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#rockbox log for 2003-09-27

00:00:00dfewhat specials u want?
00:00:09dfethere are some things need to be?
00:00:12achelhéhéhéh not sure i ve to put my mind on it first i ve it only for 3 hours lol
00:00:45dfedo he shows txt files???? whats with nfo?
00:00:56acheldeos't test it yet
00:01:00dfei dont got such a elephnat
00:01:20dfei ordered ihp 120
00:01:25dfebig fart!!!
00:01:33achelbut divx with mp3 sound work perfecly
00:01:56acheland the connection with tv as well
00:02:14dfeu know
00:02:23dfei saw this iriver and it was love
00:02:30achel(watching divx on the throne of my wc was my dream arf)
00:02:34dfei cumed on it
00:02:47dfelol am drunk
00:03:08achelnormally at this time me too (it s midnight )
00:03:25dfewhat code for that ?
00:03:27yeftwc lol...bathroom in the states
00:03:28dfei am very good
00:03:37dfelet me make the thing
00:03:43dfei have holidays and so
00:03:54yeftmdr = lol
00:04:05achelmort de rire
00:04:17dfedella merde#
00:04:30yeft..geez i hate being so smart
00:05:02achel(i rectify the shot i m not french ;-) i m belgian (it s différent kind of european arf less dumb)
00:05:08yefttu vas obeis moi!
00:05:18dfesome cumdrippers in here?
00:05:23achelooooooooooooooh ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
00:05:23yeftlol like the walloons!?
00:05:32achelYES that is
00:05:49yefti remind you, i know everything
00:05:54achelu 've come to belgium?
00:06:01dfewhat does this fat thing coast?
00:06:07dfewith 10gb
00:06:18achelapproximatively 320 euro
00:06:28achelhow with 10go 240 euro
00:06:29dfei go and cum on that
00:06:39yeftlol , i actualled learned about them yesterday...i have to write a paper on the differences between flemmings and walloons (political, econoomic and social)
00:07:09dfeu need to wear baggies right?? :)
00:07:21achelit s simple walloons are the best and flamish have the IQ of a shit
00:07:24dfemy iriver i can put it in my ass
00:07:29dfeits so sweet juppp
00:07:44acheland u cum with it (i know) ;-)
00:08:09dfeso who wants an iriver?
00:08:13dfei send u one!
00:08:15dfei got money
00:08:24achelor u give it
00:08:28dfetell me ur address
00:08:44achelnot so dumb on the net
00:08:51acheljust make a whois
00:09:09dfebig fart
00:09:16dfeu like ?
00:09:58achelhhéhéhéh if u like hack packet spoofing ;-)
00:10:28dfefor this i got zuc 5
00:10:35dfemy own programm
00:10:36achelor u can make a syn flood for making the firewall dumping and retrieve the ip
00:10:43dfewill be good in some months
00:11:08dfewell big fart :)
00:11:13achel(be carefull natd over atm ... and use of ipfw
00:11:19yeftso you live in southern belgium...right? (or the south part)
00:11:30dfei make also an secure p2p programm
00:11:33achelsouth part (not south park)
00:11:43dfesomeone intersteed help me???
00:11:54dfei give u code we work together
00:11:56yeftamerican's....we're so smart
00:11:58dfeevery week we talk bout
00:12:07acheluse the protocol of pearguardian to securise it
00:12:43achelusig the hosts file for blocking all u want
00:12:50dfenah nah
00:13:27dfei go for a subdivice making an vzw exportianal excrment
00:13:31dfethis a whole new style
00:13:32achelso i have to go tomorrow i have some work
00:13:56achelbye all
00:14:06 Quit dfe ()
00:14:10 Quit achel ()
00:24:39 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:24:46midknight2k3hi yeft
00:24:48midknight2k3hi plug
00:27:09 Join BoD[] [0] (
00:27:17BoD[]hello !
00:27:18 Join matt1 [0] (
00:29:20 Join scott666 [0] (
00:30:03midknight2k3hi bod
00:30:07midknight2k3hi scott
00:31:53matt1lo all
00:32:00midknight2k3hi matt
00:32:33matt1Ive finally got my hands on a Jukebox Recorder 20gb...... <smiles widely> Just need to improve the battery life somehow, and itll be perfect
00:32:50midknight2k3suggestions, if i may
00:32:59matt1feel free!
00:33:08midknight2k31) get new batteries for it, highest MAH level as possible
00:33:20midknight2k32) Trickle charge on, deep discharge off
00:33:53PlughDING mid
00:33:58midknight2k3hi plug
00:34:07matt1are the batteries AA sized?
00:34:15midknight2k3get NiMH rechargeables
00:34:32midknight2k32000 i think is a common mah level
00:34:46midknight2k3 /psst to matt1: ignore plugh always
00:35:40midknight2k3yeft and plug have blue names
00:35:41matt1:) I have plenty of AA batteries around....ill see how they work. Ive also found out just now how to recharge and listen at the same time
00:35:53yeftwhat the balls is a blue name
00:36:02midknight2k3a BLUE NAME
00:36:06midknight2k315:35:15 | <yeft> what the balls is a blue name
00:36:11midknight2k3the <yeft> is blue
00:36:15midknight2k3blue means friend
00:36:18midknight2k3i think
00:37:08matt1Hey another question: why do I only have 18GB on my 20GB recorder?
00:37:28midknight2k3it's always like that
00:37:30yeftahh cool
00:37:39midknight2k3people with blue names"
00:37:42midknight2k3people with blue names:
00:37:47yefti gues old school mirc doesnt do that
00:37:47matt1:( trade descriptions act! 18GB sold as 20GB? madness
00:37:56midknight2k3plugh, scott666, yeft, BoD[]...
