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#rockbox log for 2003-10-14

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00:06:22trackat least that annoying midknight isn't here now
00:13:05zehey give the kid a break, he's just ... enthusiastic
00:18:35Plughhi guys
00:18:45Plughmidknight amuses me
00:24:56trackwell last night he wouldn't stop whinging about his stupid iceberg picture
00:26:05trackOgg Vobis sounds pretty decent at 96kbs
00:27:41Plughwrite a decoder for it in 12MHz sh-1 ;)
00:27:51trackIve noticed Ogg Vorbis doesn't do VBR yet, only CBR
00:27:53Plughoh, and you have about 512k to work in
00:28:11Plughyou'll make a lot of people happy
00:28:25trackim testing Ogg in Soundforge
00:28:37trackim lucky enough to own a copy of Soundforge
00:28:54PlughI'm lucky enough to have a copy installed too
00:29:00trackwhat version?
00:29:05trackI have version 5
00:29:31track((which is actually a pirate copy))
00:30:07PlughI think that's what I have
00:30:15trackit does everything I want it to
00:30:26trackI can do edits non-destructively with it
00:30:32PlughGoldwave works well too
00:31:08trackand midknght keeps winding me up when I said "The Player MAY display album art if you could squeeze an entire into one of the Players' character cells."
00:31:48Plughyou can do stuff in Goldwave like sine wave creation, FM and AM modulations, DTMF...
00:32:33Plughkinda like what I useused to do in CoolEdit Pro
00:32:57trackwell as far as i know Soundforge is the only program that provides a proper animated waveform during playback
00:33:27Plugh5.0b is what I have
00:33:37trackyea I have that
00:33:46PlughI just had to remote my desktop
00:33:49Plughusing vnc
00:34:09Plughand I have my bandwidth saturated doing a download. Takes time ;)
00:34:38trackWho is unfortunate enough to have Windows Me?
00:35:01Plughbite your tongue and draw blood
00:35:19trackWindows Moron Edition (or Migrane Edition)
00:35:47Plughmy wife was trying to insist that I leave Me on her laptop
00:35:55Plughit runs XP Pro now
00:36:21trackIve used all the Windows OS's including 95, 98, Me, 2000 and XP
00:36:33trackI had Windows Me on my desktop now Im running XP
00:37:40PlughI've used 3.0, 3.1, 3.11 for workgroups, 95, NT 3, NT 4, 98, 2k, Me, XP, 2003 Server...
00:38:00PlughI ran DOS 2.1, 3.3, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 6.22
00:38:19trackDid u find Windows ME very troublesome?
00:38:31Plughnot any more than 95
00:38:49PlughI realize that isn't saying much
00:39:04trackwell I had a lot of issues with Windows Me
00:39:21PlughI didn't run it long enough
00:39:34PlughI didn't like Me so I went to 2k
00:40:10PlughI still have 2k on that machine
00:40:16Plughand XP on my other desktop
00:40:21trackSomeone where I work said "Windows was the worst OS Microsoft made. It was only made to keep people quiet until XP was brought out"
00:40:29trackWindows ME that is
00:40:41Plughand Linux in my server and on my laptop
00:41:22Plughyes, I have 4 computers that I call my own. My wife has 3
00:41:27trackwell im using XP now and im very happy with it
00:41:34Plughand her daughter has 1
00:41:42trackWindows 2005 is in the pipeline
00:44:27trackdoes Linux have a taskbar like Windows/
00:44:47PlughI'm pretty ambivalent about Windows
00:45:05PlughLinux in and of itself doesn't
00:45:26trackim sure Red Had Linus has a taskbar
00:46:03PlughLinux is the kernel. Then you have the GNU OS which provides shells
00:46:14trackoh ok
00:46:20Plughon top of that, you have X11 which is a primitive windowing system
00:46:38trackwe should have a windows interface on the Archos :-)
00:47:09Plughthen there are desktop OS's that run in X. KDE and Gnome are about the most common
00:47:23PlughKDE has a taskbar
00:47:36PlughGnome has something similar
00:47:49zehmm actualy ogg vorbis doesn't do CBR at all, only VBR hehe
00:47:50trackMidknight suggested that the Archos has a taskbar........
00:48:01PlughKDE is probably the most like Microsoft Windows
00:48:44tracka small MP3 VBR file sounds much much better than WMA
00:49:21PlughMid's full of ideas, but doesn't grasp limitations
00:49:46trackI like the way the encoder carefully decides how many bits are required to encode the waveform, i.e rock music needs more bits than classical
00:50:09trackso therefore the encoder allocates more bits to rock than classical
00:50:55Plughthat's a damn shame
00:51:07Plughclassical can have more nuance than rock
00:51:44Plughyou ever look at classical sheet music?
00:51:59Plughthere's a mark that tells the musician to breathe at this point
00:52:20 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
00:53:03trackhow old are u Plugh
00:58:07trackWho came up with THAT sentence present in so many rejected requests?
01:09:32Plughsorry. had to work on some stuff
01:09:33PlughI'm 32
01:10:02PlughI'm at work now and one of my automated test scripts just shat the bed
01:16:15trackim 25
01:16:27trackive got a very nice pic of me holding my Archos on my computer
01:27:57PlughI don't have any photos of my archos
01:28:03Plughbut I do have pix of my computers
01:28:18trackthis pic is me holding my archos
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01:31:59trackHELLO DUDE
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01:34:19Plugh*sigh* looks like I'm carving another 4 hours out of my week :)
01:36:03trackonly another 5 days till I get my 1Mb link :-)
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01:43:02trackdoes mikeholden ever come in here?
