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#rockbox log for 2003-09-24

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00:26:10midknight2k3idle 14hrs
00:28:49midknight2k3no longer
00:28:57Plughmidknight2k3: you wanted me to take an online IQ test
00:28:59PlughI did
00:29:04PlughCongratulations, David!
00:29:04PlughYour IQ score is 140
00:29:12midknight2k3oh yeah
00:29:17midknight2k3like a year ago
00:29:19midknight2k3or something
00:29:27midknight2k3why was that again?
00:29:32Plughdamn kids. No time perspective
00:29:49midknight2k3okay, so it was more like four months
00:30:00Plughas if
00:30:06Plughsearch the logs
00:30:17midknight2k3i need to test mine now right
00:30:19midknight2k3lets see here
00:30:23midknight2k3just a min
00:30:48Plughheh. getting out your calculator and web dictionary? And a google window? :)
00:31:02midknight2k3no cheating here
00:31:02midknight2k3just gonna clean my inbox
00:31:03midknight2k3will do later
00:31:09midknight2k3i mean, will clean inbox later
00:31:11midknight2k3iq test now
00:33:04Plughjust say my name when you're done. I'll know it. I'm busy with work stuff
00:36:50midknight2k3BTW i took this test before
00:36:55midknight2k3just taking again
00:44:32midknight2k3for "how far did you go to school" i guess i should say how far i plan on going?
00:44:35midknight2k3i can't answer it really
00:44:48Plughjust say high school
00:44:53midknight2k3ill just put high school graduate
00:45:05Plughya. I suspect you'll get that far
00:45:09midknight2k3i will
00:45:11midknight2k3i hope
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00:45:54midknight2k3what the hell?
00:46:00midknight2k3I DID CHECK THAT BOX YOU IDIOTS
00:46:09Plughoops. gotta re-test
00:46:14midknight2k3no way!
00:46:17midknight2k3stoopid thing
00:46:32midknight2k3it gave me 117.. but if it got that one wrong how many others did it get wrong?
00:46:49midknight2k3last time i tried that about a year ago i got about 135
00:47:03Plughdon't sweat it. That thing was written for people out of high school
00:47:11midknight2k3no really
00:47:18midknight2k3that piece of junk
00:47:24midknight2k3i should write to them
00:47:25Plughaccording to that test, my IQ has gone up since 2nd grade
00:47:40midknight2k3parts of it are phrases that they expect you to know
00:47:47Plughwhich is really amazing, considering all the crazy shit I've exposed my brain to
00:48:12PlughI'd swear college makes you drop IQ points
00:48:49midknight2k3i don't feel like taking college, school is boring
00:48:54midknight2k3but i "guess" i have to
00:49:16Plughheh. It helps
00:49:22Plughbut it's a pain in the butt
00:49:26midknight2k3i'll say
00:49:30midknight2k3boring boring
00:49:35midknight2k3half of it i already know
00:49:39midknight2k3more than half
00:49:54Plughthat should get you a passing grade. heh
00:50:06midknight2k3it better
00:50:20midknight2k3and then linzy stole my worksheets
00:54:40midknight2k3uh oh
00:54:43Plughokay. I need some uninterupted time to do a timed test here. Don't try to distract me plz. I'll be back when I'm done.
00:54:51midknight2k3it appears my office 2003 is in spanish
00:54:53midknight2k3ok wahtever
00:55:34PlughHablo un poco de Espan~ol
00:56:00Plughdamn you
00:56:08Plughminimizing this window
00:56:11midknight2k3yes please
00:56:15midknight2k3i didnt mean to bug you
00:56:21midknight2k3i guess we should all evacuate the channel for ya
01:09:13*scott666 ducks and covers
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02:13:58Plughgood thing I'm collecting my last data point
02:14:06Plughotherwise I'd have to shoot you mid
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02:28:01midknight2k3sure would
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03:02:37midknight2k3if diddystar comes in tell him i will be back
03:02:39midknight2k3never mind
03:02:42midknight2k3you're unreliable
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03:24:05vvvteddybi was wondering if some 1 can help me out
03:24:16vvvteddybi cant seam to get my archos to charge at all
03:24:25vvvteddybi dono if its the plug or the unit it self
03:24:38Plughis it running Rockbox?
03:25:00Plughwhat model?
03:25:07vvvteddybrecorder 20
03:25:17Plughyou tried new batteries?
