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#rockbox log for 2003-10-03

00:23:20dsgwebmind: But does your archos make clicking sounds when accessing the disk?
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01:04:00BoD[]yo yo yo
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01:33:05yeftyizzo my rizzzzzo
01:33:18yeftanyone here who can help with patching....
01:33:22yeft(heres the catch)
01:33:29yefton WINDOWS!
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02:04:46dsgAnyone know a good mass-conversion script from ogg->mp3?
02:04:56dsgI'm lazy, don't feel like making one.
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02:09:35zei've got one i wrote, you may not like it or at least wanna modify it.. i haven't used it in a while either there may even be broken things about it...
02:09:39zebut here
02:10:27dsgze: Well... does it set the ID3 tags correctly?
02:10:31dsgThat's all I need really.
02:10:34zei think it depends on it being properly tagged too
02:10:51zeit takes *.ogg and gives you Artist/Album/#-track.mp3
02:10:52dsgDamn. Not sure all this stuff is tagged.
02:10:56zeand yeah, tagged too
02:11:09dsg(Random stuff from various sources).
02:11:23zewell how's it gonna get auto-tagged if it's not already tagged? heh
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02:12:02dsgWell, I just want it to preserve tags on those files that do have them.
02:12:11soaponachain88jhey all
02:12:17zewell accept the dcc
02:12:25zetake a look and see what you can do with it *shrug*
02:12:43dsgThanks :)
02:12:54soaponachain88jhey does anyone have a range when the next rockbox 2.0 will be released?
02:13:46zerockbox 2.0's been out for a long time
02:14:01soaponachain88jarg i mean 2.1 sorry lol
02:14:12zeah, well, no idea, sorry
02:14:51soaponachain88jdo you know if you guys could make rockbox for that av player by archos?
02:15:16zebig differences in hardware, and nobody knows the firmware format
02:15:28soaponachain88joo yea that thing looks rad though
02:15:33zelast i heard, so don't hold your breath
02:16:05soaponachain88jwhat the heck is CVS i always wondered
02:16:10soaponachain88jim a n00b ah
02:16:16zeconcurent versioning system
02:16:23soaponachain88jis that automated
02:16:32zeit's a method of keeping source that's easy to update by multiple developers
02:16:45soaponachain88jo cool
02:17:09zeit's basically the live source tree, updated as development happens more or less
02:17:20zeso if you want the absolute latest, you can get it from cvs
02:17:50soaponachain88jyea i do that about once a week but theres never anything new in it
02:18:11zeit can also handle branches and tags, so you can have multiple source trees that don't effect each other, or you can choose to download a version from any particular day or whatnot
02:18:26zethere is, there's been several new things go in recently
02:19:41soaponachain88jo sweet im gonna do that now do you know any off-hand?
02:19:55zewell a couple patches got merged
02:19:57zei forget what
02:20:06soaponachain88jthats cool
02:20:18soaponachain88jdammit i cant find my usb cord haha
02:21:13soaponachain88jok i got it lol
02:21:40soaponachain88jwhat archos model do you have?
02:22:27zei don't have one anymore
02:22:35soaponachain88jhaha did you fry it?
02:22:54zei had a studio20 for a long time, and then it quit charging so i took it in and bestbuy replaced it with an fm rec
02:23:09zethen the fm rec's harddrive went dead, so i took it in again and they gave me a creative njb zen
02:23:31zewhich has been pretty good so far, but i wish it had opensource firmware hehe
02:23:41soaponachain88ji need to understand something..
02:24:18soaponachain88jwhen you flash your archos does that basically preload and keep the firmware in the memory or what?
02:24:30zethere's ROM that keeps default firmware
02:24:42zeit comes with a version of the archos firmware there
02:25:03zewhich it boots first, and which looks for a firmware file on the harddrive to load, or just keeps loading itself if there is none
02:25:19zeflashing replaces the archos firmware there with rockbox
02:25:30zeso it doesn't have to wait to be loaded off the HD and such
02:26:00soaponachain88jo thats cool
02:26:06soaponachain88ji get it now duh haha
02:26:17soaponachain88jgod how do ppl figure this crazy shit out?
02:26:45zeit's not that crazy, lots of things do similar stuff
02:27:12soaponachain88jwell i mean like coding and all these guys are smart
02:27:25zeyes they are
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02:27:57diddystar5sup plugh
02:28:28soaponachain88jare you a coder or something ze?
