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#rockbox log for 2003-09-30

00:00:22trackis it in the dailyu builds?
00:00:50Zagoruh, since i haven't merged it: no
00:01:33tracksorry thought u said u did it now
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00:02:39elinenbeZagor: nice patches...
00:02:54elinenbethere hasn't been much activity to rockbox in a while −− just shows how much it has matured!
00:03:21elinenbeZagor: there is one other patch that people have been wanting too... bookmarks!
00:04:05Zagorelinenbe: yeah. unfortunately it needs some tender love and care before being ready for commit.
00:05:07trackyea Zagor ive noticed how quiet things have been here
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00:08:23trackhello acid
00:09:23trackwhats up
00:12:31trackdon't upset Zagor
00:15:40elinenbeZagor: how's life? I've been away most the summer and then I was moving....
00:15:42elinenbeZagor: so many things... so little time
00:16:06Zagoryeah, i've been pretty busy the last months too. very little rockbox hacking, unfortunately.
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00:21:40sagegokui need some help
00:21:45sagegokuanyone here?
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00:22:59elinenbe_some network problems here!
00:23:43Zagorsagegoku: explain your problem?
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00:25:00sagegokui have the 400 file limit
00:25:06sagegokuand i checked out the site
00:25:12sagegokuwhat do i do with the code given?
00:26:12Zagorwhat do you want to do?
00:27:03sagegokumake it so i can have more files in one directory
00:27:14Zagoryou already can.
00:27:19sagegokudoes random play select songs from across directories?
00:27:43ZagorMenu->General Settings->Max files in dir
00:27:48tracksagegoku, only if its a playlist created from different directories
00:27:58sagegokureally!?!?!?! i never saw that
00:28:20sagegokulemme check
00:28:33Zagoryou always play playlists. if your playlist contains many directories, random play will play many directories.
00:28:39trackso if you want to play all your folders in a random fashion, just make a playlist consisting of all of the folders on your Archos
00:29:05sagegokuback to more files in one directory
00:29:39sagegokuall i see under general settings is Playback, File View, Display, System, Write .cfg File
00:29:48sagegokui have rockbox 2.0
00:29:54Zagorsagegoku: use a daily build
00:30:06Zagor2.0 is ooold
00:30:50zehey why don't you guys do "release early, release often" anyway? heh
00:31:11Zagorze: is every 20 minutes too seldom for you?
00:31:23zethose aren't "releases"
00:31:36zeyou know people are afraid of things without version numbers :p
00:31:46elinenbeze: yeah they are... just not point releases
00:32:08sagegokushould i chose: ajz, rocks, full, ucl
00:32:18sagegokuim downloading the 9/25/03 daily
00:32:21Zagorwell "release early, release often" doesn't mean "shrink-wrap early". it means "get the code out there and tested". and that we do.
00:33:01Zagorsagegoku: full
00:33:01ze*shrug* ok
00:33:01elinenbeZagor: is there any timeline for the Bookmark patch to be implemented?
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00:33:36sagegokuare there any more games on the horizon?
00:33:47Zagorelinenbe: no. i'm reviewing it right now, hoping that i don't find any showstoppers.
00:34:09hardeepsagegoku: there are several new games in the daily build... try 'em out
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00:42:09sagegokui dont see Max files in dir
00:42:09sagegokuyes i do
00:42:09Zagoroh crap, the bookmark code still smashes the stack :(
00:42:45Zagorit uses too much stack
00:45:07sagegokuwhat is the peak meter?
00:46:29Zagorit displays the momentary peak sound level
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01:27:00diddystar5hey hardeep
01:27:00diddystar5could you help me with my vu meter?
01:30:01diddystar5msg logbot
01:30:01diddystar5msg logbot cmd
01:30:01diddystar5Zagor: you wouldn't mind looking at my vu meter code to help me figure out how to do something would you?
01:30:01Zagorsorry, no time right now
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01:30:01DBUGEnqueued KICK diddystar5
01:30:01diddystar5o well thanks anyway
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01:36:49sagegokuhow do you queue songs?
01:36:49diddystar5select a song and press on+-play
01:36:49diddystar5i mean on+play
01:36:49sagegokuturn off play selected first
01:39:29diddystar5that dosen't effect that
01:39:29sagegokuwhat does that effect?
