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#rockbox log for 2003-10-08

00:00:04Doggercant find any info on the 'TORSAN LC272C18' though - must be the LCD driver though
00:00:22[IDC]DragonIs that TI DSP the only CPU-ish chip?
00:01:05Doggeryep... unless there is one under that bronze thing top left.... but couldn't see anything under it
00:01:17PlughI have a Nomad disassembled in front of me
00:01:24Plughit has a TI DSP :)
00:01:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:02:06[IDC]Dragonwhich bronze thing?
00:02:21Doggertarget="_blank" href=""> top left there...
00:02:32Doggerabove the LCD strip
00:02:45Doggerits soldered over the board
00:02:47[IDC]DragonLooks like a shield foil
00:03:11[IDC]Dragonyou can't peek under it?
00:03:34Doggerdont think there was anything under there... might open it up again
00:03:47DoggerI thought you said the dsp chip may be the cpu as well?
00:04:15[IDC]DragonIt may, yes. No fun to program it for general purpose, but possible.
00:04:26Doggero ok,
00:04:52[IDC]DragonThe small thing left to it is a flash?
00:05:37Doggerthink so yes
00:05:45Doggerwill take it to bits again and check some bits
00:06:07[IDC]DragonHave you found something like JTAG?
00:06:30Doggerwhats jtag?
00:06:54[IDC]Dragona serial debug and test interface.
00:07:05Doggerhmm ok,
00:08:43 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
00:10:01Doggerca 31adl5j
00:13:19[IDC]Dragonthat DSP has a DivX codec!
00:13:54[IDC]Dragon(targeted for settop boxes and portable video player.)
00:14:37Doggerkewl :)
00:14:48Doggerso thats how they do the divx stuff on the AV then
00:15:08[IDC]Dragonthat DSC stands for digital still camera, the original target application.
00:15:30[IDC]DragonMaybe later they made DivX code for it.
00:15:48Doggerjust had another look inside
00:15:54Doggerstill no sign of any other cpu
00:16:09 Quit track ("Leaving")
00:17:08Doggerso does that chip have cpu stuff built in as well?
00:17:32Doggerlooks like a lot of support/info for it
00:19:36Doggeryep it's ARM powered
00:19:48Doggertarget="_blank" href="">
00:21:43[IDC]DragonARM7 + DSP
00:23:01Doggercant find it on though
00:23:46[IDC]Dragonsomebody from Archos told me you need an NDA to get info
00:24:22Doggerinfo from TI?
00:25:33[IDC]Dragonlooks like there was something, google gives dead links.
00:26:09Doggermaybe archos got them cheap since they werent needed for digital cameras anymore lol
00:26:15[IDC]Dragonread this:
00:26:16[IDC]Dragontarget="_blank" href="">
00:26:39Doggerkewl :)
00:26:49Doggerwill put lots of these links on my project page - avos
00:27:41Doggerah so thats how they do the add on CF/SD card readers maybe
00:28:31Doggerso if I can program it, the chip should take care of all decoding/encodin etc from mp4.mp4/jpg/etc
00:31:02Doggerthere is linux support for that chip
00:31:02[IDC]Dragonhere's a too small block diagram, rest in korean:
00:31:04[IDC]Dragontarget="_blank" href="">
00:31:23Doggertarget="_blank" href="">
00:31:45Doggereww @ korean - nice diagram though
00:34:17[IDC]Dragona small article at Tom's hardware:
00:34:18[IDC]Dragontarget="_blank" href="">
00:35:54 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:36:14midknight2k3just about to swap my riot riot's and archos fm rec's hard drives
00:36:26midknight2k3zagor: thought I'd want to confirm something
00:36:36midknight2k3the riot's disk is some odd filesystem
00:36:51midknight2k3will rockbox give me a hard time just using it as a USB mass storage?
00:36:55midknight2k3i flashed it
00:36:57Plughhey mid
00:36:59midknight2k3so it shouldnt be a problem
00:36:59PlughI found an old Nomad lying around
00:37:02midknight2k3hi plugh
00:37:03Plughit had a 6gig in it
00:37:16Plughso I ganked it and put it in my laptop
00:37:18midknight2k3yeft wanted to sell ya his archos studio 6k hard drive
00:37:23midknight2k3which nomad?
00:37:34midknight2k3nomad 1?
00:37:36PlughNomad Jukebox
00:37:46midknight2k3as in you dont use it?
00:38:07Plughas in it had a broken LCD and faulty battery charging, no power adapter...
00:38:09*Dogger is glad his archos has 40gig - real storage ;)
00:38:31midknight2k3i wannit
00:38:58Plughthe drive in it was half the size and weight as the laptop 4gig
00:38:59Doggerit's got more than both my laptops together
00:39:03Plughfor 50% more storage
00:39:08 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
00:39:40midknight2k3i hate taking the cover off the fmrec
00:39:48 Join target [0] (~jirc@
00:39:49midknight2k3the tabs on the side get totally.. bent
00:39:53 Part target
00:39:58midknight2k3no good way to do it
00:40:28midknight2k3oh no
00:40:35midknight2k3i forgot the f buttons are broken
00:41:01Plughthe f keys are f'd?
00:41:06midknight2k3f2 and f3
00:42:02midknight2k3i'll document it
00:42:08midknight2k3then you can see my work
00:42:39Plugha friend on another channel is taking a job at a porn video store, graveyard shift
00:43:07Plughshould be interesting to see what movies he's going to start ripping and encoding
00:43:12midknight2k3oh no
00:43:34PlughI've put in a request :)
00:43:47midknight2k3for a movie?
00:44:13Plughtarget="_blank" href=""> <−− don't view unless you are >18
00:44:24midknight2k3that means not me
00:45:02PlughDogger: $5 says he views it anyway
00:45:17midknight2k3it remains unclicked
00:45:43Doggerlol nice
00:45:55midknight2k3i hate being uninformed
00:46:02 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
00:46:19midknight2k3don't post porn links in #rockbox please
00:46:54midknight2k3here we are
00:46:58midknight2k3nice hard drivey
00:48:37midknight2k3now to get riot one
00:50:33 Join k3no_ [0] (
00:51:28 Join diddystar5 [0] (
00:51:33diddystar5hey mid
00:51:42midknight2k3diddy! hey
00:51:43diddystar5have yuo tried my new patch?
00:51:47midknight2k3not yet
00:51:51midknight2k3been a bit busy
00:51:58midknight2k3just now transplanting hard drives
00:52:12midknight2k3archos with rioriot's
00:52:37midknight2k3to copy off my songs
00:52:42midknight2k3riotreader promises to
00:53:03midknight2k3finally a solution to all this
00:56:14 Quit AciD ("")
00:57:03Plughis mid gonna be the next 12 year old sued by RIAA for his Kazaa share?
00:57:18midknight2k3i should hope not
00:57:24midknight2k3i better get a warning first
00:57:43*diddystar5 hasn't shared songs ina long time
00:57:55diddystar5i remember using napster...
00:57:58Plughsharing 5000 songs on a modem through AOL :)
00:58:08diddystar5i used it 3 days before it got shut down...
00:58:09Plughdiddystar5: so do I
00:58:11midknight2k3not i
00:58:17PlughI was one of the administrators
00:58:19diddystar5then i used aimster until you had to pay for it....
00:58:34midknight2k3plugh: really?
00:58:43PlughI helped Shawn fix a bug in his earliest client code
00:58:44diddystar5then i used morpheus for along time until 2.0 was realeased
00:58:51Plughso he made me an admin
00:58:58midknight2k3morpheus sucks
00:59:11PlughI've been using DC++
00:59:13diddystar5then i used limewire i think and err what was it called....
00:59:35diddystar5midknight2k3: morpheus was great until 2.0
00:59:48PlughI'm about to get into a WASTE net
00:59:48midknight2k32.0 just blew it
00:59:54midknight2k3huge icons, crappy ui, etc
01:00:02midknight2k3kazaa continued it
01:00:05midknight2k3at least
01:00:10midknight2k3it was as close a replica as possible
01:00:22diddystar5i quit after i used limewire
01:00:56diddystar5now i just have friends i steal from and i go to the libary and get cd's to rip
01:01:49midknight2k3good idea
01:02:44midknight2k3IT WORSK
01:02:50midknight2k3the riots hard drive is in the archos
01:02:53midknight2k3i didnt boot it yet
01:02:55midknight2k3but it fits
01:03:10Plughheh. there's room to spare in my laptop
01:03:16Doggerripping dvds is more fun :)
01:03:24diddystar5after you find out that the ones you rip at 192kb's yourself sound much better you may never go back
01:03:26Doggerbut eats harddrive space :(
01:03:41diddystar5i wish i hap a dvd burner....
