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#rockbox log for 2003-09-20

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00:39:33diddystar5Zagor: any plans for a patch cleaning day or 2.1 yet?
00:41:11Zagorwe've been discussing a patch cleaning day, but no plans.
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00:59:18midknight2k3hi zagor
01:00:50Plughhey mid
01:01:10midknight2k3I was considering a main menu redesign, but wondered if it wouldn't mean anything if you decide to keep the current one?
01:01:14midknight2k3i hear no dings plugh
01:01:20midknight2k3let me turn on speakeres
01:01:39midknight2k3try now
01:01:40Plughhey mid
01:02:05midknight2k3wanna see my 3d tree?
01:02:24midknight2k3it should work
01:03:23midknight2k3it is?
01:03:33Plughno, I was just being polite
01:03:51Plughactually it is pretty good
01:04:01midknight2k3i made a ultra neat dragonfly
01:04:02Plughbut I like messing with your mind
01:04:05midknight2k3let me upload it
01:04:15midknight2k3i call it a masterpiece
01:06:29PlughI'm so friggin tired
01:06:50PlughI made the mistake of eating some brownie crumbs before going to work this morning
01:07:10midknight2k3how was that a mistake?
01:07:24Plughum, these weren't your average brownies
01:07:49Plugh7 hours later and I'm still stoned
01:07:59midknight2k3oh boy
01:08:01Plughoff crumbs
01:08:14MTwork must have been fun
01:08:22Plughit's been interesting
01:08:28Plughtrying to keep my eyes open now
01:08:35J00don't eat shit that contains ground toad
01:08:43diddystar5i wish i knew how to write code in assembly
01:08:44MTive been thinking about f2/f3
01:08:55midknight2k3and, mt?
01:08:58MTin fact, i may just email it to the list
01:09:05Plughyeah, do that
01:09:08MTyou're all on the list right?
01:09:10Plughso mid can't see it
01:09:17*Plugh grins evilly
01:09:18midknight2k3i can click mailing lists
01:09:27midknight2k3and then archives
01:09:34midknight2k3and then SCROLL DOWN
01:09:37midknight2k3FEEL THE l33tNESS
01:09:37J00I've just asked the list about mp2 :)
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01:11:30J00something we said? ;)
01:11:34midknight2k3you made him leave
01:11:43midknight2k3probably a confused newbie
01:11:46midknight2k3and you blew it
01:11:56Plughstfu mid
01:12:03J00we made him leave? we can't posses people
01:12:03midknight2k3why plugh?
01:12:10midknight2k3you scared him
01:12:14midknight2k3into leaving
01:12:20*Plugh menaces mid
01:12:24J00yeah, the word 'h' is so fucking scary ;)
01:13:39Plughtree was better
01:13:52J00and you call us scary, the man with the dragflies
01:13:58diddystar5midknight2k3: jpg has smaller file sizes you know?
01:14:05midknight2k3and bmp has better quality
01:14:10J00tiff it
01:14:17midknight2k3WHO CARES
01:14:22diddystar5not nessasarily
01:14:34midknight2k3ITS 640KB
01:14:41J00you're being scary
01:14:41midknight2k3if you cant download it forget it
01:14:45midknight2k3i know
01:14:49*Plugh tosses mid a capslock key
01:14:57midknight2k3gimme a new rockbox and an answer from zagor and i am on my way
01:15:02midknight2k3i have one plugh
01:15:06midknight2k3it's black
01:15:17diddystar5i have some jpeg pictures in better quality than that and their only 250 kb
01:15:24midknight2k3who cares
01:15:24J00what's going on with Neuros? are people working on that
01:15:25Plughcool. I don't
01:15:27Zagoranswer for what?
01:15:28J00just seen a msg in the list
01:15:33midknight2k3the main menu thing
01:15:34PlughI pried off my capslock and threw it
01:15:48midknight2k3would a redesign be worth anything or are you set on what you have now?
01:15:59Zagorui-wise, you mean?
01:16:06midknight2k3well, yeah
01:16:20midknight2k3i mean, some things can be changed
01:16:30midknight2k3it's a little cluttered as of now, if i may say so
01:16:32Zagora well thought-out redesign could be worth it. but it needs to be a major improvement.
01:16:45scott666i agree
01:16:46Zagornot just tweaks and fixes
01:17:07midknight2k3it would take some work but it could be worth it
01:17:11midknight2k3i'll look into it
01:17:37diddystar5i think its fine atm
01:17:45J00anyone have their Archos handy ? ;)
01:17:47midknight2k3it could be improved
01:17:49midknight2k3i do
01:17:55midknight2k3i have the archos
01:18:00midknight2k3its very handy
01:18:02diddystar5so do i
01:18:16J00 could you trying something for me?
01:18:29J00I need to test one of those MP2's
01:18:40midknight2k3i doubt it will work
01:18:41J00(one is .ac3 Dolby Digital, ignore that)
01:18:46J00should do ;)
01:18:47midknight2k3archos plays mp3s
01:18:56J00no shit :)
01:19:05midknight2k3not mp2s
01:19:12diddystar5midknight2k3: wrong!
01:19:17diddystar5i can play mp2
01:19:22midknight2k3it can?
01:19:29J00there was a patch for scanning for .mp* files
01:20:10J00all mp3 decoders are capable of handling the lesser layers because they're less complex, but somethings the framing structure screws them up
01:20:56Zagormidknight2k3: look into the NEWKEYSv2 posting by bagder a few weeks back. that's the most detailed proposal we have at the moment.
01:21:23midknight2k3i did, but i meant the main menu and sub menus only
01:21:26midknight2k3not key remapping yet
01:21:46J00the frame for mp2 is 0.024s duration, way shorter than mp3 :/
01:22:21J00anyway, do try it :)
01:22:53diddystar5one minute
01:24:00diddystar5the smaller file works
01:24:15midknight2k3dont wanna try the bigger one
01:24:48J00smooth, does it sound ok, no skipping etc?
01:24:54diddystar5im to lazy to download 2 mb
01:25:05midknight2k3why, J00?
01:25:07J00it's Aladdin ;)
01:25:14diddystar5J00: works fine
01:25:30J00mid: mp2 is used on DAB digital radio and DVB digital TV in Europe
01:25:40midknight2k3i mean, why cant you try it yourself?
01:25:44midknight2k3no archos?
01:25:53J00yup :)
01:25:58J00I need one that plays mp2
01:26:21diddystar5well the archos is just fine for that!
01:26:28J00indeed, not many are
01:27:49J00anyone know if archos are coming out with new recorders?
01:28:06midknight2k3highly doubted
01:28:10midknight2k3would be neat
01:28:13midknight2k3but highly doubted
01:28:23J00not even a larger disk?
