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#rockbox log for 2003-10-01

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00:27:26Doggerhi does anyone know how to get the serial port to work?
00:27:45DoggerI can see the converter diagram on hardware mods page, but it doesnt say how to connect to the archos
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00:45:56tracktheripperwheres mikeholden/
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00:47:37midknight2k3hey zagor
00:47:39midknight2k3hey track
00:49:51tracktherippercould small .zip folders be uncompressed by Rockbox?
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00:52:47DudeOh Midknight!
00:57:16Plughwatch this
00:58:54midknight2k3no stereo, plug
00:59:09Plughsome Dude was looking for you
01:00:38tracktherippermidknight is ur vu done?
01:04:20midknight2k3i know that
01:04:58tracktheripperis ur vu doen/
01:11:23midknight2k3we should get a menu to change ata standby time
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01:32:03midknight2k3i have problems flashing
01:32:07midknight2k3think you can help?
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01:48:04DudeSorry midknight, I've calmed down, promise.
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02:10:50diddystar5hey mid
02:11:01midknight2k3Great WORK!
02:11:05midknight2k3i was just using it!
02:11:26midknight2k3can you dcc that c file?
02:11:32midknight2k3i can add my improvements
02:11:41diddystar5well i need to make that scale before i make a patch
02:11:48diddystar5ok one minute
02:11:59midknight2k3but i need to make my improvments before you make the patch
02:12:05midknight2k3if you decide to keep them
02:12:27diddystar5ok dccing now
02:12:44midknight2k3great work
02:13:18diddystar5there is only one place that has the lcd functions
02:13:21Plughzup mid
02:13:59midknight2k3het pluggy
02:14:10diddystar5hey plugh wanna try my vu meter?
02:14:14diddystar5yep mid?
02:14:16midknight2k3its cool
02:14:31Plughyead did
02:14:38midknight2k3you did?
02:14:43diddystar5ok DCC ok for you?
02:14:44Plughthat's something I would use
02:14:55midknight2k3i thought you said you tried it alreayd
02:15:05midknight2k3it has a few bugs, but it works yet
02:15:08midknight2k3a milestone
02:15:10diddystar5well it does kinda work but it needs a scale beacuse the needles go all over the place
02:15:18midknight2k3and sometimes freeze
02:15:28midknight2k3mine are stuck off the screen
02:15:30Plughwell, a start is a start
02:15:33Plughis it a rock?
02:15:55diddystar5source or a rock
02:15:56midknight2k3diddy: you told them to stick to the top line?
02:15:56Plughok cool. Glad I don't have to wedge it into my "kernel"
02:16:39diddystar5midknight2k3: what?
02:16:58midknight2k3they strech or shrink to stay exactly about 5 pixels away from the upper line
02:17:36diddystar5yes i guess i need to make the Y scale change also...
02:17:51Plughwill that rock work under current cvs, and on an FMR?
02:17:57midknight2k3it should
02:18:00diddystar5Plugh: yes
02:18:12midknight2k3make sure you play a song before loading it!
02:18:14diddystar5make with the lastest src and for a FM
02:18:25midknight2k3i think we got that illinstr error fixed, right?
02:18:43midknight2k3improvement time
02:18:50diddystar5but if the needle goes to far to the left, the jb will hang....
02:18:53Plughsend me the source
02:18:58diddystar5but im adding limits soon
02:19:05midknight2k3how long do you have diddy?
02:19:09diddystar5Plugh: i guess i could...
02:19:19diddystar5midknight2k3: a while not sure
02:19:23midknight2k3he's gonna finish it and submit it before you and rip it off
02:19:36midknight2k3longer than 10 minutes?
02:19:48PlughI'm not gonna rip it off
02:19:53midknight2k3we know
02:19:54Plughbut mebbe I can hack at it
02:20:47diddystar5Plugh: hack away just don't make it a patch please it's my code ;) * Copyright (C) 2003 Lee Pilgrim
02:20:54midknight2k3he won't
02:20:56midknight2k3he's nice
02:21:07midknight2k3he stalks me
02:21:31Plughhow do I get back to the browser while playing?
02:22:02diddystar5press off
02:22:14midknight2k3while playing it's on
02:22:16midknight2k3off is stop
02:22:22midknight2k3off is to exit plugin
02:22:24diddystar5ohhhh it must have hung
02:22:35midknight2k3i think he meant from wps
02:22:38diddystar5just have to force your unit off
02:22:40midknight2k3didnt he?
02:22:52midknight2k3you have to play a song
02:22:55midknight2k3to make it work
02:22:57midknight2k3or it will hang
02:23:01Plughokay it works
02:23:07Plughnot a lot of swing
02:23:14midknight2k3the scale isnt finished
02:23:20Plughwhat I'm most interested in is a dB meter
02:23:21diddystar5Plugh: thats why it needs a scale :)
02:23:30midknight2k3db meter?
02:23:40midknight2k3i was actually planning a few "mods" to it
02:23:42diddystar5db meter wouldn't be very hard i think
02:23:45midknight2k3which are in the works
02:23:57diddystar5midknight2k3: mods
02:23:59PlughI want to be able to set it next to a speaker and tell me how much sound pressure is on the mic
02:24:30diddystar5<midknight2k3> i was actually planning a few "mods" to it
02:24:48midknight2k3"mods" == mods
02:24:54Plughso I want it to work in record mode ;)
02:25:00diddystar5ok... mods to?...
02:25:09midknight2k3the vu meter perhaps?
02:25:20midknight2k3no, actually i was thinking to main.c
02:25:52diddystar5well get busy mid i dont have forever
02:26:03midknight2k3what am i doing? workin on it
02:26:17diddystar5no your talking in irc
02:26:25midknight2k3oh boy
02:26:30midknight2k3i cant talk while it builds?
02:26:32midknight2k3and copies?
02:29:20diddystar5midknight2k3: your puter must be slow :)
02:29:28midknight2k3i'm working
02:29:33midknight2k3that was three minutes late
02:30:03Plughsmall rock. Shouldn't be too hard to rip to shreds, re-write it, and race the release ;)
02:30:04midknight2k3something just happened oddly
02:30:38midknight2k3ohh oooops
02:30:46Plughseriously, though. Good work did
02:31:05diddystar5well thanks plugh
02:31:26midknight2k3i second that
02:31:31midknight2k3i fifth that
02:31:43PlughFAR better than redzone ;)
02:32:00*Plugh blows a kiss at mid
02:32:08midknight2k3i ripped that redzone from hardeep−−- i mean, i uh
02:32:52midknight2k3did i say ripped off?