01:39:29diddystar5when you play a playlist, that makes the first song in the playlist play first instead of shuffling it
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01:41:12sagegokuif i rename a file to nothing, where will it show up?
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01:41:49hardeepdiddystar5: what help did you need?
01:43:22diddystar5hardeep: i don't know what kind of function the code needs to be that makes the needle move (such as static int, bool...) andi don't know how to make it keep cycleing through that function
01:44:19hardeepdiddystar5: to make it move, you need a loop (e.g. for, while)
01:44:56diddystar5so loop move_needle
01:45:32hardeepdiddystar5: er, like: while (!exit) { }
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01:45:37hardeepread the left/right values in the loop and redraw the screen with the new values
01:46:13diddystar5hardeep: ok ill give that a try
01:46:13hardeepdiddystar5: you should also be checking for button presses (via button_get_w_tmo()) to exit the loop and handle when USB cable is plugged in
01:46:49diddystar5hardeep: yes i have that already
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01:51:24diddystar5it compiled!
01:52:53diddystar5it works!!!!!!!!
01:52:53diddystar5but there is a bug in my function i need to fix.....
01:52:53hardeepnice :)
01:54:54diddystar5i try to fix my code up really nice and if i have time i will have a patch sent in
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02:07:40diddystar5hardeep: now i have a problem where the read from the MAS it first made is always used instead of updating that read
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02:12:05hardeepdiddystar5: are you re-reading the values in the loop?
02:13:20diddystar5hardeep: i did... but i just found out i had a copy of that code outside the function...
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02:14:28thekidd42are there any developer of Rockbox in here
02:15:20diddystar5hardeep: now it's moving back and forth!!!!!
02:15:20thekidd42I just bought a archos recorder and what to tell you guys that your firmware is great
02:15:20hardeepdiddystar5: nice
02:15:56thekidd42a lot more stable then the actual one that comes with the unit
02:16:41diddystar5yep rockbox is great
02:18:30diddystar5say that to ZAGOR
02:18:30diddystar5zagor started the project :)
02:20:55Zagori'm off to bed guys. see you later.
02:20:55 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
02:22:37diddystar5to late...
02:22:37 Quit thekidd42 ()
02:24:18diddystar5gotta go
02:24:27 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
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05:28:35diddystar5hey thu i have a better working vu meter!
05:28:58thugood for you
05:29:17diddystar5it looks cool
05:29:37diddystar5i just need to make a scale for the volume levles
05:29:59diddystar5wanna try it?
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08:50:23Doggerhi there
08:54:24DoggerI am doing re on the AV products, and the AJZ files look compressed to me... Any ideas what compression they may be using?
08:54:24dwihnoDon't think they're compressed... Just scrambled.
08:54:24dwihnoDownload the source and look at scramble/descramble.c (in the tools dir, if I haven't gotten all senile)
08:54:24DoggerAV are in different format
08:54:24Doggerreason I suspect they are compressed: in the header I can see the length of data, then another 4 byter which is usually approx 2x the file data length
08:54:24DBUGEnqueued KICK Dogger
08:54:24Doggeralthough if I look at a histogram of the byte values on the file, it isn't uniform, which leads me to suspect it's not compressed, just mangled
08:54:24Doggereg byte values 64-96 occur about twice as often as byte values 0-63
08:55:33dwihnoyou mean the AV products
09:01:34Doggerso what I'm looking for is a simple compression algorithm,
09:01:34Doggerthat gives approx 2x compression,
09:01:34Doggerbut produces an output histogram that isn't uniform like mine
09:01:34***Alert Mode level 1
09:01:34Doggero well will keep looking :)
09:01:34dwihnoHave you checked the mailing list?
09:01:34***Alert Mode level 2
09:01:34Doggernot yet
09:01:34***Alert Mode level 3
09:01:34Doggerwill do good idea
09:11:35***Alert Mode OFF
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14:19:44dwihnoVips, så har man hallonbåtsvodka!
