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#rockbox log for 2003-09-08

00:00:08scott666and sentient
00:00:11BoD[]look at drsbaitso2 for example
00:00:21BoD[]he's ALMOST human mouahahh
00:01:46[IDC]Dragonhow about a nice chat with logbot?
00:02:00LinusNthe damn hack has to work on Windows 9x-XP, MacOS 9 and Mac OS X
00:02:07[IDC]Dragonhe's always around.
00:02:14BoD[]what is curl
00:02:24Bagderask mr google
00:02:38*[IDC]Dragon was faster ;-)
00:02:48LinusNi'm older
00:03:01LinusNwild guess
00:03:03*Bagder is younger than LinusN
00:03:10BoD[]thnaks :)
00:03:39BoD[]is it a bit like "fetch", "ftp", "wget"
00:04:13BoD[]wouhou :) thnkx
00:05:24 Join diddystar5 [0] (
00:05:32BoD[]so ...
00:05:33BoD[]you guys
00:05:40diddystar5Sethians: hows the playlist viewer?
00:05:45BoD[]in addition of working on rockbox
00:05:49BoD[]work on curl ?
00:06:07BagderBoD[]: I work on more on curl than on rockbox
00:06:18LinusNi don't work that much on curl
00:06:32BoD[]i see :)
00:06:43BoD[]are there any other projects ?
00:07:00Bagderof course
00:07:09[IDC]Dragonthis is called "work", I think.
00:07:30Bagderbut no other as active as these two (by us Haxx guys at least)
00:07:52BoD[]dragon: "work" ?
00:08:15[IDC]Dragonthe activity that pays your food and rent.
00:08:16 Join yozac [0] (
00:08:22LinusNi'm sending my first patch to the binutils maintainers... :-)
00:08:44*Bagder slaps the "coolness" stick in LinusN's forehead
00:09:30diddystar5LinusN: what patch might that be?
00:09:36 Quit Zagor (Remote closed the connection)
00:09:37LinusNwindres didn't generate correct MENUEX resources
00:09:37 Quit Sethians ()
00:10:01diddystar5ok whatever that means :)
00:10:21BoD[]binutils ?
00:10:51LinusNbinutils is the foundation for the gcc suite, with assembler, linker etc
00:11:11LinusNand a windows resource compiler
00:11:13 Join Guest1 [0] (
00:11:20yozacsome directory names on my rock box are displayed incorrectly. when the archos is mounted on my laptop filesystem they will display correctly. However, when I'm using the archos the dirrectory will have garbage for a name (although the contents will be intact). If I rename it, the next directory's name will be corrupted. Does anybody know about this problem??
00:11:45Bagderyozac: tried running scandisk lately?
00:12:28LinusNyozac: which rockbox version? does the original archos firmware show the correct filenames?
00:12:31yozacBagder: what would be the equivelent on linux?
00:12:41yozaclatest CVS build
00:13:03Bagderdosfsck -a even
00:13:03BoD[]linusn : and you found a bug in that :)
00:13:10Bagderit bugs otherwise ;-)
00:13:19diddystar5i sure wish i had time to download a full cygwin so i could have all the linux tools
00:13:23yozacLinusN: the stable version had the same problem, I don't remember if the archos did too.
00:13:23LinusNBoD[]: indeed
00:13:38BoD[]you rocks
00:13:43LinusNdiddystar5: slow connection?
00:14:36diddystar5LinusN: yep i hope to get dsl sometime or i think i can download cygwin at school and burn to a cd since my school has dsl
00:14:49LinusNdiddystar5: look at this:
00:15:23LinusNgives you some of the nice tools in your DOS shell, like 'make', 'grep', 'less' etc
00:15:36LinusNand "ls" :-)
00:15:50diddystar5humm cool ill give those a try
00:16:34BoD[]is curl famous ? for example does it come in standard with popular distros ?
00:16:41LinusNit does
00:16:47LinusNeven mac os x
00:16:53BoD[]wow :)
00:16:56Bagderand cygwin
00:17:28BoD[]you are famous people :)
00:17:35LinusNno, curl is
00:17:45BoD[]but still
00:18:37LinusNwell, the Haxx company gets some publicity
00:18:55BoD[]do you have big contracts ?
00:19:02Bagderwe'll soon conquer the world
00:19:05 Join track [0] (
00:19:12BoD[]:)) do you grow ?
00:19:24BagderBoD[]: nah, Haxx is just our spare time company
00:19:28diddystar5how many contracts does haxx get?
00:19:40BoD[]really ? you mean you have another job ?
00:19:46trackhello Bagder and LinusN
00:19:53LinusNyes, we work at a company called Contactor
00:19:57Bagderhi track
00:20:03BoD[]ohh :(
00:20:07trackhi Bagder
00:20:20BoD[]what kind of company is it
00:20:33LinusNIT consultants
00:20:42BoD[]big ?
00:20:44LinusNhi track
00:21:02LinusN~60 people
00:21:10 Join top_bloke [0] (
00:21:12BoD[]ok i see
00:21:19tracki think everything has been covered inrockbox
00:21:20LinusNwe prefer it small
00:21:21*[IDC]Dragon needs to sleep now
00:21:31LinusN[IDC]Dragon: sweet dreams
00:21:36[IDC]DragonLinusN, thanks for your help.
00:21:40LinusNyou're welcome
00:21:42[IDC]Dragongoodnight all!
