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#rockbox log for 2003-10-23

00:02:13LinusNstrstr is a standard C library function, it finds a string within a string
00:03:29elinenbeokay :D
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00:41:43noneanyone know about conflicts w/ the archos and windows XP and how to resolve them =/ . damn thing is restarting my computer
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00:45:09trackLinusN seen the new Archos Gmini?
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00:50:45LinusNtrack: saw a picture on the web, that's all
00:52:05LinusNelinenbe: get a decent camera, or a pair of glasses :-)
00:57:04PlughLinus: cvs seems to have straightened out. I needed to check out a fresh start
00:57:15Plughof course that means I have to re-patch everything
00:57:31Plughbut I'm current except for the latest id3.c checkin
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01:05:01trackwhat do u think?
01:05:18trackyou pay to download extras (such as recording) off the Archos website
01:05:29LinusNthat suz
01:06:43trackthe 3 plugins to purchase as extras include "MadPlay" "CompactFlash photowallet" and "Recording functions"
01:07:31trackand also the Gmini can play MP3, WAV and WMA
01:09:47trackyea Linus whats there to stop people filesharing the Gmini plugins via P2P software?
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01:10:52LinusNtrack: i guess they would be tied to the serial number of the device
01:11:44LinusNjust a guess
01:11:54tracknow don't you and Bjorn start charging on this website! (joke)!
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01:29:16elinenbeLinusN: I don't know why I can't take close up pictures...
01:29:23elinenbeIt will not focus no matter what.
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01:32:13LinusNelinenbe: i have the same problem with my IXUS
01:32:22LinusNtime to go to bed
01:32:26LinusNnite all!
01:32:40Plughnite Linus
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06:22:02ze^^ hey, i sing the blues!
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06:22:57Bluechipany developers in?
06:23:16zedunno, but i sing the blues haha:
06:24:01Dogger<−− developer, but of AV stuff
06:24:27Bluechipah, was kinda after someone interested in working on some core level rockbox stuff
06:26:45elinenbeBluechip: what's up?
06:28:09Bluechiptold you i'd crack it!
07:02:14Doggercrack what?
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10:56:45trackwheres mikeholden?
10:59:04trackjust some smartarse in Sourceforge
10:59:32trackhe does all the "Admin" work in sourceforge
11:00:12trackhe adds a lot of smartyarse comments to some requests
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13:40:47GEMquick question - is there anything similar to rockbox for the Archos Multimedia jukebox 20?
13:47:58dsgGEM: I don't believe so.
13:52:05dwihnoNot based on this project, afaik.
13:54:37dsgDefinately not based on this project −− the Multimedia is a completely different architecture.
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14:10:05MTi dont suppose anyone has an old player or recorder they want to sell? :/
14:10:16MTebay is really frustrating me :/
14:11:43*webmind doesnt think anyone would want his recorder
14:12:49MTas long as it works :/
14:13:23webmindit does
14:13:31dsgwebmind: You had a recorder?
14:13:37DBUGEnqueued KICK webmind
14:13:41dsgAh. ;)
14:13:44webminddamn those bugs in my mind
14:14:32MThey, as long as it works, and is an archos, id want it :/
14:14:56webmindMT, hmm. xcept it has no casing..
14:15:00webmindbut a 40gb disk
14:15:11MTdoes it work tho? :)
14:15:20webmindproblem is.. i'd only sell it for the price of a new one :_)
14:15:36webmindbut it has upgrades
14:15:48webmind2100mah batteries and bigger disk
14:15:55webmindand thinking of an 8mb mem mod
14:16:12MTim trying to find a replacement for my fmr, they refunded me as no more exist :/
14:16:23webmindwhat ?
14:16:36dsgMT: You should be able to afford a new Recorder then?
14:16:48MTi returned it due to faulty headphone socket, they said they couldnt repair, and couldnt find any more
14:17:01MTdsg: certainly, but i am tight
14:17:36webmindthey dont make the fmr anymore ?
14:17:56MTactually the cheapest recorder i could get would cost a little more than i was refunded
14:18:13MTplus id need an external charger, better batteries ..
14:18:26MTend up costing about 40 more
14:18:51MTplus i have too many mp3s now, would need new hd too
14:19:13MTwhich is why im scouring ebay for knock down prices on recorder 6000 and players
14:19:28MTso i can afford a 40gb hd too
14:25:49webmindheh k
14:25:59CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:25:59*webmind thinks about getting a usb2 250gb drive aswell
14:26:07webmindthe 40gb isnt enough
14:26:22dwihnowebmind: I got one of those. Great for backups!
