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#rockbox log for 2003-09-12

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00:04:07Anthonyis anone here
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01:24:55diddystar5hardeep: you there?
01:26:44Plughafternoon didd
01:26:59diddystar5yo Plugh
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01:30:10Plughhey sub
01:32:56mrsubwayOh. Sorry.
01:33:16mrsubwayListen. I took the plunge and flashed my archos lastnight. worked GREAT.
01:33:37hardeepdiddystar5: here
01:33:44mrsubwayOnly thing is, I forgot to back up the original firmware. Anyone have the Archos 1.27d or 1.8 firmware in bin form?
01:34:15mrsubwayI only want it in case of emergencies. Rockbox is WAY better.
01:34:37diddystar5hardeep: could you tell me how to make my beep when battery low patch sound like a beed?
01:34:55diddystar5i mean a beep!
01:35:23hardeepdiddystar5: hmmmm, are you putting something in the mpeg stream?
01:36:30diddystar5hardeep: this is what is looks like: do { mas_codec_writereg(0, 0); mas_codec_writereg(0, 1); } while (0);
01:39:18hardeepis that just turning the output on/off?
01:41:06diddystar5all that does is make a "click" sound come out i found that code in the closed key click patch
01:41:36diddystar5im not reallly sure how that bit of code works
01:42:26hardeepit looks like that would disable and then renable the D/A converter...
01:42:54hardeepwhat's wrong with the click sound?
01:43:31diddystar5it would sound better if it was a "beep" instead of a "click"
01:43:48hardeepdiddystar5: heh
01:44:13hardeepdiddystar5: to get an exact sound out, you would need to modify the mpeg stream and insert exactly the sound you want
01:44:40diddystar5dosen't sound easy to me :)
01:44:45hardeepthat's pretty ugly, yeah
01:45:29hardeepi wonder what kind of a sound you would get if you turned up the volume and everything really high for a split second
01:45:40hardeepor maybe changed the pitch setting really quickly
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03:18:48tpelliottI now have a JBR 60!!!! Just installed the drive today.
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05:14:16XCan anyone hear me?
05:14:31Plughtry again
05:14:43Plughdid you ask a question about rockbox?
05:14:49Plughif so, we didn't hear you
05:15:00XI had trouble connecting to the IRC Server using mIRC *** Got ident response
05:15:09XClosing Link: MadoshiX (Bad user info)
05:15:12Xis what happens to me
05:15:24Xso i had to use this java irc thing...which luckily works
05:15:40XAnyways, i just got an archos studio 20 mp3 player for b-day
05:16:03Plughlooks like you don't have identd running properly. It may be a firewall setting
05:16:29Xand the official firmware stuff sometimes skips during my songs with higher bitrates [i think is the problem]
05:16:38Xmy brother said the rockbox was better
05:16:51Xbut when i tried it, i got errors [the red light would come on whenever i would select a file to play or whatever]
05:17:56Xso i dont know if i am doing something wrong or what
05:18:04Xso i figured i'd come here to ask for help.
05:18:08Plughdid you download the jukebox version of the daily build ajz?
05:19:00X ?
05:19:06Xis that from the official site?
05:19:11Plughheh no
05:19:14Xi got a .ajz file from there which it told me to rename
05:19:30Plughthe rockbox site
05:19:36Xand i got the from the rockbox site that included a archos.mod file [which i had problems with]
05:20:04Plughuse the daily
05:20:08Plugha lot of bug fixes
05:20:34Xthat is the rockbox i tried
05:20:41Xthat i had problems with
05:20:58Xand then i tried the official archos firmware [which was dated 2002 or something]
05:21:10Xwhich works so far, but skipping every so often
05:21:16Xwhat r u talking about?
05:21:22Xdaily version?
05:21:25Xwhere can i get it?
05:23:08Xill try that
05:23:10Xso to use it
05:23:15Xjust delete my current .mod file
05:23:23Xand extract the zip file to base of the archos "hd" ?
05:23:27Plughyou don't use .mod
05:23:34Plughthe .ajz is the important file
05:23:44Xmy current one is a archos.mod file though
05:24:06Plughoh, sorry. I'm an FM Recorder user
05:24:18Plughyes, your is .mod
05:24:25Xthanks so much for ur help
05:24:25Plughsorry bout that confusion
05:24:28Xi appreciate it a lot
05:24:34Xa LOT
05:24:34Plughgood luck
05:24:39Xim going to try it right now
05:24:42Plughthis version is 10x better than 2.0
05:24:44Xill stay here, etc while i do it
05:27:53Xi got it on
05:27:58Xgoing to turen power on and try it
05:28:33Xso far = great
05:29:09Xit works good
05:29:16Xwhen i access folders and start to play songs
05:29:21Xthe red LCD light pops on
05:29:28Xbut besides that, it all seems to work great
05:29:38Xi read that the red lcd light = bad HD or something...?
05:31:03Xeverything works great
05:31:18Xjust when i access folders, and play songs, the red LCD light pops on for a second.... is that bad?
05:33:07XRockbox uses the red LED as harddisk activity light, not as an error light. Relax and enjoy the music.
05:33:11Xnevermind i found that on the website
05:33:13Xno problems...
05:33:24Xit works great so far, no errors at all
05:33:42XThanks a lot, and keep up the work with the rockbox, much better than the original archos
05:34:09XThanks Plugh for the help, cya guys - off to listen to my error-free music playback =)
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20:33:03slazZAre there already some plugins, which i can use with rockbox?
20:33:28slazZexept the standard ones.. ;)
20:35:36Plughmost well-written rocks have been released
20:36:23slazZnice, but where i can find those?
20:36:39uskiyea, rockbox rocks
20:38:32Plughthey're in the daily releases on the web site
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20:46:14slazZokay, thanks :)
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22:36:58Plughslow Friday?
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