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#rockbox log for 2003-10-04

00:00:00Plughthe blue is rated at 2.8-3.8 with a typical 3.3
00:00:02uskii have a UV led here
00:00:11uskione of the first model to be made
00:00:12Plughmine are being shipped
00:00:20uskiit is very cool !
00:00:36uskiconnect it in the dark and you'll see all the papers in your room to get blue
00:01:12PlughI'm getting a pair of 5mm UV
00:01:18Plughfor a Halloween decoration project
00:01:33Plugh60 cents each
00:02:01Plugh2v min, 4.5v max
00:02:24uski60 cents ?????????????????????????????
00:02:40uski%*$@#& how cheap !!
00:02:45uskido thye ship to europe ?
00:02:58Plughyeah. $2 shipping anywhere in the world
00:03:09uskiloool great
00:03:10Plughcheck it out
00:03:16uskiim already on the site :]
00:03:51PlughI should be able to run a pair of these off a pair of AA batteries all night for Halloween
00:04:20Plughrunning in parallel, of course
00:04:53uskiyea (but EACH led with its OWN resistor)
00:05:00Plughand running them dim is perfectly acceptable for what I want to do
00:05:03Plughno biggie
00:05:11Plughresistors are cheap as dirt
00:05:24uskiyea :)
00:06:25Plughheh. 5c/ea
00:06:27Plughfrom them
00:07:00Plughbut if I run them in parallel off a 3v supply I probably don't need resistors
00:07:16uskibad idea
00:07:27Plughgenerally, I'd agree with you
00:07:27uskialways put one resistor per led
00:07:36uskiit prevent one led from draining ll the current
00:07:39Plughprobably like 5ohm
00:07:42uskibecause leds have a different forward voltages
00:07:44Plughsomething really low
00:07:51uskiyea or even 1ohm
00:08:05uskibut it will give you a uniform current distribution
00:08:09uskiso a uniform lightning
00:08:13uskiso: it is better :)
00:08:19uskibtw 5c each is expensive
00:08:38uskibut if you order from them and don't want to make an order just for some resistors from an electronic shop, go on
00:08:39PlughI know. But in that qty it's not a bad price
00:08:59PlughRadio Shack will cost more
00:10:18Plughyay! Just got my domain sorted out
00:10:27Plughjust need to wait for propagation
00:10:57uskiwhat propagation ?
00:11:11uskionce the DNS are in the whois, you don't need to wait anything
00:11:20uski(if it is a new domain)
00:11:28uskias nothing is cached
00:11:47Plughjust got transferred the control over the domain
00:12:26uskiwell, time to go to bed now ;)
00:12:35uski(listening to music thanks to rockboooox)
00:12:59 Nick uski is now known as uski|aw (
00:14:20 Quit [IDC]Dragon|away ()
00:14:28Plughhmm. uv LED is only about 500mcp light output. Should be enough though
00:18:51Plughooo pretty... they make an rgb LED in a single package. It should be possible to represent any color using one
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00:38:18 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:38:28midknight2k3yeah woo
00:38:45midknight2k3plugh: how many e-mails do you get in one day, on average?
00:39:45Plughmaybe 100
00:39:51Plughhard to say, really
00:39:54midknight2k3how many are spam?
00:40:15Plughoh. I don't get spam
00:40:29midknight2k3no spam?
00:40:34midknight2k3and a hundred emails?
00:40:37PlughI use spamassassin
00:40:39midknight2k3i'm glad i don't
00:40:51midknight2k3i get like 6 and only about 2-4 are worty of reading
00:41:18midknight2k3Midknight, your partner says your manhoo
00:42:20midknight2k3i was thinking about this: you got hte vu meter to read the mic in right?
00:42:27Plughnot yet
00:42:33Plughwill when I get the time
00:42:34midknight2k3well you got the basic idea
00:42:43midknight2k3the right paramaters
00:42:56midknight2k3but how to use it?
00:43:18midknight2k3we could have VU Meter and time on one screen, and that be it
00:43:20midknight2k3or what
00:45:48midknight2k3if you wanted to use it during recording
00:45:59midknight2k3i you could call it with, say, an "ON" press
00:46:04midknight2k3but that would make a noise
00:46:25midknight2k3maybe after 5 seconds it will show the VU meter on screen and recording time on lower left?
00:46:26Plughnah. Just press f2 to get it to monitor the recording and f3 for playback
00:46:57Plughcurrent mode
00:47:02midknight2k3when using vu-meter.rock?
00:47:07midknight2k3run it and f2 to monitor?
00:47:14midknight2k3just one problem
00:47:17midknight2k3two actually
00:47:37 Join k3no [0] (
00:47:37midknight2k3one: we can't exit rec screen like the wps, and 2 it would make about ten clicks before stopping the noise
00:47:51midknight2k3On won't leave the rec screen
00:49:24Plughthen I can just tell the plugin to put it in recording mode
00:49:55midknight2k3"put it in recording mode"
00:50:04midknight2k3automatically you mean?
00:50:54Plughyeah. when you press f2 it switches the unit to record mode
00:51:16midknight2k3that, is crap
00:51:32midknight2k3like, a whole nother recording function when we have one
00:51:56Plughno. this isn't a recording function. It's a monitoring function
00:51:59 Quit k3no (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
00:52:20midknight2k3uh yuh yuy
00:52:44 Join k3no [0] (
00:53:13Plughwhen I get the time to put in the effort to development, I'll consider it more
00:53:29midknight2k3it wont work
00:53:34midknight2k3i know it
00:55:41PlughI'm flying by the seat of my pants right now
00:55:42PlughADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - An enraged Ethiopian mother of five will be tried for the murder of her husband who died after she crushed his testicles in a fight, police told the state-run Ethiopian News Agency.
00:55:42PlughPolice said on Friday the man was so embarrassed after the incident that he declined to seek treatment for the injury, and died days later.
00:56:46Plugh15:56 < midknight2k3> it wont work
00:57:00midknight2k3it won't
00:57:12midknight2k315:52:46 | <midknight2k3> it wont work
00:57:19midknight2k3you're four minutes off
00:57:34Plugh 3 Oct 15:57:27 ntpdate[5731]: step time server offset -37.419534 sec
00:57:40Plugh37 seconds actually
00:57:46midknight2k3SHUT UP!
00:57:59midknight2k3my timeis right
00:58:02Plughthanks for reminding me to update my clock
00:58:08Plughaccording to whom?
00:58:12midknight2k3my watch says... 3:58:27
00:58:19midknight2k3i win
00:58:23Plughand your watch is set to...?
00:58:28midknight2k3school time
00:58:37Plughand your school is set to...?
00:58:45midknight2k3..normal time..?
00:58:59Plughntpdate -u
00:59:05Plughthat's who mine is set to
00:59:13midknight2k3the school doesn't auto-sync anatomically with other places
00:59:16Plugha ring 0 server
00:59:17midknight2k3they key in the time and let it go
00:59:42midknight2k3you need your computer to tell you the date? get out more.
01:00:34PlughI actually don't wear a watch
01:01:06Plughwhen I'm outside, I judge the time by the position of the sun in the sky, and I'm usually good to within 15 minutes
01:01:35Plughbut I don't live a lifestyle where time is all that important
01:02:11midknight2k3i need to leave at precisely 6:45AM, get on the bus at approx. 6:55am
01:02:27Plughwhen time is important, I use sources that are set to NIST
01:05:04Plughdid I just floor you with my geek-fu?
01:05:12midknight2k3you bugged me
01:05:31 Quit k3no__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:05:33Plughbut Ender destroyed all the Buggers
01:06:14midknight2k3but a retard shutted upped
01:08:12 Join scott666 [0] (
01:08:16Plughdon't you read, mid?
01:08:35midknight2k3oh wait
01:08:41midknight2k3ender's game?
