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#rockbox log for 2003-10-28

00:07:06Kamayakaand happy with it :)
00:07:24PlughI wish I could be nothing
00:07:33Plughbut still have my house, car, and paid bills
00:08:14Kamayakamy house, my wife, my horse, my yacht, my ...
00:08:14Plughanyone using iTunes with their Archos?
00:08:46Plughoh yeah. Wouldn't mind keeping my wife in the deal either. But I usually don't list her with my property
00:13:09Plughok. I'm probably going to regret this
00:13:17Plughadding my archos to iTunes
00:14:36Plughthough I could probably eliminate any dupes between my work HD and my archos, considering I have all this backed up at home
00:14:40[IDC]DragonThat was quick, thanks!
00:14:48LinusNyou're welcome
00:17:19[IDC]Dragonstandard boot ROM, good.
00:19:37[IDC]Dragonthe loader is different.
00:20:18 Quit Kamayaka ()
00:25:20Doggerwhat boot rom is this for?
00:25:50LinusNDogger: it's the boot rom for the new Recorder Version 2
00:26:02Doggero ok, cool
00:26:29[IDC]DragonIt can probably be flashed like a standard FM, I can't see why not.
00:26:42LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i suspected that
00:26:52scott666is that the one that won't load ajbrec.ajzs?
00:27:14LinusNscott666: wouldn't
00:27:18[IDC]DragonTheir 2nd level loader is different, but I wipe that anyway.
00:27:32LinusNscott666: it does now
00:27:39scott666ahh, ok
00:28:01LinusNwith a slight tweak in the scramble tool
00:28:55LinusNscott666: the really funny part is that it has the fm radio mounted
00:29:11LinusNso it's an fm recorder sold as a regular recorder
00:29:13[IDC]DragonDoes the FM accept that changes scramble format as well?
00:29:22LinusN[IDC]Dragon: haven't tried
00:29:29LinusNmaybe i should
00:29:30Doggerhow different is the scramble format?
00:29:54[IDC]DragonWould be nice, else we need a new column just for that byte.
00:29:57LinusNDogger: only one byte in the header differs
00:30:04Doggerah ok
00:30:07scott666oooh, right, that was the one that sold the FM tuner as a plug-in
00:30:19LinusNi guess that is the point of changing the header
00:30:28MTtheres a guy on ebay that sells instructions of how to install rockbox
00:30:35LinusNso that you don't load the wrong firmware by mistake
00:30:41Doggernothing major like the AVs and the gmini
00:30:54LinusNnot at all
00:32:11scott666MTt: that's hilarious
00:32:25Doggerpeople sell air on ebay
00:32:36Doggerpeople sell anything on there
00:32:51Doggerif there are people stupid enough to buy that stuff, good luck to the sellers
00:32:52scott666thats not as bad as the xbox boxes
00:34:58MTim still trying to buy a replacement archos :/
00:37:20 Join BoD[] [0] (
00:38:01LinusNca va bien merci
00:38:12BoD[]:) what's new ?
00:38:34LinusNnot much, we discovered that the new V2 recorder is in fact an fm recorder
00:38:51LinusNwith the radio disabled in the archos firmware
00:39:11BoD[]i wasn't aware that they were a v2 recorder
00:39:32BoD[]but the fact that the radio is disabled is funny :)
00:40:12LinusNfuture v2 recorders will probably be without fm
00:40:16MTyou know anywhere in the eu that stocks this contraptions?
00:40:29LinusNno idea
00:42:21DoggerMT: stock what?
00:42:37BoD[]it's like the ipods that can record, but apple just didn't code it in the first firmwares
00:42:49MTthese new style recorders
00:43:14Doggerlazy programmers
00:43:25MTunrealistic managers :)
00:43:28Doggerprogrammers are never good enough to fully exploit the cool hardware
00:43:31 Join AciD` [0] (
00:43:44scott666its not that they're lazy, its that they want to sell you a feature you should already have
00:43:55Doggerif programmers were still coding on 386's, they would probably code so well, they would be faster than modern cpus
00:44:02Doggerok exageration, but you get my point
00:44:32Doggerscott666: like the new archos plugins
00:44:48Doggerwhere they charge you extra to enable the firmware to do things with the hardware you bought!