01:03:44midknight2k3diddy: yes
01:03:54midknight2k3i just DOWNLOAD them at 192k.. ;)
01:03:54DoggerI just store it on my av340
01:03:57PlughI hope this laptop has enough juice to play movies
01:04:08Doggercan store about 80 dVDs on it at reasonable quality
01:04:09diddystar5i thought it was so cool when i got a cd writer i could only write at 8x speed :)
01:04:19Plughhell, I hope I can get the sound working
01:04:34midknight2k3time to insert battery
01:04:37midknight2k3here goes
01:04:59midknight2k3take too long to spinuo
01:05:06midknight2k3it says PANIC! Disk : Null
01:05:22Doggerhey does anyone here admin the rockbox website/project page?
01:05:34diddystar5Dogger: zagor
01:05:58midknight2k3i need help
01:06:10Doggerok, was gonna beg for a reciprical link
01:06:43midknight2k3can anyone make me a ver that will allow the hard drive to spinup longer?
01:06:58diddystar5spinup longer?
01:07:00midknight2k3i just neeed 1 second more before it certifies that there is no disk
01:07:13midknight2k3on bootup i get "disk: null
01:07:23midknight2k3just needs another second to get going
01:07:27 Join [GoE]BENtheTEN [0] (~quasi@
01:07:30diddystar5ok ill try
01:07:43diddystar5gotta erase my personal source to do it...
01:07:52midknight2k3zagor: is it possible"?
01:09:15diddystar5humm now where is that defaualt setting for spinup time?
01:09:30diddystar5i know it's not in settings.c
01:10:30midknight2k3i think i know the problem
01:10:38midknight2k3its that its a UFX2 filesystem or something
01:10:44midknight2k3prolly the problem
01:11:11diddystar5you didn't format fat32?
01:11:14midknight2k3nevermind diddy
01:11:44diddystar5can you boot with f1+on?
01:12:12diddystar5if you can't then it's the FS
01:12:26midknight2k3for once archos firmware rocks
01:12:36midknight2k3it said, no fat16/32. Please format drive
01:12:38midknight2k3then i put in usb
01:12:43midknight2k3usb screen? yep
01:12:46midknight2k3mm hmm
01:12:48midknight2k3oh yes
01:12:48diddystar5yep that the prob
01:12:49midknight2k3rock box
01:12:50 Join [GoE]Barna [0] (
01:12:52midknight2k3that wont work
01:12:54midknight2k3that will
01:12:55DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
01:12:55midknight2k3mm hmm
01:12:56midknight2k3oh yes
01:12:58midknight2k3you rock
01:13:37midknight2k3zagor: you need to do that
01:13:43midknight2k3you should at least
01:13:44diddystar5Plugh: have you found out the stuff for a logarithmic scale on the vu meter yet?
01:14:04 Nick [GoE]BENtheTEN is now known as BENtheTEN (~quasi@
01:14:21Plughhaven't been looking
01:14:49diddystar5Plugh: also in in the peakmeter code there is some stuff with logarithmic scale, but i don't understand it very well
01:15:31Plughthanks for the pointer. when I have time, I'll look at it
01:15:35 Part [GoE]Barna
01:15:40midknight2k3IT READS!
01:15:46diddystar5We're Sorry.
01:15:46diddystar5The Website is currently down for maintenance.
01:15:46diddystar5We will be back shortly
01:15:47midknight2k3OH YES THANK YOU GOD
01:15:52diddystar5as always...
01:15:54midknight2k3and thank you archos firmware
01:15:57midknight2k3i am loyal
01:16:05midknight2k3(but loyaler to rockbox)
01:16:08midknight2k3but still loyal
01:16:18Plughgod is overrated
01:16:53diddystar5does anyone here own a player??? i need someone to test my game!!!!
01:17:07midknight2k3your RIPPED OFF game
01:17:18midknight2k3it works
01:17:20midknight2k3thank god
01:17:26midknight2k3copying whole rio riot contents
01:17:30diddystar5not RIPPED OFF
01:18:08diddystar5it's the old "gamebox" game i just updated it, made it a plug, and made it better
01:18:14 Nick BENtheTEN is now known as [OFF]BtT (~quasi@
01:18:52 Nick [OFF]BtT is now known as [GoE]BENtheTEN (~quasi@
01:20:30diddystar5there are some problems with the map of the game since the lcd code was changed thats why i need someone to test
01:20:44midknight2k3its not improved if its busted
01:21:19diddystar5well i didn't bust it it is something that needs to be updated that i don't know how to do
01:21:21Plughhehe. polls show that we're gonna have another actor for governor
01:21:46diddystar5.... im sick of that californis recall crap
01:23:14diddystar5humm i gonna make a rockbox calculator!!!
01:23:22 Join track [0] (
01:23:35diddystar5hey track
01:23:38midknight2k3haha diddy
01:23:39midknight2k3hi track
01:23:42midknight2k3make one diddy
01:23:47midknight2k3someone made a stopwatch
01:23:57midknight2k3its not at patches tho
01:24:04Plughdiddy: the recall is actually something important to me
01:24:13midknight2k3google the term "Rockbox" and about three links down there's one about rockbox patches
01:24:21Plughbut I laugh when my mom in Alabama emails me about it
01:24:25diddystar5midknight2k3: your good with the graphics i won't you to do some improvments when i get it sorta working
01:24:33Plughcuz it really doesn't concern her at all
01:24:34 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
01:24:34midknight2k3pluggy wuggy has a monny wommy
01:24:50zemy parents went to vote a little while ago
01:25:02zethey said there was a ton of people in line behind them
01:25:26Doggerze: where you from?
01:25:39zecalifornia, duh
01:25:46Doggerer yeah I figured that
01:25:48Plughyes mid, I have a mom. I'm sure it's better than having 2 dads and a hole in the wall...
01:25:52Doggerit's quite a big place though
01:25:55zeoh heh
01:25:57zesan bernardino county
01:26:04DoggerI live in santa clara some of the time
01:26:12Doggernot heard of it... I'm from UK
01:26:22zei'm about 50 miles east of LA
01:26:23PlughI live in San Jose
01:26:34Doggero ok down south then
01:26:52DoggerPlugh: really? lived there in a hotel for a couple of weeks
01:26:55Plughyeah. even south by San Jose standards. Blossom Hill area
01:26:58Doggernot much to do there
01:27:10Doggerlive in Palo Alto now
01:27:18PlughI work in RWC
01:27:29Doggerdunno where that is
01:27:34PlughRedwood City
01:27:37DoggerI only started working in CA last month
01:27:42Doggero ok, heard of it
01:27:48Plughabout 2 or 3 cities north of you
01:27:59Plughthere's Menlo Park, Atherton, then RWC
01:28:05Plughgoing up El Camino
01:28:07Doggersure ok,
01:28:34DoggerI fly out again on monday
01:28:36Plughin other words, about 10 minutes drive from my office to your house
01:28:47Doggerso I got a 10 1/2 hour flight to look forward to
01:28:49Plughback to England?
01:28:55Doggernah I'm in UK now
01:29:06DoggerI come back out to SFO on monday
01:29:11Doggerstay in palo alto for 3 weeks
01:29:28Plughjoin me for a beer after work some day?
01:29:39Doggersure, will have to
01:29:51midknight2k3lol plugh
01:29:54Doggerwent out to some 'irish' pubs in sunnyvale last time
01:29:56midknight2k3make some new friends yay
01:30:06Doggerirish pubs that serve mexican food lol
01:30:24Plughbest Irish pub I know of is in San Francisco
01:30:33PlughDELICIOUS Irish food :)
01:30:47Doggercool... haven't really stopped much in san fran yet
01:31:00Doggerwent over the golden gate bridge, oh yeah that was worth $5 ;)
01:31:20diddystar5i didn't have to pay to go accros
01:31:33Doggerboth ways?
01:31:41DoggerI think they only charged us comming back over
01:31:46diddystar5went both ways no $
01:31:53Plughthey only charge coming into the City
01:31:57Plughnot leaving
01:32:01midknight2k3did you see the core?
