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#rockbox log for 2003-09-21

00:02:44midknight2k3hi zagor
00:03:51 Join diddystar5 [0] (
00:10:45scott666are we gonna hve a patch cleaning day sometime soon?
00:10:57midknight2k3would be neat
00:12:04diddystar5i wouldn't mind that either!
00:12:15diddystar5why not now?
00:13:15midknight2k3zagor and bagder are probably busy
00:13:41 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
00:13:48 Join diddystar5 [0] (
00:14:29diddystar5clicked "leave channle" instead of "join channle"
00:17:26Zagorwe'd like to have cleaning day soon, but it's difficult to make plans due to very little free time for all of us.
00:23:27midknight2k3havent got a new version for about a month now
00:23:37midknight2k3030829 is my ver
00:23:53midknight2k3no point in getting new ones.. here's hoping the patches get thrown in soon
00:24:40diddystar5mine is about 2 weeks old
00:25:09midknight2k3any new ideas diddy?
00:34:42diddystar5i just finally decided to download a full cygwin! im at 3% now!
00:41:16midknight2k3full cygwin?
00:41:49scott666i should get around to doing that
00:42:37diddystar5so i can make code for stuff other than rockbox
00:42:47midknight2k3what for?
00:43:16diddystar5like doom legacy lame.... and my own code
00:45:44diddystar510% - Cygwin Setup!
00:45:47Jaredanyone alive who has cvs commit access?
00:51:42Zagori'm alive (i think)
00:51:55MThow can you tell?
00:52:20midknight2k3arent you making the f2 f3 patch right
00:52:22Zagorwell, i can't. but i'm content with just believing that i'm alive.
00:52:30MTmidnight2k3: can you stop just saying my name and then not saying anything else!
00:52:38midknight2k3i wanted a response
00:52:47midknight2k3i hate asking Qs when nobody's home
00:55:37Jaredothelo.c in the plugins needs one change to start being built again..the include and ifdef need switched in the very beginning of the file
00:55:47Jaredit was mentioned on the mailing list over a month ago
00:56:20midknight2k3thats right
00:56:23Zagorme fix
00:57:18Zagori've been away for quite a while, so things are a bit unkept at the moment
00:58:44Jaredno problem
00:58:52MTi got a new graphics card this morning
00:59:06MTreplacement for my 2nd pci gfx card
00:59:14Jaredwhich card?
00:59:25MTand it supports dualhead, so i ripped out the monitor off my linux box
00:59:32MTits a radeon 7500 pci
00:59:45diddystar5cool mt
00:59:55MTand spent literally hours trying to get xdmcp to work
01:00:00diddystar5nvidia has a 256mb card out now i think
01:00:10MTso i can get a nice gdm login on my windows box
01:00:20MTgot gdm fine, within first 5 minutes
01:00:33MTrefused to allow anyone to log in
01:00:41MTfinally tried root, works fine
01:00:51MTso i give up :)
01:01:09MTrunning the sim as root now
01:12:49diddystar5how many pixles wide is the recorder display? 112?
01:13:08midknight2k3122 i think
01:13:11midknight2k3112 actually
01:16:00midknight2k3its 112
01:16:36diddystar530% - Cygwin Setup!
01:21:37midknight2k3want to see my ascii art archos with rockbox?
01:21:39midknight2k3it's very nice
01:22:20midknight2k3it's about 20 lines long
01:24:30Zagorpaste it privately
01:29:01diddystar5if i just want to put one pixel in i would write: rb->lcd_puts(pix1, pix2);?
01:30:45diddystar5i mean lcd_puts(x, y);
01:30:58 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk|BackIn15 (
01:30:58DBUGEnqueued KICK midk|BackIn15
01:34:27Zagorputs is "put string"
01:35:07diddystar5what is used to just put in one pixel?
