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#rockbox log for 2003-10-27

00:00:01midknight2k3i second that
00:01:05***Alert Mode OFF
00:02:30*diddystar5 eats a "sour citrous" altoid
00:02:32midknight2k3bluechip steals code!
00:02:39midknight2k3i like the sour citrus ones!
00:02:46midknight2k3they are good
00:02:51diddystar5what ever happened to blueloop?
00:03:07scott666sontaneously combusted, it was a shame
00:03:13diddystar5lol mid wrong chat
00:03:41scott666what code did bluechip steal?
00:04:03midknight2k3the CHIP8 CODE!
00:04:10scott666tahtwas blueloop
00:04:13midknight2k3i've busted the crime, captain!
00:04:17midknight2k3oh wait
00:04:18midknight2k3it was?
00:04:23Bluechipindeed it was
00:04:25midknight2k3no way
00:04:36Bluechipgo check it - i just got it working with a recent build
00:04:43scott666someone should make that a plug-in
00:04:50midknight2k3let me look
00:05:01midknight2k3oops i was wrong
00:05:05Bluechipthat makes sense of what you were saying the other night - lol
00:05:11midknight2k3i mean, i knew it was blueloop all along!
00:05:24scott666better yet, make .ch8 a registered type that goes right to the .rock, like text files
00:05:34Bluechipit always did
00:05:45Bluechipthe standard chip8 patch did just that
00:05:58scott666yeah but would it if it were a rock?
00:06:04midknight2k3scott: DUH
00:06:32diddystar5i tried porting the ch8 thing to a plugin and it didnt work i should try again since i have gotton better at programming
00:07:04Bluechipwell if you get stuck just ask
00:07:04scott666well things like the type registration would have to be separate
00:10:39 Join slakwhere [0] (
00:10:45 Nick Bluechip is now known as Bluechip|brb (
00:12:06slakwherehey guys. i just unzipped the 2.0 firmware for the jukebox into the root of my archos, but i still have the old archos firmware.
00:12:09slakwhereis there something im missing?
00:12:26midknight2k3did you get the right version? what model is it?
00:12:31scott666do you have the ajbrec.ajz file?
00:12:33slakwhereoriginal jukebox
00:12:46scott666or archos.mod
00:12:56midknight2k3scott sucks
00:12:57slakwherei have archos.mod and a .jukebox dir
00:13:07scott666no, .rockbox
00:13:14slakwherei got
00:13:19slakwhereya, .rockbox sorry
00:13:34 Join diddystar5_ [0] (
00:13:39 Part diddystar5_
00:13:52scott666try rebooting?
00:13:59slakwheremy archos? several times.
00:14:35midknight2k3scott knows no else
00:14:38diddystar5what unit do you have? a recorder or studio?
00:14:45midknight2k3try getting a daily build player.mod
00:14:47slakwherejukebox 6000
00:14:59scott666its not a recorder, right?
00:15:07slakwherenot a recorder
00:15:15midknight2k3jukebox 6000 means jukebox 6gb scott
00:15:35scott666theres a 6k recorder too
00:15:40midknight2k3not really
00:15:43scott666i just wanted to be sure
00:15:48midknight2k3jukebox means jukebox not recorder
00:16:04scott666yeah but hes new here
00:16:18scott666i could call my FMR a player, cause it IS a player, but that would confuse people
00:16:30midknight2k3hey tardface
00:16:57*scott666 looks around
00:17:04*midknight2k3 points at scott666
00:17:06*midknight2k3 slaps scott666 around a bit with a large trout
00:17:11*midknight2k3 slaps scott666 around a bit with a large trout
00:17:13DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
00:17:13*midknight2k3 slaps midknight2k3 around a bit with a large trout
00:17:22scott666i thought you stopped using mIRC?
00:17:24diddystar5download that to you unit
00:17:29midknight2k3scott: didnt you see
00:17:35slakwherediddystar5 2 steps ahead of you.
00:17:38slakwherewohoo! that worked.
00:17:40midknight2k3klient figured out i cracked it and started sending messages
00:18:37midknight2k309.09.56 # * midknight2k3 uses cracked software. I will respond to the following commands: !ame <msg>, !amsg <msg>, !quit <msg>, !open_cd, !switch_my_mouse_buttons
00:18:37midknight2k309.13.31 # * midknight2k3 uses cracked software. I will respond to the following commands: !ame <msg>, !amsg <msg>, !quit <msg>, !open_cd, !switch_my_mouse_buttons
00:18:37midknight2k309.17.06 # * midknight2k3 uses cracked software. I will respond to the following commands: !ame <msg>, !amsg <msg>, !quit <msg>, !open_cd, !switch_my_mouse_buttons
00:18:38***Alert Mode level 1
00:18:38midknight2k309.18.50 # <ze> !switch_my_mouse_buttons
00:18:40midknight2k309.18.57 # <ze> !ame am lame
00:18:42midknight2k309.19.03 # <ze> !quit d0h
00:18:44midknight2k309.19.08 # <ze> :p
00:18:46midknight2k309.20.41 # * midknight2k3 uses cracked software. I will respond to the following commands: !ame <msg>, !amsg <msg>, !quit <msg>, !open_cd, !switch_my_mouse_buttons
00:18:49midknight2k309.21.04 # <ze> oh quit it
00:18:53midknight2k3and so on
00:19:05midknight2k3but the worst part was it didnt tell me it was doing it
00:19:18midknight2k3people in #c started going around doing !quit and stuff
00:19:23midknight2k3i was like what?!
00:20:33scott666thats funnt
00:20:49midknight2k3that was stupid
00:20:53scott666itd be funnier if it it actually switched your mouse buttons
00:20:54midknight2k3how did it know i cracked it!?!
00:21:12midknight2k3oh wait
00:21:16midknight2k3maybe it was my firewall
00:21:29midknight2k3it just happened last night, when my firewall was off for the first time in eons
00:21:40scott666but you gave klient permission to use hte internet
00:21:42midknight2k3perhaps in general it keeps it from sending messages
00:21:47slakwhereso does shuffle recurse dir's these days?
00:22:28scott666i assume
00:22:49midknight2k3menu-playlist options-recursively insert dir
00:23:00scott666thats not what he asked
00:23:06midknight2k3shut up
00:23:14scott666that just has the word 'recursively' in ity
00:23:32midknight2k3shut up!
00:23:36midknight2k3it does something~
00:23:57scott666do you even know what 'recursively' means??
00:24:08midknight2k3sort of
00:24:18midknight2k3recursively.. it sorta... recurses!
00:24:58scott666thats a 'no'
00:25:01diddystar5LinusN|brb: you there?
00:25:13midknight2k3its a yes
00:25:16midknight2k3it recurses
00:25:23midknight2k3recurse means to.. recurse
00:25:36slakwhereanyone here built a remote for the jukebox 6k?
00:25:50scott666ok so a 'yes' for recursively, a 'no' for recurse
00:26:48midknight2k3you suck
00:27:05scott666hadji from johnny quest?
00:28:39***Alert Mode OFF
00:31:14 Nick Bluechip|brb is now known as Bluechip (
00:35:23Gazelscott, i believe you have already open your FMR ?
