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#rockbox log for 2003-10-07

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00:01:33DudeI'll go and laugh my head off elsewhere unless you want to talk to me...
00:01:44Dudeabout life with bush and anything else
00:02:05Dude*OR anything else
00:02:20Dude*AND/OR anything else
00:02:55Dudebut I'm ROMBLMAOOMH
00:03:38Dude*Rolling on my ball laughing my ass out of my head
00:03:52DudeI did NOT just say tht, did I?
00:04:58DudeVery interesting converstion, this, isn't it. With myself. Any of you care to say something more useful than ?
00:05:44Dudeno. bye.
00:05:51DudeI'm sad to go.
00:06:15Dudeif you do care, meet me in the unregistered channel #ssotm.
00:06:17 Part Dude
00:06:51 Join Dude [0] (
00:07:11DudeUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Still not here!!!!!!!! Bye!
00:07:21Dudeunless any of you protest...
00:08:24Plughsome of you guys need to get IM :)
00:08:35DudeI do
00:08:46Dudeguess my name
00:09:07PlughI couldn't presume
00:09:18Dudesorry for caps
00:09:32Plughwhy are you 02 if you're thefirstdude?
00:09:49Dudeand MK is Hotmail...
00:10:08DudeI am too, but... uhm... I don't have permission to use messenger
00:10:19Dudewhy am I 02? Because I wanted to be.
00:10:52yeftaim can do icq :)
00:10:59Dudeit is a contradiction, tin't it.
00:11:04DudeDFon't got AOL
00:11:18Dudewhat's ICQ
00:11:31PlughI use AIM mostly
00:11:47Dudewhat's ICQ? AIM?
00:11:47Plughand occasionally ICQ, MSN, Yahoo
00:12:04Plughother IM programs
00:12:07Dudeyahoo? what are you?
00:12:15DudeWHO are you?
00:13:10DudeGot my message?
00:13:12Plughif I'm logged on at all, it's at home and I can't see it now
00:13:42Dude\actually what?
00:13:54 Quit AciD (".L")
00:13:59PlughI pulled up my home box
00:14:02Plughremote control
00:14:09 Quit yeft ("|| n e m e s i s || v2.0 - by d0n - ||")
00:14:10Plughbut I didn't get the message
00:14:21DudeI sent it to plughie
00:14:38PlughI think my privacy options don't allow it
00:14:50Dudechange them
00:15:02Dudewhat privacy settings anyways?
00:16:19PlughI added you
00:16:24Dudewhat? oh
00:17:21Dudegot em
00:17:33Dude*got em?
00:17:39Plughoddly, no
00:17:47 Quit Kamayaka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:17:56Plughmaybe Yahoo broke Trillian again
00:17:59Dudewhat all these persons quitting?
00:18:12Dudebrok Trillian...??????????????????????????????
00:18:57Plughyahoo is broke under trillian
00:19:06Dudewhich means/....?
00:19:10Plughthey're working on it
00:19:18Dudewh ois
00:19:26PlughCerulean Studios
00:19:35Dudewhich are
00:19:50Dudesorry for my ignorance
00:19:59Plughthe people who write Trillian
00:20:04Plughcircular logic here :)
00:20:06Dudewhich is
00:20:28DudeI'm too lazy to push the IE button on my keyboard
00:20:54Dudeoh well
00:21:01Plughit combines MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, and IRC
00:21:11Plughall in one program with one contact list
00:21:42Dudeso I see
00:21:47DudeI looked on the site
00:21:55Dudesounds too good to be true
00:22:07Plughit's actually really well done
00:22:10Dudebut I only have MSN and Yahoo
00:22:21Plughbut Yahoo is broken in the free version right now
00:22:26Dudeso I don't need it, nor care about
00:22:35Dudethen use yahoo direct
00:22:44Plughobviously you use IRC too
00:23:06Dudeuh, we're on IRC now, so yeah
00:23:13Dudeonly the trial of the client though
00:23:18 Join AciD [0] (
00:23:34Dudenow, why were you gone for seven minutes?
00:24:02Dudewas talking to AciD
00:25:13Dudewho's MT?
00:26:07Dudewhy every time I come here are there always Plugh, Schneuff, uski, webmind, ze, mecraw_, Galik etc
00:26:30DudeBTW how do you pronounce Plugh?
00:27:08GalikDude: Because I 'autoconnect' to this channel when I boot my computer :)
00:27:28Dudeyou have always-on WWW?
00:28:00PlughPloo with a gutteral gh
00:28:06 Join Kamayaka [0] (
00:28:16Plughor just Ploo, for the gutterally challenged
00:28:37DudeI pronounced it Pl-euh
00:28:47Dudewith a funny thing on the ugh
00:29:09Dudewha staet you live?
00:29:11Plughlike a ch, but softer and in the back of the tongue
00:29:12Dudeme MI
00:29:25DudeI thougth so for some reason
00:29:42Dudejust... who you would vote for?
