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#rockbox log for 2003-09-18

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00:10:17antoinehello, I'm having a problem with rockbox2.0 on my archos recorder 15Gb : when I play a file, only the top menu is displayed, I don't see the file name, the progression bar and all the other information that should appear on the screen. ideas?
00:12:49knobby__does the file play?
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00:15:25scott666but the wps is blank?
00:15:54antoinethe top menu (battery status, play status, etc..) appears, but not file informations
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00:16:09scott666ive seen that
00:16:30antoinefound a solution?
00:16:43scott666its still in the daily builds
00:16:46scott666just reboot
00:17:06antoineusing the official os?
00:17:41antoinethis means i can't use rockbox without this problem?
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01:20:00DarthWufeiThis is a rather silly question but, I got some kind of audio cord with my Recorder, can I record from the stereo with it?
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01:50:01KanKanhi scott: are u planning to work on the Multimedia version?
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01:54:57scott666mainly since i dont have one...and im not a developer
01:55:42KanKanok i am not as well and don't even know if Multimedia Sources are available
01:58:25KanKanhave a good day
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02:32:49diddystar5hey mecraw
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03:37:03midknight2k3haha plugh
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06:34:50Epoch`_Heya, is anyone around?
06:34:55Epoch`_I need some serious help, really quick
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06:35:06*Epoch`_ prays.
06:42:51Epoch`_come'on.... someone has to be idle.
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11:02:40k3nodamn ghost
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16:34:52Darth_Sebulba04having connection issues?
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17:27:17Guesthello all
17:27:39Guestcan i ask a question about rockbox flash here?
17:28:12Darth_Sebulba04You can ask, but theres a good chance I don't know the answer.
17:28:56MTYou can ask, and theres a good chance I will
17:29:15MTor at least hum and hah until i find the answer
17:29:44Guestthe flash info shows question marks ... i'm a not lucky man...
17:29:56Guesthow can i proced to flash it.?
17:29:56MTyou arent
17:30:21MTyou can buy some replacement flash chips, desolder the original and resolder the new one on
17:30:57Guest"The only chance then is to solder in the right chip (SST39VF020), "
17:30:59MTapart from that, zippo, zilch, null, void, empty, nothing
17:31:05Guesthow can i see it?
17:31:34MTwith your eyes?
17:31:44MTsee the flash chip?
17:31:58Guesti don't know
17:32:24Guestis it written or must i test if it works?
17:32:30Guest"If the flash info gives you question marks, you're out of luck. The only chance then is to solder in the right chip (SST39VF020), at best with the firmware already in. If the chip is blank, you'll need the UART boot mod as well. "
17:32:48MThave you ever soldered anything before?
17:33:20Guestan over word for soldered plz? (i'm french and my english is...)
17:33:54Guesti haven't touch enithing physycal from my archos
17:34:49MTto flash your archos you would need to desolder and solder a new chip in
17:35:05Guestokay no over solution?
17:35:16MTno other solution
17:36:28Guestin a part time (when the waranti will be out) i will change the buffer 2->8mb is it a similar operation?
17:37:06MTexcept much harder
17:38:52 Quit D` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:39:52Guestis it explicted how to proceed as for the 2->8mb mod (
17:41:54 Quit k3no (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:42:26Guestcan rockbox have wrong for the question marks? can he do an error? my archos is recent (februar : jekebox recorder 20 20 gb usb2.0)
17:42:51MTif it has ? for flash, you cannot flash
17:43:22Guesti can try whitout danger?
17:47:34 Join Guest1 [0] (
17:48:07Guest1i'm ghest
17:48:18Guest1can i try whithout danger to flash it if i have the question marks?
17:50:08Guest1it's not important thanks for have answer to my questions bye all
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17:56:25*Darth_Sebulba04 shrugs
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18:22:11 Join deff [0] (
18:22:32deffi need some help for a flashing of a recorder
18:22:38deffi m french;
18:22:46LinusNoh, then you need help :-)
18:23:22deffin the hw info D=?? :: flashin is it impossible?