00:38:01midknight2k3not really
00:38:03midknight2k3its 20gb
00:38:20midknight2k3just like on all hard drives, extra space is used for filesystem info and stuff
00:38:26midknight2k3i dont really know the forula
00:38:35midknight2k3a 120gig will show up as like 114 in windows
00:38:42midknight2k3116 maybe
00:39:02matt1ah fair enough, but even windows doesnt swallow 2GB for OS......but I know theres all that conversion stuff 1000 bytes to a kilobyte when its really 1024 etc
00:39:21midknight2k3not for OS
00:39:22midknight2k3stuff like that
00:39:25midknight2k3dont sweat it
00:39:38matt1hehehe no sweating going on here
00:39:40midknight2k3my rio riot only gives 18.35 gigs when its 20 gb drive
00:40:04matt1how do you rate your rio riot? they look pretty decent
00:40:18midknight2k3it's ok
00:40:23midknight2k3rockobx rocks
00:40:30midknight2k3if it were ported to the riot
00:40:35midknight2k3the riot would rock
00:40:59matt1but USB 1.1 and not able to use it as a hard drive..............thats what put me off
00:41:27 Nick yeft is now known as midknight2k4 (
00:41:33midknight2k3its a hard drive even with 1.1
00:41:44midknight2k3yeft isnt blue anymore
00:41:46midknight2k3oh well
00:41:46BoD[]yesterday I tried to make a 5G rar file on my archos on a usb 1 computer
00:41:49midknight2k3sucks to be him
00:41:51BoD[]it took 1 hour
00:42:08BoD[]and at 99,999% winrar said "unable to make files > 4gb on fat32 drives"
00:42:21BoD[]i was pissed
00:42:26matt1everyone I asked about the Rio riot said it couldnt be used as a windows hard drive as with the archos
00:42:49midknight2k3i thouhgt you meant the archos <−− getting there
00:45:30midknight2k3heres a trivia question for you
00:45:36midknight2k3might wanna pay attention
00:45:38midknight2k3mr. 140 iq
00:46:07midknight2k3how would you get the archos volume from level 70 to 75 with 4 or less clicks from the keypad?
00:46:42matt1remote control of some kind? ;)
00:46:49Plughmid: I can name that tune in 1 click
00:47:04midknight2k3smart plugh
00:47:06midknight2k3very smart plugh
00:47:23 Quit edx ()
00:48:32matt1where u lot all from? Im near Leeds in teh UK
00:48:48PlughSan Francisco
00:48:58midknight2k3shutup plugh
00:49:13Plugheat me raw, mid
00:49:51Plughcuz I taste good with ketchup
00:50:23midknight2k3you eat yourself?
00:51:29BoD[]paris, france
00:52:02BoD[]do you guys know some company who need java developers (me) ?
00:52:21Plughin France? Not really
00:52:31BoD[]no :)
00:52:34BoD[]i want to move a bit
00:52:38midknight2k3you eat yourself?
00:52:42BoD[]see new worlds and civilizations
00:52:59BoD[]i can work in europe... and i guess i would need a visa for the usa
00:53:05Plughmidknight2k3: I don't know you well enough to answer that
00:53:15midknight2k3you do too
00:53:45Plughbesides, I get a perverse pleasure in watching you squirm.
00:53:57midknight2k3i don't squirm
00:54:02midknight2k3but you are perverse
00:54:10Plughthank you
00:54:14Plughfor noticing
00:54:26midknight2k3what a stupi
00:54:41midknight2k4you know what i hate...
00:54:43midknight2k3stop that
00:54:59midknight2k3i will remove you from bluelist
00:55:06 Nick midknight2k4 is now known as yeft (
00:55:08CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 17 hours and 52 minutes at the last flood
00:55:08*Plugh smirks
00:55:11midknight2k3hes blue again
00:55:16midknight2k3about what plugh?
00:55:27Plughnothing. Just smirking
00:55:38midknight2k3that drives me CRAZY!!
00:56:53midknight2k3plugh needs to be removed from my bluelist
00:56:56midknight2k3and put on my blacklist
00:57:08midknight2k3or my redlist
00:57:15Plughdoesn't hurt my feelings any
00:57:23midknight2k3it shouldn't
00:57:29midknight2k3you hurt mine on a daily basis
00:58:15Plughbut... I just don't love you that way... can't you understand?
00:58:28midknight2k3what a funny joker
00:59:52*Plugh puts on a funny hat and does cartwheels around the channel
01:00:03midknight2k3go away
01:01:46 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk|away (
01:05:08 Join top_bloke [0] (
01:06:25 Quit matt1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:08:53NSiHello guys
01:09:35NSiI realize maybe not everyone is looking at the screen just now so I will just throw this question out there: is anyone here compiling their own flash roms for AFMR20?
01:10:51PlughI am
01:14:12NSiHow is it working for you? I am not a programmer and I am having a lot of difficulty understanding all I need to do to compile my own flash rom
01:14:35NSiAll I want to do is have the latest daily build with the bookmark patch included
01:14:56Plughheh. funny... that's exactly why I build my own
01:15:26NSiYou have a build like that that I could flash? I hope this is ok
01:15:44Plughit works for me, but I've been a build engineer in my past career
01:16:27NSiI even tried to backtrack by flashing the stock Jukebox firmware and I nearly ruined the unit. Besides I am extreeeeemly happy with Rockbox, I just wish I had the bookmarking funcionality
01:16:52 Quit NSi ()
01:17:09 Join NSi [0] (NSi@
01:17:15NSiUgh sorry
01:17:20NSipressed the wrong b utton
01:17:21NSihang o
01:17:45NSiPlease try again
01:18:01PlughI've encountered some issues with the bookmark patch
01:18:02NSiAnd this is for the FM Recorder?
01:18:15NSiOh my god this is amazing, thank you so much
01:18:25PlughI've had the status bar scramble up for a sec
01:18:27NSiI understand it fails sometimes
01:18:31NSiOh really?
01:18:32Plughand I've had the playback stop
01:18:44NSiHappen often?
01:18:50Plughthe display corruption fixes itself and seems harmless
01:19:27Plughthe lockups happen occasionally shortly after doing a bookmark operation (saving, loading)
01:19:35NSiI see
01:19:44Plughbut if you turn the unit off and back on, it picks up where it left off
01:20:06NSiMien does that but only for the last playlist/track
01:20:11Plughminor annoyance. Doesn't happen often
01:20:51NSiI understand the bookmarking patch will automatically bookmark any currently playing playlist or track when you press OFF and then ask you if you would like to resume when attempting to play that same playlist/track
01:21:17NSiIs that accurate?
01:21:24Plughsorta. If you just tap stop, it asks if you want to make a bookmark
01:21:40Plughif you press and hold, it makes one for you
01:22:10NSiAh. Oh man Im going to install this right now. THanks so much Plugh.
01:22:54Plughcertainly. I asked Ben to release the new patch ;)
01:23:00Plughso I'm glad to share
01:30:22 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:32:24NSiYou're my HERO
01:32:41diddystar5what did plugh do?