02:32:55midknight2k3i meant to say
02:33:01midknight2k3got the idea from
02:34:35diddystar5this is interesting:
02:34:50Plughwow. that's ugly
02:36:22Plughsheesh. what a mistake
02:36:35midknight2k3i want to see a picture of this recorder
02:37:29midknight2k3does it work for you?
02:37:51diddystar5ehh looks cool
02:38:08midknight2k3I STILL DIDNT SEE IT
02:38:13midknight2k3dont go on without me
02:38:29Plughhrm... that's shitty
02:38:40midknight2k3I GET AN ERROR
02:38:41Plughthey don't make the FMR anymore
02:38:49midknight2k3fmr SUCKED
02:38:53midknight2k3still sucks
02:40:16midknight2k3what the hell?
02:40:18midknight2k3its a fmr
02:40:20midknight2k3without the fm
02:40:32Plughthey stopped making the fmr
02:40:41midknight2k3 hrm... that's shitty
02:40:52PlughI agree
02:40:56midknight2k3i know
02:41:02midknight2k3i copied it from you
02:41:04Plughthe LiIon battery is dumb
02:41:06diddystar5looks cool but with all the problems the fm's had
02:41:10midknight2k3i'll say
02:41:17midknight2k3its an fm without the fm
02:41:47midknight2k3that's like water without the liquid
02:41:51PlughI wonder if it can be rocked out
02:41:54midknight2k3a watch that won't tell time
02:42:03midknight2k3prolly uses rockbox-proof coding
02:42:11Plugherm it's an mp3 player that plays mp3s
02:42:16midknight2k3well yeah
02:42:22midknight2k3but its an fmr wihout the fm
02:42:30midknight2k3that's like a dad without the da
02:42:54Plughyeah. Same crappy case design that encourages scratched displays and busted buttons
02:43:09midknight2k3i wish i had the rec 20 - v1
02:43:24midknight2k3i thought the FMR was BETTER!
02:43:31midknight2k3i at one time WANTED the fmr!
02:43:33Plughoh well, I bought what I bought
02:43:35midknight2k3but it SUCKS!!!!
02:43:37Plughno going back
02:43:39*diddystar5 has a rec 20 v1 with the cooler black bumpers
02:43:43midknight2k3i'll say
02:43:47*midknight2k3 is jealous
02:44:31 Join Dude [0] (
02:44:42diddystar5the fm's were released like one week after i got my rec 20 i i wished i had a fm for a while
02:44:50midknight2k3you don't
02:45:04midknight2k3it sucks
02:45:06midknight2k3big time
02:45:07PlughHey dude
02:45:15PlughDon't make it bad.
02:45:23PlughTake a sad song and make it better
02:45:24midknight2k3it is
02:45:36PlughRemember to let her into your heart,
02:45:37midknight2k3its 4/5 the weight of rec20's
02:45:41PlughThen you can start
02:45:47PlughTo make it better
02:45:54diddystar5midknight2k3: gotta go email me your changes later :)
02:46:01midknight2k3ah well
02:46:05 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
02:48:26midknight2k3are you hacking at the vu meter?
02:48:40Plughmore like packing to go home from work
02:48:53midknight2k3why? you basically live at owrk
02:49:06Plughmy wife seems to think so
02:49:20midknight2k3i do too
02:49:30midknight2k3all day
02:49:42Plughlike I keep telling you, she's better looking than you
02:49:54midknight2k3forget it
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03:10:15 Join mecraw [0] (
03:12:19 Quit Dude ("Leaving")
03:13:08midknight2k3plug sucks
03:18:03Plughlike a muddafuggin black hole, baby
03:18:27midknight2k3i forgot that one
03:18:32midknight2k3only if i ask nicely
03:18:36midknight2k3i'm losing my touch
03:18:43midknight2k3plug STINKS.
03:18:56Plughquit poking smot
03:19:20zethats kinda funny, when he said stinks i thought of how nicely pot plants stink
03:19:42Plughthey stink SO good
03:19:49zethey do
03:19:52midknight2k3this is going nowhere
03:20:05Plughquit while you're behind
03:20:12midknight2k3i quit
03:20:19midknight2k3plug does su−−−−−− stink
03:21:04Plughespecially after a few joints and a loaf of garlic bread
03:21:12zepussy stinks good too... hey whats up with that, why is it always females that have good stinks?
03:22:08zedoesn't seem fair
03:23:19Plughhmm. yet another Californian
03:25:05zehey that sounds like it implys some sort of 'typical'ness, and despite the indication of my previous statements, there's nothing typical about me :p
03:25:35zehow about 'typical'ness?
03:25:38PlughI wasn't implying typicalness
03:25:49midknight2k3good enough, ze
03:25:57PlughI was implying that you see the sun in about the same point in the sky as me
03:25:57midknight2k3typicality might be better
03:26:01zeoh ok
03:26:12midknight2k3typicality it is
03:26:15zei don't see the sun much though
03:26:21midknight2k3niether does plug!
03:26:53zei'd like to see it more, but it must be properly framed; congrete and smog just doesn't do it for me
03:26:59zeconcrete even
03:27:50zewell, concrete and smog does do something for me, but it's not something desirable
03:27:52 Join elinenbe [0] (
03:28:08elinenbeis Zagor here?
03:29:00midknight2k3he's here
03:29:03midknight2k3just not.. here
03:29:11midknight2k3i thought he left
03:29:17midknight2k3i guess not
03:29:24midknight2k3plug: can i have that otis?
03:29:58Plughas soon as I find it again I'm gonna use it
03:30:15midknight2k3lose it then use it
03:30:48Plughmy maid packed it in a box and put it in the storage shed with 30 other boxes
03:30:58Plughand I'm too lazy to go digging through all of them
03:31:00midknight2k3maid.. psh yeah right
03:31:10midknight2k3plug has a maid>
03:31:15Plughcheap Mexican labor at its best
03:31:31midknight2k3plug has a maid.
03:31:39zei need something to create musical scores with that saves in a format that can be converted with scripts to arbitrary score formats for use in a script-based physical-model synthesizer
03:31:41midknight2k3i can't see THIS GUY with a MAID.
03:31:48midknight2k3oh yeah ze
03:31:55midknight2k3i heard you talk about that thing
03:31:58midknight2k3you make the sound
03:32:00Plughmidknight2k3: it's a California thing
03:32:03midknight2k3you made symbols or something
03:32:13PlughI have a former roommate who fucks his maid
03:32:14zeyeah a bowed cymbol
03:32:26zei don't have a maid
03:32:30midknight2k3hahah was directed at ze
03:32:30zebut then i live with my parents
03:32:31midknight2k3not plug
03:32:38midknight2k3smash their tv, ze
03:32:44zefuck you :p
03:32:49midknight2k3why not?
