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#rockbox log for 2003-10-11

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00:54:48trackhello again
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01:59:44sagegokucan someone answer a few q's for me?
02:00:43top_blokeask away
02:00:53top_blokealthough i dont know much
02:00:59PlughI wish people would just join and ask their question ;)
02:01:11Plughyou don't have to ask permission to ask a question in here
02:01:34Plughhell, don't even make sure someone's around before asking it
02:01:35top_blokeput it in the topic
02:01:44PlughI can't :(
02:02:05top_bloketheres no ops in this chan
02:02:40Plughand when the chanserv comes through to op someone, it's the bot
02:02:56Plughand he kicks everyone who's ever pasted more than 3 consecutive lines
02:02:59top_blokehow often is that>?
02:03:08Plughonce a month or so, it seems
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02:03:35Plughsagegoku: please, ask your question :)
02:03:56sagegokuk i just didnt want to go through the trouble of typing it
02:04:08sagegokuif noone was gunna answer
02:04:08sagegokuMY QUESTION
02:04:25sagegokuwhat is the purpose of the 'viewer' under plugins
02:04:30top_blokehere it comes...
02:04:41sagegokuRecorder 20, daily build 10/7/03
02:04:42top_blokeopen txt files?
02:05:09sagegokubut cant you do that just by playing the text file?
02:05:10top_blokeit is used when u play a .txt
02:05:30sagegokuor does it enhance it?
02:05:45Plughit's the same one
02:05:57Plughplaying a text file invokes the viewer
02:07:24sagegokucuz i loaded harry potter 5
02:07:30sagegokuand i was reading it
02:07:45sagegokuand i decided it was better to just buy the book...
02:08:02top_blokeon an archos?
02:08:46top_blokeinteresting idea
02:08:55top_blokealthough the screen is so small
02:09:09sagegokuits kinda hard to read
02:09:20top_bloketry a big fint
02:09:27sagegokuand it takes like 30 seconds to make the scroll bar change
02:09:35sagegokucuz its a 870 page book
02:09:43top_blokeu have the whole book as 1 .txt?
02:10:00top_blokesplit it up
02:10:46sagegokuyah thats what im gunna do
02:11:02sagegokuim doing it by 300 line sections
02:11:13sagegokui made a vb program to do that for me...
02:11:23sagegokuim way too fucking lazy
02:11:33sagegokuwhats the best font that is big?
02:11:41top_bloketheyre all big
02:11:44sagegokuthat doesnt look like shit
02:11:48top_blokei use a small ass one
02:12:21top_blokeso i dont know the big ones
02:12:23sagegokulol i use system
02:12:48sagegokucour16b is good
02:12:51top_blokei got uwe-something
02:13:34sagegokuor iso 11
02:13:41top_blokei never went thru them all
02:14:01top_blokeits thin
02:14:44sagegokusystem takes up just as much room per line and its more visible
02:17:16sagegokuanother q
02:17:23sagegokuwhats the hello world thing about?
02:17:52top_blokeit does?
02:17:56top_blokei gotta try system
02:18:07top_blokeits an example plugin
02:18:53top_blokeas simple as it gets
02:18:56sagegokuand what about firmware-flash?
02:19:07top_blokeflashes your box
02:19:41top_blokeit needs a ucl or something
02:26:40sagegokuk tahnx
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02:37:39zeso i came up with this little thing.. i'm not saying it'd break earnshaw's theorum and levitate or anything, but i'm kinda wondering what exactly it would do to not levitate heh
02:39:30zemaybe it'd somehow twist anyway or stick to one side or something ... but *shrug*
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05:57:41diddystar5Pligh: alive?
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15:09:52Hadakaanyone here who's using a flashed rockbox?
15:14:06Hadakahow's the charging these days when you just plug in the charger? the document I read said it was only rudimentary still?
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15:15:04Hadakaor hmm
15:15:15Hadaka"Latest Rockbox now has a charging screen, but it is in an early stage. You'll get it when the unit is off and you plug in the charger."
15:15:49Hadakadoes that mean that the charging *screen* is in an early stage, but the charging algorithm is the one rockbox normally uses? what about deep discharge and trickle charge?
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15:21:07dsgHadaka: The way I understand it it uses the rockbox charging algorithm. However it doesn't read the settings for deepdischarge and such until it's booted fully.
