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#rockbox log for 2003-09-28

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00:52:26MTthats bull right?
00:52:51MTspecifically the lines ..
00:52:56MTThe problem certainly won't be that the devs don't/wont have access to the
00:52:56MTspecs and hardware, I understand Archos have offered them both.
00:53:11MTI've always understood the complete opposite
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01:29:37DudeDo you, any of you, know when the last time midknight2k3 was around here?
01:31:20DudeCan you see what I type?
01:31:32Dudewebmaster: Could you please register this?
01:31:40DudeUghhhhhh!!!!!!!! Bye!
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02:25:34yeftyo can i ask you guys about file sharing?
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02:49:03Guest57hi I get some problem to plkug 2 jukebox together on the same pc , has anyone some help
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03:44:29midknight2k3anyone here?
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04:00:01midknight2k3hi mt
04:00:15midknight2k3what about that f2/f3 patch?
04:01:25midknight2k3no response?
04:15:05midknight2k3this sucks
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13:29:38USAFMEDICI hope one of you can help me solve the only problem I have with RockBox! LOL
13:30:03USAFMEDICHow the heck do you delete folders/files from AJBR20?
13:30:34 Join edx [0] (
13:31:19USAFMEDICI have deleted the driivers from my pc "TPP" and have deleted the .Rockbox and the ajbrec.ajz files
13:31:37USAFMEDICand I still cant delete old folders/files from AJBR20
13:31:49USAFMEDICI am using XP home edition OS
13:32:07USAFMEDICCan one of you help me out please?
13:43:17uskiyou want to delete everything from your recorder ?
13:43:26uskiif yes, format the drive
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13:46:00Learuski, didn't you fix a problem compiling GCC for sh1 (I read about it in an IRC log :)?
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13:47:38uskiLear: i think it is related to the version of gcc
13:47:45uskii think versions other than 3.0.4 do not work
13:48:02uskii never heard of somebody using a working gcc 3.3 setup
13:48:22 Join Galik [0] (
13:48:40Learuski, I've only had problems with GCC 3.3.1 (no problems on cygwin with 3.2.x at least). But I was curious about your fix...
13:49:48Learuksi, I did an "ugly" hack to get past the problem, and it seems to work, but I don't know if it was a good solution...
13:50:49Lear(Hmm. I forgot I had a problem with GCC 3.2, but then I found a patch for it on the GCC mailing list.)
13:52:47uskii'll try with gcc 3.2 asap
13:53:52Learuski, I needed to change a couple of __memcpy (I think it was) to memcpy, so it was a simple fix. But I've made a working (or so it seems) Rockbox build using GCC 3.3.1 on Cygwin...
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13:57:32uskihmmm ok
13:57:51uskican you tell me where the patch is located ?
13:58:08uskiposting it to the rockbox mailling list would be very interesting for everyone wanting to compile rockbox
14:01:11Learuski, I don't have the patch available, but by searching on the error message I found some posts about it, describing what was needed. I just followed that.
14:02:42uskihmmm but i don't have any error message
14:02:51uskiit compiloes successfully, but the code simple does not run
14:04:02Learuski, describe "does not run" in a bit more detail please. :)
14:04:44uskiwell, i upload it with [IDC]Dragon loader via the uart boot mod
14:04:52uskiand i don't get anything
14:05:01uskii made a small prog that does a panic()
14:05:04uskiand the led does not blink
14:05:14uskii checked, the C is running, and the memorry is accessed
14:05:40USAFMEDICHow the heck do you delete folders/files from AJBR20?
14:05:40USAFMEDIC<USAFMEDIC> * edx has joined #rockbox
14:05:40USAFMEDIC<USAFMEDIC> <USAFMEDIC> I have deleted the driivers from my pc "TPP" and have deleted the .Rockbox and the ajbrec.ajz files
14:05:40USAFMEDIC<USAFMEDIC> <USAFMEDIC> and I still cant delete old folders/files from AJBR20
14:05:40USAFMEDIC<USAFMEDIC> <USAFMEDIC> I am using XP home edition OS
14:05:42USAFMEDIC<USAFMEDIC> <USAFMEDIC> Can one of you help me out please?
14:06:00USAFMEDICAny suggestions for deleting folders and files besides format?