01:32:44NSiI'm so happy, thanks again man
01:32:54Plughgave him a ucl with bookmark
01:33:00NSiHe shared his UCL with me
01:33:05NSiit rocks so much
01:33:16diddystar5i don't see a need for the bookmarks myself
01:33:27yeftlol stupid javascript givin my box head trauma
01:33:30diddystar5but many other people use it alot
01:33:34PlughI listen to audio books and long music mixes
01:33:38NSiIt's incredibly useful if you listen to both music, audio books and radio shows
01:34:19Plughso at any one time, I may be in the middle of a 2 hour mix, learning Spanish, listening to a non-fiction book, and a fiction book
01:34:26NSiSometimes I would be int he middle of a long recording when I get off the train, and during the day at work I wouldn't want to play music so the FMR wouldnt lose its resume point
01:34:26diddystar5Plugh: guess what
01:34:33Plughit's nice to be able to keep track of where I am in all of those
01:34:40Plughwhat diddy?
01:34:57diddystar5Plugh: i wrote a VU meter it sorta works just needs a little fixing
01:35:16Plughoh slick. that could come in handy
01:35:27diddystar5yeah it looks very cool
01:35:29Plughusing the condenser mic?
01:36:08diddystar5but the needle only moves one pixle i need to learn how to make the code return by updateing the needle
01:36:35PlughI'd actually use that. I go to raves, and it's best not to trust my ears sometimes
01:36:40diddystar5no it just measures audio output i hope to add support for mic soon
01:37:08diddystar5raves heh?
01:37:24NSiWhere are you Plugh?
01:37:33Plughya. It's too easy to get comfy by a big stack of speakers
01:37:36PlughSan Francisco
01:37:44NSiYou're kidding, me too
01:38:19NSiI'm in my office on Townsend Street right now
01:38:19diddystar5yeah bunch of weird folk down in SF ;)
01:38:25NSino kidding heheh
01:38:49diddystar5ive only been to sf once it was fun
01:39:17NSiYeah SF is ok, especially now that the heat is receding a little bit
01:42:27yeftahh...feels good to know my school can't block my websites now..
01:43:06yeft...and do you know how god damn hard it is to find a webhost with free cgi-bin!?
01:43:42diddystar5dont want to
01:43:43yeftwell it is!
01:44:08NSiWhy is it so hard to get burrito smell out of your hands
01:44:31NSisorry, that was incredibly off topic
01:45:19yeftwell, if you really wanna know, the odor causing chemicals from the burito actually soack deep into the pores of your would come out after soaking your hands in water for 15 min.
01:45:25diddystar5midk|away: wake up!
01:45:42 Nick yeft is now known as midknight2k3 (
01:45:44midknight2k3lol'll kick me off in 2 min cuz i dont have his pw
01:46:18diddystar5huh? IRC dosen't use passwords
01:46:23midknight2k3yes huh
01:46:30 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as yeft (
01:46:41yefttype /nick midknight2k3
01:46:45yeftand see what message you get
01:46:51yeft...its a service...nickserv
01:46:53 Nick diddystar5 is now known as midnight2k3 (
01:47:03yeftyou spelled it wrogn
01:47:04 Nick midnight2k3 is now known as diddystar5 (
01:47:07Plughactually, I say San Francisco for sake of people who aren't in the bay area
01:47:21PlughI work in Redwood City and live in San Jose
01:47:32yeftyou like the sharks?
01:47:46PlughI don't keep track of sports
01:47:51yeftthats a shame
01:48:04Plughbut if the 49ers win the super bowl, I'd like to know the score
01:48:20yefti'm a hockey guy myself
01:48:42*diddystar5 likes football
01:48:55*Plugh shrugs
01:49:00yeftcan anyone pm me an ftp site for mp3s?
01:49:06PlughI don't watch TV. Don't have cable...
01:49:48diddystar5Plugh: get directv its great
01:49:51PlughI'm not a programmer
01:49:57yeftlol, oh
01:49:59diddystar5Plugh stinks
01:50:15*diddystar5 can sorta program
01:50:15yefti would get directv, but i wouldn't be able to watch my flyer games
01:50:26*diddystar5 aka learning
01:50:29PlughI play Everquest, watch movies, and play with my wife
01:50:34yeftso i get comcast cable...which does not have techtv, whitch is a shame
01:50:36Plughno time for TV
01:50:52diddystar5why would you want techtv
01:51:02diddystar5only losers watch that
01:51:06yeftwhat a great station!
01:51:21PlughI've killed my TV
01:51:30Plughit's much better that way
01:51:33diddystar5kinda like what Plugh thinks of AOL
01:53:08yeftmidk|away is
01:54:26 Join syxx [0] (
01:54:32diddystar5i dont really like aol myself
01:54:41PlughI'm an ISP snob
01:54:42diddystar5i wish i just had anormal ISP
01:54:52yeftso what do you think of verizon online
01:55:12diddystar5a NORMAL isp
01:55:30yeftsyxx is
01:55:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:56:17yeftnormal isp what do you mean by that?
01:56:24diddystar5kinda weird that you can "finger" users on irc how does that happen?
01:56:40PlughVerizon is pretty crappy as far as DSL
01:56:42diddystar5and what if the person is a dude and not a girl
01:56:50yeftfor what reason?
01:57:15yeftplugh: verizon...why is it bad?
01:58:01diddystar5by normal i mean no special software and stuff you have to use to connect
01:58:01yefthmm, you wouldnt know of any other philadelphia area dsl providers?
01:58:11yeftverizon is normal then
01:58:17yefti think...
01:58:23syxxnot by choice... im in the navy on temp duty... this is a gov acct :)
01:58:24yeftunless you have to use msn8 to connect
01:59:08yeftwell i g2g, but i'm def switching to dsl... i just gotta find one i like...verizon was looking good but maybe ill take pughs word for it peace
01:59:09 Quit yeft ()
02:01:11NSi<Plugh> I work in Redwood City and live in San Jose
02:01:16NSiI understand
02:01:31NSiI actually live in San Rafael, my wife commutes to San Jose for her job
02:01:36NSiI commute to SF
02:01:53NSiWe are moving to Rockridge (between Berkeley and Oakland) soon
02:02:23PlughNSi: you a raver?
02:03:10diddystar5maybe i should go to sf and see if i can find plugh on the street doing tha weed!
02:03:27NSiNot at my advanced age, but I went to a few back in the day
02:03:57PlughNSi: heh. I'm getting to that point...
02:04:12NSiI wouldnt call myself a "Raver" but I did go to my share of raves circa 1995 or aso
02:04:19diddystar5Plugh: how old are you?
