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#rockbox log for 2003-09-07

00:00:03 Join matsl [0] (
00:00:08LinusNi think he means that the firmware loads at 0x9000000 and the start address is 0x9000200
00:00:29LinusNwhich is exactly how it should work
00:00:34LinusNi matsl
00:00:41uskihi matsl
00:01:15uskiLinusN: so it has no reason to fail. unbelievable. or my particular unit has a problem...
00:01:53LinusNnah, let's just say that his UART setup is bad
00:02:04uskiwhy do you assume this ?
00:02:14LinusNlike is he didn't know about the different oscillators
00:02:34uskiit seems he took care of this, wait i check his code
00:02:47LinusNu *have* the source?
00:03:33uskiyes, but only 50%
00:03:41uskii have the source of the PC part of the program
00:03:47uskibut i don't ahve the sources of his bootloader
00:04:00uski/ this will read as 0x08 when viewed with 2120 baud like the recorder does
00:04:01uski/ this will read as 0x19 when viewed with 2300 baud like the player does
00:04:11uskiso, it seems he took care of the oscillators
00:04:46uskioh !
00:04:49LinusN2300 baud, that's awfully slow
00:04:52uskialso i made a dump of the flashrom
00:05:05uskiand i can read "ARCH" on the first 4 bytes
00:05:14LinusNok, so the serial comm works
00:05:14uskiARCH => ARCHos so i guess the baudrate is correct
00:05:53uskiand his code is full of sanity checks, i think it would say "error" if the baudrate was incorrect
00:07:24uskii regret i dont know how to make a fuirmware for the archos from scratch
00:07:30uskii would make a minimal firmware
00:07:33uskithat only do some tests
00:07:42uskilike blinking the led ;), lcd init test, and so on
00:08:16uskiooo i have an idea, i can try telling the bootloader to load itself
00:08:35LinusNthat won't work
00:08:47LinusNthe bootloader is loaded at a different address
00:08:57uskioh right
00:09:23uskihmmm !
00:09:26uskiperhaps my RAM has a problem !
00:09:39uskiso htat only the address of the bootloader are working, higher/lower address failling
00:09:50uskiwhy ? perhaps some address lines are shorted
00:09:53LinusNi doubt it
00:10:09uskiyea but...
00:10:24LinusNbut still, how do we know that the DRAM controller is activated...?
00:10:37uskibecause his bootloader is loaded
00:10:45LinusNis it in DRAM?
00:10:50uskithe ROM firmware loads the bootloader to the ram
00:10:53LinusNor in the internal RAM?
00:11:06uskiHMMMM !!!
00:11:11uskidon't know :)
00:11:35uskii forgot this internal ram
00:13:20uskii have to ask idcdragon about it, he his the only one (i think) who knows how the uart boot works
00:13:56uskii must find a way to check if the dram works
00:14:16uskii'll hook up my oscilloscope into some data pin to see if it changes while im uploading the firmware
00:14:33 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:21:39uskiok; there IS a data exchange between the CPU and the DRAM
00:22:02uskii can try to use gdb against the box...
00:24:34LinusNyou could
00:24:49uskii am compiling gdb
00:25:04uskican you tell me how to use gdb with the archos ? i never did a thing like that
00:27:17LinusNyou need to compile the gdb stub and download it
00:27:46uskii built a "debug" version, is it ok ?
00:27:54LinusNso it won't help you that much
00:28:13LinusNthe gdb stub is a separate module
00:28:30uskioh ok...
00:28:38uskiit can't be compiled with the firmware you mean ?
00:28:58LinusNwell, that isn't how we did it, anyway
00:29:15uskiok [:(]
00:29:17LinusNwe have the stub in a a separate .mod
00:29:45uskihmm ok. but what does the "debug" build does ?
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00:30:26*michaelol has a feature request
00:30:36michaelolthought of it the other day
00:30:39michaelola tuner
00:30:51michaeloljust something simple
00:31:08michaelolthat will display something if a = 440 or somethign
00:32:02 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
00:32:41LinusNuski: the stub loads at 0x9000000
00:33:04LinusNthe debug build loads at 0x9010000 to get out of the way for the stub
00:33:56LinusNthe debug build has a few other differences, like debug printf to the gdb console
00:34:17LinusNmichaelol: tuner?
00:34:31LinusNyou mean for tuning an instrument?
00:35:22LinusNwould be neat if we could program the mas
00:35:43LinusNas it is now, we can't do it, at least not in realtime
00:36:11uskiLinusN: i saw a discussion about it on the mailling list, people saying "oh we must ifnd somebody and we will be able to do it"
00:36:13uskithis is wrong
00:36:23uskii think the MAs datasheet can be obtained only when signing a NDA
00:36:30uskiand when you sign a NDA, you don't give the infos away
00:36:34LinusNuski: true
00:36:52uskiso we can be helped only by micronas
00:36:54LinusNbut we can still sign an NDA and not share the source for the MAS code
00:37:07uskianyway i hate these NDA policies
00:37:16LinusNof course we should talk to Micronas
00:37:19uskimore and more components have a NDa protected datasheet
00:37:26LinusNarchos can't help us here
00:37:47LinusNi have contacted Micronas BTW
00:38:02uskiwhat did they say ?
