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#rockbox log for 2003-09-19

00:04:05klaxoni read there is some ``complete redesign'' of the ui for later major rev.
00:04:21klaxonhopefully it will allow configurable keybindings.
00:04:30darth_sebulba04beats me
00:04:48darth_sebulba04I can see a few things weird with the ui, but nothing major.
00:05:03darth_sebulba04beats the original any day though
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00:06:12klaxonagreed. but i want a onehand keybinding for hold.
00:06:21 Join BoD[] [0] (
00:06:31klaxoni mean keylock.
00:06:45darth_sebulba04I thought I read somewhere that keylock was a hardware function
00:07:47klaxonarchos ``Hold is ON'', rockbox f1+down
00:07:48darth_sebulba04could be wrong, I haven't quite dug through all the documentation yet
00:08:05darth_sebulba04thats sick
00:08:24*darth_sebulba04 shrugs
00:08:32darth_sebulba04I don't really use hold anyways
00:09:06*klaxon wishes for hardware hold switch
00:09:20klaxoncan't get by without it... ;)
00:09:27darth_sebulba04mod one
00:09:41klaxonyep. thinking about it.
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00:10:25darth_sebulba04'evening adi|home
00:11:41MTklaxon: use the source, luke!
00:12:08darth_sebulba04you could, yes
00:12:34klaxonMT: for hardware mods? hmmmm...
00:13:00MTit neednt be a hardware mod
00:13:17klaxonMT: the dreaded off button issue..
00:13:33darth_sebulba04yeah, just change the one simple key binding from f1-down to what ever you want
00:13:50*klaxon dreads off button
00:13:55darth_sebulba04off button issue?
00:14:18klaxonkey lock on. check. press off button. aw drats.
00:14:47*klaxon shivers w/ dread
00:14:54 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:15:26MTit would have to be more than a press
00:15:36darth_sebulba04hold for 3 sec
00:15:38MTit would have to be ~5s permanent depression
00:15:49klaxon... like in your pocket or backpack or something.
00:16:21MTto be frank, ive never experienced problems like that
00:16:27klaxondon't get me wrong, it's not a big deal. it's just a deal.
00:16:32MTbut i guess you have
00:16:55klaxonmost all portable players have hardware keylock switches.
00:17:08MTwhat can i say, archos are morons
00:17:15klaxonand you can't turn them on when the keylock is on.
00:17:31MTi wish they could train their monkeys to solder a bit better tho
00:18:16klaxonMT: they've done a lot to be grateful for. it ain't no ``peace and granola from cupertino'' ipod tho
00:18:51MTklaxon: they've done very little tbh
00:19:15zeswitches and held buttons suck for keylocks
00:19:23MTklaxon: the number of returns/problems with archos units has made 2 online stores i use not stock archos anymore
00:19:25zethey're too easy to bump or get pressed or switched, defeating the whole purpose
00:19:31zei like the button-combo keylock
00:19:34zeit works.
00:20:31MTif you have problems with it turning itself on
00:20:35MTresume = ask
00:20:37klaxonMT: true. it's cheap.
00:20:47MTidle power off = very low
00:20:58*darth_sebulba04 nods
00:21:04MTklaxon: i'd hardly call it cheap tbh
00:21:16MTits the second most expensive thing ive bought
00:21:17klaxonMT: good idea. it would timeout and poweroff again
00:21:59klaxoncheap is relative. 15gb recorder $160 is cheap.
00:22:06MTive owned cars that cost less than my fmr did
00:22:24MTklaxon: $400 is not cheap
00:22:34klaxonyeah but you don't need to insure it. or fill 'er up.
00:22:38MTwhich is roughly what i paid for fmr 9 months ago
00:23:09klaxonshoulda got an ipod.
00:23:25MTklaxon: it may have been a good idea to insure it, i wouldnt now be facing 1-2 months with no player and no money while it is rma'ed
00:23:34MTipods are awful
00:23:38MTwhy would i want that
00:23:57klaxon1-2 month rma? not in cupertino....
00:24:12darth_sebulba04don't you like the whole "hey, were apple and its all expensive as hell and always will be look/feel/use" ?
00:24:26MTnot really :)
00:24:37MTwhere/what is cupertino?
00:24:43darth_sebulba04neither do I, hense why I got a archos
00:24:45MTassume for a minute the whole world isnt american
00:24:57darth_sebulba04cupertino, err
00:26:30klaxonMT: know what they say about assume
00:27:41MT1-2 mnths - archos refused to deal directly with me, so i have to rma it to my supplier, who will then (after checking its faulty) rma it to archos, who will then (after checking its faulty) raise a ticket number to have it repaired. Their repair department will take one look at it, send a new one to my supplier (who have none in stock anymore, they dropped archos after the fmr), who will then send a new one to me
00:27:53 Quit k3no (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:28:58klaxonMT: sucky. archos is cheap.