00:21:48 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
00:21:48BoD[]small is good
00:21:56BoD[]for a company ;)
00:22:07Bagderand mp3 players ;-)
00:22:39BoD[]my archos looks like the old cellphones :)
00:22:45yozac dosfsck tells me there are differences between the boot sector and the back up, what is the recommended action? copy the backup to the boot sector, or the boot sector to the backup?
00:23:00LinusNyozac: toss a coin
00:23:16yozacLinusN: if I guess wrong...?
00:23:24Bagderthen keep your backup handy
00:23:45yozacI'll still be able to connect via USB to the unit?
00:24:08yozacgreat. thanks.
00:24:33Bagderyou may just need to recreate the filesystem if everything goes totally wrong
00:24:36 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:24:51Bagderwhich I doubt it does
00:25:09LinusNrecreates the file system? :-)
00:25:50*Bagder pokes LinusN with a stick
00:26:58diddystar5humm rockbox just froze on my unit
00:27:15LinusNdiddystar5: red led?
00:28:10diddystar5LinusN: nope i pluged in the usb, then turned my unit on and it froze while showing a splash screen saying "shuffling"
00:28:40LinusNwow, with USB attached?
00:29:15diddystar5windows wouldn't see the drive either
00:29:24diddystar5it works if i power up and plug in usb
00:30:07LinusNyes, that is a shortcoming of the flashed version
00:31:25BoD[]i never dare flashing my unit
00:31:53*LinusN coughs..."ch*cken..."
00:32:27BoD[]well i'll wait to have a job and money
00:32:36BoD[]so if *by accident* i break it
00:32:45BoD[]i can buy something else :)
00:33:10Bagdermy spammailbox is again 1GB
00:33:40diddystar5i don't want to take the boards apart in my unit again to fix it i did it once and i thought i would never be able to put it back together
00:35:01diddystar5and also doing that i burned my finger with the soldering iron and i shorted the batteries out when i put them back in because of a bad solder
00:35:32BoD[]i had bad solder too
00:35:48BoD[]and bad user fixing solder :)
00:36:08BoD[]and unit doesn't close well because of too big soldering
00:36:17diddystar5im glad my unit is still alive as ever though
00:37:20top_blokehey all, is the Dynamic playlist viewer patch gonna make it into the daily builds?
00:37:32LinusNyes, eventually, i guess
00:37:50top_blokein this version or 2.1?
00:37:52diddystar5the playlist viewer is my favorite patch
00:38:11top_blokei wanna get it but i dont know how to compile
00:38:12LinusNtop_bloke: this version will be 2.1 eventually
00:38:36LinusN2.0 is old stuff
00:39:33diddystar5ahh i can just think back to 1.0 and even the cool little red led blinker
00:39:56LinusNthose were the days... .-)
00:40:14 Quit yozac (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:40:15BoD[]ahaha :))
00:41:09BagderI have a text file with some of the rockbox history written
00:41:28BagderI'll commit it one of these days ;-)
00:41:43BoD[]it can be fun
00:41:45LinusNlet me guess: "when you find the time"
00:41:58BagderI could actually do it right away
00:42:07LinusNkick it
00:42:23Bagderdocs/HISTORY coming up
00:42:31*LinusN celebrates
00:43:20Bagderthere you go
00:43:51LinusNgot it
00:43:56BoD[]where can i find it
00:44:22*diddystar5 ain't got it yet
00:44:44LinusNanon-cvs won't see it until tomorrow, at best
00:45:22diddystar5but i can get it from ;)
00:45:26MTi thought the web
00:45:34MTi came out of a game to say that
00:46:39Bagderin about 14 minutes
00:46:44BagderI think
00:46:48BoD[]with a _ ?
00:47:00Bagderyes, because that's not an official url
00:48:03Bagderthe daily tarball tomorrow will have it too
00:48:06LinusN1.2 already
00:48:40 Join yozac [0] (
00:48:55LinusNmy name was wrong
00:49:11*Bagder can't type properly
00:49:17LinusNimportant stuff...
00:49:19yozacLinusN and Bagder, thanks for your help, I think my archos will be working better soon.
00:49:29*Bagder bows
00:49:30LinusNyozac: glad to hear that
00:49:46yozacbtw what do people use to syncronize their music collections on linux? I use rsync, just becuase I'm familiar with it.
00:50:01LinusNthen use rsync
00:50:26diddystar5hummm whats within my skill level that i can submit a patch for so i can get ssh access to always get the lastest source...
00:52:00LinusNoh, you have to be very skilled, or very rich :-)
00:53:06diddystar5LinusN: what has to be done so that directorys can be deleted?
00:53:55LinusN...VERY rich...
00:55:09diddystar5ohh i just got the cvs mail for the history doc
01:01:19Bagderperhaps we should setup an lxr-version of the rockbox tree on the site
01:02:00Bagdercross-references sources
01:02:46diddystar5cool how much longer? :)
01:03:02 Quit ze (
01:03:03 Quit scott666 (
01:03:03 Quit uski (
01:03:27Bagderits a parser that generates web pages from the source
01:03:29diddystar5byebye zelazny server
01:03:35NJoinze [20] (
01:03:35NJoinscott666 [0] (
01:03:35NJoinuski [0] (
01:03:41Bagderall clickable and nice, to see symbols and functions etc
01:04:23diddystar5is there a archive for old rejected patches?
