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#rockbox log for 2003-10-05

00:00:36track1well when you consider the Archo's industrial build quality a warrenty isn't needed :-)
00:01:45 Join diddystar5 [0] (
00:02:16track1the Archos is indestructable compared to other MP3 players
00:04:35yeftmy ajb6000 fell apart internally
00:04:52uskitrack1: lol you might consider looking for other mp3 players like a creative zen
00:04:54diddystar5the dc plug thingy fell out of mine yesterday
00:05:14uskithe first mod i done on a jb6k was to change the power plug
00:05:28uskiit was some months ago on a friend's player
00:05:30diddystar5but i have problems with the plug ting now
00:05:36 Join Dude [0] (
00:05:56diddystar5i resoldered it, and i plugged in the adapter, and my archos started smoking!
00:05:56track1well mine has been put through constant use and abuse 24/7 for 14 months and it never has complained :-)
00:06:08uskilol diddystar5 loooool
00:06:12uskiwhat burnt ?
00:06:14diddystar5yeah it was scary
00:06:17track1did u give it Nicorette patches to help it quit?!
00:06:31uskitrack1: lolol
00:06:35diddystar5i don't think it's burnt, but i haven't tried to refix it yet
00:07:00 Part Dude
00:07:02uskiwhen the plug on my freidn's archos have been damaged i put another one instead of it
00:07:11diddystar5it smelled really bad for about an hour also
00:07:13uskiluckylu i had exactly the same model on hand
00:07:17track1so how come my Archos has never had any problems?
00:07:22track1I have a Recorder 10 btw
00:07:30uskitrack1: the probability to get a problemis raising with time :]
00:07:41track1you lot prob have Players
00:07:47diddystar5i owned two ajb5k's before i got my recorder both of them had bad hd's
00:08:07uskitrack1: the players and the recorders are very similar
00:08:23yeftyeah, my ajb6k wouldnt turn on... so i opened it up to find the soldering had fallen i got an FMR :)
00:08:42yeftand now i wanna sell my HD to plugh
00:08:45track1i don't like the look of the FMR
00:08:57uskiyeft: what do you plan to do with the rest of the 6k ?
00:09:01yeftPOO ON YOU
00:09:04track1it doesn't have the classy looks of the normal Recorders
00:09:06yefti have the parts in a bag
00:09:15diddystar5ill take them!
00:09:15uskiif you plan to throw it away, i would be interested to get it
00:09:27diddystar5i called it first!
00:09:28yeftsome of them maybe broken...
00:09:44uskididdystar5 no i did lol
00:09:46yefti wasnt very careful
00:09:51uskiyeft not a problem
00:10:05diddystar5i just love jb's
00:10:13uskii would be particularly interested with the CPU board
00:10:26diddystar5i wana practice the 8mb mod
00:10:28uskithe other things does not interest me
00:10:36uskididdystar5: on a player ?!
00:10:49uskierm don't take the cpu board just to "try" something
00:10:51*yeft thinks diddy and uski both want....thinks : )
00:10:54track1what is the Player's LCD like?
00:11:01diddystar5it sucks
00:11:06uskitrack1: 2 char lines + 1 symbol line
00:11:11uski= yes, it sucks
00:11:14track1oh right
00:11:23 Join WeimaR [0] (
00:11:24track1couldn't u use both lines of char-cells as a graphical LCD?
00:11:29diddystar5thats why you don't have the cool demos and games for it
00:11:37uskii would like to have a cpu board because i did the uart boot mod on a 6k cpu board and it cannot be reversed on players
00:11:39diddystar5track1: yes but
00:12:00diddystar5track1: there are only 7 pizles in each line
00:12:15uskiit is not the only problem
00:12:27uskiyou cannot have more than a small number of custom chars
00:12:27track1so you would have 14 lines of pixels?
00:12:35uskiso you cannot dram graphics of any sort
00:13:13yeftwasnt there a rockbox logo attempt at a graphic?
00:13:18diddystar5you can but not nice cute ones
00:13:22track1like the fool who said "display album art by squeezing an entire cover into one of the Player's character cells"
00:13:26 Quit WeimaR (Client Quit)
00:13:43uskitrack1: nah the man saying this was dreaming
00:13:49track1do u wanna see the link?
