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#rockbox log for 2003-10-15

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00:10:45sagegokui have a question then
00:10:50Plughask away
00:11:42sagegokuis there any way to let the song on my wps match the song selected when i press on?
00:11:51sagegokulike if i put it on random
00:13:47PlughI'm not sure I understand. But I don't use random, so I may not be the best person to answer your question
00:14:26 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:14:53PlughI'd be interested in random playlists, where I could select a number of PLs to shuffle. But not the files within any of the component PLs
00:15:11midknight2k3uy yuy yuy
00:15:15midknight2k3patch it then plug
00:15:54Plughbut the way my music is organized, and my listening habits, the current shuffle isn't worthwhile to me
00:15:59PlughI might just do that mid
00:16:10midknight2k3WOW then i'd be happy and i'd get shut up
00:16:29Plughwhat? You have a desire for the same sort of setup?
00:16:33 Join track [0] (
00:16:50midknight2k3actually, that's not a bad idea
00:17:19midknight2k3oh if its not mr. im glad midknight isnt arough
00:17:25midknight2k3he bugs me a lot about that iceberg
00:17:33 Join dude2 [0] (
00:17:53Plughtrack: didn't anyone ever tell you about logbot?
00:18:01midknight2k3yes, logbot DOES log the channel
00:18:13midknight2k3and IS availbale at school
00:18:21dude2midknight: please mail Johan about the #Fld
00:18:29midknight2k3the two go together like.. like.. they go together
00:18:45Plughmid sits at school and stalks me
00:18:46midknight2k3ded: go there
00:18:50sagegokuis there any way to change my boot screen?
00:18:50midknight2k3i read your logs
00:19:08midknight2k3it wont let me log in though
00:19:16midknight2k3until i finish hacking it
00:19:30PlughI could log in from your school ;)
00:19:42midknight2k3not really, no
00:19:47Plughif I can get a browser, I can log in
00:20:34PlughI have a cgi that turns html into a unix shell login
00:20:38Plughthen I can use irssi
00:20:47 Quit dude2 ()
00:21:13tracki really like ur vu's mid
00:21:19PlughI'm so sexy it hurts
00:21:28midknight2k3plugh: i bet
00:21:41 Quit sagegoku (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:21:58*Plugh glares at track
00:22:06midknight2k300.06.22 # <track> at least that annoying midknight isn't here now
00:22:09midknight2k3about that?
00:22:18midknight2k3well last night he wouldn't stop whinging about his stupid iceberg picture
00:22:20midknight2k3or about that?
00:22:44trackim very very very very very very very
00:23:43midknight2k3<track> and midknght keeps winding me up when I said "The Player MAY display album art if you could squeeze an entire into one of the Players' character cells."
00:23:45midknight2k3OR this?
00:24:03midknight2k3<track> Midknight suggested that the Archos has a taskbar........
00:24:04midknight2k3or that
00:25:09Plughmid's vindictive
00:25:23Plughsee why I don't disparage people in here?
00:25:30midknight2k3i'm "annoying" instead
00:25:41trackim very very ver very sorry midknight
00:25:45trackill behave from now on
00:25:46midknight2k3yeah yeah
00:25:50*track is very very very sorry
00:25:59*midknight2k3 knows better
00:26:06*midknight2k3 goes with it anyways
00:26:48*track begs to be forgiven
00:27:01midknight2k3like i said,
00:27:02*midknight2k3 goes with it anyways
00:28:47trackmidknight ur VU meters could do with some asthetic improvements, but the work well
00:28:58midknight2k3they are not mine
00:29:03midknight2k3but tell me anyways
00:29:09trackim sure u wrote them
00:29:15midknight2k3not quite
00:29:29midknight2k3i did a lot of the UI, diddystar5 did most of the other code and plugh made them move
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01:08:30MTwith my money from returning my fm i could get either a zen nx 30gb
01:08:35MTor a recorder 20gb
01:08:45MTi distrust archos
01:08:46midknight2k3rockbox is unbeatable
01:08:54MTthis is very true
01:08:59midknight2k3say bye bye to new features any time
01:09:04midknight2k3or any work getting done
01:09:07MTif there was no rockbox, which would you get
01:09:11midknight2k3you rely on them, you rely basically on nothing
01:09:22midknight2k3thats a toughy
01:09:25midknight2k3i'd get a karma
01:09:40MTi love rockbox
01:09:46midknight2k3i do too
01:09:49MTbut i just cant trust archos build quality
01:10:04midknight2k3there is no other product you can hack away at, build and test in a few minutes
01:10:10PlughI wish I hadn't bought an FMR
01:10:16midknight2k3recorders are a lot better than fm's
01:10:18Plughbut it's still okay for me now
01:10:20midknight2k3plugh: youd want a zen right
01:10:26Plughnot even
01:10:34PlughRecorder 20
01:10:34MTgod no
01:10:46midknight2k3mt: god no to ipod?