00:29:44Plughprobably because I've said it 100 times in this channel
00:29:59Dudenot while I weas here
00:30:03Dudewhat isuspected
00:30:04Plughbut they fucked up my voter registration
00:30:29PlughI put in a change of address, but they never sent me a confirmation
00:30:47Dudeso you're over 16
00:30:55PlughI'm over 30
00:31:13Dudejust you never know round these places
00:31:17PlughI have a wife and 2 step-kids
00:31:18Dudeon the web
00:31:25Plugholdest is 19
00:31:32Plughyoungest 17
00:31:48Dudeso your wife, therefore I presume, is over 40.
00:31:57Plughum no
00:32:00*Kamayaka slaps Dude around a bit with a large trout
00:32:27Dudewhere you got the trout from?
00:32:44Kamayakayou know asterix and obelix the fish dealer :)
00:32:58Dudesort of...
00:33:00PlughI love Asterix and Obelix
00:33:10Kamayakaits where the fish comes from
00:33:20DudeI've never gotten it in a language in which I undersdtand it fully
00:33:27Dudeso you said
00:33:30Plughheh. I understood it in German
00:33:51MT<o~Dude> who's MT? <<−− me
00:33:55Dudewell, It's soret of... I read it in Hebrew.
00:34:08Dudeuh, thanks. who's that?
00:34:17Dude(to MT)
00:34:29Kamayakagonna get to bed, hopefully ill meet idc dragon some day :)
00:34:35MTMT is * Tom Evans
00:34:44Plughhe'll show up 5 mins after you leave
00:34:47Plughjust watch
00:34:55Kamayakaokay :)
00:35:03Kamayakaim leaving coming back in 5 minutes !
00:35:04 Quit Kamayaka ()
00:35:15MTis there a feature request for an email reader yet?
00:35:27Plughprobably not
00:35:33Dudeit's uhmm, 3:36 over there
00:35:33Plughbut... why?
00:35:41MTi was planning on doing one
00:35:44DudeI want to read your email!
00:35:54MT(not a request, a plugin)
00:35:57PlughI'm a system administrator
00:36:01PlughI read your email
00:36:02Dudea thing that reads your emal
00:36:25MTits only a specialised text viewer after all
00:36:53Dudeh, what the point of a text viewer for Windows?
00:37:04Dudeit has a couple, deosn't it.
00:37:14MTsure, parse the headers, display the body
00:37:29Dudethat reminds me... I fyou wish to dig a bit in this forum, you
00:37:41Dude'll find something about a text viewer
00:38:15Dudegonna have dinner
00:38:17 Part Dude
00:38:24MTsome sort of 'folder browser' to browse 'imap' folders
00:39:03MTand a little perl script to extract email from said imap server and place on rockbox, and sync it etc
00:39:30PlughMT: I think you'd have to use maildir
00:40:13Plughimap isn't going to work unless you write a TCP/IP driver for the archos, over USB
00:40:20 Join Kamayaka [0] (
00:40:24Kamayakaand ?
00:40:30Plughyou haven't left yet
00:40:36Plughyou were hanging around
00:40:43Kamayakashould i go and get another fish ? :)
00:41:07Plughtry a herring
00:41:07MT<MT> is there a feature request for an email reader yet?
00:41:16MTnot a client
00:41:21Kamayakaherring hua
00:41:31Kamayakafinally gonna go get some bed :)
00:41:35 Quit Kamayaka (Client Quit)
00:41:38MTid use a host PC to extract messages into a format and style that suits us
00:41:43PlughI know. But you're still going to need to have the data stored somewhere
00:41:46Plughuse maildir
00:41:58Plughestablished standard
00:42:07MTfor personal computers
00:42:09Plughyou can just tar it up and untar to the archos
00:42:19MTnot for embedded devices with 64k of usable ram
00:42:33MTplus i dont use maildir on my server
00:42:38MTso not likely to do that :)
00:42:38Plughthat's why you'd need to use maildir
00:42:46Plughbecause mbox would be friggin huge
00:42:54MTi wouldnt use EITHER
00:43:07Plughwhy not?
00:43:15MTbecause i dont need either
00:43:19Plughmaildir is just folders and subfolders
00:43:36Plughand individual files representing individual messages
00:43:46 Join scott666 [0] (
00:43:52 Part scott666
00:44:04Plughpretty much exactly what you're looking to do with your mailbox file converter
01:09:29 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
01:14:40 Join scott666 [0] (
01:16:29midknight2k3oh hi
01:19:37 Quit midknight2k3 ("Leaving")
01:22:10 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
01:25:38 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:28:45diddystar5sup plugh
01:29:10 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:29:44Plughhi did
01:29:46Plughwhat's up
01:30:25diddystar5have you tried my new "changes to new .rockbox browseing patch"
01:30:54Plughnope. I don't even have the browsing patch
01:31:13diddystar5it's in CVS now
01:31:25Plughah. guess I need to checkout and pop off a build
01:31:45diddystar5lots of people were complaining about it taking up all the menus, so i made some changes that make it alot beter!