00:29:35klaxonMT: cupertino is where Apple computer (not to be confused with apple records) is HQd
00:29:43darth_sebulba04they are only like a 5 person business, cut them some slack ;)
00:30:52klaxonthat's what i'm sayin. they slap a mp3 asic on a laptop hd and shove it out the door for cheap.
00:31:19klaxonwith usb2.0!
00:31:35klaxonthanks archos dudes!
00:31:42MTtbh, they bought a bunch of ic's, solder them together
00:31:44MTthats it
00:31:54MTif they cant even do the soldering bit right
00:32:34darth_sebulba04they work, don't they?
00:32:34MTtheres talk on the mailing list of the neuros player
00:32:41MTmine doesnt, no
00:32:55 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
00:32:57darth_sebulba04uh, well..
00:32:59MTand lots of people ive spoken to with fmrs say the same thing
00:33:15MTwhich would lead me to believe that its a manufacturing flaw with the fmr
00:33:23darth_sebulba04thats possible
00:33:38klaxoni'd say ``likely''
00:33:40darth_sebulba04thank god I don't have an fmr
00:33:47*klaxon metoos
00:33:51MTi really like the fmr
00:33:57klaxonno ya don't
00:34:07MTits got a sexy little body, great battery life
00:34:28MTthe only problem is the soldering on the headphone jack is crap
00:34:45MTand i didnt buy a 250 mp3 player to listen to it in one ear only
00:35:15klaxonthat's like a gorgeous woman with an aweful voice.
00:35:56klaxonfellas, you know what i'm sayin? what do you do?
00:36:11MTim exploring alternatives
00:36:17darth_sebulba04live with it
00:36:21MTi dont want a creative
00:36:26MTi dont want an ipod
00:36:30darth_sebulba04get it fixed | go elsewhere
00:36:44MTwell ideally id like it fixed
00:36:58MTif i cant get it fixed and they offer me only store credit, im fucked
00:37:09MTthey only have the recorder 20gb now
00:37:15MTand i DONT want that
00:37:36MTstyle decessory
00:37:40darth_sebulba04Surely reason will come from it.
00:37:52klaxonso anyways.
00:38:01MTtrust in allah and all will be well?
00:38:02klaxonanything special about the f1 f2 f3 keys?
00:38:18klaxoncan i make a f2+f3 binding?
00:38:24MTnot really, look at apps/menu.c
00:38:24darth_sebulba04err, I won't comment about allah.
00:38:47klaxonor are they accelerators like shift or ctrl
00:38:55MTthey are just buttons
00:38:58MTwe detect them
00:39:08MTsome combinations we cant detect
00:39:21klaxonthat's what i'm sayin....
00:40:05darth_sebulba04on+f1+play+stop+f3, in that order
00:40:15MTnot menu.c
00:41:32klaxondarth: uh.. that's a cheat code for unlimited ammo?
00:41:49MTwhen you press f3, you get a screen up, correct?
00:42:03MTthats defined in apps/screens.c
00:42:16MTthe places where its called from are
00:42:38MTsearch for f3_screen
00:42:49MTthat will take you to the key detection loop
00:43:02darth_sebulba04klaxon: nah, thats invisibility ;)
00:43:34klaxonthanks. i'll check it out. i think i'll remap key lock to f3+UP for a big fat thumb roll.
00:43:54darth_sebulba04or up-down
00:43:55MTthats a negative big boy
00:44:06MTcant use up with any of f2/f3
00:44:35darth_sebulba04how weird
00:44:39klaxonso that's why they aren't mapped.
00:44:50MTtheres only so many bits you know
00:45:02klaxonso back to orig ? what key combos are not allowed?
00:45:56MTafaik only that
00:46:07klaxonbesides [f2,f3]+up
00:46:31MTid have this
00:46:39MTf3, followed by down
00:46:49MT[change in screens.c]
00:46:55MTto turn on key lock
00:47:01darth_sebulba04wouldn't f3+right be more like what you want?
00:47:05MTthen id have left,right, up, down
00:47:10MTnot as a combo
00:47:17MTf3 screen, then press down
00:47:19MTkeylock on
00:47:45hardeepklaxon: F1, F2, F3 and UP are all on the same port
00:48:03darth_sebulba04how are they told apart then?
00:48:10klaxonhardeep: !!! word !!!
00:48:15hardeepklaxon: as are LEFT< RIGHT, PLAY and DOWN
00:48:27klaxonhardeep: yeah!
