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#rockbox log for 2003-09-26

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00:19:51USAFMEDICWhat program do you use for converting cd to mp3 and to transfer to ajbr20?
00:20:18USAFMEDICIs there an all in one program?
00:23:05klaxonon windows?
00:23:15USAFMEDICWin XP home
00:23:55klaxonexact audio copy −−>
00:24:02klaxonthe best ripper.
00:24:11USAFMEDICthe program that came w/ the jbr20 is worthless LOL
00:24:14USAFMEDICthanks again
00:24:27USAFMEDICtake care
00:24:28klaxonLAME −−>
00:24:38klaxoni mean,
00:25:27USAFMEDICOk I appreciate it again
00:25:31USAFMEDICThanks alot
00:25:49USAFMEDICI am sure I will be back in here eventually
00:25:52klaxonnow, these two give the best fidelity.
00:26:06klaxonthey are not musicmatch click magic
00:26:26USAFMEDICWorthless musicmatch
00:26:45USAFMEDICI am about to uninstall musicmatch
00:27:14klaxongood luck..
00:29:25scott666USAFMEDIC: freerip is also a good windows ripping util
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01:07:41xammhhh, dns PTR still not updated ...
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03:15:42USAFMEDICWanted to let you guys know I love RockBox it is much better than the OS that came w/AJBR20
03:15:54USAFMEDICSound is 100% better maybe 200%
03:16:17USAFMEDICLot more control of sound output!
03:16:21USAFMEDICthanks guys
03:16:34webmindUSAFMEDIC, if you want even better sound. upgrade the headphones
03:16:44USAFMEDICI might do that too
03:16:54webmindi did.. and very happy i did
03:17:01USAFMEDICHow high do you recommend battery charge settings?
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03:17:26USAFMEDICWhat headphones did you upgrade to?
03:18:23USAFMEDICwhat? Can I get them in US?
03:18:33webmindif i spell that correctly
03:18:40webmindit's the top brand in the field
03:18:42webmindso you should
03:18:55USAFMEDICLOL I am a n00b to mp3 in over my head already LMAO
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03:19:13USAFMEDICI will look for them
03:19:21USAFMEDICWhat about charging settings?
03:19:58midk2k3|awaytrickle charge on, deep discharge off
03:20:02USAFMEDICunder battery menu
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03:20:21USAFMEDICI did that but you can set how much charge you want too
03:20:42midknight2k3if it's stock batteries, 1500 is the setting
03:20:49USAFMEDICthey are stock
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03:21:51webmindUSAFMEDIC, u have player or recorder?
03:21:54USAFMEDICOk I am set this is freaking awesome! Thanks a million
03:22:11USAFMEDICYou guys should be getting paid for all of this you know!
03:22:49USAFMEDICLast question how do I prevent skipping?
03:23:27USAFMEDICI have recorder!
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03:23:45midknight2k3skipping prevention
03:23:51midknight2k3it doesn't really skip
03:23:56midknight2k3unless you bounce it around a lot
03:24:14USAFMEDICevery now and then a track starts to miss a beat but only for a fraction of a second
03:24:16midknight2k3it's much less prone to skips than any Cd player i've seen
03:24:25USAFMEDICit is sitting on my desk when it happens
03:24:25midknight2k3set Anti-Skip buffer to 2s
03:24:33USAFMEDICok thanks I will try that
03:24:39midknight2k3must be a problem with the mp3
03:25:14USAFMEDICIt may be cause I transfered the cd w/ audio converter
03:25:23USAFMEDICthat program is way too damn slow
03:26:14USAFMEDICI set the Anti-Skip Buffer to 2s it seems to be doing the trick now
03:26:41USAFMEDICthanks again and start charging people for the RockBox it is great!
03:27:24USAFMEDICCustomer support is better than support that I have paid good money for too! LOL
03:28:33USAFMEDICTake care midknight2k3 see you around
03:28:38USAFMEDICthanks again
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03:50:04midknight2k3| || || | / | |
03:50:04midknight2k3|___|| || |__/ |___ ___ _ _ |
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16:33:46USAFMEDICMy ajbr20 battery life is pathetic! LOL
16:34:25USAFMEDICI have been sitting here listening to mp3's for 10mins and it has gone from 89% to 69%
16:34:32USAFMEDIC is that accurate?
16:41:46USAFMEDICI am going to try to keep the DC adapter plugged in w/ trickle off and deep d/c on
16:41:54USAFMEDIChopefully it will do the trick
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21:11:20yeftok, rockbox, you are president...the topic can change...