14:06:11USAFMEDICAnd how do you format the drive?
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14:08:04Learuksi, well, I don't start it in that special mode, and I don't know what the UART loader does... But you do need to do various inits before you can do much (and I don't know what you do there). Maybe you should test making a normal .mod first. Then you should know if the build environment is OK at least.
14:09:32uskithe problem is that im using a player that does not have a HD
14:09:43uski(i salvaged the player without the HD)
14:09:49uskithat's why i can't test with a normal .mod
14:09:56uskibut i'll receive a recorder 20 soon so i'll be able to test
14:10:06Learuksi, ;) I see. That makes things a bit more interesting...
14:10:29Lear(Sorry about my spelling errors. :) )
14:21:35webmindreally.. people should be banned from sending unwanted private msgs
14:23:34uskiwhat kind of privmsgs ?
14:23:58USAFMEDICSorry about prvt message I am a n00b
14:24:03USAFMEDICI appologize
14:24:28 Part Lear
14:24:54USAFMEDICWell can anyone help me out?
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16:02:14Gazelhi is there anybody listening ? :o)
16:03:01ClosetPacifistyup :)
16:03:32Gazelhehe... my JBFM has a prob...
16:03:53Gazelmy cat made it fall down from the table
16:04:33Gazeland i get "ATA error: -1"
16:05:15Gazelso the question is : have you an idea of what i should do, or were i could find info on opening my JBFM ?
16:13:47uskifirst, you can kill the cat
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16:13:57*ClosetPacifist grins.
16:14:00uskithen... hmmmm...
16:14:03Gazellol.. i'm thinking of it ;-)
16:14:42ClosetPacifist seems to have some information on opening it
16:15:20Gazeloh thx!
16:37:29*webmind dropped his player once
16:37:38webmindwithouth casing
16:37:42webmindwhile copying files
16:45:08Gazeland ?
16:58:59webmindthe harddisk broke bigtime
17:16:06Gazeldid you put another one ?
17:22:09Gazelwithout problem ?
17:22:19Gazeldid you have to unsolder ?
17:31:03 Part ClosetPacifist ("scripting pie")
17:36:06webmindGazel, nope
17:36:07webmindno problems
17:36:09webmindvery easy
17:36:46Gazelok... i will try now to open it..
17:39:54 Join track [0] (
17:40:07webmindej track
17:40:23trackIve got a new CD-RW drive
17:40:52track52x 32x 52
17:41:10track52x write
17:41:13track32x rewrite
17:41:15track52x read
17:41:55webmindand ?
17:42:38tracki fitted it in myself and cofigured the master/slave jumper myself
17:43:02Gazelyou're a genius then ;o)
17:43:35uskiwow, an AOL user configuring jumpers ;)
17:43:36trackcan burn a whole music CD in less than 2 minutes :)
17:44:48*webmind wonders.. could the JB handle a cd drive ?
17:45:08tracksee? im not as stupid as you lot think ;-)
17:45:25uskiwebmind: hmmm it would be interesting
17:45:44uskithe ATA commands are quite the same if i remember correctly
17:45:55trackand BTW, the drive is Mount Rainier compliant
17:46:06webminddamn.. but rockbox doesnt support the filesystem
17:46:32webmindso i would need to burn a cd with fat32 on it
17:46:48trackim sure u lot know what Mount Rainier is
17:46:56uskiwebmine: right lol
17:47:14uskiadding support for the iso9660 fs... is i that difficult ?
17:47:14webmindtrack, hm?
17:47:18uskiis iT
17:48:01trackMount Rainier is a system that enables a CD-RW blank to be used without having to format it first
17:48:04webminduski, dunno.. i still have to check the rockbox source when i have time
17:48:30webmindthere are some other personal patches i might want to make
17:48:35webmindlike support maybe for 2 disks
17:48:51trackbut webmind how could u fit 2 disks in the Archos?
17:48:53webmindtrack, aha
17:48:59webmindtrack, custom casing ?
17:49:24webmindthe main problem will be the connector
17:49:43trackif I said that you lot would be saying "oh god another of tracks stupid requests" ;-)
17:51:04trackwhy don't u file that?