03:32:51zetheir TV is a 60" rear-projector anyway
03:32:55midknight2k3it's "jolly good fun"
03:32:59midknight2k3your parents tv
03:33:01midknight2k3its a crt
03:33:06midknight2k3in their room
03:33:14zebut still
03:33:17midknight2k3do i know you or what
03:33:25zei'm not really interested in smashing tv's
03:33:30zeit's not a satisfying endeavor for me
03:33:58zeindeed i'd be happy to forget that tv exists
03:34:07zeas long as i can download entertainment
03:34:11midknight2k3why? you dont like tv?
03:34:18midknight2k3smash tvs to show your opinions
03:34:23zedinner's ready
03:34:24midknight2k3try it
03:34:30midknight2k3it's relieving
03:34:34zenah, you play into it one way or the other and you're still playing into it
03:34:42zedon't take either option, exclude yourself from the game
03:34:50zebut dinner's ready, bbl
03:34:58midknight2k3help me
03:35:06midknight2k3did you flash the on button fix?
03:35:14*Plugh throws a lifebuoy
03:35:27midknight2k3does your UCL flash work/
03:35:32midknight2k3mine says no image found
03:35:43midknight2k3i tried different ucls, different days and all
03:35:51midknight2k3always a no image found
03:35:54Plughnah. it's a bin first
03:36:03midknight2k3for rockbox flash
03:36:06midknight2k3not firmware flash
03:36:11midknight2k3this happened after firmware flash
03:36:20midknight2k3now after the on fix its happeneding
03:36:25Plughhmm. Just play the ucl
03:36:36midknight2k3AM I RETARDED? you think im retarded
03:36:41midknight2k3i tried that idiot
03:36:46midknight2k3thats how you update it in the first place
03:36:48midknight2k3what a retard
03:37:00midknight2k3it just pops up with, "no image found
03:37:07Plughfuck you then. I'm just trying to help
03:37:28midknight2k3i am a retard
03:37:39midknight2k3any other ideas?
03:37:51Plughso you ran rockbox_flash, right?
03:37:59midknight2k3i played the ucl
03:38:09Plughso you ran rockbox_flash, right?
03:38:24midknight2k3i'lll try...
03:38:36Plughyou need rockbox.ucl in your root dir
03:38:42Plughthat's the image it's looking for
03:38:48midknight2k3i know
03:38:50midknight2k3not working
03:38:53Plughit needs to be named that
03:38:54midknight2k3let me get a new ucl JIC
03:39:05Plughbest to just flash his
03:39:12midknight2k3his what
03:39:12Plughthen you can flash your custom
03:39:23midknight2k3his is in
03:39:26Plughdidn't you get the flash package?
03:39:28midknight2k3it's Ver: FlashEdition
03:39:43midknight2k3i need to flash his ucl and that primes it for newer ucls?
03:40:01midknight2k3let me try
03:40:04Plughthat's what he told me
03:40:13midknight2k3makes no sense
03:40:15PlughI thought so too
03:40:28Plughbut when I followed his directions to the letter, it worked
03:40:31midknight2k3why not just let us go from the start
03:40:35PlughI stopped thinking
03:40:38Plughand did it
03:40:47Plughthinking only got me in trouble
03:42:44midknight2k3i actually can't say i see a rockbox.ucl in his fm package
03:43:02midknight2k3what gives
03:44:42midknight2k3any other ideas? plugh?
03:45:54Plughhm. it was there for mine
03:46:16midknight2k3i swear its not here
03:46:23midknight2k3you d/l it an see if its there
03:47:19Plughyou want mine?
03:47:29midknight2k3if it works
03:47:35Plughworks for me
03:47:37midknight2k3i'll try it
03:47:47Plughyeah. gimme a min to upload it
03:50:33midknight2k3still an error
03:52:17Plughyou ran rockbox_flash.rock with that ucl in the root dir?
03:52:45midknight2k3hang on
03:53:10Plughor did you need me to send rockbox_flash too?
03:53:23midknight2k3no.. sec
03:54:10midknight2k3MY KNEE!
03:55:50PlughMY SPLEEN
03:56:07midknight2k3what happened to your spleen?
03:56:15Plughyou ever watch The Tick?
03:56:32midknight2k3you ever watch The Core?
03:56:36Plughah. funny show. Very slackful
03:56:44Plughhuh? What's that?
03:56:54midknight2k3the core?
03:56:58midknight2k3oh come on
03:57:00PlughI haven't watched TV in 3 or 4 years
03:57:03midknight2k3they dont have movies where you live?
03:57:13midknight2k3it's a movie
03:57:14Plughoh. I'm sure they do
03:57:19midknight2k3thank god
03:57:22Plughlooked lame in the box office
03:57:24midknight2k3i almost thought...
03:57:29midknight2k3it was pretty good
03:57:42midknight2k3better than the previews
03:58:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:58:04Plughtrying to remember what I last saw in the theater
03:58:19PlughI'm drawing a blank. I think it was Two Towers
03:59:02midknight2k3the core! the core!
03:59:08midknight2k3rock on! rock box!
03:59:13midknight2k3rock on, not rockbox
03:59:33midknight2k3then they're like, rockbox?
03:59:51Plughthen you whip it out of your pants and show them?
04:02:17midknight2k3now it works
04:02:25midknight2k3got a new .rockbox - mine was messed up
04:02:27PlughI rule
04:02:33 Quit NSi ()
04:02:38midknight2k3it wasnt really you, but thx a lot anyways
04:04:25Plughcopying Redhat CDs for my laptop
04:04:32Plughit's gonna be my car computer
04:04:33midknight2k3use mandrake
04:04:35midknight2k3it's better
04:05:19PlughI used to be the Mandrake mastah! I got EVERYONE using it. Then they boned up the installer after 8
04:05:25 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: the new hardcore, psycho, nitro client -- in a can")
04:05:38midknight2k3boned up the installer?
04:05:46Plughheh. I used to alpha test BitchX for panasync
04:05:49midknight2k3so now you use redhat cause it installes simpler?
04:06:05Plughthen he got all elitist and went off to be with new friends
04:06:41PlughI've known him for about 10 yrs
04:07:33PlughI use redhat cuz it's more stable. Mandrake tries to be cutting edge, and they sacrifice stability for flash
04:07:59midknight2k3you need to see the core
04:08:19midknight2k3cmon.. anything recommended by ME can't be THAT good?
04:08:25midknight2k3AKA don't get your hopes up
04:08:33Plughalso, if you are installing RPMs, people tend to write them to detect Redhat dependencies. Not Mandrake.