01:10:46Plughwith the removable batteries
01:10:52midknight2k3plugh: how right
01:10:53MTtheres lots of hidden extras required for recorder tho
01:10:57MTdecent batteries
01:11:02MTexternal charger
01:11:06MTno rtc
01:11:07midknight2k3they have one
01:11:14midknight2k3just like the fm does you can plug it in
01:11:21midknight2k3and the rtc, i never use the wake up alar,
01:11:21MTit comes with external charger
01:11:31MTit comes with wallwart
01:11:35Plughit comes with batteries too
01:11:41MTtheres no seperate battery charger
01:11:42midknight2k3i cant sleep with headphones up to wake up
01:11:45Plughbut they're 1800maH
01:11:53MTit takes long time to recharge batteries with wallwart
01:12:00MTaccording to battery faq
01:12:11Plughreally? I hadn't noticed
01:12:20MTnot on fmr
01:12:24Plughmine pretty much stays charged off usb
01:12:28MTon recorder apparently
01:13:00PlughI use mine constantly and haven't plugged it into the wall in 2 months or more
01:13:10MTthe only thing thats stopping me from getting zen
01:13:20MTis that im not sure if it mounts as a hd
01:13:25MTnot to put mp3s on
01:13:25midknight2k3it doesnt
01:13:29midknight2k3it sucks big ones
01:13:30MTto put other files on
01:15:43PlughI treat my FMR as a 20gig USB hard drive that can also play mp3
01:15:51midknight2k3hey plug
01:15:54midknight2k3you arent smart
01:16:05MTi have dialup at home
01:16:06midknight2k3here goes the geek-con
01:16:15MTbut at university .. \o/
01:16:25MTso big files get queued up to dl at uni
01:16:41MTif i cant stick them on it, forget it
01:16:46MTand from what i read
01:16:47MTi cant
01:22:24 Join soaponachain88j [0] (
01:22:56soaponachain88jdoes anyone know when 2.1 is coming out?
01:23:14midknight2k3get a daily build
01:23:20midknight2k3it is 2.1 so far
01:23:28midknight2k3or as far as we've gotten
01:23:58soaponachain88jo cool does it have any new features
01:24:19soaponachain88jawesome :):):)
01:24:21midknight2k3plugins and a bunch of new "features"
01:24:28midknight2k3plugins alone is enough to.. wow
01:24:29soaponachain88jlike what
01:24:34midknight2k3like 7 games
01:24:40midknight2k3and 4 demos
01:24:47midknight2k3a text viewer
01:24:53midknight2k3more coming soon
01:25:06midknight2k3^^^ are all plugins
01:25:16midknight2k3features, theres a lot
01:25:22soaponachain88jsweet but are they for the recorder and up or the jukebox too?
01:25:26midknight2k3you'll need to explore them yourself
01:25:41midknight2k3players? they get plugins but not all those
01:25:50soaponachain88jo any games?
01:25:56soaponachain88jbesides the slot machine lol
01:26:14midknight2k3slot machine hahaha
01:26:18midknight2k3its it fun?
01:26:50soaponachain88jits not bad
01:27:02midknight2k3is it animated?
01:27:43soaponachain88jyes its ok but as u know the display of the jukebox sucks
01:30:15 Quit soaponachain88j ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 2520")
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01:48:40midknight2k3man im quick
01:48:44midknight2k316:48:13 | * elinenbe has joined #rockbox
01:48:45midknight2k316:48:15 | <midknight2k3> HI
01:49:14midknight2k3that's two seconds to process you entering the room, them moving fingers to input "shiftH+shiftI+enter"
01:52:19 Join track [0] (
01:52:25midknight2k3thats three
01:52:44tracksorry i was screaming down the phone to the water supplier
01:53:21midknight2k3what did you say
01:53:29midknight2k3i cant see tracky screaming at a guy
01:54:09trackthey shut off the supply to the neighbourhood to do tests without telling anyone first
01:54:17midknight2k3they did?