01:32:17midknight2k3it's the golden gate bridge, but beter
01:32:18DoggerPlugh: ah ok that explains it
01:32:26Doggerno didnt see that
01:32:40midknight2k3its good
01:32:43midknight2k3try it one day
01:32:47Doggeronly stopped in san fran breifly... planning to do more there next week
01:32:52Doggerwhere abouts?
01:32:56midknight2k3and then the microwaves slice it in half
01:33:06midknight2k3and the guy gets burnt
01:33:10midknight2k3and his tires melt
01:33:38diddystar5midknight2k3: huh???
01:33:55CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:33:55*Dogger keeps quiet in the hope he will understand soon
01:34:10midknight2k3dogger: directed at me?
01:34:17Plughif it involves midknight, don't bother
01:34:19zeheh the core's a recent disaster movie
01:34:21DoggerI mean that I will understand soon
01:34:22Plughit's not worth the effort
01:34:37diddystar5now i get it....
01:34:40midknight2k3ze: did YOU see it?
01:34:45Doggerah! ok.... thought you meant it was a bridge or landmark or something lol
01:34:50midknight2k3it is
01:34:53midknight2k3its the brige
01:34:59midknight2k3cut in half and melting
01:35:02DoggerI saw the film SWAT over there.... worst film I have ever seen in my entire life
01:35:04tracktea maker
01:35:14zemmm tea
01:35:36zei make tea with a spoon.
01:35:49trackso do I
01:36:00zebut i found out the other day
01:36:12zethat the moonlight gyokuro that i like so much out of this green tea sampler i got
01:36:16zeis $30 for 5oz
01:36:22midknight2k3ze sucks
01:36:23midknight2k3all you suck
01:36:26midknight2k3you need to see it
01:36:28zecool? thats expensive
01:36:29trackdid u make it with the Archos?
01:36:49zeno, i made it with a spoon
01:36:54zeand a steel mesh ball
01:37:03midknight2k3did you hear me
01:37:05midknight2k3see it
01:37:08zeand a cup, and a steel kettle
01:37:11midknight2k3and then the geode
01:37:13midknight2k3and then the core
01:37:17midknight2k3and then the bombs
01:37:20midknight2k3and then the breach
01:37:27midknight2k3and then the extended scenes
01:37:43zemovies suck
01:37:53midknight2k3(braz" "here's the basis of the boring mechanism" zimsky: "boring is right")
01:37:55zedreams are better :p
01:38:00midknight2k3try it ze
01:38:04zeand then there's that whole 'life' thing, now thats really a trip
01:38:11trackmidknight ur a funny person
01:38:22midknight2k3am not
01:38:24midknight2k3its the movie
01:38:34zelike right now
01:38:36zei'm burning a candle
01:38:38zeit's a candle i made
01:38:41zeand it's a special color
01:38:43trackMidknight according to LinusN someone wanted the FM Recorder to make coffee!!
01:38:44midknight2k3ze sucks
01:38:45midknight2k3get the core
01:38:48zethat i made on accident
01:38:51 Nick [GoE]BENtheTEN is now known as [OFF]BtT (~quasi@
01:38:54Plughwhat color?
01:38:56zeand it's got an arrowhead embeded in the wax
01:38:59zewhich i also made
01:39:14zePlugh: it's this cool really dark grayish blue
01:39:33zeit's semi-transparent so you can see bubbles through the surface, but it's still dark and opaque
01:39:37 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:39:43midknight2k3get the core, watch it, then come back
01:39:45zeit almost looks like stars in a night sky
01:39:51tracki thought this is a rockbox chartoom
01:40:48zei made it by throwing in some bits of black wax left over from some old votive's with some white wax i got a bunch of left over from a big brick of a candle
01:40:57midknight2k3oh boy ze
01:41:38PlughI have a couple skull mold candles I poured for Halloween decorations
01:41:51Plughone's black and the other is kinda pinkish-ivory
01:41:54zei make my own molds
01:42:00midknight2k3i dont want to go to plughs house for candy
01:42:02zethe best ones so far
01:42:04Plughor Samhain
01:42:09Plughhowever you want to call it
01:42:12zei take a sheet of cardstock and roll it up
01:42:32zeand tie it and put a cap in one end (or stick the roll into a piece of clay if i don't have a good sized cap for it)
01:42:41zeerr cap on one end not in
01:42:45midknight2k3plugh contaminates the candy
01:42:50midknight2k3i dont want something he messed with
01:42:53midknight2k3i might catch is diseare
01:42:59midknight2k3if he has one
01:43:08zethen i put a pair of holes in the cardstock tube for a paperclip to go through
01:43:20midknight2k3does nayone listen to me?
01:43:23zeand i put a loop at the end of the wick and stick the paperclip through the loop inside the tube
01:43:24midknight2k3hey you idiots
01:43:27midknight2k3im not here
01:43:29midknight2k3you are gay
01:43:32midknight2k3and you cant read this
01:43:36zeand then pull the wick tight through a hole in the cap and tape it if i have to
01:43:37midknight2k3cause you're.. not reading it
01:43:46zeand then i fill it with wax
01:43:51*Dogger is sure he can hear some faint murmerring
01:44:00zelet it harden, pull it all appart, and get a nice candle
01:44:03midknight2k3DOGGER OVER HERE
01:44:05midknight2k3its me!!!!!
01:44:09midknight2k3right here!
01:44:10*Dogger thinks it must be the wind or something
01:44:20zecomes out a little rough but if i melt the surface a bit and rub over it with my finger at just the right time, it gets all smooth and pretty
01:44:57*midknight2k3 is angered
01:45:03zeand i do that with a candle made of this special color
01:45:07zeand it looks Nice
01:45:14zedark and mysterious yet soothing and inviting
01:45:17midknight2k3looks Nice
01:45:21midknight2k3is it Nice ze?
01:45:22zeperfect for hiding something in
01:45:23 Join Dude [0] (
01:47:19midknight2k3hey ze
01:48:59Doggertarget="_blank" href="">
01:49:12Doggernice info on the TI320dsc25
01:49:57diddystar5gotta go
01:50:00 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
01:51:28Doggersays JTAG on there as well
01:52:07 Quit track ("Leaving")
01:52:07midknight2k3i aint reading it
01:52:17midknight2k3mr. is-that-the-wind
01:52:25midknight2k3or mr. i-guess-it-is
02:01:21Plughheh. just found a hard drive recovery service that posts their rates
02:01:28Plugha 20 gig drive is $1095
02:01:29midknight2k3OH NO
02:01:38midknight2k3i just did something bad
02:01:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:02:52Plughyou zipped yourself up in your pants zipper?
02:02:56Plughthat's bad
02:03:21midknight2k3ha ha
02:03:30midknight2k3i just misaligned the hard drive pins
02:03:34midknight2k3with the ata controller
02:03:41Plughdid you see Something About Mary?
02:03:47Plughthat was hysterical
02:03:57midknight2k3i dont watch movies
02:04:00Plughah. you should see it
02:04:00midknight2k3unless its the core
02:04:15PlughI don't watch TV
02:04:23Plughexcept movies
02:04:24midknight2k3watch the core
02:04:27midknight2k3i swear
02:04:32midknight2k3by myself
02:04:41midknight2k3it is good
02:05:57midknight2k3go rent it
02:06:04midknight2k3and the little rat
02:06:11midknight2k3in the unobtanium box
02:06:14PlughI don't have any video rental memberships
02:06:20midknight2k3buy it then
02:06:25midknight2k3send it to me if you dont like it
02:06:29midknight2k3ill take it
02:06:30Plughhell no. it looked stupid
02:06:34midknight2k3i know
02:06:39midknight2k3it was better than it looked
02:06:44PlughI have netflix
02:06:44midknight2k3the previews were suck
02:06:49PlughI may put it on there
02:06:54midknight2k3DOWNLOAD IT THEN for christ tsake
02:07:09Plughafter I finish all the X-Files seasons and other stuff I have in the queue
02:07:09midknight2k3isnt that the movie d/l service?
02:07:16midknight2k3do they have the core on there?
02:07:28PlughDVD by mail
02:08:06midknight2k3you dummy
02:08:09midknight2k3get the core i say
02:08:10midknight2k3get it
02:08:14midknight2k3go to
02:08:17midknight2k3theres some video clips
02:08:26midknight2k3one of the golden gate brig you were talking about
02:09:24 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
02:10:49midknight2k3found it?