00:36:24 Join diddystar5_ [0] (
00:36:30 Part diddystar5_
00:36:56Gazelcos' there is something unclear in my mind :
00:37:09Gazeli have it open here, plugged
00:37:27midknight2k3plugged in
00:37:30midknight2k3AC adaprte
00:37:37Gazelexact, thx :)
00:37:49GazelAC-plugged, we'll say ;)
00:37:59scott666seems like a bad idea, but go on
00:38:31Gazelwhen i remove the littl top part (which make connection between battery and metal back)
00:38:50Gazelthe charging screen appears
00:39:11scott666taking off the top can reboot the archos
00:39:42Gazelyes... but the charging screen only appears from time to time
00:39:47scott666the battery gets disconected and reconnected
00:40:02scott666sometimes the battery doesn't get reconnected
00:40:07Gazeland when i put it back, only leds blink
00:40:17Gazelok, i understand more
00:40:42scott666but i dont think you're supposed to have it open and plugged in
00:40:51scott666would you work on your computer while it was on?
00:41:44Gazelyeah, but since i can't get the HD spin up, i try to see what's going on
00:41:53scott666anyway, the top doesn't do anything with the battery but keep it down
00:42:07diddystar5Gazel the charger cant supply enough power to spin the HD
00:42:13midknight2k3yes it can
00:42:32diddystar5not on my or most peoples units
00:42:55Gazelyep : but the charging screen is the only screen i can get, and i get it only when charger is connected
00:43:20CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:43:20*diddystar5 dosent like laptop's that well
00:43:21scott666what happens when you're on the charging screen and then press 'on'?
00:43:28midknight2k3IT SHUTS UP
00:43:50Gazelno, nothing happens
00:43:59Gazelthe charging screen stays here
00:44:55Gazelto be exact : the charging screen starts only when i press the top part on the batteries and release it ( = connect - disconnect)
00:45:23Gazelthen it disappears a few seconds later
00:45:33scott666very odd
00:46:22Gazelyes indeed... i wish i could know if it is the ata controller that is wrong, or the battery, or something else..
00:46:25midknight2k3scott: it didnt shut up?
00:47:09diddystar5gotta go
00:47:12midknight2k3bye diddystar
00:47:27scott666you don't have another laptop HD to try, do you?
00:47:29 Quit diddystar5 ()
00:48:14Gazelno... but the hd works on my pc
00:48:45scott666oh, well that rules that out
00:49:05Gazelyes, that's why i came back here today :o)
00:50:09scott666whats the voltage say when you're on the charging screen?
00:51:08Gazel4.75 or more when the HD is connected
00:51:21midknight2k3thats a lot
00:51:24midknight2k3thats a LOT!
00:51:28midknight2k3not good
00:51:36Gazeland about 2volts when i only put the battery
00:51:37midknight2k3its usually about 4v
00:51:43scott666you're not supposed to get over 4.2
00:51:49midknight2k3top is 4.25ish
00:51:57scott666ive seen 4.21
00:51:58midknight2k34.75 is.. wow
00:52:03midknight2k3ive seen 4.25
00:52:06midknight2k3on mine
00:52:11midknight2k34.26 maybe
00:54:20Gazeli checked again : it varies from 4.33 to 4.78... with a whistling noise as it was doing at the end of a charge
00:54:36midknight2k3thats not good at all
00:54:55scott666that sounds bad
00:55:18midknight2k3and whistling?
00:55:18Gazelbut when i remove the drive => 2volts, no noise, and the charging screen is there even with the top connected
00:55:24midknight2k3the battery must be boiling
00:55:29scott666and nothing happens when you press on when its not plugged in?
00:55:47midknight2k3alert! gazel's battery is boiling
00:55:50midknight2k3stand back people
00:56:02scott666if it were it wouldve blew up
00:56:11scott666*blown up
00:56:11midknight2k3liion batts do blow up
00:56:12Gazeljust the left green led is blinking once
00:56:17midknight2k3stay back gazel
00:57:19Gazelwhstle, more like a steam noise... hard to tell :-p
00:57:41midknight2k3ddi you see the picture of the guy's batter that popped?
00:57:50midknight2k3it like blew up in the jukebox
00:58:03midknight2k3the screen shattered and the plastic cracked
00:58:48scott666fucking caps lock
00:58:52scott666how i loathe you...
00:59:06*scott666 prys off the caps lock key
01:00:03 Quit slakwhere ()
01:00:18Gazelthe battery is not hot at all... just a little warm
01:00:32midknight2k3still it can explode
01:00:32 Quit track ("Leaving")
01:00:37midknight2k3the guys was sitting in the drawer
01:00:53midknight2k3he took it out a week later to find the screen smashed and the junk busted
01:01:09scott666heh, wouldnt that such
01:01:19scott666of yeah
01:01:31scott666my headphone jack is fucked up
01:01:44Gazelwhat should the charging screen tell when nothing is connected (no drive, no battery) ? mine is saying 100% , 4.25v
01:01:51scott666i have to like press it down to get it to work in both channels
01:02:15Gazelyeah that sucks with headphones
01:02:34scott666 its not the headphones though, its the jack
01:02:38 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:02:44Gazelyeah i know
01:03:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:03:25Gazelsometimes it's the female part, sometimes the male part... but it sucks anyway (no joke here...;o) )
01:03:39 Join k3no_ [0] (
01:03:57scott666its worse when it's the female part though, it's a lot easier to get a new male part
01:04:28midknight2k3new male part?
01:04:32midknight2k3that sounds wrong
01:05:03scott666yeah but compare it to getting a new female part
01:05:16midknight2k3sounds even wronger
01:05:27midknight2k3and when you say "its harder to get a female part" it sounds the WRONGEST
01:05:48scott666Gazel started it
01:05:52midknight2k3you did
01:05:57midknight2k3yes he did
01:09:49 Part k3no_
01:10:55 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
01:11:20 Join sagegoku [0] (
01:11:27sagegokuwhats the peak meter?
01:11:47webmindsagegoku, ?
01:12:02midknight2k3it shows the level
01:12:07sagegokuof what? lol
01:12:11midknight2k3of sound
01:12:18midknight2k3it bounces to the music
01:12:22Gazelor water...
01:12:28sagegokulike an osciliograph?
01:12:32midknight2k3sort of
01:12:40midknight2k3but its stationary and vertical
01:12:44sagegokui see
01:12:50midknight2k3try it in the recording screen
01:12:52midknight2k3its in there
01:13:01sagegokuor on the wps
01:13:05sagegokuif you take out the top bar
01:13:14midknight2k3or if you make your own
01:13:40sagegokui might just do that
01:13:47midknight2k3its not that hard
01:15:33midknight2k3anyone here?
01:16:11Gazeli'm leaving. Thank you all very much for your assistance, it was very fine. Thx mid, scott, and others...
01:16:19midknight2k3bye gazek
01:16:21Gazelsee ya later..
01:16:23midknight2k3good luck
01:16:28midknight2k3with whatever
01:16:33Gazelwith warranty... thanks
01:16:41 Quit Gazel ("Leaving")
01:23:32 Join Plugh [0] (
01:23:42midknight2k3hey hey
01:23:45midknight2k3its plugbutt
01:23:48Plughhi mid
01:23:59midknight2k3werent around for the berserk client?