03:25:33vvvteddybnope but its fairly new
03:25:42vvvteddybwouldent think battires would go that quick
03:26:10Plughcould be. The quality control on them is REALLY poor
03:26:20vvvteddybhow long is the archos waranty
03:26:27Plugh1 yr
03:26:42vvvteddybak any sugestions on wat kinda batteiers i should get
03:26:50Plughif it lasts more than a month, you're probably okay :)
03:27:07vvvteddybeh i love it but i hate it at the same tong
03:27:14vvvteddybsongs randomly freeze
03:27:15Plughget 2200mAH AA batteries
03:27:20vvvteddybrandomly skips
03:27:35vvvteddybany spefic brand
03:27:47PlughI have an FMR
03:27:53Plughit has a permanent battery
03:27:59Plughthat isn't replaceable
03:28:05vvvteddybthat could suck
03:28:17Plughthe manufacturer doesn't sell them to anyone but Archos
03:28:28vvvteddybso u gota buy new ones through archos
03:28:38Plughthey're soldered in
03:28:43vvvteddybthat sucks
03:28:51Plughit's possible to take them out
03:28:59Plughbut you have to disassemble the whole thing
03:29:16Plughif I have to do that, I may as well replace the hard drive
03:29:22vvvteddyblol ya
03:29:36vvvteddybhmm i dono if i mess with the plug end into the archos the screen will light up
03:29:43vvvteddyband it looks like it tryes to start charging
03:29:54Plughsounds like a typical Archos problem
03:29:57Plughcold solder
03:30:24PlughI don't know who they have working in their assembly plant, but I doubt they'd ever seen a soldering iron before
03:30:45Plughyou could fix it. Probably better to send it in for repair though
03:30:56vvvteddyblol thats means i beter back it up
03:31:06vvvteddybwitch it hard 2 do with no battey power
03:31:27Plughall my data stays backed up
03:31:34Plughif I have a crash, I lose nothing
03:31:42vvvteddyblol im bad on backing up
03:31:46vvvteddybi format to much
03:31:57vvvteddybits just a hassle
03:31:58Plughthe music came off my computer. So it lives there
03:32:04vvvteddyboo sweet
03:32:06vvvteddybits charging
03:32:08vvvteddybfor now
03:32:18Plughgood deal. Back it up while you can
03:32:18vvvteddybi think ill see if i can pop the usb cable in and back it up
03:32:24Plughbe gentle
03:32:35vvvteddybhow do i go about sending it in to archos
03:33:21vvvteddybhmm i flased it with rockbox ill they care
03:33:39Plughyou can flash their fw back in
03:33:46vvvteddyboo how
03:33:51vvvteddybi should proably do that
03:34:20Plughuse the unscramble routine on the archos fw you can dl from the site
03:34:34Plughthen compress with ucl
03:34:37Plughand rolo it
03:34:51Plughyou'll be flashed back to original firmware
03:35:02vvvteddybfucking windows or archos
03:35:03vvvteddybor some 1
03:35:12vvvteddyblol it says the disk is not formated yet i see my data
03:35:15Plughthere will still be the boot loader, but they'll never notice it
03:35:24Plughget it off quick
03:35:31vvvteddybim workin on it
03:35:48Plughyou're lucky to have 10gig
03:35:49vvvteddybdamn archos
03:35:51Plughmine's 20
03:35:59vvvteddyblol mynes go
03:36:14PlughI copied about 2.5gig today. Took 5 mins I think
03:36:46vvvteddybi need usb 2.0
03:37:00vvvteddybugug wats ata error -1 meen
03:37:46Plughbad things
03:38:10*vvvteddyb shakes fist i need that data
03:38:55vvvteddybcharging again
03:40:12vvvteddybw00t prearing to copy
03:40:20vvvteddybgood archos u can do it
03:40:56Plughhey mid
03:41:02MidK|BackIn30no ding
03:41:06MidK|BackIn30i see diddy aint back
03:41:13 Nick MidK|BackIn30 is now known as MidK|BackIn15 (
03:41:38MidK|BackIn15be back again
03:44:12vvvteddybhow longit take
03:44:21vvvteddybfor rockbvox to reconize if its charging
03:45:46vvvteddybarcohos need the box?
03:46:03vvvteddybto do an exchange
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03:52:26vvvteddybhey im back
03:53:47Plughthat looked nasty
03:53:53vvvteddybwat did
03:53:53Plugh18:48 -!- vvvteddyb [] has quit [Read error: 54
03:53:53Plugh (Connection reset by peer)]
03:54:03vvvteddybi press the rest button
03:54:08vvvteddybwindows wounet reconize the archos
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03:54:14vvvteddybbut now its copying my files
03:54:54vvvteddybarchos wants the orgianl packaing
03:54:58vvvteddybi dont think i have that
04:00:38vvvteddybhow bad would it be if i spladed non rrechables in here
04:00:39vvvteddybto back up
04:04:19Plughthat's pretty dumb
04:04:31PlughI don't have my original packaging anymore
04:04:56vvvteddybwas fiddling rround with the plug and now i cant thee the end for the chagrer to go into
04:05:23Plughuse regular batteries for the backup
04:05:31vvvteddybi am
04:05:41vvvteddyblol how long u think they will last
04:05:42PlughI know ppl who just keep 2 sets of rechargeables around since their charger broke
04:05:52Plughprobably 10 or 12 hours
04:06:07vvvteddybim ettin 162 min to back up 10 gigs
04:07:38vvvteddybits easier 2 send it back and get it fixed
04:07:42vvvteddybdamn quality control
04:09:27vvvteddybhey wheres the serial number
04:10:34vvvteddybAll returns must returned in the manufactures original packaging with the product, including all cables, software, manuals, driver diskettes, etc.
04:13:11Plughwrite them about it
04:13:53Plughit seems ridiculous that they'd make you keep all that shit in one place for a year
04:13:58PlughI know I can't do that
04:14:07vvvteddybim gonna sed it back in a box
04:14:11vvvteddyband see waht happens
04:14:19Plughbut then, I'd probably just open my unit up and solder the connections
04:14:35vvvteddybwell if i knew how im might just 2
04:15:06PlughI've been soldering for 18 years
04:15:13vvvteddybgood man
04:15:22Plughdoesn't mean I like doing it
04:15:32vvvteddybwell wats the worst that can happen if i dont send it back in the archos box
04:15:34Plughbut I know my way around an iron and a spool of solder
04:15:46Plughheh. they send it back to you unfixed?
04:16:00vvvteddybthen i ask 1 of the nice ppl here to do it for me for some cash
04:20:05vvvteddybhmm these shitty battires are at half way
04:27:15Plughthe charge level meter is all horked up
04:27:19Plughdon't believe it
04:27:31vvvteddybthe rockbox 1
04:27:47Plugha new patch went in last night to make it a little more reliable
04:28:05Plughthere was code in there to only do battery updates once a minute
04:28:34vvvteddybi got more lol
04:28:35Plughand only 1% at a time
04:28:48Plughso for it to stabilize took as much as a half hour or more
04:28:50vvvteddybbut it will fuck up my back up if it dies
04:28:56vvvteddyb29 now
04:29:06Plughah, so it's counting down?
04:29:25Plughhope it finishes before your batteries run out
04:29:31vvvteddybif not mabey this dir
04:30:07PlughI think you'll be okay. Those batteries should be good for 2 or 3 hours
04:30:21Plughat 30%
04:30:27vvvteddybwill see
04:30:31vvvteddybits at 26 now
04:30:45Plughthat's fast
04:30:56vvvteddybmabey itll finiosh this dir
04:30:58vvvteddybits the biogest
04:34:30vvvteddybi need usb2.0
04:36:16vvvteddybgonna die soon
04:46:12vvvteddybahh frsh battires
04:47:12vvvteddyby does it drop 2 % at a time
04:55:20vvvteddybhey cheif
04:55:27vvvteddybif archos dosent fix this for me
04:55:30vvvteddybwould u do
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13:08:28Anti-Steam|n30soemone here ?