01:04:35Bagderthey're still in the tracker
01:04:44Bagderonly a bit harder to browse
01:05:09diddystar5oooo never look at that search toolbar thingy
01:09:46diddystar5im gonna try and make rockbox go beep-beep when the battery gets low im borrowing that old "key click" patch
01:10:04Bagdergood luck
01:10:26 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
01:10:36LinusNthe key-click patch isn't a very good idea
01:10:54LinusNbut i'd welcome another solution
01:12:16diddystar5where is the code that blinks the battery status when the battery gets low? firmware/battery.c?
01:12:58scott666what about the low percentage at start-up problem though? it'd be really annoying if it beeped every time you booted
01:13:40diddystar5i just want a proof-of-concept at the moment
01:14:30 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta go")
01:25:03BoD[]i go to dodo
01:25:37 Quit BoD[] ("toudou")
01:29:45 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
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01:34:13 Quit Bagder ("")
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02:10:00 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
02:19:10 Join yozac [0] (
02:19:36yozacwhere do I find information about the new playlist features available in the CVS builds?
02:20:17scott666i think theres something in the mail archives
02:24:06yozacany idea how I view the current playlist?
02:24:23 Part LinusN
02:24:29scott666thats not in CVS yet
02:24:59scott666you need to install hardeeps playlist viewer patch, and then its in playlist options: view playlists
02:25:28yozaccool. thanks
02:25:28 Quit yozac ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/1]")
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03:05:00 Quit hardeep ("[BX] "got bitchx?"")
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04:19:56 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
04:20:52tpelliottAnyone know if Rockbox, when flashed, will see a new unformatted hard drive and allow USB access to it?
04:22:52scott666rockbox wont see it, but your computer will
04:23:33tpelliottGreat, so I don't need a PC adapter.
04:23:51scott666i dont think, but itll go slower if you go through USB
04:24:08scott666especially usb 1.1
04:24:45tpelliottI just ordered a 60 gig drive from newegg. I have USB 2 and formatting will just be done once anyway.
04:26:34tpelliottI still need to find a good use for my old 20 gig drive.
04:27:03scott666you could buy an adapter and put it in your computer
04:27:54tpelliottI would probably use it for backup. I may look for a USB2 container.
04:28:16tpelliottHave you upgraded your hard drive?
04:28:26scott666its on my to-do list
04:28:47scott666as soon as i get the $150~ to buy the HD
04:28:52tpelliottI can fill up any size hard drive.
04:29:44tpelliottHave you taken yours apart yet?
04:30:05scott666i opened it but i didnt have a soldering iron on me when i did it, so i didnt get past that
04:31:30tpelliottI have the older JBR 20. The hard drive is easy to get out. I didn't have as much trouble with those bumpers as I thaught I would have.
04:31:43scott666i have an FMR
04:32:10tpelliottI'm glad I have the older model. I use the digital out.
04:32:34scott666yeah, i didnt know about that when i bought it
04:32:51scott666or the batteries
04:33:05tpelliottAt least yours is slightly smaller and lighter.
04:33:23scott666im very worried about the headphone jack though
04:33:33scott666if you put pressure on it it makes a crackly noise
04:33:49scott666and someone said they have to fiddle with theirs to get both channels now
04:34:26tpelliottThat sucks. That's why I waited till the warrenty was up on mine before I opened it.
04:35:09scott666i didntg get a warranty cause i figured upgrading hte HD would void it anyway, and then there goes $40
04:35:12 Join FrenchFri [0] (
04:36:13FrenchFrihey guys/girls i was browsing about info for archos, and i found your www, i think its great
04:37:29scott666it is
04:37:37tpelliottWhat's the URL?
04:38:21FrenchFrithe one in the topic
04:38:59dfaHi all, on my Archos jukebox recorder it seems like I can hear the microphone pick up the sounds of the hard drive spinning up while I'm playing music. is this...normal?
04:39:27DBUGEnqueued KICK FrenchFri
04:39:27FrenchFri•dfa• yes i read lots of complaints about it
04:39:39dfaoh ok. that sucks...
04:39:48FrenchFri...i dont own one yet
04:39:53scott666while playing music? i dont think so
04:40:00dfaI wonder what would happen if I just cut the microphone wire. haha
04:40:24scott666you can hear the spin-ups while recording, and thats annoying, but you shouldnt hear it through the mic while playing
04:40:28dfasince my hard drive started making a high frequency noise too, which is really disruptful
04:40:28tpelliottThe microphone should only be on when recording.
04:40:55dfawell, yeah, one would assume so...
04:41:16tpelliottI wander how much quieter the Fujitsu quiet drive is.
04:41:18dfaI'm almost positive that it's picking it up while playing music though....would be strange that it would only be the hard drive spinning up, and not anything else.
04:41:24FrenchFriis the multimedia jukebox any good, your webpage doesnt discuss it
04:41:34dfaI really only started to notice it after getting my pair of Grado SR60s
04:41:40scott666thats cause rockbox doesnt support it
04:42:05FrenchFrioh damn
04:42:16scott666or the hardwares probably cool, but hte firmware probably sucks
04:42:18tpelliottThe display is too small. Newer units are comming out with larger screens.
04:43:10FrenchFrican i transfer pics from a digi cam directly to the rockbox?
04:43:18 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:43:33scott666directly? no
04:43:51FrenchFridouble damn
04:44:09 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
04:44:25scott666as a consolation, theres no mp3 player that can
04:44:38scott666(that i know of)
04:44:49FrenchFrithe multimedia jukebox says it can
04:45:14FrenchFrithrought the optional flash card reader
04:45:45scott666*theres no mp3 player that can through usb
04:47:45FrenchFriif i add the CompactFlash? and SmartMedia? readers to the rockbox will it work?