02:10:51midknight2k3or not looking?
02:15:38Plughnot looking
02:15:44Plughvery busy with work
02:16:20midknight2k3your rat
02:31:20midknight2k3im gonna attempt an f2 f3 fix
02:35:56 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
02:43:35Plughtarget="_blank" href="">
02:43:41Plughfunny shit
02:44:04midknight2k3holy shit
02:47:13midknight2k3I FIXED MY F BUTTONS
02:47:14midknight2k3thank you
02:47:17midknight2k3i hope i did
02:47:25*Plugh worships mid
02:47:34midknight2k3try it yourself
02:47:36*Plugh is also full of shit
02:47:40midknight2k3it requires supeglue
02:47:54midknight2k3Super Glue by Super Glie(TM)
02:50:57midknight2k3 kept the glass eye in the top drawer of my chest of drawers right next to my condoms. One night my girlfriend went in the drawer to get a condom out and damn near had a fatal heart attack. I love Uncle Bob and all but my girlfriend said that if I don't get rid of that damn glass eye I would never get sex again. Well, what do you do with a damned used glass eye? eBay of course! USA only. No reserve.
02:56:39midknight2k3BUTTONS FIXED
02:57:58midknight2k3it rocks
02:57:59midknight2k3im so happy
02:58:04zeis there no way to make smooth shiny lines/scratches in glass?
02:58:05midknight2k3they actually work with apress
02:58:26midknight2k3not a PRESS HARD
02:58:34zei can't get a laser to do it
02:58:44zethat is to say, i've tried a laser and can't make it do it
02:59:12zei've tried all kinds of settings of speed and power
02:59:28zeit always comes out semi-frosted and kinda rough
02:59:41midknight2k3send me the reject / not worth keeping stuff
02:59:46zei even did 1 speed and 100% power
02:59:53zeit made a deep line in the glass
02:59:57zeand fractured it
03:00:07zebut it still wasn't very smooth
03:00:08 Quit Dude ()
03:00:10zeand was too damn big
03:00:21zei want it like a light barely visible line
03:00:26zethat's shiny
03:00:31zeso that if you hold it in the sun
03:00:40zeyou get a point of light
03:00:43ze(being a curved line)
03:00:52midknight2k3try this
03:00:57midknight2k35 speed and 50% power
03:01:08midknight2k3it will work
03:01:18zei did 14 speed and 100% power
03:01:22zethat's pretty close to that
03:01:34zeit won't :/
03:02:30zeall i wanna do is make a hologram on a piece of glass :/
03:02:46midknight2k3try it
03:02:50midknight2k35 speed 50% power
03:02:59zefine :p
03:03:20midknight2k3you have a glass shop?
03:03:23midknight2k3are you doing it now?
03:05:53zeoh and what frequency
03:06:00zedefault is 2500 it goes up to 5000
03:06:12zeno, i have a laser engraver, and yes i'm doing it now
03:06:33ze5, 50, 3200 it is then
03:10:46zebig fat frosted line
03:11:06midknight2k3i wanna see it
03:11:12midknight2k3i wish we could email objects
03:11:26midknight2k3have a little box next to us
03:11:32midknight2k3that builds the output
03:11:37midknight2k3send a bomb to plugh
03:11:40zeit'll be quicker than anybody thinks
03:11:45zebefore we've got quantum teleportation devices
03:12:06midknight2k3i will teleport to your house
03:12:12midknight2k3if its ok with you
03:12:17midknight2k3and make good glass line
03:12:36zeby the time we get 'em though
03:12:44zei won't need to mess with this kinda silly crap to do things like that
03:12:57zei'd be able to shape energy into matter of specific structure and all
03:13:08midknight2k3i will teleport to plughs
03:13:12midknight2k3and mess with his mixers
03:13:14zeno need for all these manufacturing techniques and crap
03:13:44midknight2k3you suck
03:13:45zewon't that be neat? when creating objects is like creating software
03:13:54zelike writing code
03:14:14zeyou just set various paramaters and it gets created exactly how you specify it
03:14:32zeno empirical material sciences or chemestry
03:14:34midknight2k3or i can teleport to plughs and mess with his mixers
03:14:52zeno messy processes for manipulating and forming things
03:15:10zejust like printing out an image
03:15:14midknight2k3i wish i had a glass maker
03:15:21midknight2k3or whatever
03:15:32zeyou just "print out" your finished object of whatever materials and form and etc you like
03:15:41midknight2k3a big bomb then
03:15:55zeheh bomb's are so primitive
03:15:56midknight2k3i just lost
03:15:59midknight2k3a LITTLE screw
03:16:02midknight2k3from the archos
03:16:08midknight2k3about 1/8" long
03:16:11midknight2k3not good
03:16:31zewith the level of technology i'm talking about
03:16:47zetrying to bomb anything would be like
03:16:47midknight2k3i could make a new one
03:16:53midknight2k3found it
03:16:56midknight2k3thank you
03:16:58midknight2k3hows the zen?
03:17:04midknight2k3i'm getting one soon enough
03:17:11zelike trying to assisinate somebody heavily guarded like the president or something
03:17:16zeby a stinky bum with a knife
03:17:16 Part ClosetPacifist ("scripting pie")
03:17:45midknight2k3OH MY GOD
03:17:49midknight2k3i just thought of something
03:17:49zeit's just like sorta outclassed :p
03:17:52midknight2k3with your technology
03:18:02midknight2k3i could make countless tvs and smash them
03:18:08midknight2k3get working on it ze
03:18:11midknight2k3i need this program
03:18:20zeyou could fly out into intergalactic space
03:18:25zemake a TV the size of a star
03:18:26midknight2k3i like space
03:18:28zeand blow it up
03:18:57midknight2k3any ideas
03:19:07midknight2k3what would you do with that program you envision?
03:19:26zewhatever i want. :p
03:19:46zelike seriously
03:19:51zei couldn't even begin a list for you
03:19:55zeit'd go on forever
03:19:57midknight2k3just one thing
03:20:02midknight2k3then its a bad idea
03:20:09midknight2k3spend all your life making stuff you want
03:20:16midknight2k3waste it sitting there belting out code
03:20:17zeoh it wouldn't just be making stuff
03:20:29zei'd make stuff to use and etc
03:20:49midknight2k3well yeah
03:20:52midknight2k3make a tv to smash
03:20:56midknight2k3you need it
03:21:11zei mean i'd want to explore the universe for starters
03:21:20midknight2k3i would too
03:21:32zeyeah but i'm like really serious
03:21:45midknight2k3millions of galaxies
03:21:50zeI intend to explore the UNIVERSE for STARTERS
03:21:59midknight2k3for starters
03:22:16zeand then you know, we'll see how things go from there :p
03:22:23midknight2k3there is nowhere to go from there
03:22:40zedepends on how you look at it
03:22:44midknight2k3then theres no more mysteries of the universe
03:22:48midknight2k3we'd be just done
03:22:51midknight2k3thats it
03:22:54zefor one thing, people interpret the word 'universe' in different ways
03:22:57midknight2k3back to boring earth life
03:23:03midknight2k3well yeah
03:23:07midknight2k3its hard to say
03:23:13midknight2k3hafta wait till the time comes to tell
03:23:19zemany people consider it as the collection of physical objects we can detect
03:23:21midknight2k3as we dont know whats out there
03:23:35zeand by that interpretation, i personally think there's more out there
03:23:46midknight2k3i do too
03:23:50midknight2k3there must be
03:23:59midknight2k3i have this book "one universe"
03:24:08midknight2k3its cool
03:24:16zebut then even once you do have everything thats come to be so far known
03:24:24zethere's always still the future
03:24:29zeand your capacity to create
03:24:33zeand everybody else's capacity to create
03:24:50zethere's a potential infinity
03:24:50midknight2k3target="_blank" href="">
03:24:54midknight2k3that one i have
03:24:54zefor discovery and creation
03:24:55midknight2k3its cool
03:25:40zealready lost my interest
03:25:45ze"motion, matter, and energy"
03:26:00zethats a pretty limited scope
03:26:13zethree basic concepts, my ass
03:26:19zemotion and matter are both energy
03:26:27midknight2k3With these as a starting point
03:26:31midknight2k3STARTING POINT
03:26:38zebut it's starting from a bad place
03:26:42zemotion and matter are both energy
03:26:48zeand what about time?