04:09:04midknight2k3god damn
04:09:09midknight2k3this vu meter is stalling
04:09:17midknight2k3oh well
04:09:36PlughI'll muck with it when I have some free time
04:09:43midknight2k3i already am
04:09:44Plughgods only know when that will be
04:09:46midknight2k3its looking good
04:09:57midknight2k3can you muck with the regread?
04:10:07midknight2k3iit keeps mucking up
04:11:48Plughyou sure those are the right addresses for left/right current level?
04:11:55midknight2k3i dunno
04:13:58Plughhehe. it's ripped right from oscillograph.c
04:14:06midknight2k3i know
04:14:20midknight2k3that's what open source is for
04:14:23midknight2k3ripping off
04:15:52PlughI have an idea...
04:16:01midknight2k3now i am ripping off sokoban titles
04:16:06midknight2k3i love open source
04:16:12Plughgotta spend some time to see how it's gonna work
04:16:17midknight2k3what idea
04:16:54Plughbut if you set the X position to the left volume and the Y position to top of screen
04:17:29Plughthen you start the line at the bottom middle and draw to the top X,Y
04:17:42midknight2k3sorta makes sense
04:18:08Plughyou only have to calculate one value
04:18:15midknight2k3can you do it?
04:18:27Plughfor each line
04:18:30PlughI think so
04:18:46Plughjust need to spend some time with it. Figure out the line draw syntax
04:18:55midknight2k3when can you do it?
04:19:36Plughyou're asking that like I'm in charge of my own destiny
04:20:17midknight2k3you are
04:20:28midknight2k3i'm just anxious
04:20:58Plughwhat I really need to know is the value range returned by mas_codec_readreg(0xc) and 0xd
04:21:09midknight2k3and that's impossible?
04:21:16Plughnot impossible
04:21:44PlughI'd rather have someone tell me ;)
04:21:56midknight2k3dont be lazy
04:22:05midknight2k3just HAXOR
04:22:09midknight2k3use peakmeter.
04:22:15midknight2k3its got some good code
04:24:50midknight2k3its trying to rolo
04:27:32midknight2k3it inches to the side till it gets stuck
04:35:44 Join Dogger [0] (
04:37:03 Quit midknight2k3 (Excess Flood)
04:37:16 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
04:37:30Doggerlol nice
04:37:46midknight2k3you ddint see it
04:37:50 Quit midknight2k3 (Excess Flood)
04:37:56 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
04:38:03midknight2k3did it all paste?
04:38:39Doggerhmm dont think so
04:38:50DoggerI got 5 lines
04:42:11Plughmine doesn't lock up anymore
04:42:19midknight2k3vu meter?
04:42:29midknight2k3what code changes? can you /msg them?
04:42:33Plughbut it still inches over until both lines are pegged
04:42:51Plugh if(l_x22 < 0)
04:42:51Plugh {
04:42:51Plugh l_x22 = 0;
04:42:51Plugh }
04:42:51Plugh if(r_x22 < 0)
04:42:53Plugh {
04:42:55Plugh r_x22 = 0;
04:42:58Plugh }
04:43:01Plugh rb->lcd_clear_display();
04:43:05Plughadd the if statements before the clear
04:43:17Plughwell, it's better than locking up
04:43:20midknight2k3wait a sec
04:43:22Plughand gives you an idea
04:45:00Plughanyhow, I see the problem. The logic is busted
04:45:25Plughyou can't increment and decrement the X values like that
04:45:36midknight2k3fix it then
04:45:53Plughyou have to figure out what the scale is and set the hard value
04:45:58PlughI will. Gimme time
04:46:26Plughanyhow, till then, I've given you a fix for the lockup
04:46:58midknight2k3how long for the fix?
04:47:21Plughan hour, a day, a month?
04:47:26PlughI dunno
04:47:38midknight2k3i hope closer to an hour
04:47:45Plughnot bloody likely
04:47:45 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
04:48:03midknight2k3sure, "chap"
04:48:20Plughlike I said, first I gotta figure out what the range of returned values is
04:48:49midknight2k3do experiment
04:49:08Plughand for that I'll probably need to craft a wav file and convert to mp3 that has a gradual volume curve from silent to +50dB or something
04:49:37Plughyou wanna do that part while I'm on the train home?
04:49:50midknight2k3i cant
04:50:04Plughwhy not? No wav editing software?
04:50:42Plughgeez. what use are ya?
04:50:58midknight2k3i have cool edit
04:51:01midknight2k3i think it expired
04:52:21Plughcooledit is perfect
04:52:35midknight2k3if it works
04:52:47PlughI need a sine wave that starts at 0 volume and goes to max over a period of a minute
04:53:29midknight2k3i cant make a sine wave
04:53:34midknight2k3archos cant even play wave
04:53:49Plughso convert it dummie
04:54:06midknight2k3why ask for a wav when i could make it mp3 in the first place?
04:54:15midknight2k3call me a dummy
04:54:39 Quit midknight2k3 (Excess Flood)
04:54:46 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
04:54:50midknight2k3good going
04:55:13midknight2k3can you paste the code change again and what to do?
05:00:03Plughokay. got the wav file
05:00:16midknight2k3you got it?
05:00:20Plughwhite noise that goes from -160dB to 20dB
05:00:28Plughyeah. I made it in goldwave
05:02:38Plughsaved as mp3
05:02:48midknight2k3how about that change log thing
05:02:56midknight2k3so it wont get stuck!
05:03:31midknight2k3it got stuck
05:03:40midknight2k3can you please
05:03:43midknight2k3message it
05:07:46Plughhe's not resetting the plugin properly
05:07:51Plughit fucked the screen
05:08:06midknight2k3that's my fault
05:08:11midknight2k3i provided that part of the code
05:09:03Plughit's not too bad. I just loaded and stopped cube
05:09:21midknight2k3i didnt provide that
05:09:23midknight2k3it was a joke
05:09:24midknight2k3i cant do that
05:09:32midknight2k3i dont even know what youre talking about
05:09:54midknight2k3it moves the wrong
05:10:03midknight2k3like it goes down if its supposed to go up
05:10:04midknight2k3i think
05:10:10Plughwell, I just kept it from locking up
05:10:20midknight2k3it was always like this
05:10:21PlughI didn't claim to fix it
05:10:21Doggeranyone know where I can see info on UART boot mod?
05:10:23midknight2k3it works
05:10:31midknight2k3i know a picture of it
05:10:34Doggerity refers to it in docs, but I cant find any info on it
05:10:36Plughlook in the docs
05:10:45Plughhm I saw it there
05:10:46midknight2k3hardware mods?