02:28:32zenot really
02:28:44zei've done a tiny bit, and contributed a few ideas and such
02:28:53diddystar5im sorta of a coder
02:28:58zei'm mostly just a long-time fan of rockbox
02:29:23soaponachain88jyea rockbox well , rocks ha
02:29:23zei decided on the archos for xmas of 2001 because i looked at it and just knew that it was gonna be hax0r3d
02:29:43zeshortly after i found bjorn's page with a little LED blinking firmware and tried it out
02:29:50soaponachain88ji got mine for my birthday its the jukebox 500 its old lol
02:30:04soaponachain88jhaha o yea tha first thing
02:30:16zeso i've been a fan ever since
02:30:33soaponachain88jme too
02:30:46diddystar5i remember the LED blinker ;)
02:31:04diddystar5i also owned a jb5000 back then
02:31:10diddystar5now i have a recorder 20
02:31:35soaponachain88ji want that av thing its so rad
02:32:04diddystar5but it only has 3-4 hours of battery life :(
02:32:06soaponachain88jgod its like 900$$
02:32:09soaponachain88jyea that sucks
02:32:19soaponachain88jthat like 1 movies worth
02:33:18soaponachain88jo no wait its $300
02:33:44soaponachain88ji looked at the crazy video recored
02:33:50zepersonally, i'm waiting for a few generations to go by in the all-in-one mobile devices
02:34:12zethat have the big screen and pda and movie player and etc functionality and with standardized expandability and etc
02:34:28 Quit dsg ("foo")
02:34:43soaponachain88jyea like that nokia thing
02:35:04zewhat nokia thing?
02:35:53soaponachain88ji forgot what its called
02:36:04soaponachain88jits like a gameboyphone thing
02:36:48soaponachain88jthe n-gage here it is
02:38:35diddystar5ze: have you played with my vu meter it's in the patches now!
02:38:37soaponachain88jits kinda cool i guess
02:38:45zewhy does EVERY single mobile device have to be modled by laura croft?
02:38:59soaponachain88jwhats a vu meter diddy?
02:39:13zediddystar5: no i haven't, but i don't have an archos :/ heh
02:39:46diddystar5soaponachain88j: it's a meter with a needle that moves with the level of the volume
02:40:02diddystar5only for the recorder though....
02:40:06soaponachain88jo for better than jukebox im guessing
02:40:23zehow'd you do it? i thought they said you couldn't get that kinda data to do such things with
02:40:52diddystar5no works fine and it's a plugin
02:41:01zecouldn't you do a thing with lines sortof like the winamp vis thing like that?
02:41:22zeand like other kinds of vis
02:41:40zeshit that jumps to beats and stuff... ?
02:42:35diddystar5err do you mean the spectrum annalizer?
02:42:39zehehe i always want everything to be way more/better than what it is
02:43:02zediddystar5: well thats what it is in winamp, but i mean you could fake the same kinda look anyway
02:43:37soaponachain88jhow do i install a plugin onto my jukebox ?
02:43:42diddystar5well not really since that much information cannot be read from the mas all the lines would be the same levle
02:43:45soaponachain88jor a ptch rather?
02:44:06diddystar5soaponachain88j: got to the daily builds and download a full build for your player
02:44:11zediddystar5: well you'd make it be like 1 line and scroll or be placed randomly or some other such trick to make it look good heh
02:44:41diddystar5soaponachain88j: you have to know how to compile rockbox, unless the person that made the patch made a precompiled version
02:44:46soaponachain88jyea i have that but i mean like when i go to patches and theres a .rocks and a .c file
02:45:05diddystar5the .rock files you can use
02:45:17diddystar5.c files are source code
02:45:24soaponachain88jare the .c for compiling?
02:45:30soaponachain88jahh ok
02:45:50soaponachain88jwill the vu meter work on a jukebox
02:45:56diddystar5there aren't very many plugins for the players
02:46:19diddystar5soaponachain88j: no the players lcd isn't good enough to make it works
02:46:29soaponachain88jahh i thought so
02:46:38soaponachain88jdo you know of any that i could use/?
02:46:51diddystar5soaponachain88j: one minute
02:47:36zewait, it's not for the players just cause of the LCD?