01:09:28Plughoh wait. what was it Mia Wallace said?
01:10:41Plughdon't you watch movies?
01:11:15*Plugh shakes his head in a combination of incomprehension and pity
01:11:52midknight2k3i do watch movies
01:12:24PlughPulp Fiction
01:12:41midknight2k3never seen it
01:14:26 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:14:29 Quit edx ()
01:15:23midknight2k3just a sec
01:18:41 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
01:20:03midknight2k3so any new advances?
01:20:09diddystar5i need to do a repair on my archos...
01:20:24diddystar5midknight2k3: the lastest i have is in the patch tracker...
01:20:31midknight2k3oh cool
01:20:40midknight2k3you put it up eh
01:20:56diddystar5the power plug on my unit poped out, and i soldered it back in, but when i pluged in the adapter it started smoking....
01:20:59midknight2k3there it is
01:21:09midknight2k3not good
01:21:16diddystar5but atleast my unit still works
01:21:36diddystar5im going back in later to see if i can get it fixed
01:21:47midknight2k3you don't indicate which version the plugin is for
01:21:56midknight2k3you should put up rec + fm ones
01:22:03midknight2k3but yeah thanks
01:22:08midknight2k3oh and what about the text?
01:22:15midknight2k3is it still the way i put it?
01:22:16diddystar5there haven't been any changes to the plugin API in a long time so it dosen't reallly matter
01:22:30midknight2k3it doesnt matter for the differnt versions?
01:22:41midknight2k3i mant the .rock file
01:22:45midknight2k3not .c
01:22:49diddystar5the fm and rec plugins are the same
01:23:07midknight2k3the text is back to normal or the way i put it?
01:23:19 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
01:23:38scott666i dont like the way the .rockbox browsing patch handles plugins
01:23:39midknight2k3oh you left it good
01:23:44diddystar5do you mean the "VU Meter"
01:23:54midknight2k3scott: i second that
01:23:54diddystar5i wonder what all has been changed on the rec v2
01:24:01diddystar5i read it has a new firmware
01:24:09midknight2k3at least you got "profiles" to "configs"
01:24:19midknight2k3prolly fmrec ver
01:24:21scott666i think the .rockbox dir needs some serious cleaning
01:24:34midknight2k3like, folders
01:24:39midknight2k3WPS and CFG and stuff
01:24:42midknight2k3then just look there
01:24:50midknight2k3its just one big mess as of now
01:24:58midknight2k3and now General Settings is cluttered
01:25:03midknight2k3display is like 10 lines down
01:25:07diddystar5midknight2k3: nop see:
01:25:18scott666.rockbox/fonts, /langs, /wps, /cfgs, /rocks/games, /rocks/demos, /rocks/apps...
01:25:39midknight2k3they're wising up diddy
01:25:46midknight2k3they are preventing ajbrec from running?
01:25:48midknight2k3not good
01:25:53midknight2k3they dont release firmware anyways
01:25:58midknight2k3no point in it cept for rockbox
01:26:04midknight2k3and they dont like rockbox most liely
01:26:22diddystar5thats because there assholes
01:26:36diddystar5excuse my language
01:26:54midknight2k3i'll say
01:27:09midknight2k3be back in a few
01:27:59 Join Gazel [0] (
01:34:41midknight2k3ok back
01:35:12diddystar5you are!
01:35:23midknight2k3i'll shut up
01:35:35 Join Dude1 [0] (
01:35:49diddystar5so have you done anything on the vu meter mid?
01:36:01midknight2k3not much
01:36:05midknight2k3been sorta busy
01:36:11midknight2k3i can't do much else really
01:36:15midknight2k3is there any ToDo?
01:36:42diddystar5yes plugh i think has been working on that
01:36:47Plughyeah. Code it to scale logarithmically
01:37:00midknight2k3i sure can do that
01:37:06diddystar5any work done on that plugh?
01:37:08Plughif you got nothing better to do with your time
01:37:17Plughnone. Been slacking
01:37:35Plughactually been working my friggin ASS off during the day and taking it easy at night
01:37:43midknight2k3no rush plug
01:38:21diddystar5Plugh: you said you had a formula for when you find out what 0db is right?
01:39:14PlughI can work it out
01:41:02diddystar5it's scary when your archos starts smoking :)
01:41:03Plughbut I had a concern about it
01:41:21midknight2k3i bet diddu
01:41:29Plughit's possible that the levels could be different off the mic, line, and spdif
01:41:30midknight2k3that would just freak me out
01:42:08diddystar5and it smelled bad to...
01:42:22Plughall electronics run on smoke
01:42:32Plughwhen you let it out, it's usually a bad thing
01:42:59diddystar5i hope none of my charging chips got burnt
01:43:17midknight2k3charging chips?
01:43:20midknight2k3that's funny
01:43:58diddystar5or i could get my archos looking normal and take it back to best buy like i had to do with my first 2 units...
01:45:45diddystar5both of my first units had bad hdd's (i think they were some of the recalled ones by fujitsu)
01:46:27midknight2k3fujitsu eh
01:46:37diddystar5however you spell it...
01:46:50midknight2k3you spelled it right
01:47:03diddystar5they were the crappy ajb5k's
01:47:23midknight2k3and now you got the ajbrec20?
01:47:55diddystar5the recorder is SO much better
01:51:03midknight2k3i'll say
01:51:17diddystar5i curious about that recorder v2
01:51:27midknight2k3i too
01:51:34diddystar5but i don't wont one unless a rockbox can be put on it :)
01:51:41midknight2k3oh yeah
01:51:50midknight2k3then might as well get a zen for all its worth
01:52:01 Quit Dude1 ("Leaving")
01:52:24midknight2k3no offense ze
01:53:29diddystar5i wonder if they fixed the hardware problems the FM's had
01:53:37midknight2k3better have
01:53:42midknight2k3pieces of.. crap
01:55:18diddystar5maybe it has nwe circut boards?
01:55:32midknight2k3not too likely
01:55:39midknight2k3i hope the buttons are better
01:55:44midknight2k3my f2 AND f3 are busted
01:55:57Plughbest buy has stopped stocking FMRs
01:56:06midknight2k3i know
01:56:08midknight2k3i'm stuck
01:56:08PlughI think they've stopped stocking all Archos
01:56:09diddystar5they need to quit making the studios so many people get duped with those
01:56:12midknight2k3i cant exchange it
01:56:20diddystar5midknight2k3: why
01:56:20midknight2k3if it do i get a zen
01:56:24midknight2k3no more archoses left
01:56:32midknight2k3all sold out and orders canceled
01:56:40midknight2k3in short: no more archos for best buy
01:56:41Plughthey're making the recorder 20s
01:56:44diddystar5you can get the cash you payed for it and then go to
01:56:53midknight2k3you only get store credit
01:56:58midknight2k3or a new player
01:57:02Plughsend to archos
01:57:09midknight2k3i might take the credit, then get a karma
01:57:12midknight2k3if i must
01:57:28 Join Dude1 [0] (
01:57:36diddystar5i just love jbrec's
01:57:44midknight2k3i'll say
01:58:06 Join top_bloke [0] (
01:58:21midknight2k3hey top
01:58:39diddystar5hey top_bloke
01:59:01midknight2k3try this diddy:
01:59:14midknight2k3it will appear with top_bloke
01:59:16diddystar5i did...
01:59:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:59:54top_blokewhat if theres 2 people with t in their name
02:00:00midknight2k3press tab twice
02:00:06midknight2k3it will cycle through each
02:00:12midknight2k3if theres five then so be it
02:00:24midknight2k3if i want dw|gone i press d<tab><tab><tab>
02:00:29midknight2k3like, dw|gone
02:00:39top_blokethats very interesting, midknight2k3
02:02:17top_blokei dropped my archos today
02:02:26midknight2k3did it live?