05:10:47Doggerrs232 mod is there
05:11:02Doggercant find any info on *how* to boot via rs232
05:11:29midknight2k3me either
05:11:33midknight2k3i looked before
05:11:37midknight2k3they talk about it but no info
05:11:57midknight2k3it inched over and over till it got stuck
05:12:00midknight2k3like fly paper
05:13:14Plughyou read that?
05:13:27Doggertells you how to make a converter
05:13:36Doggerdoesnt say anything about how to plug it into archos
05:13:40midknight2k3or how to use it
05:13:41Doggeror anything about what to do with it
05:16:09Plughcouldn't tell ya. I've never needed to do it. You might want to drop a line on the mailing list
05:16:25Doggerhmmmm ok
05:17:13Plughjust don't mention the av ;)
05:18:04Doggerlol no
05:18:13Doggertheyr just jealous :)
05:19:20Plughsomething like that
05:19:40Plughmore like, they know if they get an AV, it's gonna be all over
05:19:46Plughgood-bye free time
05:20:01Doggerthis says *some* about it
05:21:20PlughI see
05:21:50Plughit just sits there and waits for you to dump a firmware file straight across the rs-232 wire
05:22:02midknight2k3plugh: get to work on the fix
05:22:05Doggeras long as you mod that pin
05:22:18midknight2k3i must leave
05:22:20midknight2k3good work
05:22:22Doggerdoesnt sound like it can be the *official* method
05:22:23midknight2k3you fixed it
05:22:26 Quit midknight2k3 ()
05:22:51Plughheh. I made it less broken
05:23:21Plughthat boot mod is really hacky
05:23:29Plughwell, I gotta get home
05:23:33Plughit's late
05:25:39 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
05:48:00 Join scott666 [0] (
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05:59:06 Join Augie1993 [0] (
05:59:53Augie1993I'm in the right place for the archos rockbox firmware, right?
06:11:25Augie1993Anyway, I'm having trouble with my flashed FM Recorder... if anyone has an FM recorder that's not flashed w/ Rockbox, and would send me a copy of the .bin file for the Archos flash, that would be amazing. E-mail:
06:11:54 Quit Augie1993 ()
06:12:31 Part scott666
07:13:47 Join thu_ [0] (
07:17:22 Quit thu (Nick collision from services.)
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08:52:16 Quit thu ("nite")
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09:12:02 Join AciD [0] (
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09:24:38 Join matsl [0] (
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12:51:03 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
13:51:42 Join maowietts [0] (
13:51:59maowiettshello everybody
13:52:16maowiettsI've a little problem with my archos
13:52:30maowiettsmaybe someone could help me
13:52:53maowiettsI've tried to lock the archos this morning
13:53:08maowiettsand it's impossible to unlock it ;(
13:53:31maowiettsI've seen that there is a lot of doc on rockbox's website
13:53:37dwihnolock it?
13:53:44maowiettswith a password
13:54:00maowiettsDo you see ?
13:54:17maowiettsI'm french so excuse my english
13:55:19maowiettsI have tried with a bootdisk with atapwd but whitout results
13:58:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:59:21maowiettsNobody has a idea ?
14:00:51maowiettsto reset the archos
14:04:58dwihnoRead the list.
14:05:45maowiettsYou have an archos dwhino ?
14:07:49maowiettsyou have never tried to protect it with a password ?
14:09:31maowiettsIs it a option of rockbox or of the archos itself ?
14:17:10 Join Malphas__ [0] (
14:55:48 Join Hes [0] (
15:13:54 Quit maowietts (Remote closed the connection)
15:18:01dwihnoI never tried to protect it
15:18:06dwihnowups :)
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16:17:48 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
16:17:48 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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16:42:54 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
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18:32:34 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:59:04 Join Zagor [242] (
19:13:41 Join _aLF [0] (
19:30:27 Join dw|gone_ [20] (
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19:38:49 Join track1 [0] (
19:50:57 Join Dogger [0] (~jimmy@
19:52:39track1hey dogger
19:53:42Doggerhows it going?
19:54:03track1Dogger do you have a wide experience of MP3s and their various codecs?
19:54:15Doggerhmmm not particularly yet no
19:54:34track1im just doing some tests on CBR vs VBR with some files
19:55:06Doggero ok,
19:55:28DoggerI'm just starting on doing stuff on the AV models
19:55:40track1Im turning my attention towards VBR as it seems to give a more solid and detailed sound than CBR
19:55:44Doggerhavent done much yet tho lol
19:55:51track1even though 95% of my files are 192kbs CBR
19:55:55Doggersure that makes sense
19:56:11DoggerI would have thought 192 was fine for most stuff
19:56:16Doggercan you really tell the difference?
19:56:41track1well in my car MP3 player the 192kbs files seemed to lack some depth and sounded brittle compared to the VBR files
19:56:51Doggero ok,
19:57:08Doggerso with VBR, whats the range?
19:57:12Doggercan you config it?
19:57:22Doggereg encode at 128-256 Kbps
19:57:31track1VBR is configurable from 1% to 100%
19:57:56Doggero ok,
19:58:21track1ive just encoded at 75% VBR and with the test CD the files are around 4Mb and according to Windows Media Player im achieving 398Kbs which is damn impressive
19:58:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:58:36track1398kbs is the average bitrate achieved throughout the file
19:59:18track1impressive don't you think?
19:59:45Doggerkewl :)
20:00:01track1im gonna to a test VBR at 1% and 100%
20:00:06track1watch this space............
20:00:56track1ill let u know of the results
20:02:07track1u there dogger
20:03:17track1anyway test done
20:04:01track11% VBR file 2,565kbs avg bitrate 222kbs
20:04:35track1100% VBR file, 6128kb avg bitrate a massive 518kbs
20:07:22Zagorthat's wrong. bitrate can never exceed 320kbps
20:08:09Zagoris vmp reporting that for your file?
20:08:38track1Zagor that is what Windows Media Player is reporting
20:08:58track1on the 100% VBR file it reported 518kbs and the file is around 6meg
20:09:23track1if u want Zagor ill play the VBR on my Archos and tell u the bitrate
20:14:06track1ok Zagor the 100% VBRs true bitrate is 232kbs
20:14:25track1so I don't know why Windows Media Player is telling porkies :D
20:15:13Doggeruse linux instead :)
20:15:37Doggerit doesnt lie to you
20:15:52DoggerI mean - IE moves its progress bar even when the page isnt downloading
20:15:55Doggerthats lying
20:16:01track1Seriosly Windows Media PLayer thinks the bitrate is 519kbs
20:18:33track1Did you know Bill Gates is introducing WMA VBR??