01:54:23midknight2k3what did you say to them
01:54:26trackso i was without water for 30 minutes
01:55:38midknight2k3thats stupid
01:55:49midknight2k3i bet you swore at them till they cried.. right tracky
01:56:10trackno i wasn't that rude
01:56:25midknight2k3what did you say
01:56:51tracki just said next time u do this please let us know first
01:56:55trackblah blah blah
01:57:41midknight2k3sounds like screaming
02:01:06trackanyway im off 2 bed nwo
02:01:15midknight2k3its 1am
02:01:18midknight2k3get some sleep
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02:01:35midknight2k3oh my god
02:01:39midknight2k3hi darth
02:01:44DarthWufeiHiya, uh hardeep. Can you update the playlist viewer XD
02:01:48midknight2k317:01:09 | * track has quit IRC ("Leaving")
02:01:49midknight2k317:01:10 | * DarthWufei has joined #rockbox
02:01:59midknight2k3you came in like 20ms after track left
02:02:04midknight2k3not even a second
02:02:07midknight2k3like, OUTIN
02:02:22midknight2k3i wish this timestamper could do milliseconds
02:02:24midknight2k3let me check
02:03:09DarthWufeiI may just have to downdate my archos till hardeep updates the thing...
02:03:23DarthWufeiI suck at compiling and whatnot, otherwise I'd do it myself
02:04:40midknight2k3i can help
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02:55:36midknight2k3hey scotty wooo
03:03:49elinenbemidknight2k3: how are your patches coming?
03:17:33hardeepDarthWufei: what did you want me to update?
03:18:00midknight2k3the playlist viewr patch
03:18:03midknight2k3im helping him
03:18:08midknight2k3you dont really need to anymores
03:18:38hardeeper, the patch should work with latest cvs... it doesn't?
03:18:46midknight2k3he meant precompileds
03:18:55midknight2k3i just got him set up with a compile environment
03:18:59midknight2k3he's patching it now
03:46:00 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Time to make the donuts")
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04:20:41DarthWufeiI think I got it working..
04:27:31DarthWufeiwhat the hell is going on? >_<
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05:25:13midknight2k3bye all
05:25:25midknight2k3new patch out
05:25:30midknight2k3FPS settings
05:25:32 Quit midknight2k3 ()
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13:08:11trackI found a decent use for an empty coffee jar this morning
13:09:37webmindyou pur cofee in it ?
13:10:36trackno i washed out the jar, and it makes a great pen holder for my desk
13:11:25webmindah k
13:11:38webmindshame though.. you could have put coffee in it :)
13:12:04trackyea but I dont have a kettle in my room?
13:12:13trackand the "tea maker" request was rejected...........
13:16:08trackink cartridges are so expensive its actually cheaper to buy a new printer...
13:20:00webmindi know
13:20:10webmindi just dont own a printer
13:20:15webmindsaves a lot on paper aswell
13:22:41trackwell ive came across a website via Google that sells cartridges for as low as 6
13:22:50trackthe OEM cartridges cost as high as 40
13:22:54webmindi just print at work.. is free
13:23:14webmindand we have laser printers here.. including color
13:23:45trackWhat is the output like from a colour laser compared to a color inkjet?
13:24:52trackbecause Ive heard that colour output is a bit "flat" compared to inkjets
13:25:58webminddepends on the inktjet
13:26:23webmindout color laser printer prints better then most inktjet.. but not as good as photo inkjet printers
13:26:28trackyea but what is the photo quality like from a colour laser
13:26:31trackyea thats what I mean
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13:28:50webmindheh.. installing vim on a pda
13:29:04dwihnovim to the people!
13:29:14webmindyeah :)
13:30:43webmindworks quite nice on the pda aswell
13:31:45dsgwebmind: Oih.
13:31:59webmindoi dsg
13:32:42webmindwonder how to get kistmet to work on this thing
13:33:11dsgwebmind: What were the names of those dutch auction sites you showed me btw?
13:33:19dsgWant to see if I can get a c64 cheap.
13:33:47dsgk, thanks :)
13:35:34tracksomeone tried installing Rockbox on his Nomad...
13:35:52dsgc64 w/ joysticks, mouse, keyboard, monitor + some games for 20 euros?
13:35:56tracksee the bug reports...
13:36:06dsgtrack: lol...