02:02:33top_blokei thought well thats the end of that
02:02:42midknight2k3it lived?
02:02:43top_blokefell on my shoe lol
02:02:52top_blokeyeah its alive
02:03:01midknight2k3thank god
02:03:04midknight2k3its pretty durable
02:03:18top_blokei almost had a heart attack
02:03:48midknight2k3just gotta replace the HD if it busts
02:03:49midknight2k3no biggy
02:04:00midknight2k3<top_bloke freaks out>
02:04:07top_blokewell that costs $
02:04:18midknight2k3oh yeah
02:04:23midknight2k3flashing doesnt
02:04:48top_blokeit might
02:04:54top_blokeif it messes it up
02:05:14midknight2k3it doesnt mess up
02:05:18top_blokei know
02:05:19midknight2k3crc check = ultra safe
02:05:28midknight2k3diddy: did you flash yours?
02:05:40midknight2k3i bet
02:07:01midknight2k3i betdsfSEFg.
02:07:04midknight2k3be back
02:07:56diddystar5midknight2k3: yes
02:08:06 Quit Dude1 ("Leaving")
02:08:42*diddystar5 is updating his beep when battery low patch
02:10:16Plughbeep is useless to me
02:10:30PlughI usually have my headphones on and can't hear it anyway :)
02:10:45Plughnow if it chirped through the phones, I may be interested
02:10:53top_blokewouldnt it beep in the headphones?
02:10:55diddystar5uhh it does...
02:11:03Plughoh? How
02:11:17diddystar5just look at the code
02:11:29diddystar5do { mas_codec_writereg(0, 0); mas_codec_writereg(0, 1); } while (0);
02:11:41Plughah. that works
02:11:57diddystar5i need it to sound better though...
02:12:01diddystar5any ideas?
02:12:13top_blokemake a beep.mp3
02:12:18top_blokeand play it
02:12:44diddystar5thats not a great way since it's not in rockbox and it would have to be loadded everytime
02:13:01top_bloketaking up space
02:13:11midknight2k3diddy: PUT it in rockbox
02:13:16midknight2k3linus was considering it
02:13:21diddystar5i dunno how :)
02:13:25top_blokejust load it when the battery is low
02:14:00diddystar5i don't know the syntax for that
02:14:08diddystar5maybe plugh does :)
02:14:41diddystar5i should look in tha MAS doc to see if it has that kinda stuff
02:17:29diddystar5argg i hate PDFs
02:18:23midknight2k3i'll sy
02:18:31midknight2k3has to load the reader, then they're just..
02:18:38Plughlook at talkbox for an idea
02:18:46midknight2k3after waiting for it to load, it's like "why did i want to read this again"?
02:19:06Plughthe MAS can't multiplex mp3 streams
02:19:33diddystar5but if i do a few mas_writereg's?
02:19:53diddystar5or mas_whatever's
02:20:56diddystar5now where is that talkbox patch?
02:23:34Gazelhi all ! i did really drop my jukebox.... (well err, my *$@ cat did)
02:23:48midknight2k3lol about the cat, sorry about the jukebox
02:23:57Gazelthe hard drive seemed broken (ata error -1)
02:24:03diddystar5uhh o
02:24:14Gazelbut yesterday it finally listened closer
02:24:24Gazel>>>i finally
02:24:44Gazeland it seemed that the drive tried to
02:25:00Gazel"run", but bad noises
02:25:24Gazelso i tried the hard treatment : i shaked it and slapped it
02:25:27midknight2k3like a moan?
02:25:40Gazeland it finally got back in place
02:25:50Gazellol... yes !
02:26:03diddystar5whew! your lucky
02:26:14midknight2k3oh LUCKY
02:26:18Gazeli heard the head finding its way again
02:26:31midknight2k3dont expect it to happen agian
02:26:42Gazelthen a chkdsk .. no prob
02:27:13midknight2k3*the fix i meant
02:27:14GazelSo if this ever happens, you know what to try... even with a big computer drive !!!
02:27:21midknight2k3thanks for the info
02:28:37top_blokeslap it?
02:30:52top_blokei just scrapped a whopping 1.6 gb drive cause it didnt work
02:30:59Gazelyeah.. don't know how to say it the right way... just knocking it with the right hand while holding with the other hand
02:31:05top_blokei wish i had known to slap it
02:31:59Gazelyes, i also thought about the old drives that died years ago with the same kind of noises
02:32:43Plughdoes anyone have a 20gig drive they pulled out of their archos that is sitting around gathering dust? Or even a 5 or 10gig?
02:32:51Plughmy laptop has a 4gigger
02:33:41scott666ebay might
02:33:49 Join miner_69er [0] (
02:34:08miner_69erhello, are we talking rockbox?
02:34:23diddystar5yes :)
02:34:48miner_69ereggshellent mish munny penny
02:35:17midknight2k3excellent ___ money penny?
02:35:22top_blokesean connery
02:35:23miner_69erwell, first - well done - it's ace so far!
02:35:33diddystar5heh doom legacy 1.41 is out!!!
02:35:43Plughbout friggin time did
02:35:44midknight2k3whee, diddy
02:36:09diddystar5plugh uses doom legacy?
02:36:13top_blokepeople still play doom?
02:36:14Plughminer: don't mind us. When people ask questions, we answer them. Till then we goof off
02:36:38miner_69eroh right :
02:36:40diddystar5the new source ports make it so much better!
02:36:43PlughI don't play doom. Runs too fast on my computer
02:37:13Plughbut I remember most of the levels with all the secrets in original doom
02:37:18top_blokedoom owned
02:37:21miner_69erI want to load a different font into one of the plugins, can i do this?
02:37:41diddystar5miner_69er: not really
02:37:41Plughnot without re-compiling the plugin
02:37:47diddystar5have to edit the source
02:37:59miner_69erthat's okay, i've allready fiddle a bit
02:38:14miner_69eri've improved the snake game!
02:38:34diddystar5what did you improve?
02:38:36miner_69erbut i want score on screen and need a little tiny font
02:39:00midknight2k3should work
02:39:02diddystar5thats not tiny :)
02:39:03miner_69eroh, i made it faster (optional), added a box so you can see the dge easier
02:39:33Plughsnake plays too fast for me
02:39:37diddystar5i 2nd cool!
02:39:39top_blokesnake or wormlet?
02:39:41PlughI don't run at arcade speed
02:39:45miner_69eroh, snake
02:39:46diddystar5snake plays to slow for me
02:39:51midknight2k3dont mind plugh
02:39:58midknight2k3he's a little messed up
02:39:59top_blokesnake is unresponsive
02:40:07miner_69erit's better now
02:40:14PlughI complain for a living. I'm a software quality engineer
02:40:15midknight2k3is not bloke
02:40:22top_blokecan he turn around faster now?
02:40:24midknight2k3(he brags about his job lots too)
02:40:34miner_69eri wanna add 'grace time' to death
02:40:52diddystar5gotta go
02:41:00midknight2k3bye diddy
02:41:05miner_69er..if u know what i mean - give a coupla frames chance to change direction
02:41:08diddystar5see you Plugh midknight2k3 and miner_69er
02:41:08miner_69erbye then
02:41:17miner_69eryeah, c u diddy
02:41:20midknight2k3you forget top bloke
02:41:23 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
02:41:53miner_69eranother thing though, since i started fiddling i have noticed two little dots appear on my LCD? can i have caused this (can't see how like)
02:42:09midknight2k3not really
02:42:16midknight2k3where at?
02:42:20miner_69erhhmm, odd though innit?
02:42:50miner_69erone's near the battary level and the other on the middle-left part of the LCD
02:43:08top_blokeare they permanent?