13:09:09*dwihno is here. How may I be of service?
13:10:19Anti-Steam|n30my player didnt boot then i bought me an 2.5" to 3.5 " adapter and put it in my Pc but it doesent detect the IDE
13:10:37Anti-Steam|n30what can i do ?
13:12:37dwihnoYou mean the disk didn't show up on the PC?
13:13:05dwihnoMake sure the master/slave stuff is OK
13:13:07Anti-Steam|n30and it in the player it didnt boot with the rockbox
13:14:24Anti-Steam|n30when i start my pc first it detects the IDE but when i plug my hd in it doesent detect
13:22:45Anti-Steam|n30and now :-( ?
13:24:01dwihnohave you flashed the bios?
13:28:43dwihnoWhat happens when you boot the unit?
13:28:53Anti-Steam|n30in pc or player ?
13:29:10 Nick Anti-Steam|n30 is now known as blastman007 (
13:30:28blastman007it makes only click 2 times a second
13:32:37blastman007click click click but noting happens
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13:44:40Guilehi everybody
13:44:52 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
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13:55:00Guilei've got a bug on my juskebox with rockbox 2.0, i've search the big on the bug request , here it is : 722305 Fixed 5 nobody can't play playlist 2003-04-16 08:53 it's written fixed but i don't see any solution, where can i find the solution for this bug ?
13:58:43 Join Malphas__ [0] (
14:07:48*webmind has a bug too.. the plaxer just sometimes stops
14:08:12 Quit Guile ("il n'y a que les cons qui ne changent pas d'avis, c'est mon avis et je ne voit pas pourquoi j'en changerai.")
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16:36:41BoBBhow come every time i go to the file menu when using rockbox it says dir buffer is full
16:37:38 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
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16:44:23J00just like to say my Recorder arrived today, it's the mutts nuts
16:44:45J00... nice shiney black colour on the corners and console
16:44:54webmindnew design ?
16:45:02webmindi thought they whjere blur
16:45:54J00looks very nice, better I think
16:45:59J00goes well with the silver
16:46:39J00includes a Hitachi disk, I'm not sure if that's a different make
16:46:45*webmind thinks about a non plastic casing
16:46:56BoBBmines blue too
16:47:13BoBBis it the usb1.1 version?
16:47:18BoBBbecause that ones black
16:47:42J00it's a bit like that picture ^, except the console is different with a black background
16:48:00J00(that must be a Player)
16:49:17*J00 was it something I said
16:49:37BoBBlike that?
16:49:38BoBBbut black?
16:49:55J00that's the one
16:49:59webmindyeah usb1.1
16:50:08BoBByeah has to be usb1.1
16:50:18BoBBdoes the box say "usb2.0 compatible"
16:50:19J00no, it's USB2
16:50:54J00^ that one
16:51:01BoBBwhen i went down to fry;s i saw a bunch of usb1.1 recorders with a sticker slapped over the usb1.1 that said usb2.0 compatible
16:51:16J00it says USB2.0 on the bottom of the device
16:51:22BoBBthat one is clearly blue though
16:51:30BoBBwhere did you get a black one?
16:51:31J00indeed, but mine isn't ;/
16:52:28J00the box actually says "USB 2.0 interface - USB 1.1 compatible"
16:53:24BoBBis it exactly like the blue one? or is it the newer design?
16:54:00J00the same, it seems
16:54:07J00the buttoms are identical
16:54:23BoBBthats wierd
16:54:47J00yeah, it's lovely though
16:55:07BoBBi wish i could get a black one =/
16:55:19J00the mp2 support is useful, not many things handle that
16:55:51BoBBarchos has mpeg2 support?
16:56:21J00MPEG1 Layer II audio
16:56:58J00it's the native format for digital radio in Europe, so I can drop recordings straight on the Archos
16:58:02BoBBhrmm, if i wanted to flash my archos fm recorder, which rom would i use?
16:58:34J00the last of the three I think
16:59:04BoBBthere were only 2
16:59:42BoBBthats not flash images though
17:00:00J00you mean the Archos stuff?
17:00:08J00their page?
17:01:13J00this is my Archos -
17:01:36J00I stuck it in the scanner so it's not the best image
17:02:32BoBBmine looks ugly
17:02:36BoBBits the newer design
17:02:41BoBBbut it works great!
17:02:50J00you have the FM thing?
17:02:58BoBBfm recorder
17:03:20BoBBfor some reason i keep getting dir buffer is full when i enter the file browser
17:03:25BoBBi guess i have to many mp3's
17:03:35 Quit dsg ("gone home")
17:04:17J00that one seems useful, but I don't really use FM anymore, my computer and satellite box saves radio in native 192kbps stereo Layer II
17:04:58BoBBwell, i had a choice between a usb1.1 20gig player or this one
17:05:05J00now I can just drop it on this beast ;)
17:05:15J00oh, no contest then
17:06:26J00is there a quick way of adjusting volume without having to go into the menu's?
17:06:44 Join k3no__ [0] (
17:07:19BoBBwhile playing a song
17:07:24BoBBup and down adjust the volume
17:07:40J00ahh, they seem to bring up other menus
17:07:58BoBBanyone here have any problems with the file system going read only randomly?
17:08:07BoBBJ00: while playing a song?
17:08:20J00I'll have a look..
17:08:36J00oh, you're quite right
17:09:40J001.642MB buffer, is that normal?
17:09:50BoBBmines around there
17:09:55BoBBnot the 2mb its supossed to be
17:10:13J00some must be reserved for ram
17:10:59BoBBJ00: you use your archos on linux?
17:11:52J00it only arrived an hour ago, it's just on a windows box right now
17:12:50J00do you know how to go about changing the NiMH's, is it just a matter of taking out the star-screws?