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01:47:26trackhi scortt
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04:53:34DBUGEnqueued KICK Ilapse
04:53:34Ilapsehey, anyone here?
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06:19:37Scorphey guys anybody experience any problems with the the Jukebox player (Studio 20) and the remote control? My remote just stopped working recently for some wierd reason...
06:30:16Scorpit won't work with any OS the original or rockbox
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12:00:52trackcan someone help me with fonts please?
12:04:12trackI want to make my own font but I use Windows
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12:43:39webmind_then solve that first? :)
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17:36:45elinenbehardeep: hello
17:37:57elinenbehardeep: any new action on the playlist viewer front?
17:38:14elinenbehardeep: I think that the playlist viewer should be merged with the CVS
17:38:19hardeepelinenbe: nope. just waiting for it to get into cvs
17:39:02hardeepelinenbe: heh, agreed. :)
17:39:24elinenbehardeep: why don't you do it? or do you not have say?
17:39:56hardeepelinenbe: it needs to be reviewed first by the big 3
17:41:12elinenbeblah... you are bigger then the big three (and I hope LinusN, Zagor, and Badger all read this)
17:50:33elinenbehardeep: you know what would make the playlist viewer even better?
17:51:12elinenbea checkbox in front of each name or invers the selection, so you can slesct multiple files to move/delete/etc...
17:55:19hardeepelinenbe: yeah, multiple selection would be nice. I'll take a look at that once I have some free time.
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19:10:45trackits evening here in London
19:11:37PlughTue Oct 14 10:12:51 PDT 2003
19:12:12trackwell here in London its 18:12 BST 2003
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20:25:27trackhi hardeep
20:25:43trackare you one of the rockbox developers?
20:26:53tracki thought so, but u don't seem to be as familiar as Zagor, Bagder, Adiamas and LinusN
20:29:52Plughhardeep's name is all over the source
20:30:00Plughuse the source, Luke
20:30:14trackahh right
20:30:25trackits just that i havent seen u around that often
20:30:56Plughthat's cuz you leave the channel when you're not active in it
20:32:04 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
20:32:31trackahh right
20:32:40trackive noticed a bug which im about to file
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20:46:22trackhi simon
20:46:23SimonSteelanyone around?
20:46:57trackwhat archos do u have?
20:47:04SimonSteelrecorder 20
20:47:10tracki have a recorder 20
20:47:13trackrecorder 10 i mean
20:47:33trackIm seriously considering putting a larger HD in it
20:47:48SimonSteelheh... seems like quite an undertaking...
20:48:03trackbut where do you source the 9.5mm drives from?
20:48:05SimonSteelany of the devs around?
20:48:20SimonSteelno idea...
20:48:21trackHardeep is here
20:48:35tracknot only that, the Recorder 10 is limited to USB 1.1
20:49:11SimonSteelah.... i've only got 1.1 on my comp, so i see no real benefit of the 2.0 ...
20:49:23trackwell im the opposite of you
20:49:25SimonSteeli was reading the faq and they mentioned no key lock
20:49:26Plughbuy a card. You'll be glad you did
20:49:32trackI have USB2 ports but no USB2 on the Archos
20:49:39Plughf1+down while playing
20:49:48SimonSteelheh... yeah... though I've already thrown about 15 gigs of music on the thing...
20:49:49Plughwill lock out the keys till you hit it again
20:49:50hardeepSimonSteel: keylock is available in the WPS. F1+UP
20:49:58SimonSteeli don't anticipate any big transfers
20:49:58Plughnot up
20:49:59hardeeper F1+DOWN
20:50:32trackwell i read that very big transfers can kill the HD since the charger cannot cope
20:50:32SimonSteelbut that doesn't affect the off/on buttons, right?
20:50:34trackwith large transfers
20:50:46PlughSimonSteel: in that case I recommend you never put it on anyone's computer with USB 2.0
20:50:53Plughcuz you will be spoiled rotten
20:51:03SimonSteelyeah, i read that about the batteries, too... i happened to do my transfers in bursts
20:51:20Plughnothing can prevent you from turning it off by holding the off button
20:51:28Plughbut f1+down will lock out the on button
20:51:42SimonSteeli'm going to try this again... but i thought that the original firmware's key lock locked the off button
20:55:02SimonSteelwell.... that answers that
20:55:26SimonSteeleveryone disappear?
20:55:42SimonSteeli'm using this java client thing..
20:55:42Plughmy boss had a question
20:55:49SimonSteelwhere do you work?
20:55:55PlughSilicon Genetics
20:56:01Plughin California
20:56:24SimonSteeli'm at UCSC... just finishing up.... doing my senior project this quarter
20:58:34SimonSteeli was going to do a portable video player with a 3-4" screen ... then a few months ago friggin archos came out with the same thing I was going to do for my project
20:59:34Plughah. I'm in Redwood City
20:59:51SimonSteelover the hill
21:00:04Plughyep. and halfway to the City
21:01:25SimonSteelanyways... i gotta get back to my project
21:01:35SimonSteelthanks for the help!
21:01:58 Quit SimonSteel ("Leaving")
21:05:16 Quit track ("Leaving")
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22:40:50MTapparently resoldering a headphone socket is 'irrepairable' and 'impossible' according to my supplier
22:41:00MTso i really have no archos anymore :/
22:41:13MTjust some money in my bank account
22:42:02MTless than i can get a new one for
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23:34:12trackwheres midknight
23:35:14 Quit track ("Leaving")
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23:47:15sagegokuanyone here?
23:57:27Plughask your question. Don't wait for someone to acknowledge your presence
23:57:41PlughI wish logbot would tell people that when they join ;)
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