01:33:52PlughOctober 6, 2003 −− A sick game called "hogging" - in which men
01:33:52Plugh try to score with heavyset women - is all the rage in Cleveland.
01:34:16Plugh "It's just easier. You're not embarrassed getting shot down by
01:34:18Plugh them. You're not embarrassed when they leave," one player, Mark,
01:34:18Plugh 26, told
01:34:35diddystar5err... kinda sick...
01:37:22diddystar5rockbox has to many patches to see my new patch, you have to click the "next 50" button
01:46:29 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
01:46:43diddystar5hey adi
01:50:41 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
01:51:04 Quit AciD (Remote closed the connection)
01:55:24Plughoh, the patch flood
01:55:51Plughtree.c:88: parse error before '<<' token
01:55:51Plughtree.c:92: parse error before '==' token
01:55:51Plughtree.c:820: conflicting types for `dirbrowse'
01:55:51Plughtree.c:91: previous declaration of `dirbrowse'
01:55:51Plughtree.c: In function `dirbrowse':
01:55:53Plughtree.c:1217: `start_wps' undeclared (first use in this function)
01:55:56Plughtree.c:1217: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
01:55:58Plughtree.c:1217: for each function it appears in.)
01:56:01Plughtree.c: In function `bookmark_play':
01:56:03Plughtree.c:1528: `start_wps' undeclared (first use in this function)
01:56:06Plughmake[1]: *** [/home/plugh/archos/rockbox/build/tree.o] Error 1
01:56:09Plughbloody hell
01:56:28diddystar5what did you do? :)
01:56:33PlughI see
01:57:01diddystar5zagor said the bookmarks used way to much stack
01:57:02Plughdir browse changes aren't compatible with bookmark
01:57:17Plughyeah, it's a bit piggy
01:57:25Plughbut the functionality is SO nice
01:58:02diddystar5i haven't used it since it first came out
01:58:19 Join tpelliott [0] (
01:58:29diddystar5does anyone have a player here? i need someone to test a game!
01:59:05tpelliottHas anyone had trouble with the battery covers on the JBR20?
01:59:30diddystar5what are your troubles?
01:59:52diddystar5gotta go...
02:00:24 Part diddystar5 (""VY Meters are cool"")
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02:24:14Dudegdang it! Bye!
02:24:16 Part Dude
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02:34:57 Quit tpelliott (Remote closed the connection)
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02:47:03 Join kenm92 [0] (
02:47:11kenm92can someoe help me
02:47:28kenm92my archos jukebox 20 is really messed up
02:51:36kenm92nevermind then
02:56:35 Quit kenm92 ()
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04:36:53 Quit MT ("changing servers")
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04:52:38 Part tpelliott
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07:54:38 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
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08:08:36 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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09:01:09 Join ze [20] (
09:31:44 Join Malphas__ [0] (
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11:05:55 Quit ze ("reboot")
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11:10:03 Join ze [20] (
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11:33:30 Quit Malphas__ ("Preparing subject to return IRL .... CLACK")
11:36:10 Join track [0] (
11:38:10 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
11:44:54trackmorning galik
11:45:07Galikhi track
11:45:17Galikr u tracktheripper?
11:53:34trackwhy are there so many people here and so little chat?
11:56:38GalikWell I connect to the channel automatically when my pc boots. I'm often off doing other things
11:57:08GalikPerhaps it's because rockbox works so well :)
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12:03:08trackrockbox still has a couple of missing features
12:09:52Galikhehe yeah like making the toast :)
12:10:19*Galik wonders whether that would be possible through the usb...
12:10:21trackI never filed such a request
12:11:02dwihnoGalik: nah, but using serial communication it should be possible
12:11:34trackall you have to do is perform a few full formats then the Archos will heat up enough to burn bread....
12:12:27trackthere was a feature request "tea maker" once
12:13:11GalikWell if tea maker ever gets implemented then toast is a must!
12:13:29trackthe tea maker was rejected :-(
12:13:52trackactually the "war stopper" request should be implemented
12:14:03Galikwhat's that?
12:14:09Galikoh i see
12:16:29trackor how about a software touchscreen?
12:17:12GalikMight make the archos go haywire when it's in my pocket
12:19:24trackCould the LCD ever be replaced with a colour LCD like the one found in a digital camera?
12:20:31Galikdoubt it
12:22:59trackso you could watch movies on the Archos? :-)
12:27:01Galikthat could prolly be done. i'd like that feature
12:28:21trackyea but did u read the comments?
12:29:08Galikyes. but i'd draw my own icons for my albums so they'd be distinctive
12:29:22Galikyou could even have a CDDB type repository of them
12:29:32Galikso people couold share them
12:29:49tracka 5x7 1 bit image?
12:29:54Galikthey don't have to be the 'original' cover picture
12:30:09Galikthe FM recorder has a bigger screen than that
12:30:10tracku tell Zagor that :-)
12:30:27trackyea but what abou the Player?