00:14:00uskii trust you but it won't be done lol
00:14:55uskiyes and see what zagor said:
00:14:59uskiAn excercise for you:
00:14:59uski1) Convert two album covers to 5x7 1bit images.
00:14:59uski2) Try to tell the black blotches apart.
00:15:15uskifor players, it is impossible
00:15:33uskifor recorders, it is possible theorically, but as the lcd is only B&W and not grayscale, it will be horrible
00:15:43uski=> you won't see anything
00:16:11track1well you could simulate grayscale by rapidly flashing some pixels on the Recorder
00:17:19track1or you do greyscale by adjusting the contrast for individual pixels, not the whole screen :-)
00:17:24uskiyes, we _could_
00:17:39uskiyou cannot adjust the contract of each pixel
00:17:49uskicontrast adjust is only for the whole screen
00:18:05diddystar5i think the lcd controller only supports entire screen contrast
00:18:12yeftwake up
00:18:23uskididdystar5: yes it does
00:18:31uskiand it is the case for ALL lcd
00:18:39diddystar5MT: wake up i wanna pester someone :)
00:18:41uskiit is because of the lcd technology
00:18:50track1grrrrrrrrrrrr there a way to change the bootup logo (like from the rockbox one...or in addition to the rockbox one as not to hurt anyones feelings"
00:19:24uskiyes it can be done
00:19:34diddystar5it's in apps/recorder/icons.c
00:20:12diddystar5you need to use the tool bmp2rb to get it in those weird 0x3243 stuff
00:21:05diddystar5a starting logo already in monochrome is in uisimulator/x11/archos
00:21:35uskiyeft: yes. rockbox rocks
00:21:49diddystar5the logo is: unsigned char rockbox112x37[]={
00:22:26 Quit track1 ("Leaving")
00:25:08yeftcan you walk me through this bmp2rb thing...
00:25:15yefti am c retarded.....
00:25:20yeftand on windozew
00:25:34diddystar5you do have cygwin right?
00:25:51diddystar5do you know how to compile rockbox?
00:27:20diddystar5well your gonna need to be able to do that see:
00:27:38uskia good thing would be to add an option in rockbox, like: "display sted lolg OR display a custom logo in .rockbox/startup.bmp"
00:27:57uskiperhaps with "rockbox" written in the bottom right corner anyway
00:28:16diddystar5could be done
00:28:31uskiit could be fun to make a pin code too lol
00:28:39uskilike when you start it, it asks you for a code
00:29:00uskilike "left left right up down"
00:29:33uskiwith a selfdestruct func that clears the flash is too many codes have been entered
00:29:37uskiyes im evil
00:29:48diddystar5yeft: if you start with edit it in whatever editor you have send it to me and ill make it in rockbox for you if you want
00:30:11yeftok this is gonna be awhile...56k...ya killin me!
00:30:24uskiit is very small
00:30:24yeftreally : )
00:30:26diddystar5heh im on a 56 also :)
00:30:30uski112*64 or sth like this
00:30:37uskiin black and white
00:30:41yeftis not small
00:30:42uskioh ok
00:30:48diddystar5i think its a 7.3mb dl
00:30:50uskii thought you were speaking of the bitmap
00:31:11diddystar5see ya uski
00:31:11uskiyeft: don't throw away your cpu board please
00:31:14uskisee you diddystar5
00:31:25 Nick uski is now known as uski|aw (
00:32:38diddystar5also instead of using tar.exe and bz2.exe 7-zip is a easy to use program for unziping those archives see
00:33:05uski|awwinrar is okay too
00:33:22yefti have winrar
00:33:23diddystar5and 7-zip is very fast!
00:33:39diddystar5good no need ofr tar.exe and bz2.exe
00:53:27diddystar5gotta go
00:53:29 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
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01:12:26yefthmm how do you pronounce plugh? is it plug...or pludge?
01:15:11 Join AciD [0] (
01:27:46yeftor is it pluge
01:27:57yeftor maybe plug h
01:28:13yeft(h pronounced as ach
01:30:18yeftplug but the u has two dots over it as in uberhacker
01:32:43 Join k3no [0] (
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02:33:39 Part Dude
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04:42:39yeft...mmmmmmm plugh?