00:44:51Doggerthats such a con
00:45:17Doggerif I buy hardware, I expect to be able to use it without having to pay money for rubbish software
00:45:26scott666especially since i already own a normal FMR that's exactly the same thing
00:50:51LinusNthe recorder v2 doesn't have the plugin crap
00:51:05LinusNyou are confusing it with the gmini
01:00:11BoD[]btw i found a job :)
01:01:06BoD[]holidays are over :(
01:03:14LinusNpoor you :-)
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01:04:09BoD[]ahaha :)
01:08:12 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
01:19:44 Join billytwowilly [0] (
01:20:06billytwowillycan anyone tell me if the dell dj is supported under linux?
01:20:20billytwowillyI've been googling for the past couple minutes and I'm coming up dry.
01:20:50LinusNi have no idea
01:22:04billytwowillyI have a feeling that is going to be most people's response;) sweet looking and sounding mp3 player though.
01:24:05BoD[]dell, the computer vendor, makes an mp3 player ?
01:25:52billytwowillyyah, looks like an ipod killer
01:25:57billytwowillyit comes out tommorrow
01:26:05BoD[]nice:) do you have an url?
01:26:21Plughsomeone got it to run for 22+ hours on a charge
01:27:27billytwowillyapparently the 15 gig model is 70 bucks less expensive than the 10 gig ipod and the 20 gig model is 100 bucks less expensive than the 20 gig ipod.
01:28:18billytwowillynice upgrade for my archos 6 gig mp3 jukebox;)
01:28:25billytwowillyif it works with linux..
01:29:22 Quit AciD` ("Reconnecting...")
01:30:28Plughbillytwowilly: since it's a USB 2.0 device usable as a 20gig external hard drive, I suspect it would work under Linux as well as the Archos
01:30:44 Join AciD` [0] (
01:31:12billytwowillyyah, but apparently the mp3s don't show up unless it's transferred with the included software.. so there's probably some database somewhere in it that you have to muck with to get it to work.
01:32:31Plughthat'd be fucking lame
01:32:44 Join scott666 [0] (
01:32:51billytwowillyI agree.
01:32:58Plugheveryone keeps talking up mmjb
01:33:04PlughI think it's a POS
01:33:25billytwowillyI hope it's not like that because my archos 6 gig is on its last legs.. it keeps freezing when I walk with it.
01:33:35scott666i like the idea of it, but i'm sure the firmware is equal to the rest of what archos puts out
01:33:54Plughhave you looked at replacing the drive?
01:34:16Plughscott666: Archos made the Dell toy?
01:34:43scott666oh, sorry i came late, all i heard was mmjb
01:34:57Plughoh. music match jukebox
01:35:01billytwowillyPlugh: You think it's the hard drive?
01:35:09Plughbilly: probably
01:35:14scott666ahhh, thought you meant multi-media
01:35:45billytwowillyheh. it is a fujitsu drive.. I have no idea how to do that, but I'll look into it. I suppose there's something on the website for rockbox right?
01:35:47Plughlooks like it might be database-driven
01:36:13Plughand you can find info on replacing it on
01:36:33Plughit's a lot cheaper than a new unit
01:36:41Plughand you can upgrade your drive space
01:36:49billytwowillyyah, but I'd have to know how to solder right?
01:37:05Plughno serious soldering
01:37:08Plughno components
01:37:12Plughjust the shielding
01:37:25Plughit can be sloppy
01:37:33billytwowillyheh. I'd have to buy a soldering gun;)
01:37:40billytwowillyor get my cousin to help me out.
01:38:06billytwowillyit doesn't die when it freezes though, it just stops playing music but the screen stays on.
01:38:31Plughthe only thing you might need would be a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter
01:39:01scott666that would be an RLD
01:39:09billytwowillyoh. because I'd have to plug the drives into my computer to muck about with the drive right? I think I remember reading tomshardware doing a drive upgrade a long long time ago.
01:39:17Plughyou need to format it
01:40:00billytwowillyyah. I think I can do that.
01:40:11billytwowillytakes a normal 2.5" laptop hard drive right?
01:40:12 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
01:40:24billytwowillyok, thanks. I'll look into it.
01:42:16billytwowillyheh, I can get a 20 gig laptop hardrive for 150 bucks canadian.. this might be worthwhile afterall. with the rockbox firmware the thing actually works well.