00:38:11LinusNno reply yet
00:38:14uskilol ok
00:38:24uskii don't understaznd why they love NDA
00:38:42uskiokay for sensitive componentslike dallas high security microcontrollers
00:38:51uskibut for a mp3 decoder ? what's secret ?
00:39:00LinusNso many people are afraid that their "intellectual property" is in jeopardy if they share information
00:39:17uskiit is alarming
00:39:27uskinow you cannot get any datasheet of any advanced component
00:39:31LinusNi think that they think that their DSP architecture is somewhat special
00:39:34uskiand it is getting worse days agter day
00:41:59uskiLinusN: can you explain my why i still have the backlight timeout on keypress with my panicf version ??
00:42:40uskihmmm i'd like to hear the explanation then :)
00:42:44LinusNthe players have a hardware backlight control
00:42:49uskidamn ok ! lol
00:42:56LinusNsome of them, at least
00:43:29uskii'll make a test, i will load a garbage file as firmware
00:43:36uskiand i'll see if i still have backlight handling
00:44:17michaelolyea a tuner for insterments
00:44:24*michaelol plays the trumpet
00:44:39uskimichaelol: it will be very hard to do i think, it requires to do a frequency analysis
00:44:41michaeloljust got 2 really good mics for 9 bucks each on clearence
00:45:00uskitrumpet sound is not a single square wave of X hertz
00:45:32uskiLinusN: .......... if i load a garbage firmware (= the bootloader, so it does not work), the backlight is always on
00:45:45michaelolbut if you programed like 435-450 hz all i mean is just like a short thing that would say when its in that
00:45:46uskiso: no backlight handling
00:45:49LinusNmichaelol: but you could generate perfect waveforms in a wave editor, and let the jukebox play them for reference
00:45:58michaelolyea thats true
00:46:21michaelolwould have to hook it up to speakers then tho
00:46:23michaelolmight do that
00:46:30michaelolor the headphones
00:46:44uskiLinusN: are you sure that panicf works ? ;)
00:46:49*michaelol submitts a feature request
00:46:53michaeloljust so its up there
00:47:26LinusNuski: you mean that the garbage mod disabled the backlight?
00:47:56uskiwell, by default the backlight is on (when i boot the archos without any firmware it lights up)
00:48:15uskiif i load a correct rockbox.bin, the backlight stops and i can light it by pressing a key
00:48:23uskiif i load an incorrect firmware, it stays up
00:48:31 Quit adi|ems ("Leaving")
00:50:07uskiwill the led func work before ANY initialization ?
00:50:21LinusNi wonder
00:50:30uskiok i try...
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01:03:04 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:03:28uskiLinusN: ok, time to sleep now... i'll try to investigate with idcdragon. when i'll manage to control the red led, i will see for the lcd :)
01:03:39uskithanks for your help
01:03:50LinusNyou're welcome
01:04:25diddystar5hey linusn
01:04:57diddystar5i never have time to talk in rockbox anymore because of school :(
01:05:05LinusNpoor you
01:07:42diddystar5rockbox could use a patch cleaning day ;)
01:07:55*diddystar5 glances at LinusN
01:08:33LinusNwe have talked about having one soonish
01:08:38LinusNa Rockbox DevCon
01:08:57diddystar5cool :)
01:09:22LinusNwe feel bad about not having enough time for rockbox
01:09:43diddystar5im getting tired of adding the 9 patches i do everytime i make a build!
01:09:53LinusNstill, Payed Work(tm) has priority... :-(
01:12:18uski[don't cry, i come to help the rockbox effort, as much as i can. let me some time to understand the code and i'll help you all]
01:13:23uskii like rockbox because it is electronic+programming
01:14:01diddystar5i was thinking about makeing a "release canidate" to show how i would see rockbox 2.1 being like
01:15:28LinusNuski: exactly
01:15:38 Quit michaelol ("Leaving")
01:15:40LinusNdiddystar5: what patches do you apply?
01:19:03 Join michaelol [0] (
01:19:08uskihmmm im thinking of making a serial keypad. is it a good idea ? so people will be able to play more advanced game, and why not making an alphabetic keyboard to edit textfiles/take notes... is it a good idea ?
01:19:14diddystar5LinusN: bookmarks, id3 tag editor, runtime bug fixes, wormlet settings, sleeptimer fixes, dynamic playlist viewer, Bugfix [740483] Negative time on resume, fix for time jumping backwards,improved accuracy on vbr files,faster rolo, MDB settings,and the play option in f2/f3 screen and a few touches by me
01:19:26LinusNuski: sounds cool
01:19:33uskiooo evne better
01:19:46uskii could make a pc-keyboard to archos adapter
01:19:54uskiso one can simply plug his ps/2 keyboard
01:20:09LinusNdiddystar5: the MDB settings aren't all that good (yet)
01:20:33diddystar5LinusN: they sound VERY good to me
01:20:40LinusNit's not the sound
01:20:49diddystar5what is it?