13:37:05tracki used to have a nomad once
13:37:12trackbiggest POS i bought in a long time
13:38:04webmindtrack, uhm.. nomad? i dont supose the sega nomad?
13:40:35trackno the Creative Labs Nomad
13:40:48webmindah k
13:41:15trackI had one, biggest mistake of my life buying it
13:42:00webmindwhich report is it ?
13:42:15dsgI have an old flash-based nomadII that's not in use now. It'd make a very interesting hack project (it has a StrongARM processor, so it's reasonably powerful.)
13:42:16trackhangy on
13:42:25dsgMight be nice to hack it a bit someday.
13:42:33dsgDoesn't matter if I kill it ;)
13:43:10webminddsg, apearently there's a company which has a similar device and i heard they are adding ogg vorbis support
13:43:19dsgwebmind: the Neuros?
13:43:29webmindcould be.. dont think so
13:43:31dsgI hear it has really crappy firmware unfortunately.
13:43:39dsgBut Neuros was adding Ogg.
13:44:08dsgBut Ogg-support would be really nice.
13:44:21dsgHaving to convert all my ogg stuff to MP3 atm.
13:44:34trackwell ogg is not that brilliant
13:44:41trackyou can achieve the same wiv MP3 VBR
13:49:00webmindbut ogg is opensource
13:49:11webmindeven better
13:49:12webmindits free
13:49:22webmindasin speech.. not beer
13:49:36webmindalthough beer should free aswell.. asin.. free speech
13:50:15dsgMP3 VBR generally needs a higher bitrate to sound as good, IME.
13:50:31trackive noticed that devices that play WMA are more expensive other devices
13:50:42trackis this because they have to pay a licence fee to Microsoft?
13:50:44dsg(comparing lame with newvbr against oggenc).
13:50:49dsgtrack: Wouldn't surprise me.
13:50:53dsgBut WMA is crap.
13:51:53trackthe only decent WMA encoder is the one that comes with Roxio Easy CD creator
13:52:02trackthe soundquality is actually very good
13:52:09trackeven better than MS's WMA encoder
13:53:03webmindwell if you to play wma.. u could makee use of an easy decoder chip
13:53:04dsgtrack: Hm. Haven't listened to anything from that.
13:53:11webmindso you have to use a bit mor powerfull cpu
13:53:21dsgOnly listened to stuff from MS's encoder.
13:53:25dsgAnd that is complete crap :)
13:53:51trackbut listen to Roxio's version of the encoder
13:54:07dsgtrack: Don't have windows, so I can't.
13:54:27dsgActually don't have a machine with a good-quality soundcard atm :/
13:54:34dsgOnly my laptop.
13:54:39trackwell I have a Santa Cruz sound card
13:54:46dsgAh. Very nice.
13:55:33trackseriously, the sound quality of a WMA from Roxio's encoder is far, far, far better than Microsoft's
13:56:29 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
13:56:36trackthe soundquality shouldn't be THAT good from a WMA file
13:56:41dwihnowma = wintendo mongo audio
13:57:31webmindomg.. i have an sshd running on this pda
13:57:55trackyea Dwihno have you heard a WMA file made my Roxio's encoder?
13:58:00trackits much better than MS's encoder
13:58:51dwihnoI fooled around with WMA ages ago. It was a bubu.
13:59:56trackyea but Dwihno have you tried Roxio's encoder?
14:00:53dsgwebmind: Thinking of getting a c64 btw :)
14:00:59dsgLearn 6502 assembly.
14:01:47dwihnotrack: nah, I prefer MP3! :D
14:02:15webminddsg, heh
14:02:23webminddsg, found one already ?
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14:05:29dwihnoWMV format: let's don't tell anyone how to use it(tm)
14:05:33dwihnoWMA, I ment
14:05:44dwihnoWMA: If anyone attempts to decode it, let's sue them!
14:07:16trackyea but according to MS, you can achieve 128Kbs MP3 sound quality wiv a 64kbs WMA file which is half the size :-)
14:08:01dsgwebmind: Yeah.
14:08:38dwihnoAccording to MS, MS is the best thing in the world.
14:08:52dsgtrack: And according to me, the earth is actually shaped like a perfect hexagon.
14:11:31webminddsg, whichreminds me.. have you seen the sphere?
14:11:58webmindtrack, what's wiv ?
14:13:39dsgwebmind: Which sphere?
14:13:58webminddsg, the movie
14:14:08dsgHm. I think I have yes.