18:24:10LinusNthen you have to replace the flash chip, not very easy for the unexperienced
18:24:34deffno one over solution;
18:24:46deffand is it dangerous to try it?
18:25:29LinusNwell, it is probably risk-free, since the flash chip does not respond to the programmingcommands
18:25:50deff:: ok thx ;;a lot;
18:26:28deffeuh last question :: do you now the price of a good flash chip?
18:26:53LinusNi haven't the faintest idea, but it shouldn't be that much
18:27:02LinusNyou could probably get some samples for free
18:27:08LinusNfrom the manufacturer
18:27:46LinusNbut it is not easy to replace them if you haven't used a soldering iron before
18:27:57LinusNit is very difficult
18:28:03deffwhats this?
18:28:08deff soldering iron before
18:28:43LinusNsoldering iron == the hot pen-like device used to solder the chips to the PCB
18:29:24deffok i understand i think s that s not a probleme for an ingenieur ;;
18:29:32LinusNok then
18:29:49LinusNje ne connais pas le mot
18:30:06deffme too
18:30:26deffthx a lot: ++
18:30:38 Quit deff ()
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18:58:24 Join maaF [0] (
18:59:18maaFlo all
19:01:50 Join LinusN [200] (
19:03:26maaFAnyone know where I can get my hand on an old style Archos Recorer 20gb in the UK? Hardly anywhere seems to have them! Preferably 2nd hand BTW
19:04:07LinusNi have no idea
19:04:53 Join edx` [0] (
19:05:10Darth_Sebulba04old style?
19:05:30maaFyup, the original ones - silver with blue sides
19:06:31Darth_Sebulba04sounds like the one I bought this summer, but I don't see how its "old style".. and I'm in the US, I was just curious as to what that referred to.
19:07:06LinusNold style != fm recorder
19:07:21Darth_Sebulba04mines not an fm recorder
19:07:32maaFlol! I say old style, as its not the silver ones with colour screens im after
19:07:33LinusNthen it is old style
19:08:02LinusNi thought you meant "not fm"
19:08:12LinusNbut you mean "not multimedia"
19:08:40maaFThats it! Sorry, couldnt think of the right terms
19:10:26*Darth_Sebulba04 wonders where most of archos' business comes from.
19:10:54maaFDo you not rate Archos's?
19:10:57PlughI bought mine because of price and drive size
19:11:15Darth_Sebulba04Same here
19:11:15Plughand a friend gave it a good recommendation
19:11:56*Darth_Sebulba04 nods
19:12:02maaFI just want something that can be used as a hard drive as well as an MP3 player.....The archos seems to fit the bill
19:12:25Darth_Sebulba04does for me
19:13:55maaFTheres very few shops near me that stock MP3 players. Id love to be able to compare some side by side, but its just not possible
19:15:01maaFSorry never heard of it!
19:15:03Plughevil place, but good for side-by-side comparison
19:15:19Plughit's in California, Nevada, and Texas
19:15:30Darth_Sebulba04must be nice to have those around
19:16:00maaFHehe, im in the UK! Brb
19:16:13Plughimagine a grocery store that has computer parts instead of vegetables and canned goods
19:16:21Plughthen triple the size of it
19:17:02Darth_Sebulba04I've heard of them
19:17:14LinusNthe archos jukebox is one of the few devices with true USB Mass-Storage compliance
19:17:29Darth_Sebulba04which is nice
19:17:36LinusNand without silly copy-protection bullsh*t
19:17:46LinusN(with Rockbox)
19:18:55PlughI wouldn't mind a nod toward DRM. It would make audio book distributers take the Archos seriously as a distribution platform
19:19:41LinusNPlugh: woudln't it be better if the audio book distributers scrapped DRM instead?
