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#rockbox log for 2003-10-22

00:00:03Doggerkewl :)
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00:43:08elinenbeI just got the Archos Gmini
00:43:27midknight2k3120 bucks?
00:43:51elinenbeno 240
00:44:10midknight2k3120 what?
00:44:17elinenbe20 gigs
00:44:22elinenbethe name of the player is the gmini 120
00:44:29midknight2k3that one .. yeahhhh
00:44:31midknight2k3i remember
00:44:39midknight2k3its got an icon interface?
00:44:46elinenbeI am opening it right now.
00:46:16PlughContent analysis details: (24.4 points, 3.1 required)
00:46:21Plughhi mid
00:53:19midknight2k3can you have any idea for a meter release?
00:53:29midknight2k3like for peak release on the peak meters.. lower makes it go slower
00:53:43midknight2k3not to be confused with peak hold time
00:54:02Plughright now I don't have time to consider it
00:54:15midknight2k3any ideas on how?
00:54:29 Quit AciD` ("")
01:05:43Plughno time to consider it mid
01:05:58PlughI'm overextended right now
01:06:04midknight2k3you suc..stink
01:06:17midknight2k3so busy you have the time to paste JUNK in #rockbox
01:07:47PlughI have an EQ guild, 2 D&D groups, a camping trip to plan this weekend, a product release due at the end of the month, and my step-daughter is moving back home after a year and a half living elsewhere
01:08:09midknight2k3camping AGAIN>
01:08:11Plughoh, and I'm getting a laptop into shape
01:08:17midknight2k3great sounds like fun
01:08:27midknight2k3so much fun vu meter release is.. not fun
01:08:33Plughthe campsite has power
01:08:40PlughI might have time to goof off
01:08:46Plughbut no net
01:10:08Plughif I got a LOT of work done, I might be able to get my computer communicating with the net over my cellphone
01:10:23Plughbut that's probably better not done
01:10:24midknight2k3good luck
01:10:52Plughwould be fun though ;)
01:11:06midknight2k3hack at the vu meter
01:11:33Plughheh first things first
01:11:44PlughI'd need a dev environment on my laptop
01:11:46midknight2k3whats that
01:11:49midknight2k3copy over cygwin
01:11:49Plughit's running FreeBSD
01:11:53midknight2k3first things done
01:12:02midknight2k3now the second thing after
01:12:13Plughno win
01:12:18Plughthis is a UNIX laptop
01:12:25midknight2k3i saod that BEFORE you said it was freebds
01:12:31midknight2k316:11:49 | <midknight2k3> copy over cygwin
01:12:32midknight2k316:11:50 | <Plugh> it's running FreeBSD
01:12:39midknight2k3i cant always read minds you turd
01:13:01PlughI'm not a Windows user, mid
01:13:55midknight2k3i know
01:13:59midknight2k3go away
01:14:07midknight2k3i have important stuff to do
01:14:09midknight2k3like.. uh
01:14:14midknight2k3browse patches!
01:14:27Plughmy CVS is hosed :(
01:14:41Plughdon't you read the mailing list?
01:15:04PlughI knew the answer before I asked that
01:15:14Plughsourceforge is feeding me old code
01:15:27midknight2k3i was gonna
01:22:31elinenbemidknight2k3: any progress on your code?
01:23:24midknight2k3the ui overhaul or the settings expander?
01:25:26 Join track [0] (
01:25:45trackhi mid
01:26:44midknight2k3guess what
01:26:59midknight2k3mikeholden is smart
01:27:05midknight2k3are you still on kIRC?
01:27:08trackdid u speak to him?
01:27:59trackyes why?
01:28:00midknight2k3not really
01:28:07midknight2k3jIRC users reek
01:28:25trackare u picking on me again?
01:28:42midknight2k3jIRC users in general
01:28:48trackwhy is that
01:28:51midknight2k3its there for first-timers or one-timers
01:28:52tracku are a jIRC user as well
01:29:05midknight2k3i use mIRC or Klient or XChat
01:29:39midknight2k3ok what
01:30:15tracku mentioned mikeholden?
01:30:28midknight2k3hes smart
01:30:54trackdid u speak to him?
01:31:10midknight2k3i bet jIRC cant show what im saying
01:31:28trackI wouldn't mind chatting to him
01:31:41midknight2k3what would you say?
01:31:49midknight2k3"im a jirc user who wants to kick your arse!"
01:32:27 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:32:33midknight2k3hey diddystar
01:32:37trackso Elinenbe is mikeholden!!!