04:48:13scott666if you could figure out a way to do it...
04:49:02scott666maybe if did an extensive hardware mod, and then wrote yourself drivers for it
04:49:15FrenchFrino i dunno how to do that
04:49:39FrenchFriwell is the multimedia HD upgradable, similarly to the rockbox?
04:49:47scott666no idea
04:49:53 Part tpelliott
04:50:04scott666none of them are 'officially' upgradeable, but you probably do it
04:50:27FrenchFriwell im looking at them on ebay right now
04:50:40FrenchFriand they say 'upgraded HD 80gb'
04:50:51FrenchFribut its like $600
04:51:12FrenchFrii figured i could by the 10gb and do it myself
04:51:31FrenchFrifor $150
04:59:50 Quit dfa ()
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05:57:40 Part FrenchFri
06:05:33 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta go")
06:09:29 Quit AciD (" -")
06:37:34 Quit Sethians (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:56:05 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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07:01:39 Quit thu (Nick collision from services.)
07:01:42 Nick thu_ is now known as thu (
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13:48:02 Join Bagder [241] (
13:48:30 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
13:49:24Bagderback from siesta? ;-)
13:49:56Quelsaruksiesta is at 16:00
13:50:21Quelsarukbtw, i hope you enjoyed basketball, Sweden vs Spain
13:50:28Quelsarukhehe, i really enjoyed
13:50:44Bagderwhat's basketball?
13:53:57 Join blastman007 [0] (
13:54:09blastman007HELPP !!!!!
13:54:29blastman007my recorder doesent boot !!!!!!!!!
13:54:58blastman007what can i do?
13:55:40Bagderwhat happens?
13:56:00Bagderare the batteries charged?
13:56:15blastman007yes full
13:56:26Quelsarukit doesn't boot, or stops while booting?
13:56:29blastman007it doesent load the firmware i thnik
13:56:39blastman007it stop after 3 lines
13:56:48blastman007and then it turns off
13:58:00blastman007i had the same 2 weeks ago but i coul connect it with usb
13:59:19blastman007what can i do ?
13:59:29Quelsarukit boots with archos firmware. no?
13:59:34Quelsarukor with rockbox?
13:59:56blastman007i have rockbox
14:00:24Quelsarukat ROM?
14:00:52blastman007what ?
14:01:27blastman007sorry iam german explain me
14:03:04Quelsaruki suppose you have installed rockbox on your HD, no?
14:03:53blastman007i downloaded rockbox and copied it in the hd
14:05:03Quelsarukhave you tried connecting it to your PC via USB and power it on?
14:05:22blastman007yes it doesent load usb
14:06:35Quelsarukstupid thing... put your archos near your ear and turn it on, try to see if the HD spins up or not
14:08:08blastman007it makes tic tic tic sounds once a second but not very loud
14:08:36Quelsarukdid it fall to the ground or similar?
14:09:00blastman007i just played music 2 hours ago
14:09:24Quelsarukmaybe you don't have enough batteries.
14:09:28Quelsaruktry charging it again
14:09:42blastman007i changed the batteries
14:10:28blastman007what can i do ?????
14:10:52Quelsarukif it doesn't spin up can be the batt. or the HD
14:11:07Quelsarukif it's the HD and your jukebos is still in warranty, change it
14:11:21Quelsarukat least that's what i think
14:11:24blastman007i bough it on ebay
14:11:26QuelsarukBagder: any other idea?
14:12:47blastman007cant i boot from the original firmware ?
14:13:31Quelsarukwhen the archos is pluged via USB and connected to the PC, it boots with archos firmware
14:14:23blastman007but it doesent go on
14:15:26Quelsaruktry that again, plugin also the charger
14:15:52blastman007i is plugged
14:16:23Quelsarukthen wait nearly 1 hour (with the charger pluged) and try again
14:16:44Quelsarukthe other option is using a goat
14:16:48blastman007and what caused it ?
14:16:56blastman007whats a goat ?
14:17:05Quelsaruki don't know
14:17:05Quelsarukan animal
14:17:09Quelsarukfor a sacrifice
14:17:19Quelsaruk(it's just a joke)
14:17:26 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
14:18:45Quelsaruksorry... i have no idea
14:19:05Quelsaruki had a lot of different strange problems with my jukebox
14:19:52blastman007recorder ?
14:20:00Quelsarukbut if the HD is ok, the batts are charged and everything should be ok.. i don't understand why it doesn't boot
14:20:06Quelsaruka recorder 6
14:20:18Quelsaruk2 years with it :)
14:20:22blastman007i got 20
14:20:30blastman007hm just eehm 5months
14:21:37Quelsarukif you had somehow voided your warranty, i would open the jukebox and plug the HD directly to the computer
14:21:44blastman007i think i must by an new hd with more capacity
14:21:48Quelsarukbut if you still have warranty, don't do this
14:22:01Quelsaruk(i have a 30GB HD)
14:22:04blastman007i had it opened once
14:22:24Quelsarukso you don't have warranty?
14:22:43Quelsarukthen, open it and plug the drive
14:22:53blastman007how do you mean directly connecting ?
14:23:54Quelsarukconnecting your drive as a normal drive :)
14:24:10blastman007but its no id, or ?