01:35:48Zagorthe DRAW_PIXEL macro
01:36:26Zagoruh, no my bad. you use lcd_drawpixel(x,y)
01:36:45diddystar5ok thats what i was wanting thanks
01:40:04 Join track [0] (
01:40:45diddystar5haven't seen you in a while track
01:40:57trackbeen around
01:41:37trackhavent used my archos for a long time
01:42:46diddystar5why? its awsome i have used mine almost everyday since i had it
01:43:02trackwell ive had mine for over a year and its been used everyday
01:43:09trackjust havent used it recently
01:43:55tracki still got that pic of the Player wiv its screen inverted on my PC
01:45:41tracku there?
01:45:41 Nick midk|BackIn15 is now known as midknight2k3 (
01:45:41DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
01:46:09diddystar5what pic with the screen inverted?
01:46:18midknight2k3players screen
01:46:21midknight2k3sort of unrealistic
01:46:36 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:46:45diddystar5um k
01:46:49tracklooks great though
01:46:50midknight2k3hi bod
01:46:53midknight2k3looks neat
01:46:55midknight2k3but unrealistic
01:47:12trackin what way?
01:47:55midknight2k3well, the entire LCD can't be inverted because no liquid crystal enters the "frame"
01:49:25trackshut up
01:50:40trackif I turn the Player upside down then its inverted!!!!
01:51:32tracklikewise if I turn YOU upside down u would be inverted as well
01:51:47midknight2k3not really
01:51:51midknight2k3but neat anough
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02:53:21midknight2k3in #c?
02:53:32BoD[]what ?
02:53:41midknight2k3missing out
02:53:45BoD[] ? ?? ?
02:54:15webmind_no, this is #rockbox
02:54:21 Nick webmind_ is now known as webmind (
02:54:45midknight2k3i know that, smart one
02:54:56midknight2k3and i have some :0 of my own
02:56:50BoD[]:0 ?
02:57:14midknight2k3:) :( :P :0.. etc
02:59:07Zagorbed time
02:59:08 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
03:11:22 Join videooos [0] (
03:13:19videooosARCHO 5GB JUKEBOX MP3 PLAYER for $79 at outpost is that a good deal?
03:13:57videooosall asleep
03:13:59midknight2k3if you have less than 5gb of music, sure
03:14:25diddystar5no get a recorder
03:14:33diddystar5they are so much better
03:14:36midknight2k3well still
03:14:39midknight2k3its probably a lot more
03:14:53midknight2k3if you just want an mp3 player a player is good although a recorder is very much better
03:15:00diddystar5and get the 15 gig if you can they have usb2.0 and you will love the extra hard rive space
03:15:01videoooshow much more
03:15:08midknight2k3i dunno
03:15:16midknight2k3link me please
03:15:51videooosim new
03:16:08midknight2k3to the page with the sale
03:16:42videoooshow thick of a drive will this take?
03:17:06diddystar52.5 i think
03:17:08midknight2k3he meant get a whole nother player
03:17:11midknight2k3but yeah
03:17:15midknight2k3laptop size
03:17:25midknight2k3a 40gig runs for about $120 i think
03:17:29midknight2k3or maybe a bit less
03:17:29diddystar5they are quite small
03:17:38midknight2k360, $140 and 80 is about $200
03:19:20videooosno i have ibm 2.5 10gig hd 12mm thick
03:19:39midknight2k3should work
03:20:13videooosi have it in a usb 2.0 case now
03:21:16diddystar5that should work
03:22:54midknight2k3but if there are recorders for a bit more $$ its worth it
03:23:05videoooswell i just ordered. and just found out about rockbox.
03:23:54diddystar5found a recorder 15 for 195$ us
03:26:48midknight2k3rockbox rocks
03:26:56midknight2k3at least you get a fun game
03:27:03midknight2k3and an array of options
03:28:44midknight2k3videooos, can you access google?
03:28:52midknight2k3or you, diddy?
