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#rockbox log for 2003-10-17

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02:01:48diddystar5hey plugh
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02:07:15diddystar5hardeep: you there?
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02:10:02diddystar5well BoBB...
02:10:39hardeepdiddystar5: here
02:11:42diddystar5hardeep: i dont think the faster rolo patch was completly added; in bitswap.S, .align 4 should be .align 2
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02:12:08hardeepdiddystar5: are you seeing any problems?
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02:13:13diddystar5hardeep: no but i just remeber that was changed in the faster rolo patch i dont understand assembler so i dont know what it does
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02:15:11diddystar5hi track
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02:16:11diddystar5BoBB..... stop that
02:17:59hardeepdiddystar5: hmmm, not sure if it makes much of a difference. You you should probably mention it to dragon
02:18:16diddystar5hardeep: ok
02:22:03diddystar5track: did you know that i made the vu's (well plugh did some work...)
02:22:28diddystar5ok plugh did alot of work :)
02:23:12diddystar5track n/m :)
02:24:02*Plugh grins
02:24:25PlughI like seeing my name in lights
02:24:55diddystar5lol like spray paintn' your name on a water tower
02:25:19diddystar5have you done that plugh?
02:25:39trackthought mid did
02:26:03Plughnever been up a water tower
02:26:34Plughmy step-daughter got busted for trespassing on a water tower once though
02:26:47diddystar5lots of people did that where i lived in mississippi havent tried it myself
02:27:11Plughwhere in Mississippi?
02:27:39diddystar5humm a small pplace names forest in betwene jackson and meridian
02:27:53PlughI've been to Biloxi, Pascagoula, Jackson, Meridian...
02:27:59PlughI used to live in Mobile
02:28:35diddystar5thats cool
02:28:45Plughnot really
02:28:53Plughthe south sucks
02:29:19Plughyou laugh like you know this
02:29:45diddystar5i likes some things about the south
02:30:08diddystar5yes i do know this i lived there most of my life 11 years...
02:30:30Plughlike... the thunderstorms? Or maybe the humitidy? How bout them mosquitos? Or the KKK?
02:31:01diddystar5i dont mind them just was normal life....
02:31:06PlughI lived there for 17 yrs. More than half my life, but not by much
02:31:37diddystar5i had no prblems with the mosquitoes and the KKK they dont do anything but write "KKK" on stop signs
02:31:52Plughoh. I got my life threatened
02:32:01Plughso I left
02:32:38diddystar5but the biloxi/mobile area is differen't than where i lived
02:33:12Plughmore people
02:33:51diddystar5forest was tiny maybe 2500 people
02:41:38diddystar5wheres mid....
02:44:04diddystar5thats weird itunes for windows...
02:44:17diddystar5might just try that
02:44:38PlughI just got it
02:44:48Plughif you buy tunes they won't go on the archos
02:44:56Plughyou'd have to burn them then rip them
02:45:01diddystar5yeah aac....
02:45:02Plughdouble encoding = bad
02:45:15diddystar5is it good though?
02:45:31Plughthe interface seems reasonable
02:45:37diddystar5also i got some mail from aol for a winamp5.0 beta i wanna try it first
02:47:08PlughI prefer winamp 3 to 4
02:47:17diddystar5winamp 4?
02:50:20Plughactually 3
02:50:24PlughI preferred 2
02:50:55diddystar5i'm getting the 5.0 beta now...
02:51:52diddystar5do you wanna try it when i get it?
02:52:19Plughnot really
02:53:07diddystar5im at 20%
02:55:57diddystar5its wierd that aol owns winamp....
02:56:04Plughlistening to Makai - Millenium
02:56:18PlughAOL bought Llamasoft
02:56:22Plughlong time ago
02:56:31diddystar5some electronix stuff ehh?
02:56:39Plughllamas wanted money. AOL was tossing it like it was a salad
02:56:52diddystar5lamasoft? nullsoft?
02:57:28PlughI dunno
02:57:34Plughmy brain's a little fried today
02:57:44PlughI ate some clam chowder by accident
02:58:00diddystar5i think winamp3 is a little weird and buggy but there are no better and free alternatives
02:58:03Plughhad an allergic reaction to the shellfish, and had to take a bunch of benadryl so I didn't die
02:58:16diddystar5lol i like clam chowder
02:58:21Plughso do I
02:58:25Plughbut I can't eat it
02:58:33diddystar5well i guess its not lol...