01:28:28diddystar5i wouldn't mind having one with the new 1.8 drives
01:28:41MTif i could get my hands on one of those neuros, it would be intersting
01:29:08J00I'll get one now, just wanted to check if they were going to revise them
01:29:17MTi wonder how far their open source mantra extends, whether they would give me technical information to port rockbox
01:29:18J00neuros doesn't play mp2
01:29:28midknight2k3did you post your idea thing
01:29:33MTthats :cool: i dont either
01:29:34diddystar5gotta go
01:29:37 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta go")
01:29:40MTim still typing it
01:29:43J00the have a proprietary DSP supplier, not sure how much is open
01:30:23J00if you ask about something DSP related they say it's dependent on their vendor and they can't change shit about
01:31:44MTthey gave xiph information about their DSP
01:31:50MTso, are you sure?
01:32:01midknight2k3CLAM DOWN
01:33:04MTis that like black hawk down?
01:33:12midknight2k3i dunno
01:33:18J00"No, I don't see a long term plan to add this support from our DSP
01:33:18J00vendor. MP2 simply is not one of their targets.
01:33:23ZagorMT: i've been talking on their forum since they announced it. so far all i've heard is plans for some sort of scripting sdk
01:33:31J00Michael Gao
01:34:14Zagoralso the Texas Instruments DSP they are using has no open source tools. the basic toolset is $600 per user...
01:34:31J00"open" is a nice catch phrase
01:35:23J00but some companies aren't that so ;)
01:35:24midknight2k3why did you choose the archos in the first place?
01:35:44midknight2k3just cause you had one and wanted to mess with it?
01:35:52midknight2k3or for a specific reason?
01:36:00Zagori tried to buy the compaq pjb100 first, but couldn't get my hands on it in sweden
01:36:22J00blocky thing
01:36:26Zagorthe archos was simply the first available model
01:37:06midknight2k3and you got that?
01:37:07MTa shame you cant have seen them solder first :/
01:37:21midknight2k3and just decided to try to write a new firmware for it/
01:37:27J00anyone want to try another sample? plz
01:37:42midknight2k3how big?
01:37:42J00the 'BBC Radio 2.mp2' one
01:37:55midknight2k3i guess
01:38:00J00mid: just a bit smaller than your 640k BMP's ;)
01:38:34J00the first one was off DVB, this is from DAB
01:38:40midknight2k3ok wait
01:38:51midknight2k3bbc radio 2
01:40:17midknight2k3i dont see it yet
01:40:30J00alt + refresh
01:40:38J00(or is it ctrl?)
01:40:46midknight2k3cctrl i think
01:40:51midknight2k3but just gotta wait a sec
01:41:22J00no worries
01:41:44midknight2k3CALM DOWN
01:41:53J00yeah, just press shift + ctrl + alt + f5
01:42:02midknight2k3best of all worlds
01:42:17 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:42:21midknight2k3still not
01:42:23midknight2k3hi bod
01:42:53J00mid: hrm, do it a couple of times
01:43:39MTforget the neuros
01:43:47MTits not a usb mass storage device
01:43:55MTthats just silly
01:44:08midknight2k3it is
01:44:13J00also the price of the device doesn't include the HD
01:44:14midknight2k3i dont see it yet
01:44:19J00so it adds up a bit
01:44:38midknight2k3its there
01:44:39MTnot according to an email i just for from plugh
01:44:53midknight2k3never trust that guy
01:44:58J00they probably blundle it
01:45:24PlughI'm not to be trusted
01:45:52midknight2k3yeah MT
01:45:54midknight2k3get on it
01:46:05J00does he have Saddam living in his cellar?
01:46:06MTyou've got my email?
01:46:10MTi ahvent even got it yet!
01:46:14midknight2k3i got it
01:46:26PlughI didn't say the nuros wasn't a USB mass storage device
01:46:48PlughI just differentiated between a MSD and a db filesystem
01:46:54J00you also said that about Lord Lucan
01:47:22MTbut you also said the neuros was a db filesystem
01:47:32midknight2k3boys! boys!
01:47:34Plughno, I didn't say that
01:47:38MTyou didnt, but someone else did
01:47:55*MT cancels downloads, reads neuros website
01:49:10J00mid: does it play?
01:49:17midknight2k3looking for it
01:49:23midknight2k3it seems to have disappeared
01:49:38J00ensure the file extension remains as .mp2, sometimes it gets renamed
01:49:48midknight2k3let me look
01:50:08J00maybe it's hiding Plugh's cellar along with Saddam
01:50:20MThmm, i see
01:50:22midknight2k3i want a picture of plugh's cellar
01:50:44MTtheir idea of open source is just the parts that interact with your own computer
01:50:51MTthe firmware seems quite closed source
01:50:55PlughMy house is raised above ground. No cellar
01:51:08J00that's what you like people to think
01:51:23PlughI wish my cellar looked like that j00
01:51:35midknight2k3hush little pluggy
01:51:43J00ahh, so you admit you have a cellar!
01:51:49PlughI do have about 30 bottles of wine
01:51:53J00you mean it looks more like this -
01:51:55Plughbut they're all above ground
01:51:56 Quit BoD[] (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
01:52:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:52:21J00note the guy with the long beard
01:52:36J00anyway, where am I
01:52:40midknight2k3ok transferred
01:52:43midknight2k3now to test
01:53:23midknight2k3i love the way rockbox won't spin the disk down if i'm moving the cursor in the dir browser
01:53:42 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:54:06midknight2k3it works great
01:54:16MTi still havent had my email
01:54:19J00come fly with me baby, that's smooth
01:54:29J00what a bitchin player
01:54:46midknight2k3no problems
01:55:01J00thanks for trying it out
01:55:07midknight2k3sounds good
01:55:35J00DAB usually sounds horrible because it's 128k, digital satellite is nicer
01:55:50midknight2k3i meant it sounds as good as it ever will
01:56:00J00oh yeah, it doesn't sound bad
01:56:10midknight2k3you arent getting it
01:56:17midknight2k3i meant, it works without flaws
01:56:28midknight2k3straightforward as possible, right there
01:56:46J00I'm too quality concious
01:57:09midknight2k3you are indied
01:57:40J00I shall get an archos and sit listening to Orbital, and the world will be good
01:57:48Plughand yur both gud spelurs
01:58:05midknight2k3plugh isnt a good speeler
01:58:26Plughyou're right. I suck... when asked nicely
01:58:27J00yes, my headmaster would whip my ass.. err arse, if he saw me now
01:59:01midknight2k3plugh hasn't whipped out any good verbal kung-fu lately
01:59:05midknight2k3he must be dead
01:59:07BoD[]what happened
01:59:13Plughnot dead. Just stoned
01:59:15midknight2k3or broken or something.
01:59:23midknight2k3PLUGH'S BUSTED
01:59:26midknight2k3PLUGH'S BUSTED
01:59:44Plughwtf you talking about?