01:21:01LinusNit's the naming of the settings, and the bugging on/off control
01:23:41diddystar5gotta go
01:23:46 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
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01:36:51 Join track [0] (
01:37:21trackmissed u loads!!
01:38:13track((gives LinusN a big hug))
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01:58:10midknight2k3hi linus
01:58:20midknight2k3i wanted to ask you something or other but i forget
01:59:32LinusNwell, i hope you'll soon remember
02:04:27midknight2k3bye linus
02:04:29midknight2k3nice to see you
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02:18:14 Part LinusN
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11:28:26 Join LinusN [200] (
11:29:09 Join Zagor [242] (
11:29:20LinusNyo Zagor
11:29:24Zagorhi linus
11:29:32LinusNlong time no see
11:29:37Zagorvery... :-(
11:29:50LinusNPaid Work(tm) has priority...
11:30:21Zagoryes, unfortunately that's they way it has to be. otherwise I'll get a lot of pissed-off customers on my back.
11:30:39LinusNand we don't want that, do we...?
11:30:57Zagorthis way, i "only" get a bunch of pissed-off rockbox contributors on my back ;-)
11:31:51Zagorseriously, i hope to come back into the project soonish. most of the other stuff is done now.
11:32:03LinusNgreat, same here
11:32:13LinusNi will soon be finished with my current project
11:32:27LinusNWindows 9x/Mac hack
11:34:25Zagorah, right
11:34:39LinusNgawd i hate programming the mac OS9
11:36:00LinusNespecially when it crashes on me :-(
11:36:17LinusNkind of like the old days on the Amiga, with no memory protection
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12:08:01 Join edx [0] (
12:26:18uskihi all
12:26:35uskiZagor: is it you who tires to fix the red led dead bug ?
12:26:54LinusNhe is supposed to, yes :-)
12:26:57uskiif yes, do you know that the bug was introduced after version 1.3 ?
12:27:31LinusNZagor: any chance that the STANDBY command could solve it?
12:27:45ZagorLinusN: i've tried that. no noticeable change.
12:28:04Zagoruski: did you try my test builds, or are you just speaking from memory?
12:28:40uskihmm i did not know that there are test builds; i say this because i recently updated my brother's player from 1.3 to 2.0 and now he is complaining that since the upgrade, it crashes...
12:30:11uskii.e. it NEVEr crashed when the version was 1.3
12:30:34uskiif you want i can try your test builds... what kind of tests is it ?
12:31:08Zagorit's simply tests builds from various points in time where we try to pin down exactly when the problem was introduced
12:32:08uskiok. i assume that you try to approximate the date the bug was introduced by doing a "n/2" algorithm ? like "the bug was introduced between builds 100 and 0. i try build 50, if it crashed i try build 25, if it does not crash i try build 75, ..."
12:32:17uskiit is the most efficient way to find the bug
12:33:58uskifeel free to send me URLs where to get these builds. i will test them; if a build works for 2 days without crashing, i assume the bug is no longer there. if it crashes one time, i give it a second chance, and if it crashes again during the 2 days period i assume the bug is there
12:36:02Zagori'm trying to find them... :)
12:36:29uskinp; brb in 20mins
12:37:13Zagorhere it is:
12:47:06uskican someone tell me where to change the HZ constant ? i plan to change the oscillator freq of my player (LinusN ;))
12:48:05ZagorHZ is defined in firmware/export/kernel.h
12:48:21uskiok thanks.
12:48:26Zagorhowever that is not related to the clock frequency
12:48:32LinusNbut that is not what you are looking for
12:48:41uskiyea i see this
12:48:51uskii thought HZ was sth like OSCFREQ/stomething :)
12:49:26uskiwhat should i change then ? i think if i change the crystal without modifying the program i'll have problems with:
12:49:28uski- timings
12:49:31uski- serial comms
12:49:33uskiand perhaps other things
12:49:54LinusNchange config-player.h
12:50:32uskiok ty
12:52:16uskihmmm funny, with a lower CPU frequency, the recorder can do faster serial comms ;) (yes i know, it is because the division is easier)
12:58:53 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
13:13:03uskifor your interest, i will use 18.432mhz. wow, an overclocked player :) faster cpu, faster comms, :)
13:15:11uski(digikey part num: XC700CT-ND)
13:45:13 Join AciD [0] (
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13:55:11uskii have a question about a player user with rockbox firmware; when the ON key is pressed, does the backlight switch up or not ?
13:55:19uski(On button, and not another button)
13:56:09LinusNit should
14:02:33uskiok: on my player, it does not
14:02:43uskiso i think that the backlight is not handled by the firmware
14:40:08 Part LinusN
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16:01:13 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
16:16:04*[IDC]Dragon thinks uski is too busy playing with the stuff
16:22:23 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as [IDC]Dragon|away (
16:27:13uskiidc !!
