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#rockbox log for 2003-09-09

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00:12:30[IDC]Dragongoodnight folks!
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00:28:00PlughI just borked my flash
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00:28:28Plughhi mid
00:28:34midknight2k3hello plugh
00:28:38midknight2k3on top of things, no?
00:29:14Plughjust flashed the on switch fix
00:29:22midknight2k3where is it?
00:29:25midknight2k3does it workl
00:29:36Plughask IDCDragon when you see him
00:29:40Plughit works well
00:29:48midknight2k3there must be a URL
00:29:57Plughhe DCC'd me the code
00:30:07midknight2k3DCC me it then
00:30:15Plughbasically it means I just have to tap the on button
00:30:22Plughno holding it required
00:30:26midknight2k3i want that too
00:30:29midknight2k3as i have the ON problem
00:30:54PlughI think I just fucked up my flash though
00:31:04PlughI have to F1-On now
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00:32:20midknight2k3uh oh lol
00:32:26midknight2k3what happens
00:37:56Plughmeaning blank screen
00:43:05midknight2k3I still think the next version should be Version 3.0
00:45:37Plughokay, I'm an idiot
00:45:43PlughI didn't descramble -fm
00:45:54midknight2k3i ddi that once
00:45:59midknight2k3and flashed the recorder build too
00:46:07midknight2k3remembered right before i shut it off
00:46:15midknight2k3and it wouldnt have mattered anyways
00:46:20midknight2k3but i still rememberes
00:47:02midknight2k3now whenever i think of "rockbox" i think of "&ROCKBOX" because of the musical note thing
00:47:16midknight2k3and it looks like an ampersand
00:47:23midknight2k3so it seems like "androckbox"
00:48:35PlughI'm glad f1-boot worked. Thought I just lost my box
00:48:58Plugh15:47 < Plugh> okay, I'm an idiot
00:49:07midknight2k3close enough
00:49:07PlughI freely admitted it
00:49:40midknight2k315:45:17 | <Plugh> okay, I'm an idiot
00:49:44midknight2k3your time is a bit off
00:49:51PlughMon Sep 8 15:51:21 PDT 2003
00:50:12Plugh 8 Sep 15:50:01 ntpdate[32692]: step time server offset -89.223603 sec
00:50:17Plughyeah, I was a little off
00:50:26Plughbut it's fixed now
00:50:37midknight2k3logbot agrees with me
00:50:37midknight2k300.45.37 # <Plugh> okay, I'm an idiot
00:50:53midknight2k3look at logs if you like
00:51:05Plughyou have no ammunition. I freely admitted it
00:51:13midknight2k3plugh is an angry person
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00:52:53midknight2k323.00.41 # * Plugh feels like a good little guinea pig
00:53:58midknight2k3plugh is too angry for.. for ... he is just too angry
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01:04:31Plughmidknight2k3: don't take my messages out of context unless you plan to make a joke out of them. You haven't ever seen me angry. heh
01:04:43midknight2k3close enough
01:05:24midknight2k3cmon plugh, make a patch
01:09:24Plughnah. Happy with the way it's running now
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01:19:54midknight2k3whats going on, plugh?
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01:26:20MTPlugh: you think thats bad, i synced this machine yesterday
01:26:40MT9 Sep 00:26:04 ntpdate[1611]: step time server offset -647.816161 sec
01:26:44diddystar5hardeep: i submitted a beep when battery low patch (patch #82229) but it dosen't sound like a beep could you help me figure out how to make it sound like one?
01:26:47midknight2k3flashing the wrong firmware you mean?
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01:33:54diddystar5ok i open my previous question to anyone
01:34:19midknight2k3include an mp3 of a beep, and "play" it when you need to?
01:34:33 Quit Sethians (Client Quit)
01:34:51diddystar5thats not a very good way to do it ;)
01:35:03midknight2k3what did you have in mind?
01:35:10diddystar5have you looked at my patch?
01:35:19midknight2k3i did actually
01:35:21midknight2k3sounds neat
01:35:24midknight2k3i didnt try it thouygh
01:35:32 Join Sethians [0] (
01:36:11diddystar5its a mas reg read
01:36:18diddystar5or mas codec...
01:37:46midknight2k3so a mas reg read is what you had in mind? ;)
01:38:50 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:39:16diddystar5yes, but a differn't one im already using one but i don't know which one to use to make it sound right
01:40:23diddystar5gotta go i hate school :(
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01:50:44midknight2k3bye pluggy wuggy
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01:53:48questhmm am ok in the uk does anyone know where i can send my archos to get the recharger and mains addpter working?