03:30:30videooosgoogle yes
03:33:45videooosthanks jeff
03:34:43 Quit videooos ()
03:44:57 Quit BoD[] ("glll")
03:45:06diddystar5does anyone know where the binutils linker script is?
03:45:17diddystar5i get errors like common/strncmp.c:58:2: #error long int is not a 32bit or 64bit byte
03:45:57midknight2k3no idea
03:48:59midknight2k3im crapped
03:49:43midknight2k3wish i could finish the vu meter
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03:52:47midknight2k3i got an idea
03:52:51midknight2k3steal the peak meter code
03:53:03diddystar5hehe you wish
03:53:13midknight2k3it's open source
03:53:17midknight2k3you CAN steal it
03:53:18midknight2k3its ok
03:53:20midknight2k3you need to
03:54:48diddystar5i know but its not easy to take that code and make it work
03:55:10midknight2k3its not?
03:55:41diddystar5just try it!
03:55:53midknight2k3i can't do crap
03:57:26midknight2k3can you hear me?
03:59:02diddystar5im gonna try to compile doom legacy with my new full cygwin!
03:59:39diddystar5ehh you can download a full cygwin 2
04:00:12diddystar5cause you compile more than rockbox
04:01:02midknight2k3i dont compile more than rockbox
04:01:59diddystar5it's fun and you can always have up-to-date versions of all your favorite open source projects
04:02:15midknight2k3i have no favorite open source projects
04:02:19midknight2k3rockbox is all
04:02:49diddystar5o well...
04:03:38diddystar5have you ever played doom legacy?
04:04:29midknight2k3i just want my rockbox and (soon to bo) vu meter and im happy :)
04:04:49diddystar5you should it's a great doom source port
04:06:09midknight2k3i prefer alex 4
04:06:37diddystar5alex 4?
04:07:08midknight2k3ROX MY SOX OFF
04:07:21midknight2k3lets go before they make a pair of shoes out of her!
04:08:08diddystar5Web Site Not Responding!
04:08:35midknight2k3one of my favorite open source projects, i just realized!
04:08:47diddystar5google has the page archived....
04:08:54midknight2k3who cares
04:09:01midknight2k3go to
04:10:10diddystar5src is 100k!
04:10:25midknight2k3its not that big a game
04:11:05midknight2k3head over to and get the color edition (unzip to the alex 4 folder and run alex4c.exe)
04:11:09midknight2k3its a lot better
04:16:43diddystar5darn can't get it to compile.....
04:16:56midknight2k3get the precompiled perhaps?
04:17:01midknight2k3you're compile-happy
04:17:36diddystar5i like to compile myself arghhh
04:19:29diddystar5i got it now! i don't have allegro installed
04:19:48 Join Jared [0] (
04:19:55midknight2k3hi jared
04:20:52diddystar5and now i also have to compile allegro to compile alex
04:21:00midknight2k3fun fun
04:21:18Jaredanyone know why jackpot.rock ends up 0bytes?
04:21:31midknight2k3when compiling?
04:21:33diddystar5i wonder how to first compiler was made since you have to be able to compile your compiller right?
04:21:42diddystar5Jared: no idea
04:21:59midknight2k3get a new ver of the file maybe'
04:22:20diddystar5Jared: you are doing a normal compile right? doesnt end up in bleeding edge /daily builds b/c it ends up 0bytes
04:25:44 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
04:41:10hardeepJared: jackpot is only for player models, are you building for recorder?
04:41:36midknight2k3that must be the problem
04:43:18midknight2k3that's the problem
04:43:21Jaredthat explains it
04:43:27midknight2k3jackpot doesnt work for recorders
04:43:33midknight2k3i knew it was something like that
04:43:56midknight2k3like the UCL files are 0 bytes when theres no uclpack or something
04:43:59midknight2k3but different
04:44:28JaredI was just playing with some builds and saw the 0 byte rock...