16:27:19uskihey :)
16:27:22uskicome baack
16:27:42uskiyea im busy, i am making an IR link for my TI89 calculator to chat in the classroom
16:29:04 Nick [IDC]Dragon|away is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
16:29:43[IDC]Dragonnow uski is away again...
16:30:31[IDC]DragonI'm waiting for the weather to improve, so I can continue working on my car.
16:31:23uskiplease read the logs of yesterday evening
16:31:29[IDC]Dragonuski, I saw you and Linus in the chat.
16:31:30uskii had a long chat with LinusN
16:31:43uskiyou read all the discussion ?
16:31:51[IDC]DragonI know, sorry I wasn't there to help
16:31:56uskino problem :)
16:32:07uskiso, i have a problem ;) finally, the uart boot works
16:32:21uskiBUT yuour minimon does not want to load the program i give it
16:32:32[IDC]Dragonone remork: I'm not secretative about my code at all.
16:32:52[IDC]DragonI kept Zagor update with all of it,
16:33:11[IDC]Dragonhe just didn't know whhere to check it in, I guess.
16:33:36[IDC]DragonWhat about the program download?
16:34:00uskiit does not work
16:34:09uskithe minimon blink led test works, but ii cannot run any other program
16:34:34[IDC]Dragonyou 've put sokmething togeter that starts at 0x09000000 and executes at 0x09000200 ?
16:34:39uskican you add something in minimon to check if the DRAM works ?
16:34:48uskii compiled a special rockbox.bin
16:35:01[IDC]DragonCan you compile RockFlash?
16:35:02uskiwith panicf("bla"); in the main(), so the led should blink, but it does not
16:35:26uskino i cannot, i don't have a compiler on my windows platform and i can't port rockflash to linux
16:35:57[IDC]DragonThe player _should_ come up with a panic at normal rockbox code.
16:36:09[IDC]DragonBecause it's not ready for it.
16:36:14uskianyway, the led does not blink
16:36:24[IDC]DragonAt least this is what gizz gets.
16:36:28uskiwhat is not ready ? i already know that the lcd init is not done
16:36:35uskithe LCD is not initialized
16:36:43uskithat's why gizz can't get the lcd working lol
16:36:44[IDC]DragonLCD, and the HD start or so.
16:37:00uskiyes, if his model is a newxplayer, the firmware needs to power up the HD
16:37:16[IDC]Dragonyours is different?
16:37:17uskii think that rockbox for players is depending on archos's firmware to do this
16:37:22uskino, i also have a newplayer
16:37:43[IDC]Dragondo you gdb?
16:37:43uskiplease can you tell me a way to compile a simple test program that ONLY make the led blink ?
16:37:50uskii want to be sure there is not a hardware failure
16:38:20[IDC]Dragonget into gdb, you can load the stub with RockFlash.
16:38:22uskii have the boot mod, i compiled a special gdb, but the gdb code is not initialized as i can't get anything running
16:38:44uskii don't understand what you want me to do
16:38:55uskiwell, i mean i don't understand how it will help
16:39:14[IDC]Dragonyou can use RockFlash to load and execute the gdb stub.
16:39:27[IDC]DragonThe you have debugger communication.
16:39:39[IDC]DragonYou can use that to toggle ports,
16:39:54[IDC]Dragonor even to load Rockbox and step through it.
16:40:13[IDC]DragonI did that.
16:40:27[IDC]Dragon(To find out about missing inits)
16:42:11[IDC]DragonStopeed raining here, my car is waiting for me ;-)
16:42:35uskiwhere can i get the .bin of the stub ?
16:42:46[IDC]DragonYOu can compile it.
16:42:47uskiklol here it just starting raining
16:43:06uskii built the gdb version of rockbox
16:43:10uskibut it does not load of course
16:43:34[IDC]Dragonyou have the cvs tree?
16:43:46[IDC]Dragonit has a subdirectory "gdb".
16:44:34[IDC]DragonI can also give you the minimon sources, you can hack code in there.
16:44:40uskioh yes
16:44:42uskiit would be great
16:44:49uskia question
16:44:59uskiwhere does the minimon.bin get's loaded and executed ?
16:45:20[IDC]DragonIt would be great if you can compile RockFlash, you can do all sorts of port banging, mem up/download with it.
16:45:43[IDC]DragonIt's just not at command line level.
16:46:05[IDC]DragonProbably you've seen the capabilities from the sources.
16:46:32uskiin the interal ram of the SH1 or in the external ram ?
16:46:32uskiyes i did
16:46:41uskican it be compiled with gcc for windows ?
16:46:58[IDC]DragonMaybe, I never tried.
16:47:07uskiwhat do you use to compile it ?
16:47:13[IDC]Dragonyou'd need to do a makefile for it.
16:47:29uskii have c++ builder also
16:47:34uskimight work with it
16:47:41uskii'll see.