02:04:20NSiIm turning 31 this Sunday
02:04:36Plughsheesh. Well, happy b'day
02:04:43Plughsince I won't be online then
02:04:50Plughbut I turned 32 in April
02:04:51NSiThanks, you already gave me a present :)
02:05:24NSiI still have a hard time realizing that "31" is associated with my age
02:05:42NSiI still feel very much like I was 22
02:05:44Plughmy group is age weighted toward the 30s
02:05:47NSior thereabouts
02:05:54Plugherr, my party crew
02:06:11NSiYou originally from these parts?
02:07:13Plughborn in SF
02:07:49Plughbut I lived in Alabama for 17 yrs of my life
02:08:51diddystar5i lived in mississippi for 11 years of my life
02:09:05diddystar5now i live in oregon
02:09:15diddystar5no raves here damnit
02:11:26diddystar5gotta go
02:11:29 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
02:12:07NSiI drove through Alabama once, when I moved here from Miami
02:12:25NSiI drove all my stuff on a trailer from Miami all the way to Marin County
02:12:31NSiLots of fun
02:14:25PlughI loaded up my pickup and drove from Mobile to Cupertino
02:14:40Plughstraight through with some 15 min nap stops
02:20:37NSiWow, no sleep breaks? that's hardcore
02:21:33NSiTook me 4 days and 3 nights. I had a laptop with GPS which rocked too
02:25:09PlughI didn't have money for hotels
02:25:17Plughhell, I barely had enough for gas
02:25:39PlughMy wife and I are driving to Mobile for T-giving
02:25:55Plugh3 days out, 3 there, 3 back
02:26:04Plughdriving 9-9
02:26:14Plughand camping along the way
02:26:47Plughwe'll have the laptop/gps thing going on this time. It should be cool
02:27:12PlughI have a 300W power inverter to keep everything running
02:27:49Plughanyhow, time to bike to the caltrain
02:28:09Plughenjoy yer books
02:33:58NSiHeh thanks man
02:34:04NSiWill do
02:34:19NSiGPS on a cross country trip = ROCKS.
02:52:06BoD[]rocks = rockbox
02:56:52 Quit midk|away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:04:21 Quit BoD[] ("DODO")
03:38:35 Quit top_bloke ("wasted 2 hours 33 minutes and 53 seconds online")
03:49:10 Part scott666
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04:30:16 Nick midk|away is now known as midknight2k3 (
04:30:46 Quit syxx ("server hop")
04:45:17 Join Darth_Sebulba04 [0] (
04:45:20 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:50:45 Part Darth_Sebulba04
04:50:46 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
04:51:21midknight2k3guess what plugh
04:59:03 Quit AciD` ("")
05:18:43 Join midk2k3 [0] (
05:18:44 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
05:19:02midk2k3one tv smashed, one still to smash
05:19:25midk2k3monitor, not tv
05:29:27 Join ssjhiei [0] (
05:29:36ssjhieianyone here?
05:29:44midk2k3smashing monitors
05:29:59midk2k3it wont die
05:30:03midk2k3one died easy
05:30:07ssjhieiwell i just got a Archos Jukebox Studio 10 today
05:30:07midk2k3this one won't give up
05:30:14midk2k3stupid hting this is
05:30:31ssjhieiwhy u smashing it?
05:30:39midk2k35lb hammer + 10mph at monitor + 17" monitor 5 feet away = NOT WORKING
05:31:01midk2k3i got about 2 minutes of bloopers and about 10 seconds of good footage
05:31:04midk2k3keeps making dings
05:31:07midk2k3but wont give up
05:31:16 Join mt1 [0] (
05:31:26midk2k3im smashing it cause i found it
05:31:34midk2k3and cause i like to
05:31:36ssjhieipoor monitor
05:31:39midk2k3SMASH HISS POP
05:31:52midk2k3i need to put up my pictures and videos
05:31:59midk2k3i killed it
05:32:01midk2k3BUT THIS ONE
05:32:03midk2k3WONT DIE
05:32:08ssjhieiwell i wanted to know if the Studio 10 has a deep discharge mode and a Trickel charge mode
05:32:08midk2k3let me give it another shot
05:32:16midk2k3i dont think so
05:32:17midk2k3it doesnt
05:32:25midk2k3hardware controlled
05:32:26ssjhieiso i don't have to worry about it?
05:32:29midk2k3not really
05:32:43midk2k3if it's not a huge hassle, you might wanna consider upgrading to a recorder
05:32:43ssjhieilike i can just plug it in the wall wit the recharger when i wanna listen at home and its fine?
05:33:05ssjhieii got it today, why would i want to get the recorder?
05:33:27midk2k3the recorder has custom fonts, 8 line wps, overloaded with options, 7 games, 4 demos..
05:33:35ssjhieiwhats wps?
05:33:36midk2k3its just niver
05:33:40midk2k3while playing screen
05:33:48midk2k38 lines of info instead of 2
05:33:50ssjhieii dun even know how to use mine yet lol
05:33:56ssjhieii will upgrade it in the future
05:34:01midk2k3keep it in mind
05:34:07midk2k3also get more options
05:34:14ssjhieiand u get to record lol
05:34:20midk2k3loudness, bass boost, and advanced superbass
05:34:24midk2k3for one
05:34:37midk2k3advanced superbass will be put in shortly
05:34:40midk2k3its awesome
05:34:50midk2k3you control level, harmonics and hz level
05:34:57ssjhieihow much is a recorder 20?
05:35:01midk2k3if you got the right earphones, they will be boomin
05:35:07midk2k3at circuitcity it's $200
05:35:16midk2k3i seen em down to 169 on sale
05:35:25midk2k3that's like once in a lifetime, 169
05:35:31midk2k3once a while ago
05:35:40ssjhieiya, well i will get in the future when i see it cheap
05:35:40midk2k3how much $ for the player?
