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#rockbox log for 2003-10-02

00:00:07midknight2k3ROCKBOX EXPLOITING - join in!
00:00:29Zagorno. the archives are fixed.
00:01:54midknight2k3what about mdb settings?
00:02:34Zagorwhat about them?
00:02:42midknight2k3oh wait
00:02:45midknight2k3mailinglist busted
00:02:46midknight2k3Starting: 2003-10-01
00:02:46midknight2k3Ending: 2003-10-01
00:02:46DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
00:02:46midknight2k3Re: FMR - rest in peace Paul \ (2003-09-30)
00:02:53midknight2k3do i see a problem here?
00:03:04midknight2k3starting 10-01
00:03:51Zagori can't be arsed
00:06:04PlughYou can bugger the bear, if you do it with care,
00:06:04Plughin the winter, when he is asleep in his lair,
00:06:04PlughThough I would not advise it in spring or in fall−−
00:06:15Plughbut the Zagor can never be buggered at all.
00:06:47PlughIf you're feeling quite coarse, you can bugger the horse,
00:06:47Plughor the palfrey, the jennet, the stallion (with force),
00:06:47PlughYou can bugger the donkey, the mare, or the mule,
00:06:49PlughThough to bugger the pony is needlessly cruel.
00:07:02PlughYou can bugger the ox (if you stand on a box)
00:07:02PlughAnd vulpologists say you can bugger the fox,
00:07:02PlughYou can bugger the shrew, though it's awfully small−−
00:07:12Plughbut the Zagor cvan never be buggered at all.
00:07:40Zagorlovely poem :)
00:07:44midknight2k3did you just make that up?
00:07:48 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
00:07:56PlughI dunno
00:08:00PlughI pasted it off a site
00:08:10Plughjust changed hedgehog to Zagor
00:08:14midknight2k3you just rewrote the last sentence
00:08:25 Join track1 [0] (
00:08:29midknight2k3it all came in one second then the last line can 10 seconds later
00:08:37midknight2k3came 10 seconds later *
00:08:41midknight2k3hey tracky
00:08:42Plughthat's me typing
00:08:48midknight2k311;)7pm? thats late
00:10:04track1seen this mid?
00:10:09track1the comment someone added
00:11:16Plughdid Zagor macro that response? :)
00:11:36track1which one?
00:11:39Zagoryeah, i have
00:12:22Plughoh that was mid's post
00:12:22track1plugh heres one
00:12:34track1not mine
00:12:35midknight2k3the only one ever
00:12:40midknight2k3i made one more
00:12:50midknight2k3"convert usb to digital out on fmr"
00:12:56PlughI have a feature request or two, as well as a bug report
00:12:57midknight2k3for pirating music
00:13:03midknight2k3BUG? WHAT BUG?
00:13:14Plughcharging screen and the off key
00:13:14track1heres a decent
00:13:18midknight2k3i know that
00:13:25midknight2k3how about "sdd" track?
00:13:28midknight2k3i wanna see it
00:13:36track1"Make Zagor less moody"
00:13:37Plughwell, mine's kinda weird
00:13:44Plughshould probably be fixed
00:13:50track1"This is not possible to implement, due to personality limitations"
00:14:13midknight2k3zagor: should i make a new request, "dff"?
00:15:13Zagorprobably not :)
00:15:17HesZagor: Thanks for curl. And pass Daniel my thanks, too, please. I just ended up using it. I'm very tempted to implement multiple file FTP uploads since that's what I'm doing.
00:15:32midknight2k3i think i will
00:16:14ZagorHes: we've been discussing multiple concurrent transfers, but at least last we talked about it Daniel didn't think it fitted into curl's problem domain
00:16:32 Quit midknight2k3 ("BE BACK IN 2 MINUTES")
00:17:38Hesmultiple concurrent transfers... hm, cool but, yes, outside the domain. Maybe in the domain of something that utilizes libcurl. But uploading multiple files sequentially in one go, yes?
00:18:28Zagorah, sequentially. yeah that sounds like it would be suitable.
00:18:53Zagorbut daniel is the head curl ninja
00:20:52 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:21:01midknight2k3time to make the dff request
00:21:20HesJust wanted to say thanks to someone. Made solaris packages of it at work today.
00:21:43ZagorHes: i'll take the job of accepting the thanks :)
00:24:55HesExcellent. I'll head to bed, good night...
00:27:33midknight2k3night hes
00:27:35 Join k3no [0] (
00:29:22midknight2k3i made the request
00:29:26PlughI think I found the registers for monitoring input levels
00:29:34Plugh0x0A and 0x0B
00:29:38midknight2k3work slacer
00:29:48midknight2k3you go to work and good off with rockbox
00:29:52Plughyeah, I'm slacking at work
00:29:56Plughsue me
00:30:06midknight2k3zagor can shut it down if he wants
00:30:24Plughcan shut what down?
00:30:31midknight2k3that ^
00:30:41Plughyour empty feature request?
00:30:47midknight2k3my dff one
00:30:48Plughyou want nothing from rockbox?
00:30:51midknight2k3look closely
00:30:55midknight2k3there is a body
00:31:00 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
00:31:03Zagorwe work too fast, do we?
00:31:15midknight2k3that's why sdd is there
00:31:30midknight2k3sdd rocks
00:31:49MTcan you not ban him from making feature requests?
00:31:50Plughmid: go rock with your box
00:31:56Plughyou seem bored
00:32:05midknight2k3shut up mt
00:32:10midknight2k3once in a 6 months is a long time
00:32:21midknight2k3is the vu meter better now?
00:32:34Plughis it?
00:32:55Plughworks fine for me
00:33:13midknight2k3you said something about 0x0d or something
00:33:22Plughoh yeah
00:33:28PlughI haven't implemented it yet
00:33:32Plughjust researched
00:33:36midknight2k3will it make it better?