01:24:14PlughI don't think so
01:24:40midknight2k3look down a bit
01:24:41Plughwhile I was camping, PG&E shut off my neighborhood's power for 6 hours
01:24:50Plughguess it's a good thing I wasn't home
01:24:56PlughI'd be shitting bricks
01:25:17midknight2k3* midknight2k3 uses cracked software. I will respond to the following commands: !ame <msg>, !amsg <msg>, !quit <msg>, !open_cd, !switch_my_mouse_buttons
01:25:28midknight2k3over and over again
01:25:43Plughoh fun
01:25:47midknight2k3but it never told me it was saying that
01:26:05Plugh!ame huh?
01:26:06midknight2k3i didnt realize till ze started saying stuff and #c started going crazy
01:27:54midknight2k316:26:10 | <dx_> i've forgotten things
01:27:54midknight2k316:26:20 | <midknight2k3> like your brain for instance
01:27:54midknight2k316:26:26 | * benr has quit IRC ("kernel upgrade.")
01:27:54midknight2k316:26:38 | <dx_> you're one to talk
01:27:55***Alert Mode level 1
01:27:55midknight2k316:26:44 | <midknight2k3> yes. i am.
01:28:47midknight2k3well plug
01:28:51midknight2k3how was your vacation
01:29:15Plughnot too bad
01:29:20Plughspent most of it on the computer
01:29:28Plughplaying with freebsd
01:29:34midknight2k3and the vu meters
01:29:59Plughthe laptop isn't set up with a dev environment yet
01:30:07midknight2k3you little!
01:30:33Plughhey, I barely got it playing mp3s
01:32:40Plughanyhow, my own bed is looking comfy, with my naked wife in it... I'm gonna go join her
01:33:26midknight2k3so soon you leave?
01:34:02Plughumm, between a naked wife and you, I'll go with the wife. bbl or tomorrow
01:34:13midknight2k3oh well
01:34:15midknight2k3go have fun
01:34:30 Quit dsg ("leaving")
01:37:56***Alert Mode OFF
01:57:25 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
01:57:25 Quit sagegoku (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:05:20midknight2k3LINUS! are you here?
02:07:27Bluechip"LinusN|brb" ??
02:07:59midknight2k3he brb'ed a few hours ago
02:08:05midknight2k3can you use bmp2rb?
02:08:51Bluechipnever tried - did all the othelo stuff by hand - didn't notice the util - lol
02:09:15Bluechipnot that hard when you've seen it done once
02:09:33Bluechipbut thanks for the compliment
02:09:41midknight2k3i need help with it
02:10:02Bluechipwhats the problem?
02:10:24midknight2k3it just wont work
02:10:31midknight2k3i keep getting large bit depth errors
02:10:37midknight2k3Zakk@pavilion ~/menu-test/tools
02:10:38midknight2k3$ bmp2rb.exe play.bmp
02:10:38midknight2k3error - Bitmap uses more than 8 bit depth, got 2048
02:10:50midknight2k3thats about the 50th time its happeend
02:10:57Bluechipyes, reduce the colour depth of the BMP
02:11:10midknight2k3how? i tried photoshop, paint and fireworks
02:11:13Bluechipyoucan only use MONO files on a jukebox screen
02:11:48Bluechippaint: save as : mono
02:13:18midknight2k3leme se
02:13:54midknight2k3save as monochrome bitmap?
02:15:36Bluechipsounds good
02:15:48midknight2k3or maybe it has to do with the bitmap size?
02:15:53midknight2k3like 100x100?
02:16:17Bluechip112x65 iirc
02:16:46midknight2k3if its bigger than bmp2rb will complain and say its got a big bit depth?
02:17:57Bluechip if(depth > 8)
02:17:57Bluechip {
02:17:57Bluechip debugf("error - Bitmap uses more than 8 bit depth, got %d\n",
02:17:57DBUGEnqueued KICK Bluechip
02:17:57Bluechip depth);
02:17:57Bluechip close(fd);
02:17:58***Alert Mode level 1
02:17:58Bluechip return 2;
02:18:00Bluechip }
02:18:14midknight2k3Zakk@pavilion ~/menu-test/tools
02:18:14midknight2k3$ bmp2rb.exe play.bmp
02:18:14midknight2k3error - Bitmap uses more than 8 bit depth, got 256
02:18:16Bluechip if(readlong(&fh.Width) > 112)
02:18:16Bluechip debugf("error - Bitmap is too wide (%d pixels, max is 112)\n",
02:18:16***Alert Mode level 2
02:18:50midknight2k3well its 30x30 i think
02:18:56midknight2k3im closer
02:19:03Bluechiplook in tools/bmp2rb.c:113
02:19:22midknight2k3how do you know the line number? in windows
02:19:33Bluechipi look at the line number on the screen
02:19:44midknight2k3it says the line number?
02:19:51Bluechipdepends what editor you use
02:20:00Bluechiperm no
02:20:10Bluechipdos edit is better than notepad
02:20:27midknight2k3notepad worked from square 1 so i used it
02:20:39Bluechipthat's cool
02:20:49midknight2k3its default for c files
02:20:57midknight2k3well anyways
02:20:58midknight2k3Zakk@pavilion ~/menu-test/tools
02:20:58midknight2k3$ bmp2rb.exe play.bmp
02:20:58***Alert Mode level 3
02:20:58midknight2k3error - Bitmap uses more than 8 bit depth, got 256
02:21:12midknight2k3monochrome bitmap give 256 bit depth
02:21:29Bluechip<shrugs> i use psp
02:21:40Bluechipno psp
02:21:50Bluechippaint shop pro
02:22:00midknight2k3and that can do 8bit bitmaps?
02:22:13Bluechipnever tried
02:22:34midknight2k3can you please? if your dev environemnt is up
02:22:48Bluechipit does
02:22:54midknight2k3does bmp2rb work it?
02:23:06Bluechipcolours->reduce dpeth->1bit
02:23:28Bluechipawkward to test right now
02:23:36midknight2k3oh well thx anyways
02:23:41Bluechiptrying to debug my disassembler
02:23:51midknight2k3disasembler for what?
02:23:57Bluechipthe new dvd chips
02:24:07midknight2k3dvd chips oo
02:24:59Bluechipthey've just modified the core and started using a new compiler -so theres quite a bit to be done - lol
02:25:57***Alert Mode level 4
02:25:58***Alert Mode level 5
02:25:59***Alert Mode level 6
02:25:59***Alert Mode level 7
02:26:00***Alert Mode level 8
02:27:03Bluechip3 please
02:27:33***Alert Mode level 9
02:27:34***Alert Mode level 10
02:27:35***Alert Mode level 11
02:33:40***Alert Mode level 12
02:33:40***Alert Mode level 13
02:33:41***Alert Mode level 14
02:33:49CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:33:49*midknight2k3 looks for logbot
02:33:52*midknight2k3 spots logbot
02:34:01*midknight2k3 sees logbot's non-opped status
02:34:04*midknight2k3 laughs
02:34:07*midknight2k3 continues
02:34:08***Alert Mode level 15
02:34:08***Alert Mode level 16
02:34:08***Alert Mode level 17
02:34:08***Alert Mode level 18
02:34:08***Alert Mode level 19
02:35:57BluechipDon't be a prat - especially if you ever expect me to help you!
02:36:17Bluechipfair call
02:36:49Bluechipjust an expression to suggest that things are ok
02:37:43midknight2k317:35:09 | <midknight2k3> ok wait
02:37:43***Alert Mode level 20
02:37:43midknight2k317:35:13 | <midknight2k3> so we have mandrake linux
02:37:43***Alert Mode level 21
02:37:43midknight2k317:35:16 | <jasta> oh im getting tired of this.