02:43:35miner_69erno, i'm sure they're not allways there - sometimes they are not visible
02:43:48midknight2k3then it's your fault
02:43:49miner_69erso that leads me to think it's some weord software thing
02:43:53midknight2k3must be
02:44:25miner_69erbut it's fairly simple the snake code and that's all i added - oh, apart from a new menu item in the games menu
02:44:42midknight2k3there is no more games meny
02:44:47midknight2k3get a new rockbox
02:44:58top_blokebust out a new snake .rock
02:45:07miner_69eryeah, i read that the menu has gone
02:45:25miner_69ergood idea actually to completly try the unmodiofied snake
02:46:08miner_69ermy jukebox is in the bedroom with my girlfriend asleep in and i don't wanna wake her
02:47:01miner_69erwhat is in place of the games menu then?
02:47:12miner_69erhow does one select a game?
02:47:37top_blokebrowsing patch
02:47:41top_blokei think
02:48:10Plughyou can just browse to the directory with the .rock
02:48:15Plughand play it
02:48:31Plughusually /.rockbox/rocks
02:48:41miner_69eryeah, but that's a bit pants isn't it? I like the games menu!
02:48:58Plughmine still has a games menu, I think
02:49:07miner_69erI often take my rockbox to the lav' and have a quick go on snake!
02:49:19miner_69er...or tetris
02:49:36PlughI don't want to hear anything about what you do with your snake in the lav
02:49:57miner_69eryes, i suppose i asked for that didn't I
02:50:05 Join r5rd5tcgc [0] (
02:50:32Plughit's not you. It's me. Force of habit to jump on such comments
02:50:51midknight2k3took you 25 seconds
02:50:52Plughask mid
02:50:54Plughhe knows
02:50:56midknight2k3sure looks like habit
02:51:05Plugh15 of it was typing
02:51:09PlughI type slowly
02:51:14midknight2k3no way
02:52:23 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
02:52:50miner_69erhas anyone here upgraded their hard-drive on a FMR20? (in their rockbox that is ;) )
02:53:10miner_69ermine's full to the brim
02:53:20 Nick r5rd5tcgc is now known as topbloke (
02:53:40topbloketons of people updgrade theirs
02:54:05midknight2k3A jbrec
02:54:15miner_69eryeah, but i read somewhere that there is some soldering to be done to remove something or other to get to the drive...
02:54:24miner_69eryeah, mines a JBRecorderFM
02:54:36topblokewait no one upgades fmrs?
02:54:44midknight2k37 points around the edge
02:54:48midknight2k3case to pc board
02:55:05miner_69erooohh, I don't know if i wanna do that - damn, i really need to upgrade
02:55:17midknight2k3its pretty easy
02:55:20midknight2k3no board work
02:55:24miner_69erit's soldered to the Case? Why?
02:55:27midknight2k3just a couple spots around the edge
02:55:29midknight2k3no idea
02:56:06miner_69erRight, so it's not an electronic connection? so some big blobs of solder
02:56:14midknight2k3not big
02:56:20midknight2k3small little connections
02:56:24midknight2k3no sweat
02:56:29midknight2k3use a knife if you want
02:56:35midknight2k3cut them out
02:56:39midknight2k3the solder that is
02:56:50miner_69erbut they must be resolderd for it to work properly?
02:56:51topblokecut solder?
02:57:05miner_69ersolder's quite soft innit>
02:57:12topblokewell yeah
02:57:14midknight2k3i didnt resolder mine all very good
02:57:22topblokethats true
02:57:33miner_69erwhat type of drive did u fit?
02:57:41miner_69ersize, make, model...
02:58:05midknight2k3i didnt fit any drive
02:58:08midknight2k3just apart for fun
02:58:17midknight2k3lots fit
02:58:24midknight2k3theres 40, 60 and 80 giggers
02:58:40Plughmid: do you have a spare 20gig lying around?
02:58:46PlughI need one for my laptop
02:58:50miner_69eroh right - 'cos i wondered if it was possible to get a quieter one - mine is quite load at night when it spins up
02:58:50midknight2k3why would i?
02:58:55midknight2k3do you have an otis?
02:58:59midknight2k3but i cant have it
02:59:07midknight2k3miner: yes
02:59:10miner_69erloud, sorry
02:59:12midknight2k3some are rated quiet
02:59:15midknight2k3some are quick
02:59:22midknight2k3some are both
02:59:45miner_69eris speed an issue woth rockbox? does it need to be quick?
02:59:57Plughmidknight2k3: I could pay fair market value for it
03:00:06midknight2k3plugh: like?
03:00:11midknight2k3miner: no
03:00:14Plughlooking on pricewatch
03:00:39Plughthey go for $82 new
03:00:51miner_69eryou guys in America
03:00:58midknight2k3i am
03:01:02midknight2k3he california
03:01:03PlughI'm in San Francisco
03:01:07midknight2k3me washington
03:01:16midknight2k3plugh sucks
03:01:16Plughyou Zakk
03:01:18midknight2k3oh wait
03:01:24miner_69eri'm in England - it's damn late (early in the morining)
03:01:34midknight2k3its 6:00pm for 1
03:01:37midknight2k3for I*
03:01:51miner_69eri've been really sad and read the first years mailing list archives for rockbox!
03:02:03miner_69erit's 2 here yeah!
03:02:08miner_69eri'm not tired though
03:02:15midknight2k3miner: i read the archives too
03:02:16midknight2k3its cool
03:02:17*Plugh is spiffy when it comes to time
03:02:18midknight2k3all the stuff
03:02:27Plughmidknight2k3: $50?
03:02:34midknight2k3i don't have one around!
03:02:46midknight2k3i would if i did
03:02:55midknight2k3for free?
03:03:02miner_69erdo you program for rockbox too?
03:03:14midknight2k3i might plugh
03:03:14Plughif you could call it that
03:03:28midknight2k3one day maybe
03:03:31Plughwe muddle around in the code trying to make things work
03:03:36midknight2k3we could exchange
03:03:37miner_69erI wanna write asteroids or space invaders for it
03:03:39Plughas a collaborative effort
03:03:47miner_69eryeah, that'd be cool
03:04:39miner_69erI'de quite like a feature to display the most recently added songs (albums) as i sometimes stick new stuff on and ofrget
03:04:44miner_69erforget, sorry
03:05:02miner_69er...mind you, i'm outof space hoo
03:05:14midknight2k3plugh: we could exchange lol
03:05:14Plughmine is always out of space
03:05:21PlughI move things on and off regularly
03:05:25midknight2k3put the junker in the archos and return it dead
03:05:25miner_69eri hate deleting stuff
03:05:29Plughmidknight2k3: I'm not giving up the otis
03:05:34midknight2k3i mean your 4gig
03:05:37midknight2k3not the otis
03:05:43PlughI see
03:05:48midknight2k3good idea, no?
03:05:54midknight2k3htey cant boot it anyways
03:05:55PlughI guess
03:06:01midknight2k3they cnat find out i replaced it
03:06:03midknight2k3downgraded it
03:06:04Plughsure, if you're up for it
03:06:15midknight2k3good idea
03:06:18midknight2k3i good idea
03:06:50Gazeli agree about the fact that it's easy to open the JBFM, I just had to pull a little hard on the blue pads. And solders seem to be easy to manage
03:07:12midknight2k3plugh: why would i want that otis junk>
03:07:23miner_69erhave you got the model with the 4 little blue corner pads?
03:07:36miner_69erwhat 's an otis?
03:07:39Plughmidknight2k3: I've been trying to figure that out for months
03:07:47Plughit's a little solid state player
03:07:48midknight2k3its a hunk of junk
03:07:55Gazelwas there a different FM one ?
03:07:55PlughI use it for audio books
03:07:56 Quit topbloke (Connection reset by peer)
03:08:17midknight2k3who wants a gay otis?
