your opinion about it; some ADC pins are free on the CPU of the player, and i am sure it is the same for the recorder.
19:56:06uskiuin order to save battery, why not using a photoresistor to switch on the backlight only when needed ?
19:56:51LinusNquite a cool idea
19:57:17LinusNall the A/D inputs are used on the recorder though
19:57:31uskiok, but is the lcd screen i2c ?
19:57:41uskiif yes, we can add a small ADC on the i2c port
19:57:45uskiok :\
19:57:57uskiis there any i2c port in the recorder ?
19:58:02LinusNbut the RTC and the MAS are I2C devices
19:58:15uskiok so adding a small ADC could be done easily
19:58:40uskiif i find some space to put a very small PCB, i could do the job...
19:58:47LinusNbut we could use one of the less necessary AD inputs, some are only for debugging
19:58:58uskibut i don't have a recorder to experiment with, i only have a player yet
19:59:05uskihmmm interesting
19:59:13uskibrb in ~15mn
19:59:18uskilunch time
20:16:31uskihi again
20:16:58uskii'll see if i have a photores on hand and i'll try to make some tests
20:20:13 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:37:12 Quit satino ("Lost terminal")
21:11:25uskiLinusN: u there ? i get a funny error while compiling gcc, perhaps you already saw it ? :\
21:11:26uski../../../gcc-3.3.1/gcc/tsystem.h:72:19: stdio.h: No such file or directory
21:11:26uski../../../gcc-3.3.1/gcc/tsystem.h:75:23: sys/types.h: No such file or directory
21:11:43uskiand other includes that are on my system...
21:22:48uskiit does it while using the cross compiler to do some tests
21:28:46 Join thu [0] (
21:35:42michaelolanyone know a program i could listen to my mic plugged into my cmoputer on my speakers in linux?
21:40:50uskiok, seems i fixed my compilation problem.
21:45:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:58:41uski(seems to be a gcc 3.3.1 makefile bug)
22:08:48 Join k3no [0] (
22:10:24 Join scott666 [0] (
22:14:24 Quit k3no (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:15:03 Join k3no [0] (
22:16:51 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
22:29:30 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:37:30LinusNuski: sorry, my kid refused to sleep
22:39:14uskinp :))
22:39:18uskiit works now
22:39:52uskiwell, the compiler works, but i still can't get idcdragon's stuff to work with my player; it does not want to load my rockbox.bin file
22:40:05uskiand he won't be here this evening unfortunately
22:40:14uskilet me start from the beginning :)
22:40:21uskii salvaged an old archos player 6k
22:40:29uskiwithout HDD
22:40:34uskiso i made the UART boot mod
22:40:45uskiand i use this platform to test idcdragon's uart boot stuff
22:41:04dw|gone\o/ LinusN \o/ Kråkan+mamma mu! \o/
22:41:06uskiso far, i was able to confirm him that is bootloader is working in player models
22:41:19uskibut => no way to load a real firmware
22:41:27uskiit fails and i don't know why
22:41:35LinusNdw|gone: MED FLAX!
22:41:46uskialso i plan to publish pictures of my uart boot mod as nobody already did it for player models
22:41:57LinusNuski: great
22:42:32thumichaelol: aumix
22:48:21 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:58:37uskiLinusN: it seems you are one of the core developpers; i'd need your help if you have some minutes...
22:59:05uskii finally managed to boot and run firmware from the serial port
22:59:17uskibut, this rockbox seems to crash, and i don't know why
22:59:37uskii added some test code into rockbox (led(true) sleep(50) led(false)) into the tick code
22:59:41uskiand the led does not flash
22:59:52uskithe backlight shut down when the firmware load
23:00:03uskiand when i press a keypress it starts again for 1.5secs
23:00:12uskiso it seems that only part of the firmware is alive
23:00:30uskido you have a theory that could explain this ? or, better, do you have any way to diagnose what fails ? :)
23:00:31LinusNfirst of all, which ROM version is this player?
23:00:52uskihmm, no idea
23:01:04uskibut it is a very old player
23:01:04LinusNsecondly, you can't sleep() in the tick code
23:01:15uskibecause it is an interrupt ?