17:14:23 Quit BoBB (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:15:22 Join BoBB [0] (
17:15:36BoBBthats what happens when i try and rsync to my archos
17:16:01BoBBand now its a read only file system
17:16:44J00does mount show (rw) ?
17:16:46 Quit k3no__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:17:23BoBBi guess what i tried worked
17:17:27BoBBits not ro anymore
17:17:33BoBBbut it still hangs my fucking system
17:17:48J00do you think it's the USB2?
17:17:57BoBBwas rsyncing with -a which pass'd a bunch of options vfat doesn't understand, like permissions and such
17:18:03BoBBJ00: i do
17:18:10BoBBim convinced it has to be a driver
17:18:40J00hrm, what motherboard chipset?
17:18:43BoBBbecause if i plug it in, X will freeze, and completely lock up, i will have to hard boot my box
17:18:58BoBBbut if i switch to console while plugging it in it is fine
17:19:10BoBBi also get a bunch of irq routing errors for usb when i bootup
17:19:15BoBBi loathe usb
17:19:22BoBBi tried 2.6 kernel too, does the same thing
17:19:44J00I don't think much of VIA's usb implementation
17:19:58J00I've had similar issues with their southbridges
17:20:36J00Intel and nVidia seem better
17:21:24BoBBi was gonna go with nvidia, but at the time of purchase it was completely unsupported
17:22:58J00hrm, vt62x2, vt8235 are meant to be supported
17:23:35BoBBmaybee i should try the JE uhci driver
17:23:40J00"Archos MP3 Jukebox - usb-storage driver - Older kernels may need a tweak to usb-storage error handling, or a workaround: start the Archos and let it boot up before you load or hotplug the usb-storage module.. "
17:24:02BoBByeah i do that
17:25:07J00can you force things back into usb1.1 mode?
17:25:26BoBBi might be able to if i disabled usb2.0 in the kernel
17:26:41J00there's always the option of a usb2 PCI board based round an NEC chipset, doesn't solve the problem, but still
17:26:42 Quit k3no (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:26:58BoBBim gonna have to start storing my music in directories
17:27:22BoBBthere is a 400 file limit with rockbox for listing
17:27:32BoBBbecause it takes up to much space in memory
17:27:35J00yes, I was goingt o say :/
17:27:49J00you can adjust it apparently
17:27:59BoBByou can?
17:28:08J00do you know if it's easy to change the NiMH's?
17:28:21BoBBheh thats never easy
17:28:21J001 sec
17:28:27J00doh :/
17:28:36J00I have the proper screw driver
17:28:37BoBBand they arent NiMH's unfortunately
17:28:40BoBBat least mine isn't
17:28:47BoBBmines just a lithium-ion
17:28:53J00oh, that's better
17:28:56BoBBi checked
17:29:08J00it goes ni-cad > NiMH > li-ion
17:29:25BoBBso how is li-ion better?
17:29:30 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
17:29:43J00just a better electrolyte
17:30:00BoBBthey go bad more often though
17:30:11 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
17:30:17J00there is one better above li-ion, it's called lithium-polymer as is used in iPaq's, it's a solid gel
17:30:18BoBBsupossedly though with the recorders there is some cool charging algorithm that prevents that
17:30:30J00well, they explode
17:30:35J00if you charge them too much
17:31:12J00that's why the charging has to be really precise with delta-v monitoring and even temp sensors
17:31:37J00anyway, the 400 limit, I read about it yesterday
17:32:26J00oh, you need a daily post-2.0 build
17:32:32BoBBnew kernel is done
17:33:14 Quit BoBB ("Lost terminal")
17:35:47 Join BoBB [0] (
17:36:04 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:36:15BoBBalright new driver wish me luck
17:40:27J00ahh, the battery covers come off easy
17:40:30 Part BoBB
17:40:37 Join BoBB [0] (
17:41:15BoBBits read only now!
17:41:26BoBBthis is getting frustrating :(
17:46:47J00that's just mount though?
17:46:59J00is there a flag to force rw ?
17:48:08BoBBi can remount it rw
17:48:12BoBBbut the rsync wont finish
17:54:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:55:59 Quit BoBB (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:00:36 Join BoBB [0] (
18:02:24 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
18:03:45 Join k3no [0] (
18:19:54BoBBman i love rockbox :)
18:28:45 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:32:18BoBBok so if i wanted to flash my archos, the flash doc says i need a firmware_rec.bin file
18:32:41BoBBbut the daily builds page mentions a .ucl
18:34:42J00the firmware that came with mine is in advance of the one posted on their site
18:35:09BoBBon the archos site?
18:35:19BoBBthe latest on the archos site last i checked was 1.30j
18:42:52J00is that for you device?
18:42:55J00or the Recorder?
18:43:47BoBBtm fm recorder
18:44:08J00argh, I just have the recorder
18:44:33J001.27d is listed on the site as the latested, mine is loaded with 1.28 :/
18:45:25BoBBi cant figure out which .bin file im supossed to use
19:03:54J00there's only one I can see
19:04:00J00the ajbrec.ajz one
19:04:13J00just copy it across to your device and restart the blighter
19:04:49J00"Version 1.30j - This is the original version of the OS shipped with the Jukebox FM recorder.
19:04:58J00hrm, should be no difference
19:09:15BoBBim talkinga bout rockbox
19:09:21BoBBnot the archos os
19:10:37BoBBthats not the flash though
19:10:44BoBBits just loaded on bootup
19:11:08J00I just use the standard flash
19:11:08BoBBi need to find something that unzips ucl files
19:11:18BoBBrockbox is much better
19:11:24J00I use RockBox
19:11:31BoBBand ive only been using it for a day LOL
19:12:11J00I read something about an alternative bootloader, but I not sure what advantage is has
19:12:49BoBBwatch that
19:12:53BoBBand youll see :)
19:13:50J00ahh, tis quick
19:14:26J00that Recorder is also black :/
19:14:33BoBByeah i noticed that
19:14:56BoBBcant tell if its 2.0 or not
19:14:59BoBBto hard to read
19:15:02BoBBit probably is though
19:16:18J00did they do a USB1 Recorder?
