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#rockbox log for 2003-09-13

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01:15:44Plughhiya track
01:18:19 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:25:49Plughevening didd
01:26:32diddystar5im tired from school
01:26:44Plughso am I
01:26:51scott666 yeah
01:26:59Plughand I've been graduated from college since 91
01:26:59diddystar5you don't go to school plugh
01:27:21scott666you can still be tired from it though
01:27:59Plughjust see what you have to look forward to, didd
01:28:57PlughA Clearfield county man is facing assault charges−−state police say he fired shots at two all-terrain vehicles. It happened on Marcus Ranum's property in Graham township. Police say Ranum stopped the a-t-v riders by firing a gun into the air. They say Ranum then ordered the boys off their vehicles.. And fired two more shots at one of the A-T-Vs −−hitting its front tire. The boys told police Ranum made them walk a mile to his home and
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01:35:14top_blokehey all, is it necessary to apply a patch to source that was released the same day as the patch?
01:35:54top_blokeits not?
01:36:14diddystar5the patches may not always apply cleanly but most of the time it will work
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01:36:37top_blokeok cool
01:36:43diddystar5have fun!
01:36:50top_blokei cant really
01:37:05top_blokedont really know what i'm doing
01:37:15diddystar5like what?
01:37:47diddystar5use the command patch < (file to patch)
01:37:56Plughheh. most fun I've ever had was breaking stuff then learning what I did wrong and how to fix it
01:38:07top_blokewhere do u put the patch exe?
01:38:13diddystar5Plugh: i have broken lots of stuff
01:38:42diddystar5mostly by taking it apart and desoldering stuff :)
01:39:36 Part scott666
01:40:01top_blokewhere is the root of the source?
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01:42:39diddystar5are you using the minimal rockbox devel kit?
01:42:53top_blokei think i did it
01:43:03top_blokesome text came up but way too fast
01:43:52diddystar5what patch are you using?
01:44:20diddystar5cool thats my favorite patch atm
01:44:35top_blokei'm trying to get it too
01:45:17diddystar5it will make more sence on how to do that stuff the more you play around with it :)
01:45:35top_blokeis there any way to know if the patch applied?
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01:47:12diddystar5_i hate lost connections
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01:47:51diddystar5dont start plugh
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01:48:27Plugh16:48 Irssi uptime: 29d 23h 33m 4s
01:48:39Plughdon't start what?
01:49:28diddystar5its not my fault im using a crappy aol isp
01:50:57CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:50:57*Plugh strokes his long, hard DSL wire
01:52:12Plughhell of a signoff message
01:52:56Plughoh shit. that reminds me. I was supposed to stick a bottle of vodka into a watermelon this past weekend
01:53:10diddystar5ohh sounds nice!
01:53:23Plughgoing camping tonight through Sunday and would be nice to have a juicy melon tomorrow afternoon
01:53:38diddystar5vodka flavored!
01:53:53Plughwell, I have other treats
01:54:07diddystar5kinda like shoving a beer can up a turkey's ass and cooking it
01:54:18PlughI mixed up a batch of my special brownies. Gonna cook them in the solar oven at our camp site
01:55:06diddystar5Plugh: do you have any ideas of how to get u-banned from a irc channle? ;)
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01:57:59diddystar5gotta go
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02:52:29midknight2k3hello plugh
02:54:36Plughhi mid
02:54:45PlughI have pix of my computer online
02:54:51midknight2k3been looking forward to your verbal kung-fu for a while now
02:54:57Plughwell, 5 of my computers
02:55:05midknight2k3and you have more than 5?
02:55:12Plughheh. you get about 20 mins. I'm going out of town for the weekend
02:55:21Plughyeah. I have more than 5
02:55:33midknight2k3going out of town?
02:56:33midknight2k3what a jerk
02:57:12midknight2k3get started on the verbal kung fu then
02:57:14midknight2k3oh yeah
02:57:21midknight2k3where are the pictures of the xpc etc?