20:18:37track1cool or what!!!
20:19:46track1and there is also a "lossless compression" version of WMA as well :)
20:26:25 Join Cjnr11 [0] (
20:27:38Doggerer whats the point of wma?
20:27:47Doggermp3/ogg are obviously better
20:28:03track1wma vbr and wma lossless :D
20:32:14track1Dogger im gonna do a test on WMA VBR to hear what it sounds like
20:32:34DoggerI think ogg is best quality/size
20:33:06track1let me try anyway
20:33:23 Join AciD` [0] (
20:33:38track1im gonna hear what a VBR WMA sounds like
20:34:20track1wanna know what it sounds like?
20:34:59track1it resembles a fingernail on a blackboard
20:37:26Doggerlol nice
20:37:50 Part Cjnr11
20:39:35track1WMA Lossless sounds as good as WAV but in smaller file sizes
20:40:03track1Could the Archos play WAV?
20:40:03 Join Cjnr11 [0] (
20:40:20track1(im sure the Archos MM can play WAV files)
20:41:47track1the size of the WMA Lossless is 31Mb
20:42:11Cjnr11when will we have an alternative firmware for archos mm? :'(
20:43:15track1never unfortunatly :(
20:43:23Doggeryes we will
20:43:35Doggeryou mean the AV products?
20:43:47DoggerI am going to write one
20:43:56Doggercheckout project avos on sourceforge
20:44:07Doggerthats me
20:44:08track1Can the ARchos play WAV files/
20:45:38Cjnr11yes the archos play wav
20:45:55track1i mean the normal Recorders
20:46:14Cjnr11oh sorry
20:49:07 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:50:39uskiw0000w my recorder has benn sent, i'll receive it in 2 days
20:50:50uskiyeppee, i'll be able to rockbox on my own archos :)
20:51:10uski(yea, to rockbox, isn't it a cute verb ?)
20:51:31Cjnr11what is the M4R files?
20:51:55 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
20:52:23Cjnr11nobody knows it?
20:52:33uskiCjnr11: is it rockbox related ?
20:52:58uskiif it is a file format, try
20:53:12Cjnr11it is a file format
20:53:59 Quit adi|home (Operation timed out)
20:54:39Cjnr11nothing about M4R :(
20:54:47Cjnr11but thanks
20:54:51ZagorCjnr11: where did you get the file?
20:55:10Cjnr11i have no m4r files
20:55:29Cjnr11i just know that the archos MM read it
20:56:17Zagorok. some form of mpeg-4 file then, i guess
20:57:32Cjnr11but i can't find any info
20:58:50 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:00:28 Quit Cjnr11 ()
21:11:00 Join mojoski [0] (
21:11:04mojoskihey guys
21:11:18mojoskianybody got a second for a quick Rockbox question?
21:11:38mojoskiI'm the proud owner of a Recorder 15Gig model..
21:11:51PlughI hope the answer is as quick as the question. I gotta eat :)
21:11:58mojoskiAnd I've been using a build of Rockbox (on of the nightlies from sometime right after 2.0 came out) for a while
21:12:27mojoskimy questions is, what is the quickest place to get a copy of rockbox with "bookmarks" enabled?
21:12:39mojoskiis that just a patch?
21:12:39Plughbuild it yourself. The only way
21:12:52mojoskiwas hoping there would be a binary somewhere..
21:12:54Zagorno, he keeps a build updated on his site. hang on...
21:12:58PlughI've built it for the FMR
21:13:31mojoskimine is not FM.. just recorder
21:13:55mojoskithanks dude!
21:14:00Zagoryou're welcome
21:14:03Plughwarning. It's not completely stable
21:14:08mojoskitold you it would be quick! ;)
21:14:12Plughbut not devastatingly unstable
21:14:49mojoskii usually usually use my jukebox for listening to large audiobooks from so bookmarks would be most handy!
21:15:09Plughsame here
21:15:24Plughbut I use goldwave to split them
21:15:29mojoskiwhat do you use to convert them?
21:15:33mojoskime too..
21:15:36PlughI set up cue points every half hour or so
21:15:39mojoskiI don't split them though
21:15:59Plughit just makes it convenient in case something crashes or gets lost
21:16:05Plughanyhow... pizza's here
21:16:09Zagori hope to merge the bookmark feature into cvs soon
21:16:20mojoskiany idea how soon soon is?
21:16:39Zagorwell there is a bit of work to do, so probably not this week
21:16:47mojoskino rush, just curious
21:16:54mojoskiI reall appreciate everything you guys have done..
21:16:58mojoskirockbox is really nice..
21:17:07*Zagor bows
21:17:43mojoskiyou guys rock! thanks for all the hard work on it..
21:17:57track1Zagor im trying the bookmarks from the SamuraiPander website
21:18:00mojoskiThos eof us out here who are not programming gurus really appreciate your efforts..
21:18:18mojoskiI'm about to try it on my recorder 15G also..
21:18:35mojoskiis there a doc anywhere that explains how to use the bookmarks?
21:18:43mojoskior is it self evident once you get it installed?
21:18:53Zagori think there's a file in that zip, but i don't remember
21:18:58mojoskiok, will chec
21:19:01mojoskithanks again!
21:19:19 Quit mojoski ("Leaving")
21:19:20track1Zagor it really works!!
21:21:07Zagoryeah, i know
21:21:28track1we need it in the daily builds now!
21:21:45Zagorplease stop /msging me
21:22:02track1didn't mean to upset u
21:22:36 Quit track1 ("Leaving")
21:27:35 Join mojoski [0] (
21:27:44mojoskihey guys.. one more dumb question.
21:28:40Zagorfire away
21:28:45mojoskiI know what the ajbrec.ajc file is.. but what is a rockbox.ucl file?
21:29:03Zagorit's for burning rockbox into the flash rom
21:29:36mojoskiI won't try that yet..
21:29:40mojoskimaybe this weekend..
21:29:54mojoskiso all I nee dis the ajc file in the recorder folder then..
21:29:58mojoskiok, thanks again!
21:30:22 Quit mojoski (Client Quit)
21:30:32 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
21:36:11PlughZagor, do you know the range of values returned by rb->mas_codec_readreg(0xC) and rb->mas_codec_readreg(0xD)?
21:36:28Zagornot off the top of my head, no
21:36:37Plughdo you know where to find them?
21:37:00Plughthere's not much documentation of the plugin api
21:39:13Plughoh. cool. Found something I might be able to use
21:39:54PlughI made a test mp3 that is white noise that ranges from -160dB to +20dB over 1 minute
21:40:30Plughand it's the 0xC and 0xD values can be read in the debug menu
21:41:39uskiPlugh: what are these regs intended for ?