16:52:13[IDC]Dragonemail to baATcykianDOTnet is on the way.
16:52:36[IDC]Dragonneed to go, good luck!
16:52:43uskihave a nice day
16:53:07[IDC]Dragonsee you later, in the evening maybe.
16:53:13 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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16:54:08 Nick CrimsonTide is now known as Nilisco (
16:59:50NiliscoWhat on earth is error accessing playlist control file? That's getting a bit annoying.
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19:55:32 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
19:56:30tpelliottIs a Fujitsu Silent Drive 60 GB drive the best upgrade for my Archos?
20:04:59diddystar5what rpm is it?
20:06:17AciDrotation per minutes
20:06:32*AciD evades
20:11:40uskitpelliott: no, buy a Porsche
20:11:45uskiit can go up to 10000 RPM !
20:11:49uskiit has a very good motor
20:11:58uskiand it does not pollute much
20:22:18diddystar5i want a chopper made by indian larry
20:38:10tpelliottGave you guys upgraded your hard drive?
20:43:46diddystar5no but i have taken my unit totaly apart even the boards
20:44:38 Join Sethians [0] (
20:47:07diddystar520 gigs works for me at the moment
20:47:29scott666at this very moment 20gb works for me too, but im at like 19.5 used
20:48:08diddystar5but with formating you don't have 19.5 gig to use ;)
20:48:59scott666well im close then
20:49:24diddystar5i only have about 8 gigs of music then about 6 gigs of backed-uped stuff
20:50:48diddystar5does anyone here play doom?
20:50:52scott666i did
20:51:00scott666...back in the day
20:51:09diddystar5did you ever use source-ports?
20:52:09diddystar5i just found 2 very nice ones
20:53:14diddystar5and they are both open source
20:54:16DBUGEnqueued KICK scott666
20:54:17scott666A half billion people can view PDF Slideshows, regardless of platform, because they've got:
20:54:17***Alert Mode level 1
20:54:17***Alert Mode level 2
20:54:25scott666IntelŪ PentiumŪ 4 processors
20:54:33scott666Adobe Photoshop Elements software
20:54:41***Alert Mode level 3
20:54:41scott666Adobe Acrobat Reader,99,99,01,99
20:54:43***Alert Mode level 4
20:54:45***Alert Mode level 5
20:54:45scott666that didnt work
20:54:55***Alert Mode level 6
20:55:13 Quit scott666 (Remote closed the connection)
20:55:15 Join scott666 [0] (
20:55:25diddystar5ohh ohh i say d dddd
20:55:47scott666thats from my friends best buyu job training thing
20:56:09diddystar5jeeze thats easy
20:56:33diddystar5i hate people at those stores that think they know everything and i know more than they do
20:56:38scott6668.Due to built-in software optimizations, customers will see improved performance when running Adobe Photoshop Album on:
20:56:39scott666A. The hamster wheel
20:56:39scott666B. Intel-based PCs
20:56:39***Alert Mode level 7
20:56:39DBUGEnqueued KICK scott666
20:56:39scott666C. Your TV
20:56:39***Alert Mode level 8
20:56:39scott666D. None of the above
20:56:49scott666the answer is obviously A for both
20:57:05Sethianswhat's the Dynamic Playlist Viewer ??
20:57:27diddystar5Sethians: it lets you view playlists
20:57:29scott666a patch made by hardeep that allows you to view the current playlist and move things around
20:58:07diddystar5it's very cool
20:58:29diddystar5ill compile you a build with it if you want
20:58:30Sethianshow can I use that ?
20:59:04diddystar5you have to patch the source, and then compile it ;)
20:59:11scott666you either get a pre-compiled version from someone, or compile it yourself
20:59:31Sethianshave you have compiled ??
21:00:05SethiansI'm new in this..
21:00:07diddystar5i do give me a minute whats your email address?
21:00:53scott666shouldnt you ask for his model first?
21:01:13SethiansI have two weeks whith this JukeBox Recorder 20 GB , and it's GREAT
21:01:28scott666i have an FM
21:01:46diddystar5ok flashed?
21:03:28Sethiansand you have flashed your JukeBox ?
21:05:03Sethiansis not subscribe rockbox
21:05:21Sethiansis not dangerous to flashed ??
21:05:57diddystar5it is kinda dangerous to flash the first time
21:06:01 Quit Hadaka ("leaving")
21:06:34diddystar5Sethians: the build with the dynamic playlist viewer is sent
21:06:40***Alert Mode OFF
21:07:30Sethiansthank's !
21:07:31diddystar5Sethians: to use it, play a playlist, then go to main menu −− playlist options −−view current playlist.
21:08:18diddystar5with doing that, you can press on + play to move or delete songs from a playlist
21:11:03 Part tpelliott
21:14:34 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:16:06 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:16:15diddystar5hey dragon
21:16:40diddystar5what does the [IDC] stand for anyway?