14:24:38Quelsarukits IDE, but you will need a converter :(
14:25:08Quelsarukor using a external case
14:25:13blastman007but i cant open it any more because my screw dont move :-(
14:26:04blastman007i lwill look for an new hd with 40gig or sth
14:26:35blastman007thx so far
14:26:45blastman007and bye :-]
14:27:00Quelsarukyou can find a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adaptor for 6 euros
14:27:05Quelsarukgood luck
14:27:19 Quit blastman007 ("get satisfied! • (Gamers.IRC powered by »» get it @")
14:27:59QuelsarukBagder: i can't find the HISTORY file
14:30:47Quelsarukbut it's not in CVS, no?
14:30:52Bagderyes it is
14:30:57Bagderbut the anon-cvs is lagging is always
14:31:01Bagderas always
14:37:05Quelsaruklunch time
14:37:21 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as Quel|lunch (
15:14:39 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
15:46:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:11:38 Nick Quel|lunch is now known as Quel|coffee (
16:29:11 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
16:30:10 Join edx [0] (
16:38:18 Quit Malphas__ ("Preparing subject to return IRL .... CLACK")
16:40:37 Join diddystar5 [0] (
16:44:48 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
16:56:06 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:26:13 Join yozac [0] (
17:26:54yozacRock Box rules!! It makes the archos usable!! I love the flash load up times too.
17:27:29 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:28:38yozacOn a slightly different note, I installed the Rock Box because my archos was crashing all the time, and its still crashing frequently. When it crashes, it will refuse to start for a while, ranging from hours to days. When I try to start it the green light will turn on but nothing else will happen. Anybody hear of this problem before? Any solutions?
17:29:12elinenbeyozac: never has that problem here.
17:30:06yozacI think its a hardware problem...since both firmwares have the same problem...its very frustrating...
17:46:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:05:02 Quit yozac ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/1]")
18:06:33 Nick Quel|coffee is now known as Quelsaruk (
18:26:32 Join blastman007 [0] (
18:27:13 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:27:27blastman007it doesen boot :−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−-(
18:27:58blastman007yes not even on usb
18:28:24 Join AciD [0] (
18:28:33blastman007ahrgghh i want to cry
18:29:08Quelsaruki can give you the ultimate technology to make it work
18:29:14blastman007what caused this crap ?
18:29:19Quelsarukyour hd
18:29:47blastman007throw it to the buttom ?
18:30:10Quelsarukyou told me this morning you could hear a tik..tik..tik
18:30:15Quelsarukwhile booting
18:30:20blastman007tell me
18:30:43blastman0072 times a second
18:30:51blastman007or more
18:30:51Quelsarukthis may sound weird, nonsense.. but it worked to my brother last week
18:31:24Quelsaruki don't know how to explain it in english (i'm spanish) but, it has to do with the HD
18:31:35blastman007explain me what to do
18:31:59Quelsaruktry to hit the jukebox while doing the "tik..tik..tik"
18:32:13Quelsarukthat worked
18:32:29blastman007i did it on the bottom a bit
18:32:40Quelsarukon the top
18:33:04Quelsarukit may not work
18:33:07Quelsarukor work...
18:33:10blastman007but theres not the hd
18:34:00blastman007but it it is booting till 4 lines
18:34:01Quelsaruki'll say in spanish, sorry, but don't know how to say in english (too many technical words)
18:34:46Quelsarukit boots up archos, but stops while trying to read the HD searching archos.ajz
18:35:21Quelsarukdo you know what 'cabezal' mean?
18:35:35blastman007why dont it boot with archos then ?
18:35:51blastman007spanish ?
18:36:18Quelsaruki think it's header or something like that
18:36:41blastman007try it with bablefish .)
18:36:44QuelsarukHD header???
18:37:05blastman007whats that ?
18:37:24Quelsaruki just tried to translate it
18:37:35Quelsarukusing bablefish you get a weird translation
18:38:04blastman007mom i look
18:38:41blastman007head is english right ?
18:39:21blastman007or explain it in spansih it try to translate
18:41:06Quelsarukbut it's really hard for me to explain it :(
18:41:10blastman007just type in spansish
18:41:14Quelsaruki know the spanish words
18:41:28blastman007in spanish ?
18:41:38blastman007tzell me !"
18:41:39 Join Sethians [0] (
18:42:22Quelsaruk"el cabezal del 'hard disk' se ha desplazado y no puede leer, un golpe quizas lo vuelva a poner en su sitio"
18:42:44Sethiansde donde eres Quelsaruk ¿¿¿??
18:43:17Quelsarukde granada
18:43:23blastman007ok wait a sec
18:43:42QuelsarukSethians: use english here.. if possible :)
18:44:04blastman007:_) ?
18:44:10Sethiansok, I'm from Bolivia/SouthAmerica
18:44:18Quelsaruki'm from spain
18:45:06 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
18:45:13Quelsarukblastman007: i'm trying to translate that to english
18:45:33blastman007no the hd suits on the exactly place
18:45:33SethiansI have a problem with RockBox when shows the battery status, sometimes show's that the battery is low (when is full) ..
18:45:33Quelsarukthe Slider
18:45:57QuelsarukSethians: which model do you use?
18:46:13blastman007it shows me an error
18:46:27Quelsarukan error??