12:30:39Galikplayer? who cares :P
12:33:37trackwhats wrong wiv the Player?
12:33:44trackthey are still being made
12:34:30GalikNothing wrong with it. It's just that I don't own one so it doesn't affect me ;)
12:35:12trackIve noticed Archos no longer make the FM Recorder
12:35:54Galikshame. what would i do if i droped mine off a cliff?
12:36:16Galik>> other than jump down to find it...
12:36:42trackthey still make the normal Recorders and Players
12:37:10Galiki think the FM bit wasn't really worth it. I never use the radio
12:37:38trackthey still make the Ondio which has a radio tuner built in!
12:37:53Galikbesides there must be some players out there that do ogg by now... I'd prolly have to buy one of them
12:38:06trackogg is very hard to decode
12:38:17Galikit's my most important feature
12:38:25zerio karma, baby
12:38:35Galikyes but now i think there is a h/w decoder
12:38:38trackeven in Soundforge it took ages to make an Ogg file from a WAV file
12:38:51zeand there's some other one that does ogg too
12:38:58trackand besides, I feel MP3Pro has better sound quality than Ogg
12:39:05trackive compared MP3Pro to Ogg
12:39:16Galikwell i can't justify buying a new one till my archos goes tits up
12:39:23trackand theres always WMA :-)
12:39:42zei haven't heard anything to indicate that mp3pro's really even any better than mp3
12:39:44GalikMP3Pro is nonfree
12:39:59GalikBesides even mp3 is good enough quality for me
12:40:01zebeside the fact that ogg vorbis is free and more future-oriented
12:40:04trackwell an MP3Pro file at 64kbs has similar sound quality to an MP3 at 128kbs
12:40:12Galikyou never tell through tiny headphones anyway
12:40:29zeok here's the other one that plays ogg, the neuros
12:40:55zetrack: yeah supposedly, i hear it's just some silly voodoo to do a crappy replacement of frequencies it cuts out
12:40:55Galikarchos should really think about ogg for future players
12:41:48zemy pda plays ogg
12:42:03zeit's just too bad it doesn't have an HD, and despite that also only has a couple hours battery life
12:42:09Galikso did mine before someone swaped it for a broken one
12:42:42zebut yeah that neuros player does vorbis, and so does/will the rio karma which looks mad sexy
12:43:13Galikare they likely to be programable like the archos?
12:43:17zethe karma's what i would get next if i were to upgrade any time soon
12:43:34Galikdo they run linux?
12:43:50zehell if i know, go look it up if you're interested
12:46:28trackbut Archos are still adamant about supporting MP3 only
12:46:37trackthey aren't interested in WMA or Ogg or MP3 Pro
12:46:58Galikthen i won't buy archos when mine bites the dust
12:47:11Galikneuros looks like the business
12:47:26trackyea what you have to realise is that the Neuros is prob SDMI compliant
12:47:32trackthe Archoes are not SDMI compliant
12:47:46zei dunno about that
12:47:57GalikI don't have a problem with that.
12:48:06zemy friend's all into the neuros, always talking about it and wishing he had one
12:48:12GalikIf the mp3 is not digitally stamped than it can't be stopped
12:48:29zeand i don't think he'd go for one that had anything shitty like that about it
12:48:34GalikSo I can rip my own CD's still
12:48:46trackyes but like on the Creative Labs Nomad it prevents you uploading MP3s to someone elses's PC
12:49:04zei've got a zen
12:49:08zeafaik it don't prevent anything
12:49:19tracknot only that the Archos is the only HD player Im aware of that supports drag and drop in My Computer
12:49:22GalikHmmm doubt it. The synchronization software is Open Source i think
12:49:30trackwith the Zen you have to use the shitty Playcenter software
12:49:41trackI had a Nomad once and the Playcenter kept fucking up my PC
12:49:41zewith the zen i use a commandline util in linux
12:49:47zeit's nice i don't even have to mount or umount it
12:49:47trackso I took it back and got the Archos
12:49:55trackand ive been happy ever since Ive had it
12:50:39Galikwell i have to go out. cu later ppl
12:50:44trackHow long does the Archos take to boot up? 10 seconds?
12:51:06zei'm rather fond of my zen actually
12:51:25zethere's also some 3rd party crap for windows for transferring files to/from it
12:51:39trackwhen I had a Nomad if you fill the HD up, it takes 2 minutes to startup whilst it checks all the files!
12:51:40zethat's either a windows explorer-like interface or actualy makes windows explorer work for it, or there's both, i forget
12:51:55trackthereby draining a lot of power from the batteries
12:51:59zemy zen updates it's database as tracks are transferred
12:52:04trackand the battery life was shitty at 4 hours anyway
12:52:15zeand it's got nice 12+ hour battery life
12:52:24zeit boots up like instantly too
12:52:37trackmy Archos has a 14hour battery life with the 2000Mah batteries
12:52:38zewhen it shuts off it goes into like a sleep mode or something
12:52:45zeand comes right back up when you turn it on
12:52:53zeunless you leave it off for like a few days
12:53:13zethen it turns off further and takes a few seconds to boot next time
12:53:34zesound quality's great too
12:53:39trackI use Windows Media Player to make my playlists
12:53:44trackfar far easier than Musicmatch
12:53:51zehas some nifty little processing too that i never use
12:54:01zecan do timescaling and EQ and reverb and shit
12:54:16trackso what?