00:48:29hardeepklaxon: so, none of those on the same port can be used in combination
00:48:53MTwell there you go :)
00:49:01MThardeep > me
00:49:15MTare on/off on same port as well hardeep?
00:49:31hardeepMT: no, both of those are on separate ports
00:49:51hardeepalthough a combo with OFF is probably not a great idea as it may shut off
00:51:34klaxonah, that's what i'll do. i'll remap pitch somewhere else.
00:51:48klaxoni'm really attracted to the ``Hold is ON'' statement. says so much.
00:53:52klaxonwhen i first got my jbr i didn't read the manual, i'm for the first time checking it out with a friend. he says where's the hold switch.... fiddled, fiddled, ah - hah! hold is on.
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01:15:14trackhi Adiamn
01:15:46*darth_sebulba04 staples adi|home to the roof ;)
01:19:17darth_sebulba04does anyone know of a free full cd ripper for windows?
01:19:24darth_sebulba04this is sick that I can't find one
01:20:12trackDarth Musicmatch Basic is free
01:20:27tracku can rip to WAV, MP3, MP3Pro and WMA
01:20:30trackat CBR or VBR
01:20:45darth_sebulba04I'll consider that if this doesn't work
01:20:56trackMusicMatch Basic is free
01:21:11darth_sebulba04yeah, but its musicmatch
01:21:22trackok try this program instead
01:21:32trackit only rips to MP3 CBR/VBR or WAB
01:22:22klaxondarth: EAC is the way, the light, the heat
01:22:23darth_sebulba04I'm currently downloading mp3-cd-extractor, at the fast rate of 5.1 kbps
01:23:01klaxondarth: EAC does secure extraction. it's the best. honest.
01:23:32klaxonthen for encoding i recommend LAME
01:23:32darth_sebulba04I see that, I'm there
01:24:40darth_sebulba04I only want to rip one of my dads cds, and hes got all his ripped in wma.. which is kinda worthless
01:24:41 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:26:08darth_sebulba04I use lame/grip when i'm at school off my linux box, but I'm not quite there.. so, we'll see how this goes in 3 mins
01:27:45DarthWufeiAHHH Another darth >_<
01:28:12darth_sebulba04I was a Darth well before you :P
01:28:42Plughumm, Sebulba was ep. 1
01:29:05BoD[]ep 1 < ep 4 :)
01:29:12zeyer both unoriginal bastards, you should be ashamed of living through other people's creation
01:29:15zeno offense :p
01:29:52darth_sebulba04yeah, but I had this name well before episode 1 came out ;)
01:30:01DarthWufeiOkay first off.
01:30:02*Plugh has been Plugh since 1985
01:30:06DarthWufeiHow do you know, sebulba?
01:30:18BoD[]i'm BoD since 1912 !!!!
01:30:33*ze has been ze since august
01:30:34DarthWufei2nd, It's not entirely unoriginal really. I have a reason for the Darth title and Wufei..
01:30:35BoD[]i've been thru 2 world wars !!! you kids
01:30:44DarthWufeiI'm sure..
01:31:10darth_sebulba04As do I, somewhat
01:31:21DarthWufeidarth_sebulba04, I had this name well before the special editions came out.
01:31:23zewell i've never heard of the wufei part so you get a point for that
01:31:38DarthWufeiNot that it matters
01:31:53DarthWufeiI just don't understand why you said you were Darth before me, since you don't know me.
01:33:18darth_sebulba04I was just screwing with you, geez
01:34:06DarthWufeiOh ok.
01:34:13Plughthere were people who screwed with other peoples' names in Kindergarten. We called them assholes
01:34:15DarthWufeiWell isn't that pleasant.
01:34:24klaxonyeah he's the 4th .... or is it 5th? help us obiwan
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02:39:33 Part klaxon
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06:28:27Epoch`_I am the proud new owner of two 20gig recorders
06:28:38Epoch`_but everyone is idle, so no one really cares
06:29:13scott666two? why?
06:29:46Epoch`_we're using them for lecture recordings
06:30:05Epoch`_truthfully, I wish we wouldn't have got the minidisc recorder, because 3 archos's would be better
06:30:30scott666why do you need so many though?
06:30:37Epoch`_Rockbox works better than the original OS, right?
06:30:45scott666oh god yes
06:31:01Epoch`_Because they need to be in different rooms. there are three concurrent lectures at the conference we are recording
06:31:09Epoch`_hehe, how hard is it to flash the OS?
06:31:27scott666how good are you at unzipping files?
06:32:31Epoch`_lol, I am the rightclick master
06:32:41scott666farmiliar with reading?
06:33:38Epoch`_I'd answer you but I can't read
06:33:56scott666you'll have no problems
06:40:16Epoch`_that was, easy.