05:35:47ssjhiei169.99 hehe
05:35:49midk2k3good boy. lol
05:35:56midk2k3its so worth it then
05:36:02midk2k3for what you get
05:36:11ssjhieiim still recharging it
05:36:15ssjhieii didn't install the firmware yet
05:36:22midk2k3 i think
05:36:24ssjhieiya i saw it
05:36:25midk2k3good list
05:36:26ssjhieii read it
05:36:32ssjhieiit kills the archos firmware
05:36:35midk2k3oh and
05:36:40midk2k3auto volume control
05:36:40ssjhieii been reading that like 2 days ago, i read the whole site
05:36:51ssjhieii dunno how to control the volume
05:36:58midk2k3up and down
05:37:00midk2k3i think
05:37:01ssjhieibut i haven't gotten the firmware in, im still recharging
05:37:13ssjhiei3 more hours of recharging left lol
05:37:22midk2k3recommend messing with archos firmware first
05:37:31midk2k3then you really get an idea of how good rockbox is
05:37:38midk2k3and btw, you can play with it while its charging
05:37:46ssjhieii messed around wit the player itself wit no firmware
05:37:52ssjhieiya i did
05:37:55midk2k3its crap
05:37:58ssjhieii dunno where to look
05:37:58midk2k3just try rockbox
05:38:08ssjhieii know, my friend told me so
05:38:18ssjhieithats where i found this channel
05:38:22ssjhieiin the site
05:38:28midk2k3let me give this thing one more good whack before i give up
05:38:33ssjhieiwell wehre do i see the battery life? or only wit rockbox firmware?
05:38:34midk2k3or that's what IT will think
05:38:39 Quit mt1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:38:42midk2k3its in the upper corner
05:38:59midk2k3i'm luring the monitor into a false sense of security
05:39:05ssjhieiwhats this WPS ? i dunno wat it does still
05:39:06midk2k3then, just spin around and BAM
05:39:29midk2k3it's better with the recorder
05:39:36midk2k3cant fit much on 2 lines of 11 characters
05:39:45midk2k3you can make it scroll but still
05:40:11ssjhieioh ya i remember i wanted to ask, how long can i live the player recharging overnight?
05:40:20midk2k3be careful about that
05:40:28midk2k3its hardware, so its not good for it
05:40:33ssjhieilike, its been there for 4 hours, and if i got to sleep soon i will only wake up in another 10 hours
05:40:54midk2k3i guess its ok
05:40:59midk2k3dont do it often
05:41:04ssjhieioh ok
05:41:04midk2k3i dont BELIEVE THIS
05:41:14ssjhieimonitor dind't do nothing?
05:41:16midk2k3i just put 80% of my muscle into the throw
05:41:20ssjhieihow r u smahing the monitor?
05:41:26midk2k3throwing a hammer at it
05:41:30ssjhieiomg lol
05:41:32midk2k3its not giving
05:41:35midk2k3i DONT BELIEVE IT
05:41:43midk2k3it must be fake
05:41:46ssjhieifuck that, i would fucking take a baseball bat
05:41:48midk2k3i SMASHED IT
05:41:53ssjhieiand fucking beat da shit out that
05:41:54midk2k3i tried
05:41:58midk2k3good idea
05:42:06midk2k3i think i got one around here somewhere
05:42:18midk2k3THIS IS SO STUPID
05:42:25midk2k3if it wont smash this time, i will go ballistic
05:42:27midk2k3here we go
05:42:38midk2k3HOLY SHIT
05:42:47midk2k3IT BENT THE HAMMER
05:42:55midk2k3it's like, raw steel
05:42:56midk2k3its BENT
05:43:05ssjhieiheres how u do it
05:43:07midk2k3i need a pic of this
05:43:11midk2k3stick around a sec
05:43:42midk2k3god i dont believe it
05:43:43ssjhieiman if i were u, i would fucking take a bb bun and just shoot that crap
05:43:46midk2k3does DCC work for you?
05:43:50midk2k3BB GUN?
05:43:50ssjhieiu got a gg gun?
05:43:54ssjhieibb gun
05:43:54midk2k3it would bounce off
05:44:04midk2k3no dcc?
05:44:06ssjhieiim talking about the pump bbs
05:44:13midk2k3not sure
05:44:17ssjhieipump the rifle 20 times and shoot that shit
05:44:22ssjhieiwit pellets not plastic bbs
05:44:31ssjhieiit will go throught
05:44:35midk2k3what about dcc?
05:44:39ssjhieiwhats dcc?
05:44:45midk2k3never mind
05:44:53midk2k3dcc send
05:44:55midk2k3over irc
05:45:06ssjhieii forgot how to do that stuff lol
05:45:17midk2k3not on jIRC?
05:45:19midk2k3what client?
05:45:25ssjhieii am on mIRC
05:45:36ssjhieii got Sysreset
05:45:46midk2k3click DCC, then Options
05:45:48midk2k3i got that too
05:45:53ssjhieidcc, options
05:46:10midk2k3go to
05:46:20midk2k3on side
05:46:31midk2k3DCC Ignore: disabled
05:46:39ssjhieiit is
05:46:46midk2k3should work
05:46:48midk2k3here goes
05:47:07ssjhieiu got a fserv? i could just go in it and dl it
05:47:16ssjhieiya i see it
05:47:19ssjhieiits gong
05:47:28midk2k3i dont believe it
05:47:36midk2k3bent the hammer totally
05:47:41midk2k3and its only CHIPPED IN A FEW PLACES
05:47:45midk2k3i need a new hammer now
05:47:56ssjhieii got an idea
05:48:01ssjhieigo to ur roof
05:48:03ssjhieiwit the monitor
05:48:06ssjhieiand throw it down
05:48:09ssjhieireally hard
05:48:19ssjhieiand take a pic and show me lol
05:48:19midk2k3its BENT BIG TIME
05:48:30midk2k3smashed one already
05:48:36ssjhieilemme see the oen smashed
05:48:41midk2k3after this
05:48:44midk2k3you gotta see
05:48:48midk2k3at least it's a high-res photo
05:48:54midk2k3no photshopping whatsoever
05:49:09ssjhieiya thats why its so big
05:49:14midk2k3its BENT i cant believe it
05:49:20midk2k3its unbelievable
05:49:32midk2k3GLASS bent METAL when METAL smashed into GLASS
05:49:35ssjhieiit says to volume + and - i got to press Menu + right
05:49:55midk2k3something like that
05:49:56ssjhieithats mean?
05:50:04ssjhieihold menu and press right?
05:50:08midk2k3i dunno
05:50:14midk2k3thats up
05:50:18ssjhieiu got some cheap metal
05:50:18midk2k3and menu+left is down i think
05:50:22midk2k3never used a player
05:50:28midk2k3i suppose
05:50:37ssjhieilemme see the pic
05:50:44midk2k3its LOADING
05:50:48midk2k3its sent
05:50:50midk2k3hit open
05:51:29ssjhieilol wtf does it say in the monitor?
05:51:33ssjhieiI love...?