12:54:17zei build my playlists on the zen
12:54:21trackthe Archos can alter the playback speed
12:54:31zeit's really super easy, i love it's playlist building
12:54:44zeyou can sit there and throw on exactly what you want real quick
12:55:10zewant to listen to all of an artist? just click add to play over the artist
12:55:14trackyea but the Zen has non-removable non-standard battery
12:55:15zesame for an album or a genre
12:55:30trackwhen the battery dies you are fucked
12:55:45zenot necessarily
12:55:53zedepends on your warranty/service plan and such
12:56:02zeunless you mean just like when it's drained
12:56:12tracki mean when it no longer holds its charge
12:56:14zethen you just gotta recharge it, oh well
12:56:24 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
12:56:32trackthe Archos uses batteries that are readily available
12:56:33zeah yeah, well lithium ion's are generally covered under warranty or service plans
12:56:49tracknot that I think the Zen looks like an old-fashioned Walkman
12:57:35zeheh well i never really look at it much, it's in my pocket most of the time
12:57:46zebut it's blue EL-backlit screen is nice
12:58:09zeand the jog wheel's cool
12:58:18zeor scroll wheel or whatever you wanna call it
12:58:37zeit's much quicker than any other way i've seen to scroll through lists
12:58:46zecause you can spin it real quick and jump way far through it
12:59:08trackwell i still think its a boring design
12:59:31zeand it's suprisingly usable with either single hand
13:00:13trackyea but the Archos is shock-proof with its blue corners
13:00:31zethat and rockbox are the only thing i miss about the archos
13:00:38tracki bet if you drop your Zen on a concrete floor it smashes to smithereens
13:00:50zethe whole case is aluminum
13:01:00zewell except for the joining part around the edge
13:01:00trackyea but it will still scratch
13:01:20zewhich appears to be some sortof hard rubberyish plastic
13:01:21trackthe blue Bumpers protect the Archos's metal chassis from hitting terra firma .....
13:01:58zei do wish it had bumpers, but oh well
13:02:17trackand the most important feature...........
13:02:32zei didn't have much of a choice in the matter, it was either the zen or drive to another store to get an fm rec
13:02:37zeand honestly the fm rec's suck, the zen's way better
13:02:52trackanyway im off nice chatting
13:02:54trackbe good
13:02:57zeexcept for a few of the nice recorder features, my old studio20 was better than the fm
13:03:04 Quit track ("Leaving")
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14:43:10 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
15:04:56 Join edx [0] (
15:15:09 Join Kama [0] (
15:15:25 Nick Kama is now known as Kamayaka (
15:28:33dsgwebmind: Eyh ;)
15:28:46 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
15:29:31webmindej dsg
15:29:37webminddsg, hows your recorder ?
15:29:44*webmind thinking he might just buy one :)
15:33:50webminddamn.. still expensive
15:40:53dsgwebmind: It's nice... but I've hit a small prob (not sure if it's rockbox or the recorder).
15:41:07webmindwhat thern?
15:41:11dsgIt's only happened twice, but still... it stops playing.
15:41:31dsgBut when I push buttons and such, the backlight goes on and such.
15:41:41dsgAnd I push pause, the play icon turns to a pause icon.
15:41:44webmindi've had the same problem though
15:41:48webmindi think it might be rock box
15:41:54dsgBut it looks like it's locked up, because the off and on buttons don't return to the browser.
15:41:59dsgwebmind: Could be.
15:42:02webmindbut i thaugt it was my batteries
15:42:47dsgwebmind: Well... I bought new batteries (2000mAh GP batteries) with the player, so...
15:43:00dsgAnd put them in. Originals haven't had a charge yet.
15:43:02webmindthen there shouldn't be a problem
15:43:28webmindbtw u there sunday or no ?
15:44:34dsgOr I think I should be here.
15:44:43dsgYou thinking of popping by?
15:45:36webmindi meant klaphek meeting :)
15:45:41dsgAh, mkay ;)
15:45:45dsgSure, I could do that.
15:45:46webmindgot a new toy btw
15:45:49dsgIn Utrecht again?
15:45:54dsgOh, what is it?
15:45:55webmindpen with a knife hidden in it
15:46:14dsgGot it in kroatia?
15:46:20webmindcustoms here in .nl is apearently quite lazy :)
15:46:23webmindpost order
15:46:28dsgHehe ;)
15:47:33dsgToo bad flashed rockbox not working properly on the recorder though.
15:48:57webmindits not ?
15:51:15dsgBig problems with charging.
15:51:39dsgIt measures the battery completely wrong, so it stops charging when it's far from full.