21:42:34Plughsound output
21:42:46Plughinstantaneous volume measurements
21:43:11uskioh ok
21:43:20Plughit's used in visualization plugins
21:43:23uskileft and right i presume :)
21:44:38Plughsomeone was writing a rock that was VU represented by moving needles, like old analog recording equipment
21:45:00Plughthe logic they used was a little broken, and I'm trying to fix it a bit
21:45:04ZagorPlugh: look in the MAS datasheets. those functions just read MAS registers.
21:45:18Plughcool Zag. Thanks
21:46:10 Join AciD`` [0] (
21:50:27 Join Guest1 [0] (
21:50:53Guest1join #dreambox
21:51:05 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
21:51:33Plughokie. got my answer
21:51:39Plughlooks lika about 6fff
21:52:15Plughprobably less, but close enough for rockbox
21:52:29*uski is dreaming that there was some registers that hold FFT values
21:53:57Plughoh. even better
21:54:02Plugh16 bit value :)
21:54:10Plugher 15 bit
21:55:02uskiwhat's the resolution of the graphic lcd of the recorder ?
21:55:42Plughcool. That's the next useful piece of info
21:55:52PlughI'm about to piss off diddystar
21:56:50Plughhow is it addressed? is top left 0 0?
21:57:04 Join k3no_ [0] (
21:57:21Plughcool. Like old Atari addressing
21:57:36Plughsilly Apply used bottom left
21:58:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:59:46Plughalthough, bottom left is probably more accurate for a planar coordinate system
22:01:52 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
22:10:52 Join thomas_ [0] (
22:13:02thomas_Does someone of you know a little bit more about the firmware of the av340?
22:14:14Zagorsuch as?
22:14:27PlughAvos project on Sourceforge
22:14:38Plughit went up yesterday
22:15:16Plughthere's no data there
22:15:34Plughbut that's where the potential devs are gathering
22:16:17Zagorwell anyone can create empty sourceforge projects. the fact remains nobody as the slightest clue about the MM/AV firmware format
22:16:47PlughZagor: the point is, that's where to discuss the AV/MM fw. ;)
22:16:50Plughthis isn't
22:17:53PlughDogger is ripping apart his 340 to try to figure out the UART loading
22:17:53uskithere are a lot of dead projects on sourceforge... (unfortunately)
22:18:22uskisome ppl wish they could start it, then they abandon and let the project on sf.
22:18:23Plughthis one's not dead. It has just experienced the spark of life
22:18:45uskiyea; let's hope it does not become dead
22:23:43 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
22:24:54 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
22:36:22 Join topjmy [0] (
22:41:09topjmyHelp anyone! Probably a dumb question. Tried to research it to no avail. My archos say Dir Buffer is Full!! Can't add songs. They show up on my computer when the archos is connected but not when it's disconnected. Tried making a separate playlist−−that won't show up on unit either. Tried to figure out how to increase the file limit and can't get that done either. I'm not a big computer guy, please help!!!!!!!!! Thanks
22:43:24 Quit topjmy ("Leaving")
22:54:01 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
22:58:43Plughwow. impatient
22:59:12Plughbtw, I fixed the VU meter plugin :)
22:59:32 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
22:59:41midknight2k3hi zagor
22:59:43midknight2k3hi hardeep
23:00:11PlughI fixed the VU meter plugin :)
23:00:25midknight2k3a new fix than you gave me last night?
23:00:48Plughtotally rewrote the logic
23:00:53Plughit works perfectly now
23:00:56Plughwell, sorta
23:00:59midknight2k3it does?
23:01:03midknight2k3gimme the C file
23:01:06PlughI need a more sane max_peak
23:01:41Plughcdcc send midknight2k3 ~/archos/rockbox/apps/plugins/vu_meter.c
23:02:12Plughsorry, not fully accustomed to this client
23:02:22midknight2k3that coupled with my numerous UI improvemnts will render the vu meter priceless
23:02:28midknight2k3which client?
23:02:32 Join Spasmonaut [0] (
23:02:38Plughfor Linux
23:02:42Plughhi Spas
23:04:02Plughthe meter still needs some stuff. Gotta find where 0dB is and put a heavy mark there, then tick the rest off in dB's
23:04:13Plughit's gonna take some time and effort though
23:04:18midknight2k3that comes later
23:05:14Plughpart of the problem is that mas_codec (0xC) and (0xD) return a linear value. Not logarithmic
23:05:23 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:05:36midknight2k3convert it to logarithmic
23:05:57 Join k3no_ [0] (
23:05:57PlughI'll get around to it. Linear math is much easier for me than logarithmic
23:06:18Plughthe MAS chip returns linear values, and there's nothing I can do about that
23:06:28midknight2k3let me test your mod now
23:06:38midknight2k3or should i say rewrite
23:07:47PlughI was playing Chris Rock - No Sex in the Champagne Room without headphones to test the patch and I could actually "see" what he was saying. It's a good piece of code
23:08:04midknight2k3tis indeed.. great work
23:08:34midknight2k3just for perfection, thats another step. we got the beginning down.
23:08:42PlughThanks to you and diddy for writing the framework. I wouldn't have done it without you guys
23:08:53midknight2k3let me add my ui improv
23:09:25midknight2k3i didnt do much of the framework yet.. but after this ui patch we might have a diff'rent amount
23:09:30Plughgo for it. I'm just a logic guy. Not a UI beautifier
23:09:45midknight2k3i'm a ui beuatifier, not a logic guy
23:09:46SpasmonautMy Archos Jukebox 20 Player, keeps saying "Jukebox Wait... #"
23:09:55Spasmonautand I can't get it to work
23:10:01Spasmonautdoes anyone have an idea of what to do?
23:10:02midknight2k3zagor might be able to help, spas
23:11:27midknight2k3now to test the final plugh+midk work
23:12:01PlughI reduced the logic to about 3 or 4 lines there. Got rid of the mess.
23:12:20midknight2k3i added "a bit" of lines for my ui fixers
23:12:36midknight2k3it's about as minimal as possible
23:12:49midknight2k3i could put two of the lines into one, a drawrect instead of drawline, but...