01:59:51midknight2k3like a tv is then you tap it with a hammer
01:59:57J00anyway, you msut hvae seen that thing on /. about being able to raed things even if the wrods are out of oredr
02:00:04midknight2k3or like a stereo is if you throw it out the window
02:00:13PlughI have a doctor prescription for THC
02:00:30Plughactive ingredient in marijuana
02:01:09Plughmakes a good painkiller for chronic tendonitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome
02:01:22Plughthat's a structure I know VERY well j00
02:01:35midknight2k3the pluggs are coming
02:01:50J00note the active ingredient
02:02:16J00apparently it doesn't fuck you up these now
02:02:54J00they fucked up the experiments and gave the monkey's heroin
02:03:10PlughI heard about that
02:03:12midknight2k3be back in a bit
02:03:13J00some died, they blamed the E
02:03:13Plughbut it was speed
02:03:16Plughnot heroin
02:03:17 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk-backin20 (
02:03:29J00ahh, monkeys on speed
02:03:32Plughthat was kinda fucked
02:03:33 Nick midk-backin20 is now known as midk-BackIn20 (
02:04:22Plughunfortunately, a lot of what gets passed off as E is really speed and acid
02:04:32Plughcuz that's cheaper and has a similar effect
02:04:44Plughbut the E I get is usually pretty pure
02:04:58J00lol, shussuh
02:05:12J00quality control, tis important
02:05:25Plughtest kits > *
02:05:58J00I reakon E is just a conspiracy to sell more Evian
02:06:06Plughbut some morons throw a little MDMA in the mix to turn the test kits blue
02:06:09J00look at the name, it's a give away
02:06:22Plughtrying to fool them. And it works
02:06:36J00that could really fuck people up
02:06:55Plughwell, not really actually
02:07:11J00weird shit can really affect some people
02:07:13Plughbut it's not the trip they were paying for
02:08:04Plughsomeone pays $20 for a pill with about $3 worth of stuff in it and gets an edgy weird trip
02:08:06Plughthat's just wrong
02:09:13J00yeah, it gives it all a bad tone
02:09:44*J00 is listen to some cool mixes from Tromsø
02:10:34PlughI went to a nice electronic music campout last weekend
02:10:46Plughit was all ambient/downtempo
02:10:53Plugh350 ppl
02:10:57J00the mid-night sun really fucks with their mind in that place
02:11:13J00ahh, sounds like the Big Chill
02:11:21PlughChillits actually
02:11:37Plughin Mendocino County
02:11:52J00Big Chill is held in the grounds of Eastnor Castle, very smooth
02:12:01Plughsounds nice
02:12:06J00there's a winter chill coming up ;)
02:12:24J00like burning man with grass
02:12:28Plughthis is held in an organic terraced garden in the mountains
02:12:40J00heh, smooth
02:12:54Plughwe also do a dance party there every year
02:13:05Plughtechno, breaks, d&b...
02:13:24Plughsome electro, hardcore, live PA
02:13:41*J00 digs out some High Contrast
02:14:24J00in Tromsø the mid night sun drove all the youths mad, so they rioted, lol
02:14:50Plughcheck that for chillits sets
02:15:02J00so they decided to build them some studios and a radio station, and now there's some really smooth music from there
02:16:08J00Tiesto and Royksopp came from there apparently
02:16:45J00lol, smooth photos
02:18:06J00thought that was northern lights ^
02:18:21J00just canabis
02:19:57Plughheh. I know :)
02:20:58Plughoh. kickass
02:21:03Plughthat's Sameer's gallery
02:21:06Plughdo you know him?
02:22:04J00nah :/
02:22:09J00D&B show is on :)
02:22:42Plughwell, that pic was from Chillits 2000. The space I was just telling you about
02:22:58J00what are the batteries like in the archos, how long do they last?
02:23:08PlughNiMH batteries
02:23:13J00yeah, saw it was a while back
02:23:28Plughdepends on a few variables, but generally get about 8-10 hours on a charge
02:23:31J00I have NiMH AA's about
02:23:36J00that's pretty damn good
02:23:47PlughI have an FMR
02:24:00Plughit has built-in 2200mah batteries
02:24:14Plughbut they're non-removeable and non-replaceable
02:24:53J00NiMH's are usually about 1300 each
02:25:04Plughyou can get 2200s easily enough
02:25:15PlughI think the ones that come with it are 1800
02:25:33Plughthey're good for about 6 hours
02:25:45Plughthis is in the jukeboxes
02:25:48J00some come with li-ion usually used in celluar phones
02:25:55 Quit midk-BackIn20 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:26:05J00I was looking at a Neo Jubebox for a while
02:26:18BoD[] ,oodPPY8oo._ _,oo8PPP8ooo._
02:26:18BoD[],dPP'' '"YP8oooo8PP"'' '`"PPP8oop
02:26:56Plughdamn bod
02:26:59J00it's like 4 hr life
02:27:04Plughain't you got nothing better to do?
02:27:22BoD[]not really
02:28:11J002200mAH, $5 each
02:28:15J00not bad
02:28:21J00how long do those go for?
02:28:33Plughshould get 10 hours out of em
02:28:42Plughmaybe 8
02:28:52Plughreally depends on your music collection
02:29:15Plughif you do low-bitrate stuff, like audio books, you can get 12 easily
02:29:34J00probably 192k stuff
02:29:43J00I have some books about like that though
02:29:48Plughperhaps 8 or 9
02:30:09J00bound to stick some radio drama on mine
02:30:47Plughthat's low-bitrate and long tracks
02:31:01Plughyou can get some good play time out of those
02:31:27Plughanother trick using the rockbox is to open a static screen like the f2 or f3 menu
02:31:47Plughif your box isn't doing screen updates, it can stay running for much longer
02:31:48J00what does that do, stop the scrolling?
02:32:06Plughit just puts up a menu
02:32:15Plughthat has no screen updates at all
02:32:31J00cuts down on the cpu cycles
02:33:26J00as for the drama, I have a 2hr 40m version of Parade's End at 192kbps
02:33:37J00loads of stuff like that :/
02:35:03J00radio has some cool stuff
02:35:17Plughlook into the FMR then
02:35:19J00it's like the polar opposite of 24/7 MTV at times
02:35:29Plughit does FM recording
02:36:04Plughmine was US$279
02:36:05J00heh, I spit on FM, the raw mp2's from DAB or DVB are the way to go ;)
02:36:21Plughsuit yourself :)
02:36:28J00but I'm getting the recorder anyway for usb2
02:36:31 Quit BoD[] (Excess Flood)
02:36:49Plughif you don't need FM, don't buy the FMR
02:36:54 Join BoD[] [0] (
02:37:07J00hrm, the others are usb1 though?
02:37:07Plughthe non-replaceable battery is NOT a good thing
02:37:17Plughno. All the recorders are 2.0
02:37:18J00didn't know that
02:37:49Plughwell, look on the packaging for the 2.0 sticker
02:38:16J00 ?
02:38:47Plughthat's what you're looking for
02:38:58J00what's the $279 one?
02:39:12Plughhas FM playing and recording
02:39:27Plughand the internal non-changeable battery
02:39:29J00only see the ONDIO
02:39:34Zagorbed time. buy guys!
02:39:39Plughoh. FM Recorder
02:39:40Zagorbye even :-)
02:39:42 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
02:40:32Plughit's listed on there
02:40:48J00yeah, the one I mentioned above is $289
02:40:52Plughbut they don't seem to show details
02:41:01PlughI got mine at a discount dealer
02:41:06J00it's just that the Euro price is fucking loaded to E399
02:41:24J00E1 ~= $1
02:42:32J00found one for $325
02:42:53J00not too bad
02:43:17J00ahh, it's $277 us
02:43:28J00so that's about in line
02:43:37PlughJB Studio 20?