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01:56:47Russthmm anywhere in uk or usa send archos jukeboxs to get repaired>
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10:11:04huzhello guys
10:11:22huzwhen are you going to release ? looks like you totally forget about that
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13:34:19golotanyone here/.
13:34:23golotI need help
13:35:17golotI have a question
13:35:21golotno one is here :-/
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13:47:41golotif anyone gets in here pleassssssssse PM me!!!!! anyone! please !
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13:57:46dwihnogolot: you have a question?
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14:16:59golotyour still here?
14:22:12golotdamn :((((
14:24:49dwihnohello? :)
14:24:52dwihnoyou got a question?
14:44:12golotI hope your still here
14:44:25golotI come late every time.... :-.
14:45:20golotI need someone to help me to make the chip8 games to work... I need a compiled file or something like this to run it? anyone has it?
14:45:24golotI have the Recorder
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17:13:48blastman007my player is dead :-(((((((
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18:01:16yozacthe rock box battery and charging faq doesn't seem to apply to the archos jukebox fm recorder. I'm wondering, is it bad to leave that plugged in all the time?
18:02:07webmind_i think it has the same battery system
18:02:12 Nick webmind_ is now known as webmind (
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18:02:33webmindi actually dont charge my batteries in my archos
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18:53:35yozacactually it has a totally different battery system. It uses li-ion batteries which are built into the unit
18:54:16yozacthats how I knew the batter and charging faq wasn't relevent to the jukebox fm recorder
19:02:42zeit's not built in
19:02:51zethe clippy thing at the top pops off, and the battery can slide out there
19:02:56zebut otherwise yeah
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20:31:02uskiidc ! hi :)
20:31:16uskii can't compile the gdb stub
20:31:21uskii get a stupid error, wait
20:32:24uski"no rule to make target start.S, required by start.s. stopping."
20:33:01[IDC]Dragonis your makefile up to date?
20:33:37uskiit's from the CVS
20:33:42[IDC]Dragonwhich start do you have, .s or .S ?
20:33:51uskiCVS/ FILES linker.cfg Makefile README setjmp.S sh-stub.c start.s
20:34:23[IDC]DragonAh, rename it to start.S and try again.
20:34:27uskilol ok
20:34:52uskiok it's better, BUT:
20:34:54uskish-stub.c: In function `code_for_catch_exception':
20:34:54uskish-stub.c:1285: error: invalid `asm': invalid expression as operand
20:34:54uskish-stub.c:1286: error: invalid `asm': invalid expression as operand
20:36:09[IDC]Dragonhmm. what's bothering your compiler?
20:36:40uski1285: asm(" .globl _catch_exception_0" : : "X" (n) );
20:36:44uski1286: asm(" _catch_exception_0:" :: "X" (n) );
20:37:07[IDC]DragonI see, but there's plenty of asm before that.
20:37:42uskithese lines are the two first lines of a func
20:37:53uskistatic inline void code_for_catch_exception(unsigned int n)
20:37:54uski asm(" .globl _catch_exception_0" : : "X" (n) );
20:37:54uski asm(" _catch_exception_0:" :: "X" (n) );
20:38:23[IDC]Dragonin other functions, I mean.
20:38:58uskioh yes
20:39:06uskibut i don't think it is important for this error
20:39:08uskiis it ?
20:40:00[IDC]DragonMy point is that "asm" is not unknown to it.
20:41:06uskioh yes
20:41:24uskii think the error is from what is inside the asm(""); statments
20:41:28[IDC]Dragonshould I DCC you a compiled version?
20:41:48uskihmmm no
20:41:52uskithere is a strange thing
20:42:06uskiin my text editor, it is written 0
20:42:09 Join hanzz [0] (
20:42:14uskiand when i cut&pasted the stuff in the irc channel
20:42:21uskiit wrote _0 instead of it
20:42:32uskioh no forget it :)
20:42:42uskimy stupid irc client takes the % sign for a control code
20:43:08uskiit is written _%O0 in the source code, not _0
20:44:07[IDC]Dragonwhat's your SH compiler version? (I don't know how to find that out, do you?)
20:45:04uskiReading specs from /root/rockbox/lib/gcc-lib/sh-elf/3.3.1/specs
20:45:04uskiConfigured with: ../../gcc-3.3.1/configure −−target=sh-elf −−prefix=/root/rockbox −−enable-languages=c
20:45:04uskiThread model: single
20:45:04***Alert Mode level 1
20:45:04uskigcc version 3.3.1
20:45:20 Quit yozac ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/1]")
20:45:25uski(yes, i know, working as root is baaad, i'll fix this later ;))
20:46:28[IDC]DragonIs there any option to sh-elf-gcc to find out?