03:08:21midknight2k3OH TISS OH TISS
03:08:36miner_69erprobably not, I just wanted to know if when you were reffering to tuggin hard on the pads, you were reffering to them
03:08:52midknight2k3blue pads?
03:09:05midknight2k3the bumpers
03:09:07midknight2k3they slide right out
03:09:09miner_69er'cos i tried to take it apart and got stuck there 'cos i didn't wanna break it
03:09:22midknight2k3take out all the screws then slip out the bumpers
03:09:28miner_69erbut they just pull out yeah?
03:09:39 Join r5rd5tcgc [0] (
03:09:39 Quit r5rd5tcgc (Client Quit)
03:09:44midknight2k3oh yeah
03:09:51midknight2k3like butter
03:09:53midknight2k3just, slip
03:09:55Gazelyes, it's because there is a bit of glue on each one
03:10:02midknight2k3not for me
03:10:33miner_69eri'll try again - and probably destroy it...that would depress me - i use the thing almost 24/7
03:11:07Gazeldo you have used the alarm recently ?
03:11:07miner_69ershame the buttons are so crap though - my F23 button is broken
03:11:26midknight2k3i know!
03:11:26miner_69erno, i don't use the alarm, i use the sleep timer every night though
03:11:31midknight2k3both f2 and f3 are broken
03:11:38midknight2k3peice of junk
03:11:40midknight2k3fall apart crap
03:11:44Gazelthe alarm doesn't wake up mine since late rockbox versions
03:11:58midknight2k3plugh: the otis is pretty nice
03:12:02midknight2k3the bluish one?
03:12:04miner_69erooh, evil. shame we can'treplace the buttons with nice squidgy spectrum 48k style ones
03:12:10midknight2k3gazel: did you flash?
03:12:28miner_69erman, you gotta flash - the coolest thing to happen to rockbox in a while!
03:12:30midknight2k3there is the problem
03:12:35midknight2k3the on button
03:12:39midknight2k3needs to be help
03:13:16midknight2k3hold it to power on
03:13:19Gazeloh yes
03:13:24midknight2k3there a fix for it
03:13:29midknight2k3and it fixes the alarm thing
03:13:38midknight2k3cause the alarm goes, press not hold
03:13:40Gazelah ok, i understand
03:13:42midknight2k3and then it fails to boot
03:13:56midknight2k3just reflash
03:14:00Gazelby the way, to upgrade the flash, i "execute" the new ucl file ?
03:14:01 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
03:14:24miner_69eri've only flashed twice, causes me to almost shit my pants every time
03:14:38midknight2k3miner: its not worry
03:14:40miner_69erso scary
03:14:47midknight2k3after the first one its totally safe
03:14:58midknight2k3gazel: you need to re-firmware_flash
03:15:09midknight2k3miner: UCL's are harmless as AJZ's
03:15:17midknight2k3just like roloing
03:15:27miner_69eryeah, to fix the on button problem though, the whole rom nedd flashing no?
03:15:45miner_69erthat's scary
03:15:50midknight2k3i know
03:15:52midknight2k3just do it
03:15:55miner_69erjust my look for lighting to strike at that moment
03:15:58midknight2k3i did it
03:17:25miner_69erright, i'm gonna watch an episode of Family Guy nd try and fall asleep so...
03:18:03miner_69ernight night folks ;o
03:18:34miner_69ershee you later
03:18:41 Quit miner_69er ()
03:23:32midknight2k3WHERE IS DUDE
03:23:45midknight2k3should be back soon
03:28:02midknight2k3should be back soon
03:28:06midknight2k3should be back soon
03:29:12midknight2k3LISSEN UP
03:29:25Gazelyep ?
03:29:35midknight2k3you may now return to what you were doing.
03:29:56Gazelto re-flash, i must get the .bin file from the, right ?
03:30:05midknight2k3get it all yes
03:30:10midknight2k3just redo it
03:30:15midknight2k3follow instructions
03:30:22Gazelok... almost done ;o)
03:30:53 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
03:37:55 Join thu [0] (
03:37:58midknight2k3-> *Plugh* dfad
03:38:01midknight2k3hi thu
03:38:08Gazelkewl ! no need to hold 'on' anymore
03:38:12midknight2k3"wuss" "sup" ?
03:38:15midknight2k3gazel: neat
03:38:20midknight2k3and alarm is fixed
03:38:28midknight2k3and it says Ver: FlashEdition
03:38:29midknight2k3neat huh
03:38:43Gazelit should... i 'm going to check it now ;)
03:38:56Gazelyes, it says i
03:38:59midknight2k3it BETTER you mean
03:39:18midknight2k3if i get bored of typing i malfunskfalsfdam; s
03:39:37Gazel<scvnk<vnksd ok
03:43:25midknight2k3i say, why bother typingakldf'sfl;aksfpoawe rjapwe
03:43:41midknight2k3work has paid off
03:44:05 Join Dude1 [0] (
03:54:25Dude1uhm, midknight, what's the Easter Egg Alert! site for?
03:54:36Dude1e-mail me the answer
03:54:44Dude1bye I'm going to bed
03:54:45 Quit Dude1 ("Leaving")
03:55:21Plughcut it out mid
03:57:06Plughwhaddya want
03:57:12midknight2k3i know what i want
03:57:18midknight2k3what do YOU want is the question
03:59:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:04:00midknight2k3i know what i want
04:04:01midknight2k3what do YOU want is the question
04:04:04PlughI'm trying to finish up at the office so I can go home
04:04:12Plughno time for cryptic wordplay
04:04:13midknight2k3and what do you want?
04:04:36PlughI want $100,000 and a laptop hard drive
04:05:43Gazelone for me too, thx
04:06:47Plughokay. Going home now
04:07:39PlughI bet you're grinning like you thought of that first
04:09:15PlughI've had the nick as long as you've been alive. I've heard it all ;)
04:09:19Plughanyhow. g'bye
04:09:33DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
04:10:03 Join zombiejeff [0] (
04:10:35 Quit zombiejeff (Client Quit)
04:14:18 Quit k3no (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:18:51 Join k3no [0] (
04:21:34 Quit MT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:22:34midknight2k3bye bye all
04:23:04 Quit midknight2k3 ()
04:26:02 Quit Gazel ("Leaving")
04:35:11 Join AciD [0] (
04:43:45 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Save water -- drink beer!")
04:44:25 Join Guest [0] (
04:44:43 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
04:47:15 Join viver [0] (
04:48:12viverI've just updated the norwegian.lang file. How do I submit it?
04:52:05viverI'm going to bed now, But if you see this and feel that you have something reasonable to say, maybe you can send me a mail?
04:52:31 Quit viver ("Leaving")
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06:20:01 Join diddystar5 [0] (
06:20:21diddystar5does anyone here have a player/studio handy?
06:21:54 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
06:22:04diddystar5please! i need someone to test a new game for it
06:22:08diddystar5hey mid
06:22:56diddystar5i have a new game for the player i just don't have a player to test it on...
06:23:12midknight2k3mid did
06:23:17midknight2k3try the sim?
06:23:33midknight2k3you made a game?
06:23:39midknight2k3or what
06:24:02diddystar5the sim dosen't really work with it
06:24:12midknight2k3you made a game?
06:24:13diddystar5yes it's a game for the studio/player
06:24:17midknight2k3whats it like
06:24:50diddystar5well i didn't "make" the game it's a old one made a long time ago i just updated it and made it a plugin
06:24:59midknight2k3which game
06:25:01diddystar5it's a maze type game
06:25:12midknight2k3do you use mozilla?