04:44:43midknight2k3im sure there could be a super cool jackpot for recorders
04:46:23Jareddo you know why it doesn't work for the recorders?
04:46:51midknight2k3it's just build for players
04:47:05midknight2k3it could be adapted with better gfx and junk for the recorder
04:47:24diddystar5jackpot is kinda boring though....
04:48:07 Join r5rd5tcgc [0] (
04:48:19Jaredhehe...the only game I have ever played is othelo and that wasn't until
04:48:23 Quit r5rd5tcgc (Client Quit)
04:48:35Jared(after 6mnths of having my rec)
04:49:26midknight2k3PAH played othello today?
04:51:50midknight2k3they just fixed it
04:51:54Jaredyeah, recent cvs activity
04:52:35midknight2k3uh, yeah! woo!
04:53:32JaredI reminded zagor today that it needed fixed
04:53:49scott666go jared!
04:53:55Jareduntil it gets into a daily build I just edited othelo.c myself
04:53:58midknight2k3scott never did
04:53:59scott666as long as youre not that asshole from the subway commercials
04:54:28scott666i bitched at bluechip like 3 months ago
04:54:32scott666when it first broke
04:54:54midknight2k3it wasnt his fault
04:55:04scott666yes it was!
04:55:11midknight2k3it was rockboxes fault
04:55:15midknight2k3rockbox busted
04:55:21midknight2k3and rendered othelo useless
04:55:27midknight2k3if you think hes a jerk then dont use it
04:55:32Jaredno it wasn't rockbox's fault
04:55:44midknight2k3youre a jerk too
04:56:06 Join k3no [0] (
04:56:10midknight2k3blame bluechip
04:56:16midknight2k3then dont use it
04:56:23scott666use what?
04:56:41scott666I CANT! BLUECHIP BROKE IT
04:56:48midknight2k3THEN WHY BITCH?
04:56:55scott666BECAUSE ITS BROKEN
04:57:08midknight2k3DONT USE IT IF YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN!
04:57:31midknight2k3YOU SHOULDNT WANT TO
04:57:35midknight2k3SO THERES NO POINT!
04:58:02CtcpIgnored 5 channel CTCP requests in 7 hours and 32 minutes at the last flood
04:58:02*scott666 gets offended
04:58:18*midknight2k3 too
04:58:29*Jared was already offended
04:58:30*scott666 spontaneously combusts
04:59:11 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
04:59:23scott666oh, i should mention i have an FM, so that rock wouldnt have work even if it had gotten sent
04:59:37*diddystar5 quit ("Client Exiting")
05:00:20diddystar5gotta go
05:00:29Jaredwhat if I told you I have esp and had compiled it for a fm?
05:00:41 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
05:00:59midknight2k3 __
05:00:59midknight2k3 |__|
05:00:59midknight2k3 | |
05:00:59DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
05:00:59midknight2k3 | |
05:00:59midknight2k3___| |__ __
05:01:00***Alert Mode level 1
05:01:00midknight2k3|__| |__|__|
05:01:02midknight2k3| | | | |
05:01:04midknight2k3| | | | |
05:01:07scott666then id say it doesnt matter cause either trillian or zone alarm didnt like it
05:01:21scott666worst. ascii art. ever.
05:01:34midknight2k3IT GETS THE POINT ACROSS
05:01:38midknight2k3IF YOUR DEAD FACE CAN READ IT
05:02:23scott666ahh, it does look better in courier
05:02:29scott666but it still sucks
05:02:39midknight2k3a better one is in the works
05:02:42midknight2k3i needed one quick
05:04:51scott666hmmm...thumb in or out?
05:10:34 Join _Jared_ [0] (
05:11:01***Alert Mode OFF
05:13:59 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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15:53:46Zagorhmm, we need a powermgmt.c rewrite
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19:39:23 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
19:39:59Neurosupheroti just wanna say that rockbox rox
19:40:06Neurosupherotand i have a question
19:40:30MTeveryone has questions :)
19:41:28Neurosupherotdo you envisage to create a bios for thearchos multimedia?