20:46:47uskish-elf-gcc -v
20:47:08[IDC]DragonI have 3.0.4
20:47:21uskii installed the lastest version yesterday or some days ago
20:51:52 Join edx [0] (
20:55:05***Alert Mode OFF
21:09:58 Join flyboy1 [0] (
21:10:15flyboy1rockbox teh roxx0r!!!
21:10:30flyboy1and all that
21:10:38flyboy1anyone here?
21:10:49uski[IDC]Dragon: yea... send me a compiled version by mail, plz...
21:10:54uskiflyboy1: yes, hi
21:11:03[IDC]Dragonno DCC?
21:11:05flyboy1hi uski
21:11:19uski[IDC]Dragon: ok dcc it
21:11:26flyboy1I have a question, I couldn't find the answer in the FAQ and stuff
21:11:35uskiflyboy1: shoot
21:11:45flyboy1does RockBox work with the studio 10s?
21:12:09uskii think the answer is: yes
21:12:22uskibtw, it is written on the site: "if it does not work, simply remove the file"
21:12:27uskiso: try
21:12:38uskiyou can't break anything
21:12:39flyboy1thanks :)
21:12:42[IDC]Dragonuski: you need to descramble that if you want to load it via RockFlash.
21:12:55uski[IDC]Dragon: how to do it ? :\
21:13:11[IDC]Dragonyou don't have descramble?
21:13:44[IDC]Dragonit's in tools
21:14:11uskioh ok i done it
21:14:21uskilet's try to load stub.bin...
21:16:40[IDC]Dragondo you have RockFlash ported for Linux meanwhile (hint, wink)?
21:17:03uskii don't know linux enough to port it
21:17:04uskisorry :\
21:17:26uski(i'd prefer if it was running on linux ! my windows installation is bad, but...)
21:17:32[IDC]Dragonjuggling between 2 PCs then?
21:18:17uskia laptop with am ultiboot and the pc which im currently using to speak with you
21:22:48uskiok, now the stub is running; what esle shoud i do ?
21:23:25[IDC]Dragonhow do you jknow it's running?
21:23:37uskiwell, i hope it is :)
21:23:56[IDC]DragonYou need the gdb application on the other side.
21:24:01uskii have it
21:24:03uskiand ?
21:24:10[IDC]Dragonstart it?
21:24:31[IDC]Dragonconfigure it for which serial and stuff?
21:24:38uskihow to ?
21:24:55[IDC]DragonWhat gdb do you use?
21:25:45[IDC]Dragondunno that, is it a plain command line one?
21:26:38[IDC]Dragon(AFK for dinner)
21:26:59uskii found a post on the mailling list explaining how to use it
21:27:05uskihave a good dinner :)
21:29:31flyboy1i drag something into it and it's not there...
21:29:34flyboy1i cant test it
21:35:24uskiwhat do you mean flyboy1 ?
21:35:31uskigrr why can't i get this stub working:
21:35:32uski(gdb) target remote /dev/ttyS0
21:35:32uskiRemote debugging using /dev/ttyS0
21:35:32uskiIgnoring packet error, continuing...
21:35:32uskiIgnoring packet error, continuing...
21:35:32***Alert Mode level 1
21:35:32***Alert Mode level 2
21:35:32uskiIgnoring packet error, continuing...
21:35:33***Alert Mode level 3
21:35:33uskiCouldn't establish connection to remote target
21:35:35uskiMalformed response to offset query, timeout
21:43:03flyboy1panic over, needed reboot
21:43:28flyboy1works nicely now
21:43:36flyboy1thanks uski
21:44:55 Quit flyboy1 ("Leaving")
21:45:32uskilol :) i like when they say "thanks"
21:45:34***Alert Mode OFF
21:45:45uskihmm: i found that gcc > 3.0 might not work with rockbox
21:45:55uskithis user is saying that gcc 3.1 does not work
21:46:03uskialso, i tried gcc 3.3.1 and it does not work
21:46:19uskiis anyone using gcc > 3.0.4 to compile rockbox ?
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21:57:17 Quit AciD (Remote closed the connection)
22:04:09 Join AciD [0] (
22:11:47Plughgcc version 3.2 20020903 (Red Hat Linux 8.0 3.2-7)
22:11:52Plughworks fine for me
22:12:25Plughoh. nm
22:12:29Plughgcc version 3.0.4
22:14:55[IDC]DragonI'm back, but will be gone soon.