05:51:43midk2k3i had to write something
05:51:51midk2k3i thought it would smash in with itself
05:51:57midk2k3BUT IT WONT SMASH
05:52:00midk2k3it bent my hammer
05:52:03midk2k3stoopid thing
05:52:11 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
05:52:17midk2k3you can see already-smashed one next to it
05:52:25midk2k3let me dcc a better one of the other one
05:52:29ssjhieiu gotta smash it better
05:52:36midk2k3i tried
05:52:40ssjhieimurder the thing
05:52:44midk2k3with more than half of my strength
05:52:48midk2k3and it will get a good movie
05:52:55tpelliottAnyone have trouble charging JBR20 after upgrading the HD?
05:52:59midk2k3not i
05:53:15midk2k3maybe if i HOLD the hammer while i hit it it will work
05:53:19midk2k3keep the momentum up
05:53:22ssjhieiget a automatic gun and shoot those monitors
05:53:28midk2k3i saw a video
05:53:33midk2k3of that
05:53:38ssjhieishit i wanna do that
05:53:39midk2k3taken a shotgun and shooting a monitor
05:53:42midk2k3its funm
05:53:46midk2k3try it one day
05:53:47midk2k3i know
05:53:50ssjhieishotgun, thats just raping the poor monitor
05:53:52midk2k3its there
05:53:57midk2k3its cool too
05:54:31ssjhieidid u see that movie the underworld?
05:54:48ssjhieiit just came out
05:54:50ssjhieiwhere u live?
05:54:53ssjhieiUSA right?
05:55:09midk2k3ready to dcc
05:55:42ssjhieimovie was ok, but the guns in it was tight, like she had a automatic pistol, get that pistol and shoot those monitor, that would b fun
05:55:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:56:04midk2k3smashing stuff my favorite thing to do
05:56:15ssjhieishooting stuff is more fun lool
05:56:23tpelliottDo you guys actully use Rockbox?
05:56:29midk2k3i do
05:56:31ssjhieiim getting it
05:56:40ssjhieii just got my JBP
05:56:51midk2k3just busy on the subject of my hammer that bent when i tried to smash a crt screen
05:56:54ssjhieilike a couple hou8rs ago
05:57:21midk2k3are you on 56k?
05:57:22ssjhieiim still recharging, do i gotta recharge to upgrade the stuff ?
05:57:24midk2k3or broadband?
05:57:47midk2k3get the highest quality vid then
05:57:54midk2k3its not that high quality anyways
05:58:08midk2k3its so funny
05:58:15midk2k3he shoots it in the middle, then like 20 more times
05:58:17ssjhieik lemme see
05:58:21midk2k3and it just dies
05:58:39ssjhieilemme see the pics first
05:58:44ssjhieithat u sending me
05:58:51midk2k3then that movie
05:58:52midk2k3its good
05:59:07ssjhieilike when i plug the recorder in the pc wit the usb
05:59:09 Part tpelliott
05:59:12ssjhieithe player has to b ohn?
05:59:16ssjhieiplayer i mean no recorder
05:59:19midk2k3it dont matter
05:59:35ssjhieiwhen i take it out i got to do something ?
05:59:44ssjhieiand how do i put the music in it?
06:00:05midk2k3it shows up as usb mass storage
06:00:07midk2k3as a hard drive
06:00:11midk2k3dump mp3s and youre ready
06:00:21midk2k3its worth it
06:00:24ssjhieidon't have to install the software that comes wit the palyer?
06:00:32midk2k3is it xp?
06:00:37ssjhieii got windows 2000
06:00:43midk2k3it might work
06:00:44midk2k3plug it in
06:00:50midk2k3i just slammed it three times
06:00:51midk2k3no go
06:00:52ssjhieiwhat u mean organize?
06:00:57midk2k3just a hollow clunk
06:01:20midk2k3like: ArtistFolder->AlbumFolder->01 - SongName.mp3"
06:01:25ssjhieilol u raped the monitor pretty good, not good enought though
06:01:31midk2k3i tried
06:01:33ssjhieii gotta type that ?
06:01:37midk2k3just make folders
06:01:43ssjhieihow do i make folders?!
06:01:44midk2k3its a good idea
06:01:48midk2k3ITS A HARD DRIVE
06:01:51ssjhieiin my comp?
06:01:58midk2k3just like you would in c:\ except in i:\ or whatever
06:02:02midk2k3usb plugin
06:02:06midk2k3its not that hard
06:02:11midk2k3cd rippers do it for you sometimes
06:02:16midk2k3I AM GONNA KILL THIS NOW
06:02:29midk2k3i tried about 25 times now
06:02:48ssjhieido u have a gun?
06:03:09ssjhieishoot it!
06:03:11ssjhieiif u got one
06:03:19ssjhieiif not go borrow it your neighbors
06:03:22midk2k3i'm a "minor" :(
06:03:50midk2k3HOLY CRAP
06:03:52ssjhieigo borrow it from ur neighbor, b like "sir, can u lone me ur shotgun?"
06:03:56midk2k3okay you know what
06:04:02midk2k3this is too crazy
06:04:05ssjhieihow old r u? im 16 i can't get one either lol
06:04:08midk2k3it must be a decoy
06:04:22midk2k33 years younger.. even farther from gun-heaven
06:04:52midk2k3what the hell
06:04:54midk2k3its like
06:04:58midk2k3NOT BREAKING
06:05:02ssjhieiim gonna get a UZI and shoot monitors lol
06:05:13midk2k3i could make a 6 minute video of my 30 failed attempts
06:05:29midk2k3get over here and do it
06:05:30midk2k3it won't die
06:05:34ssjhieijezz ur 13?
06:05:38ssjhieiu need to get stronger
06:05:40midk2k3the hammer is like, a full 90 degrees angle now
06:05:45midk2k3i swear
06:05:47midk2k3its not working
06:05:50midk2k3for some reason
06:06:00ssjhieithrow it out aof the window
06:06:05midk2k3ANY OTHER MONITOR IN THE WORLD WOuld have died
06:06:14midk2k3the manager will get angry
06:06:19midk2k3but i might hafta
06:06:21midk2k3or something
06:06:22ssjhieileave it in the middle of the road
06:06:26ssjhieiso a car will run it over
06:06:37midk2k3and i get fined for a few thousand? no ty
06:06:39ssjhieimanager? wtf r u at work?
06:06:56midk2k3im sick of recording this
06:06:59midk2k3its too hard
06:07:11midk2k3i'm just gonna stand it up and hit it till it breaks
06:07:15midk2k3no matter whatr
06:07:23midk2k3did you see the tv shoot thing?
