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#rockbox log for 2003-09-16

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00:21:22mrsubwayAnybody here?
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00:21:52Bagdera bit
00:22:14mrsubwayHaving a problem. I flashed the Archos with Rockbox. For some reason, the battery won't charge.
00:22:36mrsubwayThe rockbox charger says "battery mode not charging. I have to use the archos firmware to charge it.
00:23:00Bagdersorry, I have no clue on flashed versions
00:23:32mrsubwayWorks great other than that. Perhaps the battery has to be almost dead for it to work. I've done it with like 15% capacity.
00:23:56Bagderothers have mentioned similar problems as well
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00:47:01Bagderits not a room
00:47:05Bagderits a channel! ;-)
00:47:19trackhello baggie
00:47:43trackdid u get the request
00:48:05Bagdernot possible due to hw restrictions
00:48:14trackwhy not?
00:48:22Bagderbecause the screen scrolls only verically
00:48:26Bagderits a hw feature
00:48:42trackhope u havent recjected it :(
00:48:48BagderI haven't
00:48:56trackmakes a change
00:49:23trackim just wondereing what comment u will put down ;-)
00:50:07Bagdertoo busy to fill in
00:52:27trackhavent seen zagor for a while
00:53:02Bagderhe's been quite busy
00:53:14Bagderas has linusn
00:53:26trackwhat new features do u have in mind to add now?
00:53:36BagderI don't have any in mind
00:53:50BagderI won't add anything in the nearest future
00:54:14trackif3 tag edititing woould be useful
00:54:15BagderI hope to meat with Björn and Linus to work on the patches
00:54:44tracki wouldn't mind coming :)
00:55:02Bagderyou're welcome
00:55:23trackill get beaten up ;-)
00:58:52trackdo the character cells on the player work the same way as the character cells on a calculator but with dots instead of line segments?
00:59:29BagderI really don't know
00:59:44BagderI gotta sleep
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01:06:18trackWhat are the screen resolutions of the Player and Recorder again?@
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03:42:37diddystar5gotta go
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08:32:52freakmnanyone there?
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14:07:00DexterAYSsomeone here?
14:09:21*dwihno is. How may I help you?
14:09:47*webmind is
14:11:14DexterAYShi dwihno, id'd just wanted to ask if someone has experience with bigger harddrives in ajb, i read on the webpage that ppl modifed it, but what's the experience? are they more sensible, get damaged easier and stuff? I'd like to get a used 6GB AJB and upgrade to 80 GB ;-)
14:12:36*webmind upgraded to 40gb disk
14:12:38webmindno problems
14:12:57webmindseem to be asking bit more power to spin up...not sure
14:24:57DexterAYSwhat brand is your 40 GB ?
14:26:57dwihnoDexterAYS: I use 60 gig.
14:27:13dwihnoJust make sure the LCD isn't scratched.
14:27:24dwihnoGet a recorder
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14:32:30DexterAYSand i need the 2,5 to 2,5 adaptor for formatting, that's all!?!! so what brands do you guys use?
14:32:56dwihnoNot really
14:32:58DexterAYSwhy recorder? i don't want to recorde analog audio signals...
14:33:12dwihnoI just put my new disk in the unit and connected it to my windows box and formatted it
14:33:20dwihnoThe recorder has a bitmap LCD
14:33:28dwihnothe players have charcells
14:33:41dwihnoBitmap = fonts, neat scrolling and INVERTED CURSOR ;D
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14:37:57knobby_don't recorders have 8 megs or ram too?
14:39:13dwihnoOnly 2 megs
14:39:23dwihnoYou CAN however perform the update if you are a hardware ninja
14:41:51knobby_so which ones have 8 meg?
14:42:03knobby_fm recorders?
14:43:35dwihnonone, really...
14:43:35DexterAYSdamn 8meg would be cool ;) but i read the instruction on modifying and well, i don't wanna kill my unit ,(
14:43:43dwihnothe multimedia maybe has 8 meg
14:43:55knobby_oh, so it's simply an upgrade for ninjas
14:44:57dwihnoWell, I don't know how ninja it is, but it DOES include surface mounting
14:45:10knobby_surface mount chips are for ninjas only :)
14:47:47DexterAYSyeah rite... does anyone has experienced display probelms (like on nokia cellphones), display disappears and when you press on it it may come back with luck?
14:48:22MTi called archos yesterday to rma my fmr
14:48:34MTthey refused to deal with me, told me to call my supplier
15:12:00DexterAYSdwihno: so there's no GB limit on rockbox (as it should be ;-)!?!! if your 60gb works fine.........
15:14:30dwihnoDexterAYS: 120gb+ should work
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15:33:51DexterAYSdwihno: ah cool -thanx.... so just connecting the ajb with the new hd per usb with the pc works for formatting etc.!?!
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15:34:27dwihnoDexterAYS: Well, I used paragon's partitioning tool (demo) to do it, but it should work.
15:35:03knobby_right now rockbox only support ATA/ATAPI-5 which is limited to 137 Gigs
15:35:31dwihnothat's the magic limit
15:35:41dwihnoWell, the largest 2.5" disks are 80 gbyte
15:35:58knobby_which is why they haven't supported ATA/ATAPI-6 I would guess. :)
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15:36:21dwihnoand my 60 still has 13 gigs free (and I also store 20 gigs of shiznat on the disk) :)
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15:40:23DexterAYSdwihno: so should it work with normal windows formatting, too? or do i need the special paragon tool? sry i'm a coder but not too deep into usb harddrives and windows support ;)
15:43:15diddystar5rockbox is at 92.3077% acitve this week lets see if we can get that to 99% everyone start getting source from cvs and keep clicking refresh on rockbox sf page!
15:43:18dwihnoDexterAYS: the ISD300 in the recorder is mass storage compliant and works without drivers on 2k and XP
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16:02:08DexterAYSdwihno: okay, thanx so far.... the recorder is the same in upgrading the hd?
16:03:13dwihnoDexterAYS: Well, I just used the torx screws, got it open, bent, used violence, got the stuff apart, cleaned some dust (you should do that too! ^_^), inserted the new disk, booted everything up, put everything togeter after making sure it worked
16:04:54MTfmr is harder
16:05:09MTtook me nearly 2hrs to take apart and put back together
16:05:21MTthat might have something to do with how crap i am with a soldering iron tho
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16:25:31DexterAYSokay thank you all dudes, i'll try to get that working, i need my private radio back up again, and with many gigs ;) c ya - thx !!
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21:20:33yetican anyone help (compile firmware)
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21:23:16yeti2can anyone help me by troubles to compile the firmware?
21:24:02uskiyes i can try (but i can't stay for ;long)
21:24:07uskifirst what version of gcc are you using ?
21:24:22uskiif you use a version mroe recent than 3.0.4, downgrade to it and try again
21:25:00yeti2i use cygwin (lastest version)
21:25:20uskiyes but what about the c compiler ? have you compiled the cross compiler for the sh1 platform ?
21:25:45uskisee this:
21:26:03yeti2well, i'm not a programmer ... a wana just make my own firmware (with patches)
21:27:09yeti2it work "fine" bud: the "lang.c" is missing
21:28:31uskii can't help you: i must leave now :\
21:28:45uskistay some minutes here, and if nobody answer you can try to send a mail to the mailling list
21:29:00uskibut first look in the archive perhaps this problem is known
21:30:35yeti2thx - perhaps i find out whats happen ... CU (?) here
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22:30:44BoD[]Hello, world!
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22:51:29Plughhi bod
22:51:38Plughet al
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