05:12:36*yeft is away, auto-away after 15 minutes, (log\on pager\on)
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07:44:00midknight2k3how to pronounce plugh, eh?
07:44:03midknight2k3i can i think
07:44:16midknight2k3plug, with a "hh" at the end
07:44:20midknight2k3like, plug-h
07:44:26midknight2k3just like its spelled
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11:27:22uskihi all
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14:02:08Ilanyone here has the "File sys. error" problem in the jukebox??
14:02:28uskino, when did it occur for the first time ?
14:02:51Illast monday
14:03:23Ili'm stuck
14:03:24uskidid you something that generated this error ?
14:03:37Ilthe hard disc works on my pc
14:04:07Ili put the rockbox 2.0 two weeks ago
14:04:44Ili've formatted the hd in fat32
14:05:03Ilone primary partition and active
14:09:13uskiyou mean the hard drives work when you browse files from the pc
14:09:16uskiand rockbox can't read it ?
14:09:26Ilyeah, right
14:09:34uskiwhat with the archos original firmware ?
14:09:45Ilno way
14:09:48uskilooks like a physical problem in the archos for me
14:09:55uskilike a broken data line or so
14:10:04Ilmay be, i don't know
14:10:16uskiis it still on warranty ?
14:10:47Ilno, it broke one month out of warranty
14:11:04uskido you have some electronic skills ?
14:11:29uskihmm :)
14:12:20uskiis it a player or a recorder ?
14:12:28Ila player
14:12:35Iljukebox 6000
14:12:46Ilbut... one thing
14:13:05Ili've another 2.5 hard disc
14:13:11uskiok i think the player does not even boot rockbox; i think the eror msg is displayed by the ROM firmware
14:13:18uskitry putting it on the archos then
14:13:27uskii don't thyink it can damage it
14:13:53Ilsorry, putting what?
14:14:00uskithe HDD, sorry
14:14:08Il(sorry for my english)
14:14:13uskiim not english too ;)
14:14:23Ilok then
14:15:02uskiit will tell you how to swap the harddrive
14:15:06Ilyou mean putting rockbox firmware on the hd?
14:15:17uskino, i mean trying with another hard drive
14:15:39Ilow, that disc doesn't work
14:16:17Ili said it cause when i connect that hd the message displayed is "HD Error"
14:16:17uskianyway i think it is a problem inside your archos
14:16:33uskiperhaps a problem with the circuit that switches the hard disk interface between USB and the archos CPU
14:17:04uskias the hard drives work in USB mode, the hard drive is OK
14:18:25Ilwhen i connect the usb cable the message "USB Active" appears but the icon doesn't appear
14:18:48Iland the disc doesn't appear on the explorer too
14:18:51uskithe icon on the computer ?
14:18:55uskihmmmm !
14:19:13Ilsome bizarre??
14:19:22uskiso, nothing works ?
14:19:29uskinot in usb mode, and not in "autonomous" mode ?
14:19:41Ilnothing but the hd with the 2.5-3.5 ide cable
14:19:54uskihmmm :\
14:20:00uskithat is bad
14:20:06Ilnow you are like me
14:20:24uskiso you opened your archos , right ?
14:21:03uskitry checking if the CPU board is connected correctly, the cpu board is the one you can see whenyou remove the hard drive, it has 3 chips, and one is flagged "ISD200"
14:21:23Ili'm going in...
14:21:35uskialso look for a chip called SST3xVF020
14:21:42uskitell me if it is SST39VF020 or SST37VF020
14:23:28Ilwhere's that last chip?
14:23:41Ilneed to unmount?
14:23:57uskino, you simply need to remove the HDD to see it
14:24:09uskibut if you don't, don't care about it, it was just to know, it does not affect your problem
14:24:14Ilsorry there was a little stick
14:24:19uskiah yes !
14:24:25uskiyou must remove the sticker on it
14:24:55Ilwait a moment, i'm like chewacca with these things
14:25:10uskilool don't break it, if you feel uncomfortable stop looking
14:26:15Iland now is when you says: oh, no fuck!!