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18:01:23trackyou do not come in here and address a man as "oi" >-(
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18:45:33Doggerhi everyone
18:53:59 Join BoBB [0] (
18:56:00 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:00:33Plughhi there Dogger, BoBB, hardeep
19:01:08DoggerI just started a project on sourceforge
19:01:13Doggerfor the AV products
19:01:29Doggerso if anyone's got an AV product and is good at this stuff, check out avos
19:01:39Dogger(There's nothing there yet :) )
19:01:58Plughcool. good idea
19:02:07Plughhave you notified the yahoo group?
19:02:17Doggeram determined to get worm game on my av340 :)
19:02:26Doggerno didnt know there was a yahoo group
19:02:49Plughyeah. There is. Lemme see if I can dig up the info
19:02:54Doggerok, cool thanks
19:03:50Plughhm. there's forums on
19:03:59Plughthey're interested in your work
19:04:08Plughgonna keep looking
19:04:20Doggerok, cool will take a look
19:04:44Doggerso far I'm getting some progress on re'ing the file format for updates
19:04:55Doggeram gonna take mine to bits and look at chips later
19:06:34Plughthere's the group name
19:06:40Doggerok cool
19:09:53webmindoi dont think thats related to this channel ?
19:10:11Doggerwhat isnt related to this channel?
19:10:42Plughit's not. Just trying to point Dogger in the right direction
19:11:06DoggerI just thought instead of saying 'we dont support av', you might say 'look at avos'
19:12:01Plughwell, we *don't* support AV ;)
19:12:12Doggeryeah I know, but I do :)
19:13:13Plughso your project is called Avos?
19:13:33Doggerav o/s
19:13:43Doggerit will either be linux, or a jvm
19:13:50PlughI figured that much
19:13:55DoggerI'd rather write a JVM for it
19:14:02Doggeroh yes :)
19:14:12Plughwhich java platform are you looking at?
19:14:28Plugh1.4? 1.3? 1.2?
19:14:42Doggerdunno yet... start at 1 I guess
19:14:49Doggerlong way to go before that though
19:15:05Doggerneed to figure out the compression algo on the ajz files
19:15:15Plughif you get this working, we may be able to do some gene expression analysis on your archos ;)
19:15:23CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 7 hours and 24 minutes at the last flood
19:15:23*Plugh works for a java shop
19:15:47Doggercool :)
19:15:58DoggerI code in java all day... network stuff mainly
19:16:07Doggerbut I also RE and code in assembly when I need to
19:16:35Plughah. I test java code all day every day
19:17:31Doggeryou know the lego mindstorms system
19:17:39DoggerI played with the JVM someone made for that
19:17:50Doggerwas pretty cool
19:18:03Doggerbut the mindstorms brick is a bit limited
19:18:22Plughis it jini based?
19:18:26Doggerarchos AV has a 320x240 screen, a joystick and some buttons.... not to mention a serial port and harddrive
19:18:38Doggernot sure what it was based on
19:19:07PlughI'm still fascinated by jini
19:19:24Plughalthough ipv6 could make that slightly obsolete
19:20:15Plughwhen there's enough IP address space to assign an address to my toaster, why do I need to worry about virtual addressing?
19:20:30Plughthat was redundant
19:21:03Doggeryeah but in 20 years every toaster will be made with an ip
19:21:08Doggerthen we'll run out again
19:21:20 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
19:21:33Plughbut the early adopters will be set ;)
19:22:09Doggerthen youll get hackers setting toasters on fire via the internet
19:23:37Plughhello, NAT and firewall, my friends
19:23:54Doggergod I hate firewalls
19:24:06Doggerhave been struggling to get vpn to work from my linux laptop
19:24:41Plughif it weren't for my GPS, my laptop would be running Linux now
19:25:17Plughthe best they can do is display and parse NMEA dumps and do tracking
19:25:43DoggerI havent used windoze apart from for RE for about 4 years now
19:25:47Plughbut they're really crappy on routing and map coverage, from what I've seen
19:25:51Doggercant say I miss it :)
19:26:09Doggerhavent tried gps
19:27:40Plughthe most upsetting thing is, the best app for gps and routing that I've found so far is Microsoft Streets & Trips
19:28:06Plughnot just upsetting, but deeply disturbing on a fundamental ethical level
19:28:21Doggerewww that is disturbing
19:28:28Doggersurely they bought it or stole it
19:28:37Plughyeah, I'm sure of that
19:28:47Plughbut they're actively developing it
19:29:16PlughI have the 2000 edition. They've just split the product line into Mappoint and Streets&Trips
19:29:44Doggerthought MS had more lawyers than developers lately
19:30:02PlughMappoint is a business app that allows geographic analysis of data, for like sales people
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20:54:54 Join Zagor [242] (
20:55:22tracktheripperwats up :-)
20:55:55Zagori just stumbled on a very zen experience...