14:14:13dsgDon't remember it though.
14:15:40webmindhas this lovely scene.. where they stand in fron this sphere which clearely is rippled all the way.. and someone says something like: i hink this is a perfect sphere and u couldn't find one inequality thing in it
14:15:48webminddont recall the exact quote...
14:15:53webmindbut its stupendus
14:21:52dsglol :)
14:21:54 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:26:37webmindmight have found someone who has mario3
14:26:56webminddsg, btw.. my rr-net order is finally processed
14:27:58dwihno\o/ mario \o/
14:29:14webmindmario yes
14:29:26webminddont deny it.. its a cool game
14:32:46dwihnoof course
14:32:58webmindso is bubble bobble
14:33:02webmindbut where do find them?
14:37:00dwihnoThe allknowing Internet has it all! :D
14:37:25webmindnot really
14:37:45webmindits hard to find games for the nes
14:39:25dwihnoLocal old game store?
14:45:28dsgwebmind: rr-net?
14:46:09dsgwebmind: Collector's stores often have them (at least in Iceland, probably some here aswell).
14:49:26webminddsg, but expensive right ?
14:49:40webminddsg, rr-net = expansion to the retro replay for ethernet
15:01:41dsgwebmind: Probably.
15:01:49dsgwebmind: Whoa... that exists?
15:01:52webminddsg, yes
15:01:54dsgGimme link! :)
15:01:58webmindand comes with software for it
15:02:00dsgIf I get a C64 that would be so cool :)
15:02:10dsgI was just there... didn't see it.
15:02:10webmindbut site isnt up2date
15:04:08dsgwebmind: Will buy retroreplay anyway... I think they had some @ vt100?
15:04:13dsgDo they have rr-net as well?
15:08:45webminddsg, they can order it
15:08:54dsgwebmind: Mkay. Know how much it is?
15:08:59webmindbut hit freek on the head for it.. he can be a bit slow
15:09:25webmind50 each.. but i believe individual computers had a good deal for a kit of rr + rrnet
15:09:35dsgI'm wondering about the c64 though... shipping is expensive, and I don't think I can carry c64+monitor+accessories by myself.
15:09:45dsgDo you know how expensive it is to ship such stuff by dutch post?
15:09:51dsgwebmind: Mkay.
15:10:08webminddsg, dude.. u dont need a monitor ?
15:10:17webminddsg, not really
15:10:34dsgwebmind: Only one TV in the apartment, and that's downstairs.
15:10:39dsgSo I do need a monitor.
15:10:49webmindhm k
15:10:52webmindbut is it color ?
15:10:57dsgNot sure.
15:11:48dsgDoesn't really matter all that much... if it's not I can probably design an RGB adaptor -> VGA and get a cheap used 15" or something.
15:12:27webmindit doesnt do rgb i believe ?
15:12:42webmindbut u could get a cheap tv or get a tv card?
15:13:12dsgdunno if I can get cheap TV, and I don't really have a machine I could put a TVcard in.
15:13:17dsgThose are expensive anyway.
15:13:36webminddsg, below 100 euro
15:13:45dsgStill expensive.
15:24:26dsgHm. Can get c64+keyboard+mouse+2joysticks+floppydrive, incl. shipping, for 30euros.
15:24:31dsgBut then I need to find a monitor.
15:27:28webmindkeyboard ??
15:27:33webmindmouse ?
15:29:06webmindkeyboard asin sound thingie ?
15:29:10dsgNo, keyboard.
15:29:15dsg66-key c64 keyboard.
15:29:43webmindc64 has the kyeboard build-in ??
15:30:12dsgYeah, it does. Or so I thought.
15:30:23dsgBut for some reason it's on the list for the auction.
15:30:33webmindit does
15:30:46webmindmouse is pretty rare aswell btw
15:31:16dsgBut yeah... either it's some weird external mix, or he just wanted to include that on the list for no reason.
15:32:38dsgBut do you know what type of videoout it has?
15:32:44dsgCan you get RGB out of it?
15:33:11webmindyou connect the sameway as you connect a console i believe
15:34:04webmindthe c64
15:34:33webmindbtw.. a p166 + 96mb + 3gb disk + cdrom + 2.5hr battery for 175 euro
15:34:45webmindnot expensive right?
15:35:05dsgI wouldn't think so... if it's in good shape (battery works and such).
15:35:18webmindas i said.. battery lasts for 2.5 hour
15:35:24dsgQuite nice.