17:51:31webmindi had problems with the feat request last time i tried
17:51:41webmindand there was no interest last time i asked i think
17:51:51webmindbecause it doesnt fit in the casing
17:52:02trackwell hardware mod the casing
17:52:20webmindbut i think dual disk + copy option might be fun
17:52:48trackor why not put a large HD in it and partition it
17:53:02webmindcos if i can have 2 disks
17:53:08webmindi could also connect a CF card
17:54:05webmindi think i'll see if i can make the hw mod modular
17:54:08 Join USAFMEDIC [0] (
17:54:18webmindbtw currently my archos has no casing
17:54:37webmindUSAFMEDIC, !!dont dare and msg me again plz..
17:54:56USAFMEDICDont worry I am not going to do that ever again
17:55:31trackMy Archos is more than a year old now
17:55:35trackits a Recorder 10
17:55:48webmindsame here
17:55:53webmindUSAFMEDIC, good thnx
17:56:05webmindtrack, xcept that i have player 20
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17:57:06trackWhat is the Player's LCD like?
17:57:12USAFMEDIC My ARJBR20 had a serious malfunction and I have my wife taking it back to Circuit Chitty right now
17:58:48trackWebmind are there gaps between the char-cells on the Player's LCD?
17:59:40webmindtrack, how do you mean >?
18:00:20tracki mean are there physical gaps between the char-cells?
18:00:35webmindchar cells ?
18:01:11trackcharacter cells
18:01:37webminddont think so
18:02:28trackim just reading about the different recording systems CD-RW drives use
18:04:02USAFMEDICHow many OS's are there for ajbr20?
18:04:17webmindOS'es ?
18:04:28webmindi dont think its a complete OS
18:04:40webmindrockbox and the original
18:05:11USAFMEDICHas there been many complaints about the RockBox for ajbr20?
18:05:39webmindi dont think so
18:05:54USAFMEDICI think I bought a bummed one
18:06:05webmindrockbox is usualy a lot better then the original firmware
18:06:24USAFMEDICIt was giving me hell when I tried to delete mp3's or folders
18:07:02webmindah yes
18:07:24USAFMEDICWhy is that?
18:08:04webminddont have a recorder
18:08:07webminddont have the problem
18:08:36uskiUSAFMEDIC: try formatting the drive
18:08:45USAFMEDICarchos has a new update for their firmware on their website now
18:09:01USAFMEDICI tried to format and that didnt work either
18:09:12DBUGEnqueued KICK uski
18:09:12uskion My Computer, right click on the drive, then select format... the format it suing FAT32 BUT IT WILL ERASE ALL YOUR DATA
18:09:27uski"then format it using fat32"
18:09:29USAFMEDICI tried usind dos prompt and still wouldnt delete
18:09:30uskiexcuse me :)
18:09:37uskiso, format the drive
18:09:40uskiit will work
18:09:47webminduski, the usb interface btwbypasses the firmware
18:09:47uskido a long format, not a fast format
18:09:59uskiwebmind: i know, why do you say this ?
18:10:12USAFMEDIChow do you use fat32?
18:10:26uskiUSAFMEDIC: FAT32 is the way that filoes are stored on the disk
18:10:45USAFMEDICWhen I right clicked on the drive it just froze up my pc
18:10:47uskii think the only way to get your archos working is either to do a scandisk on it, or to format it
18:10:52uskihmmm !
18:10:52webminduski, was for USAFMEDIC
18:10:57webmindnot you
18:10:57uskiso your drive has a problem
18:11:05uskiok ;)
18:11:37USAFMEDICThat is what I figured so hence the circuit chitty return
18:11:38uskiUSAFMEDIC: perhaps sending it back for warranty is a good solution, if you can't manage to format it... where are you from ?
18:11:56USAFMEDICOh god where am I from lol
18:11:57trackUSAF Archos have NOT provided a new firmware on their site
18:11:59trackive checked
18:12:10USAFMEDICGo ahead and laugh it up Alabama
18:12:23trackthe version is still 1.27d which has been there for ages
18:12:41USAFMEDICThey have a update for it that has some new version for their firmware
18:12:46USAFMEDICI just looked at it
18:13:03USAFMEDICnevermind then
18:13:13USAFMEDIC<<<<such a freaking n00b
18:13:17trackno its still 1.27d
18:13:21trackjust checked
18:13:25track1.27d is still there
18:13:30webmindUSAFMEDIC, everyone is one in the beginning
18:13:32USAFMEDICyou're right I thought it was new sorry
18:13:42USAFMEDICI am new
18:14:09trackur welcome ;-)
18:14:14USAFMEDICI feel much better now
18:14:40Gazelwebmind : Once removed the 4 corner and 2 bottom screws on the JBFMR, what's the next step : should I be able to completely remove the blue pads ?