20:56:36tracktheripperthought it was the Creative Labs Zen u was on about
20:56:45Zagorhaha, no...
20:57:12tracktheripperI only returned to please you Zagor :-)
20:57:26Zagoroh, thanks :)
20:57:51tracktheripperi got a new MP3 player for my birthday
20:58:10Zagorwhich model?
20:58:22tracktheripperits a Kenwood car MP3 player
20:58:33tracktheripperplays MP3s burnt onto CD-R(W)
20:59:01 Join BoBB [0] (
20:59:44tracktheripperso therefore I bought a new CD-RW drive which is 52x write, 32x rewrite, 52x read, Mount Rainier, Bufferunderrunn and CAV writind :-)
21:01:03tracktheripperand yes Zagor, I installed it myself
21:03:22tracktherippergone suddenley quiet in here
21:15:54Plughanyone here a GPS geek?
21:18:42tracktheripperhi dogger
21:19:01 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:37:41 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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22:04:05[IDC]DragonHey to both Stenberg's!
22:04:42[IDC]Dragon(You aren't sharing a terminal?)
22:06:33 Join AciD` [0] (
22:08:11*[IDC]Dragon better doesn't disturb the heated discussion.
22:08:41 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:09:22uskiPlugh: what do you want to know about GPS ?
22:10:03Plughuski: I have a Garmin Streetpilot that I'd like to make more use out of by putting a laptop in my car
22:10:16uskiwhat OS ?
22:10:24Plughpreferably Linux
22:10:29uskigood :)
22:10:44uskiwhat uses would you like to be able to do ?
22:11:00PlughI have a Windows laptop with Microsoft Streets and Trips, as well as the Garmin software for uploading maps
22:11:24uskiwith linux you can use gpsdrive
22:11:38PlughI want to be able to load new maps in and do routing
22:11:50uskithe problem wioth linux software is that... it is free
22:11:51 Quit scott666 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:11:59uskithat's why linux software can only work with bitmap cards
22:12:07uskiso they cannot tell you how to go from one point to another
22:12:32uskias a license to have a vector card is very expensive (it is like if, in order to develop rockbox, you'll need to spend 20000$ on a devkit)
22:12:45PlughThere's work on it
22:13:01PlughI could probably get away with using gpsdrive
22:13:06uskiyes but as far as i know currently it is not done :\
22:13:13uskieven with bitmap cards, it is not bad
22:13:18Plughthere's some other cool stuff like using waypoint proximity alerts
22:13:24uskihehehe lol yea
22:13:43Plughbut the problem is multiple apps getting access to the serial port
22:14:03uskihmmm it can be worked around i think
22:14:09PlughI had an idea
22:14:16Plughbut it needs a little development
22:14:18uskiwith a little hack in softwares, or a hack in the kernel
22:14:32uskias GPS only send data to the computer, and never receive data from it
22:14:35Plughbasically making a /dev/nmea driver
22:14:58uskiyou simply do cat /dec/ttyS0 > /dev/nmea* ;)
22:15:03Plughso reading /dev/cua0 and piping it to another device driver that doesn't do exclusive locking
22:18:59Plughbut here's the thing I'm really interested in. I have Garmin Mapsource. I'd love to be able to gain access to their data file under Linux, since it has all the vector street info, points of interest, etc
22:20:11uskibasicallyit can be done with some reverse engineering
22:20:24uskibut you must know that it is not trivial ;)
22:20:46PlughI have a feeling it's encrypted and compressed. That can be a bad combination
22:21:21uskicompresseed... for sure
22:21:30uskiencrypted... it might
22:27:53uskiif the data can be read on the PC, then its data can be accessed. you can find the way it is encoded by decompiling the software. but is it legal ? that's the question...