02:58:11midknight2k3all right
02:58:46Plughlemme fix that for smaller pix
02:59:15midknight2k3because " side of... net..."
02:59:43PlughI didn't say anything like that
03:00:09Plughwhile I'm out of town, I cranked up DC++ to use almost all of my upstream bandwidth. It pays to be nice
03:00:13midknight2k3close enough
03:00:37midknight2k3so i suppose verbal kung-fu isnt going to happen?
03:01:26Plughdunno. I'm a little out of practice, since you've been gone 3 days
03:01:35midknight2k3try your best
03:03:53Plughsign tha
03:04:37midknight2k3what for?
03:04:58Plughit's a petition to ask RIAA to stop suing people
03:05:11midknight2k3I see that now
03:06:55midknight2k3they sued a 12 year old?
03:07:34Plughand a 79 yr old man
03:08:16midknight2k3im number...
03:09:10Plughis mine
03:09:33midknight2k3i want to see
03:09:49PlughI told it to not show my name in the list
03:10:02PlughI'm a paranoid little asshole
03:10:05midknight2k39403 ********** San Jose, CA
03:10:10Plughthat's me
03:10:40midknight2k3and what happens when they get 10,000?
03:11:02Plughthey're sending the attached petition to congress
03:11:07Plughwith everyone's signature
03:11:17Plughwhat's in the yellow
03:11:18midknight2k3mine is on it
03:11:21midknight2k3i helped
03:11:42Plughwelcome to the wonderful world of democracy
03:12:04midknight2k3what excellent verbal kung fu
03:12:17PlughI've been a contributing member to EFF for years. They do good work
03:12:34Plughwhaddya think of my mess, err, computers
03:12:42midknight2k3i didnt see yet lol i will now
03:12:53midknight2k3forgot with all the verbal kung foo flying around
03:13:19Plughthat wasn't kung foo. It was dung poo, and you got some on your nose
03:13:30midknight2k3THAT was kung foo
03:13:53midknight2k3is #2 functional? lol
03:14:23Plughyeah. That's my Linux box at work
03:14:26Plughwell, one of them
03:14:40midknight2k3the emachines
03:14:44PlughI should've taken a picture of the Sun e450 under my desk
03:16:29Plughthe one in the closet with Mickey is my home Linux server
03:16:46midknight2k3mmm... shuttle xpc
03:16:48Plugh 6:17pm up 47 days, 21:00, 11 users, load average: 0.02, 0.10, 0.08
03:17:02midknight2k3what does it "serve"?
03:17:29Plughemail, web
03:17:52midknight2k3that is the one iwth the lay z boy you mentioned?
03:18:01midknight2k3with the side bench?
03:18:32PlughI didn't take a pic of the chair. But imagine that I took all those pix from the chair
03:18:51midknight2k3all of them?
03:18:57midknight2k3what a lazy
03:19:05Plughthe bench is in 05, but not a very good flash
03:19:31midknight2k3its more of a desk
03:19:35Plughlinks 4-7 are all the same area
03:19:53Plughmy surround office
03:20:15midknight2k3is that where you are now?
03:20:38midknight2k3do I spot sunflower seeds?
03:20:39Plughwaiting for my wife to pick me up from work, then we're going camping for the weekend
03:20:45Plughhell yeah
03:20:53Plughgot a 3lb box of em
03:21:03midknight2k3camping where?
03:21:09Plughdon't diss my seeds
03:21:27midknight2k3i "aint" "dissin" "yer" seeds
03:21:34midknight2k3yes, i am.
03:21:38midknight2k3take the cam
03:23:08Plughtake it where?
03:23:20Plughoh, camping?
03:23:23Plughof course
03:23:30midknight2k318:22:10 | <midknight2k3> camping
03:23:30Plughbut I couldn't show you the pix
03:23:31midknight2k318:22:14 | <Plugh> oh, camping?
03:23:43Plughit would be contributing to delinquency of a minor
03:23:54midknight2k3it would not!