15:51:52dsgLike recently it was ~26% and it thought it was 100%, so it stopped charging
15:52:46dsgYeah. Really strange though... in all other ways it works beautifully (just over 2s bootup).
15:53:11webmindtoobad it doesnt really work for player..
15:53:34dsgYeah... did they have different flash chips or something?
15:55:58webminddont think so
15:56:06webmindbut too little people devving i think
16:01:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:08:44dsg(Sorry, a little loesje meeting ;)
16:08:46dsgBack now.
16:11:00dsgJust figured one good thing about having vmware on the laptop though (have it for quarkxpress for poster&bulletin layout).
16:11:10dsgI can play Planescape: Torment ;)
16:11:17dsgBefore we get our VCR.
16:11:23 Join k3no [0] (
16:15:48 Join Track [0] (
16:16:50Trackhell Ze
16:16:54Tracksorry Hello Ze
16:26:16TrackI told you not to address a man as "oi!"
16:30:07 Quit dsg ("foo")
16:32:20 Quit Track ("Leaving")
16:42:35 Join k3no_ [0] (
16:42:35 Quit k3no (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:09:21 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
17:15:34 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:17:53 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:25:23 Nick mecraw_ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
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18:06:59 Quit Kamayaka ()
18:19:42 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
18:53:13 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
19:05:19 Join track [0] (
19:27:10 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
19:27:10 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:31:42 Join JusLookn [0] (~mrconfuz@
19:33:47 Nick mecraw_ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
19:36:05 Part JusLookn
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20:16:17 Quit BoBB ("Lost terminal")
20:16:54 Quit track ("Leaving")
20:26:42 Join BoBB [0] (
20:29:22 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
20:32:20 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
20:32:23 Quit BoBB ("leaving")
20:41:44 Join track [0] (
20:43:21trackhey plugh
20:43:34trackI was argueing with Ze earlier on
20:44:05PlughI should scroll back, but I'm feeling too lazy right now
20:44:14trackhim saying his Zen is better than the Archos
20:44:40Plughhardware wise, I probably wouldn't argue with him
20:45:11PlughArchos makes pieces of cold-soldered junk with cheap batteries
20:45:30Hadakawhat's Zen? does it run rockbox?
20:45:50trackPlugh the Archos is NOT cold-soldered junk
20:46:06trackMy Recorder is over a year old and it is bomb-proof compared to the Nomad I used to have
20:46:17Hadakamy recorder is
20:46:30HadakaI've soldered some contacts back together a couple times now
20:46:32Plughtrack: I saw some of the solder joints inside my unit.
20:46:44trackyou prob have an early Player
20:46:51PlughI would have been ashamed to release anything of that level of quality
20:46:53Hadakatrack: I have the recorder 20
20:46:55PlughI have an FMR
20:47:12trackwell the FMR is a crap unit anyway
20:47:19trackim talking about the normal Recorders
20:47:22Plughso I've noticed
20:47:23trackArchos no longer make the FMR
20:47:35trackthe normal Recorders are bomb-proof
20:47:47Plughthey moved the recorder 20 into the same case with the same exploding battery
20:48:00 Join BoBB [0] (
20:48:16Plughdon't get me wrong. I haven't had any problems with mine
20:48:16trackmy battereis have never exploded
20:48:37Plughmy battery is swollen
20:48:54Plughit's a matter of time before it cracks the screen, and there's nothing I can do about it
20:48:59Plughbut wait for it to happen
20:49:30Hadakabutbut, what's the Zen?
20:49:38Plughuntil then, though, I'm more than happy with the performance
20:49:57Hadakaah, found it
20:50:17PlughI just feel like it's teetering on the verge of a hardware disaster
20:50:36trackthe FMR has no digital out, just digital in
20:50:53trackany why oh why did they put the headphone socket on the SIDE of the FMR and not the TOP
20:51:06Plughgot me
20:51:17Plughside has been fine
20:51:22Plughso far
20:51:50PlughI just turn it top down into the neoprene case and run the zippers around to the side
20:52:38Hadakaah, so zen is just nomad's try at the same thing - no bonus for me since no rockbox
20:55:06trackThere is a way you can make your Archos crossfade
20:56:20tracksimply connect it to the USB and the songs in Windows Media Player with the crossfading in Windows Media Player turned on
20:56:24Plughthere's only one decoder stream
20:56:56tracki mean connect the archos to the usb, and play all your songs in Windows Media Player with the crossfading in Windows MEdia Player turned on
20:57:24Plughoh. sure
20:58:20PlughI wouldn't want to do it in USB 1 mode though ;)
20:59:16trackim doing mine in USB1 mode now and it works great
21:00:07Plughyou can
21:00:10PlughI wouldn't want to
21:01:21Plughwoot. Realized I had a 20gig drive in an old broken-down Creative Nomad
21:01:38Plughmy laptop can be upgraded now from 4 to 20
21:03:10 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
21:11:47 Join k3no_ [0] (
21:12:04 Quit track ("Leaving")
21:20:13 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
21:24:53 Quit k3no_ (".oOo.")