02:43:40J00BUT the $325 is including 17.5% tax
02:43:53*J00 fucking tax
02:44:12Plughthat's what you're looking for
02:45:10J00yeah, £210
02:45:38Plughif my FMR dies, I'll probably get one of those
02:45:43J00I can manage that... after doing over a couple of banks ;)
02:46:02Plughthe only bad thing about Archos is their piss-poor quality control
02:46:12J00what's that ^
02:46:19Plughthey tend to break
02:46:32Plughbuttons snap off and fall in, hard drives die...
02:46:42J00lol, ouch
02:46:49J00oh well, touch wood
02:46:53Plughthe FMR batteries tend to swell and crack the screen
02:47:04Plughthey have a comprehensive 1yr warranty
02:47:16J00lol... heh, that's the exploding batteries I saw in passing
02:47:26Plughthat's it
02:47:33J00this Stuido 20 thing has 2 yr warrenty
02:47:44J00.. I think
02:48:07Plughthe previous link said 1
02:48:13Plughand mine has a 1 yr
02:48:15J00what's the diff between the "ARCHOS Jukebox Recorder 20" and "Archos Jukebox Studio 20 MP3 Player"
02:48:36Plughrecorder has line in and a microphone
02:48:55J00and the "studio"?
02:49:01Plughand a lot of the players don't have USB 2.0
02:49:22J00"Lithium battery (pre installed) "
02:49:55J00I think the "Jukebox Recorder 20" is the job
02:50:04PlughI think so too
02:50:13Plughlike I said, it's what I'd get next time
02:50:21Plughnot that I don't adore my FMR
02:50:39PlughI love it. But I'm afraid of my batteries exploding
02:50:40J00and it's exploding batteries? :)
02:50:47J00beat me to it
02:50:49Plughhasn't happened yet
02:50:57 Join k3no [0] (
02:51:00Plughknock HARD on wood
02:51:02J00the anticipation
02:51:25 Quit k3no (Client Quit)
02:51:35J00the AV things look mad
02:51:49J00but I wouldn't trust myself with £500 worth of kit
02:51:56J00I'd leave it on the train
02:53:22J00hrm, lol, my new Archos will have more capacity than my notebook
02:53:45Plughmine has the same
02:53:49Plughas my laptop
02:53:53J00how do you fill that
02:53:59Plughmy desktops have 60 and 120gig
02:54:10J00I said the same about the 210meg drive in my 486
02:54:19J00yeah, easier than you think
02:54:21PlughI want to get a 60gig drive in mine
02:54:34J00'20gig ought to be enough for everybody'
02:54:44Plughnot even hardly
02:54:55PlughI knew when I got it that it'd be full in 2 days
02:55:03J00640k memory was enough for everybody.. err
02:55:43J00I have 11 hours of War & Peace at 192k, that would help do the job
02:56:35Plugh192k audio book is crack smoking
02:56:45J00damn, the Recorder 20gig goes for $250 in the US
02:56:50J00it's drama, I think
02:57:02Plughyou can't tell the difference between 192k stereo and 64k mono with audio books
02:57:20J00high quality stereo is great for drama, Swedish Radio sent out their stuff on satellite at 640kbps Dolby Digital 5.1
02:57:27J00and 1.5Mbps DTS
02:57:57J00in germany they only have 448kbps DD5.1 ;)
02:58:03Plughhuman voice only is pretty low bandwidth
02:58:17J00sounds amazing on a surround set up
02:58:25Plughyou don't need a lot of bitrate
02:58:25J00for narration yes
02:58:42 Join Sethians [0] (
02:58:53J00but drama has all sorts of affects, they have to convey stuff like a film soundtrack without the benefit of picutres
02:59:10Plughwell, I'm gonna leave work now
02:59:16J00lol, ok ;)
02:59:19PlughI'll be back here on Monday
02:59:28J00sure, I might have my player by then
02:59:28Plughor I might drop in
02:59:35J00thanks for all your help
02:59:50Plughnot a prob at all
03:00:10J00ok, have a good time at work ;)
03:00:14J00take care
03:03:05J00night all!
03:24:24 Quit Sethians ()
03:33:18 Quit Malphas__ ("Preparing subject to return IRL .... CLACK")
03:37:30 Quit adi|home (Connection timed out)
03:40:14 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
03:49:30 Join Guest [0] (
03:49:49GuestNew to rockbox, need help
03:52:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:52:30GuestI just downloaded rockbox to my Juke box record 10, but it doesn't play
03:53:03 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
03:53:04Guestwhen I press Play on an item it just displays to play icon, but no sound and nothing else
03:55:55 Join elinenbe [0] (
03:56:52Guestcan anyone see me?
03:56:58BoD[]i see you
03:57:03BoD[]but i'm sorry i can't help
03:57:25GuestCan someone help me on the JBR10?
03:57:50 Join midk-BackIn20 [0] (
03:57:59 Nick midk-BackIn20 is now known as midknight2k3 (
04:04:32 Quit BoD[] ("TCL 4EVA")
04:04:59GuestWhat is the purpose of the channel? Meditating?
04:05:17midknight2k3sticking around if someone has a question or just chatting
04:05:27midknight2k3or in case someone interrupts the silence like you
04:06:07GuestI had a question, but why no one is answering me? Buddha?
04:06:17midknight2k3what is it?
04:06:21midknight2k3i wasn't here
04:06:27midknight2k3plugh prolly pushed you around
04:06:32*midknight2k3 harasses Plugh
04:06:57GuestI just download rockbox to my jbr10, hit play and got almost a blank screen, and no sound
04:07:23midknight2k3using what version?
04:07:41GuestThen I fumbled on the create playlist, then I can play? Why? Latest version
04:08:09midknight2k3latest meaning daily build or 2.0?
04:08:38GuestThe original firmware let user plays right away. no need to vreate any playlist
04:08:46GuestVersion 2.0, right on the web site
04:08:51midknight2k3you dont need to create a playlis
04:08:58 Quit _aLF (Remote closed the connection)
04:08:59midknight2k3got it for a recorder?
04:09:25midknight2k3reboot it and what exactly happens?
04:09:28Guestwhy does it matter for recording or not?
04:09:48midknight2k3what are you TALKING about
04:09:54midknight2k3you need the version for the recorder
04:10:01midknight2k3not the player or fm recorder version
04:10:03midknight2k3it does matter
04:10:15midknight2k3recorders get plugins, games, demos, and fonts
04:10:17midknight2k3to start
04:10:31GuestMon the website: it says os for the recorder
04:10:47midknight2k3what happens
04:11:26Guestit plays now, but why do I have to create a playlist before I can Play? The oiginal firmware on Archos let me play right away
04:11:33midknight2k3you don't!
04:11:45midknight2k3if you tell me what happens, i might be able to help
04:12:04midknight2k3if you keep talking of why does it matter for recorder and creating playlists, i can't.
04:12:51GuestOK, sir, here my travail: after I unzipped the os to my JBR10, I got the OS running with the full menu
04:13:08midknight2k3full menu?