00:33:51Plughit'll make it read off the microphone or line in
00:33:57midknight2k3here's a classic request
00:34:03Plughinstead of the mp3 stream
00:34:10midknight2k3i see plugh
00:34:13Plughthat's what I'm more interested in
00:34:28midknight2k3Sender: bagder
00:34:28midknight2k3Logged In: YES
00:34:28DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
00:34:28midknight2k3Thanks a lot
00:42:42midknight2k3guess what
00:47:56 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:50:32midknight2k3ill put sdd in rockbox
00:50:34midknight2k3like at info
00:50:47midknight2k3it will splash "Press PLAY" then you hit iot and it says SDD!!!!
00:51:33 Quit AciD`` (".L")
00:51:45Plughnext time I ask you for your ucl file, remind me of this conversation, mid
00:51:55midknight2k3my ucl file?
00:52:23Plughor any firmware file
00:53:02Plughoh, and now you can stop pestering me to publish a patch
00:53:10PlughI've done one
00:53:17midknight2k3is it up?
00:54:10Plughit's on your box
00:54:20midknight2k3the vu meter?
00:54:31midknight2k3you rat
00:54:33midknight2k3is not
00:54:45PlughI patched it
00:54:52Plughre-wrote all the logic
00:54:54PlughALL of it
00:54:54midknight2k3not really
00:54:59midknight2k3its not a rockbox part
00:55:14midknight2k3my dff is gone!
00:55:43Zagorno shit
00:56:18Plughhe wants all his menus set up to
00:56:30midknight2k3dont forget sdd
00:56:45midknight2k3sorry zagor
00:56:47midknight2k3i wont do it again'
00:58:08midknight2k3he hates me now
00:59:50adi|homeis midknight2k3 putting in asinine requests again?
00:59:51midknight2k3what a dumb idea
00:59:55adi|homezagor does?
00:59:56midknight2k3i just put in one
00:59:58adi|homei mean.. not like he didn't give you chances
01:00:03midknight2k3i did it ONCE
01:00:08midknight2k3it's TRACK that did it all day long
01:00:36midknight2k3*claps for adi*
01:00:42midknight2k3you got hassled by ollitrop
01:02:38track1what the bloody hell is going on?
01:02:50midknight2k3ollitrop hassled adi
01:02:54midknight2k3it was hilarious
01:03:56midknight2k3funny funny funny
01:04:03 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:04:39adi|homedo you think my behavior was outta line?
01:04:48midknight2k3not at all
01:04:51midknight2k3it was just funny
01:04:56midknight2k3he was nice at first
01:05:03adi|homegot ya...
01:05:04midknight2k3<ollitrop> hi is there a rockbox version for the Archos Multimedia Jukebox??
01:05:09midknight2k3then he got mad
01:05:21midknight2k3ASSHOLE JERK FUCK!
01:05:22adi|homehe went from uneducated to reject in 5 lines flat
01:05:45 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
01:05:46adi|homewhat were you doing? searching for conversations with me in it?
01:05:57midknight2k3i dunno how i stumbled across it
01:06:01midknight2k3looking for one log
01:06:04midknight2k3i saw it
01:06:09midknight2k3and laughed and laughed
01:06:45midknight2k3-logbot- ollitrop ( left the channel 4 months and 23 days ago
01:06:47 Quit track1 ("Leaving")
01:06:50Plughmid misses my harassment so he goes back over the logs to re-live past abuse
01:07:00midknight2k3not really
01:07:26 Join reppirehtkcart [0] (
01:07:41midknight2k3hello track
01:07:58midknight2k3that was funny
01:08:00midknight2k3i still laugh at it
01:08:12reppirehtkcartI still laught at something
01:08:25midknight2k308.56.57 # <ollitrop> well thanks assfuck!
01:08:32midknight2k308.57.34 # <ollitrop> try to be nice, jerk fuck
01:08:59midknight2k3adi slowly rose
01:09:05midknight2k308.58.11 Nick adi|home is now known as adiamas (~adi|
01:09:13midknight2k3Nick, to Op, to Kick
01:09:22midknight2k308.59.50 Join ollitrop [0] (
01:09:22midknight2k308.59.59 Part ollitrop
01:09:50midknight2k3his real name is rick
01:10:01reppirehtkcartim looking for the most famous rejected request :-
01:10:09Plughsome people need a handfull of iron filings tossed in their computer case
01:10:17midknight2k3shush plug
01:10:21Plughnot you
01:10:30midknight2k3oh yeah
01:10:32midknight2k3that funny
01:10:39midknight2k3i can read it again and again
01:10:57reppirehtkcartremember this famous request anyone?
01:11:05PlughI need to keep a coffee can full of iron filings around... just in case
01:11:10midknight2k3oh yeah
01:11:14Plughand a bag in my pocket
01:11:17midknight2k3reach across the world and dump them
01:11:34Plughnah. I run into people every day who don't deserve their computer
01:11:45Plughchange starts at home
01:11:48midknight2k3like me?
01:12:00reppirehtkcartthat was the only request to be adressed as "I am not even going to dignify this with consideration........"
01:12:13Plughnah. You just get a pair of tin snips to the telephone line
01:12:25midknight2k3remember when bagder replied "thanks a lot" and adi said "dont make me hit you"
01:12:33adi|homei can honestly say.. that guy was one of only 3 ive ever thrown out of here..
01:12:33adi|homeand he's not even banned.. was just tossed
01:12:33adi|homeits sad actually.. because then he would bad mouth us.. for sure
01:12:43midknight2k3I want him to come back
01:12:46midknight2k3ill email em
01:12:51adi|homei mean.. damn.. theres like a full min there between going to nick/op to kick
01:13:01adi|homethat sounds like my response.