22:28:20Plughtechnically, it's not legal
22:28:22uskibut you can also use microsoft autoroute express, street, or what-it-is-called-in-your-country data. same problem, is it legal to use it ?
22:28:52uskidepend; there are law that allow you to decompile soft for interoperability purposes; using another tool's data is interoperability
22:28:58uskibut im not a lawyer and i can't tell for sure
22:29:29Plughtrust me, even lawyers aren't sure. DMCA is still being written, challenged, and re-written
22:29:47uskiyea :)
22:31:07Plughthe way it's written now, any attempt to get around something that a programmer does to keep users' noses out of the data is illegal
22:31:24MTonly to people living in the US
22:31:40MTthe DMCA doesnt apply one iota to us europeans
22:32:01Plughso if they were, to say, xor the data against their birthdate, it would be illegal to re-xor the data
22:33:42uskiim not sure about it
22:33:58uskii very recently read a post stating that even the dmca allow software to be disassembled under some conditions
22:34:04Plughyou may say it doesn't apply to Euros, but look at what happened to the Norwegian kid who wrote DeCSS
22:34:23PlughI read the same post
22:34:29MThe wasnt tried under DMCA laws
22:34:44uskiit was on a security list but i can't remember which
22:34:49MTand i believe that the outcome under norwegian law was that it was a valid and legal thing to do
22:34:50Plughbut it really depends on how aggressive the software writer wants to be about it
22:34:52uskianyway, it does not matter
22:34:58uskihmm right
22:35:42MTalso, in Norway it is legal to buy a DVD, decrypt it, re-encode it to divx and share it with 5000 of your friends
22:35:45MTcompletely legally
22:36:04uskiit is not in France
22:36:26uskiin france you can buy a dvd, rip it, make it a divx, but you must keep the divx for you, and if you sell your dvd you must either give the divx or destroy it
22:36:56PlughI thought the idea of the EU was to standardize commerce laws
22:37:05MTNorway isnt in the EU
22:37:10MTso thats a happy side effect
22:37:36uskisee you
22:37:50Plughahh. that would explain it
22:38:54Doggerwish england pulled out of europe
22:38:58Doggereurope smells
22:39:23MTthat would be an extremely retrograde step
22:39:37MTaltho i do wish the eu would scrap the CAP
22:39:46PlughDogger: I just read a news article about dogging in Britain. Was funny :)
22:39:57Doggerwhats dogging?
22:40:23Plughtaking the dog for a walk as an excuse to have a tryst
22:40:35Doggerwhats a tryst?
22:40:44Doggerspeak english! lol
22:40:47Plughsex with someone other than your wife
22:40:55Plughor husband
22:40:59Doggerah ok.... never heard those terms b4
22:41:08Plugh4 definitions found
22:41:08PlughFrom Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
22:41:08Plugh Tryst \Tryst\, n. [OE. trist, tryst, a variant of trust; cf.
22:41:08Plugh Icel. treysta to make trusty, fr. traust confidence,
22:41:08Plugh security. See {Trust}, n.]
22:41:10Plugh 1. Trust. [Obs.]
22:41:14Doggerso if you dont meet anyone you settle for the dog? lol
22:41:15Plugh 2. An appointment to meet; also, an appointed place or time
22:41:18Plugh of meeting; as, to keep tryst; to break tryst. [Scot. or
22:41:20Plugh Poetic]
22:41:25Plugh {To bide tryst}, to wait, at the appointed time, for one with
22:41:28Plugh whom a tryst or engagement is made; to keep an engagement
22:41:30Plugh or appointment.
22:41:35Plugh The tenderest-hearted maid That ever bided tryst at
22:41:38Plugh village stile. −−Tennyson.
22:41:40 Join zombiejeff [0] (
22:41:40PlughFrom Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
22:41:43Plugh Tryst \Tryst\, v. t. [OE. tristen, trysten. See {Tryst}, n.]
22:41:45Plugh 1. To trust. [Obs.]
22:41:49Doggeris webster english tho?
22:41:50Plugh 2. To agree with to meet at a certain place; to make an
22:41:52Doggeror american?
22:41:53Plugh appointment with. [Scot.] −−Burns.