14:26:29webmind(although the archos can work without net power)
14:26:32webminddwihno, which brand ?
14:26:36dwihnowebmind: Maxtor
14:26:38webmindah k
14:26:41webmindso they work good ?
14:26:50dsgMaxtor... and backups?
14:27:05webminddsg, onl icelandic maxtor disks suck
14:27:26dsgKind of like washing dentist's flouride from your mouth with coca-cola.
14:27:38dsgwebmind: It's not like Maxtor has an Icelandic fab plant. :)
14:28:04dsgBesides, I've seen a Maxtor bought in the States die after ~2.5 years.
14:28:14webminddsg, no.. but they ship their buggy disks only to iceland
14:28:23webminddsg, havent seen one die on me yet
14:28:27dwihnowebmind: I thought it was Ireland ;D
14:28:32dsgwebmind: Well. I have. Several. :)
14:28:44dsgWouldn't dream of buying them again.
14:28:48webminddwihno, now.. just everyone puts their helpdesks there
14:28:55webminddsg, i have 2
14:28:58webmindwork like a charm
14:29:02dsgwebmind: I had 2.
14:29:32dsgWorked like a charm until they died without warning.
14:29:39dsgAdmittedly I think they lived for 3 years.
14:29:53dwihnowebmind: why?
14:30:08dwihnocheap work force?
14:35:27webminddwihno, dunno
14:35:57webmindbut in the years i used helpdesks for hardware (long time ago) i always got redirected to some irish dude trying to speak dutch
14:36:53dwihnowebmind: He said: "smeetfrees! waat haat hoet goet woot!" ? :)
14:41:37webmindsomething like that
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17:53:19tboywhere on the rockbox page does it say
17:53:29tboyhow to compile rocks
17:59:28tboysomeone here must be able to give me a hint
18:03:00tboyno need to help
18:03:08tboyI'll just do it my self
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18:48:37 Join Scheme31 [0] (
18:48:45Scheme31Whats up guys/gals?
18:49:01Scheme31Anyone wanna help me with my Jukebox?
18:53:15 Join Dogger [0] (~jimmy@
18:53:31Doggerhi is anyone still working on the ajz format for AV?
18:53:52tboyno one ever did
18:54:03Doggerok I'm starting to make breakthroughs
18:54:12Doggerwhy didnt anyone try?
18:54:18Doggerjust too much to do too little time?
18:58:32Scheme31i got a simple question
19:00:40tboywhats the command for reversed make
19:00:49tboywhile compiling rockb
19:00:58Scheme31my jukebox gets stuck on the first screen and sticks there.. whats the deal?
19:01:14tboylike if I get an error
19:01:25 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
19:01:45Scheme31just says "Jukebox 6GB Ver 3.18" and doesnt do anything else
19:01:50Scheme31any help?
19:01:58tboyis there somebody who knows
19:02:25 Join AciD` [0] (
19:03:39tboysomeone knows the parameter for reversed compile
19:04:15tboyi.e. when errors occure while compiling
19:04:33Scheme31i think its just u and me
19:04:43tboynormally that
19:04:57Scheme31what kinda player u got?
19:05:01tboybut can't help you since I sport a FM
19:05:10Scheme31yeah same
19:05:20Scheme31i have an upgraded jukebox 6000
19:05:33Scheme31how are those fm's?
19:05:43tboythis one is fine
19:05:54Scheme31something wrong with it?
19:05:54tboyIt looks abit different from the other fms
19:06:23tboyabit more tougher
19:06:28tboyfeeling to it
19:06:39tboyno probs
19:06:51tboyjust wanted to compile something
19:07:02Scheme31i cant get mine past the version screen
19:07:08Scheme31wont show up thru USB either
19:07:53tboydo you hear any clicking sounds
19:07:59tboywhile booting
19:08:20Scheme31i had that happen with the old drive
19:08:30Scheme31it wouldnt do anything before when that happened
19:08:41Scheme31so i put in a 30 gig drive
19:08:51Scheme31this time its showing that screen
19:08:55Scheme31no clicking
19:08:56tboyso this is the 30 gig
19:09:06Scheme31well i upgraded it myself
19:09:23Scheme31its been working fine for the past 3 months or so
19:09:32 Quit BoBB_ ("leaving")
19:11:16tboysounds bad
19:11:21tboyor maybe not
19:11:41Scheme31yeah.. when i was having the problem before with the other one.. some guy in here had a quick fix
19:11:59Scheme31but it ended up being the "Bad" problem rather than this one
19:12:04Scheme31drive went out
19:12:38Scheme31but it didnt do anything before.. now it just gets stuck...