04:13:43GuestThen when I selected the playlist and hit paly ( the middle button) it display the play icon( right arrow) but no title and no sound
04:13:57midknight2k3is your jukebox empty?
04:14:30midknight2k3or does it have folders and files
04:14:37GuestI have been playing with the original firmware for days, so my jukebook is brimming with juice, it is not empty
04:14:53midknight2k3so rockbox says its empty?
04:15:37Guestit displays the folders, and files but when i hit play it doesn't display anything and no sound
04:15:47midknight2k3give it a second
04:15:52midknight2k3the hard drive needs to spin up
04:16:02midknight2k3does it have full battery?
04:16:34hardeepGuest: i'm assuming you're pressing PLAY on an mp3?
04:16:45hardeepGuest: are you sure the mp3 is valid?
04:16:50midknight2k3hardeep can take over
04:16:57Guestit is playing now, only sfter I force it to create the playlist
04:17:30Guestwhich I didn't have to do with the original firmware
04:17:31hardeepGuest: after creating the playlist, did you PLAY that?
04:18:06hardeepGuest: you don't need to create a playlist to play tracks... if you do, there's a bug in the rockbox firmware that needs to be fixed
04:18:11Guesthardeep: after create the playlist, it does play
04:18:36hardeepGuest: what file did you select to play after you created the playlist?
04:18:42hardeepGuest: the playlist file or the mp3 file?
04:18:57Guestthe mp3 file
04:19:14hardeepGuest: so, before creating the playlist, selecting play on the mp3 file failed?
04:19:25hardeepGuest: but after you created it, everything starting working correctly?
04:19:43hardeepGuest: BTW, I'm assuming you created the playlist from Menu->Create Playlist?
04:19:52Guestyes indeed, failed first then play when I hit the Create playlist
04:19:58midknight2k3that's Menu->Playlist Options -> Creat Playlist
04:20:07Guesthardeep you are right on
04:20:10hardeepmidknight2k3: not in 2.0
04:20:13midknight2k3unless you use 2.0
04:20:48hardeepGuest: i haven't heard of that bug before... were you trying to play the same mp3 both before and after?
04:21:43GuestHardeep: it seems it didn't see the tracks before the playlist is created
04:22:25hardeepGuest: a playlist is not necessary to play the tracks
04:22:50midknight2k3is there a reson to address every message? we know you're not taling to me ;)
04:23:01Guestthen why when I selected the track and hit play it doesn't play?
04:23:11hardeepGuest: did you see any activity on the red LED when you first tried to play?
04:23:23hardeepmidknight2k3: many IRC clients highlight messages if addressed to you
04:23:32hardeepmidknight2k3: mine does for instance... easier to track
04:23:46midknight2k3i suppose
04:23:46Guestthe red led did come on briefly
04:23:54midknight2k3but still
04:24:02midknight2k3i like the exit lines for bitchx
04:24:04hardeepGuest: and this was the first time you ever played something on rockbox?
04:24:30Guestyes indeed the very first time
04:24:46Guesta rockbox virgin :)
04:24:56hardeepGuest: okay, my guess is that it was just taking a long time to create a temporary file it needs to start playing tracks
04:25:19hardeepGuest: it was probably scanning the hard drive trying to find a free cluster
04:25:25midknight2k3.playlist_control and .queue_file i think
04:25:33hardeep.queue_file for 2.0
04:25:41Guestok let me start an experiment: let remove the battery and reinsect to see what happens
04:25:52midknight2k3that wont delete teh file
04:25:56hardeepGuest: sure, and you can go ahead and delete the playlist file
04:26:13hardeepGuest: and /.rockbox/.queue_file
04:26:32hardeepGuest: how full is your hard drive?
04:26:33Guestif i deleted it what happens?
04:26:49Guest5Gb full
04:27:11hardeepGuest: nothing, the playlist file is not necessary to play tracks and the .queue_file will be recreated (it gets created every time you begin playing a track/playlist)
04:27:23hardeepGuest: what's the total size of your jukebox?
04:27:27hardeephard drive that is
04:27:46GuestHitachi 10Gb it says
04:28:19hardeepGuest: well, give it a try again and see what happens
04:28:47Guesthow do i delete within rockbox?
04:29:10midknight2k3F2-show files (press down to select "all")
04:29:19midknight2k3then f2 again
04:29:25midknight2k3it will display .rockbox
04:31:11Guestlike a virgin I don't know what you are talking about
04:31:24Guestf2? where, what button?
04:31:34midknight2k3press the middle button under the screen
04:31:40midknight2k3F1, F2 and F3 respectively
04:32:01Guestit shaw shuffle repeat and show files
04:32:04MT(i am just about to start work on my patch)
04:32:09midknight2k3on what patch mt
04:32:31midknight2k3press the show files arrow (it's down i think" to select "all"
04:32:40MThaving spent 3 and a half hours getting xdmcp to work so i can actually use the sim
04:33:17midknight2k3so you can test progress?
04:33:54Guestit toggles back to the menu
04:34:13midknight2k3on the lcd
04:34:19midknight2k3there is a right, down and left arrow right
04:34:22midknight2k3when you press f2
04:36:22Guestok how do i delete it
04:36:33midknight2k3set the all files view?
04:36:59midknight2k3go into .rockbox and look for ".queue_file"
04:37:12Guesti see it, how can i delete it
04:37:19midknight2k3highlight it
04:37:27midknight2k3or, in your case, "point" to it
04:37:33midknight2k3hold ON and press PLAY
04:37:37midknight2k3and press DELETE
04:37:45midknight2k3on screen option'
04:40:29hardeepgotta go
04:40:31 Quit hardeep ("[BX] 2002: year of the BitchX")
04:46:08 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
04:55:20scott666some guy did a bad flash
04:55:48midknight2k3what happened
04:55:50scott666he wants to pay someone do mod and fix his recorder
04:55:54scott666didnt say
04:56:12midknight2k3this stoopid menu crap
04:56:16midknight2k3wont go together
04:56:28scott666i was gonna ask but i figure jörg would be more interested and do a better job of asking anyway
04:56:49midknight2k3ask what
04:56:51midknight2k3how it happened
04:57:25midknight2k3looks like a kind poor little guy
04:58:47midknight2k3re you "scott" on the mailinglists?
04:58:59midknight2k3or not
04:59:29midknight2k3> > are using rockbox 2.0 or earlier. You really do *not* want to use the
04:59:29midknight2k3> > Archos firmware. =)
04:59:29DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
04:59:29midknight2k3> but even if you did, all you have to do is delete the rockbox .ajz, the
04:59:29midknight2k3archos firmware is stored
04:59:29***Alert Mode level 1
04:59:29midknight2k3> on the flash rom (but that can be fixed).