02:59:21PlughI can't eat shrimp, clam, lobster, crab...
02:59:44Plughcan't drink milk or eat cheese without some ill effects
03:00:17diddystar5i dont like very many seafoods just halibut, catfish, cod, swordfish, snapper (and a few others) and clam chowsder thats about all
03:00:35Plughnutrasweet, MSG, carageenan (ice cream, milk shakes) are all right out
03:00:55diddystar5have you ever tried drinking aloe vera gel?
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03:01:44diddystar5some kid had some at school had some and i tried it kinda nasty but he likes it...
03:02:14diddystar5supposed to have lots of protein and stuff
03:02:31diddystar5winamp 5: 80%
03:03:02Plughaloe vera? Nah
03:03:12Plughsmells like something I wouldn't touch
03:03:32diddystar5yeah weird it tasted fine just the texture of it was nasty
03:05:59diddystar5winamp5 dl done
03:06:12diddystar5new installer!
03:08:05diddystar5alot better looking!
03:08:21diddystar5gottta go
03:08:25diddystar5cya later
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05:46:26Doggerhi all
05:46:59Doggeranyone interested in helping me port linux to the AV300?
05:47:05midknight2k3sounds tough
05:47:16midknight2k3im flabbergasted
05:47:20Doggerits got a tms320dsc25 chip
05:47:25Doggertons of linux support for that
05:47:32Doggerjust need to write some hardware drivers
05:47:42Doggerand get the serial/firmware update sorted
05:47:42midknight2k3you gotta get linux scrambled up like eggs, man
05:48:03Doggeryeah but imagine how cool it will be when its done
05:48:03midknight2k3that's nto easy
05:48:08Doggerthey got it on the ipod fine
05:48:09midknight2k3IF it gets done
05:48:16Doggerit will.... oh it will
05:48:22midknight2k3hey good luck.. i'll help if i can
05:48:35midknight2k3i dont got one but i do a little codework
05:48:47Doggerok cool well the page is
05:49:07Doggerif anyone else asks about AV stuff be sure to point them in my direction :)
05:49:14midknight2k3will do
05:49:22Doggerarchos are thinking about giving me some info
05:49:27Doggerif I sign an NDA
05:49:42Doggernon disclosure agreement
05:49:52midknight2k3that isnt very good
05:49:56midknight2k3then it cant be open source
05:50:02Doggerdepends what the info is
05:50:03midknight2k3but its better than much
05:50:13Doggerif its info on how to use the serial interface to debug stuff,
05:50:16Doggerthen thats fine,
05:50:16midknight2k3well gimme the email.. ill talk some sense into them
05:50:21DoggerI dont need to release that info
05:50:24midknight2k3i know
05:50:27Doggeras long as the HDD update works
05:50:29midknight2k3but anything else you will
05:50:39Doggeram sure they understand that
05:50:46DoggerI've told them exactly what I'm doing
05:50:59Doggereven if they don't give me the info, I'll work it out
05:51:01midknight2k3well great goings about it
05:51:04Doggerit's kindof what I do for a living
05:51:06midknight2k3yeah just like rockbox did
05:51:15midknight2k3i wish i could do that stuff
05:51:21midknight2k3i want to do that for the riot
05:51:27midknight2k3i havent tried much lately
05:51:41midknight2k3i think ill ask em a little info
05:51:56midknight2k3its like a AV320 without the color screen
05:52:00midknight2k3its grayscale
05:52:13midknight2k3otherwise the two are pretty similar... prolly slower CPU
05:52:18midknight2k3but tis pretty big
05:52:20Doggerone interesting thing
05:52:25midknight2k3i know what i wanna do with that
05:52:45Doggerthe next archos they are working on, will use an aparently well supported commercial O/S
05:52:54DoggerI expect palm/m$/linux
05:52:58Doggerhope its linux
05:53:17midknight2k3i like when klient tells me the message
05:53:23midknight2k3you can talk and it just.. says it
05:53:31Doggerkewl :)
05:53:42midknight2k3it just said, "kyuel"
05:54:00midknight2k3it just said "bluuh"
05:54:05Doggernice one
05:54:11midknight2k3it just said "nice one"
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10:48:40dwihno\o/ mats \o/
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11:21:15dwihnoLinus! \o/
11:23:09dwihnoLinusN: You rule! As always! I hope life treats you and your family well.