21:37:21 Join edx` [0] (
21:45:47 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:45:51 Nick edx` is now known as edx (
21:53:06 Join scott666 [0] (
21:57:29 Join track [0] (
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22:08:29trackread the contents of zip folders
22:09:15MTjust got the funniest reply to an email ive sent to rockbox mailing list
22:09:36MTHey there, thanks for answering my ad. I'm out and about and on the road and would love to connect. Call me at 510-415-2552.
22:09:42MTi mean
22:10:08MTwas in reply to the message about autorebooting on panic messages
22:10:32Plughthey're in Oakland :)
22:10:35 Join _aLF [0] (
22:10:49trackwhat you could do is dump your MP3s into compressed zip folders thereby saving HD space without losing quality as zip folders use lossless compression
22:11:17Plughmp3 doesn't compress
22:12:31 Join Guest1 [0] (
22:13:54trackwell I put an MP3 that was 6,000kb into a zip folder and it compressed it to 5990kb
22:14:04trackreduced it by 10k
22:16:03 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
22:16:04Plughnot worth the decompression overhead
22:16:09 Quit mecraw (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:16:14trackand if you put zip folders into zip folders into zip folders into zip folders save even more HD space!!!
22:17:02Plughdo it enough times and you'll get it down to 1k
22:17:29trackhow about putting MP3s into cabinet files since cabinet files use LZW compression which is much more efficient than zip compression :-)
22:17:44 Join [IDC]Dragon|away [0] (
22:17:56 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
22:18:04 Nick [IDC]Dragon|away is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
22:18:10Plughhey Dragon
22:18:38[IDC]Dragon"ltns" ???
22:18:44Plughlong time no see
22:19:12[IDC]Dragonright, I was more on the couch watching TV in my evenings.
22:19:25Plughfigured as much
22:19:33PlughTV is the mind killer
22:19:49trackyea Plugh you could use cabinet files instead
22:20:04[IDC]Dragonususally, but not always.
22:20:38uskihi all
22:20:54Plughhm, what is my next language to learn?
22:21:02Plughjust finished Spanish
22:21:39 Quit track ("Leaving")
22:21:55PlughFrench? German? Mandarin? Japanese? Arabic? Russian?
22:22:12[IDC]DragonSmalltalk? Ruby?
22:23:10uskiPlugh: is you learn, french i could help you ;))
22:23:23uskiwow it's late, let me redo it:
22:23:45[IDC]Dragonuski, lean english ;-)
22:23:59uskiPlugh: if you learn french i could help you ;))
22:24:05[IDC]Dragon(I need, too)
22:24:08PlughI was thinking of French or German
22:24:15uskimuch better
22:24:32 Nick uski is now known as uski|aw (
22:24:34PlughI took French in school 21 years ago
22:24:47 Join AciD [0] (
22:24:48uski|aw[IDC]Dragon: :)
22:24:53scott666i took french in school 5 hours ago
22:24:53Plughand German 14-16 years ago
22:25:09uski|awgerman is much more usefull that spanish (i think)
22:25:19uski|awheh so it won't be a "cold start"
22:25:20Plughnot in California
22:25:33PlughI finished my Spanish course
22:26:02Plughnow I can speak enough to find out how to get a beer and where to piss it out
22:26:14scott666all you need
22:26:20Plughpretty much
22:26:45PlughDonde esta el Ban~o?
22:27:12PlughQuiero una cerveza.
22:27:37PlughQuantos coesta?
22:27:56Plugh30 pesos? Bien!
22:33:37 Join dw|gone_ [20] (
22:33:37 Quit dw|gone (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:36:17 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
22:36:33 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:36:49 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:46:46Plughthat was nice
22:47:02Plughmy 20gig drive is half the size and weight of my 4
23:11:12 Quit edx ()
23:14:48 Join Dogger [0] (
23:14:57Doggerhi anyone know how to do serial firmware update?
23:18:54[IDC]Dragonguess I do ;-)
23:21:48Doggerok what settings do I need etc?
23:22:11Doggeralso is there any off the shelf line level converter? or do I *have* to build one
23:22:17[IDC]Dragonjust of curiosity, or why are you asking?
23:23:07 Join track [0] (
23:23:33DoggerI'd rather buy one if poss
23:23:40DoggerI have made one for my playstation before
23:23:46Doggerused to program it
23:24:30[IDC]DragonSo, can you use that?
23:24:40Doggeryeah prolly
23:25:02Doggerhow do I know the connections to make to the archos?
23:25:06[IDC]DragonDo you have to UART-boot?
23:25:08Doggerdoesnt seem to say in the mod
23:25:24Doggerok I'll come clean... I'm doing work on the AV
23:25:36Doggerso yeah I need to work out the serial
23:26:06[IDC]Dragonbut not my UART boot, tight?
23:26:34[IDC]Dragonthat's most likely very different.