15:21:10dsgbut gone, food.
15:21:53Hadakadsg: okay, thanks!
15:21:57HadakaI'll be going for food as well
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16:31:51Hadakaflashing my rockbox just about now
16:32:26webmindgoodluck :)
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16:34:14Hadakahmmh, if I download the full build from the daily builds page - it already has the full .rockbox dir with the firmware_flash.rock and a suitable ucl
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16:34:39Hadakabut it doesn't have the firmware_rec.bin - do I need to put that one in separately?
16:35:45HadakaI guess so, copied it in
16:44:14Hadakawhee! seems to work perfectly
16:46:04Hadakasome 8 seconds from pressing ON to resuming playback of a 4000 song playlist
16:46:49Hadakamy HD has a very long spinup time anyway, over 5 seconds from power off
16:47:04Hadakanow, time to compare this to the archos firmware version
16:48:44Hadaka20 seconds
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17:50:07diddystar5why is there 2 dsg's?
17:50:37diddystar5Plugh: wake up
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19:03:14golotanyone here/
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19:04:26golotanyone here?
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19:33:22Plughhi golot
19:33:29Plughif you have a question, just ask it
19:33:36Plughit will get answered... eventually
19:38:08golotcan anyone send me something so I could get the chip8 games somehow to work... I dont know anything in programing or all that :(
19:48:26 Quit dsg_ ("Lost terminal")
19:51:04Plughthen you're probably going to have a hard time of it
19:51:21Plughthe chip8 patch is a bit behind the current development
19:51:31Plughso you'd need to patch the changes by hand
19:51:55Plughand compile your own copy of the firmware
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19:59:14golotah? how do I do that?! :-?
20:01:38Plughfirst you install the development environment according to the docs on the project page
20:01:56PlughI assume you don't have cygwin installed. You'll probably need to do that first
20:01:59golotdo i need to know any programing for this?
20:02:11golotwhere do I get that?
20:02:14golotoh shit :(
20:02:18golotI dont know shit about programing
20:02:30Plughyou're going to need to find the new places in the code that the patch should go
20:02:32golotthanks for the help man...
20:02:37Plugha lot of stuff has moved around
20:02:52Plughit's possible someone has done a chip8 build
20:03:00Plughask on the mailing list
20:03:11golotthere was a dude here who told me he can make it for me in 10 mins and DCC it to me, but then his computer was doing problems and he logged off...
20:03:12Plughthey may be able to just give you the firmware file
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20:03:53golotwhats a firmware file?
20:04:03golotisnt there just a .rock file somewhere
20:04:42Plughit requires a lot more than just a .rock
20:04:53Plughthe firmware needs to be re-written
20:05:37PlughI found the patch file against 4 month old code
20:06:15Plughwhat unit do you have?
20:06:57PlughFM or recorder 20?
20:11:04Plughthe cvs server is fubar
20:11:10golotits harder to make?
20:11:30Plughfucked up beyond all repair
20:12:07PlughI can't get the source code checked out
20:12:47golotwhy is that?
20:13:00Plughbecause Sourceforge is overloaded
20:13:41golotwont it be repaired or something?
20:14:08Plughit hasn't been in 2 months. I have no reason to expect it to be fixed today
20:14:35PlughI have a script to pound it until I get a socket
20:16:27Plughhard to believe the chip8 patch is a year old
20:16:40Plughwith no changes
20:22:32Plughwell, I'm supposed to be 80 miles from here in 35 minutes and I haven't even gotten a shower yet
20:22:41Plughso I'm out of time to work on this
20:31:24golotthanks anyway man
20:31:36golottake care.....
20:31:41golotIll ask other ppl here later
20:32:01golotmaybe Ill find MidKnights2k3 (I think that was his name)....
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21:26:10 Quit golot ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 2104")
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21:48:53top_blokehey mid
21:48:58top_blokei got cygwin again
21:53:47midk2k3hi sorry was a bit busy
21:55:02midk2k3hi track
21:57:38top_blokei got your patch to work
21:57:47top_blokebut cant get the playlist viewer
21:57:51midk2k3which one, top bloke?
21:58:05top_blokeplay in f2,3
21:58:16midk2k3put in the constants yourself?
21:58:28top_blokewhats that
21:58:45midk2k3it applied the patch or sompiled it or both?