23:01:24LinusNbecause sleep() counts ticks
23:01:43LinusNand because it's an interrupt
23:02:02uskiok. so i remove sleep(50)...
23:02:26uskiif you want i can de-solder a wire to remove the uart boot to see the ROM version
23:02:34uskiis it important ?
23:02:48LinusNnot really
23:03:02LinusNyou need to know for two reasons
23:03:27LinusNthe LCD is different, and the hard drive power control is onlt available on the newer models
23:04:14uskiok. give me 2minutes to answer.
23:07:25michaeloljust got a kickass set of mics
23:07:30uskihmmm. it does not display the version number
23:07:32michaelol9 dollars each
23:07:35michaelolat circuit city
23:07:40michaelolworks great on my archos
23:07:47michaelolgunna make em sterio one left one right
23:07:51uskii can look on the flash dump if there is any info...
23:07:59uskimichaelol: :)
23:08:55 Join top_bloke [0] (
23:09:41LinusNuski: does it start when you insert the charger?
23:09:47 Quit k3no (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:10:12uskii mean it displays something: HD error,
23:10:17uskibut it is normal as i don't have any HD :\
23:10:29uskibut these stupid archos coders don't show the version when there is a DH error
23:10:47LinusNi mean, does it start up by just inserting the charger, or do you have to press ON?
23:11:32uskilol: don't know, i don't have the charger. wait, i take mpy father's charger (he also have a (working) jukebox 6000)
23:12:45uskiit starts
23:13:59uskiit starts "electronically" but it does not seem to boot
23:14:11LinusNok, then you have a newplayer
23:14:37uskiit was one of the first units
23:14:46uskiit is full of wires soldered everywhere by archos
23:14:51LinusNwhich means that you have a new type of display, and that you have to programmatically turn on the power to the HD
23:14:53uskiare you sure it is not a old-old-model ? :)
23:15:18LinusNwell, define "start electronically"
23:15:34uskiok. but why rockbox works when loaded by archos firmware as archos.mod ?
23:15:49uskielectronically = the green led light up
23:15:52uskibut nothing on the screen
23:16:19uski<uski> ok. but why rockbox works when loaded by archos firmware as archos.mod ?
23:16:21uskii mean
23:16:35LinusNi know now what you mean
23:16:36uskiwhy xould the lcd works only when rockbox is loaded from the HDD ?
23:16:42uskibecause rockbox was running on this player
23:16:51LinusNbecause the LCD is initialized by the ROM fw
23:17:23LinusNrockbox doesn't init the player lcd
23:17:27uskiand nobody knows how to initialize it ? :)
23:17:42LinusNwe haven't had the need to yet
23:17:48LinusNnow we do
23:18:03uskion the cvs build ?
23:18:13LinusNregarding your LED blink test, you should move it to main.c
23:18:23LinusNnow we do have a need to init it
23:18:49LinusNwe have no init code yet
23:19:24uskinot sure if i can make the code myself...
23:19:34LinusNinsert a led blink loop in the init code in main.c
23:20:07LinusNwith a busy loop instead of sleep()
23:21:06LinusNor just call panicf()
23:21:13LinusNpanicf("My test");
23:21:29LinusNthat will blink the LED
23:22:57uskii did this mod:
23:23:05uski led(true); sleep(HZ);
23:23:05uski led(false); sleep(HZ);
23:23:05uski system_init();
23:23:05DBUGEnqueued KICK uski
23:23:05uski led(true); sleep(HZ);
23:23:05uski led(false); sleep(HZ);
23:23:05***Alert Mode level 1
23:23:05uski kernel_init();
23:23:07uski led(true); sleep(HZ);
23:23:09uski led(false); sleep(HZ);
23:23:11uski settings_reset();
23:23:13uskiwill tell me where it fails
23:23:16LinusNthat will not work
23:23:20uskiby counting how many blinks i get
23:23:23uskihuh ?
23:23:29uskidamn, next time i listen you :)
23:23:34uskiok i do panicf :)
23:23:48LinusNsleep() will not work until you have called kernel_init()
23:24:16uskiok, and when will panicf() work ?