23:27:44[IDC]DragonEverybody, different subject: is there a good ogg -> mp3 converter?
23:31:09Doggeryeah I know AV will be different, but they will prolly have used similar stuff
23:31:34Doggercant find out connections to archos for a start
23:32:23[IDC]DragonRS232 connections and UART boot are different things, you know?
23:33:11[IDC]Dragonthe UART boot is very specific to the JBR, with the 3 LCD lines pulled low.
23:33:29[IDC]DragonFor an AV, you won't have these lines...
23:34:43Doggerok, I cant find the UART boot info
23:34:49Doggerwhere is it on the site?
23:35:05Doggerhow did you find out about the lines? by REing the rom?
23:35:54[IDC]Dragon(but it won't help you!)
23:36:19Doggersure I know it won't
23:36:30Doggerso is the serial cable any use without that mod?
23:36:36Doggerdoes their OS send any info on it?
23:36:48Doggerany things you can send to do stuff?
23:37:02[IDC]Dragonyes, you can use gdb
23:37:18[IDC]Dragonor play with the Archos flash monitor.
23:37:20Doggerbut with the standard archos firmware I mean
23:38:41[IDC]DragonYou can try to hookup a serial to the AV, if you find out if and where this goes, and just listen.
23:39:01[IDC]DragonBut don't expect similarities to the JBR.
23:39:09[IDC]DragonIt's a different CPU.
23:39:48Doggerany ideas which cpu it is?
23:40:02DoggerI know the dsp/lcd chip/dram etc
23:40:04[IDC]DragonMaybe a TI OMAP.
23:40:49[IDC]DragonI'm shure it's TI.
23:40:49Doggerhmm ok, will have a look for that
23:40:55Doggerthe DSP is a TI
23:41:01Doggerhavent found the cpu yet
23:41:14[IDC]DragonA DSP is a CPU.
23:41:37Doggerwhat the DSP does everything?
23:41:41[IDC]DragonOMAP is an ARM core together with a TI DSP in a SOC.
23:41:47Doggero ok,
23:42:09Doggerwell in that case, its a TMS320 I believe
23:42:14Doggergot a photo of it somewhere
23:42:50Doggerhmmm am new to these kind of devices
23:42:56DoggerI'm used to games consoles etc
23:43:49Doggeralso know the USB2.0/ATA/ATAPI bridge chip it uses
23:43:55Doggerso I'm making some progress lol
23:43:59[IDC]Dragonneat box!
23:44:39Doggeryeah it's got a lovely screen + joystick
23:44:49DoggerI was expecting a cpu + a dsp
23:44:50[IDC]Dragoncan you make closeups of the chips?
23:45:05Doggeryeah I have the original images - 6Megapixels
23:45:14DoggerI have all the chips noted down
23:45:21Doggerhave got datasheets on most
23:45:27 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
23:45:38Doggerimagine how please I was when I put it back together and it still worked!
23:45:59[IDC]DragonThat Atmel chip looksno good.
23:46:21Doggeroh yeah thats an isp
23:46:29Doggerhas another name as well
23:46:32[IDC]DragonThey make FPGAs, so any sort of custom stuff could be inthere.
23:46:44Dogger64 subsection things
23:46:53Doggerthere is another chip like it
23:47:02Doggerbut surely thats just reprogrammable if you want to
23:47:19Doggeras I understand it you program the chip tell it what you want it to do, then get it to do it?
23:47:48Doggerthe ISSI is 8Megabyte DRAM x2
23:47:52[IDC]DragonVery simplified, yes.
23:47:55Doggerso got 16meg ram to play with
23:48:18Doggerok but ur saying if they have programmed it with odd stuff we dont know about, it will be hard to use
23:48:27Doggerunless we reprogram it from scratch
23:49:20[IDC]DragonAre you in VHDL anf FPGA synthesis?
23:51:48Doggernope not yet
23:51:57DoggerI just wanna write some games for it for a start though
23:52:03Doggernot a complete replacement o/s
23:52:33 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
23:52:48[IDC]DragonThis box would indeed be a very cool platform, if Archos opens it.
23:53:10DoggerI'm working on that
23:55:15Doggereven without their help I will work it out
23:55:58[IDC]DragonHmm, if it's not buit from standard chips which are documented, I don't see that.
23:56:12Doggeryeah but the dsp is standard
23:56:19Doggerthe screen driver is standard
23:56:25Doggerthe usb2.0/ata is standard
23:56:38Doggerok, so some stuff may take longer
23:56:47Doggerbut you can do a lot with just those chips
23:56:55[IDC]DragonThe ISP has 64 macrocells. No FPGA, not big, but enought to give you a very hard time.
23:57:16[IDC]DragonHave you identified the CPU yet?
23:57:21Plughwell, turns out the hd in my old broken nomad was 6gig. Still an improvement over 4 in my laptop, and it's half the size and weight
23:57:44Doggerthe TI DSP chip?
23:58:08DoggerI have the full number written down somewhere
23:58:27 Join Zagor [242] (

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