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#rockbox log for 2003-10-16

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02:48:05ashpDoes anyone feel like helping me be lazy? I'm pondering grabbing an archos player, but I'm too lazy to attempt to figure out which is the current best to get. :)
02:48:15ashpSo I'm hoping someone can just say "shut up and buy this one", and I can do so
02:48:19midknight2k3archos recorder
02:48:23midknight2k3non fm non studio
02:48:30midknight2k3now shut up and buy
02:48:34PlughRecorder 20
02:48:48ashpExcellent :)
02:48:52midknight2k3plugh: naw, i meant Recorder 3489308923434
02:49:03Plughno bloody a, no bloody b, no bloody c, no bloody d, and no bloody e
02:49:08Plughname that quote
02:49:16ashpMy old man has an old player, and with the replacement firmware it's pretty damn nice.
02:49:25ashpI only have a really old creative jukebox thing, and it's pretty painful
02:49:26midknight2k3err thats Recorder 34893089234348
02:49:39midknight2k3recorders are way better
02:51:01midknight2k3plugh is so rattish
02:51:09midknight2k3he pops up whenever not wanted
02:53:03ashpI'm going to grab a recorder 20 I guess and hope I'm not being gipped into being something suck I guess
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02:53:24midknight2k3its not suck
02:53:59ashpExcellent, it'll be so much nicer than my jukebox with about 3 hours battery life
02:54:02ashp(those things sucked)
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03:13:25midknight2k3hardeep hi
03:15:11midknight2k3can you help me a bit wiht my FPS setting.. i was just wondering if theres a way to make it retain the value after reboot
03:16:22*ashp struggles finding uk sellers :/
03:16:23midknight2k3this is driving me crazy
03:16:39midknight2k3i've tried a few things but it wont work
03:24:07midknight2k3bye all
03:24:13midknight2k3good luck ashp
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03:30:20dp2hikehi all
03:31:15dp2hikei have a question and was wondering if anyone could help me along
03:32:42dp2hikei have just started to compile my cds onto my player..i am doing it by the each one is in its own individual folder..there isnt anyway to get them to go from one to the next without making a playlist is there?
03:32:42hardeepask away
03:33:10hardeepdp2hike: no, we don't automatically go to the next folder
03:33:58hardeepdp2hike: what you can do is create playlists "on-the-fly" from the jukebox to list what folders you want to play in what order
03:34:23dp2hikereally?..dop i do this in musicmatch?
03:34:43dp2hikeor from the player itsself?
03:34:45hardeepdp2hike: you can do this from within rockbox
03:35:16hardeepdp2hike: although you can always create playlists from musicmatch if you want
03:35:34hardeepdp2hike: from the jukebox, update to a daily build and use the ON+PLAY menu
03:35:53dp2hikei guess that i will read a little more and figure that far i have been impressed by rockbox
03:36:24dp2hikeso dl a daily build?
03:36:43hardeepyes, there have been many changes since the last official release
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03:37:37dp2hikenow..i must admit i was worried about putting rockbox on even though i read all good things about it
03:38:00dp2hikebut to upgrade do i just dl the daily build and unzip it to my root folder?
03:38:10hardeepdp2hike: yes
03:38:26hardeepdp2hike: you haven't tried rockbox yet?
03:39:02dp2hikeoh no i do have rockbox and thinkitd great
03:39:16dp2hikeoh no i do have rockbox and think its great
03:39:57hardeepoh, sorry, misread
03:40:33dp2hikeone more question..even though i have rockbox on my player..when i turn it on it still says archos and the os this right?..then it comes up to the rockbox
03:41:49hardeepdp2hike: yes, the archos firmware is loaded in flash. it looks for a file on disk and, if it finds it, it loads it instead
03:42:09hardeepdp2hike: however, if you're up for it, you can now flash rockbox on the recorder models
03:42:17hardeepdp2hike: so you never see the archos logo
03:43:18dp2hikeyeah..i was reading looks pretty interesting..but i am not quite ready to attemp it yet
03:43:21hardeepit's a much faster boot up time
03:43:28hardeepheh, understandable
03:44:14dp2hikeeventually i will i think..are the daily builds stable?
03:45:02hardeepdp2hike: yes, very.