01:13:06reppirehtkcarthi Adimamas
01:13:20midknight2k3plugh: LIKE ME
01:13:29Plughnah. You just get a pair of tin snips to the telephone line
01:13:33adi|homehowdy reppirehtkcart
01:13:39midknight2k3hi reppirehtkcart
01:13:45reppirehtkcarttry reading that backwards both of you
01:13:54midknight2k3i know
01:13:59midknight2k3it was obvious
01:14:02midknight2k3ok plug
01:14:17midknight2k3i did it to you to on AIM
01:14:22 Nick reppirehtkcart is now known as ttr (
01:14:27 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
01:15:52 Nick ttr is now known as midknyght2k3 (
01:15:57***Alert Mode level 1
01:16:03midknight2k3I DISAGREE
01:16:41Zagorgo play somewhere else, please
01:16:50midknight2k3you hate me more
01:16:58midknyght2k3so you should be
01:17:16midknight2k3cant bother trying to make it up to you
01:17:52midknight2k3stop track
01:17:59midknight2k3just like when you were Empeethree
01:18:03midknight2k3it was angrering me
01:18:43midknyght2k3be nice to Zagor
01:18:58 Quit top_bloke (No route to host)
01:18:59midknight2k3i try
01:19:02midknight2k3i can't
01:19:06midknight2k3it wont wor
01:19:30midknyght2k3well don't go flooding sourceforge plz :-)
01:19:38midknight2k3get out TRACK
01:19:45midknight2k3i didnt flood sourceforge
01:20:07midknyght2k3well you beginning to :)
01:20:21midknight2k3i ddi one request! ugh
01:20:41midknyght2k3be nice to Zago
01:20:48midknight2k3stop track
01:20:50midknight2k3right now
01:21:37midknyght2k3lol lol lol
01:21:49 Quit midknight2k3 ("track is gay")
01:22:54 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
01:24:01 Nick midknyght2k3 is now known as Traxx (
01:24:10midknight2k3THANK YOU
01:24:26midknight2k3for cutting that out
01:25:02Traxxwhy u pinking on Zagor for?
01:25:59***Alert Mode OFF
01:26:21Traxxi think the pair of you should kiss and make up
01:29:07CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 31 minutes and 42 seconds at the last flood
01:29:07*Plugh readies the camera
01:30:40 Nick Traxx is now known as midknight2k2 (
01:30:48midknight2k3oh god
01:31:51midknight2k2one of these days we will all be using the Archos firmware again
01:33:31midknight2k2would all the out-of-date requests be removed from Source forge?
01:33:53 Part midknight2k3
01:34:03 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
01:34:52 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:35:48 Nick midknight2k2 is now known as midknight2f3 (
01:39:09 Quit k3no (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:40:37 Quit midknight2f3 ("Leaving")
01:40:50midknight2k3THANK GOD
01:40:50 Join track1 [0] (
01:40:53midknight2k3oh great
01:40:56midknight2k3never mind
01:45:17midknight2k3HAS NOBODY SEEN "THE CORE"?!
01:54:51webmindsure but why?
01:55:02 Quit track1 ("Leaving")
01:55:03midknight2k3jst wondering
01:55:16webmindwhy the caps
01:55:53midknight2k3nerds from #c
01:57:04midknight2k3go in there, they will go nuts
01:57:22midknight2k3"go back to #ypn!" "let's block him" "aol user"
01:57:40webmindi know they are
01:58:04midknight2k3its actually sorta funny
01:58:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:58:41 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:58:50midknight2k3hey hey
01:59:06midknight2k3retards in #c again
01:59:09midknight2k3go in and say hi
01:59:12midknight2k3they will ambush you
01:59:52midknight2k3they are crazy
01:59:55midknight2k3dont lose control
02:00:09diddystar5midknight2k3: send me your vu meter changes please
02:00:20midknight2k3let me test real quick
02:00:53midknight2k316:45:57 | <midknight2k3> hi its me
02:00:53midknight2k316:45:59 | <midknight2k3> remember me
02:00:53midknight2k316:46:02 | <orbitz> OMG IT'S YOU
02:00:53DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
02:00:53midknight2k316:46:09 | <orbitz> It's really yo!
02:00:53midknight2k316:46:10 | <midknight2k3> the ascii guy
02:01:09midknight2k316:49:01 | <lament> go back to #ypn
02:01:09midknight2k316:49:03 | <orbitz> i'll just ignore you, so you don't have to
02:01:09midknight2k316:49:46 | <midknight2k3> i guess nerds aren't nice
02:01:09***Alert Mode level 1
02:01:09midknight2k316:49:53 | <midknight2k3> they are self-centered
02:01:09***Alert Mode level 2
02:01:09midknight2k316:50:30 | <lament> self-centered, inconsistent and lazy
02:01:09***Alert Mode level 3
02:01:09midknight2k316:50:32 | * idle has quit IRC (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
02:01:11midknight2k316:50:37 | <drgalaxy> yeah, at least we don't use aol
02:01:13midknight2k316:50:47 | <orbitz> BAZIIIIIIING
02:01:15midknight2k3can you say temper?
02:02:10diddystar5−−- Cannot join #flood (You are banned). some idiot banned me...
02:02:32midknight2k3holy crap
02:02:37midknight2k317:01:43 | <lament> i pray for your death
02:02:41midknight2k3what nerds
02:11:10***Alert Mode OFF
02:15:41 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
02:17:12Plugh Anyone wanna count cards in Internet poker?
02:17:42midknight2k3i will
02:18:38diddystar5hey plugh thanks for your work on the vu meter
02:19:02diddystar5do you have any changes that are new?
02:19:15midknight2k3he found out how to check from the mic
02:19:20midknight2k3for recording vu meter
02:19:33diddystar5that kinda easy
02:19:36Plughdiddystar5: I haven't actually coded anything new
02:19:38 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
02:19:45midknight2k3THEN ITS NOT A PATCH
02:19:56Plughbut I found out some answers to your questions in the code comments ;)
02:20:11diddystar5ok shoot :)
02:20:28Plughthe mas_codec calls are all documented in the data shee
02:20:49diddystar5ok ill look at that
02:21:10Plughother than that, your big question was about if/then
02:21:23PlughI'm sure you saw my changes. I gutted that code
02:21:45Plughdid my logic make sense to you? I'd be happy to go over it
02:21:45diddystar5yes it's alot better
02:21:55diddystar5i sorta understand it
02:22:29Plughthe returned value of the mas_codec call is a 15-bit value
02:22:39Plughso I changed the range to 8FFF
02:23:03diddystar5i tries making a plugin that shows the level read from the mas but it came out in weird charachters
02:23:04Plughthen I just did ye olde cross-multiplication of fractions
02:23:16diddystar5cool now i get it
02:23:19Plughit's in the debug menu
02:23:48Plughyou can see all the codec registers in the debug menu while you're playing
02:23:52diddystar5midknight2k3: your needle covers are off a little bit
02:23:59midknight2k3i know
02:24:01diddystar5midknight2k3: ill fix it
02:24:04midknight2k3i said they have to be moved
02:24:10midknight2k32 pixels should do it
02:24:28PlughI used goldwave to create white noise that ranged from -120dB to +20dB
02:24:48Plughthen saved it as an mp3 and played it back while watching the registers
02:25:02diddystar5ohh goldwave is it free?