11:23:30LinusNactually, it doesn't :-(
11:23:56*dwihno cheers Linus up.
11:24:39*LinusN feels a lot better
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17:16:20trackhi webmind
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18:32:08vicia question about the bmp2rb-tool: could anybody send me a compiled version of it for win32? the one on the side "Setting up a minimal Win32 SDK" isn't working, january version... (
18:33:44Plughmy environment is Linux
18:33:50PlughI'd help if I could
18:34:57PlughI think I'm about to move to fbsd
18:38:20hardeepvici: you can get it from:
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18:43:40vici@hardeep: i don't have the permission to access the file...
18:44:29hardeepvici: ooops, please try now
18:46:14vicithanks a lot, now it's working
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20:01:14Susch|Awaygood evening
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20:19:12Plughanyone know why I can't checkout the latest cvs checkins that have hit the list? I seem to be getting stuff that's a month old. Did we move cvs?
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20:28:41trackhi susch
20:29:28Suschmanwhere are you from, england ?
20:29:41trackin LOndon
20:29:48trackand I have an Archos Recorder 10
20:29:54Suschmangreetings from germany :)
20:30:04trackwhat recorder do u have?
20:30:17Suschmanhave not found an archos today, local 2 megastores havent it anymore :/
20:30:31trackwhat archos do u hope to get?
20:30:34Suschmanactual an Rio Riot 20GB for only 150eur
20:30:47Suschmanhope to get one for sampe price :)
20:31:00Suschmanwhat have you payd
20:31:06Suschmanor what to pay totay
20:31:09trackyea but Rockbox only works on the Archos machines
20:31:16Suschmani know :(
20:31:34Suschmanbut it cant be so extreme diferent, flash upgradeable is it
20:31:47Suschmanbut wount disasemble because of waranty :/
20:32:15trackThe reason why the Archos's firmware is so hackable is because of the way its loaded
20:32:23Suschmancool is the extreme big fisplay and the jogdial
20:32:32Suschmanyep, from HD
20:32:34trackit simply sits on the HD and when you turn the Archos on, it reads the file and loads it into RAM
20:32:52Suschmanthe riot is called to have 16mb ram
20:33:11Suschmanand the price was cool.
20:33:23Suschmanthink i torx it open in some days
20:33:30trackyea but don't forget the Archos has a really good batterylife from normal batteries
20:33:33Suschmanhave that "look inside" need :)
20:33:47Suschmanthis one runs from integrated lion cells
20:33:51trackthe Archos is the only HD player to have >10 hour battery life from normal AA cells
20:34:09trackAA cells are readily available and replaceable unlike Li-Ions
20:34:23Suschmanclear, and i want an archos :) but if its more than 200 its not aceptable
20:34:37trackGet a recorder, DO NOT get a player
20:34:42Suschmanin price
20:34:52Suschmanyep, but radio is not that need
20:34:53trackthe Players are no good
20:35:08trackthe normal Recorder does not have a radio receiver built-in
20:35:11Suschmani try to get around it. analog radio is dying here
20:35:41Suschmanwhats diferent, thy both use the mas-dac decoder compination
20:36:07Suschmanor does the player has other mp3 decoder chip ?
20:36:22trackthe Player uses a poorer MAS and a poorer display
20:36:36trackthe display on the player is just a 2x11 character display
20:36:40trackno graphics
20:36:52Suschmanyep, likeon the 6gb modell ?
20:37:08track2x11 character cells is no good to anyone
20:37:09Suschmanit should be 20gb
20:37:36tracki have a 10Gb recorder
20:39:10Suschmanand, got it full ever ? :)
20:43:06trackone thing I really like about the Archos is that you simply drag and drop files to it
20:43:15trackno need for stupid file transfer software
20:43:24Suschmanhum, thats the point
20:43:41Suschmanriot only works with realmedia scenter or winmedia9
20:44:04Suschmanand download is only possible with linux software with i had not gotten runing so far
20:44:19Suschmanwhich i ...