06:25:26diddystar5no im to lazy to download it
06:25:38midknight2k3man you should
06:25:41midknight2k3i love it
06:25:44diddystar5i gues i could do that now :)
06:25:48midknight2k3firebird rocks
06:25:55midknight2k3which is the same as the plain mozilla
06:26:00midknight2k3without the extras
06:26:05midknight2k3came on my maximumcd
06:26:16midknight2k3compile it yourself if you like
06:26:20midknight2k3mr. crazed-compiler
06:26:34midknight2k3so many nice little touches to it.. small but nice
06:26:46diddystar5what? dosen't everyone compile software themselves?
06:26:50midknight2k3like how it slowly scrolls to a stop when it reaches the end of a page
06:27:00midknight2k3its just got a lot of little things like that
06:27:10diddystar5crao 13mb i don't have that time
06:27:23midknight2k3i was gonna get it too
06:28:17diddystar56.8mb for firebird
06:28:25midknight2k3or exe?
06:28:38midknight2k3i want SOURCE
06:28:44midknight2k3let me go look for it
06:28:49midknight2k3i'd recommend it though
06:29:06diddystar5midknight2k3: what have you compiled so far?
06:29:14midknight2k3uh, rockbox
06:29:20midknight2k3about 150 times
06:29:32midknight2k3dot dot dot
06:29:36diddystar5thats all...
06:29:55midknight2k3well yeah
06:29:57 Join k3no__ [0] (
06:30:01midknight2k3never tried to compile anything else
06:30:04 Quit k3no (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
06:30:06midknight2k3i don't play DOOM LEGACY
06:30:07diddystar5man i do that many a day
06:30:24diddystar5you should doom legacy is awsome
06:31:26diddystar5gotta go
06:31:33 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
07:16:12 Join thu_ [0] (
07:23:31 Quit thu (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:23:32 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:37:50 Quit k3no__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:46:24 Quit thu_ ("Client exiting")
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09:06:43 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
09:15:16 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:15:16 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
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10:23:16 Nick uski|aw is now known as uski (
10:23:23uskihi all
10:47:23 Quit uski (Remote closed the connection)
11:12:15 Join edx [0] (
11:15:09 Join _aLF [0] (
11:39:50 Join Anti-Steam|bSt [0] (
11:44:48 Quit Anti-Steam|bSt ("( :: NoNameScript 3.73 :: )")
11:59:47 Join uski [0] (
11:59:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:59:50uskimoo :)
13:59:49***No seen item changed, no save performed.
14:47:24 Join AciD [0] (
14:59:34 Join dsg [0] (
15:29:04 Join MT [0] (
15:59:51***No seen item changed, no save performed.
16:00:10 Join edx` [0] (
16:17:55 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:21:07 Join k3no__ [0] (
16:22:21uskiis there a TODO list somewhere ?
16:27:49MTor not
16:35:36 Join k3no [0] (
16:35:36 Quit k3no__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:44:14 Join yeft [0] (
16:44:26DBUGEnqueued KICK yeft
16:44:39yeft Idle time for Plugh ( 12hrs 35mins 11secs
16:55:04uskiMT: nah, but there is a NODO ;)
16:55:16uskiwhat is the standard directory where to put plugins in ?
16:55:18uski.rockbox ?
16:56:43 Nick edx` is now known as edx (
16:59:55CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 12 hours and 34 minutes at the last flood
16:59:55*yeft is away, auto-away after 15 minutes, (log\on pager\on)
17:05:39yeftyou put plugins in the /.rockbox/plugins
17:05:42yefti think...loll
17:07:22uskiok let me try :)
17:07:39uskibasically i can put the anywhere, and they wikll run, but they don't show in the menu
17:07:57uskiooo i just found a bug
17:10:31 Join k3no_ [0] (
17:10:32 Quit k3no (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:14:33uskidrop him a mail
17:19:07yefti did
17:23:00uskiok then: wait ;)
17:23:51yeftim impatient
17:24:14 Quit yeft ("|| n e m e s i s || v2.0 - by d0n - ||")
17:31:58 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
17:32:16midknight2k3anyone here know about rockbox + hard drives?
17:34:38uskiwhat do you want to know ?
17:35:21midknight2k3i want to take my rio riot disk and pop it in the archos, so as to use it as a usb mass storage, right?
17:35:37midknight2k3then use the rioreader software someone made to retrieve the unretrievable tracks
17:35:48midknight2k3riot's disk is some odd filesystem
17:35:52uskino problem
17:36:04midknight2k3i flashed rockbox on the fmrec
17:36:07uskithe interface between USb and the hard drive does not care about the filesystem
17:36:13uskinot a problem too
17:36:17midknight2k3but rockbox might, is all
17:36:26midknight2k3that's just what i was wondering
17:36:29uskiyou can do what you want, the USB<->HDD interface will not be affected,n and will not look the filesystem
17:36:34midknight2k3will it give me a hard time cause it cant read it?
17:36:39uskiit will simple be a bridge between the computer and the harddrive
17:36:51midknight2k3great. thanks
17:36:53uskiit will give you a hard drive but you won't be able to "double click" on it
17:37:02uskiit will be like if you mounted the drive into your computer
17:37:05midknight2k3riotreader can access it
17:37:09uskinothing more, nothing less
17:37:10midknight2k3that's good
17:37:17midknight2k3just like a 2.0 encloser?
17:37:26midknight2k3that's what the archos is
17:37:28uskiit uses the same chip as a lot of 2.0 enclosers
17:37:32midknight2k3except harder to open
17:37:37midknight2k3but worth it
17:37:44midknight2k3okay thanks uski
17:37:44uskioh a question !
17:37:53uskiyou have the warranty seal gray/green label ?
17:37:58uskiif yes, did you remove it ?
17:38:12uskiif yes, does it leave any trace of it on the enclosure of the archos ?
17:38:19midknight2k3do you have a jb rec or jb rec fm?
17:38:20uskialso, is the label severly damaged ?
17:38:22uskijb rec
17:38:32midknight2k3i never busted that one
17:38:34uskibut i think the seal is the same
17:38:42midknight2k3just take a hairdryer to it
17:38:44midknight2k3it will slip off
17:38:53midknight2k3it's like 1/2" in diameter
17:39:06midknight2k3nothing else i saw that blocked me
17:39:11midknight2k3no stickers at all
17:39:16midknight2k3for my fm
17:39:18uskii'd like to remove it without damaging it
17:39:19uskiok i'll try
17:39:30uskiso i remove the screw hidden by it and i put back the sticker :]
17:39:33midknight2k3just heat it an slip it off
17:39:43midknight2k3whatever you say
17:42:34uskii'll try later
17:42:37uskibrb 30mins
17:42:45uskiGRRR the backlight of my archos is damaged
17:42:51uskionly oine side is lighted up
17:42:59midknight2k3is that why you taking apart?
17:43:09uskiit just started to "blink"
17:43:15midknight2k3it just broke?
17:43:21midknight2k3take a look
17:43:30uskii'll sent it for repair
17:43:33uskii have a warranty
17:43:36uskii bought it some days ago
17:51:50midknight2k3plugh may get a hard drive from me yet
17:59:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:03:55 Join diddystar5 [0] (
18:04:13midknight2k3hye diddy
18:04:23diddystar5does anyone own a studio/player? i need a tester for a game!
18:04:56midknight2k3man that karma looks good
18:06:20*diddystar5 thinks the jb's look better
18:07:17diddystar5i don't guess anyone owns the studios anymore my work was useless :(
18:07:33midknight2k3i know someone does
18:08:09MTi sent mine for repair 3 weeks ago and i still havent had it back :/
18:08:46midknight2k3MT: make your wormlet patch a plugin
18:08:58MTit is a plugin
18:09:04midknight2k3and whaddaboudda that f2f3 thing
18:09:28MTits redundant with NEWKEYs and .rockbox browsing patch
18:09:48midknight2k3i thought you were making a patch?