02:47:41zeshit, use a custom char
02:48:08soaponachain88jwhats that haha
02:48:11diddystar5ze: just the lcd everything but the lcd would work
02:48:32diddystar5the players lcd screen sucks
02:48:42zesoaponachain88j: the player's LCD is charcell, it can't do graphics, just text in a predefined font
02:48:52soaponachain88jthat sucsk
02:48:53zebut there's 4 or 8 (depending the model) custom chars that you can define
02:48:56zeat a time
02:49:08diddystar5all those are the looks of the recorder screen
02:49:12zeand you can change them as much as you like
02:49:26zeso if you display a custom char on the screen, you can draw to it and animate it and all
02:49:32zethat should be just fine for a VU meter
02:49:33soaponachain88jthats cool
02:49:43soaponachain88jman now i want a recorder
02:50:07diddystar5ze: not enough room on that screen for the needles
02:50:21diddystar5there are only 2 lines on the player screen
02:50:29soaponachain88jo well i g2g bye guys
02:50:30 Quit soaponachain88j ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 2520")
02:50:35zelemme see a shot of the VU meter on the recorder
02:50:48zei wouldn't think it'd be the same style on a player but still possible
02:50:52diddystar5ok give me a minute to compile a simulator
02:51:08zeeach char is 7 pixels tall
02:51:24zeso if you used 2 chars stacked on top of each other you've got 15 levels (counting 0)
02:53:00diddystar5still youll see...
02:53:17zei'm sure i will, but still like i said it could be a different style
02:53:38zelike a line or bar that goes up and down instead of a needling going back and forth or whatever it is
02:53:53zebetter than nothing
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02:55:02diddystar5argg the win32 sim won't compile since games_menu was removed...
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02:55:27diddystar5but if you saw it you would see why it just wouldn't works
02:55:48diddystar5but i think a simple peakmeter for the player is possible
02:56:07*diddystar5 might give that a try
02:57:06Plughhi did
02:57:10Plughthanks for the props
02:57:28diddystar5sure plugh
02:57:45diddystar5i have been thinking about the logarithmic scale
02:58:04diddystar5yes it sounds hard...
02:58:13PlughI came to the same conclusion
02:58:23PlughI found the formulae for it
02:58:42Plughyeah. That's not the hard part
02:58:51PlughI need to find a baseline
02:59:06diddystar5so 0 volume?
02:59:22diddystar5i don't think thats very hard
02:59:40PlughI need to find what the corresponding register value is to 0dB
02:59:57Plughfrom there I can work the calculations
03:00:11Plughnot 0 volume. 0dB
03:00:15diddystar5make a simple plugin that displays the levle coming out of the mas_readreg code when there is nothing playing(or playing something with no volume)
03:00:51Plughthat's in the debug menu
03:01:03diddystar5o n/m
03:02:40diddystar5did you read that i wanted to set a button to go from lagarithmic to linear?
03:02:57Plughgood call
03:03:01Plughmaybe f3
03:03:09diddystar5it works kinda well as is for listining to rock music
03:03:22Plughsure. For any music
03:03:37Plughit doesn't work well for levels monitoring though
03:03:51Plughwhich is kinda the point of a vu meter, imo
03:04:10Plughat least for my desired use
03:04:29diddystar5Plugh: gotta go to order a pizza ill be back later
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09:11:01Ilhi everybody
09:11:35Ili've got a problem with my jukebox
09:12:04Ilit doesn't pass the version screen
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12:49:00jayjaye_can anyone tell me if the tiny delay between tracks is an architectural limitation of the archos?
13:11:09adi|homeits a factor of how you rip your mp3s
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13:41:31jayjaye_i have no gaps in my mp3s, but i get gaps when listening on my archos
13:41:57MTgapless playback requires sequential mp3s
13:42:08MTyou cant have gapless playback with non sequential mp3s
13:42:18jayjaye_what does 'sequential' mean?
13:42:29MTtrack 1 is followed by track 3
13:42:31MTtrack 1 is followed by track 2
13:42:37jayjaye_oh, i have that
13:42:47jayjaye_i listen to them in order
13:42:56jayjaye_and there is a tiny gap
13:43:02jayjaye_you notice it on mixed cds
13:43:03MThow did you encocde them gapless?
13:43:40jayjaye_i encoded them as i encode all my mp3s
13:43:51jayjaye_but there is no gap at the end of the track
13:43:54jayjaye_ie they play gapless on my pc
13:44:00MT(bear in mind that this is (mostly) fruitless, rockbox has very little to do with mp3s, we just feed raw data into a chip)
13:44:04MTwhat encoder tho
13:44:10MTwith what options
13:44:24jayjaye_don't have them to hand, but it does play gaples on my pc
13:46:36jayjaye_because it's such a small delay (about half a beat at 140bpm) i thought maybe it was an arch. limitation
13:49:33MT may be relevant
13:49:42MTcan i ask what kind of music it is?