22:16:38PlughDragon: I fucked up one of my flashes. Forgot to use the descramble -fm. Fortunately f1+on worked
22:17:28Plughbut now it's going with your code and my build
22:18:13[IDC]DragonGood. There wasn't any reaction on the list to my new release.
22:19:34golothi ppl
22:20:06golotanyone here has the Chip8 games thing complied for the Recorder? how can I get it for my Recorder?
22:20:34Plughgive it some time. I think next Monday would be a safe deadline :) For those weekend warriors
22:21:25uski[IDC]Dragon: ok.
22:21:42uskiwho is managing the website ? because i did not find any info stating that redcent gcc will not work
22:21:57uskias i am not the only man who get problems i think the sh1 cross compiler got a problem...
22:22:43Plughthe site does say which version does work, and says something about the brave may want to try the newest gcc
22:23:10uskiyea but it does not say that it will not work with newer gcc :)
22:23:31golothello? anyone can help here?
22:23:32uskii mean, it will NOT. not perhaps, it won't.
22:23:39uskigolot: hi, yes, what's ur problem ?
22:24:00golot>>>anyone here has the Chip8 games thing complied for the Recorder? how can I get it for my Recorder?
22:24:12Plughuski: you sure about that? I'm sure it could be made to work with a little effort
22:24:17uskiPlugh: i'll i,nstall 3.0.4 soon; if my problems are because i use gcc 3.3.1, GRRRR%$@#& :)
22:24:19Plughgolot: did you check the patches?
22:24:20golotChip8 its called? or I forgot how its called
22:24:45golotI did, but I cant install it because they told me I need to compile it or something
22:24:50uskiPlugh: quite sure, but i will make some more tests to be 100% sure
22:25:04golotand I dont know shit about programming or stuff.... :-/
22:25:21 Nick mecraw__ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
22:25:23uskii have to go now, see ya all !
22:25:50Plughgolot: I don't think the patch is being maintained, so it may take a bit of effort to get it to work. And that may involve a little bit of coding
22:26:16Plughyou may want to contact the patch's author directly to see if it's still being maintained
22:26:27golotcan you make it? or how does it go?
22:26:34golotwhat do you mean being maintained ??
22:26:42golotIm very new to all this
22:26:49golotsorry for my ignorence
22:26:59Plughgolot: as a program continues being developed, the patch needs to be updated
22:27:19Plughto get it to work at all, you'll need to have a development environment
22:27:28golotprogram = rockbox, right?
22:27:37golotI dont have that
22:27:43golotand I dont know programming
22:27:55golotis there a way someone who does can make it for me and send it to me or something?
22:28:36Plughyou don't need to know how to program to make a build. I'm personally not willing to go to the effort to patch in the Chip8 code and try to get it working. :)
22:29:48golotok :) so how do I make a build, and anyway, what is a build?
22:30:07golotI mean
22:30:11golotme alone, can I make it work?
22:34:26 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:34:26Plugh is a good start
22:34:52PlughThe howtos are probably where you'll spend a bit of time
22:35:27Plughbasically everything from First-time guide to How to compile the rockbox
22:36:18Plughtook me about 5 hours to get my first working build done
22:36:31Plughand I've been doing this kind of work for years
22:45:55Plughyes, I'm trying to scare you off the idea. If you want to journey onward into the unknown, I laud your bravery and commitment
22:46:48 Join Bagder [0] (
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22:54:35 Quit hanzz ("I was using TinyIRC! Visit for more information.")
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23:29:13joshnBadger, did you ever have problems with the recorder's screen update being slow?
23:29:44joshneven with the straight C version on lcd_write?
23:29:57Bagderslow for doing what?
23:30:08joshnwriting out to the lcd
23:30:17joshnas in lcd_write/lcd_update
23:30:31Bagderwell, I think I get around 20Hz
23:30:40Bagderor fps rather
23:30:52joshnI'm porting to the NEO, and my code takes about 1.5 seconds to update the screen
23:30:56BagderI think the bounce demo flies around fine
23:31:16Bagderjoshn: that's really eons much slower than on the archos
23:31:35joshnI never wait on the lcd screen, so it must be in my code
23:31:49joshnbut I can't find anything that should be very slow...
23:32:21joshndo you think rewriting it in asm would make a big difference?
23:32:39Bagdera little sure, not a big
23:33:04 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
23:34:07joshnif the code's in the .icode section, it shouldn't be slow accessing the code, right?
23:34:22Bagderit should speed it up
23:34:29Bagderthat's the internal mem
23:34:39joshnmine's in .icode, but it's still slow
23:35:16joshnI tried moving the framebuffer into idata, but that didn't help much...
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