19:41:33Neurosupherotif yes, when?
19:45:13MTno, never
19:45:52MTit uses a completely different processor and chips that we have no documentation for, and theres no inclination for any of us to do it
19:46:07MTabout the only possible (and this is way out there) chance of it happening
19:46:24MTwould be if you bought zagor, bagder or linus one
19:49:01dsgDidn't the multimedia have just a StrongArm or something?
19:49:09dsg(Haven't checked. Out of my pricerange.)
19:52:50Neurosupherotthx for the onfos
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23:28:57 Join Bagder [0] (
23:29:46diddystar5hey bagder
23:30:01diddystar5hows bagder 2.0? :)
23:30:16BoD[]oh !! (s)he's released !?
23:30:28Bagderno release yet :-)
23:30:29 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
23:30:32 Quit _aLF ("bye")
23:30:40 Join _aLF [0] (
23:30:42Zagoroh, that's just vaporware ;)
23:30:50BoD[]ohh! :) will you make an annoucement in the mailing list when it's released ?
23:31:23diddystar5i got started on a vu meter but im not sure whats the best way to make the needle move
23:31:42tpelliottWhen what's released? I just came in.
23:32:09Bagderbagder 2.0
23:32:17diddystar5i wrote code to show a needle and get the information from the mas but im not sure how to plug the two together
23:36:20tpelliottAny idea when the new F3 menu will be introduced?
23:36:34diddystar5new F3 menu?
23:36:52tpelliottMove the on+play menu to F3
23:37:07diddystar5hummm thats a nice idea
23:37:20diddystar5thats very easy to do
23:38:51diddystar5just make a few changes in apps/screens.c and apps/onplay.c
23:38:59tpelliottI would love that but I'm not a programmer. Did you read about the queue mode and party mode in the list? I can't wait for that (if it happens).
23:39:35diddystar5no is that the mail "an idea/suggestion"?
23:40:02tpelliottI think so.
23:40:44tpelliottI would love to be able to turn the play button into a queue button
23:41:12scott666thatd be fie with me, i only use right for play
23:41:57diddystar5so do i
23:42:15diddystar5i hate when archos firmware wanted you to use play
23:42:36tpelliottWould that be easy to impliment?
23:43:35diddystar5i think just some changes in button.c should do it
23:44:07tpelliott\I qas looking for a single key queue. I think this is it.
23:45:00tpelliottWould you rather play insert or queue? I would say insert in case you come up with a good combination and want to save it to a playlist.
23:45:29scott666i'd say insert last
23:46:07scott666easier to load whole CDs
23:46:57tpelliottI usually add a bunch of stuff and turn shuffel off and back on to re shuffel the new list.
23:47:20diddystar5humm the play = queue wouldn't be in button.c...
23:47:45scott666you could just have play go directly to the playlist menu of the on+play menu
23:48:27tpelliottToo many steps for a quick one-button operation.
23:48:44diddystar5but that wouldn't be as quick because then you would have to select a option
23:49:48scott666itd be easier if you used queue all the time, and play was set to insert
23:50:07scott666or any combination of that
23:51:15diddystar5i think play should always = queue and right aways = play song
23:51:59scott666thats why i think play should go to a menu, or be an option so you can set what it is
23:52:36scott666cause some people will want insert and some will want queue and some will want play
23:52:52tpelliottI think "play=insert last" is great, no menu. The menu will eventually be moved to F3 anyway.
23:53:01scott666u sure?
23:53:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:53:29tpelliottEventually, it should all be configurable.
23:53:48scott666who said on+play is going to F3?
23:54:26diddystar5me :) j/k
23:54:28tpelliottI read that in the chat a few days ago, something to that affect.
23:54:45tpelliottNothing is set in stone anyway.

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