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14:50:32jayjaye_it's premixed dance music
14:50:45jayjaye_so a delay is undesired
14:52:11jayjaye_thanks for the FAQ
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15:18:34dsgHas anyone had problems with battery measurements with a flashed recorder?
15:19:20dsgAfter I flashed mine, it seems to drain batteries really fast. I just reflashed the original firmware, and the battery meter now shows 9%, where it showed 56% with rockbox flashed.
15:19:39dsgSo I'm guessing it measures incorrectly so it stops charging too soon.
15:22:19dsgHmh. And now it jumped to 33%.
15:22:43dsgBut still, I just took it out of charging this morning, and used it maybe two hours.
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16:16:24uskihi all
16:16:30uskii'd like to know sth
16:16:51uskiis the warrant sticker easy to remove ? and can it be sticked again ?
16:17:01uskii'd like to remove it, remove the screw hidden by it, then put the stocker on the hole
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17:32:26uskiAAAAAAAHHH my newly bought recorder is not flashable
17:32:40uskidamn i thought i could work on rockflash
17:56:50uskiFilesystem panic (dev 08:01).
17:56:50uski fat_free: deleting beyond EOF
17:56:50uski File system has been set read-only
17:56:54*uski hates archos
17:57:13uskidoes anybody knows how to format the harddrive using linux ?
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17:59:41dsguski: Sure... use mkfs.msdos
17:59:57uskiok thanks
18:00:09dsgmkfs.msdis -F 32 for 32-bit FAT.
18:00:13dsgmsdos even ;)
18:00:29uskibtw: always mount your usb drives with the sync option... it will prevent a lot of trouble if you are forced to unplug the device..........
18:00:52dsgHm... yeah... I guess that's a good idea.
18:01:02uskimkfs.msdos /dev/sda1 ?
18:01:07dsgAlso probably not that big a performance impact since it's so damned slow already.
18:01:18dsgI'd add "-F 32" to the commandline...
18:01:29dsgOtherwise yes.
18:03:21uskiok, let's do it then
18:07:10uski:)) thanks
18:07:16uskiio :)
18:07:19dsgwebmind: Eyh. :)
18:13:48*webmind in munchen atm
18:14:25dsgwebmind: k.
18:14:32dsgwebmind: What are you doing there?
18:14:38webmindgood question :)
18:14:44webmindcrashinh for one
18:14:48webmindmaybe something else
18:14:50dsgMkay ;)
18:14:54dsgSounds fun.
18:14:55webmindoktoberfest here it seems
18:15:05webminddsg, i hope it'll be fun yes :)
18:15:22webmindthere have been arests of some of the group during the trip :)
18:15:37dsgWhat for?
18:16:38 Join MP3glee [0] (~jirc@
18:16:56webmindthis gut was in this one building
18:17:01webmindwith some people
18:17:04webmindthen cops came
18:17:09webmindand arrested them
18:18:23MP3gleeHey- I have the newly redesigned Jukebox Player 20 V2
18:18:48MP3gleeCame with OS 1.40a
18:19:25MP3gleeTrying to load ROCKbox on it
18:19:49uskiMP3glee: and ? does something fails ?
18:19:55MP3gleeDoes not recognize (boot) the abjrec.ajz
18:20:08MP3glee... or perhaps I haven't thought of something.
18:20:09uskiyes, ajbrec.ajz is for RECORDERS :)
18:20:19uskiyou must use archos.mod for players
18:20:26MP3gleeOh, sorry, this is the Jukebox RECORDER 20 V2
18:20:37MP3gleecalled Archos, they said uses the same system,
18:20:51MP3gleeand should load firmware from AJBREC.AJZ
18:20:55uskiyou put the ajbrec.ajz on the root directory ?
18:21:17uskistupid question: you restarted the recorder after doing so ?
18:21:35MP3gleeI'm a longtime Archos owner - owned the player/fmrecorder/recorder
18:21:40MP3gleeYep. Rebooted.
18:21:51webmindMP3glee, your a rich archos owner? :)
18:22:28MP3gleeNot rich - My archos purchases are funded by trading in used audio equipment
18:23:55MP3gleePhoto of new recorder at file://
18:24:02uskibrb, i have to reboot (my stupid belkin usb card does not want to work in usb 2.0 mode)
18:24:28uskiyou mean http:// instead of file://
18:24:45MP3gleeNo.. I mean ftp. Yep.