21:58:48top_blokeit patched screens.c
21:59:02midk2k3but it wont compile
21:59:03top_blokei got like 1000 compiling errors
21:59:15midk2k3i need to put in the lang constants
21:59:21top_blokebut at least it patched something
21:59:37top_blokebut i cant get the playlist viewer to work
21:59:55 Join dsg [0] (
21:59:57top_blokeReversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n]
22:00:34top_blokewtf is that
22:00:47midk2k3n i
22:00:48midk2k3 guess gus\
22:01:00 Quit midk2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:01:25 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
22:01:34top_bloke6 out of 8 hunks FAILED −− saving rejects to file 'c:\cygwin\home\rockbox\apps\p
22:01:53midknight2k3prolly cause its an oldish patch with a newer build
22:02:05top_blokecvs wont checkout
22:02:21top_blokegives some errors
22:02:27midknight2k3you need a tarball from rockbox daily build download page
22:02:31top_blokei did
22:02:38top_blokebut it only goes back so far
22:02:38midknight2k3then de-tar it
22:02:59midknight2k3ill be back in a sec.. gotta close IE and restart
22:03:23midknight2k3i gues it didnt shut me down
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22:05:57midknight2k3here goes again
22:06:01 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:06:42 Join midk2k3 [0] (
22:06:46midk2k3I hate java irc
22:06:57top_blokewhy use it then
22:08:04midk2k3just cant use other right now
22:08:11top_blokei see
22:20:07 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
22:22:17top_blokemaybe it was a good thing i deleted cygwin before
22:22:38top_blokecause it didnt work
22:22:44top_blokejust as it doesnt work now
22:22:52midk2k3why doesnt it work?
22:23:06top_blokeit cant even find most files
22:23:06midk2k3*how* does it not work, i mean?
22:23:08top_blokeor i cant
22:23:17midk2k3for my patch?
22:23:37midk2k3oh, lang.h?
22:23:40top_blokethats the one that did work
22:23:48top_blokeother patches
22:23:48midk2k3oh when patching
22:23:53midk2k3it always does that
22:24:00midk2k3just gotta live with it
22:24:10midk2k3you "can" copy andpaste though
22:24:10top_blokeit pisses me off
22:24:17 Join k3no_ [0] (
22:24:25top_blokeshouldnt it find the files by itself
22:25:31midk2k3it always does that
22:26:16top_blokepiece of crap
22:26:37top_blokeyou have to baybysit it thru every file
22:27:15midk2k3just copy and paste
22:27:46top_blokepatching file c:/cygwin/home/rockbox/apps/main_menu.c
22:27:47top_blokecan't find file to patch at input line 37
22:28:28midk2k3did you copy that and paste it?
22:28:33midk2k3by how i told you before?
22:28:39midk2k3you typed it?
22:28:47midk2k3you CAN COPY AND PASTE
22:28:50top_blokeit freezes up when i hit paste
22:28:55midk2k3thatzs not the way
22:29:02midk2k3you do copying inside cygwin
22:29:12midk2k3rightclick the button on the taskbar
22:29:19midk2k3and hit properties
22:29:22top_blokewell that was the first one
22:29:24midk2k3then set "quick edit mode"
22:29:24top_blokeand it failed
22:29:56top_blokei still have to type the first one
22:31:10midk2k3thats better than 10 times no?
22:31:46top_blokebut the problem is the fisrt one fails
22:31:55top_blokewhat do u say for Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n]
22:32:04top_blokey or n
22:32:54top_bloke2/2 failed
22:33:42top_blokei'm doing a patch from 10-4 on a 10-10 cvs
22:33:49midk2k3which patch
22:33:57top_blokeChanges to new .rockbox browsing patch
22:34:20midk2k3wanna see this ultra cool 3d pic i made?
22:34:26midk2k3its only like 200kb jpg
22:34:32top_blokei'm on slow ass
22:34:39midk2k3dont matter
22:34:41midk2k3its small
22:34:48top_bloke14400 bps
22:34:52top_blokei MEAN slow
22:35:06top_blokewhat is it
22:35:10midk2k3that SLOW
22:35:14midk2k3its an iceberg
22:35:18midk2k3its nice i made it myself
22:35:21top_blokemy modem is fucked up or something
22:35:38midk2k3thers your pic
22:35:40midk2k3see it
22:35:41midk2k3its good
22:36:01trackvery nice iceberg pic
22:36:06top_blokeits ungodly slow
22:36:13midk2k3you didnt even see it track
22:36:17midk2k3its only 200kb
22:36:23tracki did see the iceberg pic
22:36:23top_blokeif thats even a word
22:36:32midk2k3is there clouds in it?