04:59:33midknight2k3> -scott
04:59:41midknight2k3i like the "but that can be fixed" part
05:03:59 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
05:04:00 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:04:00 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
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05:04:50 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:04:53 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
05:06:32midknight2k3nick change
05:08:09 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
05:08:31 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
05:08:32 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
05:09:30***Alert Mode OFF
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05:15:28 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
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05:21:18scott666having problems elinenbe
05:21:33midknight2k3do something funny
05:21:50CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:21:50*scott666 spontaneously combusts *
05:22:16midknight2k3good enough
05:24:39 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
05:24:39 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:24:43 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
05:28:45midknight2k3and scot
05:28:50 Quit midknight2k3 ()
05:29:22 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:29:23 Join elinenbe [0] (
05:30:44 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
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06:04:15 Join __dinner [0] (
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06:04:23 Join elinenbe [0] (
06:04:24 Nick __dinner is now known as Gerald (
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06:11:44 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
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06:22:04 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
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06:26:32 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
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06:30:19 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
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06:32:15scott666will you stop fucking doing that?
06:40:00 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
06:40:00 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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07:15:26 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
07:21:50 Quit Gerald ("Wherever you go, there you are!")
07:49:19 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
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08:03:44 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
09:19:48 Join adiamas [0] (~adi|
09:21:57 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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10:14:36 Join LinusN [200] (
10:14:39 Part LinusN
10:53:16 Join track [0] (
11:07:57 Quit track ("Leaving")
11:12:25 Quit mbr_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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12:24:50 Quit track ("Leaving")
12:50:37uskiis it me, or there is a problem with the website ?
12:51:29uskioops, it's me :)
12:51:34uski(/etC/resolv.conf empty)
13:22:09 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
13:22:19Quelsarukany swedish here?
13:37:29 Join dw|gone_ [20] (
13:37:29 Quit dw|gone (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:49:33 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
13:52:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:11:55uskican someone tell me what is the clock frequency of a RECORDER ?
14:12:03uskiit's 12mhz in a player but i need the freq of a recorder
14:22:17 Join Malphas__ [0] (
14:29:14 Join knobby [0] (
14:30:31knobbyanyone know how the languages are kept up? I mean if I add a patch into rockbox that requires a new line in a language file, what do the files without that line do? Is there a utility to check the language files and determine unused or missing translations?
14:36:00 Quit adiamas (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:50:51 Quit J00 ()
15:35:51 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
15:51:29 Join scott666 [0] (
15:52:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:34:01 Join LinusN [200] (
16:34:21LinusNuski: 11.0592 MHz
16:34:26 Part LinusN
16:52:39uskithanks LinusN :)
16:59:59 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
17:05:52uskiit's 17:07 here ;P
17:06:02uskiwhere are you from ?
17:06:13midknight2k3in seattle,wa right now
17:11:23 Join diddystar5 [0] (
17:12:36midknight2k3hi diddy
17:16:01uskiok midknight2k3 :)
17:16:05uskihi diddystar5
17:16:13midknight2k3hello uski
17:16:35uskiwow midknight2k3, it's early in the us
17:16:47uskiat 8 o'clock this morning i was sleeping
17:16:53midknight2k3i'm used to it
17:17:04midknight2k3i get up at 6-6:20 fro school anyways
17:17:09diddystar5so am i
17:17:20midknight2k3i tried to stay up past 10:30 pm last night but i fell asleep
17:17:21diddystar5i have to get up at 730 to get ready for schoool
17:17:35diddystar5heh i stayed up till 1130
17:17:38midknight2k3over summer i could have stayed up till 5 or so
17:17:44midknight2k3i couldnt
17:17:47midknight2k3i wanted to
17:17:50midknight2k3but i couldnt
17:17:52midknight2k3i was wiped
17:17:55midknight2k3from waking up
17:18:40uskieach morning i get up at 06:25 for school
17:18:44diddystar5my school dosen't start until 9:00am!
17:18:56diddystar5and gets out at 3:30
17:18:59uskihere it starts at 08:00
17:19:04uskiand i end at 18:00 !!!
17:19:05midknight2k3here at 7:45
17:19:08midknight2k3i win!
17:19:12uskiyea lol
17:23:18diddystar5no i win! i don't have to go until 9
17:23:29midknight2k3i have to go earliest
17:23:36midknight2k3uski is dumb because he goes in the middle
17:23:42midknight2k3but cool because he goes almost my time
17:23:48diddystar5so i have to go the lastest
17:23:51uskiyea but i stop a lot later than you
17:24:01midknight2k3lets see
17:24:10midknight2k36:00 in real time?
17:24:18midknight2k3how do you live
17:24:30midknight2k3its 6
17:24:30midknight2k312:00 + 6:00
17:24:30midknight2k3is 18:00
17:24:44diddystar5hehe whatever
17:25:08midknight2k3simple math
17:25:18midknight2k3i suppose you've learned what math is?
17:25:25midknight2k3like 1+1=2
17:26:13diddystar5im in algebra 2 and i was in pre algebra last year kinda weird
17:27:16diddystar5midknight2k3: what grade are you in?
17:27:45midknight2k3it's ninth grade math either way
17:27:59diddystar5im in 8th also
17:28:43diddystar5hell yes
17:29:00midknight2k3at least now i know i'm not the youngest one here
17:29:04uski8th ? what is it ? how old are you ?
17:29:11midknight2k3i may be
17:29:20diddystar5im 13 also
17:29:33midknight2k3no way
17:29:38midknight2k3youre such a joker
17:29:49diddystar5no i ain't
17:30:01uski13 ? you're too young to be here
17:30:01midknight2k3that's pretty interesting
17:30:02uskigo away !
17:30:16midknight2k3there's an age restriction?
17:30:16uskihaven't you seen the warning ? "only adults here"
17:30:18diddystar5march you?
17:30:28midknight2k32 months older
17:30:30midknight2k3i knew it
17:30:47diddystar5haha i win im older
17:32:19diddystar5uski: are you german?
17:32:27uskididdystar5: im french
17:33:12diddystar5uski: ok
17:33:27uski"im french" [big silence] "ok"
17:34:34diddystar5i was curious since you didn't know what 8th meant
17:34:49midknight2k3oh lol
17:34:52diddystar5in the us are schools are in grades
17:34:58diddystar5like 8th grade...
17:35:02uskiyea, same in franc;, but the numbers are different
17:35:25midknight2k3how many in france?
17:35:28uskiif you are 13, you'd be in "4eme"
17:35:36midknight2k3i mean, how many in franc;?
17:35:55uskiwell it is this: CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, "terminal"
17:36:06uskithen you pass "the" big exam, the BAC
17:36:21uskithen after this you can go to university, and so on
17:37:16uskinah it's quite simple
17:37:20uskiif you speak french
17:37:25diddystar5we go 1st to 12th then you go to university
17:37:27uskiCP = Preparatory Class
17:37:33uskiCE1 = Elementary Class 1
17:37:37uskiCE2 = Elementary Class 2
17:37:44uskiCM1 = Medium Class 1
17:37:48uskiCM2 = Medium Class 2
17:37:53uskiafter this, 6 5 4 3 2 1
17:38:01uskithen the last class, the "terminale" as we say
17:38:53uskii was thinking of using the archos to store my notes, so i can pass all exams mwehehee
17:39:03uskiyou put it in txt files then you read it
17:39:04midknight2k3harder than, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12"
17:39:26midknight2k3dont rely on the calendar
17:39:37midknight2k3it loses your notes every time
17:39:42midknight2k3so unreliable
17:40:09diddystar5midknight2k3: it's been fixed
17:40:33midknight2k3dumb thing
17:41:15midknight2k3only one patch, diddy?