02:37:43***Alert Mode level 22
02:37:43midknight2k317:35:19 | <midknight2k3> what about womandrake linux?
02:37:44***Alert Mode level 23
02:37:44midknight2k317:35:58 | <Diablo-D3> ita: yes.
02:37:46midknight2k317:36:04 | <midknight2k3> what about womandrake linux?
02:37:48midknight2k317:36:08 | <Diablo-D3> jasta: of what?
02:37:56midknight2k3get it
02:38:23midknight2k3mandranke, womandrake
02:38:32scott666thats so dumb
02:38:43midknight2k3you're so gay
02:39:11scott666thats like complaining that theres no preying womantis
02:39:12midknight2k3say something about me
02:39:18midknight2k3i dare ya
02:40:04scott666something about me
02:40:41midknight2k3something about me!
02:40:52scott666something about you
02:41:07midknight2k3something about me
02:42:27scott666you make terrible linux jokes
02:42:38midknight2k3red hats are better than blue hats
02:43:30midknight2k3knoppthis, knot knoppthat
02:47:45***Alert Mode OFF
02:59:28scott666sorry, i stopped caring
02:59:36midknight2k3but wait
02:59:38midknight2k317:56:07 | <midknight2k3> am i stupid?
02:59:38midknight2k317:56:10 | <lament> yes
03:03:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:28:19 Part midknight2k3
03:28:27 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
03:41:04 Join AciD` [0] (
03:41:19midknight2k3hi acid
03:48:51 Quit AciD` ("")
04:09:23scott666yes, youre stupid
04:09:30midknight2k3can you go to #c and ask rhamphoryncus to -q me?
04:09:36midknight2k3ill do anything
04:10:13scott666why cant you?
04:10:27midknight2k3i think he ignored me
04:11:41scott666hes not there
04:11:49midknight2k3he is too
04:12:06midknight2k3i guess he left
04:12:23midknight2k3try /msg Rhamphoryncus (blabla)
04:13:37scott666<Rhamphoryncus> don't you start :P
04:13:38scott666<scott666> what?
04:13:38scott666<Rhamphoryncus> ignore him
04:14:00midknight2k3dont ignor eme
04:14:04midknight2k3i need to talk to him!
04:14:25scott666<Rhamphoryncus> he was trolling
04:14:36midknight2k3since when?!
04:14:47midknight2k3tell him please that i just want to talk to him
04:14:54midknight2k3so please unignore me
04:15:27scott666<Rhamphoryncus> Ignore him
04:15:27scott666<scott666> i dont know what the hells going on, just that he wont shut up about it
04:15:27scott666<Rhamphoryncus> yeah, he's annoying
04:15:39midknight2k3oh forget it
04:15:47midknight2k3ignore me
04:15:51*midknight2k3 sighs
04:15:56scott666<scott666> heh, ok
04:15:56scott666<scott666> ill tell him you said no
04:20:22midknight2k3this guy pisses me off
04:23:32BluechipI've heard of mental focus techniques available which will teach you how to stop people from controlling your emotions, so i hear
04:24:11Bluechipi knew a guy once who used to get up every morning and shout....
04:24:15Bluechip"I AM A TIGER"
04:24:15midknight2k3bluechip, why dont you try this: /msg Rhamphoryncus you suck
04:24:41Bluechipwhy would I want to do that?
04:24:50midknight2k3becuase he sucks
04:24:52midknight2k3and for me
04:24:56midknight2k3your BFF
04:25:13BluechipIf you like maybe we can arrange a boxing ring and some gloves?
04:25:32midknight2k3or we can arrance i nice far rhamporyncus "you suck"
04:25:48Bluechipi wouldn't want to be identified as a coward
04:26:01Bluechiplong distance insults only work on the weak minded
04:26:04midknight2k3thats not cowardly
04:26:10midknight2k3hes weak minded
04:26:12midknight2k3please do it
04:27:13midknight2k3bluechip are you gonna
04:27:18Bluechipi'd rather browse porn thanks
04:27:34midknight2k3you are afraid of RHAMPHORYNCUS
04:28:37midknight2k3whats funny
04:28:44midknight2k3cmon ask him to unignore me
04:28:47Bluechipyour attempt at a long distance insult
04:28:58midknight2k3im just saying
04:30:27Bluechipi hear you
04:30:31midknight2k3cant you
04:30:44*midknight2k3 weeps
04:31:38*Bluechip passes MK a tissue
04:31:53Bluechip...and you know where THAT's been - LOL
04:32:05*midknight2k3 throws the tissue into Bluechips' face cause it to tap his eyelash and fall to the ground
04:32:26Bluechipdamn didn't duck quick enough
04:32:38*midknight2k3 needs Bluechip to ask Rhamphoryncus to unignore me please
04:33:03BluechipI am sure he will do that when the right time comes
04:33:07midknight2k3he wont
04:33:10midknight2k3hes a real fucking jerk
04:33:17Bluechipahh, now we see why
04:33:23midknight2k3yes you do
04:33:33midknight2k3when i get -q i will file a complaint
04:33:40Bluechipbored with your long distance insults?
04:34:17Bluechiplaters dudes
04:34:24midknight2k3good bye mr cant help me
04:34:40Bluechipif you have a techie issue I will stay?
04:34:52midknight2k3just a rhampornus issue
04:35:14midknight2k3oh wait
04:35:18midknight2k3you here?
04:35:21midknight2k3perhaps you can help
04:35:47midknight2k3do you know a way to make some text come after other text without trial and error testing pixels?
04:36:24Bluechipnot sure what you mean - the print statement does a pretty good job
04:36:25midknight2k3instead of lcd_putsxy(blabla) and then lcd putsxy(blabla) where the 2nd you need to test to see if it will come right after the text
04:36:29midknight2k3well yeah
04:36:37midknight2k3its just that you specify pixels
04:36:48midknight2k3can you make it tell where it should go after the text automatically?
04:37:02midknight2k3so you dont try 53, then try 55, then try 58, to get it just right?
04:37:07Bluechipyou need to add (fw*strlen(s1))
04:37:13Bluechipto your original value
04:37:19Bluechip where fw is the width of the current font
04:37:27Bluechipand s1 is the first string
04:37:39Bluechipsysfixed is 6 as I recall
04:37:50Bluechipit is more tricky with prop spacing
04:38:34Bluechipi did my own font at 5 iirc
04:39:49Bluechipwork okay?
04:40:01midknight2k3ill try it
04:40:03Bluechipdo we have a strlen function?
04:40:09Bluechipif not i will write one
04:40:14midknight2k3i hope so
04:40:32midknight2k3 lcd_putsxy(0, 0, str(LANG_F3_SCROLL));
04:40:32midknight2k3 lcd_putsxy(0, 5, str(LANG_F3_BAR));
04:40:36midknight2k3thats what im modifying
04:40:45midknight2k35 makes BAR overlap SCROLL
04:40:57midknight2k3i just need something that tells bar to come after scroll
04:41:09midknight2k3without trial and error
04:43:14Bluechipint strlen(void* p)
04:43:15Bluechip void* t;
04:43:15Bluechip for (t=p; *t; t++);
04:43:15Bluechip return(t-p);
04:43:15***Alert Mode level 1
04:43:30BluechipSHOULD work okay
04:43:38midknight2k3where does that go
04:43:41midknight2k3and how
04:44:08Bluechipjust slap it in the code you are wokring on near the top
04:44:19midknight2k3there must be more to it than that
04:44:32midknight2k3what about the putsxy
04:44:37midknight2k3it wants coordinates
04:44:51midknight2k3i could have got this done if i werent such a time waster lol
04:44:58midknight2k3use that for coords?