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21:40:38yeftwb acid
21:41:10 Join Guest [0] (
21:41:11trackcan anyone recommend a decent CD ripper?
21:41:50yeft...nero didnt work for you
21:41:57Guesti had a question about .wps files can anyone help?
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21:42:29DBUGEnqueued KICK Guest
21:42:29Guestwhere do i go for help aboout that
21:42:47Guestwhere do i go for help for that
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21:52:37yeft I think a good novel would be where a bunch of men on a ship are looking for a whale. They look and look, but you know what?They never find him. And you know why they never find him? It doesn't say. The book leaves it up to you, the reader, to decide.Then, at the very end, there's a page that you can lick and it tastes like Kool-Aid.
21:53:37BoBBrockbox cant play oggs right?
21:53:59BoBBthought so
21:54:37BoBBi read somewhere that the algorithm uses floating point numbers, and embeded processors like on the archos dont have them
21:54:47BoBBor support them i mean
21:54:53BoBBjust wanted to verify
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21:56:42yefti just know its on the NODO list
22:01:34BoBBwhat about aac?
22:03:01Plughthe audio chip can ONLY handle mp3
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22:03:15Plughand the cpu is too underpowered to do any conversions
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22:25:34webmindthey should forbid unwanted private messages...
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22:34:26BoneManB454I'm getting a bit of background buzzing with my recorder 20 since the inclusion of level meters in rockbox firmware....anyone else get this?
22:35:34Plughusually only notice it in FM mode
22:36:05BoneManB454hmm....don't have fm....just plain recorder 20
22:37:02Plughit's from the screen updates
22:37:16BoneManB454any way around it?
22:37:20Plughturn off the level meter
22:37:45BoneManB454it's off...but it's still there....the buzzing that is
22:37:49Plughyou'll save some battery life too
22:38:02Plughin that case, I'm not sure
22:38:12Plughis it there if you press f2 or f3?
22:39:27BoneManB454yes - and I can hear it if something is playing or nothing is playing
22:40:28BoneManB454it seems to go away (or at least get quieter) when the hard disk spins up
22:41:03BoneManB454but then I can hear the em noise from the disk
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22:42:49uskihiya all
22:42:53uski[IDC]Dragon: hi ! :))
22:43:33uskiWaza ?
22:44:33[IDC]Dragonnot much
22:44:58BoBBhow do i turn off the level meter
22:45:34uski[IDC]Dragon: ok; i ordered a recorder 20 this day... im searching for some 8mb ram chips... very hard to find ! :\
22:46:02[IDC]DragonReally? Have you checked the Palm resources?
22:46:26uskihmmmm no, i was not able to find these resources
22:46:35 Join track [0] (
22:46:50[IDC]DragonDunno, but such must exist.
22:46:54trackpissing Windows Media Player
22:48:42uski[IDC]Dragon: oh, doing a search again found some links, but:
22:48:44uski(I used a Samsung KM416V4104CSL-5 from Interweb ( (No "E" in interwb)) purchased for $35 + $9 shipping )
22:48:52uski(quote from
22:49:01uski$44 dollars for a ram chip :)
22:49:16[IDC]Dragonexpensive, yes.
22:49:32uskiyea lol !
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22:53:54 Quit track ("Leaving")
22:55:05 Quit zombiejeff (Client Quit)
23:08:51[IDC]Dragonuski, how's your flash chip ordering?
23:09:21[IDC]Dragon(or have you abondoned that, waiting for the recorder?)
23:09:49 Quit BoneManB454 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/20030624]")
23:10:19uskii have a chip for the recorder and a chip for the player :)
23:10:24uski(flash chip)
23:10:33[IDC]Dragonwhich kind?
23:10:34uskibut i did not open the package as it is moisture sensitive
23:10:40uski4mb flash
23:11:04[IDC]Dragonit's only sensitive if you reflow solder it with automats
23:11:23[IDC]Dragonfor hand soldering, don't worry.
23:11:46[IDC]Dragonwhich brand/type?
23:11:49uskiok lol
23:11:51uskiwait i take the package
23:14:35uskiAT49BV040-12VI and AT29LV040A-20TC
23:15:13[IDC]Dragonhow's that sectored?
23:15:25[IDC]Dragonnarrow package?
23:15:50uskiAT29LV040A-20TC: 256bytes sector
23:16:03[IDC]Dragon-12 and -20 seems to be slow
23:16:40[IDC]Dragonanyway, gotta leave now
23:16:54[IDC]Dragonsee you, or tell it to logbot ;-)
23:17:02 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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23:31:53 Join track [0] (
23:37:15trackhello webmind
23:37:22webmindhi track
23:37:45tracksorry been having issues with Windows Media Player
23:37:57webminduse something else then ?