18:46:33blastman007"read Access Error! Can#t read from hard drive
18:46:48Quelsarukof course blastman007, that's what i want to say
18:47:23 Join mecraw__ [0] (
18:47:39blastman007it just pluged the usb but it turend off
18:48:09Quelsaruki suppose that the Slider can't read the platter because it's not in the correct place (because of a fall, or something like that) and the only chance (really weird) is to hit the drive again to make it work again
18:48:25Quelsarukat least is what i think
18:48:51Quelsaruki'm not a hardware guru
18:49:03Quelsarukmy brother had the same problem... and that worked
18:49:14blastman007but i opende it just a week ago and saw that the hd suits in its place
18:49:43SethiansI have a JukeBox Recorder 20 GB
18:50:45blastman007i want to kill me :-(
18:54:11Quelsarukdon't worry
18:54:56Quelsaruknow.. you can upgrade the hd :)
18:55:32 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Get your free warez from!")
19:03:13blastman007no i cant upgrad because i cant open it
19:03:30blastman007the screw cant move anymore
19:03:55DBUGEnqueued KICK blastman007
19:03:55blastman007(Sethians): i have the same problem with my batteries
19:04:35SethiansBlastman007: is that a bug of RockBox ????
19:05:09blastman007rockbox has an special way of usin the batteries
19:05:47blastman007when you just player music and dont change dir or something like that the batteries status will be full
19:06:14Sethianswhat you mean ???
19:06:48blastman007just turn it on an play music
19:07:08blastman007without using it othertwise
19:07:14blastman007just music
19:07:25blastman007then the status showes (me) full batteries
19:08:20Sethianshave flashed your jukebox ?
19:10:02 Join AciD- [0] (
19:10:30blastman007someone here who knows errror codes of the jukebox ?
19:13:04Quelsarukarchos error codes or rockbox?
19:16:48Quelsarukno idea
19:17:18blastman007Hd register error and then a few numers
19:18:35Quelsaruktell me the numbers please :)
19:18:43#>>"seen" used by Quelsaruk ( [snoop prevented]
19:19:23blastman007wait they are gone is must "boot" it again
19:20:21blastman007it takes a while
19:25:07blastman007i must come
19:27:03 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
19:38:56 Join klaxon [0] (~klaxon@
19:39:46klaxonhey about flashing rockbox:
19:40:09klaxoni got the `stable' 2.0 release but it doesn't have the dump ROM in debug.
19:40:28Plughget the cvs builds
19:40:28klaxonso the web page about flashing should mention that.
19:40:37klaxonsure, dailies work
19:41:11Quelsarukwell, flashing rockbox is post-2.0
19:41:20klaxonthe 2.0 rel won't even run the flashing plugin
19:41:32klaxoni know that now. :)
19:41:41Quelsarukif you want the latest stable version... you can't get the flashing plugin :)
19:42:17klaxonyeah. so, i was thinking it would be good to flash a stable image. see what i mean?
19:42:23Quelsaruk2003-04-15: Version 2.0 is released ||| 2003-07-09: Rockbox started from flash ROM works!
19:42:55klaxonyeah i know its in changelog and other places.
19:43:05Quelsarukdon't worry
19:43:09Quelsaruki was just joking
19:44:21klaxonwell anyways. i was impatient and wanted to FLASH!!! so i jumped to that page and downloaded the flashing plugins.
19:44:45klaxonand then, headscratching, and then i tried with a recent daily.
19:45:19klaxonso anyways, i think the flashing page should say, near the top, ya gotta flash with >2003-07-09
19:45:32klaxonmyself, i am soo sad.
19:45:47klaxonmy HW info says flash: ???
19:46:01Quelsarukthat means you can't flash
19:46:07klaxonso i can't anyways.
19:46:20CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 14 hours and 24 minutes at the last flood
19:46:20*klaxon is sooo sad.
19:46:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:47:18klaxonand another thing... ;-p
19:47:30klaxoni thought my mobo had usb 2.0....
19:47:36klaxonnope, it has 2 usb
19:48:07klaxonwhaaa whaa whaaaaaaa
19:48:25Quelsarukanyway klaxon, flash package has an ajbrec.ajz
19:48:40klaxonyeah which rel is it?
19:48:59Quelsarukthat's an stable release with plugin loader
19:49:34Quelsarukposterior to 9 of july
19:49:43klaxonwell i need to solder before i will be able to flash this one.
19:50:27 Join neofight [0] (
19:50:54neofightomg iam here twice
19:51:02neofightit me with the hd problem
19:51:09neofighti just had a 24 h disconnect
19:54:20neofightcan someone kick my blastman007 ?
19:55:10Quelsaruknot now
19:59:02 Quit Sethians (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:04:35 Quit blastman007 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:06:28 Nick neofight is now known as blastman007 (
20:18:47 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
20:22:42klaxoni have an idea for a feature
20:22:54blastman007fell free
20:22:56klaxoni listen to some big files, 2 hour radio shows.
20:23:09klaxoni'd like to jump to half of the file length.
20:23:21klaxonthen i could jump forward or back half.
20:23:36klaxonso i could go half with one jump, or 1/4 or 3/4 with two jumps.
20:23:47blastman007an other had the same idead like a "go tt" function
20:23:57blastman007"go to " i mean
20:25:12klaxoncan i rewind from the end of a file?
20:25:27blastman007why not
20:25:40klaxoni'll try it.
20:25:57klaxonso, another vote for ``go to''
20:26:12klaxonwhat do you think about the half way idea?
20:26:29blastman007its okay
20:26:45blastman007i also hear live mixes about 5 hours this function would be good
20:26:53klaxonyeah exactly.
20:27:15blastman007but first of all my player must work again .-9
20:33:49 Join _aLF [0] (
20:37:13uskihow to get the rockbox/gdb directory in the CVS ?