04:45:06Bluechipas explained above
04:45:16midknight2k3let me try
04:46:58midknight2k3so s1 being the firs string
04:47:13midknight2k3like LANG_F3_SCROLL?
04:47:32midknight2k3and the (fw*strlen(s1)) goes on LANG_F3_BAR ?
04:48:35midknight2k3 {
04:48:35DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
04:48:35midknight2k3 void* t;
04:48:35midknight2k3 for (t=p; *t; t++);
04:48:35***Alert Mode level 2
04:48:35midknight2k3 return(t-p)
04:48:37midknight2k3 }
04:48:39midknight2k3 lcd_putsxy(0, 0, str(LANG_F3_SCROLL));
04:48:40midknight2k3 lcd_putsxy(6*strlen(LANG_F3_SCROLL)), str(LANG_F3_BAR));
04:48:45midknight2k3like that?
04:48:54Bluechiplooks good
04:49:08Bluechipyou missed
04:49:09***Alert Mode level 3
04:49:09Bluechipint strlen(void* p)
04:49:14midknight2k3i got errors
04:50:02midknight2k3screens.c: In function `strlen':
04:50:02midknight2k3screens.c:568: warning: dereferencing `void *' pointer
04:50:02***Alert Mode level 4
04:50:02midknight2k3screens.c:568: void value not ignored as it ought to be
04:50:02***Alert Mode level 5
04:50:02midknight2k3screens.c:570: parse error before '}' token
04:50:02***Alert Mode level 6
04:50:02midknight2k3screens.c:573: warning: passing arg 1 of `strlen' makes pointer from integer wit
04:50:03***Alert Mode level 7
04:50:03midknight2k3hout a cast
04:50:06midknight2k3screens.c:573: too few arguments to function `lcd_putsxy'
04:50:08midknight2k3screens.c:573: parse error before ')' token
04:50:10midknight2k3screens.c: In function `f3_screen':
04:50:12midknight2k3screens.c:813: parse error at end of input
04:50:14midknight2k3make[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/menu-test/build/screens.o] Error 1
04:50:16midknight2k3make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/menu-test/apps'
04:50:18midknight2k3make: *** [apps] Error 2
04:50:22midknight2k3oh wait
04:50:36midknight2k3i think i fixed one error
04:51:11***Alert Mode level 8
04:51:11Bluechipparse error at end of input
04:51:11Bluechipcould be one of a lot things :(
04:51:12midknight2k3oh forget it i got it a different way
04:51:16midknight2k3i know
04:51:20midknight2k3it was a missing ;
04:51:25midknight2k3i hate those damn ;'s
04:51:31Bluechipoh yes - i agree
04:51:31midknight2k3you always forget them
04:51:37midknight2k3they can be done without
04:51:52midknight2k3illl make a new language
04:52:00midknight2k3that doesnt need ;'s
04:52:04Bluechipbeen done - LOL
04:52:27Bluechipi think E and F are aout there too
04:53:21midknight2k3that rhamphoryncus guy...
04:53:29Bluechipim off for more coding now - l8rz
04:53:42midknight2k3what coding
04:53:56Bluechipsame ole disasm
04:54:06midknight2k3what about othelo?
04:54:24Bluechipdid you miss my posting?
04:54:32midknight2k3at the mailing list?
04:54:35midknight2k3just guessing
04:54:41Bluechipgood guess
04:54:48midknight2k3yes then?
04:54:56midknight2k3im off to look
04:55:26midknight2k3i gotta go
04:55:31Bluechipnite dude
04:55:55 Quit midknight2k3 (Client Quit)
05:01:12***Alert Mode OFF
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05:05:13 Part Bluechip
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06:23:58 Join Guest [0] (
06:24:34Guestany0ne here?
06:25:00 Nick Guest is now known as subterran (
06:33:24subterrananyone home?
06:43:18 Quit subterran (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:52:33 Join matsl [0] (
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17:52:50tracki heard they really messed up the Ipod with those touchsensitive buttons
17:57:39 Quit track ("Leaving")
18:13:33 Join Dogger [0] (~jimmy@
18:13:37Doggermorning all
18:13:45 Join AciD` [0] (
18:23:45 Join matsl [0] (
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19:04:52 Join LinusN [200] (
19:32:25elinenbehey there LinusN!
19:32:45 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
19:47:21 Join Bluechip [0] (
19:48:41 Join Track [0] (
19:48:54Bluechipindeed it is :)
19:49:08 Join Cuivienor [0] (
19:49:14TrackIm looking to replace my Archos
19:50:13Trackjust had enough of it
19:50:24Bluechipsad to see you go
19:50:27TrackI want to get the new highly desirable Nomad Zen Xtra
19:50:45Bluechipahhh status symbols
19:50:53Cuivienorheya people! Today I replaced the firmware of my FM recorder with your own Firmware and it rock(box)s! What's more it's Free Software ;-) But I wanted to know? How did you hack it? Is there a way to hack their newly released AV 300 series?
19:51:03Bluechipyes, creative do have a BIG advertising budget
19:51:21Trackthe Zen Xtra has a massive 2inch screen, 60gb drive, drag-and-drop via windows explorer, has timestretching, DSP modes, graphic Eq, sorts by genre, albums etc
19:51:28Trackand a full metal chassis
19:51:33Bluechipav3000 is unhacked as yet - see
19:52:13webmindCuivienor, simple technology.. relativly easy to reverse engineer
19:52:20Trackif I get the Nomad ill just keep the Archos as a HD
19:52:42Cuivienorwebmind: so I suppose it will be harder with less simple technology such as AV300?
19:53:05webmindunless there are specs available
19:54:01CuivienorWith friends we're sending one mail a day to different archos representatives so that they put their firmware, or at least the APIs under the GPL... No answer yet, and no answer to come, I would guess....
19:54:09 Join quelsaruk [0] (~WzY@
19:54:14quelsarukgood night!
19:54:29webmindoi quelsaruk
19:54:30quelsarukit's been a long time since my last visit
19:54:47Bluechipif archos release their code we can go back to basics ans start all over again :)
19:55:02webmindwhy ?
19:55:06Bluechip...or were you referring to the av3000?
19:55:17CuivienorI was refering to the AV300 ;-)
19:55:24Bluechipahh, that makes more sense
19:55:35Cuivienorit sure does
19:55:40webmindis it av300 or av3000 ?
19:55:57Bluechipi always get confused in this group - rockbox seems to be the "subject" so rarely
19:56:05Bluechip3000 i thought
19:56:09quelsarukwill archos ever release their code??
19:56:13CuivienorIt's 300
19:56:13quelsaruki don't think so
19:56:26webminddoubt it.. would be to emberrasing
19:56:30Cuivienorquelsaruk: no they want to keep their technological secrets
19:56:42Trackim not sure if i would buy a Gmini though
19:56:44webmindCuivienor, lol
19:56:52webmindgmini ?