19:16:59BoBBi think so
19:17:08J00was it 20gig
19:17:22BoBBnot sure
19:17:45J00maybe all the recent ones' are now black
19:18:21BoBBthat would be cool
19:18:35BoBBif i found one i would be damn tempted to sell mine and buy a new one
19:18:48J00but your's is more advanced
19:19:03BoBBi never use the radio
19:19:14BoBBwhy would i listen to the radio when i have 18 gigs of mp3's?
19:19:16J00it has li-ion ;)
19:19:17Plughfm has other benefits
19:19:33BoBBit does? whats it got?
19:19:37Plughyeah. 2100mAH LiIon and flash ram storage
19:19:51*J00 has heard US radio *cough*
19:20:02Plughyou can save settings in the memory rather than on the disk
19:20:15Plughrecorder may have that too, but it's def in the fmr
19:21:30BoBBthe settings in rockbox say 1500mah
19:21:36BoBBcan i change that?
19:22:10*J00 will tomorrow, 2300 in the post
19:22:26J00it's in the menu
19:23:21BoBByeah i saw
19:23:29BoBBbut it wont break anything?
19:23:43J00no, it will just adjust the battery meter
19:23:58J00I don't think it affects charging because that isn't controlled by rockbox
19:27:52Plughfmr charging is in hardware
19:28:08Plughthat's just a setting for battery life calculation
19:28:27Plughif you have an fmr, set it to 2100
19:31:10BoBBhrmm, my archos wont turn off when the charger is plugged in anymore
19:31:38Plughknown issue
19:33:44J00how do Archos expect people to pay E/$39 for a USB lead?
19:34:10J00it seems like a decent quality but it's just a A-A lead at the end of the day
19:36:38 Join Pat [0] (
19:37:38Pathey all looking for advise getting a HD register error
19:38:02Pathard drive works fine
19:38:15Patunit freezes on boot up
19:39:24Patcan anyone see this?
19:40:25BoBBnever gotten that
19:40:47Patyour lucky lol
19:41:35 Quit Pat ("Leaving")
19:42:21 Join Kolbey [0] (
19:42:48 Join Corvinus [0] (
19:43:48Kolbeyanyone knopw where HD register errors can be looked up?
19:43:54BoBBKolbey: when did it start happening?
19:44:09 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
19:44:16Kolbeyunit froze in use and would not turn off
19:44:47Kolbeygot it hoime pluged in charger and it turned off but then started with these errors
19:44:48*J00 thinks the Archos has a good SNR
19:44:57BoBBJ00: snr?
19:45:11J00the noise floor, you can't hear anything
19:45:18BoBBKolbey: sounds like a harddisk failure, if it just happened while you were using it
19:45:26Kolbeyhave senses taking hard drive out and its fine
19:45:26BoBBKolbey: make archos give you a new one
19:45:38Kolbeyhad it too long I think
19:45:54BoBBhow long is the warranty on an archos?
19:46:03KolbeyHD drive is in laptop now working great....
19:46:08BoBBmine didn't come with any info
19:46:14Kolbeydont know
19:46:27Kolbeybut have had for over a year
19:46:34J001 year
19:47:13J00I think things are meant to be 2 years in the EU now, not sure
19:47:14Kolbeygonna trynew batteries.... desperate hope
19:48:33J00just tell your local state decress a 3 year warranty by default ;)
19:48:41J00err, tell Archos
19:49:14Kolbeywell I have opened the unit now anyway voiding any warrenty
19:49:20J00"you can't break the law, you mofo's" ;)
19:49:40J00it could have popped open by accident
19:50:44BoBBgrant the customer additional warranty rights, specify the duration of implied warranties which the manufacturer cannot disclaim, or not allow limitations on the duration of implied warranties.
19:50:49BoBBnice :)
19:51:15J00indeed, they cannot override statutory rights
19:53:48CorvinusI keep getting this wierd message "Save Failed, No partition?"
19:54:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:54:38J00ouch, the IDE controller has no mojo left
19:54:44Corvinusit still plays stuff, but the message obscures the screen
19:55:18Corvinusnothing similar seems to happen in the Archos firmware
19:55:40Corvinusthe message only stops appearing when I'm in the settings menu, and then comes back when I leave it
19:55:43 Quit Kolbey ()
19:59:49 Join Kolbey [0] (
19:59:57 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
20:06:50 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
20:07:38 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
20:09:06Kolbeyanyone know if u can use reqular batteries in recorder (I know dont try and charge)
20:10:23BoBBKolbey: there is a section on that in the battery FAQ
20:10:46Kolbeymy bad
20:14:14Kolbeybtw the answer is no dont do it
20:25:29J00I hope my 2300mAh batteries will be the mutts nuts
20:32:32PlughMy only regret in buying an FMR is the non-replaceable battery, but it hasn't become a problem yet
20:37:15BoBBthats why i was reluctant to buy it, if it does go bad im kinda screwed
20:42:35Plughit's almost the cellphone mentality
20:42:46Plugh1 yr warranty, breaks on day 366
20:43:28Plughmeans you gotta buy a new one every year, which you probably wanna do because there's a whole new technology in a year
20:43:48 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:45:07BoBByeah thats true
20:45:20BoBBwell, bed time, see ya later :)
20:45:46 Quit J00 ()
20:51:22 Join vvvteddyb [0] (
20:51:39vvvteddybneed some help
20:52:34 Join Squirtle [0] (
20:53:12vvvteddybhow can i get rid of the flashed rockbox firmware
20:53:18 Quit Kolbey ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
20:54:02 Quit Corvinus (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:54:02 Nick Squirtle is now known as Corvinus (
21:01:39vvvteddybhey any 1 alive
21:24:31 Join gxam [0] (
21:24:47 Nick gxam is now known as xam (
21:27:39 Part xam
21:32:50vvvteddybcould u help me out
21:34:05Plughhi vvv
21:34:18vvvteddybi cant figure out how to get rid of the rockbox firmware flash
21:34:24vvvteddybim sending the bad boy back to archos
21:34:47Plughdid you use the descramble.exe on the archos firmware you dl'd off their site?