01:32:40trackhi diddystar
01:33:03tracki still wanna strangle him
01:33:29midknight2k3you're a real angry person you
01:34:13midknight2k3why do you want to? once and for all
01:34:20trackim still fuming over the way he said "You really didn't think this through did you!" and the way he said "My MP3 took 4 seconds to compress and 1 second to decompress"
01:34:45midknight2k3why fume?
01:34:51midknight2k3he.. let you know you were wrong..
01:35:00midknight2k3i really see thats why you wanna punch him
01:35:08trackhe could have been more diplomatic
01:35:20PlughI'm laughing at Fred Maxwell ;)
01:35:33midknight2k3i know how track!
01:35:49midknight2k3"you are very smart with great ideas. its super cool but it wont work perfect!
01:35:54midknight2k3hows that
01:35:59midknight2k3or maybe some more "you rock
01:36:00tracknow thats more like it!!!
01:36:27trackOr even: "Its a nice theory but unfortunatuly MP3s dont' compress well like other files and the archos isn't powerful enough to do this"
01:36:48Doggeram considering bribing people at archos to leak data
01:36:53midknight2k3hahah dogger
01:36:54Doggerwould that be wrong? lol
01:37:08midknight2k3its just easier
01:37:11Plughget them to release info on the MAS while you're at it
01:38:02midknight2k3mature audio sounder
01:38:25midknight2k3Maniacally Astounding Slow
01:38:35midknight2k3Music Assumption System
01:38:55trackMidknight A1 Superstar!
01:39:04midknight2k3yay me
01:39:43Doggermind altering sinergies
01:40:55trackMikeholden Awesomely Stupid
01:41:14midknight2k3Mikeholden Awesomely Smart
01:43:20PlughI wasn't very polite to Fred Maxwell
01:43:32midknight2k3whats the FRED MAXWELL THING ABOUT
01:44:16Plughdon't you read the mailing list?
01:44:22midknight2k3I WILL NOW!
01:44:56Plugh2294 10/20 Paul van der He (0.6K) Flashed RB still having charging issues..
01:45:03Plughthat's the beginning of it
01:45:10 Quit track ("Leaving")
01:45:27midknight2k3track left
01:46:22midknight2k3ITS A LONG THREAD!
01:46:40 Join track [0] (
01:48:47PlughI swear installing AOL sets the capslock key on and disables it
01:49:03midknight2k3you dont swear
01:49:28PlughI fucking swear all the goddamn time
01:49:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:49:32*diddystar5 has aol installed and has no problems with the casplock key
01:49:37*midknight2k3 either
01:49:46diddystar5CAPS ON caps off
01:49:51midknight2k3the last time i saw you say that much in 1 sentence was never
01:50:48midknight2k3search the logs
01:51:01midknight2k3"plugh fuck shit
01:51:29diddystar5lol search
01:51:55trackim back
01:52:11diddystar5you are?
01:52:13tracksorry went to the toilet
01:52:22diddystar5thats nice track
01:52:24trackand im still waiting for my connection to be upgraded to 1Mb
01:52:24Plughso you logged off?
01:52:46midknight2k3i see lots of scott666 words but no plugh
01:52:50midknight2k3still looking
01:53:01trackmidknight this website is hilarious
01:53:06midknight2k3<Plugh> HD is cake. RAM scares the shit outta me
01:53:12midknight2k3not there yet
01:53:16Plughthat's cuz I usually don't swear in front of kids
01:53:26midknight2k3you cant call me a kid
01:53:28diddystar5you have plugh lol
01:53:34midknight2k3you just did
01:53:48Plughread the fucking screen
01:53:59midknight2k3rate seems to be rising
01:54:07midknight2k3quick! man the log bot
01:54:34midknight2k3do we have activity?
01:54:35Plughmidknight, stop humping the bot
01:54:40midknight2k3rate is slowing
01:54:41*track ponders kicking mikeholden's arse
01:54:46midknight2k3RATE RESTORED!
01:55:01midknight2k3rate decreasing....
01:55:05midknight2k3quick do something
01:55:32midknight2k3RATE AT LOW LEVEL!
01:55:35midknight2k3ALERT ALERT!
01:55:40midknight2k3do something!
01:55:43trackmiodknight calm down!!
01:55:50midknight2k3rate at 5%
01:55:50diddystar5wait you can do -o does the opposite of +o
01:55:59midknight2k3wrong chan diddy
01:56:02midknight2k3rate 4%
01:56:19midknight2k3ooh whats its
01:56:27midknight2k3caught in the act
01:56:41midknight2k300.31.05 # <midknight2k3> hrm
01:56:42midknight2k300.31.22 # <midknight2k3> rats
01:56:42midknight2k300.32.01 # <Plugh> rat shit, bat shit, dirty old twat. 69 assholes tied in a knot
01:56:44trackMidknight was that really deleted?