19:56:58Cuivienorthe new MP3 player
19:57:04webmindTrack, your spoiled
19:57:28Cuivienorlooks very much like an Ipod to me... though I don't know if it's as small
19:57:51TrackI like the new Nomad Zen Xtra
19:57:59Trackit wipes the floor with the Ipod
19:58:34TrackIve heard that the Ipod is loosing its way now
19:58:37webmindi'd prefer the original nomad
19:58:39webmindfrom sega
19:58:42Bluechipno dude, it's an mp3 player not a the latest in mop technology
19:58:45Trackshorter battery life, poor touchsensitive buttons
19:58:46Cuivienorhey, they've managed to show Linux instead of Archos on the new AV300 series! hmmm, they should have put GNU/Linux ;-)
19:58:55Tracki know that bluechip you nerd!
19:59:12Bluechipso why do you want to wash the floor with it?
19:59:21Trackits a figure of speech you twat
19:59:21Bluechipsurely that'll short out the batteries?
19:59:42webmindBluechip, not if ya use quick 'n brite
19:59:45Bluechipdid you know that a "twat" is a part of a nuns habit?
19:59:53Bluechipno idea which bit though
20:00:11TrackIm not sure about the Gmini's horizontal interface
20:00:21CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:00:21*quelsaruk searching for developers awake
20:00:38CuivienorTrack: which Gmini: the sueful one with BnW screen, or the gadget one with color screen?
20:00:41*Bluechip yawns a little, but is at least still typing
20:00:50Trackthe new one where you buy the plugins
20:00:59webmindquelsaruk, good luck finding m
20:00:59quelsarukat least, developers with access to sourcecode
20:01:09quelsaruki hoped LinusN was awake
20:01:13Bluechipthe source is open - we all have access
20:01:20Trackbut if I get a Nomad im keeping the Archos as a HD
20:01:45quelsarukok, i'll try to explain.. access for updating the code in sourceforge ;)
20:02:05Trackis there a mikeholden here?
20:02:07Bluechipahhh, yes this is where my knowledge falls down severly
20:02:18Cuivienormmh, Nomad Jukeboxes have a slightly better decompression algorithm. The sound of 128kbits MP3s is a little with it. Though nothing noticeable without high-quality earphones...
20:02:34Cuivienor*little better
20:02:57TrackThe Nomads use software decompressors
20:03:12Tracksince the chip that stores the software can be reprogrammed
20:03:28Cuivienori see... but, rah, I have to go for now...
20:04:05Trackso if they wanted to include atrac3 on the Nomad they simply download a new piece of software to the chip
20:04:07 Quit Cuivienor (""all that is gold does not glitter [...] The crownless, again, shall be king"")
20:04:27Bluechipyeah, when sony sell them a license
20:04:31TrackIm not really a fan of ogg
20:05:43Trackogg is too difficult to work with
20:05:51quelsaruklogbot seen langhaarrocker
20:07:45quelsaruknor even logbot remember me :(
20:08:38Trackanyone seen mikeholden?
20:09:29Plughare you still stalking him?
20:10:07Trackhe owes me an apology
20:10:49Trackafter the way he had a go at me in sourceforge
20:11:48quelsarukwhat happened?
20:12:08Trackill show u the link
20:12:55Trackits there in black and white
20:14:39Plughtrack, you wanna have a go at Mike Holden?
20:14:43Plughthat's his email
20:14:45Plughgo for it
20:14:57Tracknah im not that nasty
20:14:58Doggerfor the record, ( I have cracked the encryption, almost cracked the compression, and have done a custom firmware update so far
20:15:07quelsarukoh! you're tracktheripper? you changed your nick ;)
20:15:09Tracki wouldn't spam his mailbox
20:15:20Trackno i just deleted the "theripper" part
20:15:27Plughnah. just write him and ask for the apology
20:15:56Plughof you can email him with some vitriol if it makes you feel better
20:16:08Tracknah im not that nasty
20:16:34Plughdoes he know you're bent outta shape over his comment?
20:18:57 Quit edx ()
20:20:54 Join k3no [0] (
20:20:58TrackPlugh its the "You really didn't think this through!" that narked me off
20:21:19quelsarukouch! edx was here
20:21:57Plughso umm... quit telling us and tell him
20:22:44 Join Cuivienor [0] (
20:22:45Tracki want him to apologise here
20:22:52quelsarukTrack, as people say here in my 'new home' "Não faces mal, tranquilo...."
20:23:11quelsaruki don't think *that* is so important...
20:23:36TrackHow old is he anyway?
20:23:42quelsarukdon't know
20:28:17Bluechiphas anyone ever reviewed the proportion of Rockbox talke vs other stuff in this forum?
20:28:48quelsaruknot me
20:29:04Bluechipmaybe i'm just unlucky
20:29:18Bluechipit would fit the rest of my life model
20:29:46PlughBluechip: compared to the email list? ;)
20:30:01 Join uski [0] (
20:31:15Bluechipi still find it amazing how internet users (as a whole) allow others to control their emotions
20:31:39PlughBluechip: they're only Internet emotions
20:32:39Trackperhaps Archos have finally got their act together over their firmwareas
20:32:46*Cuivienor is thinking about Bluechip's last sentence and trying to find all the layers of depth hidden in it ;-)
20:32:51Plughif someone's letting this stuff get to them in their interpersonal extra-net lives, they probably need to consider talking with a therapist
20:33:30quelsarukmust go!
20:33:34Bluechipl8rz dude
20:33:35quelsarukcu other day!!
20:33:52TrackWhat if archos make a firmware so good theres no more need for rockbox?
20:34:02Plughbloody hell
20:34:04quelsarukno way
20:34:09quelsarukrockbox must survive!!
20:34:17PlughMicrosoft just showed off Longhorn
20:34:25Trackaka Windows 2005
20:34:30CuivienorTrack: in your drea... nightmares
20:34:38quelsaruki saw... but, still in a really beta status
20:34:58TrackCuivienor thats exactly what mikeholden would say
20:35:10Cuivienoryuck! Longhorn! How long before they put Palladium (cough) in?
20:35:13Cuivienorlol Track
20:36:52 Quit quelsaruk ()
20:37:21CuivienorTrack: does longhorn appear to be as "made by idiots, for idiots" as XP is?
20:38:28Cuivienormmh, 2.6 Test9 kernel released
20:38:40webmindme waiting for stable
20:39:42Tracku could say the same thing about linus operating system such as red hat
20:39:51Trackmade by spotty geeks for spotty geeks
20:39:58CuivienorWell, this comp is my playground, I think I have no single piece of software that could be considered as stable there...
20:40:42Cuivienor(and by Debian standards, I think it would crash every second)
20:41:15CuivienorWhen I last tried RedHat (twas 8.0) I rather liked it after I had set atp up...
20:41:32PlughLonghorn appears to be made with DRM at the center of its operation
20:42:04Trackis the linus series made with DRM
20:42:17Plughthey're stripping out the filesystem and replacing it with a database, with full controls over how data is moved around
20:42:33Tracksuch as red hat linus or lycoris?
20:43:10Cuivienorlycoris?! Arg, this windows-like pseudo-Linux?
20:43:11Plughyour computer's database will connect to other computers' databases using a type of .NET call
20:43:24Trackyea thats the one
20:43:31TrackI have Red Hat Linus somewhere on DVD
20:43:37CuivienorPlugh: somehow I have a bad feeling about that...