18:15:03webmindi think so yes
18:15:15webmindGazel, isnt there qa manual on this on the website?
18:15:34Gazeli didn't found one
18:16:03Gazelfor the pads, i will pull harder, thx
18:16:26USAFMEDICYou can bend the case to hell and back if you pull it hard
18:17:02 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
18:18:54Gazelby pulling the pads ?
18:19:18USAFMEDICread the pdf manual for it that is posted on the website
18:19:43MTthe fm isnt designed to be dissambeled like the recorder/players
18:19:56MTbut if you pull and squeeze the pads, they WILL come out
18:19:58Gazelthx i will check right now
18:20:04USAFMEDICgood luck
18:26:11 Quit USAFMEDIC ("!STOP")
18:27:55Gazelif he was speaking of the pdf user manual found on the rockboxx site, it is not of much help
18:30:21 Join AciD` [0] (
18:35:03 Join k3no__ [0] (
18:40:38 Quit uski (Remote closed the connection)
18:41:10 Join Dude [0] (
18:42:28DudeAnd then I fall backwards off my ball.
18:43:40 Quit Dude (Client Quit)
18:44:11webmindGazel, check mod page?
18:45:54Gazelit's not for FM
18:46:26Gazelhow did you pull off the drive, you bended the top and bottom parts ?
18:49:24webmindpull off ?
18:49:30webmindmind u i havea playuer
18:49:36 Quit AciD` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:49:43webmindi just lifted the hd a bit and pulled
18:50:04MTonce you have the top off, you need to desolder the 7 join points
18:50:11MTthen seperate middle from bottom
18:50:20MTthen you can get the drive out
18:50:35 Join AciD` [0] (
18:50:44webmindMT, heh ?
18:52:03Gazeli have a FMR : the main board is soldered to the bottom part : the drive+battery are "in sandwich" between the two
18:55:11 Quit track ("Leaving")
18:55:53 Join Guest [0] (
18:56:02GuestHello everyone
18:56:20Gazelhi. that's a guest :)
18:57:25Guestcan anyone here help me change my rockbox from swed back to english
18:57:34Guesti cant find how to do that anywhere!
18:57:56Gazelfind a font file and "execute" it
18:58:11Guestno idea how
18:58:15Guestits all in swed
18:58:36Gazelhm .. by the way maybe i said smthing wrong
18:59:09 Join diddystar5 [0] (
19:00:00Guestso can anyone help me?
19:00:08Gazelfind a .lng file in .rockbox directory
19:00:44Gazelenglish.lng probably
19:00:50Guesti cant even find the directory!
19:00:57Guestits not in english
19:00:59 Quit edx ()
19:01:08Gazelwhat do you have Player, recorder, FMR ?
19:01:51Gazelwith 3 buttons below the screen ?
19:02:28Gazeli believe there is an option to see all files, maybe you are currently set to "music" only
19:02:51Guestbut i cant read it to change it
19:03:08MTpress f2
19:03:11MTpress down
19:03:16MTpress on
19:03:22MTpress left 10 or so times
19:03:26MTgo into .rockbox
19:03:29MTfind english.lng
19:03:32MTpress play
19:03:36MTthis si in the manual ...
19:03:43Gazelthat's it ! hehe
19:05:34Gazelhas any of you seen a request for bookmarks working in the text viewer ?
19:05:59Gazeloh great, so i don't need to ask for it
19:06:03diddystar5thats not as easy as bookmarking a song though
19:06:04 Join edx [0] (
19:06:18diddystar5you know what i could give that a shot later
19:06:31Gazelyeah, that's what i was thinking
19:07:12Gazeli would have been glad to try to do it also, but i really don't have time to...
19:07:40Gazel...and now i must first repair my FMR first :-(
19:08:24GuestMT that didnt work
19:08:28Guesti tried 5 times
19:09:32diddystar5what are you trying to do?