06:45:10Epoch`_Do you have a recorder model?
06:45:18scott666i have an fmr
06:45:48Epoch`_have you had any problems with the recordings?
06:46:16*Epoch`_ is greatly looking forward to this device.
06:46:22scott666none of the problems ive had have been recording related
06:46:30Epoch`_what are the problems you've had?
06:46:38 Join elinenbe [0] (
06:46:41scott666most recently my F2 broke
06:46:50scott666it doesnt come back up
06:47:13scott666F1 F2 F3
06:47:16scott666 up
06:47:23scott666left play right
06:47:42scott666 down
06:47:57Epoch`_sorry, I'm completely new to the lingo here. =]
06:48:09scott666youll get used to it
06:48:36scott666just so you know, player always referes to the older model
06:50:46Epoch`_What is the difference between MIC and LINE? They both use the same port....
06:51:10scott666look between the two LEDs, and under a bit
06:51:26Epoch`_oh crap
06:51:31scott666that would be the mic
06:51:32Epoch`_it's a friggin voice recorder too!
06:55:39Epoch`_which is the stop button?
06:55:47Epoch`_I only have arrows on my model....
06:56:27Epoch`_how do I stop recording.....
06:56:42Epoch`_so off is stop....
06:56:49Epoch`_what is on when it's on? hehe
06:57:02scott666but if you hold it for a couple seconds it turns off
06:57:13scott666on goes to the directory browser
07:11:31Epoch`_so even when it's plugged in it's using the battery?
07:11:44scott666on the recorders, yes
07:11:46Epoch`_when recording at least....
07:11:53Epoch`_what happens when the battery dies?
07:12:09scott666you have to recharge
07:12:31scott666i dont really know
07:12:43scott666the FMR has a LiIon battery, not NiMH
07:12:52scott666so it charges constantly
07:13:12scott666so i dont know anything about hte recorder batteries
07:13:22scott666there is a good faq though, look in the docs
07:21:13*Epoch`_ is testing it.
07:21:50Epoch`_what settings do you normally use when you record? (Numerical quality, Frequency, stereo/mono)
07:23:22scott666i usually use 7 quality, 44.1, stereo
07:23:47scott666but i usually record music, live shows and such
07:24:24Epoch`_weird. when it's on the charging screen and you try to turn it on, it starts to load the OS, then boots out back to battery charging....
07:24:50scott666i gotta go to bed
07:25:00scott666gotta get up in 6 hours
07:25:06Epoch`_lol, me too
07:25:07Epoch`_night man
07:25:10Epoch`_thanks for the help
07:25:12 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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20:49:37uski[IDC]Dragon: hi :)))
20:49:57[IDC]DragonHi, just a moment...
20:50:02uskiyea :)
20:50:11uskibad news: i had to cancel my order for the recorder :( so i have only the player now to play with
20:50:24uskigood news: we need the player as we need to make rockflash for players
20:51:58[IDC]Dragonwhy cancel the order?
20:58:25[IDC]Dragon(Well, maybe I better don't ask.)
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21:42:04J00I think everyone is asleep ;)
21:42:10Plughyo j00
21:42:10J00Do you have a Archos?
21:42:24J00anygood? ;)
21:42:53trackyea its great
21:42:59trackget a Recorder, not a Player
21:43:12J00yeah, the USB2 looks useful
21:43:23J00I understand it plays .mp2, which is good
21:43:49J00I like to test it though, can you do me a favour? ;)
21:44:27trackthe player's LCD can't display graphics, only text
21:44:51 Quit track (Client Quit)
21:44:58J00oh :/
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22:25:56 Join Zagor [242] (
22:54:43Plughguess we're all here. What trouble can we instigate?
22:55:36Plughmaybe it's time to arbitrarily re-design the UI
22:55:43Plughand check it in
22:55:46trackzagor isn;t saying much
22:58:22trackwould win first prize in a moodiness contest though
23:01:56 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
23:02:51joshnZagor: why don't we save settings to flash on the player?
23:04:29Zagorbecause the flash in not infinately writable
23:04:33Zagoris not
23:04:51joshnhow many cycles are most good for?
23:06:13Zagorthey are rated for 100.000
23:06:29joshnouch, that makes sense, tx
23:09:25 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:22:16Plughhiya hardeep
23:28:45 Quit track ("Leaving")
23:31:44Plughsheesh. My system needed a LOT of upgrades
23:32:17Plughmy rpm db got cooked. I just found out today how to blow it away and start fresh
23:32:24Plughso now up2date runs
23:37:18 Quit k3no_ (".oOo.")
23:38:07J00Can somebody try these two MP2's (from DAB/DVB) to see if they play ok -
23:42:19 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
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