18:25:31uski(does not work for me, brb after rebooting)
18:25:33 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
18:25:58MP3gleeManual at...
18:27:18dsgDoesn't work here - we're both NATted out.
18:41:04 Quit MP3glee ("Leaving")
18:53:40 Join MattF [0] (
18:57:52MattFLo all!
19:04:58 Join uski [0] (
19:05:02uskihi again :)
19:05:12uski"it's me"
19:09:16 Join MP3glee [0] (~jirc@
19:11:15 Quit MP3glee (Client Quit)
19:14:29uskiwhat is the difference between the normal daily build and the debug one ?
19:34:05 Join elinenbe [0] (
19:34:17elinenbejust picked up a Rio Karma today −− piece of shit.
19:34:23 Join _aLF [0] (
19:35:33uskielinenbe: really ? what are the problems with these ?
19:36:48MattFEek! My JB recorder 20 has started getting the HD register error
19:39:54MattFis there a way to master reset the Archos manually? I cant get it to load at all, not on batteries nor power adaptor or USB
19:58:20 Quit MattF ("Leaving")
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20:30:03track1hi Dsg and webmind
20:48:11 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
21:09:23 Join yeft [0] (
21:09:40yefti have a question...
21:10:08yeftis loading a new build to a flashed fmrec the same as loading to an unflashed fmr?
21:11:11yeftim an idiot... bye
21:11:17 Quit yeft (Client Quit)
21:48:07 Quit dsg ("pub, maybe Bosch opening party later")
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23:09:57uski[IDC]Dragon: hi
23:10:06uskiguess what: my newly received recorder 20 is NOT flashable !
23:10:18uskiso i can't work on rockflash
23:10:19[IDC]Dragon?? ??
23:10:26uski?? ?? exactly lol
23:10:31uskiin hardware info :)
23:10:44[IDC]DragonI've read from you in the log.
23:10:49uskihardware V1, mask 0x0302
23:10:55[IDC]DragonSorry about it...
23:10:57uskiand these stupid question marks
23:11:13uskiyea that's annoying :(
23:11:16[IDC]DragonCan you exchange it?
23:11:32uskieven if i exchange it i'll get one from the same batch
23:11:40uskiso there are 99% chances that it won't be flashable too
23:12:42[IDC]DragonDo you know a recorder owner who doesn't care?
23:12:49[IDC]DragonSo you can swap?
23:12:51uskii have a 15 days satisfied or runfed warranty, but im not sure if it is worth sending it back to buy another recorder in another shop that might not be flashable too...
23:13:14uskino i don't; but that's a good idea, i might swap the cpu card
23:13:18[IDC]DragonAnother shop may have another batch
23:14:12uskiyea but it took me weeks to get one, and im not sure i want to wait some other weeks to get another one (christmas is coming, and shops are cleaning their stock to create a lack of products so they can raise the price)
23:14:17 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
23:15:19 Quit track1 ("Leaving")
23:15:24uskihmmmm i know somebody who has a recorder 15 ! but im not sure he will be ok to open it (warranty...)
23:16:02uskia good thing would be to print some others "warranty seal" stickers :)
23:16:09[IDC]DragonI tried to revove the seal without destruction, but no success.
23:16:10uskiim sure it can be done
23:16:31uskieven by heating it ?
23:16:32[IDC]DragonI tried alcohol and a heat gun
23:17:10[IDC]Dragonbut my tries were a bit half-hearted.
23:17:32uskii'll try to see if there is not a way to print some stickers
23:17:38[IDC]DragonWould be difficult to claim warranty with my heavy-modded box anyway.
23:17:49uskiheh ;)
23:18:23uskii want to wait 2-3 months before doing anything to my box, to see if there is not a big problem with it
23:18:37uskiif it lasts 3 months, it is reasonable to expect it to last some years
23:18:43uskibut if it fails after 1 month...
23:18:43[IDC]DragonMaybe the most discreet thing would be to just remove the sticker without a trace that there's ever been one.
23:19:12uskior to print another stiocker that looks like a normal one
23:19:26[IDC]DragonMine was metallized
23:19:30uskipoeple don't care a lot about it and they won't open another archos box to check if the sticker is the same
23:19:39uskimine is, but i saw some metallized paper on the net
23:20:26uskii'll see... and perhaps if they notice i removed it, i can trying to say "??? what ?"
23:20:32uski"i never removed anything"
23:20:40uski"perhaps there was not any sticker on it"
23:21:10uskiafter all they might have forgotten to put one at the factory..