03:24:00midknight2k3it would most certainly not
03:24:06Plughnot many people who I camp with are... clothed
03:24:24midknight2k3who do you.. camp with?
03:24:31midknight2k3is it a group trip?
03:24:35Plugh350 of my closest friends
03:24:48midknight2k3is that a typo?
03:24:59midknight2k3and that's only CLOSEST friends?
03:25:01Plughlast year it was 800
03:25:13Plughnot all of them were so close
03:25:15Plughbut most of them
03:25:30midknight2k3i dont think i'd like that
03:25:59Plughwhat's not to like about 350 naked people smoking drugs, swilling booze, and playing music WAY too loud?
03:26:16midknight2k3you're right
03:26:34midknight2k3since there's nothing at all wrong with it how would it contribute to the delinquncy of a minor?
03:26:41midknight2k3answer THAT, plug
03:27:10PlughI'm not a minor. I didn't say anything wasn't wrong with it. I said what's not to like?
03:27:21midknight2k3not you
03:27:43midknight2k3try to change the subject
03:28:02midknight2k3you didnt say there wasnt anything wrong with it?
03:28:11midknight2k3meaning you implied something was wrong with it?
03:28:34midknight2k3(if there's two don'ts or wrongs etc you can just remove both of them)
03:28:43midknight2k3if i say don't not do the laundry
03:28:57PlughI'm aware of double negatives
03:29:09midknight2k3I feel so smart
03:29:11PlughI'm also aware that my wife is waiting for me in the parking lot
03:29:15Plughseeya Monday
03:29:18midknight2k3bye plugh
03:33:16midknight2k3i guess now its gonna be boring in here
03:35:32midknight2k3crapos.. hardeep, is the resume settings embedded in firmware\mpeg.c?
03:37:03midknight2k3say I wanted to make the option, Press PLAY to resume, F1 to resume from start or any other key to exit
03:37:17midknight2k3mpeg.c needs to be modded for that?
03:38:09 Join top_bloke [0] (
03:40:08 Join mecraw [0] (
03:40:34top_blokehey mid
03:40:51top_blokei cant figure that patch thing out
03:40:54midknight2k3need to finish up the compiler dont we
03:41:04midknight2k3its pretty simple
03:41:08top_blokei tried doing it...
03:41:37top_blokeno success
03:44:14hardeeptop_bloke: what problem are you encountering?
03:44:37top_blokemid is helping me through it though
03:44:37midknight2k3i am helping
03:44:43hardeepoh, okay
03:44:47midknight2k3we got his compiler set up
03:44:53midknight2k3hardeep, did you see my question?
03:45:48hardeepmidknight2k3: the point to resume at is passed in as an argument to the playlist_start function
03:46:03hardeepso, just pass in 0 as the offset if you want to resume at beginning
03:46:03midknight2k3in mpeg.c?
03:46:07hardeepin playlist.c
03:46:14midknight2k3so wait...
03:46:31midknight2k3ok well i will ask if i have a problem
03:46:36midknight2k3thanks again lol
03:46:40midknight2k3you always help me
03:47:07hardeeptop_bloke: btw, i have compiled binaries that include the playlist viewer at
03:47:10midknight2k3gonna update your playlist viewer or gave up
03:47:32hardeepmidknight2k3: update with what?
03:47:43midknight2k3just to refresh
03:47:48midknight2k3it only will work with old versions
03:48:02midknight2k3unless you do it manually
03:48:02hardeepmidknight2k3: old versions of what?
03:48:10midknight2k3&ROCKbox of course
03:48:19hardeepoh, do you mean the patch?
03:48:29hardeepthe patch should work fine with latest CVS
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03:48:33top_blokethanks hardeep
03:48:53hardeepmidknight2k3: yeah, the code that it modifies hasn't been changed for a while
03:49:10midknight2k3it sounds superb
03:49:22midknight2k3i would love it if i used playlists often
03:49:37midknight2k3how about an option "alphabetize playlist"?