01:57:04trackthat comment over rejected requests?
01:57:16midknight2k3who cares
01:57:55trackit was when I said "The only reason why tea-maker and multi function was filed was to give them something to reject"
01:58:02midknight2k3shu tup
01:58:30midknight2k3i'm in #aovs.. and you cant come in.. cause you got jirc.. and i got mirc!
01:58:34midknight2k3err #avos*
01:59:07diddystar5he can he can open o new jirc and type /join #avos it works i tried it
01:59:25 Part track
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02:29:27midknight2k3almost missed you
02:30:04Guesthi... i am a newbie to rockbox... can someone help me out with a HD prob?
02:30:27midknight2k3beat him
02:30:28GuestI set up RockBox on my Archos Recorder 10 this morning
02:30:33Guestit worked ok for like 10 mins
02:30:43Guestand then it just froze
02:30:52Guesti rebooted it
02:30:55Plughwhich rockbox?
02:30:58Guestit gave me this error message
02:30:59midknight2k3oh boy
02:31:03GuestRockbox 2.0
02:31:04midknight2k3plugh is on the case
02:31:11Plughnah go ahead mid
02:31:15midknight2k3have no fear, plugh is hear
02:31:18PlughI wanna watch you work
02:31:23midknight2k3work what?
02:31:25GuestRead Access Error. Can't read hard disk
02:31:32Plughwork the support call
02:31:41Guesti mean, Cant read from Hard Drive
02:32:18diddystar5not a rockbox prob i think
02:32:37midknight2k3does rockbox boot? what happens?
02:32:43Plughdid you download the daily build?
02:32:43Guestno.. it doesnt boot
02:32:52Guesti downloaded a stable version
02:32:54Plughtry the daily
02:32:57Plughit's more fun
02:32:58midknight2k3plugh: get the bot out.. here comes the support call
02:32:59Guesti read through the faq (all 74) points
02:33:02Plugh10x cooler
02:33:13Guestwell... the prob is, my comp cant access it any more
02:33:17midknight2k3plugh: we need your advice? first we fix the box, then we talk about upgrading
02:33:20Guestthe USB port works
02:33:30midknight2k3how can we upgrade with a dead hard drive if thats the case?
02:33:49Guestwhen i connect it to my comp, it recognizes the archos box
02:33:56Plughmidknight2k3: older versions of rockbox did the same thing on my FMR
02:34:04Guesti tried accessin it via linux as well
02:34:07Plughupgrading to daily fixed it
02:34:23PlughI got mine working under FreeBSD today
02:34:26Plughit rocked
02:34:28Guestwhen i try and mount /dev/sda0 - it takes forever and then crashes - says that mount didnt work
02:34:38Guesti used to get it to work..
02:34:43midknight2k3plugh can take over,o sir guest
02:35:04Plughnah. I just have time to watch
02:35:06midknight2k3beware his... beastly ... never mind
02:35:09Plughmy build just completed
02:35:42midknight2k3help him
02:35:54midknight2k3im busy doing things plugh is too scared to
02:35:54Plughno, now it needs to be tested
02:36:18Plughyeah I'm scared to lose my job
02:36:27Guesti went through the mailing-list... this problem had been documented/emailed/added to the list a coupla times
02:36:51midknight2k3what are you reffering to plugh?
02:37:48 Quit diddystar5 ("Client Exiting")
02:39:14Plughmidknight2k3: I'm at work now. I'm doing something that involves most of my attention
02:39:21midknight2k3dna rat
02:40:18Guestwell... i guess u guys are busy. I'll try and get back at some later time.
02:40:24midknight2k3im not
02:40:27midknight2k3just a sec
02:40:29Plughmid's never busy
02:40:32midknight2k3tell me in detail what happens
02:40:37midknight2k3i know plugh
02:40:40midknight2k3he didnt ask
02:40:43PlughI gave my recommendation
02:40:48Guestwell.. i start up the jukebox.
02:40:55Plughuse daily
02:41:00midknight2k3HE CANT
02:41:01GuestI get the sign OS Version: 1.28
02:41:03midknight2k3IT WONT MOUNT
02:41:05midknight2k3go on
02:41:28GuestThen I see the progress bar drifting to the right
02:41:36midknight2k3how many squares
02:41:42midknight2k32? 4?