14:26:26uskinah ;)
14:26:30uskiit is not related to your problem
14:26:37Iloh, ok
14:26:38uskii wanted to know because i am working on rockflash for players
14:26:47uskiand the 39VF020 chip can be flashed, the 37VF020 cannot
14:26:52uskiand i wanted to know if some players could be flashed
14:27:02uskiso, your could have benn flashed
14:27:04Ilwell, that a little good
14:27:16uskibut rockflash for players is not ready (yet)
14:27:38Ilyyyeaaaahh, flased and fucked
14:28:22uskii don't know what to tell you for your hdd problem
14:28:39Ilthanks for your help
14:28:45uskiperhaps the connector is dusty
14:28:49uskior something like this
14:28:59uskibut it could also be a more severe problem
14:29:26Ilwet = dead??
14:29:44uskiyou mean there was water on your player ?
14:29:55Ilno water, some wet
14:30:02Ilwater is sure dead
14:30:06uskii don't think it can kill it
14:30:36uskinah, water can't kill it, if you remove the humidity with a heardryer before using it; anyway i don't recommend putting water on it :)
14:31:12Ilhehe, not waterproof (yet)
14:31:15uskilast try: try with another battery set
14:31:27Ilmaybe on the next rockbox
14:31:31uskilol ;)
14:31:54Ili tried yesterday
14:31:55uskiand always try with nicd or nimh batteries
14:31:58uskinever with alkaline
14:32:14uskiok :\
14:32:15Ilno, NIMH 1800
14:32:34*uski is looking his old jukebox 6000to see what could fail
14:33:41uski(looks like your cpu board is dead, sorry)
14:33:42Ilmaybe a connector of the ide and the player
14:33:47uskiyea, maybe
14:33:54uskior a broken solder
14:34:06Ilsound good :-(
14:34:10uskior a bad contact... or a lot of things :\
14:34:22Ilor everything
14:34:48Ilanyone sells an archos player without hd??
14:34:55uskidon't throw it into the bin
14:35:09Ilok sells players for 199 euros
14:35:22uskijukebox 6000
14:35:25uskiwith hd
14:35:35uskiin "special offers"
14:35:55Illet's see
14:36:04uskibut wait before buying
14:36:09MTi know a store that sells recorder 10's for £130
14:36:10uskiperhaps someone has a magic fix
14:36:18uskiMT hmm :)
14:36:23Ilyeah, harry potter
14:36:24MTthats 180 euros
14:36:32uskiarchos was selling recorders 15 for 249euros some weeks ago
14:36:35uskibut they removed it
14:36:42Ildamn it
14:37:03MTmy fm recorder was 250 euros
14:37:05uskii bought a archos recorder 20 some days ago for approx. 310 euros VAT included
14:37:35Illast year i bought the archos 6000 for 180
14:37:44MT293 euros inc vat
14:37:44Ilso unlucky
14:37:55uskiIl: it is a pity your warranty expired just one month ago
14:38:48Ilit's like being on the jukebox firmware
14:39:30uskiIl: nah :)
14:39:54Ili'm on suspect
14:40:00uskithere is no way for the player to know what date it is
14:40:07uskiit is impossible
14:40:19Ili'll investigate
14:40:22uskiit could exist on the recorders because they have a Real Time Clock, BUT their firmware have benn disassembled
14:40:35uskisuch a trick would have been discovered
14:40:44uskialso it would have been a lot of risk for archos to put such a feature
14:40:47uskithey will never risk it
14:40:48Ilhehhe, i see
14:42:20Il:-(, my archos... so young yo die
14:42:23uskiis there a sticker on the usb connector ?
14:42:31uskiwhen you remove the HDD
14:42:39uskion my archos there is a white sticker "V7 - 1994"
14:42:58Ilonly the warranty sela
14:43:57Ildo you know some reason of the cpu's dead??
14:44:10Ildropping the player??
14:44:12uskiperhaps your archos fallen
14:44:19uskiso it broke some contact somewhere
14:44:24uskiyes it is possible
14:44:29Ilooowww, my brother... sure!
14:44:37uskihe let the archos falling ?
14:44:50Ilwait a moment, i'm going to kill someone
14:44:56uskibad thing, but it is not sure it is caused by this
14:45:01uskibut it may be
14:45:55Ili'm so cabreado
14:46:04uskicabreado ?
14:46:16Ilyeah, angry
14:46:19Ilin spain
14:46:45uskiooo you're spanish ?