02:25:15Plughyeah... kinda
02:25:25Plughit's good for about 1500 operations
02:25:32Plughno nagware or anything
02:25:40Plughbut after that, it breaks
02:26:05midknight2k3go to #c and tell lament i said he's a loser
02:26:31diddystar5gotta see that
02:26:47midknight2k3tell him midknight2k3 thinks hes a loser
02:26:54midknight2k3i cant tell him
02:26:57midknight2k3he blocked me
02:27:10Plughdiddy: if I have to tell you about the benefits of astalavista, then please don't ask me ;)
02:27:27midknight2k3lol plugh
02:27:33midknight2k3great resource, altalavista
02:27:38midknight2k3get in #c
02:27:41midknight2k3did you see my message
02:27:43midknight2k3go to #c and tell lament i said he's a loser
02:27:50Plughaltavista is lame compared to astalavista
02:28:03midknight2k3altalavista? i said that?
02:28:09midknight2k3plugh please
02:28:25Plughno, I'm not fighting your battles, mid
02:28:39midknight2k3tell lament _I_ said he's a loser
02:28:45midknight2k3not you
02:28:46Plughnewp. Tell him yourself
02:28:48midknight2k3dont be afraid
02:28:50midknight2k3he blocked me
02:28:57midknight2k3he's a jerk nerd
02:29:03midknight2k3set him straight
02:29:09midknight2k3i would but he blocked me
02:29:46midknight2k3what a jerk
02:29:51midknight2k3cant stick up for me cause i cant
02:29:58midknight2k3just one sentence
02:30:11midknight2k3"midknight2k3 says lament's a loser"
02:30:44diddystar5Plugh: would it be any optimization if i take int right_needle_top_x; and int left_needle_top_x; out of while (!PLUGIN_OK) so it dosen't have to remake that integer everytime?
02:31:04Plughdid: it might run faster
02:31:21midknight2k3oh well
02:31:25midknight2k3diddystar can say it for me
02:31:35Plughmid: change your nick and reconnect
02:31:39Plughand tell him yourself
02:31:43midknight2k3it dont work that way
02:31:54midknight2k3i dont get why you cant
02:32:00diddystar5i got banned from #flood it dosen't work.....
02:32:09midknight2k3/join #c
02:32:15midknight2k3midknight2k3 thinks laments a loser
02:32:16diddystar5i don't know why either
02:32:18midknight2k3then CLOSE
02:32:22Plugh17:32 [freenode] -!- 0 - #c: ban %coolman99!*@* [by
02:32:22Plugh Rhamphoryncus!, 1022555 secs ago]
02:32:26Plugh17:32 [freenode] -!- 0 - #c: ban %axiom!*@* [by
02:32:28Plugh Rhamphoryncus!, 1024649 secs ago]
02:32:29midknight2k3you do it diddystar5
02:32:31Plugh17:32 [freenode] -!- 0 - #c: ban *!*
02:32:33Plughyou're not banned
02:32:36Plugh [by, 2537740 secs ago]
02:32:38Plughthat's the only bans in #c
02:32:44midknight2k3not banned
02:32:58Plughoh. change your nick and reconnect
02:33:09midknight2k3diddystar can do it
02:33:17diddystar5Plugh: what cmd where you using to do that?
02:33:31PlughI typed /mode #c b
02:34:08diddystar5arggg −−- #flood Banlist: Sat Sep 27 21:17:25 *!*iddystar5@*
02:35:02diddystar5if i just change my aol name it should work i guess
02:35:40midknight2k3he banned anything with
02:36:10Plughno, he only banned *iddystar5
02:37:50 Quit midknight2k3 ()
02:37:53 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
02:38:21midknight2k3got to go
02:38:23midknight2k3bye diddy
02:38:26midknight2k3bye plugh
02:38:43PlughI found my Otis
02:38:49midknight2k3i want that
02:38:52PlughI know
02:39:17midknight2k3aw man
02:39:34midknight2k3oh wait
02:39:43midknight2k3didnt plugh say his ..
02:39:46midknight2k3never mind
02:39:51 Part midknight2k3
02:40:53PlughI'm using my Otis to learn Spanish right now ;)
02:41:20Plughwhat? You want an mp3 Spanish course?
02:41:45diddystar5no :)
02:42:49Plughonce I get the basics of Spanish, I'll probably bone up on my French and German, then look into something more exotic, like Mandarin Chinese or Japanese
02:43:13diddystar5what do you think needs to be done to make the vu meter work more correctly?
02:43:29Plughwell, I have some ideas
02:43:48PlughI want to scale it to log instead of linear
02:44:08diddystar5scale to log?
02:44:22PlughdB is logarithmic
02:44:38diddystar5i have some ideas now also!
02:44:40Plughyou get a lot of swing at low volume and less at high volume
02:45:02PlughI also want to mark 0dB and tick off dB from there
02:45:07Plugh+ and -
02:45:27Plughbut the important part is finding 0dB
02:46:38Plughanother thing would be a numeric readout above the meters
02:47:13Plughmy aim is to make this into a volume meter
02:47:39PlughI want to be able to take it to a party and find out how loud the sound engineers are running their equipment
02:48:06diddystar5gotta go
02:48:10diddystar5see ya plugh
02:48:10Plughit'll help me determine what earplugs are appropriate and how long I should be able to spend in the zone
02:48:15Plughokay. seeya around
02:48:17 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
02:48:36 Quit adi|home ("Damn flying monkies")
02:48:53zei want a meter too, but one that measures deviation from probability in a stream of unobserved true random data
02:49:12zea realtime "improbability meter" so to speak
02:49:27 Join mecraw [0] (
02:49:39zeand by unobserved i mean priorly
02:50:01zeit could be taken in realtime from a TRNG or it could just be a pre-recorded but unobserved stream
02:50:07Plughwhat would be the benefit?