03:49:49midknight2k3sometimes I make a favorites playlist or similar
03:49:57midknight2k3i like the songs in order of title
03:49:57hardeepmidknight2k3: the "playlist" i'm referring to is whatever is currently playing
03:50:11top_blokeyeahthe order is all messed it
03:50:11midknight2k3i just meant in your patch
03:51:09hardeepmidknight2k3: it's certainly possible to sort
03:51:21hardeeptop_bloke: what order is messed up?
03:51:23midknight2k3in plain rockbox?
03:51:27midknight2k3the songs
03:51:36midknight2k3i think he as well likes em in alphabetical order
03:51:46hardeepmidknight2k3: er, i mean it's certainly possible to add a feature to rockbox to have it sort tracks
03:51:55top_blokeon a playlist when rockbox makes it
03:52:13midknight2k3it could go in your playlist viewer
03:52:14hardeeptop_bloke: oh, when using the playlist create option?
03:52:32top_blokeno prob though
03:52:41top_blokejust make playlist in winamp and sort it
03:52:46hardeepmidknight2k3: nah, it's not something i'd want to do in the viewer
03:53:04midknight2k3maybe i could lol
03:53:08hardeeptop_bloke: the playlist "created" using ON+PLAY->insert is sorted alphabetically
03:53:18midknight2k3btw hardeep
03:53:31hardeepsorry, not alphabetically
03:53:33midknight2k3whats with these new insert, insert next, insert last things
03:53:42hardeepin the order displayed in the tree browser
03:53:47midknight2k3why not just "insert"
03:54:05midknight2k3it complicates things
03:54:21midknight2k3sometimes it adds the whole dir if i do one command wrong
03:54:24hardeepmidknight2k3: they have different purposes...
03:54:30midknight2k3they do?
03:54:46midknight2k3I think track 1 was insert, track 2, 3, 4, 5 was insert next and track 6 is insert last
03:55:05midknight2k3so as to say #1 is first, 2 3 4 and 5 are next and 6 is last
03:56:06hardeepmidnight2k3: see for info on the functions
03:56:26midknight2k3thank you
03:56:48hardeepand here is some examples on how they work:
03:57:38midknight2k3The dynamic playlist code has been added to CVS.
03:57:43midknight2k3oh never mind
04:03:04top_blokeplaylist viewer is sweet
04:03:30top_blokeexcept would it be possible to sort the files aphabetically when in shuffle mode?
04:03:50midknight2k3thats a whole nother function
04:05:04top_blokeor how bout turn off shuffle when entering the viewer
04:05:10top_blokethat should be easy to do
04:05:16midknight2k3it is
04:05:17hardeeptop_bloke: you can already do that
04:05:20midknight2k3you could prolly do that
04:05:27top_blokeu can???
04:05:39hardeeptop_bloke: sure, F2->shuffle mode
04:05:41midknight2k3you can for sure
04:05:47hardeeptop_bloke: or settings menu
04:05:47top_blokewell yeah
04:05:49midknight2k3he means automatically
04:05:52top_blokei know that
04:05:56top_blokei mean auto
04:05:59top_blokeno big deal
04:06:06top_blokejust hit 2 buttons
04:06:26top_bloke3 is too much
04:06:59top_blokeor an option to remove the numbers at the beggining of each file
04:07:35top_blokegreat work though on the viewer
04:07:59hardeeptop_bloke: yeah, a number of people have asked about removing the numbers... I'll do that eventually
04:08:07hardeepwell, make an option to do that at least
04:08:29top_blokewhy dont u just put this in cvs?
04:08:42midknight2k3its not that easy
04:08:52midknight2k3you cant just say, cvs put in rockbox playlist viewer
04:08:58midknight2k3everyone has to approve, etc
04:09:10midknight2k3they have to work out any kinks
04:09:29top_blokethats why they have patches
04:10:36midknight2k3you cant just whip up a patch and say you wanna put it in rockbox
04:10:50midknight2k3thats for the developers to decide and if they do decide it's more work from there
04:12:29 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: EPIC on steroids.")