19:21:03PlughI wouldn't mind that, but they won't get distro rights from the publishers if they did
19:21:32LinusNi know, i know
19:21:44PlughI'm a practical man
19:22:12LinusNif i was in a bad mood, i'd call you a sheep or similar
19:22:39PlughI spend all my time ripping DRM out of my audio books so I can put them on my Archos
19:22:48PlughI'm far from a sheep in that respect
19:23:03 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:23:27*LinusN is compiling Emacs on his "new" Macintosh
19:23:42PlughI've never gotten into emacs
19:23:49PlughI don't even know how to save and exit
19:23:57Darth_Sebulba04i'm sorry ;)
19:24:07Darth_Sebulba04your not missing much
19:24:18LinusNctrl-s and ctrl-x ctrl-c respectively :-)
19:24:30LinusNsorry, ctrl-x ctrl-s
19:24:37LinusNor ?
19:24:56LinusNhmm, it's somewhere in my spine, never came to think of the exact sequence
19:25:13 Nick edx` is now known as edx (
19:25:20LinusNemacs is king
19:25:34Plughvi works for me
19:25:49*LinusN feels the vi vs emacs war coming to life
19:25:52*Darth_Sebulba04 agrees all the way
19:25:56Plughno war needed
19:26:00PlughI said it works for me
19:26:05LinusNi like vi
19:26:14Plughdoesn't work for you. emacs works for you. That's cool
19:26:15Darth_Sebulba04& it works for me, I can accept others don't use it
19:26:22LinusNit's everywhere, like a good old friend
19:27:00LinusNi'm using vi on my mac as we speak
19:27:35 Join _aLF [0] (
19:27:41PlughI use vi for everything. Coding, email, file viewing...
19:27:43LinusNOS X isn't all that shabby...
19:28:11LinusNlots of eye candy
19:28:15PlughI want a mac, but I can't build one a piece at a time
19:28:20Darth_Sebulba04too much, if you ask me
19:28:39LinusNDarth_Sebulba04: i can agree about that
19:29:20LinusNgawd, compiling emacs takes forever...
19:29:50LinusNG4-450, not the fastest computer on earth
19:30:04Darth_Sebulba04the small things seem to take forever to compile, ever notice that?
19:30:35LinusNsmall things, like emacs :-)
19:30:54Darth_Sebulba04like compile php/mysql/apache.. piece of cake.. 30 mins, tops.. something small like emacs or something simple.. undef.
19:31:50Darth_Sebulba04or maybe its just my box
19:43:17 Quit maaF ("Leaving")
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21:47:33 Join Slim [0] (
21:47:48Slimok quick question
21:48:26Slimany plans to incorp the Multimedia jukebox?
21:50:40 Nick Slim is now known as Slimm (
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21:54:55Slimmany plans to support the multimedia jukebox
21:59:06Plughit's in the NODO list
21:59:25Plughtotally different platform
21:59:37Plughsomeone else may pick it up, but not this team
22:01:36scott666someone asked me that yesterday
22:01:46scott666why they chose to ask me, i have no idea
22:03:53Slimmi have the fm/recorder so im all good
22:04:09Slimmfriend bought the multimedia one
22:04:54 Quit Slimm ("Leaving")
22:45:55 Join track [0] (
22:52:00 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
22:58:43trackhello Adiamas
22:59:25MT(sorry this is old, just got back from work)
22:59:31MT <o~Darth_Sebulba04> like compile php/mysql/apache.. piece of cake.. 30 mins, tops.. something small like emacs or something simple.. undef.
22:59:49MTits almost 30 mb of source code
22:59:54Plughbitch at Linus
23:00:01Plughhe's the one who was compiling it
23:00:42 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
23:06:09scott666have you guys seen the neuros?
23:12:20 Quit adi|home (Connection timed out)
23:22:16 Join darth_sebulba04 [0] (
23:24:57 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:27:50 Join klaxon [0] (~klaxon@
23:30:22 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
23:40:59klaxoni already have cygwin, what packages do i need to add to make the cross compile env?
23:43:32klaxon, step 3:
23:44:12klaxon``Make shure you don`t already have cygwin installed''
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23:56:26klaxonokay nevermind i found
23:57:11darth_sebulba04I knew you could do it.
23:57:53klaxonthanks for keeping the faith....

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