19:09:42Gazelyou still don't see .rockbox folder ?
19:09:47Guestmy font is in swed
19:09:58Guestno i dont see any rockbox folder
19:10:20Guestive tried every screen
19:10:27Gazeltell us what you see written when you do F2
19:10:51Guesta down arrow and a double left arrow and a double right arrow
19:11:00Guestu want me to type the words?
19:11:21MTlol, no we can guess those from telepathy, dont you worry about it
19:11:28Gueston the left is: slumpa lage
19:11:48Gueston the right is: reperta lage
19:12:07Guestbottom is: visa filer
19:12:31Guestthat help?
19:12:45Gazelbottom seems to be the one
19:12:55Gazel(just guessing)
19:14:12Guestso what do i do with it then
19:14:55Gazelwhat does display when you press down ?
19:15:34Guesthanterade,musik, latlistor, alla,
19:15:42Gazelselect alla
19:15:54Guestnow what
19:16:13Gazelselect F2 again, then yiou should see all file
19:16:23Gazel(if we have luck)
19:16:49Guesti see the same files as if i was to press f1
19:17:21Guestnone named .rockbox
19:17:41Gazelare you in the root directory ?
19:18:13Guestim on the screen that shows up when u press f1
19:18:29Gazelthen press F1 again to exit
19:18:44Guesti see the rockbox!
19:18:47Guestnow what
19:19:05Gazelenter ir, and find english.lng
19:19:10Gazelenter it
19:19:20Guestwoo hoo!!!!
19:19:24Guestit works!!
19:19:25Guestty ty
19:19:32Gazelbye-bye swedish !
19:19:40GuestWOO HOO!!!!
19:19:54Guestive had the problem for weeks
19:20:10Guesti could read the names of the artists but thats all
19:20:15Gazelto thank me, just send me a brand new 60gig hard-drive, thanx ;-)
19:20:15Guestty sooo much
19:20:28Guest60 gig huh
19:21:00Gazelyeah.. hm.. 80 is better
19:21:29Guestwell i definately need an upgrade too
19:21:34Guest20 is almost full
19:22:13Guestwell thanks a million
19:22:15diddystar520 still works for me :)
19:22:17Guesthave a great day
19:22:20 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
19:26:46 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
19:30:15 Quit Gazel ("Leaving")
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20:09:41 Nick Guest is now known as midknight2k3 (
20:09:54midknight2k3i missed you
20:10:05midknight2k3i'm just now getting the full cygwin like you did
20:10:09midknight2k3mine broke or something
20:10:45midknight2k3i was just marveling at how long i've been copying files to the archos and the battery life's the same
20:10:47diddystar5humm i never got rockbox to compile with my full cygwin only the simulator
20:10:55midknight2k3i guess it's true they sy, it charges while being plugged in USB
20:11:01midknight2k3uh oh
20:11:04midknight2k3oh yeah
20:11:12midknight2k3just get the.. rockbox tools
20:11:16diddystar5but you will be having a new version of gcc
20:11:37diddystar5since they released a new one right affter i downloaded it
20:11:55diddystar5and i think binutils was also updated
20:12:25diddystar5whats %age are you at?
20:12:47diddystar5on cygwin install
20:15:25diddystar5and make sure you rename your old cygwin folder
20:15:36diddystar5and make sure you get all the cygwin packages you can
20:15:59diddystar5just don't get "gcc2" get "gcc"
20:17:43 Join midknight2k31 [0] (
20:18:47midknight2k31did you hear what i said about the vu meter
20:18:50 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:19:02midknight2k31must have cut me off
20:19:09midknight2k31i got a bit of improvement with it
20:19:12diddystar5o your mail?
20:19:39diddystar5whats your improvment?
20:20:08 Join midknight2k311 [0] (
20:20:09 Quit midknight2k31 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:20:12midknight2k311then it's a universal font size
20:20:16midknight2k311what is going on here
20:20:28midknight2k311anyways.. i have to go soon.. does it move yet?
20:20:40midknight2k311i still working on it
20:20:40midknight2k311the interface that is
20:20:47diddystar5yes the same old one pixle
20:21:02diddystar5did you get my reply to your mail?
20:21:12midknight2k311i will check now
20:21:14diddystar5wellp i sent one
20:21:20diddystar5maybe sf is slow...