01:42:56LinusNbillytwowilly: make sure it is 9mm thick and not 12
01:45:16scott666yeah that dell player definitely looks horrible
01:48:06Neurosupherotim am very interressed by the rockbox os but iam a noob
01:48:29Neurosupherotthe source is a .gz
01:48:44Neurosupherotwith what can we open it?
01:49:13LinusNNeurosupherot: do you really want the source?
01:49:36Neurosupheroti havnt my archos yet^^
01:49:54Neurosupherotbut i read the rockbox site
01:50:03LinusNwinzip can open .tar.gz archives
01:50:21Neurosupherotwhat is the language?
01:51:08Neurosupherotat the boot, there is an picture ROCKBOX
01:51:13scott666or was that and indicating youre going to ask another question?
01:51:14Neurosupherotcan we modify it?
01:51:19LinusNNeurosupherot: yes
01:51:32Neurosupherotthats cool!
01:54:01Neurosupherotwhe must have cygwin to convert the .gz to .ajz?
01:54:14 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
01:57:20Neurosupherotthis is the logo at the boot?
01:58:38Neurosupherotand, the source we can download is the source for the last version on rockbox?
02:04:40LinusNNeurosupherot: the source for the latest version is found under the "daily build" section
02:05:57Neurosupheroti must go
02:06:04Neurosupherotrockbox powaa!
02:06:10 Quit Neurosupherot ()
02:07:11Plughheh. I just sent a zinger to the mailing list ;)
02:08:03 Quit billytwowilly ("Client exiting")
02:13:48LinusNtime to sleep, nite all
02:14:06 Part LinusN
02:26:27 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
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03:02:11Plughhm, I'm actually starting to appreciate the concept of id3 tags, playlists, etc
03:02:26GEMHmm. My mmjb seems to time out and shut down as a USB drive - is this expected behavior?
03:02:42PlughI've always sorted music by album under genre. Used directory structure
03:03:08PlughGEM: the person you need to talk to just left 15 mins ago
03:03:16GEMPlugh: Oh well
03:03:20Plughthe rest of us don't use the multimedia
03:03:33GEMPlugh: how do the ID3 tags make your life easier? I don't know much about them yet
03:03:36Plughthis is an mp3 device discussion group
03:03:44GEMWHo is it that uses the multimedia?
03:03:46PlughI'm using iTunes
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03:03:57Plughhe's cracked the encryption on it
03:04:13Plughand is starting to work on a replacement firmware
03:04:14GEMI did not know that there was encryption on it - I am new to it
03:04:21GEMAhh, got you
03:05:00GEMI am aware that rockbox is not available for the MMJB, and I know about what the project is - I figured that a few mostly general Archos type questions are reasonable
03:05:08Plughanyhow, with id3 tags you can organize music by genre, album, artist, or if you have the info, year of publication
03:05:12GEMIf I am wrong, please don't hesitate to tell me.
03:06:20Plughwe're a fairly diverse group with a broad range of knowledge. You can probably get your question answered here. But most of the devs are kinda frosty toward requests for multimedia info
03:06:50GEMI have not been able to find a similar place for the multimedia, so I started here
03:07:18GEMI actually wanted the device primarily for recording live music at science fiction conventions
03:07:20Plughthere's some forums out there. I don't remember the names.
03:07:43PlughI got mine to record DJ sets off my and friends' mixer boards
03:07:48GEMwhen investigating,was able to get the mmjb not much more expensively than a regular jukebox, so went for it
03:08:47PlughI actually had a multimedia in my hand and opted for the mp3
03:08:57GEMWhy so?
03:08:59Plughand I didn't know about rockbox at the time
03:09:08PlughI thought I wanted FM
03:09:21Plughturned out it sucks so bad that it's not worth it
03:09:21GEMAh. and you turned out not to?
03:09:54GEMI get a lot of hum when I record from my mmjb with a mic attached - do you know if that happens on the jb?
03:10:10Plughthe mic picks up the vibration of the hard drive
03:10:41GEMHmm. Even if the cod is stretched about as far as I can away from the unit? That's not fair
03:10:53Plughsome people make mic to line level converters. And Archos sells an external mic that helps
03:12:14GEMI was hoping to avoid buying their mic, but I will if I ned to
03:12:52PlughI'd see about getting access to line out on the mixer board
03:13:03Plughyou'll get a nice signal out of that
03:13:53GEMSome of that is feasible, but sometimes it is not - we often don't have a sound board where I am
03:14:31PlughI understand. Check around the net for a converter from your mic output to a line level.