18:09:58MTi was
18:10:02midknight2k3is not redundant
18:10:05midknight2k3keep going
18:10:07MTbut i stopped when i was told it was redundant
18:10:18midknight2k3dont believe that jerk
18:10:21midknight2k3its not
18:10:22MTtheres very little chancew of me doing anything presently
18:10:28midknight2k3ah man
18:10:35MTas i have no archos
18:10:43midknight2k3i can test it for you
18:10:51midknight2k3DCC is open all day
18:10:57uskimidknight2k3: i tried to remove the sticker on an out of warranty player, and it gets damaged
18:10:59diddystar5so can i or you can do it on the sim
18:11:10MTi wouldnt do it for the pleasure of doing it :)
18:11:21MTid do it if it would help me with my archos
18:11:24diddystar5i would
18:11:25midknight2k3but for MY pleasure!
18:11:25MTi dont have an archos
18:11:28MTi have no need
18:11:30midknight2k3uski: odd
18:11:33midknight2k3what did you do?
18:11:41uskithe metal film under it get removed on some parts
18:11:43MTmidnight2k3: go pleasure yourself
18:11:47uskiso you can see it have been removed
18:11:53uskii heated it then i removed it slowly
18:12:02midknight2k3those jerks at archos'es fault i spose
18:12:05midknight2k3mt: why not?
18:12:32MTwhat do i get out of it?
18:12:48midknight2k3a happy midk2k3?
18:12:55midknight2k3and a happy diddystar5
18:12:58MTnot a priority for me
18:12:58midknight2k3and a happy crowd
18:13:01diddystar5and a happy diddystar5
18:13:10midknight2k3everyone will like it
18:13:12midknight2k3cmon mt
18:13:25midknight2k3newkeys aint happening for a long time
18:13:37midknight2k3up to a year abouts
18:13:45midknight2k3no less than six months
18:13:49midknight2k3it's worth it i say
18:14:03midknight2k3right diddy?
18:14:09midknight2k3ok what
18:14:09MTlets make this absolutely clear
18:14:13midknight2k3oh rats
18:14:15diddystar5whew huw!
18:14:19midknight2k3i thought "ok" meant he'd do it
18:14:25MTi care very little about anyone elses enjoyment, utility or helpfulness
18:14:32uskiwhat is the torx number of the screws used by archos ?
18:14:36MTif i am going to do some programming, its either to get paid
18:14:38midknight2k3you did the WORMLET PATCH for yourself?
18:14:39diddystar5MT is selfish
18:14:40uskiT8 ? T9 ?
18:14:44MTor to scratch my OWN itch
18:14:49midknight2k3t9 maybe
18:15:02midknight2k3mt: it will scratch your itch
18:15:06midknight2k3and all other itches
18:15:15MTno it wont
18:15:21MTif i have no archos
18:15:25midknight2k3yes it WILL
18:15:27MTi have no inclination to program for it
18:15:31MTnone whatsoever
18:15:39midknight2k3we stuck with these crappy f2 and f3 screens till a year
18:15:50midknight2k3is it hard? not really
18:15:56midknight2k3is it worth it? YES
18:16:03midknight2k3you just dont understant, mbr
18:16:04MTthen YOU do it
18:16:11midknight2k3m<tab> isnt good enough
18:16:16midknight2k3you just dont understant, MT
18:16:24midknight2k3i would mt!
18:16:26midknight2k3but i cant!
18:16:33midknight2k3i dont even know much about your plans
18:16:37diddystar5hey mid: i had some ideas on the F3 screen
18:16:39midknight2k3what do you expect/
18:16:44uskido what ?
18:16:47midknight2k3my patch fixed it a little but not much
18:16:54midknight2k3diddy: what?
18:17:32uskiwhat do you want to do with f3 screen ?
18:17:49midknight2k3MT WOULD BE changing it around so as to give more functionality
18:17:56midknight2k3hes being mean again
18:18:47midknight2k3what else is new
18:19:04midknight2k3at least diddy's cooking up a patch that will overshadow your useless junk, MT!
18:19:36midknight2k3(i guess the old "pretend you don't care" scheme aint working)
18:19:54midknight2k3tried begging, tried not caring, what else?
18:21:32uskiwhat funcs would you like to add to the f3 screen ? i don't see what is missing
18:28:54MTtry getting me my archos back, so i have some desire to do this
18:29:22midknight2k3diddy is making a patch without fuss, if you dont wanna then just dont
18:29:53MTthats what i said 20 minutes ago, i didnt want to, and wasnt going to
18:30:00midknight2k3then don't
18:30:01MTbut you kept badgering me
18:30:11midknight2k3i havent said anything for about 10 minutes
18:30:29midknight2k309:19:53 | <midknight2k3> tried begging, tried not caring, what else?
18:30:30midknight2k309:28:53 | <MT> try getting me my archos back, so i have some desire to do this
18:30:34midknight2k310 minutes is right
18:30:47MTi havent been here for 10 minutes
18:30:51MTso that would make sense
18:31:10midknight2k3i cant help you get your archos back, and you cant help we with a nice patch
18:31:12midknight2k3oh well
18:32:26midknight2k3timestamp your messages MT
18:32:37MTi do?
18:33:11midknight2k3then dont reply to old messages
18:33:37midknight2k3all three of us are busy in our own channel
18:33:45midknight2k3discussing the patch
18:33:52midknight2k3but you cant view it cause its SECRET
18:33:59midknight2k3no whois will work
18:34:14MTmidnight2k3: are you a teenager?
18:34:21midknight2k3what do you think?
18:34:36MTi think you are about 14
18:34:39midknight2k3WE HAVE A LEET SPY HERE
18:34:56midknight2k3how did he know?
18:35:49MTyou never say anything useful, and have no insight into real life, ergo either 13 or 14
18:36:00dsgWell, this is quickly becoming the silliest discussion I've watched for a long time.
18:36:04diddystar5im 13
18:36:11dsgAnd that's by IRC standards.
18:36:12midknight2k3same here
18:36:23diddystar5MT: don't complain because im doing a patch now :)
18:36:25midknight2k3mt knew already
18:37:17uskiplease stop now :\
18:40:58 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
19:05:09 Join Dude [0] (
19:09:41 Join Staleknight [0] (
19:11:21Dudehello staleknight
19:11:29Dudemidknight'll be around soon
19:11:34StaleknightHey, Dude
19:12:48StaleknightSo now all of us can talk.
19:13:16Dudeyeah,uhm, go to and downlaod the client
19:13:22Dudethen we can have our own room.
19:13:41midknight2k3i feel bad about using rockbox chat, for nonrelated rockbox
19:14:01Dudeyeah, well...
19:14:06midknight2k3well what?
19:14:11midknight2k3it's rockbox, not ssotm
19:14:45Dudewell, that's my point.
19:14:59Dude61% and counting
19:15:14Dude68% and counting
19:15:24Dude72% and counting
19:15:27Dudefast modem I got
19:15:29midknight2k3stop please
19:16:45Dudedownlaod complete
19:16:49Dudenow ot install it
19:20:24Dudehow do i connect
19:20:46dsgWhat the hell are you talking about?
19:20:49Dudewhat illegal instruction
19:21:07midknight2k3dsg: nothing
19:21:23dsgThere's a whole lot of nothing going on.
19:21:29dsgSeveral pages worth, even.
19:21:49midknight2k3one page
19:21:54midknight2k3unless you use a big font
19:22:07dsgStandard 80x25 terminal.
19:22:58Staleknight[I guess I'm stuck with the "Unregistered" messages then...]
19:23:19midknight2k3staleknight: yeah
19:23:20midknight2k3its oj
19:23:52StaleknightDad wants me to get ready to go to the library, so I'll exit right now.
