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#rockbox log for 2003-09-14

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02:39:39midknight2k3do they ever stop coming up with them BitchX exit lines?
02:43:19midknight2k3hey bod
02:43:28midknight2k3havent seen you in a while
02:43:35BoD[]yup :)
02:43:39BoD[]hey I have an english question
02:43:51midknight2k3english question?
02:43:59BoD[]how do you start a formal letter ?
02:44:26midknight2k3getting used to this Xchat is odd
02:44:31midknight2k3let's see
02:44:42midknight2k3date is in upper right corner...
02:44:52midknight2k3or was that address?
02:45:03midknight2k3i dont think you should take advice from me
02:45:09BoD[]that's not important but
02:45:15BoD[]just ... how do you say "hello" ? :)
02:45:36BoD[]should I say "dear sir" ? maybe it's too formal
02:45:40midknight2k3I don't usually write formal letters. wouldn't know
02:45:53midknight2k3too formal
02:46:05BoD[]it's a mail for a job application
02:46:34BoD[]maybe "greetings" ?
02:46:40midknight2k3that sounds good
02:47:29BoD[]ok thnx
02:47:45midknight2k3if you call that "help" youre welcome
02:47:50midknight2k3i'm gonna try klient
02:47:53BoD[]ahaah :)
02:48:02midknight2k3you use windows?
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02:49:57midknight2k3trying klient
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02:51:26midknight2k3it works!
02:51:31midknight2k3i likey
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02:55:08midknight2k3it works
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02:55:36midknight2k3gtg for a bit
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05:30:25jbodesoldering time has arrived
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06:02:58jbodesoldering was a success, top and bottom boards sucessfully seperated
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06:54:17jboreassembly didn't go so well
06:54:24jbomy 20 gig jukebox, RIP
07:02:04scott666is it dead?
07:02:33scott666like melted it into a puddle dead?
07:03:16jbono, but when you give it power (batteries and charger) the red and green LEDs come on and nothing happens
07:03:51scott666what were you trying to do?
07:04:30jboit got a case of stuttering, so i was seeing if anything was going on at the PCB level
07:04:51jboi tried all reformatting the HD and putting a different one in there, no dice
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10:38:47GuestIs it possible to improve the AJB's battery autonomy ?
10:40:23uskiyes, with the 8mb RAM mod
10:40:33uskiyou will get 15-30% more autonomy
10:40:42uskiBUT it is difficult to do and you need SMT soldering experience
10:41:59GuestOk, that's not for me
10:42:11uskiyou can also nuy big capacity batteries
10:42:16uskilike 2100mAh
10:42:20GuestIs it possible to replace battery ?
10:42:26uskiof course yes :)
10:43:06GuestHow many time I get ?
10:43:16GuestWith 2100mAh ?
10:43:27uskiyou are currently using the battery provided by archos ? if yes they are 1500mAh
10:43:39uskiso you get 40% more autonomy
10:43:47uskiso if you have 10 hours, you will have 14 hours
10:44:20GuestDoes it will works with this one ?
10:44:48uskiyes; are you sure they are shipping to france ? if yes im interested ;)
10:45:28HesGuest: assuming you do not have the FM Recorder which has a li-ion battery for which replacements are not available in shops
10:45:50GuestI've the AJBR15
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10:46:11uskiHes: hmm interesting i did not knew this fact
10:46:22GuestI don't if they ship to france
10:46:33miracle2kHi everybody
10:46:33uskiok it seems they do not ship to france but only in the US
10:46:50GuestYou're french ?
10:46:54uskiyea :)
10:47:04GuestOn est 2 franšais
10:47:08GuestEt on parle anglais
10:47:13uskibut please speak english in the channel, if you want to talk in france speak to me privately :)
10:47:47uskithat's because it is an english room, and it is not very funny to see people speaking something that you don't understand, so it is a respect for the others users
10:48:20miracle2kI have a question concerning the SF Bugtracker und Feature Request Trackers.
10:48:46miracle2kWhere can i get this scripts used on the Rockbox page?
10:48:55miracle2kAre the available for free?
10:50:38miracle2kIs there nobody from the Rockbox team who know that?
10:51:02HesBtw, at least in finland, larger capacity NiMH batteries are available almost in every shop that sells consumer electronics.
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10:51:58HesAnd I think they're not so expensive that ordering online would be cost-effective (shipping costs are large when compared to the price of the batteries)
10:52:04uskiHes: yea but here in France large capacity batteries are crazyly expensive
10:52:22uskilike 19euros without VAT for ONE 2200mAh AA battery
10:53:07uskiyes... if i find a shop in USA or in europe that accepts to export some batteries i will do it
10:53:21uskii will pay customs taxes but who cares
11:03:07uskiok, for your information, and for this to be in the logs, i found 2100mAh NiMh batteries, pack of 4 = 16 euros including VAT, in France
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17:23:35diddystar5MT: you there?
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21:00:49jbowell, since i killed my 20 gig juke deader than dead, i just now got home with a 20 gig recorder
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22:41:32tpelliottAnyone try Energuzer 2100mAh AA batteries?
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22:48:17tpelliottHi diddystar
22:49:23tpelliottWhat Archos model doe you have?
22:52:14diddystar5recorder 20
22:52:46tpelliottRecorder 20, just upgraded to 60!
22:53:46diddystar5cool 20 gigs works for me at the moment :)
22:54:22tpelliottI was running out of room. The drive is really easy to replace.
22:55:07diddystar5yep it is very easy it seems so hard until you actualy do it
22:55:50diddystar5the thing i don't like is taking apart the boards that was scary
22:57:18tpelliottI'm glad you don't have to take apart the board to replace the drive, although I would love to have the 8 meg upgrade.