02:50:21PlughI'm not seeing the practical application
02:50:36zewell didn't you hear about the global consciousness project at princeton?
02:50:51PlughI'm aware of Project Mind
02:50:54zethey've got a bunch of hardware TRNG's all over the world that they monitor and anylize different ways
02:51:26zeand 9/11 2001, there was a big corelated increase in deviation from probability on all of them, spiking around the time of the attacks
02:51:30Plughhmm. You thing the archos can acquire measurable data?
02:52:15PlughI assume you're talking about using the condenser mic to gather data?
02:52:30zeoh i wasn't even thinking about an archos
02:52:44zei suppose an archos could do it too if it can do the necessary processing fast enough
02:53:10zetechnically you don't even need to have your own TRNG
02:53:20zeyou can get a file of random data from like hotbits or such
02:53:51zeapparently as long as it's unobserved it can still act like it's realtime
02:54:45Plughsounds a little crackpot to me
02:55:05zei think it's because of the randomness of when and by who the data'll be observed... and you know, untill you've observed the whole stream there's still 2 to the power of the number of digits number of possible streams it could be
02:56:05zecheck out the retropsychokinesis project at fourmilab
02:56:41zei got a number of runs on there java applets where i was definately influencing the random data
02:56:53zegetting into a state of mind i found playing the dice game 10,000 with my parents
02:57:33zewhere on 2 distantly seperate (but consecutive) occasions i totally dominated the game, getting insane rolls one after another while nobody else was getting any
02:57:35Plughyou want crazy? I once mind controlled my 10 disc CD changer in my car
02:57:44Plughfor 5 songs straight
02:57:53Plughthen I got a headache and it broke off
02:58:15Plughbut the global consciousness project still seems a bit crackpot
02:58:17zechaos is easy to influence if you get the right state of mind for it
02:58:31zePlugh: well look into it
02:58:43PlughI believe in the ability of the human mind to influence otherwise random events
02:58:47zeit's not like there's any lack of data or information on the methods and etc
02:59:13Plughbut I think trying to quantify and measure it is futile
02:59:16 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
02:59:35Plughsheesh. I thought I was safe
02:59:41Plughwith my Otis
02:59:43midknight2k3i'll leav
02:59:44zeand the idea of global consciousness is of course just their premise heh
02:59:51zePlugh: well i don't think it's necessarily futile
02:59:51midknight2k3ze: got a zen?
03:00:14zePlugh: it just requires an appropriate approach
03:00:14Plughze: anything can be measured after the fact
03:00:21midknight2k3what are the sound settings?
03:00:42 Join top_bloke [0] (
03:00:46zemidknight2k3: you can find that info on the web
03:01:06midknight2k3did you get a picture of the menus?
03:01:14midknight2k3give me a link then ze if youre so smart
03:01:21zePlugh: still, i think it's useful to gather the evidence, acknowledge the effects, and such
03:01:43Plughze: I find it better to live in the moment and effect change, but I don't believe in quantifying the change, or even attempting to record it
03:01:56PlughI can acknowledge the effect
03:02:02zePlugh: well thats you
03:02:04zeand thats fine
03:02:04midknight2k3ze: brings me to a search engine
03:02:08midknight2k3i see no info on the zen
03:02:11zemidknight2k3: indeed
03:02:21midknight2k3ze + n = zen
03:02:33Plughze: I'm a practicing witch. I'm well aware of manifesting change through intent
03:02:40midknight2k3shh plugh
03:02:48zemaybe i should rewrite the I_AM_TOO_LAME_TO_USE_A_SEARCH_ENGINE.HOWTO
03:02:50midknight2k3when did plugh come around anyways
03:02:57midknight2k3calm down ze
03:03:00zePlugh: nifty.. i dabbled in magick in highschool
03:03:01Plughwhen I found rockbox
03:03:11midknight2k3used the archos firmwar for a while
03:03:21midknight2k3i was afraid to install rockobgx
03:03:25midknight2k3i was afraid to install rockbox*
03:04:05Plughze: so you understand visualization of intent and how it can manifest change
03:04:17Plughthis project is trying to measure that.
03:04:21zewell yeah
03:04:32zebut i found witchcraft to be a little primitive and distant from it's own source
03:04:36Plughfor me, that's kinda like measuring how much I pee
03:04:53 Join thu [0] (
03:04:59midknight2k3hji thu
03:05:01midknight2k3hi thu*
03:05:02Plughze: I guess you went for the structured approach rather than the intuitive path
03:05:09zepersonally i have a deep interest in both science and spirituality, and i don't seem them as mutually exclusive
03:05:19Plughhi thu
03:05:56zeoh i dunno if i'd say that really, Plugh
03:06:10zestructured approach... hehe not really
03:06:26zei just didn't see magick as reaching the true potential of it's power
03:06:56zei guess
03:07:10ze*shrug* it just always seemed to me like it's
03:07:20zei dunno how to articulate it exactly
03:07:28Plughze: it's hard to focus the energy when you're going through puberty ;)
03:07:53zei guess sortof like alchemy is to chemistry, but the connotations of that statement still doesn't reflect it well
03:07:56Plughconsidering you were in high school when you were dabbling
03:08:42PlughI got out of the study and decided instead to live a magickal life. Everything I think and do is with specific intent
03:09:00zeit just all seemed rather roundabout
03:09:03Plughit was a total shift of power at that point
03:09:35Plughany structure makes it roundabout
03:09:44zethat the practices and methods were a little convoluted
03:10:02Plughbecause you're trying to incorporate what works for someone else into your life
03:10:19Plughthat's what I find ridiculous about religion
03:10:36midknight2k3okay! okay!