20:37:20uskihi, btw :))
20:40:12Quelsarukcvs -z3 co gdb
20:41:16uskicvs [checkout aborted]: reading from server: Connection reset by peer
20:41:23Quelsaruktry again
20:41:25Quelsarukand again
20:41:28Quelsarukand again
20:41:55uskiyeaaa it works wooow :)
20:42:16Quelsarukthere you can get all the info you need
20:44:20uskiok thanks
20:44:29uskihmm the gdb stub does not want to compile
20:44:49uski"no rule to make target start.S needed by start.s. stopping"
20:45:13Quelsarukthat sounds bad
20:46:02uskiyea :\
20:55:52blastman007oooh mann keine deutsche hier ?`
20:56:29Quelsarukelinenbe should, but not sure
20:57:30blastman007why turns my player of while booting ?
20:57:45Quelsaruki told you why...
20:58:25blastman007battery ?
20:58:30Quelsarukor hd
20:59:30blastman007i leave it charging till tomorrow
20:59:37Quelsaruki hope that works
21:00:13uskiich bin archos fan !
21:01:03blastman007ja ?
21:01:23blastman007na was sag ich den jetzt hast du ne ahnung ?
21:01:50uski<= doesn't speak german :)
21:02:02blastman007** i think uski is just using a bablefish :−−) **
21:02:18uskinah, the only words i know are "ich bin", and some other very very bbasic words
21:02:23blastman007thats i wanted to hear .-9
21:03:07blastman007? werden
21:03:08uskidamn i have to compile this stupid gdb stub %$£@#&
21:03:15uskiLINUSNNNN come here NOW !!! :)
21:03:34blastman007is german difficult for you ?
21:04:01Quelsaruktime to go
21:04:08uskifor me ? well, i learned some basics of german when i was 9-10, but i forgotten almost everything
21:04:10uskisee you
21:04:19uskinow im learning spanish but i regret, i would rpefer german
21:05:29blastman007cu quel
21:05:44blastman007Na ce que dire moi cela ont maintenant tu ne à suspicion ?
21:06:26Quelsarukthat's french
21:06:29Quelsaruknot spanish
21:06:32uskioui, c'est du français
21:06:47uskia mi no me gusta espanol
21:06:55 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:07:09*uski is french
21:07:45blastman007i just translated it :-)
21:08:31blastman007usted no knwo qué estoy hablando el aobut
21:08:45blastman007by bablefish
21:08:54uskino comprende
21:09:01uskiit's sh**
21:09:51blastman007i must go too bed soon
21:09:57uskiwhere are you from ?
21:10:02blastman007fu**ing scool :-(
21:10:32blastman007u ?
21:11:45blastman007xou know where you live ?
21:12:06uskii live in france
21:12:09uskinear Lyon
21:12:38blastman007ah not so far away
21:12:49blastman007do you know the german town "landau" ??
21:13:04uskihmmm no
21:14:02blastman007its near to france
21:14:21blastman007i must go now
21:14:21blastman007by cu soon :-)
21:14:32 Quit blastman007 ("get satisfied! • (Gamers.IRC powered by »» get it @")
21:24:22 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:25:24 Join Orby [0] (~Orby@
21:25:51Orbysup guys?
21:27:04Orbythat much, eh? :)
21:33:16 Part Orby
21:33:52Plughdoh. I get back from lunch just in time to see one get away
21:37:53[IDC]DragonPlugh, aren't you the one I sortof talked into flashing his FM?
21:40:07Plughthat's me
21:40:45Plughbtw, I was gonna patch a keylock feature into rockbox, but it seems to already be there. Any idea how to activate it?
21:41:13[IDC]DragonThere's, but I've never used it, dunno.
21:41:53[IDC]DragonI'm working against the long "on" hold currently
21:42:05[IDC]DragonDo you like to try it?
21:43:51[IDC]DragonNot done yet, stay tuned.
21:45:11 Join scott666 [0] (
21:45:19Plughactually, I kinda like the slightly longer hold needed to start up. Better than getting accidentally bumped on.
21:45:25Plughhiya scott
21:45:56Plughdo you know anything about using the keylock? I was digging through source, but couldn't find the key combo to initiate it
21:46:16Plugh#ifdef HAVE_RECORDER_KEYPAD
21:46:16Plugh case BUTTON_F1 | BUTTON_DOWN:
21:46:16Plugh case BUTTON_MENU | BUTTON_STOP:
21:46:18Plugh keys_locked = !keys_locked;
21:46:21Plugh display_keylock_text(keys_locked);
21:46:23Plugh exit = true;
21:46:26Plugh while (button_get(false)); /* clear button queue */
21:46:28Plugh break;
21:46:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:46:48Plughwhat's button_menu?
21:47:22[IDC]Dragonthe menu button ot the Player model.
21:47:32[IDC]Dragonon the
21:47:54[IDC]Dragonfor Recorders, it seems to be F1+down
21:49:54PlughI just encountered a bug in the charging screen
21:50:28[IDC]Dragonwhich is?
21:50:45Plughif you hold stop while in the charging screen it locks up the display
21:51:37Plughalso, if you tap the on button in charging mode, it powers up
21:51:49Plughyour delay issue isn't present
21:52:35[IDC]Dragonpower on is desired.
21:53:06[IDC]DragonOff should power it off, like pulling the plug.
21:53:34Plughhm, the charging menu lockup is also a problem if you are listening to the unit while on wall power and you power it off
21:54:34[IDC]Dragonwith mine, it restarts.