03:14:41Plughit'll be cheaper than the Archos mic
03:15:23Plughand if you want, you can get a good XLR mic with the pickup pattern you want
03:15:28Plughor even a lavolier
03:19:14PlughI've heard good things about the Archos mic, but I can imagine much better
03:22:10GEMCool - thanks!
03:22:54Plughthis is really time consuming. I've got 16 days of music on my archos
03:23:09Plughand trying to get all my music properly tagged so it's better in iTunes
03:31:34GEMWhat kind of tools do you use for tagging files? and where can I learn more about ID3 stuff?
03:32:41PlughI'm using iTunes
03:32:45Plughit's free and it rocks
03:33:59Plughyou can sort music by fields in column mode and tag blocks of files at a time
03:34:23Plughthe only thing it doesn't do is sort music by directory location on the drive, which would be perfect for me
03:35:00GEMis iTunes Mac-only?
03:35:10Plughnot anymore
04:29:51 Quit elinenbe (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
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05:27:33 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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06:39:31 Quit BoD[] ("fofofk")
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07:27:24 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
07:50:53 Join Dogger [0] (
07:50:56Doggerhey all
07:54:38dwihnoHello! :)
08:14:24 Join edx [0] (
08:30:03 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Chester Cheeta uses BitchX. Ayeuhayueuhayueuh!")
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08:32:38 Part k3no
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09:10:03Doggerdont archos' debug messages fill you with confidence
09:10:24Dogger'__ TIME WEIRD! __'
09:11:06dwihnoDebug messages?
09:11:12dwihnoYou found evil stuff? :)
09:11:14Doggerlooking at AV firmware
09:11:16dwihnoThe AVOS?
09:11:26dwihnoHow far have you come?
09:11:32Doggeralmost finished unpacker
09:11:39Doggerpacker is done
09:11:55Doggerwell - a packer that works is done, a packer that compresses isn't done
09:15:35Doggerthey put far 2 much debug code in
09:15:36Doggercheck this
09:15:54Dogger'modifying *(menu[pos].var) @ add 0x'
09:16:17dwihnoYou rule!
09:16:31dwihnoAVOS to the people!
09:16:33Doggerit's not trivial to crack encryption and compression
09:16:43dwihnoNah, it's a pain in the ***.
09:16:44Doggerbut I am king of the hackers ;)
09:16:49Doggertell me about it lol
09:17:02Doggerbut they are not exactly good at writing secure code
09:17:50 Join LinusN [200] (
09:17:56Doggerlol more debug messages
09:19:12dwihnoWB, Linus!
09:20:06dwihnoDogger: How good is the performance of the AV?
09:20:15Doggerthe hardware is excelent
09:20:20Doggerthe firmware is crap
09:20:27dwihnoIn what way?
09:20:30dwihnoBuggy? Slow?
09:20:33Doggerits ok,
09:20:37dwihnoCrash tendency?
09:20:39Doggerits not really buggy,
09:20:45Doggerit's just the least possible
09:20:53Doggerit's nothing to go 'wow' about
09:20:59Doggerthe hardware is 'wow'
09:21:06Doggerthe firmware is 'oh..'
09:21:09dwihnoFishy batteries?
09:21:21dwihnoHow many hours do you get from a single charge?
09:21:23Doggerbattery life on my av340 is excellent
09:21:30Dogger10+ hours playing mp3s
09:21:36Dogger5+ hours playing movies
09:22:29dwihnoWhat kind of batteries?
09:22:45Doggerpics on
09:23:14Doggerermmm interesting, the av firmware has 'TouchScreen' in it
09:23:27DoggerI heard somewhere they were thinking of making it touchscreen to start with,
09:24:06dwihnoproprietory batts sucks! :(
09:24:23Doggerbut I havent had any battery problems so far
09:24:44Doggerdebug message in av3xx firmware from archos:
09:24:48Dogger'__SHIT !!!'
09:24:59DoggerI love looking at other peoples lamer code
09:25:13Doggerwow '−−EEPROM buffer dump−−'
09:26:14Dogger'ARCHOS JUKEBOX Multimedia (c) 99-03 A.Kurpiers, V. Pantelic DEBUG UART_1 Oct 10 20 11:00:04 DSC25'
09:26:26DoggerI need a serial cable to do debug ;)
09:26:38dwihnoHow was it encrypted?