21:16:53[IDC]DragonInstant Death Commando
21:17:03[IDC]Dragon(clan name)
21:17:12diddystar5hehe cool
21:19:35[IDC]Dragonuski, are you alert?
21:21:29 Join ze [20] (
21:23:33diddystar5does anyone have a recommendation for free web-space? i don't want much just a few mb would be fine
21:24:21scott666i think you get 6mb
21:24:31[IDC]Dragonhang on, there was a comparison in the german c't magazine, reaching for my copy...
21:28:13SethiansI have a 100 MB server space
21:28:45diddystar5nice Sethians i'm cheap i don't like to pay for stuff
21:29:00[IDC]Dragonwell there is,,,,,,,,
21:29:23scott666whats .at?
21:29:26[IDC]Dragonliiks like they were focusing about german ones.
21:29:31diddystar5thanks [IDC]Dragon
21:29:33[IDC] is austria
21:33:35diddystar5humm i wish i knew some German
21:34:06[IDC]Dragonsorry, they all speak deutsch, I'm afraid.
21:34:39 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta go")
21:34:46[IDC]Dragonbut some are just localizations of internationl services
21:37:50scott666try .com instaed of .de for some of em
21:38:10[IDC]Dragondidystar5 is gone.
21:38:15scott666ahh, so he is
21:38:33scott666damn spider solitaire...
21:38:41[IDC]Dragongone claiming webspace with all of the bandwidth
21:46:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:57:45 Join Naked [0] (
21:57:53 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
21:58:10scott666i wont ask
22:16:11 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:30:43Sethiansscott666 have you flashed your JukeBox ??
22:33:59 Join thu [0] (
22:44:37uski[IDC]Dragon: i can't work on rockbox tonight; i did not do anything since this afternoon, i had other things to do; i go to bed now, see you ! :)
22:46:57[IDC]Dragoncu, i mean.
22:48:19 Join LinusN [200] (
22:48:35[IDC]DragonHi Linus!
22:49:05[IDC]DragonLong not chattet, I'd like to ask you for some ideas.
22:49:13LinusNhit me
22:49:29[IDC]DragonAbout the player flashing:
22:49:49[IDC]DragonI'm remote struggling (using gizz) to get the LCD on.
22:50:09LinusNok, i couldn't imagine that being hard
22:50:22[IDC]DragonI disassembled the Archos s/w and found the routine, but it still doesn't work.
22:50:57[IDC]DragonI even simulated it, with a breakpoint on the LCD outpout function.
22:51:24[IDC]DragonGot the same sequence, so it can't be too wrong.
22:51:39[IDC]DragonAnd shure, i did the port init.
22:52:21[IDC]Dragonsounds like no more idea?
22:52:51LinusNwell, it could be that we need to power the LCD somehow
22:53:06LinusNlike we need to power the HD
22:53:23[IDC]DragonI think I'm missing that one, too.
22:53:27LinusNi know
22:53:35[IDC]DragonHis HD stayed quiet.
22:53:52LinusNdid you try to power it on?
22:54:06[IDC]Dragonfor recorders, it's on by hw default.
22:54:17[IDC]Dragon(even though port controlled)
22:54:26[IDC]DragonNo, I didn't try that.
22:54:36[IDC]DragonIs it the same port?
22:55:08LinusNi remember that i have already told you about that :-)
22:55:23[IDC]Dragon(maybe they introduced a pullup for the recorders)
22:55:27[IDC]DragonYou did?
22:55:35LinusNyes i did, it's PB4
22:55:40[IDC]DragonWell, I can dig it out from the code.
22:55:57LinusNset it to output and 0, and voila!
22:56:19[IDC]DragonSame as recorder, or different port (never mind)?
22:56:30LinusNnot same as recorder
22:56:59[IDC]DragonI should make that part of the boot loader, to save time.
22:57:12LinusNit's PA5 on the recorder btw
22:57:43LinusNit could be that PB4 controls the LCD power as well...
22:58:00LinusNforget that
22:59:06[IDC]Dragonata_enable() switches PA5, I don't see a platform specific implementation.
22:59:39[IDC]Dragonthis is called by ata_init()
23:00:15LinusNthat is because the HAVE_ATA_POWER_OFF is only set by the recorder models
23:00:40LinusNthe player models can't switch the power on and off without crashing
23:00:54[IDC]DragonI'm confused: but the players have something like that as well?
23:01:00LinusNand the HAVE_ATA_POWER_OFF macro is used for power saving
23:01:09LinusNthe player models can't switch the power on and off without crashing
23:01:18LinusNi dunno
23:01:41[IDC]Dragonbut they can switch it on, I presume? ;-)
23:02:03LinusNon the players, i guess it is to be able to charge without spinning the HD
23:02:14LinusNold players doesn't have it
23:02:35[IDC]Dragonmeaning, their HD is always on?
23:02:55LinusNthe old players don't have the "CHARGED" message, they are off when charging
23:03:10[IDC]Dragonhmm, I see.