21:35:01vvvteddybi cant find it on thir site
21:35:16Plughdid you save a copy on your device?
21:36:02vvvteddybonot of descrample i did back up watever the flash instutions told me 2
21:41:14PlughI compiled my own descramble
21:41:21Plughand uclpack
21:41:43Plughread the instructions on how to flash your own compiled fw into the unit
21:41:56vvvteddyband then just use the archos firmware on thir site?
21:42:17Plughheading to lunch. good luck
21:54:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:55:32 Join track [0] (
22:01:49vvvteddybhow are ya
22:09:19vvvteddybwanna help
22:09:31trackwats up
22:09:43 Join combthins [0] (
22:09:43vvvteddybtrying to flash archos rom back to archos firmware
22:09:46vvvteddybso i can send it in
22:10:03trackwell i dont know
22:10:12vvvteddybthanks any ways
22:12:44trackwheres Bjorn and co?
22:15:43vvvteddybdo u kno wat ata error -1 means
22:25:46Plughvvvteddyb: any luck finding descramble.exe and uclpack.exe?
22:26:15vvvteddybi found then
22:26:33vvvteddybbut when i uclpacked the acros rom and tryed to run it the flasher program quick
22:26:45vvvteddybnow i cant get it to let me use usb
22:26:51vvvteddybit keeps saying ata error -1
22:26:52Plughoh shit
22:26:58Plughboot with f1
22:27:05Plughhold f1+on
22:27:51vvvteddybits working on booting
22:27:53vvvteddyb2ed bar
22:28:08vvvteddyb3ed now
22:28:38Plughplug into usb now
22:29:00vvvteddybhasent goten pased the 3ed bar
22:30:00PlughI think it's enough to get usb working
22:30:14Plughbut haven't really tried this so I don't know for sure
22:30:24vvvteddybhmm it dident show up in my comp
22:30:30vvvteddybill try again
22:31:44vvvteddybi aalwys thought it took a 4th bar 2 eork
22:32:47Plughnot my area of expertise, honestly
22:32:59vvvteddyb no any 1 would would kno
22:33:04vvvteddybmabey its the battiers to low
22:33:12Plugh[IDC]Dragon wrote the flasher code
22:33:23vvvteddybrock was sahowing them at 9
22:33:30vvvteddybwitchis strange cuz thir brand new
22:36:49vvvteddybu think archos will say any thing if it has rockbox firmware on ir
22:40:45 Join yeft [0] (
22:40:49 Quit k3no (".oOo.")
22:41:04yefthizzo my nizzo
22:43:02 Join AciD` [0] (
22:45:29trackhello yeft
22:45:45 Quit combthins ()
22:47:58Plughyeft: all flashed now?
22:48:00 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:48:31yeftall flashed
22:48:43vvvteddybdamn archos *shakes it
22:48:49yeft......err hi track when you get back
22:49:29Plughheh. maybe you can get it so hosed that they just send you another one :)
22:49:34vvvteddybwat exaclty does the ata error -1 meen
22:49:50vvvteddybhmm is it possible
22:49:55vvvteddybis kinda thir now
22:50:00vvvteddybthe charge connecter borke off
22:50:12vvvteddybit wont even boot in f1 mode
22:50:24Plughtime to mail it back
22:50:29vvvteddybwat does the ata -1 meen
22:50:30Plughin all its broken glory
22:50:33vvvteddyblol ya i was plaing on it
22:50:37Plughhard drive error
22:50:48vvvteddybbut i dident wanna send it back with rockbox
22:51:12vvvteddybi talked to a tech to day
22:51:17vvvteddybthey gave me an rma number
22:51:28vvvteddybsaid to just send it to them with a recipet
22:51:32Plughit doesn't really mean much except that the unit doesn't know what do do with the hard drive
22:51:45vvvteddybcod it be a battery promble
22:51:57vvvteddybive seen eroor number 63
22:52:00Plughif the power is too low to spin up the drive
22:52:09yeftlol return it with rb .... itll be like givin them the finger
22:52:22vvvteddybmight be when i do a dignostic it says its at 9%
22:52:35vvvteddyblol till they send it back and say i valdated the warnty
22:53:05yeftfirmware u can change
22:53:15vvvteddybflashing dosent validate?
22:53:42yeft...flashing...that might
22:54:02vvvteddybwell time to get more battiries
22:54:04vvvteddybto fix it
22:54:22vvvteddybmabey u can walk me through falshing it to archos
22:54:29vvvteddybif i get usb support
22:55:13 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
22:55:55yeftyp mk
22:56:12vvvteddybdude wile i got usb workin
22:56:16vvvteddybhow do i do this
22:56:23midknight2k3do what
22:56:34vvvteddybi was thalking to plugh but mabey u canhelkp
22:56:41vvvteddybtrying to flash archos firmware back on her
22:56:48 Quit yeft ()
22:56:54midknight2k3you'd need the archos ucl
22:56:58vvvteddybwhere can i get
22:57:04vvvteddybor how can i make
22:57:16midknight2k3i can make it for you
22:57:29midknight2k3what's the ver? recorder?
22:57:40vvvteddyb.28 and recorder
22:57:41Plughoh shit. it's mid
22:57:54midknight2k3its (gasp) me
22:58:17vvvteddybits the recorder 20
22:58:28vvvteddybplugh usb is workin now
22:59:03midknight2k3does plugh wanna make him the ucl? i feel i will get almost done and he will pop up with, I'M FINISHED!!!