03:26:58midknight2k3it has neat pictures
03:27:03zeif you really wanted a closer to fundamental starting point
03:27:10zetake space and time
03:27:16zeas your basic concepts
03:27:19zeto explore
03:28:17zemotion and matter are both made of space and time
03:28:28zeand energy and time are either the same thing or very closely linked
03:28:33midknight2k3this xd reader aint working
03:30:59midknight2k3ze: what about the ze zen
03:31:07zeze zen?
03:31:15midknight2k3ze's zen
03:32:03midknight2k3is it broken?
03:32:10zeze zen... anything like za zen?
03:32:16zenope, it works great
03:32:23midknight2k3i wish i knew more about it
03:32:34midknight2k3all i know is its a 20 gig hard drive mp3 player
03:32:37midknight2k3ill look around
03:34:06zethis is weird
03:34:07zetarget="_blank" href="">
03:34:19zewhat it's talking about sounds foreign to me
03:34:25zethere's a lot of things that do that
03:34:44zelike i'm visited a world i don't belong in
03:34:59zebecause things being said seem to apply to someone else and not me
03:35:09midknight2k3did you buy it?
03:35:17zei have no trouble with sleep
03:35:20zei don't even think about it
03:35:23midknight2k3i need it
03:35:25midknight2k3its about sleep?
03:35:25zei get tired, i go to bed, and i sleep
03:35:29zei sleep deeply
03:35:31midknight2k3i stay awake for hours sometimes
03:35:35zei do too
03:35:38zeif i'm not tired i can't sleep
03:35:40midknight2k3i have a too active imagination
03:35:43midknight2k3well yeah
03:35:49midknight2k3im just not usually tired
03:35:57zedo more
03:35:58midknight2k3i postpone sleeping then i postpone waking up
03:36:09zeget out there and do stuff
03:36:10zewear yourself out
03:36:20midknight2k3i ran around the block today
03:36:28zei mean actualy be active like all day
03:36:34midknight2k3i know
03:36:36zeyou'll sleep no problem
03:36:43midknight2k3i just wish days were longer
03:36:48midknight2k3i want to have time for it all
03:36:58zedays don't need to be longer
03:36:59midknight2k3rockbox is important to me, and i like working on it
03:37:02zenights are nice too
03:37:03midknight2k3i like lots of stuff
03:37:06zevariety is important
03:37:24zelearn to do a lot in your dreams
03:37:28zealong with doing a lot in your days
03:37:30midknight2k3i once..
03:37:35midknight2k3in my dream
03:37:46midknight2k3last night i dremt i rode a train i think
03:37:56midknight2k3something like that
03:37:59midknight2k3you know what i think
03:38:18midknight2k3i think our "dreams" are us in another place, another reality
03:38:55zein a way they are
03:39:07zebut it's not quite the same kindof concept of reality
03:39:11zeas what we consider this waking life
03:39:25midknight2k3it could be
03:39:36zewell what i mean is
03:39:43zethis reality here, while we're awake
03:39:55midknight2k3awake used subjectively of course
03:39:57zethis is a specific place and time
03:40:06zethat we experience
03:40:21zedreams aren't so rigid
03:40:32midknight2k3you can do anything in dreams
03:40:49zedreams are more like
03:41:02midknight2k3one time i dreamt my xbox flashed its red led at me
03:41:06zea loose collection of places in a bigger reality that this one is also part of
03:41:10midknight2k3and i was like, noo its busted
03:41:15midknight2k3and i woke up
03:41:21zewe have our internal places
03:41:24midknight2k3ze makes little sense
03:41:37zethat's just ours and what nobody else would consider to be part of their reality
03:41:47zeand then there's lots of other places
03:41:51zethat you can go to through dreams
03:41:59zedreams is more like just another mode of experience
03:42:06zethat's not tied to any particular reality
03:42:09midknight2k3lets talk about something else
03:42:14midknight2k3this is complicated
03:42:19zeno, it's simple
03:42:27midknight2k3if youre you
03:42:30zeok for an analogy
03:42:31midknight2k3it makes sense
03:42:38zelets take this waking world
03:42:43midknight2k3it just takes a little work to put it together
03:42:49zenow this is a "mode of experience"
03:42:54zewhere you can go different places within this world
03:43:09zewhile dreams is a "mode of experience"
03:43:17zewhere you can go different worlds within the universe
03:43:40midknight2k3there is a univers for each of us
03:43:47midknight2k3with our own places
03:43:54midknight2k3that we go to when we dream
03:44:30zebut thats still only part of the dream "mode of experience"
03:44:37zethats just one of the worlds we can go
03:44:40zethere's shared ones too
03:45:05zewe can not only enter each other's worlds
03:45:05zebut there's other worlds that exist outside of us
03:45:10zethat we can access through dreams
03:45:58midknight2k3sounds like you need to watch the core
03:46:04midknight2k3all your problems will be fixed
03:46:13 Join merksperks [0] (
03:46:35Plughhello merk
03:46:48merksperksHi Plugh
03:47:01merksperkscan you register this?
03:47:15midknight2k3the jirc chat
03:47:26PlughI can read what you typed
03:47:28zelike with nickserv?
03:47:47merksperkscan you guys help me out with an archos multimedia 20?
03:47:55Plughnot really
03:48:20Plughwe're not really MM folks
03:48:28midknight2k3plugh aint
03:48:34Plughwe all work with the mp3 units
03:48:41merksperkswhat is this chat for?
03:48:42midknight2k3PLUGH SUC−−stinks
03:49:11Plughit's for the rockbox firmware replacement for Archos mp3 hard drive players/recorders
03:49:50merksperksThat is what I have and I would like to use rockbox as my firmware but not sure if it is supported with the archos unit I have?
03:50:06zeok so it's like 7pm
03:50:12zei woke up at 1:30pm and had a cup of green tea
03:50:27zeand nothing else all day, now i'm having a banana and a cup of cranberry juice
03:50:38zebecause i'm told that dinner will be late
03:50:40midknight2k3i want cranberry juice
03:50:53midknight2k3soon you will be able to email me some cranberry juice
03:51:06midknight2k3and i can dump it out cause you prolly spit in it
03:51:24zewhy would you think i'd spit in juice
03:51:32midknight2k3if its for me
03:51:36 Quit merksperks ("Leaving")
03:51:36midknight2k3i have many reasons
03:51:37zeanybody's juice
03:51:46zei respect juice too much
03:51:50midknight2k3youre funny
03:52:00midknight2k3what makes you think i'd spit in anybody's juice
03:52:04midknight2k3thats funny
03:52:07midknight2k3watch the core
03:52:58zebut really doesn't there seem like something contradictory about that
03:53:12zesomebody drinking green tea and fruit juices and eating fruit
03:53:16Plughexit polls are showing Arnold with a MAJORITY
03:53:23Plughthat's crazy
03:53:26zebut having bad eating habbits like not eating most of the day
03:53:26Plugh51% of the vote
03:53:35midknight2k3ze: lol
03:53:38midknight2k3plugh: you stink
03:53:50zePlugh: did you honestly think it'd be otherwise?
03:53:58midknight2k3OOH he told you plugh
03:53:58Plughyeah, I know. Beans, onions, and cabbage... sorry
03:54:14zePlugh: you ever see domolition man?
03:54:17Plughze: I thought it would be a plurality win. Not a majority
03:54:24Plughze: yeah. I own it on DVD
03:54:38midknight2k3PLUGH: why dont you own the core?
03:54:41zePlugh: there's something unsettling about the whole thing
03:55:09midknight2k3i never see the famous "hmm heh" anymore
03:55:11midknight2k3why not
03:55:24zemaybe you're just not looking
03:55:35midknight2k3i am too
03:55:35zeor maybe there hasn't been much to provoke it
03:55:41midknight2k3you are stupid
03:55:46midknight2k3provocation alert
03:55:52midknight2k3now you say hmm heh
03:55:59midknight2k3cause its curious that youre stupid
03:56:05zeor maybe i'm just getting less and less easy to provoke
03:56:09Plughmidknight2k3: cuz it looked lame. I got so sick of Armageddon, Space Cowboys, Deep Impact, etc that The Core hold NO interest for me
03:56:47midknight2k3plugh: listen to me
03:56:53zebut come on
03:56:58 Join Guest [0] (
03:57:01zewe've only got another 8 years or so to enjoy such movies
03:57:04midknight2k3is it not work like three bucks to make me stop bugging you and to know the worlds best special fx movie?