23:38:17trackWMP is very fussy about playing VBR files
23:38:24trackthey play fine in MusicMatch
23:39:43tracki bought a new MP3 player
23:40:17webmindwhat's vbr?
23:40:27webmindyour archos broke down?
23:40:45trackno its an addition
23:40:50trackits a car MP3 player
23:41:02trackvbr - variable bitrate
23:42:06 Join achel [0] (
23:42:18achelhi all
23:42:46 Join Dude [0] (
23:43:00Dudeto whom?
23:43:00acheli ve a question cause i found the site of rockbox and i ve buy an archos today
23:43:15DudeOK, I'll buzz off.
23:43:17 Quit Dude (Client Quit)
23:43:21achelbut it s a jukebox ultimedia 120 ...
23:43:36acheldoes the rockbox firmware work on it?
23:44:02yeftive never heard of ultimedia
23:44:11achelmultimedia sorry
23:44:17yeftohhh lol
23:44:22yeftno rockbox doesnt
23:44:53yefthows the video on that?
23:45:08achelis there another free of source firmware project fo my model?
23:45:22achelvery goof u can read the subtitles
23:45:24yeftno why you can't stand archos's already?
23:46:31achel... lot of the options of rockbox are really interresting and i just discover the possibility of the beast ;-)
23:46:46yeftoh lol
23:46:51trackthat old feature request was so funny
23:47:06yefti'm not sure about any firmware fo multimedia....
23:47:32achelbut sad that rockwork does'nt work with my model
23:48:03acheli was thinking that the firmware was approximatively the same
23:48:06yeft......yeah.... how many gigs is your MM120?
23:48:12achel20 gigs
23:48:22yeftno, because the recorders/jukeboxs only play mp3
23:48:32yeftwhereas the mm plays mp4 and stuff
23:48:51achelyup but it's change me from my différents rio
23:49:06yeftlol tu parle francais?
23:49:10achelben oui
23:49:22achelc ets le yup qui a fait tilt ou quoi?
23:49:25yeftmoi aussi, mais un peu
23:49:31achelah ok
23:49:45acheltu es d ou?
23:51:07yeftje suis americaine
23:51:47 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
23:51:48achelglasd to meet u i work sometime in united states during my hollydays
23:52:12achelin south carolina
23:52:16trackdamn you bill gates :P
23:52:20yeft...i'm in pennsylvania
23:52:26yefti know damn that muther fucker to hell
23:52:28achelnope just a student
23:52:32yeftok listen up
23:52:49yefti got this xp box right (straight from hp so xp came loaded)
23:52:53trackWinamp and MusicMatch play VBR well but Windows Media Player doesn't!
23:52:55 Join dfe [0] (
23:53:03yeftthen sobig comes out so i all of a sudden gotta get the security patch
23:53:05yefti do...
23:53:13yeftthen it screws up the logon image...
23:53:30yeftso know i have to buy windows xp to fix it!
23:53:31achelnever use mmjb or wmp
23:53:35dfejo i just ordered the ihp 120 :)
23:53:37yeftno...i can't use linux
23:53:46acheltry freebsd arf
23:54:01trackjust playing with Winamp
23:54:06yeft...i can only use windows hows that
23:54:10achelor do as european do => download it
23:54:11dfeu guys know when i can think of receiving the iriver
23:54:16yeftthen don't record in VBR!
23:54:37trackwell VBR sounds better!
23:54:42dfeur thing is pretty ugly :=)
23:54:44yeftcan't you convert out of vbr!
23:54:57yeftso bill gates is the biggest douche in the universe
23:55:09dfei will laugh at everybody show me this ton of an mp3 player
23:55:14dfejust jocking ;)
23:55:21achelyup u can convert it by passing it in .snd or as a wave file
23:55:37dfecan i help with programming?
23:55:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:55:49achelwith a program deconverting it
23:55:51dfei can vba and .net
23:56:00yeftno, everyone can work on this open source software except you
23:56:18acheldfe u use linux?
23:56:33achelhéhéhéh freebsd rulez
23:57:00dfemight i can help
23:57:00dfe u
23:57:09dfei dont like this fat thing but well
23:57:19dfebut i got time ;)
23:57:20achelfreebsd fat?
23:57:25dfeno ur player
23:58:11dfeiriver rulez man am so happy to get it
23:58:32acheli certainly find a modified firmware before or i compile it with the source of yours for making my mods
23:58:33dfeam just jocking
23:58:50dfewhere can i get the code?

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