02:41:42GuestOnce it gets to 100% (about 5 - 8 seconds)
02:41:52Guestthe screen flickers for half a sec
02:41:53midknight2k3all lighted up?
02:41:57Guestand then i get this message
02:42:14midknight2k3tried charging?
02:42:15Guest"Read access error! Can't read from hard drive"
02:42:24Guestits at 100%
02:42:42Guesti havent tried letting it discharge completely, and then re-charging
02:42:43midknight2k3he hasnt flashed
02:42:52midknight2k3turd.. tard
02:42:59Plughworth a try
02:43:02midknight2k3you cant flash 2.0 is why
02:43:09midknight2k3PLUGH JUST GOT TOLD
02:43:10midknight2k3BY ME
02:43:12midknight2k3TO HIM
02:43:14midknight2k3LIKE THAT
02:43:15midknight2k3OH YEAH
02:43:19midknight2k3feels good
02:43:33midknight2k3(smiles to himself)
02:43:57midknight2k3well its not loading rockbox for one..
02:44:05midknight2k3rockbox takes over 4 squares in
02:48:52midknight2k3il be back in 15 minutes
02:48:55midknight2k3you can stick around
02:48:57midknight2k3if you want
02:49:15Guestnaah... i'll come back some other time
02:49:22Guestthx for tryin though
02:49:24 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
03:24:40 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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03:33:43Kontakt501hi all
03:43:53 Quit Kontakt501 ("[I was using Polaris 2002] Version:[1.0] Webpage:[]")
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04:42:03 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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08:14:18Plughany devs on/paying attention?
08:17:01*dwihno is just a quasi-developer ;D
08:18:23Plughdo you use cvs?
08:21:09dwihnoWell, sometimes.
08:22:07Plughwithin the past month?
08:22:26PlughI'm unable to get the latest cvs updates
08:23:04Plughall the new power mgmt and stuff
08:23:07dwihnonot really
08:23:16Plughand the id3 tag fixes
08:23:27dwihnoSourceForges CVS is known to be troublesome.
08:23:43PlughI know that
08:23:57Plughbut I've actually checked everything out of it
08:24:01Plughmultiple times
08:24:13Plughand it doesn't have the latest patches in it
08:24:31PlughI don't think they branched
08:24:43dwihnoThen apply the patches against the CVS by yourself :)
08:25:27Plughthat's a pain :)
08:26:02Plughespecially when cvs starts working again
08:26:13Plughcuz it won't be in sync
08:26:39Plughmainly I was trying to see if the devs moved off sourceforge because of the problems
08:27:16Plughwell, I'm gonna get to bed
08:28:07dwihnodon't let the rockbox bugs bite ;D
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15:39:56 Join supergamerj [0] (
15:40:13supergamerjhi !
15:41:38supergamerjis a person who know a french traduction of the rockbox documentation ?
15:41:56dwihnoerhm. not really... there's just the english as far as I know.
15:43:42supergamerji would like to traduce it, what software i have to use to ,edit the curent pdf document ?
15:45:40supergamerjsorry i have to disconetc myself i come back in a few minuts
15:55:07dwihnoThe original format is OpenOffice, XML, I think
15:55:23dwihnoThe PDF is just exported
15:58:45webmindsupergamerj, translate you men ?
16:00:09 Join supergamerj1 [0] (
16:00:56supergamerj1hello, i had some conection problems, i am supergamerj
16:01:29supergamerj1do tou have the answer for my question ?
16:01:47ze06:54 < dwihno> The original format is OpenOffice, XML, I think
16:01:47ze06:55 < dwihno> The PDF is just exported
16:01:47ze06:58 < webmind> supergamerj, translate you men ?
16:05:04supergamerj1ok, so, thank you very much for your help, i'll traduce the documentation, see you
16:05:29webmindwhat's traduce ?
16:05:56ze> define traduce
16:05:56zeDefinition of :
16:05:56ze1 : to expose to shame or blame by means of falsehood and misrepresentation
16:05:56ze2 : VIOLATE, BETRAY "traduce a principle of law"
16:05:56zesynonym see MALIGN
16:06:01zehmm doesn't sound pleasant
16:06:31zei hope thats not what he has in mind :p
16:08:31supergamerj1scuse me i wante to say translate
16:08:56***No seen item changed, no save performed.