03:57:33zeif that!
03:58:05zethe burning rocks could start raining any year now
03:58:16midknight2k3what he said
03:58:38Plughtarget="_blank" href="">
03:58:42zesomebody should make a new kind of disaster movie
03:58:50midknight2k3THE CORE
03:58:52zewhere man's the threat
03:58:53midknight2k3is a new disaster movie
03:58:59midknight2k3never before done anything like this
03:59:04zebase it on the current political climate
03:59:26zeand economic climate
03:59:27zeand etc
03:59:35 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
04:00:09zewhere increased government privitization and the war against terror along with economic circumstances and everything else going on
04:00:22zeadds up to a really fucked scenario
04:00:30midknight2k3or you can just see the core
04:00:36zemidknight2k3: i said a NEW KIND
04:00:47midknight2k3it is new
04:00:53zeit's the same kinda crap
04:00:59midknight2k3is not
04:00:59zesome silly global catastrophe stuff
04:01:07midknight2k3its not outer space, it's inner space
04:01:14midknight2k3and outer space turns against them
04:01:18midknight2k3its good
04:01:19zeyou mean like Earthquake?
04:01:21midknight2k3i tell you
04:01:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:01:45zegive it up, man, i'm talking about something different
04:02:05midknight2k3just TRY IT is all i ask
04:02:08zePlugh: what do you think of my new kind of disaster movie idea?
04:02:10midknight2k3what movie do you hate
04:02:21zequeen of the damned
04:02:26midknight2k3i'm reading the pumpkin thing
04:02:27zethat movie sucked so much ass
04:02:31midknight2k3it cant be worse than that ze
04:02:40zeseriously, i believe you there
04:02:47zegay niggers from outer space was more entertaining
04:02:52midknight2k3jus try it is all i say
04:02:56midknight2k3hahaha ze
04:02:56Plughsorry, was looking at extreme pumpkins
04:03:01midknight2k3i was too
04:03:05PlughI have that movie on my hard drive, ze
04:03:14midknight2k3what movie
04:03:14zegnfos? me too
04:04:47midknight2k3okay listen up
04:04:57midknight2k3i hope this is the last time, but please watch the core
04:05:02zetarget="_blank" href="">
04:05:04midknight2k3i am the oly person in the world who has i think
04:05:06zethat was one i did in 2001
04:05:15zebad picture but you can see what it was well enough
04:05:53midknight2k3you left your eye photo up
04:06:07zethat one's old and crappy
04:06:14midknight2k3i want zen photos
04:06:17midknight2k3of the ui
04:06:21zecheck out target="_blank" href="">
04:06:25midknight2k3you said you would during your ebay phototaking
04:06:34zeyep, i haven't done anything with ebay yet
04:06:43midknight2k3you rat
04:06:54zeyeah but my eye owns you
04:07:31zei mean wtf kinda human has dark grayblue eyes with yellow flamish streaks around the center
04:07:52midknight2k3its SCARY i said
04:08:25zetarget="_blank" href="">
04:08:31zethat one's not as dark and the pupil's smaller
04:08:44zebut check out target="_blank" href="">
04:09:39zei use a version of that last one for the background of my blog target="_blank" href="">
04:10:07zewhat's scary about it?
04:10:14midknight2k3the dark one
04:10:24zestill whats scary about it?
04:10:30Plughspeaking of eyes
04:10:31Plughtarget="_blank" href="">
04:10:54Plughread the whole thing
04:11:03PlughI was laughing my ass off by the end of it
04:11:08midknight2k3i will too
04:11:16Plughno mid
04:11:22Plughyou shouldn't read such things
04:11:27Plughit might give you ideas
04:11:34midknight2k3go away plugh
04:11:37midknight2k3i already have ideas
04:13:05zemy eye's better
04:13:20midknight2k3that is a funny story
04:13:36midknight2k3plugh is selling it
04:13:40Plughcheck this out ze. target="_blank" href="">
04:13:59midknight2k3why ze
04:14:01midknight2k3why not me
04:14:11Plughokay. you too mid
04:14:22midknight2k3we have hmm heh
04:14:22zewhat about it?
04:14:33midknight2k3HMM HEH IS ALIVE
04:14:37midknight2k3ze is provoked
04:14:41midknight2k3stand back
04:14:51zeno the hmm heh was provoked
04:14:51Plughimagine walking up to someone's house and they have a pumpkin lighted with a 10,000 candlepower halogen light. OUCH
04:14:57zePlugh: heh
04:15:20midknight2k3i have two one MILLION candlepower ones
04:15:33midknight2k3they are cool
04:15:44zeimagine walking up to someone's house and they have a pumkin levitating with a spooky green glowing fog very slowly like extra-thick molases pouring out through it's holes
04:15:58midknight2k3good word
04:16:03Plughtarget="_blank" href="">
04:16:06Plughthat one's good
04:17:00zei still like my idea better
04:17:41zeand i guess it's spelled molasses
04:17:57midknight2k3good one ze
04:18:44zesounds like what you'd call a group of people with moles on their asses
04:18:48zeyou bunch of molasses
04:19:17midknight2k3ha ha
04:19:58PlughI think I'm gonna do a puking pumpkin down the front porch steps
04:20:05midknight2k3OH YEAH
04:20:21zethat reminds me
04:20:24zei should scan this arrowhead i made
04:20:28Plughand maybe the gunshot wound one at the top of the bannister
04:20:51PlughI'll have my skull candles by the door
04:21:40Plughbut I've got to do the drowning pumpkin somehow. Maybe I'll drown one in a white 5 gallon bucket
04:21:55zei don't think a bucket would work so well
04:22:08Plugheven if I lighted it?
04:22:15zebut with a plastic bag, you don't even need to have it drowning
04:22:36zeleave the water out and it can just be suffocating
04:22:49Plughooh. yeah. Gotta draw the air out though
04:22:59Plughso the bag sucks into the mouth hole
04:23:02zehehe yeah
04:23:25PlughI could probably do that with my vacuum sealer ;)
04:23:33zei think you could do a better expressive face than that drowning one though
04:23:48Plughit would be my own style
04:23:53PlughI'll take pix
04:24:11zeso yeah i'm gonna go scan this arrowhead
04:24:31PlughI wonder if I could get a breathing, suffocating pumpkin
04:25:02midknight2k3funny plugh
04:25:23PlughI don't know of a pump that could cycle forward and reverse, except like a bellows
04:26:05midknight2k3kids are scared of your house
04:26:09midknight2k3who cares anyways
04:26:44Plughthey should be scared of my pair of vicious attack cats
04:27:11midknight2k3oh no
04:27:16midknight2k3i want a photo of thes cats
04:27:37midknight2k3theres no comments on your blog
04:27:40midknight2k3advertise it
04:30:09midknight2k3rise o mozilla firebird!
04:30:11zethere's 3 entries with comments on them
04:30:13midknight2k3you can say that again
04:30:19midknight2k3i love that thing
04:30:35zeand i'd probably remove comments if it weren't for the posterity of those
04:30:40midknight2k3*searches blog for comments*
04:30:59midknight2k3found one
04:31:00midknight2k3with two
04:31:10zeyeah i respond to my comments
04:31:14midknight2k3i see
04:31:16zeer to others comments as it were
04:31:18midknight2k3i used to
04:31:29midknight2k3my blog broke
04:31:49midknight2k3target="_blank" href="">
04:31:56midknight2k3can you believe that thing is still alive?
04:32:08midknight2k3hey're supposed to shut it down after 60 days
04:32:16midknight2k3its been about that long for many times
04:32:51zewhat a bunch of crap
04:33:08zeit's not even a bunch of crap
04:33:10zeit's just a little crap
04:33:13zeyour blog
04:33:19midknight2k3it doesnt show text
04:33:21midknight2k3i swear
04:33:23midknight2k3somethings busted
04:33:34midknight2k3i put in a blog and it shows up empty
04:33:40midknight2k3makes me angered
04:33:44zewell it's probably either your shitty host or your shitty customized theme
04:33:56midknight2k3i reset the theme
04:34:35midknight2k3hey dummy
04:34:49midknight2k3ah no
04:34:56midknight2k3i forgot to put the riot back together
04:35:01midknight2k3at least i fixed my F buttons
04:36:59zeso i took up flintknapping
04:37:11zewhich, before you ask, is how stone tools were made back in that era
04:37:16zehow the native americans made arrowheads and such
04:37:33zeby chipping agate, obsidian, and of course flint and other such materials
04:37:38zeinto various shapes for various purposes
04:38:04zei took a piece of leather to work on, some flakes of osbidian i've got, and a piece of deer horn
04:38:09zeand started chipping away
04:38:15zeand i've made 2 arrowheads a day for 3 days
04:38:20zei made this one on my 3rd day
04:38:22zetarget="_blank" href="">
04:38:26zetarget="_blank" href="">
04:38:37zeit's my favorite so far
04:39:00zereally, it wouldn't be too practical as an arrowhead the way it is, because it doesn't have any notches to help tie it securely to the arrow
04:39:08zebut those could be added if i were interested in such things
04:39:15zebut i like to make them for their looks
04:40:06midknight2k3must you ramble all day?