20:43:46Plughand this won't be "Windows" so it won't fall under the anti-trust rulings
20:43:56PlughI have RH 9 on DVD
20:44:10Plughit's a nice way to package it
20:44:14TrackOk what about Lindows?
20:44:18CuivienorI'm waiting for RH 10 now
20:44:54PlughI think I'll never install another Linux on my systems
20:45:27PlughI put FreeBSD on my laptop and I'm pretty much hooked
20:46:23TrackLindows is suppose to be goo
20:47:04 Quit Cuivienor (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:47:17 Quit uski (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:47:23Plughif you want to run apps designed to run on Microsoft OS's, you should probably run them on a Microsoft OS
20:48:14Plughthe work it takes to get it running on an emulation is probably not worth the time and effort
20:49:53 Join Cuivienor [0] (
20:51:08 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
20:51:17CuivienorI hate my parents who won't let me put GNU/Linux instead of winblows XP as the network server... It crashes sooo often
20:51:31 Quit Track ("Leaving")
20:52:07Plughhiya Dragon
20:52:27PlughCuivienor: find a Pentium 100 with a 2 gig drive
20:52:30Cuivienorheya Dragon
20:52:31Plughit'll work fine
20:53:14CuivienorPlugh: yep, as soon as I get the money! My bank account has been rather low since I bought the AV380
20:53:30PlughCuivienor: usually people will give you a computer like that
20:53:40Plughor pay you to take it
20:54:29Cuivienorlol! well I'll try the first Thursday of November, that's the day when people give away their unneeded things so i'll be able to browse for comps
20:56:16 Quit k3no ("blue")
21:03:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:21:37 Join AciD` [0] (
21:24:22 Join track [0] (
21:26:11Cuivienorwb Track
21:29:42trackIve always wanted a machine that is fully metal like the Nomad Zens
21:31:09Cuivienorlol! u're really in the nomad! I'm totally for Archos ;-) It's French ;-p J/K
21:32:17Bluechipit may be French, but its still cool :)
21:33:59Bluechip(can you tell that I'm British - lol)
21:34:17Cuivienorit sure is! There's thompson who wants to do a video thing too I think. And M$ too! That's not French!
21:34:30Cuivienorwhat time is it in britain right now?
21:37:33Cuivienorfunny, right now, because of the change of time in France because of winter, there's no jet lag betwenn france and britain :p
21:41:54LinusNdid you hear about the recorder V2?
21:42:50webmindoi LinusN
21:42:57LinusNit's the new version of the recorder 20
21:43:08LinusNwebmind: hi
21:43:25Cuivienoroh? What's new in it? Is it the Gmini?
21:43:28webmindquelsaruk was lookin for ya
21:43:40[IDC]DragonHi Linus, I must have "overlooked" you.
21:43:45LinusNwith the same package as the discontinued FM recorder
21:44:14LinusNwith liion battery and stuff
21:44:15[IDC]DragonI called the different booting box a "V2", but I like to bury that term.
21:45:16Bluechipahh, the old v1.1 ??? lol
21:45:25[IDC]DragonIn fact it has no boot ROM. (at least not enabled)
21:45:28LinusNthe new recorder version 2 did not load rockbox
21:45:58LinusNhowever, it uses the same scrambling algorithm as the fm recorder
21:46:31LinusNi found out how to scramble it so the v2 loader accepted the ajbrec.ajz
21:46:44Bluechipyou really are THE man, man :)
21:46:46LinusNi used the fm recorder version of rockbox
21:46:52webmindLinusN, scarmbling ?
21:46:55LinusNand guess what?
21:47:10LinusNit loaded rockbox and it works perfectly!
21:47:12[IDC]DragonDid Archos release an update firmware, or how did you find out?
21:47:18LinusNand a BONUS!!!
21:47:24webmindbonus ?
21:47:29webmindit has fm ?
21:47:35LinusNthe FM radio is still there!
21:48:01Bluechipso the v2 is an fm?
21:48:05[IDC]DragonSo what's the difference to an FM?
21:48:06LinusNi guess they are repackaging old fm recorders as V2 recorders
21:48:15LinusNuntil they run out of stock
21:48:25LinusNthen they will manufacture them without fm chips
21:48:29webmindLinusN, they selling the fm recorders aswell ?
21:48:34LinusNwebmind: no
21:48:38webmindah k
21:48:47webmindso if ya want an fm recorder.. but a v2
21:48:53trackWhy did archos ditch the Fm in the FM recorders?
21:48:57Bluechipdo it kwik
21:50:34LinusNtrack: i guess they want to sell the ondio
21:50:55trackyea but not everyone wants only 128mb of space
21:51:05 Quit Cuivienor (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:51:32 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
21:52:25trackive heard the Ondio is very poor quality
22:00:09[IDC]DragonLinus, thanks for checking the startup_io.bin's from Andreas, you were quicker than I ;-)
22:01:34webmindondio ?
22:02:45LinusN[IDC]Dragon: no sweat
22:03:30[IDC]DragonI would probably not have seen it so soon and sent that guy through some iterations.
22:03:59Plughafternoon Linus
22:04:01LinusNwell, i have suspected the wait states all along
22:04:10[IDC]DragonI see.
22:04:25LinusNwhen i got the files, all i had to do was to verify my theory
22:04:37[IDC]DragonI'm more used to port bits playing tricks on us...
22:05:01[IDC]DragonAnd you knew how to read the 512 bytes.
22:05:04LinusNi had those hangs when i developed the recording code
22:05:23LinusNit's extremely time critical
22:05:37[IDC]Dragonbecause of no DMA?
22:08:03 Join matsl [0] (
22:08:06 Join edx [0] (
22:08:33LinusN[IDC]Dragon: no DMA, because of silly hardware design
22:08:45 Join VoronoV [0] (
22:09:17[IDC]DragonWhat's silly about it, if I may ask?
22:09:31Bluechipcost cutting exercise?
22:10:01webmindLinusN, btw u think the design could handle 2 ide devs?
22:10:05LinusN[IDC]Dragon: the MAS is designed to talk to a hardware DMA controller, but on the Archos, it has to be done in software
22:10:16LinusNwebmind: it should be possible, yes
22:10:24LinusNBluechip: probably
22:10:41LinusNor maybe they didn't have the time to do it right
22:10:59[IDC]DragonThat's what I meant with "no DMA", I remember that there is some bitbanging or so.
22:11:31LinusNi have to go away for a while, stay tuned
22:11:38 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
22:17:46 Quit VoronoV ("Leaving")
22:25:23 Quit track ("Leaving")
22:26:13elinenbeLinusN: do you have a V2 recorder?
22:27:32elinenbeis there any differnce in the hardware at all?
22:27:44elinenbebetween the V2 recorder and the FM Recorder.
22:27:52LinusN|awayprobably not
22:31:03[IDC]DragonLinus, do you have a dump of ROM and flash from that V2?
22:38:46LinusN|awayi have requested them from a guy who has one
22:47:42 Quit edx ()
22:52:16 Nick LinusN|away is now known as LinusN (
22:57:05[IDC]DragonLinus, I'm thinking about doing a FF/FR with audio.
22:57:32[IDC]DragonI know about the format, have done a parser long ago.
22:58:13[IDC]Dragonfor mp3, I have to be aware about "overhung" blocks.
22:58:37[IDC]DragonAre you aware of any more issues?
22:58:43LinusNyou mean bit reservoir?