21:54:51[IDC]DragonHolding Off is a hardware pweroff.
21:55:28[IDC]DragonI'm not shure if I can influence that.
21:55:36Plughyeah, but it immediately powers back up to the charging screen
21:55:44Plughand that screen is locked up
21:56:03[IDC]DragonYes, that's strange.
21:56:21[IDC]DragonMaybe it improves with the new "on" code.
22:01:51Plughbug is logged
22:02:13*Plugh is used to logging bugs
22:02:20PlughI'm a software tester
22:06:21Plughit's my job to break it then tell devs how I broke it
22:11:16scott666i found a bug!
22:11:44scott666if you hold F! for a couple seconds and let go nothing happens, except the scrolling gets reset in the wps
22:12:30 Join LinusN [200] (
22:12:40LinusNuski: you called for me?
22:12:41scott666less than that
22:12:50scott666anything more than a tap does nothing
22:15:11[IDC]DragonHi Linus!
22:15:43scott666oh, no one cares
22:16:06[IDC]DragonI read in the logs that you mentioned another shortcoming of flashed Rockbox, something about USB plugging?
22:16:20[IDC]DragonI'm not aware of anything.
22:16:41scott666works for me
22:16:58PlughLinus, do you know what key combo activates the key lock?
22:17:19Plughhm, doesn't work :(
22:17:24LinusNPlugh: F1+Down on Recorder, MENU+STOP on Player
22:17:24scott666worsk for me
22:17:28Plughthat's what it looked like in the src
22:17:36LinusNPlugh: it only works in the wps
22:17:37[IDC]Dragonhe didn't believe me...
22:17:57Plughwps mode
22:18:05Plughheh. found it while you were typing
22:18:11Plughduh, it was in wps.c
22:20:26Plughyes, I do have a college degree. It's just eclipsed by my blonde roots
22:20:47Plughbtw, I just logged a bug against the charging screen
22:21:05LinusN[IDC]Dragon: regarding the USB shortcoming, i guess i was wrong
22:21:45[IDC]Dragonthe better
22:22:13LinusNor maybe not
22:22:57LinusNi son't see that the startup code handles the case when USB is inserted when booting
22:23:22[IDC]Dragonlike going to USB mode right away?
22:23:27[IDC]DragonIt does.
22:23:42 Join Zagor [242] (
22:23:55LinusNi Zagor
22:24:08[IDC]DragonHi from me, too.
22:24:18Zagorhi dragon
22:25:53scott666i found a bug, or possibly a strange feature
22:26:49scott666if you hold F1 for anything longer than a tap nothing happens, except the scrolling in the wps gets reset when you let go
22:29:48 Nick LinusN is now known as Linus|away (
22:30:26 Quit edx ()
22:32:02[IDC]DragonPlugh, I have it ready now.
22:32:20Plugh[IDC]Dragon: send it on
22:35:34[IDC]Dragonyou need to flash "from scratch" with firmware_flash.rock
22:35:35 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
22:35:52[IDC]DragonI modified the bootloader.
22:35:55scott666whatcha talkin about?
22:36:11[IDC]DragonFM On holding fix
22:36:47[IDC]DragonPlugh, currently the code is only active if you don't F1-boot.
22:37:17Plughwhen I f1+boot I get the old archos code
22:37:21[IDC]DragonI thought its safer, if anything is wrong with it it affects only one image.
22:37:56[IDC]DragonIf it works, I move the call so that it's done for both.
22:39:18[IDC]Dragon(The F1-Archos code also needed a looong push, right?)
22:42:45Plughgood work Dragon
22:42:51[IDC]DragonIt works?
22:43:12[IDC]Dragonjust a brief tap brings it on?
22:44:01[IDC]DragonF1-on should show the old behaviour.
22:44:31[IDC]DragonI will change that and update you again. This was a test version.
22:50:12[IDC]Dragonyou only need to exchange firmware_fm.bin from this.
22:50:44[IDC]Dragonand again use firmware_flash.rock, of course.
22:55:17 Join track [0] (
23:00:10Plughstill works
23:00:19[IDC]Dragonphew, nice.
23:00:41*Plugh feels like a good little guinea pig
23:00:49[IDC]Dragonlet's hope you won't have to flash the bootloader again.
23:01:00[IDC]DragonLOL, you are!
23:01:39[IDC]DragonThanks again, I will now "officially" release that.
23:04:14 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
23:07:58Plughnow I just have to flash my firmware again... *grumble* patches *groan*
23:08:20joshnis anyone here familiar with the mpeg code?
23:08:23[IDC]Dragononly the second image, your UCL, right?
23:08:54[IDC]DragonPlugh: not so difficult, just play it.
23:08:55PlughI've flashed mine, then yours, now need to do mine again
23:09:04PlughI deleted the ucl
23:09:13Plughnot a big deal, I know
23:09:27PlughI'm a neat freak
23:10:56[IDC]Dragonthe copy of Rockbox inyour flash is up to date, so it can play UCL, it's easier than last time.
23:11:27Plughheh. last time all I had in flash was archos fw
23:11:27trackI have noticed a bug wiv the battery meter
23:12:41Plughcry havok! And let loose the roaches of code!
23:17:28Plughokie. all flashed
23:18:10trackZagor there is a big problem with the battery meter
23:21:59 Join zeenon [0] (
23:32:11 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:33:07 Join mecraw__ [0] (
23:46:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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