22:36:33top_blokei'm still waiting
22:36:41top_blokeabout 1/4 there
22:36:53midk2k3track: how big is the iceberg then
22:37:05top_blokefrom what i can see
22:37:07tracki dunno but its a nice piccy
22:37:10midk2k3that makes me sad
22:37:19midk2k3i make track a picture and he doesnt even look at it
22:37:34top_blokehow do u know
22:37:41midk2k3you can tell
22:37:48midk2k3<me> look its nice
22:37:51top_blokei quit halfway thru it
22:37:51top_blokeill admit it
22:38:02midk2k3<track> (1 second later) its a very nice piccy
22:38:13midk2k3i'm sure you loaded it and looked at it and liked it
22:38:24top_blokei liked what i saw
22:38:27tracki clicked on the link to the iceberg pic
22:38:30top_blokethe top that is
22:38:43midk2k3you didnt finish it?
22:38:51midk2k3you should have let it load in teh backround
22:38:55midk2k3OH YEAH
22:39:00top_blokecant be that good
22:40:04midk2k3what cant be
22:40:07midk2k3the iceberg?
22:40:32top_blokei mean THAT good
22:40:36top_blokeits good
22:41:58top_blokestupid cygwin
22:43:16top_blokewhy couldnt they make it idiot proof
22:48:24midk2k3cause youre not an idiot
22:48:29midk2k3you just need patience
22:52:26 Quit midk2k3 ("Leaving")
23:21:32 Join r5rd5tcgc [0] (
23:25:27dsgtop_bloke: Because it's a development enviroment, and idiots shouldn't be developing.
23:25:36dsgNot that they don't... but they shouldn't.
23:26:04r5rd5tcgcbut what if an idiot wants to learn
23:26:42 Nick r5rd5tcgc is now known as topbloke (
23:26:56topblokethey should make it easier for idiots to pick it up
23:27:48dsgAn idiot is someone who is ignorant. Ignorant people don't learn. If someone wants (and tries) to learn, it's not ignorance, therefore not idiocy.
23:28:06dsgAnd in that case I suggest a good book.
23:28:28topblokea book on applying patches with patch?
23:28:42dsgtop_bloke: Uh? No, I was talking about programming.
23:28:50topblokei was talking more about patch
23:29:06dsgNot exactly complicated.
23:29:15topblokeit is for me
23:29:18dsgpatch -p<strip-dir-number> <patch
23:29:48topblokewtf is all that
23:30:00topblokeis there docs for it
23:30:05dsgPlenty of them.
23:30:18 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:30:27DBUGEnqueued KICK topbloke
23:30:27topblokewhat is -p
23:30:34topblokeand <strip-dir-number>
23:30:36topblokeis all i need
23:30:48trackgonna make tea brb
23:31:03dsgIt refers to the number of directories in the beginning of the patch file tree that should be skipped.
23:31:19webminddsg, if irc weren't a place to help people anymore i wouldn't have an excuse to irc at work anymore so.. :)
23:31:21topblokeso 0 i guess
23:31:41dsgSo, say, if the patch would refer to the file rockbox/foo.c, -p0 would mean rockbox/foo.c, -p1 would mean foo.c.
23:32:13dsgYou probably want to go into the rockbox dir and use -p1, but if it's wrong you'll see immediately.
23:32:19dsgwebmind: Heh :)
23:32:49topblokeits doing something
23:33:01topblokewait no its not
23:34:03topblokedoes it echo anything when its done
23:34:29dsgIt prints output for every patch hunk that it applies.
23:35:46topblokepatch: **** fstat : Invalid argument
23:36:26topblokeoh i forgot <
23:36:26topblokemy bad
23:42:47topblokemore errors
23:42:48topblokeAssertion failed: hunk, file patch.c, line 343
23:44:47 Nick topbloke is now known as top_bloke (
23:44:47DBUGEnqueued KICK top_bloke
23:47:21top_blokeoh hell no i did it
23:52:50top_blokeit patched every single file w/ no errors
23:53:17top_blokei owned that patch

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