19:13:29Scheme31i forget what he said to do tho
19:14:39tboywell hope you get this sorted out
19:14:50tboyI gotta go
19:15:20 Quit tboy ("Bye guys")
19:18:27Scheme31anyone here?
19:19:56 Join BoBB [0] (
19:25:50Scheme31anyone here?
19:26:03 Join Malphas__ [0] (
19:28:18Scheme31anyone wanna help me fix my jukebox?
19:30:29HadakaI think the hd in my archos just died
19:30:34Hadakaor almost atleast
19:31:51Hadakaanyone have good recommendations for a 2.5" drive?
19:32:12Scheme31what is it doing?
19:32:14 Join miner_69er [0] (
19:32:47miner_69erhi! does anyone wanna try out my version of snake?
19:33:00 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
19:33:31Hadakacontinuously seeking, making a chugging sound when I power it on - at times it manages to read even something, but very very slowly
19:34:07Scheme31does any screens pop up?
19:34:17Scheme31or is it always a blank screen?
19:36:54miner_69eri feel really rejected now
19:37:18Scheme31i dont have that type of player but if i did i would try it ;)
19:37:40miner_69eroh, all right then
19:38:56Scheme31wanna help me with my jukebox?
19:39:39miner_69eryeah, okay
19:40:12miner_69erwhats the problem?
19:40:16Scheme31when i turn it on.. it wont go past the "Jukebox 6GB Ver: 3.18" screen
19:40:21Scheme31stays there
19:40:38HadakaScheme31: ata error comes up at times, at times it boots through that and triest to start playing, but it can't read the HD fast enough to play
19:41:06Scheme31no error shows
19:41:33Scheme31"part. Error pls chck HD"
19:41:35miner_69eri don't know, u got rockbox on it?
19:41:37Scheme31whats that
19:42:34miner_69erhave you tried removing it? is the problem still there?
19:43:03Scheme31i havent tried to remove the drive
19:43:19Scheme31maybe taking it out and re-inserting it?
19:45:07HadakaI'll be taking my unit apart if the problem persists after I drop it a time or two
19:45:26Scheme31haha yeah was just gunna say that
19:45:34Scheme31unscrewing as we speak ;)
19:45:35miner_69erwell, try the drive in a pc with a 3.5 to 2.5 converter.
19:45:55Scheme31got it
19:46:56 Quit BoBB ("leaving")
19:47:57miner_69eri don't know a great deal. You're probably better posting a question in the rockbox mailing list.
19:49:57 Join dsg [0] (
19:54:19Scheme31well thanks fer yer help...
19:54:56miner_69erhey, no problem
20:03:45 Quit miner_69er ()
20:09:20 Quit Scheme31 ("Leaving")
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20:35:24 Join dsg [0] (
20:46:27 Quit Malphas__ ("Preparing subject to return IRL .... CLACK")
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21:39:58 Join track [0] (
21:43:37 Join Zagor [242] (
21:44:49trackhi Zagor
21:45:10trackwelcome to IRC
21:45:43trackZagor seen the new Archos Gmini?
21:45:59trackwhat u think?
21:46:04trackdoing a rockbox for that?
21:46:25Zagorprobably not. the cpu for that thing is one big mystery.
21:48:19 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:48:48 Join scott666 [0] (
21:48:56Zagorhi dragon!
21:49:33[IDC]Dragonwe can continue talking startup here...
21:49:55[IDC]DragonI'd like to get some infrastructure first:
21:50:22[IDC]DragonWe should splid the config load into RTC and disk seperately.
21:50:45[IDC]DragonSo he have a chance for early config.
21:50:57[IDC]DragonGrr typos!
21:51:22[IDC]DragonI was thinking of using the 40 bytes a bit different:
21:51:38[IDC]Dragonas a stream of bits.
21:51:51[IDC]DragonSo there won't be unused gaps.