03:10:47zethat is true
03:11:00zei only used my studies as a general guideline
03:11:07Plughbut there is power in religion. When you have a lot of people focused on one thing, it empowers that thing
03:11:15Plughq.v. Sep. 11
03:11:34zei liked candle spells, but i did write my own
03:12:03Plughthe candle just becomes a focus
03:12:26Plughif everything you do and think is focused on the same thing, it will manifest
03:12:30zeall the ritual and everything else just acts to foster certain states of mind and focus
03:13:11zethats exactly why i got out of it, because i stopped seeing the need for all the bells and whistles and abstractions
03:13:48zenow as to why i didn't really continue so much from there, i dunno
03:13:56Plughthat is the shift from religion to spirituality
03:14:25zethough i can't really say that it's been a loss, i've still learned a lot since
03:14:55Plughrealizing that all the claptrap is just that, and that you can achieve the same results without it
03:15:03 Join Dude1 [0] (
03:15:24zeso why do you call yourself a witch?
03:15:28Plughin some cases, the claptrap serves more to hold me back than to allow me to move forward
03:15:53zefor me that brings up ideas of wicca and ritual and all that
03:17:08Plughwell, I'm not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, or Buddhist or Taoist...
03:17:27zesymbols are useful though... association between states of mind and symbols... and ritual is just a strong spatio-temporal symbol... but what i realized is that it can be all internal and "cleaner"
03:17:41Plughthat leaves little else than this lumped-together "pagan" label
03:18:13zepersonally i try to avoid labels
03:18:23 Join scott666 [0] (
03:18:28Plughmore people understand "witch" than solo non-religious spiritualist
03:18:29zesome things can't be named without losing essential elements
03:18:30midknight2k3hi scott
03:18:50zephilosophical and spiritual things in particular
03:18:53Plughso it's an effective label for me
03:19:22zeif somebody wants a label, i can say spiritual, or i can say god...
03:20:08zemost people still don't appreciate a person being their own god though, for some crazy reason :p
03:20:17Plughalso, I have a patron pantheon. Though I don't worship them or call upon them for favor.
03:20:37Plughit's just a way that I bond with my ancestry
03:21:45PlughI've studied the ways of my ancestors, and truth be told, they were barbaric by my sensibilities
03:22:05CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:22:05*Plugh is a Gael
03:22:35zeby my sensibilities this current "civilization" is barbaric
03:22:44Plughbut they're still a cool People. And I'm proud of my ancestry
03:22:50Plughwell yeah. That too
03:23:12Plughin some ways, the Gaels had it "more right" than the current administration
03:23:30zeat least people used to know how to live with nature
03:23:48zebut dinner's here
03:23:53Plughthey also knew how to work with their neighbors
03:23:53zenice talking... bbl
03:24:01Plugheven if it meand a head thwapping
03:25:18 Quit Dude1 ("Leaving")
03:25:51midknight2k3gotta go
03:25:53 Quit midknight2k3 ()
03:36:16 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
03:36:22midknight2k3back again
03:38:13midknight2k3bye again
03:38:16 Quit midknight2k3 (Client Quit)
03:39:30 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
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05:08:09 Join diddystar5 [0] (
05:08:17diddystar5hey plugh
05:08:32diddystar5have you made any changes to the VU meter?
05:10:31 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:12:04 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Nintendo Gameboy today!")
05:49:28 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
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07:22:13 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
07:29:26 Quit thu (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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13:23:24MTmy fmr should be returned 'soon'
13:26:52 Quit AciD (Success)
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16:11:17 Join Spasmonaut [0] (
16:11:25SpasmonautHi, is anyone here?
16:25:32 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
16:37:50 Join top_bloke [0] (
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16:41:26*Spasmonaut is Away (Auto-away after 30 minutes idle) at 4:44pm (Beeper:On)
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18:37:12 Join Zagor [242] (
18:46:44hardeepheya Zagor
18:49:38Zagorhave you looked at the bookmark patch, hardeep? it modifies the playlist code a bit. i'd like your opinion on that.
18:52:33hardeepZagor: Yeah, Henrik and I made the playlist changes. Just a few counters to identify when a playlist has been modified so we can disable bookmarking.
18:54:37Zagorok, good.
19:02:10 Join _aLF [0] (
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20:41:27 Join Bagder [0] (
20:48:55 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
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21:08:12 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
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21:21:14 Join Lear [0] (
21:22:50Zagoryo bagder
21:22:58LearIf, when I turn on my Archos, only hear a faint "stuttering" from the HD, it's pretty much hosed, isn't it?
21:24:07ZagorLear: unless you've simply got power problems
21:24:35ZagorBagder: did you make any substantial changes to the bookmark patch when you were looking at it? i'm working on it now.
21:24:45BagderI didn't
21:24:55Bagdernot that I can recall anyway
21:25:13LearZagor: I thought about that, but I'm not sure how to check... The batteries are fresh at least...
21:25:43Zagorok, good :)
21:26:05ZagorLear: try stretching the battery springs. a long shot, but worth a try...
21:29:47LearZagor: The battery "fit" is pretty snug. I even tried with the charger plugged, to no avail. Worth observing is that I accidentally dropped the Archos before I noticed any problem...
21:31:07ZagorLear: ok. sounds like it could be a harware problem then. either in the archos or in the drive. either way you'll have to open up the unit to find out.
21:32:45LearZagor: My thought exactly, so I've removed the covers so far. While doing that, I noticed the smell, which didn't seem quite right...
21:34:26LearRegarding those solders that need to be removed (better get something to remove them with; I have a solder "iron", but nothing to really remove solder with), are they needed for operation or are they just to keep the PCBs in place?
21:34:28 Join elinenbe [0] (
21:34:44Zagorthey just keep the pcb in place
21:34:48elinenbehardeep: with all this talk about your patch, have you done any more work on it? :-)
21:35:06Zagorhe just uploaded a new version, adapted to current cvs
21:35:35elinenbeZagor: there are no new changes in it though...
21:35:42elinenbeI like new features :-)
21:37:46hardeepelinenbe: no changes yet
21:56:38 Join Traxx [0] (
21:57:33Traxxhello Zagor and Bagder and everyone else
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22:10:03 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
22:17:26 Quit Spasmonaut (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:30:14 Join dsg [0] (
22:32:28 Join track [0] (
22:34:20 Quit Bagder ("")
22:43:52 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
22:44:50 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/20030925]")
22:45:30trackhey webmind
22:46:17dsgFinally got my Recorder today. MP3y goodness.
22:49:22trackwhat recorder is it?