22:41:55PlughFrom Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
22:41:58Plugh Tryst \Tryst\, v. i.
22:42:00Plugh To mutually agree to meet at a certain place. [Scot.]
22:42:03PlughFrom WordNet (r) 2.0 [wn]:
22:42:05Plugh tryst
22:42:08Plugh n 1: a date; usually with a member of the opposite sex [syn: {rendezvous}]
22:42:11Plugh 2: a secret rendezvous (especially between lovers) [syn: {assignation}]
22:42:13Plughit's english
22:42:16Plughum, I dunno. The article didn't mention it
22:42:20*Dogger has met a walking talking dictionary!
22:42:37Plughgood question. It's not the Oxford English Dictionary
22:42:55Doggeramericans stole english, buggered it up, and still call it english
22:43:08Doggerjust my opinion though :)
22:43:12PlughI forgot
22:43:19PlughShakespeare used the word
22:43:26Doggeryep :)
22:43:28Plughit's English
22:43:43Doggerany ideas where I may find a very cheap archos AV
22:43:48Doggerthat is partially broken
22:43:52Doggereg cracked screen
22:44:00DoggerI want one for hacking...
22:44:08Doggerdont fancy using my new $650 one
22:44:14uskiDogger: if you find a source, i would be interested too
22:44:27Plughmost of them are still under warranty
22:44:38Doggerk, thought ebay would be best place, wasnt sure if you guys had found a secret repair place or something that would sell you them cheap
22:44:46Doggersure.... they are pretty new
22:45:00Doggerfunnily enough the warranty label just peels off and sticks back on again
22:45:09uskiyea but be carefull, for the warranty to apply you need the bill and sometimes they don't give you the bill
22:45:16Doggerunless its really clever and they can still tell you peeled it off
22:45:47Doggersure I dont mind too much about warranty, I just want one that still kindof works, but that if I break, won't mean I loose $600
22:46:01Plughwhat I mean is, there are not a lot of broken units out there because people send them back for warranty
22:46:09Doggersuppose I could buy one, use it, then take it back and say its faulty
22:46:15Doggerbut thats kindof bad isnt it :)
22:46:24Doggero ok,
22:46:55Plughthere's the article I was talking about
22:47:06Plughthat's a better link
22:47:13uskisome poeple are abusing the special warranties of some sites too; they are taking a special warranty that get you money back if your hardware fails in the first year; they use their harware for 10 months then they put 220V on the battery or sth like this, then they return it and get refunded
22:47:39Doggerlol cool
22:47:51uskiso they can buy a new hardware lol
22:48:16DoggerI took my first archos AV back cos I wanted the 40gig one.... They didn't even turn it on. For all they know I coult have taken the hard drive out
22:48:45Doggerthey just stuck another return sticker on it and put it back on the shelf
22:48:52Doggerfor some unsuspecting person
22:49:05Plughsounds like Fry's
22:49:27Doggerwas frys
22:49:39uskiPlugh: it is the same everywhere... if you look "ok" they don't verify anything
22:49:40Dogger*never* buy something with a return label in frys
22:50:01PlughDogger knows what I mean
22:50:02uskigtg see you all
22:50:16Doggerthey check the important things.... like is the cd there? is the packaging there...... why bother to check if you have taken the $150 hard drive out
22:55:12 Quit zombiejeff ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/20030624]")
22:58:49Plughif you buy something worth $100 from Frys, you will need to take it back once. If you spend $200, you'll need to go back twice. I once returned 5 times on a $600 order
23:02:36 Quit Bagder ("")
23:03:43hardeepyou know, i've never had to return anything to Fry's... must be lucky
23:06:21 Quit BoBB ("Lost terminal")
23:11:35 Join BoBB [0] (
23:18:58 Quit BoBB ("Lost terminal")
23:19:32 Join BoBB [0] (
23:20:13 Join wonkers [0] (
23:21:50wonkerswhats a "cyclic redundancy check" error
23:24:46Doggercrc is like a checksum
23:24:52Doggerit verifies file content
23:25:05Doggerif you have an error usually means ur data is corrupt
23:27:12wonkershmm, i just formatted it
23:27:26wonkersgot that when i tried copying files over to it
23:27:31wonkersbut now its working
23:44:07 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
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