17:41:17diddystar5gotta go
17:41:45 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
17:43:46 Join k3no [0] (
17:52:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:05:23 Join dsg [0] (
18:09:25uskianyone here ?
18:09:32midknight2k3i am
18:09:46uskiany idea of the way to add something into the wishlist of rockbox ?
18:09:56midknight2k3feature requests?
18:10:03uskiyea, click on feature requests on sidebar, scroll to bottom
18:10:13midknight2k3what is the request?
18:10:38uskii think it would be interesting to have a "database mode"
18:10:49midknight2k3Id3 database?
18:10:55uskii.e. when you start the player, it goes through the hard drive and it makes a database of each song it finds
18:11:04uskiso when you want to sleect az song it does not have to spinup the disk
18:11:07midknight2k3Id3 wise?
18:11:19uskiyea or simply with the filename
18:11:22midknight2k3oh, that would take a lot of buffer
18:11:28uskinot sure
18:11:36uskihow many song can be stored on a 20gb drive ?
18:11:42uski5000 ?
18:11:45midknight2k35000 presumable
18:11:50midknight2k3at 128kbps
18:12:00uskiok; artist+song = say 25 chars average
18:12:37uskihmmm half the RAM of unmodified player
18:12:44uskino, kBITS
18:12:53midknight2k3i bet it's kbits in france
18:12:55uskiBUt you can compress it
18:12:58midknight2k3here it's kilobytes
18:12:59uskino no
18:13:08uski8 bits = 1 byte
18:13:14midknight2k3ok wahtever
18:13:15midknight2k3either way
18:13:20midknight2k3it won't happen i am sure
18:13:22midknight2k3you can do a patch for it
18:13:31DBUGEnqueued KICK uski
18:13:31uskilook the 125000*8/1024
18:14:35uskiyea but if i want to ask it is because i am not able to do such a patch
18:14:46uskibut youre right, it would use too much ram
18:14:49midknight2k3it might be fun
18:15:04midknight2k3until it messeds up
18:15:07midknight2k3stoopid thing
18:15:18midknight2k3"recording_screen" first use in this function
18:15:20midknight2k3bla bla
18:15:23midknight2k3dumb thing
18:15:26midknight2k3JUST DO IT!
18:23:26midknight2k3i was doing a main menu redesign
18:23:37uskiwhy ? :)
18:23:43midknight2k3sure, "recording_screen" works in main menu, but no way in settings_menu!
18:24:11midknight2k3even if the ifdef exists
18:24:15midknight2k3i need hardeep
18:25:26midknight2k3its a bit cluttered
18:25:58midknight2k3just one thing i was going to do was move "recording settings" into "general settings->recording"
18:26:15midknight2k3but the DUMB THING is BUSTED or SOMETHING
18:31:39midknight2k3what a stupid
18:31:47midknight2k3And there was a guy who intentionally flashed his FM while
18:31:47midknight2k3I had only Recorder support yet, but I don't count that.
18:44:32uskiyea lol
18:44:36uskifunny lol
18:44:52midknight2k3did you flash your uski?
19:03:16scott666mk: you werent around when that happened?
19:03:25midknight2k3not that i know of
19:03:38scott666i remember that, it was durring the first flash beta
19:03:49midknight2k3what happened
19:03:51scott666he got a new one from best buy
19:04:00midknight2k3like i would have
19:04:09midknight2k3maybe it was me
19:04:46scott666i just reflashed my fm
19:05:05scott666now i dont have to hold on to turn it on
19:05:08midknight2k3on fix?
19:07:04 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:14:45midknight2k3who i wanted to ask
19:16:02hardeepwho did you want to ask?
19:16:03dsgSo rockbox works from flash now?
19:16:09midknight2k3when i try to move the recording settings into general settings, i get an error when building. I kept the line from main_menu.c with the ifdef, and also i put the line up to, the ifdef have_masxxxx include recording.h. I get the error, 'recording_menu' first use in this fucction
19:16:15midknight2k3yes dsg
19:16:21hardeepdsg: on the recorder (including fm) models
19:16:26midknight2k3any ideas hardeep
19:16:29dsgAh, okay. Neat. :)
19:16:50MTyou havent included the right header file
19:17:18midknight2k3any ideas... "around" it?
19:18:04hardeepmidknight2k3: recording_menu is defined in sound_menu.h
19:18:14hardeepmidknight2k3: that's what you need to include
19:18:31midknight2k3but main menu included that and settings menu didn't?
19:19:42midknight2k3i see
19:19:49midknight2k3let me compile this and see if it worls
19:19:49hardeepmidknight2k3: yes, but it looks like you didn't
19:19:56midknight2k3i didnt
19:19:59midknight2k3i didnt know that
19:20:05midknight2k3i thought it was in recording.h
19:25:18midknight2k3../tools/scramble -fm /home/rockbox/menupatch/build/rockbox.bin /home/rockbox/me
19:25:19midknight2k3make[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/menupatch/build/ajbrec.ajz] Error 255
19:25:19DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
19:25:19midknight2k3make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/menupatch/apps'
19:25:19midknight2k3make: *** [apps] Error 2
19:25:36midknight2k3oh wait
19:25:51midknight2k3ok i forgot to put in "scramble"
19:27:22 Join top_bloke [0] (
19:28:44midknight2k3it works!
19:28:49midknight2k3thank you sooo much hardeep
19:29:02midknight2k3you've never failed to fix my problems
19:29:29midknight2k3hello bloke
19:30:30midknight2k3hardeep rocks
19:30:34midknight2k3if you didnt know
19:30:57top_blokei see
19:31:20top_blokethe thing is
19:31:27top_blokemy archos records the hard drive sounds when using an external mic...
19:31:39top_blokeis that normal?
19:31:42midknight2k3move the mic away from the archos
19:31:46top_blokei did
19:31:51top_blokeit was like 4 feet
19:32:02midknight2k3it still records a very small amount of it, yeah
19:32:05top_blokei put a pillow over it later
19:32:06midknight2k3i dunno if that can be fixed
19:32:12top_blokeso normal?
19:32:33midknight2k3fixed as soon as possible
19:32:45top_blokeand here i thought using an ext mic would het rid of all the hd sounds
19:32:52top_blokeget rid
19:32:52midknight2k3it should
19:32:56midknight2k3try the archos fw
19:33:04midknight2k3i dont think it does the sound crap
19:33:07dsgThe input is probably not shielded well enough.
19:33:19top_blokewell i made the input myself...
19:33:31midknight2k3mine does it too
19:33:42dsgI have this on my laptop −− if the volume is set high enough, and I'm not playing anything, I can hear sounds from the HD if I have headphones on. :)
19:33:55top_blokethats true
19:34:18midknight2k3hardeep: if i wanted to make a new menu option (just say for now "Extras") would i make a new file, extras_menu.c?