21:52:33[IDC]Dragon(no arithmetic coding yet, don't worry)
21:52:54Zagorand just using bit numbers to identify the location of specific values?
21:53:11[IDC]DragonI meant, read 3 bits for an item, 2 for the next, etc.
21:53:23[IDC]Dragonwithout caring for byte boundaries.
21:53:49[IDC]DragonWe serialize/deserialize them only once, as bulk.
21:54:26Zagorwould we really gain much?
21:54:36[IDC]DragonOr maybe you could address them as bit number and size, if you want "random access".
21:54:58[IDC]DragonDunno, was just an idea since everything's used up now.
21:55:51Zagor0x31 is still free :)
21:56:12[IDC]DragonOne day I was looking for some unused bit to remember the play state for resume, but found none.
21:56:43Zagorthe top run time value could be moved to disk, too
21:57:03Zagor0x2f looks like it has a few bits free
21:57:08[IDC]DragonYes, we could re-balance some items.
21:58:23[IDC]DragonAnyway, if nobody objects I'd do some coding on it as time allows.
21:58:55Zagori don't think the gain is worth the abstraction
21:59:05Zagorat least I haven't been convinced yet :)
21:59:47[IDC]DragonIt's more generic, no more fiddling with masks, etc. You just have to define the order and bit size.
22:03:15Zagorwell, maybe. but it doesn't really solve any problem, does it? i'd like to think about it for a bit, ok?
22:04:19[IDC]DragonIt gives us a couple of extra bits or bytes to put information. But the main thing is seperating RTC and disk config.
22:05:07Zagorrtc and disk is already separated. see load_config_buffer()
22:05:22[IDC]DragonRight now the poor charging algorithm has to work with some defaults.
22:06:54 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
22:08:00Zagorhow will serializing the config data help separating rtc from disk btw? all of it doesn't fit into the rtc anyway.
22:08:00[IDC]DragonYeah, without looking at it I was assuming it can't be difficult to split.
22:08:53[IDC]DragonIt won't help the seperation at all, it was just an idea I had while being at the subject.
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22:18:52elinenbeZagor: you do not like my suggestions...
22:19:03elinenbeabout the plugins?
22:19:35Zagori haven't really made up my mind about it.
22:21:46Zagorwe discussed using categories before announcing plugins, but decided against if for the reasons i mentioned in the mail. but i'm not above reconsidering that decision.
22:22:29elinenbeminimally there should be some things fixed... like if you do not have any .fnt files in the dir... a blank screen comes up
22:23:49elinenbethat is confusing.
22:24:14elinenbeI don't understand why you are agains a couple of subdirs in the .rockbox dir?
22:24:39trackZagor i have a problem with the bass booster
22:24:43elinenbe... /fonts /wps /games /apps /utils /cfg .....
22:29:57Zagorelinenbe: i'm not really against it. i just don't want to end up in a situation where we wind up with a "misc" dir at the end because we can't categorise plugins
22:29:59*[IDC]Dragon is back from phonecall
22:47:54elinenbewell, you just need to think of what will be there.
22:48:30elinenbewe have Games, Applications, Utilities, Demos, Fonts, Configs, While Playing Screens
22:48:43trackI love an italic version of the Atadore font
23:18:33 Join LinusN [200] (
23:19:02trackLinus hiya!
23:19:06 Quit dsg ("Tonight I dine on turtle soup!")
23:19:19trackDid u find a solution to my bug?
23:19:36LinusNhaven't looked at it yet
23:19:37ZagorLinusN: why did you change wps.c?
23:20:17LinusNbecause i didn't like the way the boolean was assigned
23:20:56LinusNor rather, compared
23:21:16LinusNpaused != (mpeg_status & MPEG_STATUS_PAUSE)
23:21:29Zagorah, right. i agree with that one.
23:21:33LinusNMPEG_STATUS_PAUSE is 2
23:21:44Zagorhowever I don't agree with the bool assignment using ?:
23:21:53Zagorcompletely unneccessary
23:21:57LinusNhow would you like it then?
23:22:11Zagorbool mpeg_paused = mpeg_status() & MPEG_STATUS_PAUSE;
23:22:24LinusNbool mpeg_paused = 2;
23:22:32Zagorbool cannot be 2
23:22:42Zagorit will be 'true'
23:23:07LinusNah right
23:36:34 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:46:46 Join top_bloke` [0] (

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