14:46:56uskii wish i could have better marks in spanish
14:47:27uskitu archos tiene un problemo
14:47:58Ilproblems have passed to my archos
14:48:11Ilit has no problem now
14:48:47uski? ?
14:48:50Ildo you think they will sell the archos 15 anymore?
14:49:01uskithey removed it so ithink they are out of stock
14:49:37Il329 are soooooo far for me
14:49:54Iland i nedd my music!
14:50:02uskithen buy a jukebox 6k :\
14:50:18Ilmmm... every year?
14:50:42uskiit is "only" 200 euros on archos website
14:50:54Ili'm very unlucky with the mp3 player
14:51:05Iltwo years ago i bought a classic xp3
14:51:17uskithat's why i don't want to open my brand new recorder, because i am sure it will fail smoe day
14:51:25uskiand i will open it only when the warrant will be expired
14:51:38Ilthat's what i did
14:52:05uskii bought a Napa DAV310
14:52:08Ilselfdestruction... think about it...
14:52:16Ilhehehe, ok
14:52:21uskiyou can't press any button while it is buffering the mp3 data frmo the CD
14:52:25uskiwhat a shit
14:52:26Ilcd playe, doesn't it?
14:52:36uskiwasn't very expensive but i regret
14:52:38Ilyeah, i know
14:53:12Ilbest: ipod and archos
14:53:47uskireative zen are good
14:53:50uskii don't like ipods
14:54:06uskiarchoses are OK but they are not robust
14:54:08Ilipod are great but very fragile
14:54:13uskii bought an archos only thanks to rockbox
14:54:21Ilzen it's very expensive
14:57:10Ilhow much € are 300L
14:57:39Ilbah, doesn't matter
14:58:11Ili'm still paying my pc...
14:59:04 Quit adi|home (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:59:18Ilwell uski...
14:59:25uskiyes ?
14:59:29Ili'm very please for your help
15:00:29uskidon't hesistate to come again
15:00:56Ilno, sure
15:01:34Ilit's the only channel of irc with no viruses
15:01:38uskiand don't throw your archos away
15:02:02Ilhd sure not, archos i don't know...
15:02:23Ili'll freeze it like walt disney
15:03:17 Part Il
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16:47:15 Nick edx` is now known as edx (
16:51:22uskii just found 2300mAh niMh batteries for 20euros
16:51:59 Join Kamayaka [0] (
16:52:14 Quit Kamayaka (Client Quit)
16:52:22 Join Kamayaka [0] (
17:27:23 Join Thefirstdude [0] (
17:28:08ThefirstdudeUgh!!!! When was midknight last here?
17:29:05Thefirstdudeanyone here?
17:30:07 Quit Thefirstdude (Client Quit)
17:33:13uskiwhen will they learn to wait ?..
17:45:46webmindnever is my gues
17:46:23webmindwhen will they learn that shouting on irc doesnt work would be my question :)
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18:42:41 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
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19:02:35 Join edx [0] (
19:18:11 Join viver [0] (
19:19:12viverI've updated the norsk.lang file and i'm wondering how i submit the file?
19:33:02 Quit viver ("Leaving")
19:58:10 Join kerbe6 [0] (
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20:00:56*uski just found remplacment buttons for archoses products !!! woooooooow
20:01:32uskimy company
20:02:24kerbe6Would anyone here be able to help me out with a Rock Box prob I'm havin?
20:02:52kerbe6well i got it on my archos a few days ago (studio 20)...
20:03:31kerbe6and most of the songs i upload to the player will play fine, but some of them will stop playing midsong, and sometimes i will have to restart the player
20:03:45kerbe6about 1 in every 6 songs do it
20:03:51uskidoes it happen with archos' firmware ?
20:04:14kerbe6not sure...I downloaded RockBox almost right after i got the player
20:04:18 Quit AciD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:04:28uskithen try removing rockbox
20:04:40uskiit is interesitng to know if it also happens with archos's firmware
20:04:49kerbe6good idea
20:05:41kerbe6well if it turns out it only does that with RockBox, what could be the problem?
20:06:00uskihmmm no idea
20:06:04kerbe6i'm thinking maybe the songs got messed up wen they were transfered to the player
20:06:04uskiit is the first time i hear about it
20:06:57uskistay here
20:07:01uskiyou might also submit a bug report
20:11:17kerbe6i just got the archos firmware back on and am testing the songs now
20:11:31uskiyea just did the same thing with the archos firmware...