23:03:19LinusNthe new players turn on when you insert the charger, but the HD is unpowered
23:03:39LinusNuntil you press ON to start the "real" firmware
23:03:45[IDC]DragonWe'll have to work on that, too, I guess.
23:03:55 Join satino [0] (
23:04:25LinusNso, we need to turn on the HD at boot (if not charging) and never turn it off again
23:04:46LinusNfor that, we need a different HAVE_ macro
23:05:07LinusNdo you want me to do that for you?
23:05:21[IDC]DragonDo you mind if I add player code to ata_enable()? It won't get used by the regular code because of no HAVE_ATA_POWER_OFF, but the init/charging code could use it.
23:05:39LinusNi can do that
23:05:52[IDC]DragonYou don't have to...
23:06:00LinusNgood, then i leave it to you
23:06:21[IDC]Dragonsaving some of your precious time.
23:06:56[IDC]DragonWasting it on another question:
23:07:19LinusNremember that only newplayers have HD power control
23:07:36[IDC]Dragonflashed FMs have the symptom that "on" needs to be held until the soft comes up.
23:07:47LinusNyeah, that's interesting
23:07:55[IDC]DragonI think I'm missing to enable some "self powering".
23:08:17[IDC]DragonDo you know that feature?
23:08:21LinusNlet me see...
23:09:19LinusNi remember seeing something like that when reverse engineering my fm
23:10:50[IDC]Dragonthat's it?
23:10:57LinusN(trying to find my notes)
23:11:07[IDC]DragonOK, take your time.
23:11:18[IDC]Dragon(going to the fridge)
23:13:54LinusNcheck out PB5
23:14:17LinusNset it high as soon as possible
23:15:04LinusNuse the HAVE_POWEROFF_ON_PB5 macro
23:15:59LinusNthat's why the FM powered off in the beginning, because that is the HD power on the normal recorder
23:16:32[IDC]DragonI wasn't around at those beginnings.
23:17:15[IDC]DragonOne day I started a spreadsheet for the port pins vs. models, I should continue that.
23:17:19LinusNour first attempts to run on the FM failed because it powered off shortly after booting (when spinning down the disk)
23:17:35[IDC]Dragonfunny bug!
23:18:19scott666wait, so you found the flashed fm start-up bug?
23:18:57[IDC]DragonLast and hardest(?) symptom: for some people recording crashes after a while.
23:19:00LinusNnot sure if that is it, but it sounds likely
23:19:07[IDC]Dragonscott666: looks like so, yes.
23:19:32LinusN[IDC]Dragon: the crashing recording may be DRAM timing
23:20:04[IDC]Dragonbut that should be the same as always?
23:20:38scott666 were the crashed recordings on FMs or normal recorders?
23:20:48LinusNi wonder, who builds the flashed firmware?
23:20:54[IDC]Dragonthe DRAM controller is initialised by the ROM, not by me.
23:21:09LinusNit's the UCl on the daily builds page?
23:21:43[IDC]Dragonscripts from badger, I guess?
23:22:24LinusNi was thinking that there could be some gcc version difference...but since the same compiler is used for both builds it can't be that
23:23:58[IDC]Dragonmy bootloader switches warp mode on, I thought it might be with the decompression then.
23:24:09[IDC]Dragonmight be faster
23:24:56LinusNwarp mode is switched on in system_init() as well
23:25:02[IDC]DragonI know.
23:25:18[IDC]Dragonbut that's after rockbox is copied into place.
23:26:00[IDC]DragonJust a thought on what might be different.
23:27:01[IDC]Dragonscott666: two people or so were talking about recorders, iirc.
23:27:38LinusNmaybe this is why the archos firmware records for a few seconds at boot, to handle some obscure bug in the MAS?
23:28:00[IDC]Dragonit does?
23:28:29[IDC]Dragoncan whe crash if the MAS goes berzerk?
23:28:42LinusNwe can hang
23:28:49[IDC]Dragonbad code...
23:29:01[IDC]Dragonno timeout?
23:29:12[IDC]Dragon(no offense intended at all)
23:30:03LinusNthe code is time critical, my first attempts at a timeout failed
23:30:18[IDC]DragonI see.
23:30:37[IDC]DragonAnd I guess it's in IRAM already?
23:31:44LinusNhow do people describe the crash?
23:32:00[IDC]DragonLet me dig it out, hang on...
23:34:53LinusNsounds like a timing problem then
23:35:37LinusNstrange indeed
23:35:40[IDC]DragonI'm still searching for the original posts, only found me quoting it
23:36:47 Quit edx ()
23:37:50LinusNsounds like it has problems saving the data to disk
23:38:55 Join Bagder [0] (
23:39:04LinusNyo baggie
23:39:19[IDC]Dragonmore swedes coming in...
23:39:45Bagdermy boot problem remains in my 2.4.22 linux :-/
23:42:11LinusNBagder: tough luck
23:42:31LinusNi'm sorry i talked you into buying that network card :-(
23:42:54Bagderthis isn't because of that
23:43:02Bagderthis happens before it does anything with the card
23:43:31LinusNhave you tried moving the card to another pci slot?