22:58:07diddystar5you don't have to take the boards apart to do the 8meg mod
22:58:22diddystar5after you take the drive out, the chip is right under it
23:00:10tpelliottYes but you have to cut out the old chip and solder in the new one. I can't handle that lovol of detail.. Have you done the upgrade yourself?
23:00:58diddystar5no but i have been practicing soldering on some broken stuff i hope to do it sometime
23:02:20tpelliottWhat batteries are you using? I just got a set of Energizer 2100mAh's Haven't tried them yet.
23:03:03diddystar5im using 1800 mA they are the best i can find at the moment without ordering
23:03:05tpelliottThe typical Energizer's I've seen have been 1850
23:03:53tpelliottEnergizer 2100's are new. I found them at Best Buy.
23:04:25diddystar5its 40 miles to the nearest best buy for me
23:05:02tpelliottThey also have 30 minute chargers but I'm usually not in that big of a hurry. Try Walmart or similar stores.
23:05:31tpelliottI would think those quick chargers would be harder on the battery.
23:07:10diddystar5i never liked the idea of those quick chargers they may be good though
23:07:31tpelliottI hate the barrery covers. I have to be careful, I've broken one of the small plastic clips. I'll probably stick to charging in the unit most of the time.
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23:08:08diddystar5ouch is your unit flashed?
23:08:42tpelliottYes. Mine is flashed. Starts really fast. Is yours flashed?
23:09:02diddystar5yes do you ever charge using rockbox?
23:10:30tpelliottYes. The only problm I have with the charging screen is it comes on first when I insert the power plug, even if I want to use the USB connection.
23:11:21tpelliottOr it till try to resume play, and hang instead of going to the USB screen.
23:12:35diddystar5that happens to everyone
23:13:12tpelliottGood, it's a known bug and will be fixed, hopefully.
23:14:02diddystar5im not sure need to talk to [IDC]Dragon about that one
23:14:37tpelliottIf it happens to everyone, I'm sure he knows about it.
23:17:37 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:18:33diddystar5ladies and gentlemen: it's Hardeep Sidhu!
23:19:35tpelliottThe author of the great dynamic playlist feature!
23:19:48 Join Bagder [0] (
23:19:56diddystar5and dynamic playlists acctually!
23:20:05hardeepheya bagder
23:20:10Bagderhey ho
23:20:49CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 28 minutes at the last flood
23:20:49*diddystar5 is ready for 2.1!
23:20:55tpelliottI still want to be able to add tracks with a single key
23:21:10 Join top_bloke [0] (
23:21:33diddystar5tpelliott: a on+f1 maybe? heh?
23:22:51tpelliottFinger slips and I hit Play at the rong time and wipe out my playlist.
23:23:43tpelliottI would love to use F3 to add. I rarely use it now anyway.
23:29:08 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
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23:34:28XAnyone currently here?
23:34:52*Bagder hides
23:35:05XI wanted to purchase better batteries for my Archos Jukebox Studio 20 Player
23:35:18Xnot sure what kind of brand or what i should be looking for
23:35:31Xmost of the stuff in the rockbox tutorial or whatever is referring to german shops/etc
23:35:48hardeepX: take a look at, they've got some useful information on what to look for
23:36:04Xthanks you
23:36:06Xi will take a look
23:36:12Xalso on another note
23:36:31Xthe red light = hard drive activity - should thate come on a lot [i.e. accessing new folders, starting to play a song, etc] ?
23:36:38Xnot sure how much it should be coming on
23:36:50hardeepX: every time the hard drive is accessed it will come on
23:37:05hardeepso, when you enter a new folder, we have to read te hard drive to find out what's in it
23:37:24hardeepsame with playing, we need to load the track from hard drive
23:37:30XOk, just checking - when i first got my player, the hard drive was messed up and all the files were corrupt - so i had to format
23:37:45tpelliottI just got Energizer 2100 mAh batteries at Best Buy. They should be more common now.
23:38:12hardeeptpelliott: how are they working out?
23:39:00tpelliottI haven't used them yet. I'll probably put them in tonight ald let them charge overnight.
23:39:55tpelliottI know I should let them go through several charge/discharge cycles to evaluate them. I'll make sure deep discharge is turned on.
23:40:30XThere are a lot of different shapes for the nimh batteries, which one should I be looking for?
23:40:47hardeepX: AA
23:41:14Xi thought it was the box-lookin ones
23:41:45hardeepX: it's AA on the studio and recorder models
23:42:11hardeepX: the fm-recorder has a propietary Li-ion battery
23:42:26tpelliottIt has been pretty good keeping up with me adding files to my new 60 gig drive over USB2. I keep it plugged in with trickle charge on/deep discharge off when copying large amounts of files over USB2
23:42:33Xso i should look for something like that if i go to the store?
23:42:37hardeepX: i have the sanyo 2100s listed on that page, work really well
23:42:51hardeepX: yes
23:43:14Xi got the player for my b-day
23:43:33Xand with the "official firmware" it'd skip every so often [i think when playing higher bitrate songs]
23:43:40Xbut the rockbox one doesnt
23:43:42tpelliottX: I would look for the new Energizer 2100's at your local discount stores first.
23:44:22XI'd really like to get new batteries so my player willl last longer
23:46:43tpelliottI think the green batteries that came with my Archos are 1500.. I also have some 1600 RayOVac's. I also use them in my digital camera and cordless mouse.
23:47:42 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
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23:50:23tpelliottHardeep: How much play time do you get with your "broken in" 2100 batteries?
23:53:57 Quit X ("Leaving")
23:58:27hardeeptpelliott: i haven't done a real "play time" test... i'm averaging around 12 hours right now but I plug in usb frequently

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