22:49:55 Quit Traxx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:52:24 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:55:24dsgtrack: USB2.0 version, 20GB disk.
22:55:45dsgJust flashed it ;)
22:55:59dsgSeems to be working well (with daily snapshot since yesterday).
22:56:28webmind_ej dsg
22:56:37webmind_dsg, nice
22:57:24dsgwebmind_: Very.
22:57:37dsgBut one thing...
22:57:42dsgBought it from alternate.
22:57:48dsgIt had stuff on the HD when I got it.
22:57:52Plughis it the FMR look or the replaceable battery look?
22:58:03dsgPlugh: Hmh... what's the difference?
22:58:27dsgBatteries weren't difficult to replace... just pop the sides off (don't need to unscrew anything) and pull out batteries.
22:58:41*webmind_ doesnt understand why people sell t-shirts for 25 euro
22:58:50webmind_dsg, dodgy
22:58:50dsg(Did that first thing, put in four 2000mAh GP batteries).
22:58:56webmind_dsg, what ?
22:59:06dsgwebmind_: What what? :)
22:59:10webmind_dsg, most be an upgrade
22:59:14webmind_dsg, what was on the disk ?
22:59:20tracki don't see the need of flashing the archos
22:59:39dsgwebmind_: Dunno. It has black squares in the corners...
22:59:43dsgtrack: Much faster boot.
22:59:51dsg*very* fast.
23:00:04dsgOld one was annoyingly slow IMHO.
23:00:05trackI have an older recorder so I can't flash it anyway
23:00:06Plughdsg: okay. Now I know
23:00:24dsgPlugh: Was that the "replaceable battery look"?
23:00:26webmind_dsg, on the DISK ?
23:00:32trackmy Archos is more than a year old now
23:00:36dsgwebmind_: What? No, on the recorder :)
23:00:40dsgwebmind_: On the disk...
23:00:49dsgA few MP3s (maybe 5-6)
23:00:55trackdsg what make of harddisk does your archos use?
23:01:10dsgAnd (the strange part) a text file with an email address (doesn't look official).
23:01:27dsgtrack: wait (think it was toshiba, have to check again though).
23:01:36Plughdsg: yours
23:01:40trackmine uses the Hitachi hard drive
23:01:44webmind_dsg, dodgy
23:01:47Plughmine has a non-removeable battery
23:02:04trackwhats wrong with the Toshiba drives?
23:02:11dsgNo, hitachi.
23:02:16dsgMine has a hitachi.
23:02:21trackyea mine uses the hitachi as well
23:02:24dsgtrack: Nothing. But there was stuff on it when I got the player.
23:02:33trackoh right
23:02:48trackI don't think Archoes are unreliable
23:03:00dsgI'm guessing someone had his replaced or something and had used it.
23:03:03trackMine has been undergoing heavy use every day for more than a year and it never complained
23:03:04dsgDunno though.
23:03:13dsgtrack: Nice.
23:03:31trackI like the fact it has SPDIF in/out and its NON sdmi compliant
23:04:21tracku use a standard Y-cable to use the SPDIF?
23:04:50dsgtrack: I haven't used it yet.
23:05:05trackoh right
23:05:05dsgDon't have any SPDIF equipment anyway...
23:05:13trackdid you still get a Y-cable thrown in?
23:05:49dsgI don't think so...
23:06:01dsgAh... wait... what type of Y-cable?
23:06:23dsgI got a standard mini-jack to dual-RCA (at least, that's what I assumed it was).
23:06:29dsgBut maybe it was SPDIF stuff.
23:06:53trackmine has the 3.5mm plug at one end and the red/white RCA plugs at the other end
23:07:03dsgYeah, that's the one.
23:07:06dsgI got one with it.
23:07:09trackits called a Y-cable because of its shape
23:07:30 Join dean_ [0] (
23:08:01trackOne cable that is worth having is the type with the 3.5mm plug on BOTH ends
23:08:32 Nick webmind_ is now known as webmind (
23:08:36dsgtrack: Oh, yes.
23:08:42trackI have one
23:08:45webmindgood quality headphones are usefull aswell
23:08:54trackI use it to record digital data from my sound card
23:08:58dsgGoing to buy one tomorrow −− the crappy stereo system at my house only has mic in (minijack)
23:09:17webmindfor 20 euro ya got a decent sehnheiser
23:09:33trackI spend 35 on top-of-the-range Sonys
23:09:40trackthe sound quality is awesome
23:09:48dsgwebmind: I have a good Sennheiser (cost quite a bit more than 20euro though).
23:10:03trackat least midknight2k3 isn't here
23:10:12trackhes becoming a right nuisance these days
23:10:17webmindtrack, sehnheiser is the top brand
23:10:20dsgBut that's really for home use... it's big :)
23:10:37trackGrados are also high-quality
23:10:41dsgI like the design of the headphones that came with the archos for travelling... compact.
23:11:05dsgStill have to find a type of compact travel headphones with good quality... but don't think that'll happen.
23:11:36trackdsg I also have a car MP3 player
23:11:52webminddsg, one i got are rather compact
23:12:02webmindlike the archos ones.. but non-voldable
23:12:27trackDSG have you had other brands of MP3 player apart from Archos?
23:12:33dsgwebmind: Yeah... but I really like the folding part.
23:12:42dsgOtherwise it wouldn't fit in my pocket :/
23:12:50webminddsg, its nice.. but its not that good for the cable
23:12:50dsgtrack: I have one other, but it's old.
23:13:01dsgCreative Nomad II (SmartMedia flash-based player).
23:13:08trackheres my timeline
23:13:15dsg64MB smartmedia card.
23:13:21trackmy First player was a Riovolt MP3-CD portable
23:13:26trackthen I had a Creative Labs Nomad
23:13:32 Join AciD [0] (
23:13:33tracknow I have an Archos
23:13:37dsgtrack: ;)
23:13:38 Quit dean_ ("Client exiting")
23:13:44dsgtrack: The original nomad then?
23:13:54trackthe 6Gb version
23:14:22dsgActually I have to admit... as annoying as the NomadII was, having looked at the internals, it looks nicely hackable (no MP3 decoder chip, just a StrongARM chip).