23:44:34Bagdernope, I should try that
23:44:57Bagderbut it freezes when saying "mounting local filesystems"
23:45:28Bagderso it isn't related to the network card drivers or stuff at least
23:45:56LinusNyou sure you didn't touch the IDE cables when inserting the pci card?
23:46:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:46:15LinusNcould be half way out of the socket
23:46:17BagderI am
23:46:29Bagderand it works every second time
23:46:37Bagderwhen I press reset after the freeze
23:46:48Bagderand it checkdisks
23:46:51Bagderthen it boots fine
23:46:53LinusNcould be an interrupt sharing problem...
23:47:39LinusNmoving the pci cand may "solve" it
23:47:53BagderI'll try that
23:48:36[IDC]DragonIs anybody here familiar with WLAN stuff?
23:49:05[IDC]DragonI'd like to get a router which can stay passive if no net activity.
23:49:24LinusNdefine "passive"
23:49:32[IDC]DragonDunno if such a feature exists, or what it's named.
23:49:58[IDC]DragonWell, normally there is a transmit a couple of times per second.
23:50:31[IDC]DragonI have other ISM band stuff which it would interfere with.
23:51:00[IDC]Dragon"beacon interval", that's what it's called.
23:51:13LinusNsounds like a regulation violation to me
23:51:16[IDC]DragonI'd like to set it to infinity, if possible.
23:51:43 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:51:56[IDC]DragonIt could just listen, and if somebody els wants to talk, then send.
23:52:25 Join zeenon [0] (
23:52:33LinusNthe thing is that the client cards listen to the beacon to find the access point, don't they?
23:52:50LinusNso you have a status quo
23:53:18LinusNno beacon, no connection
23:53:33[IDC]DragonI'm afraid there is no distinction between client and access point?
23:53:33CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 2 minutes and 23 seconds at the last flood
23:53:33*LinusN is not an expert on this
23:53:45zeenonhey guys with the daily build is there a way to view what you queue up?
23:53:51LinusNthat depends on the mode
23:54:02LinusNzeenon: none, i'm afraid
23:54:13[IDC]DragonMy problem with google, etc. is that I don't know the name of the feature, if exists.
23:54:26LinusNi don't think it exists
23:54:27[IDC]DragonOK, was just a try.
23:54:32zeenonthanx linusn
23:54:50LinusNzeenon: it's a patch, waiting to be merged into cvs
23:55:00LinusN(like a ton of other cool patches)
23:55:24*LinusN feels bad about not having time to merge all patches
23:55:43zeenonjust got my archos on Friday and have been playing with Friday's build all weekend.
23:55:51*[IDC]Dragon feels bad about not having submitted a patch
23:55:52LinusNzeenon: cool
23:56:55zeenondo you guys see that ######Unregistered copy....Ask webmaster to register?
23:57:16LinusNzeenon: you using the java irc client?
23:57:29Bagderzeenon: get a proper irc client instead
23:57:55zeenonyes but if you see the message (which is annoying) I'll switch to an irc FAT cleint
23:59:15[IDC]DragonLinusN: one little clarification, have read you yesterdays' discussion with uski. I'm not "secretive" about my code at all, love to share it. It's just not checked in for minor reasons.
23:59:42[IDC]DragonHave sent the full pack to Zagor twice.
23:52:58[IDC]DragonAnd parts to aother people, as it was useful to them.
23:53:05LinusNi wonder what his problem is...
23:53:09LinusNuski i mean
23:53:27[IDC]DragonHe has a player without HD to play with.
23:54:01LinusNyes, so his code will hang in the ATA init
23:54:19 Join zeenon1 [0] (
23:54:23LinusNbut we couldn't even make a simple panicf() call work
23:54:29zeenon1much better
23:54:30LinusNno led blink
23:54:34[IDC]DragonI thik he wants to test the unit before investing into a HD.
23:54:37 Quit zeenon ("Leaving")
23:54:48LinusN[IDC]Dragon: understandable
23:55:12[IDC]DragonYes, that's strange. The player code goes into a panic when flashed, as of now.
23:55:45[IDC]DragonHe tried a 3.5" HD with adapter, but that didn't work.
23:56:24scott666anyone think the .rockbox browsing patch will get commited before its a year old?
23:57:14Bagderscott666: I would like that
23:57:27LinusNscott666: NEVER!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!
23:57:44*LinusN is evil today
23:58:02 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:58:03[IDC]DragonYou Mac gave you a hard time?
23:58:10LinusNi hate it
23:58:14LinusNwith all my heart
23:58:14BoD[]YEAH ROCKBOX for president :)
23:58:24[IDC]DragonMust be the old OS.
23:58:28LinusNOS9, yes
23:58:29BoD[]hello all
23:58:38LinusNBoD[]: HELO
23:58:50[IDC]DragonLinusN, what are you doing with it?
23:58:54scott666how could software run for president?

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