20:21:33midknight2k311havent checked it yet
20:21:35midknight2k311thats all
20:21:53midknight2k311came out as junk mail
20:22:19diddystar5what service do you use for mail?
20:25:01 Join midk [0] (
20:25:09midkgot the mail
20:25:12midkcable keeps going out
20:25:19midkbefore i get cut off again
20:25:32midkok it went to the junk mail folder
20:25:56 Quit midknight2k311 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:26:06midki guess all that there is to do is to keep trying
20:27:02 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:27:03 Join midk1 [0] (
20:27:17 Quit midk1 (Client Quit)
20:27:20diddystar5hows cygwin install going?
20:35:44 Quit k3no__ (".oOo.")
21:03:46 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
21:10:46 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
21:11:12midknight2k312:10:50 | -logbot- diddystar5 ( left the channel 7 minutes and 13 seconds ago ("Client exiting")
21:11:19midknight2k3just missed em
21:12:59 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
21:15:47midknight2k3ignore me
21:16:06midknight2k3anyone here know about descrambling?
21:27:50midknight2k3i think my cygwin setup is working
21:29:58 Join AciD`` [0] (~gni@
21:38:30 Join AciD``` [0] (
21:40:08midknight2k3do you know about descrambling?
21:40:10AciD```triple acid :|
21:40:14AciD```not at all
21:40:29midknight2k3i want to look at the original firmware code
21:40:41AciD```i'm learning c in my studies now, i will soon help the rockbox community :)
21:40:54midknight2k3i'm trying to too
21:41:05midknight2k3i done a few little things, but i can't do much yet
21:41:36midknight2k3i just fully reconfigured the volume control to go to 1-50, not 1-100
21:41:55midknight2k3it was hard to get the graphic level to show up right
21:42:04midknight2k3when it hit fifty it was still only halfway
21:43:52midknight2k3i CAN get the bin from the ajz
21:43:58midknight2k3but i can't get anything else
21:44:01midknight2k3do i just view the bin?
21:44:06midknight2k3any ideas?
21:45:58 Quit AciD` (Success)
21:46:18midknight2k3 | |
21:46:19midknight2k3 \_()_/
21:46:19midknight2k3 ||
21:46:19DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
21:46:19midknight2k3 ||
21:46:19midknight2k3 / \
21:46:19***Alert Mode level 1
21:46:19midknight2k3 | |
21:46:21midknight2k3 _| |_
21:46:23midknight2k3*gives up*
21:50:48 Quit AciD`` (Connection timed out)
21:56:20***Alert Mode OFF
21:56:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:21:13midknight2k3all that is left is AciD```
22:21:56AciD```good night
22:24:15 Quit AciD``` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:25:11 Join AciD``` [0] (
22:25:15midknight2k3HI ACID
22:25:20midknight2k3hi AciD```
22:25:35midknight2k3aka: hi a<tab><enter>
22:25:48CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 3 hours and 37 minutes at the last flood
22:25:48*midknight2k3 slaps AciD``` around a bit with a large trout
22:26:24AciD```re :/
22:26:51*AciD``` evades
22:26:52midknight2k3happy with ROCKbox! ?
22:27:50midknight2k3sorry, that's &ROCKbox!
22:31:54midknight2k3The goal of this project is to provide a French version for the ROCKbox project , replacement Open Source of the firmware of balladeurs MP3 Jukebox 5000 , 6000 , Studio and To retie ARCHOS
22:32:02midknight2k3French &ROCKbox!?
22:36:17 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
22:50:28 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:51:13midknight2k3anything new
22:52:07BoD[]I'm trying to join #gaim but can't
22:52:17midknight2k3on freenode>
22:52:22BoD[]well yeah
22:52:23BoD[] #gaim You need to be identified to join that channel (515)
22:52:31midknight2k3#gaim You need to be identified to join that channel
22:52:51midknight2k3join #bod
22:53:23midknight2k3join it
22:54:11midknight2k3/join #bod
22:54:13midknight2k3its that easy
22:54:49BoD[]to do what
22:54:56midknight2k3just join
22:55:25 Join thu [0] (
22:55:34midknight2k3hi thu
22:55:50thuhey midknight2k3
22:56:34midknight2k3thu: join #thu
22:57:02midknight2k3bod: forget #bod
22:58:46thujust great.. you make me join a chan just to kick me
22:58:56midknight2k3just to see
22:58:58midknight2k3come on back
22:59:01midknight2k3i wont do it again
22:59:02thuno thanks
22:59:53midknight2k3my cygwin install is busted i think
23:19:37 Join _aLF [0] (
23:35:43 Join track [0] (
23:35:50midknight2k3hi track!