15:36:16webminddsg, btw rr + rrnet + case is 100 euro if i'm correct
15:36:23webmindexcluding transport cost
15:36:50webmindwhich is around 10 euro
15:36:51dsgI'm thinking of buying the 30euro c64.
15:36:58webmindwhere is it ?
15:36:58dsgI can just steal the TV once in awhile.
15:37:16*webmind wondering about buying the laptop
15:37:22webmindah.. not close
15:37:28webmindas a present
15:37:31dsgBut I think I'm reading right that the 30euros includes shipping.
15:37:36dsgBut that seems weird to me.
15:38:09webminddoest have to be
15:38:17webmindits not like a c64 is worth a lot
15:39:13dsgTrue. But still... shipping a bulky thing like that would seem expensive.
15:39:38dsgBut maybe I'm reading it wrong... will send an email.
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22:32:46scott6664 day weekend!
22:41:44 Join track1 [0] (
22:44:07trackhi Zagor
22:52:23 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
22:57:15elinenbehello Zagor!
22:57:25elinenbeZagor, do you even use your recorder anymore?
23:00:01track1hello Zagor
23:00:12 Quit track1 ("Leaving")
23:00:17 Quit edx ()
23:01:18Zagorelinenbe: sure I do. for many hours every day.
23:01:35trackHI ZAGOR!
23:02:59trackwhat recorder do u have again?
23:03:27tracki have a r10
23:03:31trackwhich is more than a year old now
23:03:51trackZagor is the cross-keypad losing its paint on ur recorder?
23:05:59trackmine is starting to lose its paint silightly
23:06:22Zagori haven't noticed that on mine, no
23:06:36trackhow old is ur recorder?
23:07:01Zagori don't know. well over a year.
23:08:15tracksame as mine
23:08:25trackexcept mine has done much harder work
23:13:56 Quit k3no (".oOo.")
23:20:01trackZagor I have 5.5 Gb freespace on my Archos but Rockbox insists I only have 0.5Gb left
23:21:27trackso its a bug somewhere
23:21:44Zagorno. it's windows' fault.
23:22:03trackwell Windows reads the correct HD space
23:22:40Zagoryes, but it doesn't write it according to the file system specifications.
23:23:08Zagormicrosoft does not follow their own specification
23:23:46trackyou have totally lost me
23:24:06trackI have 5.5Gb freespace left on the Archos which Windows is reading correctly when the USB is connected
23:24:56PlughI got my Linux laptop reading my Archos. That makes me happy
23:25:45Zagortrack: you're not readin what i'm writing. of course windows reads it "correctly". windows wrote it. but it doesn't write it correctly.
23:25:54trackwell I don't have Linus running on my system
23:26:02trackoh right.
23:29:22Hadakathis rockbox in flash thingy is working very sweetly for me
23:29:52Plughyeah, I love flashed rockbox
23:32:15Hadakadid archos pull FM recorder away?
23:32:37tracki think they did
23:32:43trackits no longer on their website
23:33:10MTi had to return mine, and no-one could get one for love nor money
23:33:36tracki think archos had too many problems wiv the FM recorder
23:33:52Hadakawell, that's a bummer
23:35:21Plughget a Jukebox 20 recorder
23:35:29Plughbetter quality than the FMR
23:35:38Plughand the FM never really worked well
23:35:41Hadakano, I was just wondering
23:35:44Plughfor me at least
23:35:49HadakaI have a recorder 20
23:36:15Hadakathough it's getting very old and rugged since I'm not really handling it too carefully ;)
23:36:40Hadakahad to solder the top board contacts a couple times already, and the screws on it are pretty much shot as well
23:38:15MTim in the market for a new mp3 player
23:38:43MTtbh im quite chuffed that they took mine as a return, after the stuff i did to it
23:39:23Hadakawell, nowadays I find kind of amazing that I got the recorder 20 without even knowing about rockbox at the time ;)
23:39:40PlughI got my FMR before knowing about rockbox
23:40:16MTi got my fmr before rockbox even existed for the fmr :)
23:41:15PlughI bought mine about the time of the 1.0 release
23:41:25Plughbut didn't know about it
23:41:47Plughwhen I got interested in rockbox, I went straight to cvs
23:41:57PlughI didn't even use a prebuild
23:42:08PlughI did the work to compile my own
23:42:19Plughbut took me another couple months to flash it
23:52:15 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")

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