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06:13:28midknight2k3i know you
06:13:30midknight2k3dont i
06:13:33midknight2k3i talked to you before
06:42:02midknight2k3lively in here.
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08:00:27midknight2k3not that it matters
08:00:30 Quit midknight2k3 ()
08:24:31 Quit AciD- (" -")
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11:55:44GuestHey guys
12:00:19 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
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12:17:26 Join Guest [0] (
12:18:03GuestI've a few question about the archos ROM flashing
12:18:14GuestIf it fail
12:18:56GuestHow to repair it with UART boot mod ?
12:20:23uskifirst, the possibility it fail are very low
12:20:49uskiwhen i say very, i really mean very...
12:20:57uskiif it fails, the yes, you canr epair it with the uart boot mod
12:21:01uskiyou'll need first to make this mod
12:21:14uskialso you'll need a RS232 -> 0/3.3v level converter
12:37:52GuestOk, thx
12:38:21GuestAnd what's a RS232 -> 0/3.3v level converter ?
12:51:48GuestOk, it has worked
12:51:49GuestThx !
12:53:03GuestHeu ... now
12:53:44GuestWhen I put another firmware on the HD of the AJB, will it boot on it or will it boot on the Rom's firmware ?
13:16:08 Quit golot (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:16:09uskino idea
13:16:20uskii think it will use the ROM firmware unless you press F1+something
13:16:39uskii don't remember but there is a shortcut to run the original firmware which will load the firmware located in the HDD.
13:18:03 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
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13:59:34 Join The_Beast [0] (
14:00:02The_Beasthello everybody!
14:00:42The_Beasti need some info
14:00:49The_Beastis there any bdy?
14:02:22The_Beastam I really alone?? ;((
14:56:15 Join the|beast [0] (
14:59:07 Quit the|beast (Client Quit)
15:13:50 Join the|beast [0] (
15:14:49 Quit the|beast (Client Quit)
15:14:56 Quit The_Beast (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:15:27 Join the_beast [0] (
15:16:21 Nick the_beast is now known as the_beast[away] (
15:22:52 Join AciD [0] (
15:24:53the_beast[away]hi acid
15:25:06 Nick the_beast[away] is now known as the_beast (
15:25:42the_beasti need info about hardrive
15:26:02the_beastcan i change for a new one bigger than 32Go
15:26:18the_beastGB sorry
15:27:09the_beastyou don't know?
15:27:59the_beastthe problem is HD bigger than 32GB use 32kB clusters in FAT32
15:28:26the_beastis the firware able to manage it?
15:28:44the_beasthey R U still here?
15:29:27the_beasthey AciD ?
15:30:03AciD!google faq
15:30:35the_beasti search in it
15:31:23the_beastand I didn't find what i want
15:31:38the_beastdo you find anything?
15:36:17the_beast Support other filesystems than FAT32 (like NTFS or ext2 or whatever)!
15:36:17the_beastRockbox needs to support FAT32 since it can only start off a FAT32 partition (since that is the only way the ROM can load it), and adding support for more filesystems will just take away valueable ram for unnecessary features.
15:36:17DBUGEnqueued KICK the_beast
15:36:17the_beastYou can partition your Archos fine, just make sure the first one is FAT32 and then make the other ones whatever file system you want. Just don't expect Rockbox to understand them.
15:36:40the_beastand that:This FAQ doesn't answer the question I have. What should I do?
15:36:40the_beastYou have a couple options here. You could forget the question, find an easier question, or accept '42' as the answer no matter what. We don't really recommend any of these (though I do opt for '42' often myself). What we do recommend is stopping by IRC, visiting the web site ( to see if the question was answered else where (like our nodo FAQ) and just not included here
15:48:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:51:08the_beastok so i've just sent a mail to with my problem
15:51:39the_beasti hope I'll have an aswer
15:51:55 Part the_beast
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16:50:20 Join Mac_Cain13_ [0] (
16:50:38uskiyes ?
16:50:45uskiMac_Cain13 what is your problem
16:50:55uskimay you close the second client please ?