23:36:22midknight2k3what's been happening?
23:36:26midknight2k380gigs full yet?
23:36:31trackjust got back from the boozer
23:36:39trackim feeling somewhat pissed
23:36:49midknight2k3what's the problem?
23:37:20midknight2k3and you're pissed because of that?
23:37:43track4 pints of Stella Artois
23:37:45zepissed means drunk to brits/aussies
23:37:51midknight2k3i see
23:38:05midknight2k3havernt spoke up for a long time
23:38:11midknight2k32 new monitors are dead
23:38:14tracki sent a new request
23:38:17midknight2k3and smashed
23:38:22midknight2k3what the request track
23:38:23zegood for 2 new monitors
23:38:27midknight2k3not new
23:38:32midknight2k3old new ones
23:38:34midknight2k3new old ones
23:38:37track"Support for 2 hard-drives"
23:38:39midknight2k32 are smashed
23:38:44zegood for 2 oldnewnewold monitors
23:38:45midknight2k3why, track?
23:38:52midknight2k3why, ze?
23:39:18tracki.e 2x60Gb drives = 120Gb of music :-_)
23:39:55midknight2k3if you cant put in an 80 gb one you cant put in 2 60's
23:40:06midknight2k3BTW it's called RAID if you look at it that way
23:40:40trackeverything i file gets rejected :-((
23:41:21midknight2k3WHATS THE PROBLEM
23:41:25midknight2k3i have a problem
23:41:30midknight2k3my hammer is broken
23:41:38midknight2k3the screen souldn't shatter
23:41:52midknight2k3broke the hammer
23:41:53midknight2k3and bent it
23:42:31tracknow u know why "tea maker" and "multi-function" were filed
23:42:58trackwork it out for yourself ;-)
23:43:37midknight2k3flash rockbox! woo!
23:43:56midknight2k3then it says "Ver: FlashEdition" instead of "Ver: CVS 20030928
23:44:20trackim making an MP3 CD for my car MP3 player
23:44:31midknight2k3car mp3 player?
23:45:35trackive found the perfect compression setting for my car MP3 CDs
23:45:42midknight2k3what is that
23:45:55midknight2k3what is the perfect setting?*
23:46:16track25% VBR
23:46:26midknight2k3what program?
23:46:31midknight2k3just do 192kbps mp3
23:46:56midknight2k3ive just installed office 2003
23:47:32trackbut wiv 25% VBR most of my files are only 2Mb and have the same quality as 192kbs CBR
23:50:25trackive got a new CD-RW drive; Mount Rainier, SmartBurn buffer underrun protection, 52x 32x 52x and Constant velocity burning for only 35!
23:51:21trackburns a CD in less than 2 minutes :-)
23:51:50midknight2k3i have one 24x12x40 and one 40x24x48 (afaik)
23:52:40***Alert Mode level 1
23:52:41***Alert Mode level 2
23:53:43trackmidknight u don't even know what Mount Rainier is :-)
23:53:53midknight2k3i do
23:54:07midknight2k3it's a way of burning a cd-rw without formatting it yet
23:54:08trackok what is it?
23:54:18midknight2k3most format as they go
23:54:34midknight2k3was i right?
23:55:00midknight2k3thank god
23:55:11trackwell my drive is Mount Rainier compliant
23:55:22midknight2k3mine is too
23:55:26midknight2k3its not a big deal
23:55:41trackwhats the write/rewrite/read speed?
23:55:47midknight2k3of mine?
23:55:57midknight2k340x24(i think)x48
23:56:11midknight2k3i dont use cd-rws
23:56:41trackmine is 52x write, 32 rewrite and 52x read
23:56:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:57:11trackand it used CAV for recording
23:57:17trackconstant angular velocity
23:57:55tracki don't like the drives that use ZCAV

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