04:40:19zewhen do i ramble all day?
04:40:22Plughyou did that with flint knapping?
04:40:28zePlugh: yes
04:40:33Plughgood work
04:40:39zei chipped an obsidian flake with a piece of deerhorn into that shape
04:40:43Plughthanks for keeping the art alive
04:40:55zemy mom's great uncle got me started
04:41:01midknight2k3plugh is ungrateful
04:41:04zewhen i was like 13, but i only tried it a couple times and did really lousy
04:41:16zeand then the stuff sat in a can that rusted out over the years
04:41:32zethen recently i cleaned it all up and gave it another try, and been doing much better heh
04:41:55zei started practicing with some of the flakes he gave me
04:42:06zesoon i'll start working on some flakes i broke myself from a few chunks of obsidian i had
04:42:23zethere's one flake in particular i'm quite fond of, it's gotta be like a one in a million sorta thing
04:42:29zeit's the shape of a guitar pick or alien head sorta
04:42:32midknight2k3here we go again
04:42:37zeand it's got a razor edge all the way around
04:43:04Plughwell, I'm gonna scoot
04:43:06zeone side is almost completely flat and the other is a smooth curve
04:43:08zeit's beautiful
04:43:10PlughI'm already running late
04:43:16zesee ya
04:43:56midknight2k3is he gone?
04:44:02zein fact i think i'll go scan that flake now
04:44:17zeall it'd need to be an arrowhead is some notches heh
04:44:25zeso i'm not entirely sure what, if anything, i want to do with it
04:45:06midknight2k3hey ze
04:45:17midknight2k3do you speak C fluently?
04:47:56midknight2k3my button
04:48:06midknight2k3noo it cant be
04:48:08midknight2k3GOD NO PLEASE
04:50:27zetarget="_blank" href="">
04:50:34zetarget="_blank" href="">
04:51:09zenow that one, i did break into that shape but i didn't shape it like that
04:51:17zeit basically naturally broke like that
04:51:32midknight2k3I GET IT NOW
04:51:45midknight2k3remember the ajz file icon when you had your archos?
04:51:56zeum, no
04:52:02midknight2k3its like a square with big corners and a missing pixel in the middle
04:52:05midknight2k3it's an ARCHOS
04:52:09midknight2k3i never guesed
04:52:19midknight2k3i thought it was stoopid till i understood
04:52:27midknight2k3which is now
04:52:57midknight2k3mistake in didys patch
04:54:12zeyou know i did a rockbox logo once?
04:54:17midknight2k3i remember
04:54:17zeit got rejected
04:54:19zetarget="_blank" href="">
04:54:25midknight2k3it was the archos with curved sides
04:54:26zei smoothed it out since the last version i posted
04:54:50midknight2k3and zagor didnt like it
04:54:58midknight2k3cause he didnt want it to do with the archos
04:55:02midknight2k3its entirely different
04:55:18midknight2k3howd you do it?
04:55:20midknight2k3good job at least
04:55:22zein the gimp
04:55:23midknight2k3looks better
04:55:36zei could do it better now, i'm more familiar with working with the gimp
04:55:46midknight2k3make another rockbox logo
04:56:07midknight2k3i wanna see
04:56:20midknight2k3i love mozilla firebird
04:56:36midknight2k3i just dont like the fact that its a 3.7gb disk space taker to use the source
04:56:57zeif you like firebird then why do you use IE6?
04:57:02midknight2k3mozilla source is like 2.7 or 3.7 gb
04:57:07zeno it's not
04:57:08midknight2k3i dont often use ie
04:57:13zeit's a few hundred MB at most
04:57:15zei've compiled it before
04:57:28midknight2k3but it says you need 2.7 or 3.7 gb to work with it
04:57:35zeand a compiled version of firebird is small
04:58:12zeso why do you use ie at all
04:58:30midknight2k3i'm sort of moving over to mozilla
04:58:39midknight2k3i dont like that it wont stream wmv's..
04:58:53midknight2k3that's my main problem
04:58:53zeit will if you setup whatever crap does
04:59:01zethe plugin or helper or whatever
04:59:01midknight2k3i tried that
04:59:05zewell you failed
04:59:08zetry again
04:59:11midknight2k3well you suck
04:59:20zehell i could do it in linux
04:59:28zei could set it to run mplayer on the url
04:59:36zeor something
05:00:13zeand firebird's extentions own
05:00:50zei've got an rss reader panel and a thing that blocks flash unless you click on it and stuff
05:01:14zehmm i forgot i installed a browser uptime plugin
05:01:26ze"This browser window is 17 hours, 43 minutes, and 23 seconds old."
05:01:36midknight2k319:54:49 | <ze> heh - 19:56:40 | <ze> heh - 19:58:46 | <ze> heh - 19:59:23 | <ze> heh - 20:00:39 | <ze> heh
05:02:58midknight2k319:51:42 | <ze> heh - 19:51:55 | <ze> heh - 19:42:54 | <ze> heh - 19:40:26 | <ze> heh - 19:33:33 | <ze> heh - 19:33:00 | <ze> heh - 19:32:57 | <ze> heh - 19:31:04 | <ze> heh
05:03:07midknight2k3talk about a 'heh' fetish
05:04:41midknight2k3it's a joke
05:23:20midknight2k3do you know about bmp2rb
05:25:28 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:39:17midknight2k3−−- Log for 28.07.102 Server: Channel: # ...
05:39:17midknight2k3... 12.41.44 # <Linus> when mas_run() works, my unit also gets distortion 12.42.50
05:39:17midknight2k3# <PsycoXul> hmm heh 12.43.09 ... and with old rockbox, today's build, latest cvs ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages
05:39:26midknight2k3hmm heh
05:43:46 Join sagegoku [0] (
05:43:56sagegokui need help
05:44:04midknight2k3help with?
05:44:10sagegokui have a jbr20
05:44:29sagegokuis there anyway to, when i press 'on', have the little selector on the song im playing
05:44:50sagegokulike if i go into random, switch through a few songs, then press on, im still at the song i started with
05:45:02midknight2k3there is a way
05:45:10sagegokuwhich is?
05:45:10midknight2k3give me a sec, i'll look at the code and see
05:45:17sagegokuthank you so much
05:45:34midknight2k3can't guarantee anything but i'll check :)
05:46:25midknight2k3piece of junk thing
05:46:35midknight2k3i tried to do something wit h the status bar, and it didnt work
05:46:53sagegokuyah ive tried doing that
05:47:05midknight2k3i moved the battery level around and stuff
05:47:58sagegokuk forget about it
05:48:04midknight2k3just a sec
05:48:36midknight2k3should be right around here somewheres
05:48:44sagegokuwell i have one other q
05:48:53sagegokuis there any way to change the pitch quicker
05:48:58sagegokuthan by .1%
05:49:02midknight2k3i found an exploit of that
05:49:20midknight2k3hold the right arrow and click up quickly
05:49:25midknight2k3it will jump by 2.1%
05:49:39midknight2k3we need a better pitch screen
05:50:01sagegokuthank you!
05:50:07midknight2k3no problem
05:52:32midknight2k3i dont see any quick solutions
05:52:36midknight2k3let me try one thing
05:52:38midknight2k3just a sec
05:53:01midknight2k3not likely to work but it might
05:53:20midknight2k3i'd have to look closer later
05:54:09midknight2k3i just made a cursor trail
05:54:34midknight2k3dont work
05:55:35midknight2k3ill look at it tomorrow
05:55:42sagegokuyou guys need to make a hold option, too
05:55:49midknight2k3there is one
05:55:56midknight2k3at the WPS, hold F! and hit down
05:56:29sagegokuany other cool WPS tricks?