06:08:09ssjhieiim gonna go there now
06:08:50ssjhieihey, to install the firmware i just unzip the thing in the drive? or extract?
06:09:07midk2k3"use folder names"
06:09:11midk2k3so it goes to .rockbox and all
06:10:03ssjhieifolder names?
06:10:17ssjhieilol im stupid, im a computer moron
06:10:31midk2k3i dunno
06:10:32midk2k3just unzip it
06:10:33ssjhieinot really completly i know some stuff
06:10:40midk2k3i took the cover off it
06:10:42midk2k3time to just smash
06:11:07midk2k3im scared
06:11:12midk2k3i just heard a noise
06:11:59ssjhieiim watching the movie hold up
06:12:21 Join mecraw [0] (
06:12:30midk2k3I NEED THIS THING DEAD
06:13:38midk2k3fuck yes
06:13:39midk2k3i did it
06:13:40midk2k3im the man
06:14:32midk2k3it just hissed
06:15:18ssjhieihe shot it like 10 times
06:15:28midk2k3i kinow
06:15:29ssjhieifucking monitor has a really thick glass
06:15:31midk2k3AND I KILLED IT
06:15:50ssjhieihe was saying all this computer stuff abou thte monitor which i didn't get
06:16:16midk2k3the electron beam
06:16:25midk2k3wanna see pic of DEAD monitor now?
06:16:39midk2k3i feel invincible
06:16:59ssjhieii already saw the othe rmonitor dead
06:17:11midk2k3the unkillable one this time
06:17:13ssjhieiaight fine i'll see this one if u insist
06:17:25midk2k3i do insist
06:17:28midk2k3im glas its over
06:17:35midk2k3just hit it and its dead
06:19:50midk2k3holy crap
06:19:53midk2k3the top of the hammer
06:20:02midk2k3is now sepearted from the bottom half
06:26:45ssjhieiu dind't break the glassh completely
06:26:49ssjhieibreak the whole thing
06:26:50midk2k3i did now
06:26:54midk2k3one last pic?
06:27:08midk2k3or two
06:27:20midk2k3i got some good shots
06:27:25midk2k3now, i just have.. glass
06:27:51midk2k3let me retrieve the hammer-head (no pun intended lol)\
06:30:37midk2k3i took small pics this time
06:30:52midk2k3not 2054x1536
06:31:58midk2k3itll go quicker in a sec
06:32:13midk2k3got a MESSS to clean
06:34:31midk2k3last 1
06:38:36midk2k3finally found that dust pan
06:45:55ssjhieishit i was away
06:45:58ssjhieilemme see the pics
06:46:16midk2k3just a mess
06:46:23midk2k3i hate cleaning up
06:46:32midk2k3thats why it's good to just go somewhere, smash it, and leave it
06:46:55ssjhieitake it to the woods
06:47:03midk2k3good idea
06:47:05ssjhieimurder a couple more times
06:47:09midk2k3or in front of a store at midnight
06:47:12ssjhieiand throw a bum at it
06:47:14midk2k3can you say "angry manager:>
06:47:21midk2k3but seriously
06:47:30midk2k3the hammer broke in half
06:47:38midk2k3an eye for an eye
06:47:49ssjhieidamn u did really fuck them up this time
06:47:52ssjhieiit went through the glass
06:47:55midk2k3make sure your upcoming monitor has a very reliable.. erm, hitachi picture tube
06:48:03midk2k3thats it
06:48:06midk2k3takes a beating
06:48:09midk2k3until i'm done with it
06:48:18midk2k3then, it's too late
06:48:48midk2k3but yeah.. hole right through
06:48:56midk2k3what can i say
06:48:59midk2k3i'm a smasher
06:49:03midk2k3just not a cleaner
06:49:44ssjhieisame here
06:50:42midk2k3last one
06:50:51midk2k3tools of the trade, it's entitled
06:58:06midk2k3a busted hammer
06:58:11midk2k3damn monitor
06:58:12ssjhieibroke half of ur stuff to break 2 monitors
06:58:30ssjhieii gtg
06:58:41midk2k3fun with your jbp
06:58:54ssjhieiya im gonna mess with it
06:58:58 Quit ssjhiei ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
07:01:13midk2k3oh god
07:11:42 Join thu_ [0] (
07:19:46 Quit BoBB (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
07:23:54 Join BoBB [0] (
07:25:23 Quit thu (Nick collision from services.)
07:25:25 Nick thu_ is now known as thu (
07:27:42midk2k3anyone here?
07:27:48midk2k3got a Q on cd burning
07:29:26midk2k3hi thu
07:29:26thuwhat's the emulator in rockbox?
07:29:32thuthe one doing the games and stuff
07:29:36thuwhat's it emulating?
07:29:47thudefine chip8
07:29:49midk2k3that one?
07:30:04midk2k3games used to be played on texas instruments graphing calculators
07:30:11midk2k3TI-83 commonly
07:31:00midk2k3can i burn data to an audio cd-r? know offhand?
07:31:54midk2k3according to google, yes.
07:32:08midk2k3only if i need to.
07:32:29thuI'm not sure what 'audio cds' have special
07:32:32thuwhen they're blank I mean
07:32:42midk2k3special for stadalone cd-burners
07:33:00midk2k3like the ones build into some philips stereos etc
07:33:37thuwhat cpu is inside the recorders?
07:33:59midk2k3archos recorders?
07:34:09thuhitachi sh-1
07:34:13thugot it
07:55:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:13:18 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
08:13:18 Quit midk2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:33:44 Quit k3no__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:19:35midknight2k3night all
09:19:40 Quit midknight2k3 ()
09:20:27 Join edx [0] (
09:49:53 Quit thu ("zZz")
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09:59:15 Join _aLF [0] (
10:57:14 Join Indio [0] (
11:14:21 Part Indio ("Client Exiting")
11:15:04 Quit _aLF (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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13:56:05***No seen item changed, no save performed.
14:44:02 Join Dude1 [0] (
14:47:23Dude1Hummmmmmm.......... Bye!
14:47:30 Quit Dude1 (Client Quit)
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16:02:00 Join _aLF [0] (
16:09:09 Quit _aLF ("bye")
16:39:22 Join AciD` [0] (
17:08:02 Join scott666 [0] (
17:17:42 Join ssjhiei [0] (
17:17:46ssjhieianyone here?