03:45:33dp2hikegreat..thank you very much for your help
03:47:21hardeepno prob
03:47:48MTsome note should be put up
03:48:05MTas daily builds are not the extreme and broken things people think they are
03:48:26MTgenerally (new) things are tested many many times before commiting to cvs
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03:59:39elinenbehardeep: any progress on the patch :D
03:59:48elinenbeam I going to have to keep buggin' you?
04:05:12hardeepelinenbe: nothing new... too busy with other (non-rockbox) things to work on it
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04:42:17sagegokuhow do i build a playlist across directories?
04:50:13scott666use the on+play>playlist menu in a daily build
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15:12:11eXesome1 tried to flash archos here ?
15:12:49eXedid the ucl file work ?
15:13:09eXeyou just played it ?
15:13:11dsgI can flash UCL files. Can't really say if your particular UCL file is good.
15:13:43eXei get a 'no image' when playing today's daily build
15:13:48eXewhat is wrong ?
15:14:02dsgAnd you've flashed the chip using firmware_rec.bin already?
15:14:45dsgWell, then I'd suggest you read through the flash instructions.
15:15:04dsgYou need to first flash that into the chip... after that the UCL files only flash the second half of the flash memory.
15:16:00eXeok thanx
15:16:15dsgGet the flash archive (linked somewhere off of rockbox's page), and then run the "firmware_flash.rock".
15:16:29dsgThen you can flash a new UCL from a daily build ;)
15:16:31dsggood luck.
15:19:06MTare the 'studio' models the same as the recorder, but without recording?
15:19:10MTif that makes sense
15:20:03webmindMT, not really
15:20:15webmindthe player model (what you call studio)
15:20:23webmindhas a different display aswell
15:20:26MTthe studio is a player?
15:20:36MTno, this definately is not a player
15:20:40MTit has a huge screen
15:20:48webmindthen its a recorder
15:20:57webmindyou have 3 types
15:21:05webmindplayer, recorder, fm recorder
15:21:20webmindi have a studio 20.. which is a player
15:21:43MTno fking way?
15:22:10MTright, those ebayers ahve got a weird sense of value in that case
15:22:12webmindwhat ?
15:22:18webmindwhy ?
15:22:28MTthey want 200 for a studio 20
15:23:30MTArchos 20GB FM Jukebox Recorder, comes in original point of sale box. Includes cable, power adapter, software, cables to connect to exterior speakers and original compact earphones. In excellent condition...Just selling, sadly, because I need the money
15:23:37MThmm, i dont believe you!
15:23:47MTselling because the fmr is a piece of shit and has broken
15:24:17webmindbroken what ?
15:24:45MTeveryone i know who has an fmr has had to return it
15:25:07MTevery store in the uk has stopped stocking them because they get so many returns
15:25:25MTnow, who is going to buy one, 2nd hand, off an auction site :)
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21:19:57trackwheres mikeholden?
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22:17:34Suschmangood evening (from my view :)
22:18:21Suschmani have no rockbox but catched a RioRiot for just ~150$
22:19:06Suschmanmy question is, until now someone reported a hd failure just from the many spinups ?
22:19:28Suschmanit fires the HD on every song or 2
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22:32:42Suschmanare you a bit familar with the archos boxes ?
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22:32:59Suschmanhum :/
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22:33:17trackjust the recordders
22:33:40Suschmanmy question is, ever read that a HD is deat because of the many spinofs ?
22:34:17Suschmani know that notebook hds are more reliable but that often cant be good, or am i wring
22:34:43Plughnotebook components are designed with power saving in mind
22:35:26Suschmanso that spin updown is not that problem ?
22:36:09Plughthey're designed to take it. But spinup is the most stressful event in a regular hard drive operation cycle
22:36:29Plughif it's going to fail, it's probably going to be at that point
22:36:54Plughbut it's no different than a laptop
22:37:03Plughin power savings mode
22:39:06Suschmani have catched a RioRiot for arounnd 150$ and trying to arange me with it ... maybe i find an archos box tomorrow in same price range
22:39:13Suschmanthan i change :)
22:40:19Suschmangood night, its late here
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23:57:56trackjust making more MP3 files
23:59:00trackgoing through the blender at 40% vbr

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