05:56:34sagegokui know about f2 and f3 menus
05:56:37midknight2k3F1 and PLAY is mute
05:56:54midknight2k3F1 and ON is ID3 ifno
05:57:48midknight2k3i feel like making a shutdown screen
05:58:03midknight2k3cause whenever i turn it off it goes WHIRr.
05:58:04sagegokuthat'd be coo
05:58:06midknight2k3and grinds
05:58:13midknight2k3its bad for the hard drive
05:58:18midknight2k3but it happens often
05:58:23midknight2k3or i have to wait a few seconds
05:58:27midknight2k3rockbox is smart
05:58:36sagegokui find it helps to pause the song before shutdown
05:58:37midknight2k3i like how it wont spin down if i am moving the cursor around
05:58:52midknight2k3it's intelligent
05:59:13midknight2k3archos would shut down the hard drive any time it wanted
05:59:24midknight2k3i was clicking around directories and it just shut down
05:59:26midknight2k3for no reason
05:59:37midknight2k3i promptly reloaded rockbox
05:59:51sagegokuany other f1 tricks?
06:00:01midknight2k3not that i know of
06:00:06sagegokuor f2 or f3
06:00:11sagegokuhow bout on file browsing?
06:00:24midknight2k3ON and UP or DOWN is one page at a time
06:00:25sagegokui know that if you hold play+on you get a menu
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11:22:38 Join track [0] (
11:29:13 Join dsg [0] (
11:32:34trackmorning webmind
11:33:00trackif there was an exam in MP3s and MP3 players I would get an A :-)
11:39:08 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
11:39:38trackhello galik
11:39:50Galikgmornin track
11:40:16Galiksorry didn mean to shout
11:40:29*Galik hit the caps lock by mistake
11:41:12webmindtrack, how so ?
11:41:16tracki dunno why im so obsessed with MP3 devices
11:41:34Galikdoes your wake-up alarm work on your archos?
11:41:39trackim on my 3rd MP3 player
11:41:43trackdunno, never use it
11:41:57*webmind only had one.. still have it.. archos player
11:41:59trackactually im on my 4th
11:42:06webmindand people often are amazed by it
11:42:12webmindsome people even thought it was a bomb :)
11:42:26trackIve had a Sonicblue RioVolt, then a Creative Labs Nomad, now I have the Archos and a Kenwood car MP3 device
11:42:58trackthe Kenwood takes MP3s recorded on CD
11:43:52trackdon't laugh but I went back to the Archos firmware once
11:46:47trackI feel the Archos firmware has a better recording interface than Rockbox
11:47:25webmindi'd never buy a special car mp3 player i think
11:47:37webmindif i ever own a car it would atleast have 1 computer build in
11:47:54trackyea but CD-RW disks are cheap and it safeguards your Archos from bouncing around in the car
11:48:12webmindthe archos quite take quite a bumb..
11:48:14webmindi've tested
11:48:23webmindin casing it has no problem with falling ca 50cm
11:50:24trackI keep the Archos firmware alongside Rockbox for playlist making and recording
11:50:48webmindi never understood how to make a playlist in the original firmware
11:50:56webmindbtw u have the recorder i presume ?
11:51:04tracki don't like players
11:51:24trackid rather have a 10Gb recorder than a 20Gb player
11:51:48*webmind has a 40gb player.. if i'd known the difference i'd probably bought a recorder aswell
11:52:21dsgI like rockbox better in every aspect except for that charging doesn't work for me when it's flashed.
11:53:14dsgOh, and I don't know how to recursively add to playlist.
11:53:20webmindthere only one thing i dislike about rockbox.. it's queue function..
11:53:33trackwhy wots wrong wiv it?
11:53:47webmindafter u choose a different file.. it continues in the dir where the first file was started
11:54:10dsgwebmind: Yeah. Well, you can queue files... but you have to push too many buttons IMHO.
11:54:18dsgWas thinking of messing with the key bindings actually.
11:54:40dsgtrack: If it's flashed, it seems to measure the battery wrong.
11:54:51trackwell my archos isnt flashed anyway
11:54:55dsgSo it thinks it's done flashing when it's really not.
11:55:13dsgWell, archos firmware bootup is slow.
11:55:18dsgFlashed rockbox is *fast* :)
11:55:24trackyouhave to be mad to flash ur archos in the first place
11:55:30webmindi'd like a function to play just 1 file
11:55:31 Join thu [0] (
11:55:42dsgwebmind: You can just queue a single track...
11:55:53dsgBut same prob... have to push many buttons.
11:55:56webminddsg, not in a simple way
11:56:29dsgIf I did mess with the keybindings, "play" would mean queue.
11:56:32dsgAt least on files.
11:56:42dsgAnd I'd need a simple way to queue directories as well.
11:57:01trackwell im sure if you ask Bjorn and co nicely :-)
12:01:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:06:04dsgWell... keybindings code can't be that bad. It's just a question of when I get around to setting up a Hitachi cross-compile chain.
12:06:19trackif you can flash the archos to boot rockbox why can't u flash it to play WMA or ATRAC3?
12:06:19dsgActually I need to do that anyway when I get my dreamcast (that has an SH-4).
12:06:38dsgtrack: Because the MP3 decoding is not done by the processor.
12:06:47dsgThere's a seperate chip that handles it.
12:08:03trackive just spilt tea on my mouse mat
12:08:54trackwell i have an optical mouse so it doesn't really matter
12:14:57trackwheres midknight?
12:23:33 Quit track ("Leaving")
12:30:41Hadakais there a feature to queue/playlist several different directories in current rockbox? what about separate patches?
13:21:09 Quit uski|aw ("Fermeture du client")
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14:23:36 Quit BoBB ("leaving")
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15:44:58 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
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16:45:31 Join diddystar5 [0] (
16:53:14 Nick cme2 is now known as webmind (
16:59:01 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
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17:15:55 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
17:19:44 Join Gx_Slim [0] (
17:20:39Gx_Slimanyone home? :)
17:26:36 Quit Gx_Slim ("Leaving")
17:34:00 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
17:42:07 Quit dsg ("FOO")
17:45:14 Join edx [0] (
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18:17:03 Join bu88a1 [0] (
18:17:59bu88a1help.. any ideas on why I am getting " undefined reference to `strstr'" when trying to link?
18:18:26bu88a1I am using it in tree.c which includes <string.h>
18:19:16bu88a1anyone here?
18:20:26 Quit bu88a1 (Client Quit)
18:21:33 Join bu88a1 [0] (
18:24:33 Quit bu88a1 (Client Quit)
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20:34:13 Join track [0] (
20:39:39Plughmorning track
20:40:07trackits evening here
20:40:17PlughWed Oct 8 11:41:17 PDT 2003
20:40:48Plughactually a minute earlier. I just synched with NIST
20:40:50trackwell its evening here in LONDON
20:41:37Plughif you're in the UK, why are you using AMERICA On-Line?
20:43:20trackim on AOL broadband
20:45:27Plughbloody hell
20:46:27Plughmy county representative (state senator) is talking about quitting his elected post because he doesn't want to work with the new governor
20:50:05Plughlast I checked, elected officials didn't get to choose their co-workers
20:50:14Plughit's the voters who choose
20:53:51trackCan the LCD on the Archos be replaced with a colour LCD from a digital camera?
20:56:46 Join lypanov [0] (
20:57:01lypanovanyone know where blastman007 hangs out?
21:11:36 Quit lypanov ("leaving")
21:13:48 Quit Kamayaka (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:21:46Plughtrack: I don't know if the display driver chip can handle color
21:21:47 Quit k3no (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:22:22Plughbut you could probably use an external device with some custom code
21:38:03 Join edx` [0] (
21:45:31 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:48:13trackA lot of PC adventure games are very linear
21:48:27tracksimply going from start to finish with traps/puzzles thrown inbetween
21:48:36 Join Bagder [0] (
21:48:49trackhi badger
21:49:12trackhow are you
21:49:14tracklong time no see
21:49:29BagderI've got myself a daughter
21:49:36trackcongratulations :-)
21:49:50trackur welcome
21:50:11trackbtw I found how you change the ID3 tag scrolling from circular to linear
21:50:52 Join scott666 [0] (
21:52:31trackyou go to scroll settings and alter bi-directional scrolling
21:52:49trackto make the scrolling linear (going back and forth) instead of circular
22:00:24 Quit track ("Leaving")
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