17:17:49ssjhieii need help
17:24:24ssjhieii dunno how to create a playlist
17:24:42ssjhieilike i click create playlist and it shows .m3u
17:24:47ssjhieiand then shows all my songs'
17:24:58ssjhieihow do i make playlists?
17:28:24ssjhieiahh someone help!
17:36:26webmindnever tried it
17:38:32ssjhieioh nvm i got it
17:38:37ssjhieii just created a folder inside
17:38:40ssjhieisaying playlist 1
17:38:56 Part ssjhiei
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18:13:27 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
18:13:41midknight2k3can someone help me flash-wise?
18:47:10 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
19:12:43 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
19:12:44 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:21:42 Join Dude1 [0] (
19:23:28 Quit Dude1 (Client Quit)
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19:30:10 Join BoBB_ [0] (
19:30:51 Join Staleknight [0] (
19:31:47 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:32:10 Quit Staleknight (Client Quit)
19:32:18 Quit Dude1 (Client Quit)
19:33:25 Quit BoBB (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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20:28:45 Quit adi|home (
20:29:22NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
20:37:03 Join Alcyone [0] (
20:37:42 Join Dude [0] (
20:38:14 Join Staleknight [0] (
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20:41:24NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
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21:46:54 Part cmonkey
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22:08:20 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:08:26 Join track [0] (
22:09:55diddystar5hi track
22:10:05diddystar5why do ya use jirc?
22:10:25tracknever min
22:10:33trackive been awake for 35 hours
22:11:00diddystar5gotta sleep someday
22:11:05tracklots of things
22:11:15trackbeen showing off my new MP3 player
22:11:33DudeWell, instead of chatting, you could sleep!
22:11:57diddystar5what new mp3 player do ya have?
22:11:58tracknah its alroght
22:12:02trackwhy do I need sleep for?
22:12:07DudeAlso, I can't help but be curious, what kind of MP3 player is it?
22:12:37DudeWhat do you need sleep for? You'll die of fatigue.
22:12:44diddystar5its gonna be a ipod *gasp*
22:13:02DudeI doubt it.
22:13:09trackits a Kenwood car MP3 device
22:13:30DudeAn iPod is much better than "alroght".
22:13:52DudeAh, well, car MP3s... Well, I think you get my drift.
22:13:58trackalroght should have been alright
22:14:12DudeI know. It happens.
22:14:22trackI should submit a request "Do a firmware for the Kenwood car MP3 CD tuners"
22:15:03diddystar5track: no
22:15:09DudeAnyway, I should be going elsewhere in the WWW (World Wide Web meant literally), but I'll keep this window open.
22:15:17DudeWhy not?
22:15:28diddystar5did you know all the feature requests are archived and cannot be deleted by rockbox folk
22:15:29trackyea why not diddystar?
22:15:39 Quit AciD` (".L")
22:15:56trackyes I do
22:16:09trackdiddy some of the requests make me laugh in sorceforge
22:16:24 Join AciD` [0] (
22:16:27diddystar5dunno cause sometimes that is useful but sometimes people do dumb feature requests and makes the list very long
22:16:51trackim sure they can be removed the dumb requests
22:17:11diddystar5maybe your the reason all of sf's servers are full and cvs got put out for a long time
22:17:44trackno course not ;-)
22:17:49trackI never send funny requests
22:17:55diddystar5yeah right
22:18:35diddystar5if i remember right i have seen some named ccd and stuff that has no purpose
22:20:34 Join jtye [0] (
22:20:34 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:21:17jtyehi ddidd
22:22:18jtye"read the contents of zip files"
22:24:36jtyerequest i saw in sourceforge
22:25:43diddystar5that a weird one may could be done but it would require some work
22:27:30diddystar5humm i don't see the use of it since all you could do is see the files
22:27:45diddystar5and mp3 files don't compress very much
22:29:52diddystar5that got it jtye
22:30:32diddystar5your funny
22:31:10jtyei didn't send it
22:31:13jtyejust came across it
22:31:20diddystar5yeah right
22:31:31diddystar5jtye = tracktheripper
22:31:44diddystar5tracktheripper = Jason tye
22:31:57jtyenot qite
22:33:11 Quit jtye ("Leaving")
22:33:38 Join mp3_man [0] (
22:33:59diddystar5why do you use so many nicks
22:34:20diddystar5and also you can use the /nick (whatever you want) to change nicks
22:34:23diddystar5like this
22:34:27 Nick diddystar5 is now known as dstar (
22:34:33 Nick dstar is now known as diddystar5 (
22:34:54Dudenow that was pointless.
22:37:03diddystar5yes jason tye i can hear you
22:37:53 Nick mp3_man is now known as Zagor (
22:38:02 Nick Zagor is now known as track (
22:43:50 Quit AciD` (Remote closed the connection)
22:44:24 Quit track ("Leaving")
22:44:40 Join AciD` [0] (
22:46:51 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
22:51:18 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:54:41 Join USAFMEDIC [0] (
22:55:15USAFMEDICAnyone know why I wouldnt be able to delete files fromajbr20 after installing RockBox?
22:55:39diddystar5delete files using rockbox or archos firmware?\
22:56:10USAFMEDICI have to do it from the ajbr20 instead of the pc now?
22:56:25diddystar5you can do it from either one
22:56:33USAFMEDICI am using RockBox now
22:56:40diddystar5are you trying to do it from PC and you can't?
22:57:29diddystar5what windows (i assume) are you using?
22:57:32USAFMEDICI keep getting an error message
22:57:37USAFMEDICxp home
22:57:44diddystar5whats the error?
22:57:54USAFMEDICh/o a sec and let me get it again
22:58:33USAFMEDICcyclic redundancy check
22:58:50diddystar5not 100% sure
22:58:56diddystar5i would reinstall the drivers
22:59:09diddystar5did you use the disk that came with your unit?
22:59:20USAFMEDICWhich drivers reinstall?
22:59:53diddystar5remove the old ones (go to add/remove prgramms and i think it is TPP driver...)
23:00:04diddystar5then don't use the disk just plug in your unit
23:00:16diddystar5and xp's drivers hould auto install
23:03:54CtcpVersion from diddystar5!
23:04:22USAFMEDICOk thanks I will give it a shot
23:04:28 Quit USAFMEDIC ("!STOP")
23:05:32 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
23:08:07 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:15:37DudeThat was equally pointless.
23:16:17 Quit Dude ("Leaving")
23:38:28 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta go")
23:42:05 Join diddystar5 [0] (
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