20:56:40trackim revamping the file structure on my Archos
20:56:46tracktidying it up
20:58:19tracki think im gonna do a compressed NTFS partition on my Archos for data storage
20:59:45 Quit track ("Leaving")
21:00:10 Join track [0] (
21:05:39trackim gonna put a 2mb partition on my archos for datas storage
21:06:04PlughI just made a storage dir on mine
21:06:17Plughin the 20gig main partition
21:06:25Plughwait. 2meg?
21:06:33Plughwhat are you going to store in 2 meg?
21:06:40tracksorry 2Gig
21:07:24Plughthought you were using it for public keys or something
21:07:37tracknah for data
21:07:45trackand will be formatted as ntfs
21:08:17Plughdon't do that
21:08:47trackif i format the data partition as ntfs I can compress it
21:09:51trackI think partitioning it will improve its effeciency because the clusters in the partitions will be smaller
21:09:56Plughwhat do you intend to store 2 gig of? I use mine to transport movies, application installers, pictures... nothing compressible
21:10:08trackjust docs and jpegs
21:10:12tracknothing large
21:10:17Plughjpegs don't compress
21:10:41PlughI grew up with Stacker
21:10:53Plughso I'm wary of any on-the-fly compression
21:10:55trackwell in Photoshop with the LZW compression u can really lossless compress them :-)
21:11:08Plughanyhow, lunch time
21:11:44trackLZW compression is an extremely efficient lossless compression system
21:12:29trackthats the type of compression used in cabinet files
21:14:06trackwhy don't we compress our MP3s using LZW on our Archos's so a lot of HD space will be saved?
21:15:09Schnueffwon't work
21:15:52trackwhy not?
21:16:42trackjust tell the mas to read the file in its compressed state
21:17:02Schnueffif you feed random data to lzw it wont compress well
21:17:11Schnuefffrom lzw's perspective, .mp3 is random data
21:17:50Schnueffthats it:)
21:18:15trackok then, use the "Heavy Deflate" option in WinZip 9 to make the files nice and small :-)
21:18:37Schnueffnot funny
21:19:06 Join scott666 [0] (
21:19:13trackok then load up MusicMatch and resample the files to 5Kbs 11,000Khz files
21:19:20trackthe Archos can play them :-)
21:20:19tracku can still hear what is being sung :-)
21:22:48trackdoes mikeholden ever come in here?
21:23:06 Join AciD` [0] (
21:23:49trackhi mike
21:42:50 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
21:48:17 Join Thadiusisme [0] (
21:49:39ThadiusismeDoes anyone know where I can get the linux driver for a Studio 10, the link is dead on the Main Site.
21:50:33 Nick Suschman is now known as Suschman|Away (
21:50:48Suschman|Awaysorry, no idea. isent it in the normal CVS ?
21:51:57 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
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22:03:07Suschman|Awayseems not to be in there, sorry
22:05:57 Nick Thadiusisme is now known as Thadius|Away (
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22:53:58oMega505sup... i'm new to the jukebox hacking... i just installed the rockbox 2.0 firmware and im loving it!
22:54:31oMega505where can i find software for managing my mp3s (syching and stuff)?
22:55:28Suschman^is very good
22:55:40Suschmancomplete manager, id3 tagger, player, sleep timer, and many more
22:56:23 Join track [0] (
22:56:28top_blokeget a daily buid, they have way more features
22:57:40trackive just partitioned my Archos
22:58:01oMega505thanks Suschman
23:04:53 Quit oMega505 ()
23:09:18 Join Zagor [242] (
23:11:03track"gets the red carpet out for Zagor"
23:11:38Plughhey track
23:11:49Plughyou got a brown spot on the end of your nose there
23:13:20trackive done the partition on my Archos
23:15:05trackZagor the Archos really heats up when you copy 5Gb of data to it in one go
23:16:33tracklol Zagor can we have a partition-warming party please?
23:25:05trackits quiet in here
23:27:52PlughI know someone with a sound system that can put out 132dB
23:28:50PlughI can introduce you to them if you want it less quiet
23:40:51tracku there Plugh?
23:41:15tracki hate it when its quite in herer
23:42:28Plughif it's quiet in here, I've got stuff going on in 2-5 other channels
23:42:36Plughon a variety of networks
23:43:24trackwell it makes here very boring
23:50:47 Quit mecraw (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

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