19:24:01midknight2k3come back soon
19:24:05 Quit Staleknight ("Leaving")
19:25:00 Quit Dude ("Leaving")
19:25:49 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk2k3 (
19:26:46 Quit dsg ("Foo")
19:28:44 Nick midk2k3 is now known as midknight2k3 (
19:29:22 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk2k3 (
19:30:47 Join track1 [0] (
19:33:26midk2k3mooey pies
19:34:22 Quit track1 (Client Quit)
19:34:37midk2k3oh ym god
19:34:43 Join track1 [0] (
19:35:09track1well what do you expect when you filed "dff"?
19:35:22midk2k3what do you expect when you file all that stuff
19:35:25midk2k3tea maker
19:35:29midk2k3multi function
19:35:33midk2k3war stopper
19:35:40midk2k3software tuner
19:35:44midk2k3zip files
19:36:13track1erm, I did not file those
19:36:21midk2k3yes you did
19:36:24midk2k3he didnt know it
19:36:26midk2k3but you did
19:36:51track1I did not file war stopper or software tuner or zipfiles
19:37:54midk2k3yes you did
19:37:57midk2k3all of em
19:38:19track1well you can store zip files on the Archos if u wish
19:40:06midk2k3i have to go
19:40:16midk2k36:38pm there right
19:40:52 Quit midk2k3 ()
19:41:00track1hes a funny bloke
19:45:44 Join Kamayaka [0] (
19:46:31Kamayakahi, anybody awake ?
19:46:50Kamayakaim searching for an actual build of the rockbox software for the 8mb recorder...
19:53:13 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
19:56:36Kamayakaso nobody can supply me the 8mb compilation ?
19:58:58 Join Dude [0] (
19:59:13 Part Dude
19:59:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:08:41 Quit track1 ("Leaving")
20:17:11Kamayakaill get back to you tomorrow :)
20:17:12 Quit Kamayaka ()
20:33:26 Join Dude [0] (
20:33:55Dudejust asking, when did midknight leave here?
20:34:10Plugh50 minutes ago
20:34:17Dudewhere am I stamping around?
20:34:38DudeI'll leave if you don't object.
20:35:00Plughright now, the cats walking around are giving me a headache
20:35:59Dude*winks and stcks tounge out*
20:36:10Plughsomeone answered my email about hard drives
20:36:22Plughand I deleted it cuz it went to my spamhole
20:36:24Dudewhat email about harddrives
20:36:38Dudewhat email do you have
20:36:50PlughI'm looking for someone who has a hard drive lying around since they upgraded their archos
20:37:04Dudenot me
20:37:04PlughI could use a 5, 10, 15, or 20 gig laptop hard drive
20:37:24Plughmy laptop has a 4 gig, and it's getting uncomfortably cramped
20:37:30DudeI have a 20 meg harddrive in a 11 year old laptop
20:37:48Dudethat definitely won't help
20:38:15Dudeunless you want to buy the laptop for $100
20:38:20PlughI found a web site that said Hitachi dropped the price from $4599 to $4299 in 1997
20:38:26Plughon my laptop
20:38:33Dudethen I have no objection to you buying it
20:38:55Plughtell ya what... pay me $20 and I'll take it
20:38:57Dudedecresed the price of what $300?
20:39:17Dudeyou pay me $100 and I'll give it to you
20:39:22Dudeshipping included
20:39:25uskiPlugh: can i send you a private message, please ?
20:39:31Dudewhere do you live anyway
20:39:47PlughI just found it amusing that this Pentium 233 with 32meg RAM was over $4000
20:40:11Plughme? San Francisco area
20:40:36DudeWell my laptop back in 1992 with 1MB RAM and 20MB HD $1300-TANDY HD1800
20:40:43Dudeyes, you . thanks.
20:40:49DudeI live in detroit area
20:41:23Dude286 12Mhz
20:41:40Dude*80286 6Mhz or 12Mhz
20:43:25Dudeyo still there?
20:43:43Plughyeah. just reading email and stuff
20:44:09Dudewanna buy it?
20:44:15Plughhell no :)
20:44:32Dudegotta do homework
20:44:34 Part Dude
20:44:38Plughsome guy on the mailing list made a circuit board with a headphone driver
20:45:08uskiPlugh: interesting !!!
20:45:18uskido you rember when it was posted ?
20:45:35uskilol ok
20:45:39Plughabout 6 hours ago
20:46:11Plughthat's the photo documentation with schematic, board layout, and installed into his Rio
20:46:21Plughbut his solder job scares me
20:46:54uskiexactly lol
20:46:58uskii don't want this in my archos
20:47:11uskialso a bass boost is not what you need for an archos
20:47:22uskibefore anything else you need to do the mods on the rockbox website
20:47:27uskiabout the volume resistors and the two capacitors
20:47:40Plughhe said that wasn't enough for him
20:48:09PlughI like the idea of being able to overdrive a pair of headphones
20:48:10uskidamn i think he is not used to solder SMT components and/or he does not have a good solder
20:48:30uskii am considering building this too lol that's why i am interested
20:48:35uskibut i want to make a clean project
20:48:48Plughyeah. He's got some good ideas
20:49:03PlughI would wire it without the bass boost
20:49:26PlughI use mine to listen to audio books, and I don't need 5db@50 Hz
20:49:42uskiwell i often listen techno music and so on
20:49:48PlughI do too
20:49:48uskiand what i need is not a BOOM BOOM BOOM
20:49:52uskibut i want a clear sound
20:50:05uskithe problem with an unmodded archos is that the cutout frequency is too high
20:50:36PlughI have a pair of Soly MDR-V7000 headphones that I'd like to be able to drive to their limits if I desire
20:50:56Plughbut I also have a need to pipe line levels out of my device
20:52:14Plughdid you ever see the commercial with the lady typing her resignation letter of one sentence. and it takes all of a 30 second commercial because of her carpal tunnel syndrome? That's fast becoming me
20:53:10uskii don't understand what you mean
20:53:16uskifor the lady
20:53:34Plughif you didn't see the commercial, you wouldn't understand
20:53:57uskii did i think
20:54:03Plughanyhow, it makes my typing really bad. My fingers don't always reach the right keys anymore
20:54:11uskioh ok
20:54:55PlughI just looked at his completed project. It seems like he has it set up as an external device, which would be ideal
20:54:58uskiit would be ok for headphones lol
20:55:02uski1watt at 8 ohms lol
20:55:19uskiyea but you need addiotionnal batteries
20:55:29uskiit is not very easy to use
20:55:39uski"oh i charged my archos but not my amplfier"
20:55:54 Join diddystar5 [0] (
20:56:49Plughhi didd
20:58:01uskiwb diddystar5
20:59:38uskihmmm i think that using the direct battery voltage to power the headphone amplifier is a good idea
20:59:54uski3.3volts are not enoigh to get more power than what the archos is giving
21:00:01diddystar5uski: i finished my patch :)
21:00:15uskididdystar5: mwehehehe :]
21:00:19diddystar5im submiting it now
21:00:21uski page 7
21:03:31uski(lm4881 is better)
21:23:08diddystar5have to go bye!
21:23:10 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
21:35:23 Join k3no [0] (trilluser@
21:36:17 Join AciD [0] (
21:43:06 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:43:11 Join mecraw_ [0] (
21:43:38 Join Dude [0] (
21:43:44 Part Dude
21:48:49 Join k3no_ [0] (
21:59:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:09:57 Quit k3no (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:21:28 Join t-rack [0] (
23:23:39 Quit t-rack (Client Quit)
23:28:45 Join t-rack [0] (
23:30:11t-rackmy archos is 1 year and 2 months old now!
23:34:17 Quit t-rack ("Leaving")
23:37:21 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
23:40:54 Join yeft [0] (
23:44:17 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:56:19*yeft is away, auto-away after 15 minutes, (log\on pager\on)
23:56:28 Join track1 [0] (
23:56:37track1hiya yeft
23:58:49yefthi track
23:59:00yefti wanna sell my HD to plugh!!!

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