22:59:08midknight2k3just say yes or no
22:59:25Plughme? No. I don't even have recorder 20 fw
22:59:30PlughI'm all set up for fmr
22:59:36midknight2k3i know
22:59:38midknight2k3just wondering
22:59:42midknight2k3its not that hard
22:59:50midknight2k3forget it
22:59:53midknight2k3ill make it
22:59:58Plughyeah it is when your corporate DNS is down
23:00:06midknight2k3who cares
23:00:11Plughnot me
23:00:17PlughI got other shit I'm working on
23:00:24midknight2k3go away then
23:00:27PlughI'm a busy man
23:00:33midknight2k3im a busy boy
23:00:37Plughyou kids got all the time in the world
23:01:07PlughI think my Otis got tucked away in a box and packed into storage
23:01:11PlughI'm sad
23:01:12midknight2k3YOU SUCK
23:01:16midknight2k3i wanted that
23:01:29midknight2k3does vvvteddyb trust a ucl made by a kid?
23:01:32Plughhey, I need it myself
23:01:44vvvteddyblol i tustwatever will get this bad bor workin
23:01:54vvvteddyband by a kid u could call me a kid 2
23:01:54midknight2k3i guess thats a yes
23:01:54Plughbecause I'm an member
23:02:03midknight2k3so plugh?
23:02:56Plughso the archos won't play Audible format
23:03:03Plughstupid DRM
23:03:08midknight2k3heard of Goldwave?
23:03:13midknight2k3or whatever that thing is
23:03:22PlughI'm using it at this very moment
23:03:25vvvteddybsome 1 should get the docs to program it lol some 1 go fork for archos
23:03:29midknight2k3vvvteddyb: i can only get a 1.27d firmware
23:03:34vvvteddybthats cool
23:03:35midknight2k3good idea
23:03:39midknight2k3let me look
23:03:48vvvteddybits the same as factory .28
23:04:18midknight2k3just they might notice, F1 and ON will yield 1.28 instead of 1.27d
23:04:50midknight2k3lemme look
23:04:54midknight2k3for 1.28
23:05:05vvvteddybwelll himmm i have a backup fo the rom contenets b4 i flashed
23:05:26midknight2k3that might work
23:05:32vvvteddyband a back up of startup i/o
23:05:34midknight2k3wait a sec
23:05:37vvvteddybbut i dono how to tellt he difference
23:05:39midknight2k3let me just use google real quick
23:05:40vvvteddybbetween the 2
23:06:42midknight2k3just a sec
23:06:48midknight2k3a bathroom trip is needed
23:06:56 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk|backinasec (
23:08:15vvvteddybdoes this thing really kill battires that quick
23:12:25 Nick midk|backinasec is now known as midknight2k3 (
23:12:49vvvteddybcant find
23:12:56vvvteddybwant my internal rom bin image
23:13:00midknight2k3not yet
23:13:31vvvteddybi th ink im gonna wind up going through 12 batterin in 45 min
23:13:36vvvteddybcuz this thing kills them
23:13:40midknight2k3what a stupid is this guy
23:13:51midknight2k3somehting like
23:14:00midknight2k3if you delete your archos firmware you can download it from
23:14:07midknight2k3how would you delete the rom contents?
23:14:18vvvteddybu cant get 1.28 its a facorthy version
23:14:38vvvteddyb1.27d is the same thing
23:14:46vvvteddybi ahve the internal backup
23:14:46midknight2k3a minor setback
23:14:57vvvteddybright b4 i flashed archos
23:15:09midknight2k3i'm just not sure if that contains 1.28 or the whole bootloader and crap..
23:15:15midknight2k3can you dcc it?
23:15:55vvvteddybi amslo have the i/o watever it is
23:16:03midknight2k3i guess you always have the F1-ON backup
23:16:06midknight2k3i dont need that
23:20:30vvvteddybany luck
23:20:36vvvteddybgood man
23:20:36midknight2k3got them both to ucls
23:20:47vvvteddybbut wat
23:20:59midknight2k3the supposed 1.28 is about 20kb bigger than the 1.27d one
23:21:12vvvteddybgood or bad
23:21:16midknight2k3i dunno
23:21:27midknight2k3i guess you have the fallback so have at em
23:21:30midknight2k3dcc ready?
23:21:50vvvteddybi believe so
23:22:12vvvteddybthe fallback?
23:22:29vvvteddyboo yea
23:22:38vvvteddybthing is i gota send this bad boy to achros
23:22:38midknight2k3it won't touch that size
23:22:50vvvteddybcan u get that side off so we can ucl it
23:24:03midknight2k3if it fails just get a new rockbox ajbrec
23:24:09midknight2k3then f1 on will load it
23:24:12vvvteddyboo ok
23:24:13midknight2k3and then you can use rockbox to flash again
23:24:14midknight2k3i hope
23:24:20midknight2k3it's perfectly safe
23:24:28midknight2k3nothing lol
23:24:55 Join yeft [0] (
23:24:55vvvteddybok imm go for 1.28 to start with
23:24:59yeft...stupid computers..
23:25:12midknight2k3hi yeft
23:25:25yeftyo whats with khaled and wanting me to register this junk?
23:25:57midknight2k3get Klient
23:26:22yeftmaybe i flashed it...
23:26:50vvvteddybgoin for it
23:26:50midknight2k3its a lot better
23:26:54midknight2k3you did it yeft?
23:26:58midknight2k3good luck teddy
23:27:15midknight2k3no longer 20 second boot times there any other adv.?
23:27:36vvvteddyblol crap
23:27:56midknight2k3yeft: ?
23:28:06vvvteddybno picture comes up
23:28:17midknight2k3f1 on maybe? there any other advantage to flashing...than the 3 secboot time?
23:28:22midknight2k3does that work?
23:28:27midknight2k3bigger firmwares
23:28:36midknight2k3archos only liked 200kb and below ajbrecs
23:28:45midknight2k3now we can have em as big as we want
23:28:55yeftoh cool
23:28:59midknight2k3archos is out of the picture for the flashers :)
23:29:02vvvteddybyeft wat kinda archos u got
23:29:12midknight2k3rockbox has officially kicked the archos fw out
23:29:15yeftso their gonna release flashed only rockbox?