23:12:59midknight2k3instead of 2 drawlines*
23:14:16ZagorSpasmonaut: that's a hardware error, i'm afraid
23:17:11midknight2k3plugh: my ui improv needs a little more work
23:17:15midknight2k3just to test
23:17:46Plughtake yer time. I'm basically done until I get around to log scale
23:18:09midknight2k3its ok Plugh
23:18:29midknight2k3gotta just make sure the font works and slide over the needle coveres
23:18:32PlughI just wanted to give you something to work with. Once I get log scale done, I'm going to set it up to monitor recording levels
23:18:41midknight2k3well great work thanks
23:18:46midknight2k3that makes things better
23:19:07Plughwell, better than decreasing volume to 0 then locking up the plugin
23:20:30midknight2k3mine went over slightly
23:20:33midknight2k3then it got stuck
23:20:46midknight2k3once it touched it tried to free itself but it was stuck.
23:21:30Plughyou can twiddle with the limits
23:21:35PlughI put them in variables
23:21:37SpasmonautSorry, I was away
23:21:53Plughthe needles move within the limits set there
23:22:54midknight2k3this is gonna be better than i'd hoped
23:23:14midknight2k3i hope
23:26:32Plughif I can get what I want out of this rock, I'm sure it will end up in the source tree
23:26:45midknight2k3source tree
23:26:49Plughbecause it's more than just flashy. It's useful
23:26:52Plughin CVS
23:27:03midknight2k3i sort of expected it to get there too
23:27:07midknight2k3it is
23:27:21 Quit Spasmonaut ()
23:28:17Plugha visualization plugin is of limited usefulness. An audio power meter is useful for audio engineers
23:28:48midknight2k3it serves both purposes
23:28:59midknight2k3it's neat to look at, and it also works for real life stuffs
23:29:02Plughimagine using rockbox to inject white and pink noise, as well as measure speaker output
23:29:23*Plugh is audio geek
23:29:32midknight2k3i bet
23:29:40Plughor didn't you notice from the pix
23:30:19midknight2k3the computer pix?
23:30:24midknight2k3i saw the turntable
23:31:16Plughyeah. I got more than just turntables going through the mixing board ;)
23:32:25Plughthat board has 10 line inputs and 2 mic inputs
23:32:44midknight2k3big mixer
23:33:01Plughyeah. 4 channels can be mixed at a time
23:33:19Plughany more than that and you're probably going to get cacaphony ;)
23:33:37PlughI usually don't work in more than 3 channels
23:33:47midknight2k3bing here, bang there, pow here, boom there, pow there
23:33:53Plugh2 turntables and one computer
23:33:58midknight2k3pow x 2
23:34:07Plughbut here and there
23:34:36 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
23:37:03midknight2k3galik, woo
23:39:19midknight2k3what time is it there?
23:39:25PlughWed Oct 1 14:39:37 PDT 2003
23:39:36midknight2k3oh pdt
23:39:38midknight2k3thats my time
23:39:54midknight2k3so you go to work at like 6 and go home at like 8
23:40:03midknight2k3and you work on the 3d rat?
23:40:26midknight2k3you leave work late
23:40:28midknight2k3like 8pm
23:40:33midknight2k3when do you go to work?\
23:40:40PlughI usually work 9-5:30 or 10:30-6:30
23:40:48Plughbut occasionally I work late
23:41:17midknight2k3and the 3d rat you keep working on right?
23:41:24midknight2k3does it have molecular persiuosis?\
23:41:51PlughNo definitions found for "persiuosis"
23:42:09midknight2k3molecular percitus
23:42:29PlughI don't do much with molecules
23:42:43midknight2k3what about the RAT>
23:42:48Plughmore like a chemical analysis
23:42:50midknight2k3can you send me the rat geodome?
23:43:20PlughI could send it to you. Not sure what you could do with it though
23:43:51midknight2k3is it like a 3d template?
23:43:58midknight2k3whatever a geodome is
23:44:09midknight2k3i thought.. oh wait that's a geoDESIC dome
23:44:14midknight2k3never mind
23:44:30*Plugh tries to be patient
23:44:46*midknight2k3 gives up
23:44:54Plughit's a genome
23:44:58Plughnot a geodome
23:45:20Plughour definition of a genome is a little different than the biological definition
23:45:50Plughin our case, it's all the data associated with a particular organism
23:47:29Plughso, it's sequence data, expression data, pathway images, possibly chip views...
23:47:36midknight2k3oh boy
23:47:39 Join top_bloke [0] (
23:47:42midknight2k3can i just see the rat?
23:48:01midknight2k3&ROCKbox! has extended to, &AJBREC!
23:49:52Plughthis is how I see a rat.
23:51:13midknight2k3More user-friendly than ever before
23:51:21Zagorthat p-value cutoff doesn't look right
23:51:24midknight2k3sure looks user friendly to me
23:51:33midknight2k3lol zagor
23:51:57PlughI can put you in touch with our statistician, Zagor
23:52:06Zagorhehe, no thanks :)
23:52:22midknight2k3statistic-ian? statis-tici-an?
23:52:46midknight2k3thats it
23:53:02Zagorjust a silly question: how is that table sorted? none of the columns appear to be in any kind of order...
23:53:03midknight2k3the C goes after the h
23:54:05midknight2k3did zagor see the core?
23:54:10Plughthe p-value cutoff in that screen is a user-defined value. ;)
23:54:18midknight2k3user defined?>
23:54:24midknight2k3proves zagor wrong
23:54:34midknight2k3do hackers watch movies?
23:54:36Zagorthe user was obviously a moron ;)
23:54:38midknight2k3do they eat food?
23:54:42Plughyou can set it to whatever you like to obtain the results you're interested in
23:54:50midknight2k3what a moron indeed
23:55:19midknight2k3im watching the core again tonight
23:55:24midknight2k3i think
23:55:30Plughas far as sorting, it looks to me like it could be sorted by position on the chromosome
23:55:41Zagorjuggling several patches while writing improvements yourself gets a bit messy after a while...
23:55:51Plughno, chromosome
23:56:32midknight2k3i dont see any cromosome
23:56:41midknight2k3there is no cromosome, how can it be sorted by that
23:56:41Zagori like looking at things that makes absolutely no sense to me.
23:56:50midknight2k3plugh feels special
23:56:54midknight2k3he knows what it means
23:57:04Zagori imagine that's how it feels for some people trying to set the time on their vcr
23:57:23midknight2k3can zagor set his vcr time?
23:57:33midknight2k3he can probably write a new firmware for the vcr
23:57:50Zagormy vcr sets its' own time, via "rdate -s"
23:58:07midknight2k3did you make a vcr firmware?
23:58:20Zagorno, just kidding
23:58:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:58:37midknight2k3sort of expected answer
23:58:45midknight2k3oh no!
23:58:51midknight2k3the rockbox front page wont open!
23:58:55midknight2k3its shut down!
23:58:58midknight2k3out of business!

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