23:14:26dsgtrack: ah, Nomad Jukebox then?
23:14:32trackBattery life was plain bad on the Nomad
23:14:45dsgOriginal nomad was a SmartMedia-based player as well...
23:14:54dsgThen came nomadII, then nomadIIC, then Jukebox.
23:14:55*webmind still wants to twak his archos form CF usage :)
23:15:08dsgwebmind: That would be neat.
23:15:09trackthe Nomad uses a software-programmable chip
23:15:20trackso it could be programmed to play whatever you want
23:15:25dsgSome very neat hacks on rockbox page actually.
23:15:29dsgtrack: Ah, nice.
23:15:35webminddsg, requires hardware ods ofcoz
23:15:37dsgtrack: Maybe also a strongARM?
23:15:40trackif only the chip in the Archos is programmable as well
23:15:42dsgwebmind: Obviously :)
23:15:47trackyea I think so
23:16:01trackbut the chip in the Archos is hard-wired to play MP3 and only MP3
23:16:22webmindu could ofcourse replace that chip :)
23:16:29dsgYeah. Well, it can take a new firmware (according to specsheet), but good luck writing anything useful in 100 words (of 20 bits).
23:16:41dsg1000 words excuse me.
23:16:48tracki hate WMA
23:16:55dsgActually I think it's 4000 words for the chips in the recorders.
23:17:09trackWMA sounds like a badly-recorded Dolby cassette
23:17:28dsgBut still... only thing I'd like to put on that chip would be ogg decoders... and no way in hell it'd fit :)
23:17:34dsgtrack: It is horrible, yes.
23:17:42tracku know what im saying
23:17:53trackwith the coarse, warbly treble present in WMA fileS?
23:18:26dsgnomadii got firmware upgrade to support WMA ("BETTER COMPRESSION!" they said). I tried it once. And never again. :)
23:18:40dsgtrack: Yeah. Horrible, flat sound.
23:18:52trackdsg a 2Mb VBR MP3 will wipe the floor with a 2Mb 64kbs WMA
23:19:16trackdsg listen to this
23:19:29trackU wanna know what kind of music Microsoft always uses to promote its MP3?
23:19:31tracksorry WMA?
23:20:19trackAll Microsoft uses is boring gentle jazz music since its the only kind of music that sounds good with WMA
23:20:32dsgHeheh :)
23:20:59dsgProbably hiphop as well? (often very simple bassline and such... seen it used as promo for a few codecs).
23:21:18tracklike I said even a VBR MP3 on the lowest quality setting will sound miles better than a WMA
23:21:45trackdsg I have to restart my PC im downloading updates
23:21:49trackIll be back on in a moment
23:22:10trackill see u in a bit
23:22:20 Quit track ("Leaving")
23:22:27dsgBut for others active.. how fast is your USB connection to the archos?
23:22:49dsgBecause mine is *SLOW*.
23:23:20dsgIt's USB1, but still... shit, it's slow.
23:23:48dsg Timing buffer-cache reads: 472 MB in 2.01 seconds = 234.83 MB/sec
23:23:52dsg Timing buffered disk reads: 2 MB in 3.32 seconds = 616.87 kB/sec
23:24:18dsgDisk read speed rocks from ~600kB-1MB per second.
23:25:40 Join track [0] (
23:25:44webminddsg, did u enab le usb2 support in the kernel
23:25:52trackhi :-)
23:25:53webmindcos afaik its still experimental
23:26:07dsgwebmind: Don't have USB2.
23:26:08webminddsg, ah.. usb2 is that slow yes
23:26:19dsgwebmind: Really?
23:26:25dsgI knew it was slow... but shit.
23:26:30trackhey Dsg
23:26:34trackand webmind :-)
23:26:44webmindej track
23:26:48webminddsg, uhuh
23:26:56webminddsg, enough to play movies from though
23:27:03dsgwebmind: Could you time yours for me?
23:27:14webminddsg, dont try to more then one transfer either :)
23:27:21webmindat a time that is
23:27:26trackWMA VBR is available!
23:27:43dsgBecause I'm wondering about this disk (the player gives off clicking sounds when disk is being accessed... but doesn't sound like the click-of-death still.
23:27:49dsgJust low clicking sounds.
23:27:51dsgtrack: lol...
23:28:09dsgtrack: Probably as good as the early VBR in MP3 encoders.
23:28:12trackand the best one, WMA Lossless!!!
23:28:32webminddsg, u might want to bug alternate for selling you a used device
23:28:52dsgwebmind: Going to send an email asking...
23:29:11dsgBut prefer not going again if I can avoid it (went and picked it up in person... looong trip).
23:29:51webmindand hard to get there by pblic transportu
23:30:24dsgTrain ticket to rotterdam expensive, bus to ridderkerk, and some walking.
23:30:36dsgRidderkerk seems to be the only place in .nl where people don't speak english btw.
23:30:42dsgIt's weird.
23:32:09dsgProbably asked five people and none of them spoke english.
23:32:24dsgThen I found a street map on a sign.
23:32:30dsgWhich helped.
23:37:31dsgI just looked at the files on the disk better.
23:38:04dsgThere's music on it where the "artist" ID3 tag matches the mail address in the text file.
23:38:11dsgMaybe homemade music? :)
23:38:44webminddsg, hm i just called them and said.. where are you :)
23:39:20dsgwebmind: Eh?
23:39:26webmindalternate ppl
23:39:31webmindthe shop
23:39:32dsgYeah, I got address from the web site..
23:40:01dsgBut then I took another bus thinking I'd just walk the rest of the way (it was a long wait for the right bus).
23:40:46webmindi know
23:41:52 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:42:03midknight2k3hi track
23:43:44dsgwebmind: But do you know any way to make the USB disk more responsive (if I'm copying a file, and try to do something else on the disk −− like getting free space or such), it blocks for a long while before returning.
23:44:42webminddsg, as i said.. dont try more then 1 action at a time :)
23:45:14webminddont know a solution
23:45:25dsgwebmind: Well yeah, but I'd just like to get better balance between transfers.
23:48:26 Quit midknight2k3 ()
23:50:40 Quit track ("Leaving")
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