16:09:48webmindaah ok... hmmm
16:17:45 Quit supergamerj1 ("Leaving")
16:17:55 Quit supergamerj (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:37:38 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
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17:23:26 Quit dw|gone (Remote closed the connection)
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17:31:38 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:31:41 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
17:32:46 Quit dsg ("foo")
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22:50:44 Part Cheek
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23:13:58 Join LinusN [200] (
23:14:05elinenbeLinusN: hello
23:14:08elinenbelong time no see.
23:14:11elinenbehow are you doing?
23:14:17LinusNsame, same
23:14:23LinusNwife still bad
23:14:27elinenbeI'm sorry.
23:14:34LinusNme too :-)
23:15:11elinenbehow is your child?
23:16:12LinusNfine, she had her 1-year birthday yesterday
23:16:14elinenbeI just bought the Gmini 120... looking for something better then my recorder.
23:16:23LinusNnever heard of it
23:16:24elinenbebut I don't think that will happen.
23:16:37elinenbeI sent an email and some blurry pictures to the list.
23:16:45elinenbeand the processor and chip info.
23:16:48LinusNskipped those... :-)
23:17:35elinenbeI see you have been playing around with some rockbox stuff again...
23:17:54LinusNyeah, catching up a little
23:18:23LinusNclears my mind
23:18:24elinenbeare you going to do anything new?
23:18:34elinenberemember rockbox programming is FUN!
23:18:42LinusNyeah, i'll work on the retro-record
23:18:53LinusNand the mdb patch
23:19:15elinenbewhat is that?
23:19:21LinusNMicronas Dynamic Bass
23:19:23PlughLinus, have you been checking in to the sourceforge cvs?
23:19:52elinenbeI sent out some suggestions for the rockbox patch, but that is probably more Zagors area.
23:20:00Plughevery time I do an update I come up empty. weird
23:20:04elinenbesorry, the rockbox browsing patch
23:20:08LinusNPlugh: empty?
23:20:21Plughno new updates
23:20:40LinusNPlugh: sourceforge is very slow on updating the anonymous cvs servers
23:20:48Plugh2 weeks slow?
23:21:12Plughit's just completely not working now
23:21:17Plughcvs [update aborted]: unrecognized auth response from M PserverBackend::PserverBackend() Connect (No route to host)
23:21:34Plughnew message :)
23:22:39LinusNsaw that
23:25:02trackhi Linus
23:25:14LinusNhi jason
23:25:38trackLinus there is a serious bug with the bass boost adjustment
23:25:55elinenbeLinus, maybe you can help me with something −− I was looking at the search string playlist patch, and it has strstr(arg1,arg2) in it and it will not compile... where is that fucntion?
23:26:59trackLinus when you reset the bass booster to 0% during playback the sound distorts and stutters
23:28:16 Quit AciD` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:28:48LinusNtrack: weird
23:29:12trackim not joking
23:29:18trackthis is wiv the latest bleeding edge
23:30:28LinusNis it different if you stop the music before adjusting?
23:31:33trackwell during playback I paused a song, adjusted the bass booster, same thing happened
23:31:50trackthe distortion goes if u turn the bass booster to 10% or above
23:32:01LinusNdoes it do it even with a low volume?
23:32:36trackShall I make it an official bug report?
23:33:44LinusNi can't repeat it
23:33:56LinusNwhat are your other sound settings?
23:34:50tracki think...
23:35:12trackBass 6% Treble 2% Loudness 2%
23:36:01LinusNbass and treble are in dB
23:36:12trackok dB is what I meant
23:36:13LinusNloudness too
23:36:40trackeverything is in dB
23:36:53LinusNstill no distortion
23:37:10LinusNdoes it matter which song you play?
23:37:25trackI feel my Archos is on its last legs annyway
23:38:13LinusNhey, wait
23:38:28LinusNdid you mean that you hear a short glitch?
23:38:40 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
23:38:43 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:38:45 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
23:40:09tracksummat like that
23:41:04LinusNthen i know what you mean
23:41:08 Quit dsg ("leaving")
23:41:17trackso is it a bug?
23:41:42trackShall I still file it?
23:41:49LinusNwell, 0% means that we turn off the boost, and the MAS acts like that
23:41:59LinusNfile a report
23:42:05trackill do it later
23:43:10elinenbeso, about that strstr? :D
23:45:15LinusNlemme see
23:45:18trackLinusN its filed now
23:45:26LinusNtrack: good
23:45:44trackdid u get the report?
23:46:10LinusNelinenbe: i can't find a strstr() in the rockbox code
23:47:23LinusNso it might compile only with the simulator
23:54:05elinenbeLinusN: hold on one sec...
23:54:44elinenbethe file with that patch has it....
23:56:00LinusNi guess that code is only tested with the simulator

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