16:51:09Mac_Cain13_my IRC client hangs
16:51:13uskiok no proble
16:51:20uskiwhat's your problem ? :)
16:51:43Mac_Cain13_I try to get a version of sh-elf-gcc but I can't find them
16:52:00uskiwhat os are you using ?
16:52:09uskiwindows or linux or ... ?
16:52:13Mac_Cain13_RedHat Linux 9
16:52:29uskiok, so the easiest way is to compile one yourself
16:53:06Mac_Cain13_that's ok but where can I get the source code
16:53:14Mac_Cain13_I've found a GNU mirror (
16:53:28uskifollow this howto
16:53:35 Quit Mac_Cain13 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:53:39uskiand do NOT take other version of gcc than 3.0.4
16:53:55uskiit seems that most recent versions cannot successfully compile rockbox
16:54:33uskinp :)
16:59:17 Join zeenon [0] (
17:04:10MTgcc 3.2.0, gcc 3.2.1, gcc 3.2.2 all compile rockbox correctly
17:04:54MT> $ sh-elf-gcc -v
17:04:54MTReading specs from /home/tom/sh-elf/lib/gcc-lib/sh-elf/3.2.2/specs
17:04:54MTConfigured with: ../gcc-3.2.2/configure −−target=sh-elf −−prefix=/home/tom/sh-elf −−enable-languages=c
17:04:54DBUGEnqueued KICK MT
17:04:54MTThread model: single
17:04:54MTgcc version 3.2.2
17:04:58MTworks fine
17:06:55 Join hanzz [0] (
17:13:55 Join scott666 [0] (
17:19:56 Join k3no [0] (
17:38:47 Quit zeenon ()
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18:01:15 Join k3no [0] (
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18:38:16 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
18:43:22 Join k3no__ [0] (
18:51:52 Quit thu (Remote closed the connection)
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19:10:01 Quit hanzz ("I was using TinyIRC! Visit for more information.")
19:11:02 Join Mac_Cain13 [0] (
19:12:59Mac_Cain13Hello. I've a little problem :(
19:13:14midknight2k3what's up?
19:13:33Mac_Cain13I've downloaded the sh-elf sources
19:13:47Mac_Cain13and I try to compile them
19:13:56midknight2k3I don't assume I'd know much but I will try to answer your Q
19:14:16midknight2k3get an error?
19:14:52midknight2k3I wouldn't know much about that sorry
19:14:58Mac_Cain13when I compile gcc-3.0.4
19:16:44Mac_Cain13is there anybody that can help fix my problem?
19:17:21midknight2k3probably lots
19:17:31midknight2k3hardeep maybe, zagor, bagder and linus I bet
19:18:28Mac_Cain13mm okay I try again later
19:18:34 Quit Mac_Cain13 ("Tnx!")
19:18:38 Nick seb-sleep is now known as secretagentseb (
19:33:38 Join k3no__ [0] (
19:38:41 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
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20:15:23 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
21:11:07 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
21:11:41TBoycan someone explain to me what recursively means
21:11:59scott666it uses itself
21:12:13TBoyor even better what this function does
21:12:14TBoyRecursively Insert Directories?