23:29:17vvvteddyblol un less u get hsit luck like me
23:29:23midknight2k3he has an fm rec
23:29:34midknight2k3F1 on works right
23:29:37midknight2k3it better
23:29:38vvvteddybflash dident work
23:29:45midknight2k3try the 1.27d
23:30:12vvvteddybi gota go dl rockbox shit now
23:30:14midknight2k3i doubted 1.28 would work
23:30:17midknight2k3just an ajbrec
23:30:40vvvteddybany specfic 1
23:32:01*yeft slaps midknight2k3 around a bit with a large trout
23:33:13vvvteddybi have a cvs dauily bulid
23:33:17vvvteddybhmmm shit
23:33:20midknight2k3lol yeft
23:33:23*midknight2k3 slaps yeft around a bit with a large trout
23:34:06yeftso anything cool do to do now that i've flashed?
23:34:15midknight2k3update it?
23:34:20vvvteddybit wont load past 3ed bar
23:34:33midknight2k3now you've a fallback it's about as dangerous as downloading a new ajbrec and ROLOing it
23:34:48midknight2k3^^ directed at Yeft was so nice when my friend was like "my ipod's got games" ... so i could be like "..muahahah i've got 7"
23:37:25midknight2k3that's 9 i think
23:37:28vvvteddybcome on archos play nice
23:38:03midknight2k3maybe 7 i guess
23:38:05midknight2k3star, sokoban, wormlet, flipit, sliding puzzle, tetris, snake
23:38:25vvvteddybok rock box is back time to flash 1.27d
23:38:27yeftyeah 7
23:38:43midknight2k3go for it vvv
23:38:47yeftok... so we all got this mass storage music come no one in here ever talks about music
23:39:01vvvteddybwe have a promble
23:39:03midknight2k3its about the programming
23:39:07midknight2k3what now
23:39:14vvvteddyblol i flashed in 1.27 d
23:39:20vvvteddyband it just shits thir lit up no display
23:39:31midknight2k3well great
23:39:40midknight2k3f1 on?
23:39:43midknight2k3i hope that works
23:40:20vvvteddybbut i gota send it 2 archos
23:40:33vvvteddyband i need something ligit when u boot the bad boy
23:40:54midknight2k3why return in first place?
23:40:56midknight2k3just wondering
23:42:54vvvteddybczant charge it
23:43:04midknight2k3i see
23:43:38vvvteddybany clues
23:44:00vvvteddybi could leave it flased dead with 1.27d
23:44:02midknight2k3probably the problem is jorg's bootloader
23:44:18vvvteddybcan i fix it or sumthing
23:44:29*midknight2k3 comes up with an idea
23:45:03vvvteddybwat is it
23:45:26midknight2k3firmware_flash.rock-ing is it
23:45:40vvvteddybu meen
23:45:47midknight2k3redoing the whole thing
23:45:55vvvteddybthe f1 2?
23:46:01midknight2k3if it fails, the thing wouldn't boot ever again
23:46:19vvvteddybwell how do u prevent it from failing
23:46:19midknight2k3if it succeeds, it will all be restored
23:46:35midknight2k3the main thing is determining the internal_rom.bin type
23:47:00midknight2k3if that is all we need you can just pop on firmware_flash.rock and your internal rom.bim
23:47:03midknight2k3if that is all we need you can just pop on firmware_flash.rock and your internal rom.bin*
23:47:11midknight2k3i not sure..
23:47:14midknight2k3i think
23:47:17midknight2k3its the whole thing
23:47:22midknight2k3if its not
23:47:27midknight2k3say bye bye to the jbrec
23:47:38vvvteddybwell its going back to archos
23:47:40vvvteddybwould they kno
23:48:00midknight2k3you could always toss it out the windows
23:48:05midknight2k3and then ship it back
23:48:09midknight2k3and say you dropped it
23:48:13midknight2k3and it won't boot
23:48:15vvvteddybis it coverd ?
23:48:25midknight2k3not sure
23:48:25vvvteddybi told um charger was broken thats how igot rma
23:48:34vvvteddybi have the rma number and all
23:48:39midknight2k3i need jorg!
23:48:47vvvteddybwhere is he
23:49:01midknight2k3busy prolly
23:49:10vvvteddybwell wat do u recoment doing
23:49:16vvvteddybsening it back with rockbox
23:49:16midknight2k3 -logbot- [IDC]Dragon ( signed off 3 hours and 49 minutes ago ()
23:49:25midknight2k3you were prolly here too
23:49:30vvvteddybmost likey
23:49:37midknight2k3that's the flash expert
23:49:41midknight2k3he'd know for sure
23:49:44midknight2k3but one thing i know
23:49:49midknight2k3do not send it back with rockbox
23:50:08midknight2k3they will erase your warranty like *snapsnap*.... THAT.
23:50:25vvvteddybi take it some 1 tryed that
23:50:47midknight2k3someone flashed a fm rec with a rec firmware even when the fm rec was untested
23:50:59midknight2k3can you say "<idc dragon> You fool!"
23:51:09vvvteddybwat happebnd
23:51:17midknight2k3let me link you
23:51:25vvvteddybany clue if hell be back 2 night
23:51:35midknight2k3let me see
23:53:44vvvteddyblol brb
23:54:02midknight2k3a wuote:
23:54:15midknight2k3However, the dual-boot safety feature (having the original Archos image,
23:54:15midknight2k3too) proved to be very useful and reliable. No harm was done, everybody could
23:54:15midknight2k3still start the box with that. (Except for one fool who against all denial
23:54:15DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
23:54:15midknight2k3forced this into an FM.)
23:54:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:12 Join scott666 [0] (
23:56:34midknight2k3hi scott
23:56:45 Join top_bloke [0] (
23:56:55scott666read that thing about how much the neuros FW sucks?
23:57:01midknight2k3hi top bloke
23:57:15midknight2k3the neuros isnt ready for primetime or whatever?
23:57:21midknight2k3gave up on compilng huh
23:57:25midknight2k3i will now
23:57:50scott666it took him 22 hours to copy 8gigs of stuff
23:58:03yeftwats neuros

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