23:21:25 Join track1 [0] (
23:21:27uskibut the problem is that if i start modding it, i'll do things like putting white leds for the backlight
23:21:46uski(but i may replace the leds with some green ones if i have to return it)
23:21:47 Quit mecraw (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:21:47[IDC]Dragonnot so good.
23:22:01uskiwhy ? im bored of this stupid green color
23:22:05[IDC]Dragonthey need higher voltage.
23:22:30[IDC]DragonYou'd have to cut traces to re-wire
23:22:42[IDC]DragonRight now its 2 in series
23:22:45uskithey putted the led in a serie arrangment ?
23:22:50uski... ok
23:23:02uskii could place yellow leds then
23:23:11[IDC]DragonYes, saves power, you waste less on the current adjusting resistor.
23:23:16uskiwith a black bumpers box, all gray, it may look very cool
23:23:20track1or how about put multicoloured leds?
23:23:27uskitrack1: what do you mean ?
23:23:38uskidifferent colors ?
23:24:00track1yea i.e 1 green led, one blue, one red and one wight
23:24:04uskiit can be done but the problem is that they'll have a different forward voltage, so one led will be much brighter than the other
23:24:20uskialso as [IDC]Dragon said, you can use only red green yellow and orange leds
23:24:26uski(or infrared leds lol)
23:24:27[IDC]DragonThese LEDs are really tiny, and mounted sideway. The ones in mobile phones are larger.
23:24:55uskino problem, im used to work with 0603 componentns and i already soldered 0402 resistors
23:25:10[IDC]DragonIt's something like this.
23:25:12uskibut in the recorder it looks like 1206 aren't they ?
23:25:23uskiin the player they are much smaller
23:25:49[IDC]DragonBut sideways, against manufacturers usual way.
23:25:58uskiyea but it's not a problem too
23:26:10uskii have some sideways leds, but they are red and i don't want a red light
23:26:17[IDC]DragonOK, I was just telling you.
23:26:33uskiyeap ;)
23:26:48*uski thinks that his warranty sticker won't last long
23:27:02[IDC]DragonThe LEDs are normal chip scale, not meant to be sideways, but Archos is soldering them on the thin edge.
23:27:20uskioh ok
23:27:37uskione day i done this for 0805 smt capacitors
23:27:50uskii didn't have enough pcb space to put them so i mounted them sideway
23:28:19uskinot very hard to do, but it must be a little harder to do with leds
23:28:26[IDC]DragonI've seen this often for patching in damping resistors on a cut PCB
23:28:46[IDC]Dragoncut trace, I mean.
23:28:48track1I wish Archos used Blue LEDS
23:29:03uskitrack1: blue leds need 3.6v
23:29:14uskiand: they are mor expensive
23:29:17[IDC]DragonI think white is the most reasonable, blue is just a current fashion.
23:29:29uskiwhite is so cooool ;)
23:29:47uskialso it would be great with the colors of the black bumpers archos
23:29:53track1does that explain why the Rockbox website is blue?
23:30:28uskithat's different
23:30:37[IDC]DragonI'm happy I have black bumpers, blue looks so toy-ish
23:30:43uskiexactly lol
23:30:55uskii thought i'll receive blue bumpers and i was very happy to get black ones
23:30:59track1nah blue looks better
23:31:31 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as [IDC]Dragon|away (
23:43:01track1Ive just realised
23:43:05track1you lot on about LEDs
23:43:15track1and theres the bug in Sourceforge Red LED dead!!!
23:48:32PlughI just placed an order for some cool LEDs
23:48:41Plughgot red, blue, orange, and UV
23:49:48track1why not reprogram the firmware to change the LED colours?
23:51:20*Plugh pops track with a clue-by-four
23:52:33Plughwhen you find the pin on an LED that allows you to change the light output wavelength, let me know. We can make a FORTUNE together
23:52:48track1actually get a felt-tip pen and colour the LEDs yourself!!!
23:53:15*Plugh hefts the clue-by-four
23:53:19Plughtime for another lesson
23:56:07Plugha thin veneer of ink isn't going to override the light output of a modern LED
23:56:31Plughit's hardly going to affect the displayed color
23:57:04Plughfun stuff
23:57:30Plughmore high power stuff than low
23:58:09Plughand blue LEDs are expensive like 45 cents is expensive ;)
23:58:58Plughthey also have a min 2.8V forward voltage and draw around 20mA at that power

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