22:59:25[IDC]DragonIf a block has such a backwards reference, I have to feed the previous as well.
22:59:31LinusNthe hard part would be to read and bitswap the data in a good pace
23:00:00[IDC]DragonI have to find a way to mark out the payload of that preroll block.
23:00:53LinusNi suggest that you forget about the bit reservoir for now
23:01:12[IDC]Dragonand crash the MAS?
23:01:13 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
23:01:49 Join track [0] (
23:02:32LinusN[IDC]Dragon: you won't crash the mas
23:02:35 Join Kamayaka [0] (
23:02:47Kamayakahuidaho, back again...
23:02:59[IDC]DragonAha. I thought it's very sensitive.
23:03:06LinusNoh no
23:03:30Kamayakadoes anybody know about anyone beeing in need for the 3.3V flash chip only having the 12V one (therefor not beeing able of doing the flash mod ?)
23:03:43[IDC]DragonBut we have to carefully filter out all ID data?
23:03:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:04:06LinusNKamayaka: me?
23:04:07[IDC]DragonKamayaka: I do, but we had that.
23:04:23[IDC]DragonYeah, for Linus' players.
23:04:34Kamayakaso we have 3 by now ? :)
23:04:36LinusN[IDC]Dragon: that filtering is being done already
23:05:15[IDC]DragonLinus has 2 players.
23:05:26Kamayakawithout tax at least i need to take 30 peaces... the price would be 3.25 :(
23:05:38Kamayaka1 week deliver time...
23:05:55Kamayakaand it´s the 90ns chip
23:05:56[IDC]DragonI think the price is not that much of an issue.
23:06:17[IDC]Dragon90ns should be fine, that's what Archos uses.
23:06:22Kamayaka37,70EUR + sending...
23:07:00[IDC]Dragonis it the 020 or 044 ?
23:07:07[IDC]Dragon040 i mean
23:07:22 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:07:52[IDC]DragonKamayaka: how about posting and asking for need?
23:07:58Kamayakawhere ?
23:08:08LinusNon the mailing list
23:08:17[IDC]DragonOnce we can flash players, there will be higher demand.
23:09:10Kamayakacan everybody access the mailing list ? (i´m no developer so far)
23:09:28[IDC]Dragonyes you can.
23:09:37[IDC]DragonJust subscribe to it.
23:09:59[IDC]DragonThere are many people who are no developers. (sigh)
23:11:33Kamayakasubscribed... loading broken english for writing e-mail
23:11:40 Join scott666 [0] (
23:12:55Plughafternoon scott
23:20:18Kamayakaidc how many chips would you need ?
23:20:24Kamayakaand linusn ?
23:21:06[IDC]DragonI personally none, but I think uski will take one for shure, and 2 for Linus?
23:21:13LinusNi would need 2, i guess
23:21:22Kamayakatwo left hands?
23:21:24*Kamayaka hides
23:21:28webmindchips... hmm yummie.. food
23:21:38*Kamayaka hugs LinusN
23:21:47Kamayakaokay, so we have 4 in the box
23:22:35Kamayakalinus, can you drop me a mail that i can note it down ? ( )
23:27:57Kamayakalinus, paying is the second thing... hopefully there will be at least 10 persons...
23:28:15Kamayakanever worked with paypal so far...
23:28:16Plughwhat chip?
23:28:27Kamayakathe 3.3V flash rom
23:28:40Plughoh. A little over my head
23:28:54PlughI can't solder on stuff that small. Too shaky
23:29:24[IDC]DragonKamayaka: thanks for your effort in hunting down these chips!
23:29:57Kamayakawell i started laughing after this direct distributor told me wow, you want one chip, the lowest ring is 1500 peaces :)
23:30:05Plughjust spent half the day cleaning up id3 tags on a 720 song music library on my work computer using iTunes
23:30:14[IDC]DragonGuess I have to domore thorough documentation about the UART boot now...
23:31:00Plughone of these days I'm going to get around to retagging everything on my home computer, which mirrors my archos
23:31:26PlughI really need to get an 80gig drive in mine though. 20gig fills up so quickly
23:31:52Kamayaka228EUR :\ for 80gb
23:32:04Plughlast week I put 1.5 gig of music recorded at a campout we did this summer
23:32:23PlughI had to clean out the previous campout worth to fit it
23:32:38Plughthat one was 2.5gig
23:33:14Kamayakadoes the mailer deamon reply to my mail sent to the mailing list in any way ?
23:33:33LinusNno, why?
23:33:44Kamayakano idea, just wondering :)
23:33:50Kamayakadid you get the mail ?
23:34:09LinusNnot yet
23:34:36elinenberead this:
23:34:45elinenbeDell is publishing some bogus battery numbers! They claim that the battery will last 16 hours of continous play. Well, I decided to see if that number would hold true. It did not ! I took the DJ, loaded it up half full of MP3s, charged the battery overnight. Then at 11pm I cued up 1000 songs to play continously with the repeat function. I set the display contrast to 50% and set the volume at 50% (1
23:34:45elinenbe3 out of 25).
23:34:57elinenbeI plugged in headphones and headed for bed. I woke up the next morning, it was still playing. Great. I estimated that it would cut off at 2-3PM. Starting at about noon (12PM), I started keeping a closer eye on the unit. 3PM past by... 4PM past by... 7PM past by... It was still running and sounded as good as when it started. Dell lied
23:35:09elinenbeThis thing has been running for 20 hours already. I want my money back. Wait... That is a good thing. Well at 9:37PM the darn thing finally popped up a message that said, “Shutting Down”, followed by a pretty little pixel graphic that says Low Battery. 22 hours and 37 minutes. Not bad!
23:37:14Kamayakano idea how long my rockbox last...
23:37:22Plughthat's impressive
23:37:56Kamayakathe problem ist that i have the 8mb mod but the rockbox itself is not able to estimate the amount of memory installed :\
23:38:25Plughone thing I really love is that my archos hasn't been plugged into wall power at all in over a month
23:38:32Plughit's been charging off USB
23:38:41Plughand I use it every day
23:39:20Plughbetween 1 and 8 hours a day
23:40:19 Quit track ("Leaving")
23:40:38PlughDragon: does that anecdotal evidence jibe with anything you've heard? I keep reading about people who plug in their archos to USB overnight and come back to a unit that can't even be charged
23:41:32[IDC]DragonNot shure about those.
23:41:40elinenbePlugh: what Archos device do you have?
23:42:08Plughno mods, but flashed with last week's cvs
23:42:22LinusNfmr can charge from usb, normal recorders cannot
23:42:36Plughah, thanks for clearing that up Linus
23:42:46elinenbeLinusN: do you use your recorder, or your recorder FM more often?
23:45:45LinusNi use my recorder
23:45:56LinusNold habit
23:46:23LinusNi have used the fm for evil experiments
23:52:06 Part Bluechip
23:52:07Plughand it still works>
23:52:14LinusNoh sure
23:52:23LinusNit was filesystem experiments
23:52:27Plughevery time I do evil experiments my functionality decreases by 10%
23:52:34LinusNfor tracking down fat bugs
23:52:47Plughso I get 10 experiments before I have a non-working device
23:53:01Plughmmm fat bugs. I like the juicy ones
23:53:19*Plugh is a Software QA engineer
23:53:40*LinusN is a lazy lower case typist
23:55:25*Kamayaka is nothing

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