23:24:37LinusNpanicf() always works
23:24:40uskiok :)
23:25:03LinusNcorrection: sleep() will not work until after " set_irq_level(0);"
23:27:43uskiim downloading the test build right now...
23:28:04uskis/downloading/"uploading to the archos"/
23:28:28uski(just to be sure it boots)
23:28:49LinusNit's a pity that the Players can't have a higher baudrate
23:29:26 Join k3no [0] (
23:30:04uski=> the led does not flash
23:30:16uskiyea, buah :\
23:30:17LinusNwhere did you put it?
23:30:45uskihmm let me do some other tests
23:30:45uski system_init();
23:30:45uski kernel_init();
23:30:45***Alert Mode level 2
23:30:45uski panicf("My test");
23:30:51uskii should put panicf at the first line
23:30:57LinusNdo so
23:31:02uskiyea, 1min :)
23:31:48 Join Norrin [0] (
23:32:11uskiwhat's the problem with player's baudrate btw ?
23:32:25NorrinHello all. Tragic news today. Managed to drop my FM Recorder from about 6 ft by accident.
23:32:27uskithe CPU is the same isn't it ? if yes, why can't we set the same baudrate ?
23:32:52LinusNNorrin: sadness
23:32:52uskiNorrin: :\ and the HDD is dead i guess ?
23:32:54NorrinNow it won't start up. Definite HD problem. Any hope for this or should I start looking for another HD?
23:33:09uskiwhat do you mean by "it does not start up" ?
23:33:13LinusNuski: the oscillator frequency isn'e easily divided
23:33:26LinusNNorrin: mechanical sounds?
23:33:38NorrinI get the ROCKBOX logo then it debugs and comes up with info on the screen.
23:33:39uskiLinusN: ok; if i change the crystal, will i be able to set another baudrate ?
23:33:57LinusNNorrin: have you flashed it?
23:34:00NorrinYep, you can hear the head searching or at least something is going on.
23:34:03LinusNuski: yes
23:34:20NorrinYep, it flashed with the 0902 version daily build.
23:34:24uskiLinusN: ok :] do you know what value i should use ?
23:34:31uskiNorrin: what info does it displays ?
23:34:46NorrinStandby. I'll reboot it and transcribe.
23:34:52uskiLinusN: does not flash, with the panicf at the first line of init.
23:34:54LinusNNorrin: you should try another HD
23:34:59uskiNorrin: ok.
23:35:35LinusNuski: isn't the baud rate set by the archos firmware in your case?
23:35:58uskiit is. what happen is that first [idc]dragons's program upload a special bootloader
23:36:08uskithen this bootloader waits for the firmware to come on the serial port
23:36:11uskithen it starts it
23:36:16LinusNaha, so the bootloader works?
23:36:18uskii know the bootloader works because itr has a "blink led" mode
23:36:37LinusNit blinks as it downloads the data?
23:36:54uskinah, it blinks, simply blink, just to tell "i'm alive"
23:36:56uskiit is a separate mode
23:37:05uskii.e. 2 modes:
23:37:09uski1) blink led test mode
23:37:12uski2) bootloader mode
23:37:39uskiyou can switch from one mode to another mode by sending commands to the serial port
23:37:49NorrinPADR: 8a7f PBDR: b8bf AN0:3ff AN1: 3ff AN2: 001-005 AN3: 3FF AN4: 008-00B AN5: 001-005 AN6: 1bb-1c0 AN7: 000-003
23:38:05NorrinATA: master, 0x0 Batt: 3.60V 38%
23:38:11LinusNhow do you know that the download works?
23:38:36uskiLinusN: actually... i don't. and [idc]dragon did not send me the source code of his bootloader so i can't do any debugging action on it
23:38:46uskinow i think that his bootloader has a problem with players
23:38:49LinusNNorrin: your hard drive may be dead, but i suggest you check that the connections are ok
23:39:19LinusNidcdragon is kind of secretive about his code
23:39:33uskiLinusN: -or- it expects a special format firmware; i'll try compiling a recorder firmware (with the panicf test) and upload it to my player
23:39:46NorrinPulled the HD, looked it over, put it back. Still does the same thing.