20:16:10 Quit dw|gone (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:16:21uskiwarranty ?..
20:16:22kerbe6it happened at the same time in one of the songs as it did with the rockbox too...
20:16:33uskiperhaps a faulty hard drive ?
20:16:36 Join dw|gone [20] (
20:16:39MTbad mp3s
20:16:46MTwhat did you use to encode them?
20:16:54kerbe6not sure bout the it new off of ebay a few weeks ago
20:17:11uskibefore verify the quality of your mp3s
20:17:26kerbe6i have downloaded them straight from kazaa...
20:17:39kerbe6i did mess with the id3 tags quite abit though
20:17:41MTso of dubious quality :)
20:17:48kerbe6lol yeah
20:19:50kerbe6why is there a lin-in port on the studio 20 if you cant record with the studio 20?
20:21:36webmindkerbe6, good question
20:21:44webmindu can use it though
20:22:14webmindwell u can use your archos as an amplifyer
20:32:09kerbe6well thx fer the halp uski MT and webmind =)
20:32:11 Quit Kamayaka (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:40:34 Quit Hadaka (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
20:40:34 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
20:41:05 Join Track [0] (
20:43:26 Join yeft [0] (
20:46:07Trackheyi kerbe
20:48:51Trackdoes anyone know a decent MP3 ripping program? NOT MUSICMATCH
20:49:56MTeac and lame
20:51:00Trackive had nothing but problems with Music Match
20:53:09 Quit Track ("Leaving")
20:54:35 Join Guest [0] (
20:55:37 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
21:07:56 Quit yeft ("|| ¥ n e m e s i s ¥ || v2.0 - by d0n - ||")
21:07:56 Quit kerbe6 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:35:15 Join mattF [0] (
21:35:59mattFlo folks
21:37:24mattFJust stopping by to ask a quick question: would 2300 mAh batteries be OK in my JBR?
21:38:55 Join edx` [0] (
21:44:51 Quit nifti ()
21:50:58 Join Il [0] (
21:51:20Ilhi all
21:51:57Ilhey uski
21:53:11Ili've proved unlocking the hard disc password...
21:53:19Iland no way
21:53:43 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:54:24Ildoes anyone here know what is the reason of a "File sys. error"?
21:55:39 Join BENtheTEN [0] (
21:56:22 Join AciD [0] (
21:56:59 Nick edx` is now known as edx (
21:59:30BENtheTENwhy is there no project for playing mod or sid on the rockbox?
22:00:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:02:25 Join top_bloke [0] (
22:05:18 Quit mattF ("Leaving")
22:11:51 Join Track [0] (
22:12:39 Quit Il ()
22:40:50 Quit edx ()
22:44:18 Quit Track ("Leaving")
22:52:05 Join Kamayaka [0] (
22:52:41Kamayakahas anybody seen idc dragon ?
22:54:52Kamayakanobody ? :\ come on, tell me the truth :)
22:55:54BENtheTENhehe no sorry
22:56:59Kamayakawanted to talk bout the flash mod and i need to replace the flash chip and could do some documentation bout how to do it...
22:57:37Kamayakaobviously my jukebox is one of the 15% not beeing able to do it out of the box :\
22:59:18Kamayakato complex ?
22:59:26Kamayakato + o => too
23:02:38BENtheTENare there jukeboxes not able to do so?
23:02:54 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:12:21*BENtheTEN is away: halt so sache mache
23:16:17Kamayakayes there are...
23:16:21Kamayakaja die gibts wirklich !
23:19:08Kamayakaindeed :)
23:19:27diddystar5? the ? ?
23:19:45Kamayakahä ?
23:20:32diddystar5the only word i know you said there was "the" or in german "die"
23:21:17Kamayakaa well, you should now bear is bier and mass is one liter... (i´m living nearby the octoberfest or in other words wies'n)
23:27:00BENtheTENyou mean beer .. bear is bär ;-)
23:27:41Kamayakaah well. that´s true (seems Kama is little bit drunken :))
23:29:01 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:39:34 Part diddystar5
23:53:15 Quit AciD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:58:55 Join track [0] (

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