21:12:33scott666it gets all of the directories below it
21:12:47TBoyoh like subdir
21:12:57TBoyoh ok thx
21:13:14TBoybeen wantin to know that for a while
21:13:51scott666i love recursive acronyms
21:14:00scott666like LAME ot GNU
21:14:43TBoyknow that you mention it
21:14:55TBoyhey I just finished translatin rb to icelandic
21:15:10scott666heh, that sounds interesting
21:15:26scott666like sigur rós
21:15:40TBoynope not that much
21:15:43scott666or björk
21:16:17scott666heh, yeah i know
21:16:27TBoyalthough its funny that these bands make pretty strange music
21:16:46TBoyespecially björk
21:16:51scott666theyre both fuckin awesome
21:17:08TBoyhave you ever seen that video from sigur rós
21:17:15TBoywhere those two boys
21:17:39TBoythat are playin football and start kissing on the field and there dads come running and pull them apart
21:17:47TBoythat reminds me of björk
21:17:56TBoyyea they were like 10
21:17:59scott666but i heard about hte video for svefn-g-englar and like its a bunch of people with down syndrome dancing
21:18:15TBoythats it I think
21:18:25TBoyits mighty strange
21:18:36TBoyyou know what svefn englar mean
21:18:58scott666but i think i read it on their site once
21:19:11TBoyjust incase, in-dream angels/sleep angels
21:19:26TBoythe latter is a direct translation
21:21:10scott666the pronouciation thing on their site is really interesting
21:30:31 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:30:39 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:36:58 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
21:39:24 Join mecraw_ [0] (
21:45:23TBoywhat do I need to do
21:45:38TBoyto get my languages file to the rockbox site
21:47:37hardeepTBoy: post your lang file to the patch tracker
21:48:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:49:53TBoyI'll have to register, right?
21:50:04hardeepTBoy: probably
21:52:45TBoyI feel like apart of the crew
21:52:51TBoyhehe :D
22:04:47TBoyI just upload it as íslenska.lang
22:04:54TBoynever mind
22:04:59TBoyfound out myself
22:22:23 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
22:25:02TBoywould it be possible to save different sound settings for each mp3 file
22:25:27TBoylike save the info on bass, treble, etc., as a tag
22:25:41TBoyor in the comments tag
22:25:46scott666not without adding code to rockbox
22:25:51 Join The_Beast [0] (
22:25:52TBoyI know that
22:26:06 Join AciD- [0] (
22:26:15scott666then sure, you can do whatever you want
22:26:31The_Beasti have a question and i sent it
22:26:44The_Beastthis e mail adress is still valid?
22:26:46TBoyand that wouldn't take to long to read out
22:28:04The_Beastis there an "rockbox engineer" here??
22:28:25The_Beastok thanks
22:28:26TBoyhardeep, for example
22:28:46The_Beasti need info this night (yes its10PM in france)
22:29:03TBoyI know im in germany
22:29:42The_Beasti'd like to upgrade my jukebox player's hard drive
22:29:49The_Beastwith a 40GB
22:29:59TBoyso its a player
22:30:04TBoynot a recorder
22:30:15The_Beastand the firmware and the hardware are able to manage it?
22:30:23The_Beastno recorder
22:30:52TBoyhere's a guide
22:31:03The_Beastbecause in fat 32 and above 32GB clusters are 32kB
22:31:09The_Beasti know this page
22:31:29The_Beasti save it and studied it for weeks
22:31:34TBoypeople have upgraded to 40gigs on here
22:31:48TBoyyes the thing with the cluster size
22:31:52TBoyis not a problem
22:31:58The_Beastfat32 can manage up to 200GB
22:32:32The_Beastok so we can put up to a 2000GB HD (theorically)!
22:32:51TBoywell yea
22:32:55TBoyyou could say that
22:33:41The_Beastand i've read that above 8GB, some part of the fat was wrote outside the "normal fat's area"
22:34:13TBoyyea I think if the drive is bigger then 8 gigs
22:34:38The_Beasti've already bought a adaptator to plud the HD on IDE
22:34:48TBoyyou have to use fat 32
22:35:00TBoyI don't know how it works
22:35:09TBoyI still have my 20 gig hdd
22:35:11The_Beastand i tried with a 3 GB HD 2"5
22:35:17TBoydid it work
22:35:35The_Beasti know that th HD must be in FAT 32
22:36:02The_Beasti didn't put it in the jukebox but it's works
22:36:53The_Beasti will buy the 40GB (2"5 * 9mm) HD and put it into my Archos
22:37:03The_Beastnow i'm sure it'll work
22:37:18The_Beastthat's what i wanted to know
22:37:44TBoyyes it will work
22:38:00TBoyjust make sure you format it to fat32 before you install it
22:38:32The_Beasti konw that thanks
22:38:33TBoysince I'm not shure if you can format it, while its raw, in usb mode
22:39:01The_Beastok but i told you that i bought a ide adaptator
22:39:05The_Beastto format it
22:39:08TBoyoh yea
22:39:14The_Beastand tranfer my 15Gb of mp3
22:39:15TBoyforgot that
22:39:23TBoylooks like your set to go
22:39:31The_Beastit'll be this one:|354148|354147
22:39:36TBoywish you luck
22:39:52TBoylooks good
22:40:06TBoyprice is acceptable
22:40:14The_Beastwhat about a 5400rpm one instead?