23:40:06LinusNNorrin: well, you should try another hd...
23:40:35NorrinCurious if I pull the HD, connect to main computer using 2.5 converter (I already have one), then run a HD utility against it
23:40:46***Alert Mode OFF
23:40:49LinusNNorrin: do that
23:40:52uskiLinusN: i'll see with him... but now i do the test of putting the recorder firmware, i think (hope) it is harmless (it might do short circuits if it pulls down a line that is up, or put up a line that is down)
23:41:00NorrinAny suggested HD for cheap. The one I just killed was a 40GB IBM.
23:41:15LinusNuski: i wouldn't do that
23:41:31uskiLinusN: ok; if you wouldn't do it, i won't do it ;)
23:41:32LinusNNorrin: ouch
23:42:05LinusNuski: there is no difference between player and recorder images
23:42:28uskiLinusN: hmmm ok :\
23:42:46LinusNNorrin: I have a Toshiba 40Gb in my recorder. works splendidly
23:44:07NorrinNow that I may be considering a replacement, is the Archos still the way to go or is there other MP3 players available now which are better?
23:44:44LinusNNorrin: i don't know, i haven't looked at other players, since i am happy with my archos
23:45:18NorrinThanks for the assist LinusN. Where did you get your Toshiba drive?
23:45:29LinusNbut afaik, if you want a plain Mass Storage Device without DRM, i guess archos is about your only choice
23:45:29uskiLinusN: should i post a feature request "can you please init the lcd for players ?" :)
23:45:39uskiDRM ?
23:45:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:45:44uskiwhat's that
23:45:49LinusNDigital Rights Management
23:45:52uskioh ok
23:46:26LinusNuski: when you get your boot loader running, i'll help you with the lcd
23:47:09uskiok... i have to wait for idcdragon... i can't do anything now, i need to see his code (or he needs to debug it)
23:47:44LinusNi wonder why he is so reluctant to give out the source
23:47:57uskii understand this... i used to be as him
23:48:09LinusNplease explain
23:48:28uskidon't know really... you feel like people might take off your work...
23:48:39uskiand one day, poof, you start giving out anything
23:48:45 Quit Norrin ("Leaving")
23:48:47uskii don't know why i did not want to give out my source code
23:48:52uskiperhaps he has other reasons
23:49:39LinusNyou mean that you keep the source to make sure that you stay "in the loop"?
23:50:05uskiit might be a reason
23:50:33uskialso you might simply don't want others to see your code, because you find it dirty (even if it is not)
23:50:39LinusNor because you donät want people nitpicking about how you solved things?
23:50:57uskinitpicking ?
23:51:16uskioh yea, you mean "because you does not want people to know how you solved things ?" ?
23:51:17LinusNwell, complaining, nagging
23:51:22uskioh ok
23:51:25uskihmm perhaps
23:51:35LinusNwell well
23:52:03uskiyou think like this: "i spent hours for making this code, i don't want to get into trouble and to have epople asking me "why did you this, it is dirty"
23:52:13uski"i already spent too much time on it" and so on
23:52:15LinusNi understand
23:52:29LinusNbtw, have you run rockbox at all on the player?
23:52:45LinusNhow did the "rockbox" splash look like?
23:52:57uskibut a long time ago (this archos was a freidn's and he gave it to me when his HDD died)
23:53:08uskioh i can't start it now
23:53:12uskii don't have a HD
23:53:29uskiand i can't take the one of my father's archos because of this stupuid warranty
23:53:46uskioops, s/father/brother/ ...
23:53:54LinusNdo you remember if the "Rockbox" splash occupied both lines or only one?
23:54:10uskii can ask to my friend
23:54:31LinusNif it occupied both lines, then it is a NewPlayer
23:55:00 Join adi|ems [0] (
23:55:57LinusNonly the new LCD can do double height text
23:56:41uskiok... let's wait for his answer
23:57:44uskigot him: 2 lines
23:57:50uskiso it's a newplayer...
23:59:00uskiwhen i start idcdragon's soft, it says "filename of executable for 0x09000000:0x09000200"

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