19:34:20top_blokegood point
19:35:17hardeepmidknight2k3: yeah, a new file is probably best
19:35:32midknight2k3archo.. i mean, argh
19:35:42midknight2k3was about to say archos
19:35:55midknight2k3whenever i wanna say "rocks" i say rockbox
19:36:06midknight2k3even when i just typed rocks i almost typed rockbox
19:36:18scott666as in 'that rockboxs!'?
19:36:27midknight2k3as in "that rockbox"
19:36:48midknight2k3i just tried to type rockbs
19:36:53midknight2k3its taking over
19:37:50midknight2k3so great
19:38:02midknight2k3and then i'd need to reference it to the new file
19:38:10midknight2k3and i need to do all the junk
19:52:22***No seen item changed, no save performed.
19:58:44midknight2k3i want a vu meter
19:58:54midknight2k3time for some 1337 on the peak meter
19:59:08midknight2k3time for some 1337-W0RK on the peak meter
20:33:57 Quit dsg ("foo-d")
20:33:58 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:37:27 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
20:40:21tpelliottI'm looking at the FM Recorder manual from Archos. In several places, it says it has a digital i/o port that's also analog in. It's true that there is no digital output? I have the older JBR 20.
20:43:32hardeeptpelliott: i don't have one but, as I understand it, there is an error in the manual... fmr doesn't have digital out
20:44:40 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
20:46:40tpelliottI wandwe why they removed it? Digital out is the perfect way to play mp3's through your home theater system.
20:46:54midknight2k3copyright reasons
20:47:01midknight2k3though the HFSCMSOFF function still works
20:48:14tpelliottI wander if copywrite issues will end this type of device that allows free copying mp3's to and from the hard drive.
20:50:01tpelliottOther devices allow coppying to and from the hard drive, but NOT mp3's that play on the unit (seperate partitions, I think).\
20:50:17midknight2k3i hope they keep it as UMS
20:50:44midknight2k3usb mass storage
20:52:57tpelliottThat's one reason I decided to upgrade my JBR 20 to 60GB instead of looking for something new.
20:55:52tpelliottWhat I want, eventually, is something with a large display for pictures and movies, powerful processor, lots of memory, large hard drive and long battery life. With on screen editing, etc. That kind of functionality will take a few years.
20:56:10midknight2k3the AV340 comes closes
20:56:19midknight2k3except for on screen editing
20:56:23midknight2k3what do you mean by that
20:57:16tpelliottLike Cool Edit. Touch screen operation like a PDA
20:57:36midknight2k3that's gonna take a while
20:57:44midknight2k3for now, get a palm and an av340
20:58:07tpelliottI'm just dreaming of the future :)
20:58:25 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
20:58:31midknight2k3i wish my future was now
20:59:25tpelliottI've been ripping and adding CDs to my new 60 gig drive. I'm happy with that for now.
21:05:13 Join Jared [0] (
21:42:13 Join midk2k3 [0] (
21:42:18 Quit midk2k3 (Client Quit)
21:42:48 Quit tpelliott (Remote closed the connection)
21:42:50 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
21:46:53 Quit MT ("changing servers")
21:51:12 Join MT [0] (
21:52:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:55:32MTyou're not my real dad, i dont have to listen to you!
22:04:03 Quit top_bloke ("wasted 3 hours 21 minutes and 52 seconds online")
22:10:40 Join top_bloke [0] (
22:11:59 Quit k3no (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:25:29 Join Guest [0] (
22:28:31 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
22:30:52 Part tpelliott
22:31:31 Join Zagor [242] (
22:34:19midknight2k3hi zagor
22:34:43midknight2k3i just got an idea of my menu redesign
22:45:31midknight2k3recording settings will be under "General Settings -> Recording" and also from F1 at record screen
22:45:32midknight2k3for one
22:47:30midknight2k3i was also planning an "extras" or "other options" menu
22:48:37midknight2k3tpvlnpc tpvld!!
22:51:26midknight2k3xshpt od divj s vtppl!
22:51:58midknight2k3that's secret code for"zagor is such a crook!"
22:52:09midknight2k3like you said when you chose rockbox over oracle or whatever
22:52:53midknight2k3brtu gimmu
22:52:58midknight2k3very funny
22:53:16midknight2k3i like my code
22:53:43midknight2k3do you think sound settings should be the first option?
22:53:58midknight2k3although we could have a "settings" menu with sound settings and all the other stuff
22:54:03midknight2k3so you hit >> then >> again
22:54:09midknight2k3one extra click
22:54:15Zagorsound settings are the most commonly changed ones
22:54:16midknight2k3so many choices
22:54:54midknight2k3never mind that
22:55:18midknight2k3it's hard to pick an intuitive system that is simple and uncluttered
22:55:25midknight2k3the only drawback to having so many features
22:56:45midknight2k3i think most of the unused or least used belong in the other folder
22:57:19midknight2k3like, wake up alarm and perhaps sleep timer
22:57:33midknight2k3and for sure games and demos
23:00:28midknight2k3ahh, just forget it
23:00:35midknight2k3too complicated
23:04:06scott666how long ago was that?
23:04:20midknight2k3was what
23:04:40scott666the conversation about the menu
23:04:44midknight2k33 minutes
23:04:59midknight2k313:57:27 | <midknight2k3> and for sure games and demos
23:04:59midknight2k314:00:22 | <midknight2k3> ahh, just forget it
23:04:59midknight2k314:00:29 | <midknight2k3> too complicated
23:04:59DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
23:04:59midknight2k314:04:01 | <scott666> how long ago was that?
23:05:19scott666i proposed a new menu design a while back
23:06:36midknight2k3tell me about it
23:07:16scott666i included a buncch of future plugins and just generally cleaned
23:07:22scott666lemme find it
23:14:07midknight2k3i do like
23:14:58scott666i tried to keep menus to 7 things
23:15:25midknight2k3less clutter i think is the main goal
23:15:27scott666like the submenus, so you can see it all without scrolling
23:15:34midknight2k3and more intuitive if possible
23:15:38midknight2k3mm hmm
23:15:56scott666ive always thought it was a lot easier to go right one then down 8
23:16:14midknight2k3up one you mean?
23:16:47scott666oh, i see what you mean, that too
23:17:20scott666but i meant its easier to go into a subdirectory then down 10 more
23:19:43midknight2k3i might just use that idea
23:19:47midknight2k3if i can get it figgered out
23:20:10scott666i started to convert it to xml to make it easier to read, but i never finished it
23:20:19midknight2k3should have
23:20:34scott666its still on the old comp, i can finish it if you want
23:20:44scott666unless i deleted it
23:20:47scott666i mightve
23:20:47midknight2k3i'll see if that can be done
23:29:12 Join Guest [0] (
23:30:28Guestis anyone chatting? I can't see anything.
23:30:46Zagorit's a bit slow
23:30:57midknight2k3im chatting
23:30:59midknight2k3whats new
23:31:16Guesti'm just checking it out. I got my recorder 20 yesterday.
23:32:00Guestuh oh. gotta go. bye
23:32:03 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
23:52:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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