22:40:46TBoyyea I have been thinkin about upgrading mine, but I here those use more power
22:40:50TBoyand about 2-3%
22:40:50The_Beastthis site is cheap
22:41:13TBoyI mean
22:41:20The_Beastand it costs 20% more!!
22:41:27TBoythey use more power and its only 2-3% faster
22:41:34TBoyI think its not worth it
22:41:42The_Beasti do
22:41:55TBoyyou think so
22:41:59 Join mIcHaelOl [0] (
22:42:13The_Beastyeah i do
22:42:31TBoyok just make shure you check some hd-test
22:42:47TBoyon some sites like:
22:42:49The_Beastas i said this site is cheap but i hope it's liable
22:42:51TBoythats a good site
22:43:04TBoyfor hardware tests
22:43:10TBoyand reviews
22:43:25The_Beastmine is a IBM travelstar and i think is good
22:43:30 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
22:46:21The_Beastok i'd like to thank you for aswering me
22:46:43The_Beastnow i know all (no i'm not God)
22:46:44TBoyno problem man
22:46:53TBoyhave fun
22:47:24The_Beastand what about this email adress: ?
22:48:49TBoyI don't know
22:49:07TBoyI always come here if I have questions or likewise
22:49:26The_Beastcauz i send my question to it this morning and i have no aswer
22:49:32The_Beastok thx
22:49:56The_Beastand i congratulate all the team for you really great job!!
22:51:12The_Beastand the maintenace is good just by chating on the net!!
22:51:12 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:51:34 Join mecraw_ [0] (
22:51:47The_Beastsome sellers (and your firmware is free) must learn all that
22:53:15The_Beasti buy the HD right now!!
22:55:20TBoyyes rockbox was one of the reasons I picked archos
22:55:50The_Beasti didn't know rockbox when i bought my jukebox
22:56:08 Quit mIcHaelOl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:56:24The_Beastbut whe i dicover it on the net (1 year after buying my juk)
22:56:33The_Beasti try your firmware
22:57:07The_Beastand think tha it's better and better than the Archos' one
22:57:54The_Beaston the site above 100€(euro) they offer you the delivery!
23:07:42scott666oh yeah, i had a question
23:07:56scott666my F2 button broke
23:08:08scott666it doesnt pop up anymore, it just stays depressed
23:09:02TBoyoh had that on my fm too
23:09:15TBoysent it to archos, after contacting them
23:09:23TBoygot a new faceplate
23:09:32TBoythen 2 months later
23:09:42TBoymy hd hat a header crash
23:09:47TBoyso I sent it again
23:09:53TBoyand got new one
23:10:02TBoyand this one looks alot more robust
23:10:37 Join track [0] (
23:17:21 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:17:31 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as Whoopie (
23:17:32 Quit Whoopie (Client Quit)
23:23:14 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:25:24The_Beasthihi ( i know there's nothing fun)
23:25:56The_Beastthat's ok, i've just bought my HD
23:26:27The_Beasti hope i'd have it next week end
23:28:31The_Beasthey i'm asking what the useful of the very small hole on the hard drives
23:28:57The_Beastit musn't be cover but why?
23:31:18The_Beastnobody know? ok
23:32:32The_Beasti think it regulate the pressure inside the HD but that's all i know
23:44:38The_Beastthnak you and hav'fun!
23:45:10 Quit The_Beast ()
23:47:52 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
23:48:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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