09:26:44Doggerlamer encryption
09:27:04Doggerbut better than mp3 encryption (rockbox scramble)
09:27:35LinusNVladimir Pantelic is a subscriber of the Rockbox mailing list
09:27:36DoggerI'll post everything once I'm finished the unpacker
09:27:47dwihnoLinus: He is?! :O
09:27:48Doggerthat explains his encryption key!
09:27:56DoggerVLADMIR1 was one of the keys
09:28:11Doggertell him first rule of anything - don't use ur name as a key
09:28:14LinusNdwihno: since very long
09:28:17*dwihno senses lots of hacker enthusiasm
09:29:23Doggerthats how you do a forced update
09:29:26Doggerserial cable
09:31:00Dogger'TouchScreen I2C ERROR'
09:31:09Doggerdamn shame they didnt do touchscreen :( *sob*
09:32:17dwihnoLinus: You knew who he was?
09:33:17LinusNhe has been with us for a long time
09:33:27Doggertell him his coding sucks
09:33:29LinusNyou see his name everywhere
09:33:40LinusNin the mp3o for instance
09:34:28dwihnoC3PO's friend?
09:35:11Doggeranyone know what a JIS font is?
09:35:24LinusNjis? sounds japanese
09:35:29Doggerperhaps using 'uni2wchar' ?
09:35:54Doggersure... was hoping it described the file format
09:36:28LinusNonly the encoding
09:37:11Doggerthis code is lame!
09:37:26Doggerfound some more passwords in it in plain text
09:37:56dwihnoDogger: how was the image encrypted?
09:39:20Doggerdwihno: I will post all my findings along with a packer/unpacker when I'm done
09:39:25Doggershould be a couple of days now
09:39:32Doggerbut the encryption was a lamer xor
09:39:42Doggerthe compression is slightly more complex
09:39:49Doggerbut am about half way thru cracking that
09:40:30Doggerhave written a cool decryptor/encryptor.... it even works out the encryption key itself
09:40:43dwihnoDogger: cool! :)
09:41:04Doggerkindof helps when lamers use plaintext as an encryption key
09:41:56Doggerbut then its easy for me to pick apart other peoples software
09:42:04DoggerI might not like people picking holes in mine :)
09:44:13dwihnoYou're a master locksmith!
09:44:22dwihnoRockAVOS! ;D
09:44:25DoggerI kindof do this for a living :)
09:44:38dwihnoYou dp?
09:44:45dwihnoWhat is your profession?
09:44:50Doggeram glad finaly avos will be able to do stuff now
09:45:08Doggerdeveloping software for the purposes of interoperability with other software/protocols :)
09:45:12dwihnoWhat kind of special hardware does the AVOS have?
09:45:25dwihno\o/ development \o/
09:45:40Doggertms320dsc25 does most stuff
09:45:50Doggerosd, pal/ntsc, memory card readers,
09:45:58Doggerdivx encoding/decoding,
09:46:02Doggerjpg decoding
09:46:13dwihnoHow fast is the decoding?
09:46:19Doggerthen it has an ATA/ATAPI/USB2 bridge chip,
09:46:23Dogger16meg ram,
09:46:43Doggernot sure how fast it is.... obviously it can play big movies at 30fps,
09:46:50dwihnoCool! :D
09:46:58dwihnoPerfect for long road trips! :)
09:47:08DoggerI got it for my flights
09:47:18DoggerI fly UK->california twice a month at the moment
09:47:27Dogger10 hours is a long time to be bored :)
09:48:09dwihnoHeh. True.
09:48:18dwihnoToo bad the batteries are non-standard. I hate that :(
09:48:27Doggeryeah that is a bit of a pain
09:48:37Doggerand they say 'designed to last the life of your archos'
09:48:41Doggererrr yeah right
09:48:55dwihnoI mean, whenever they want to, they'll just stop providing the batteries and your unit will become useless
09:48:57Doggersince when did batteries last that long
09:49:17DoggerI better get my hands on some spares :)
09:50:25dwihnoI've upgraded my batteries once for my recorder.
09:50:30dwihnoI hate custom batteries.
09:59:44Doggermay be able to find out who makes the batteries,
09:59:56Doggerthey may use same batteries for something else as well
09:59:58dwihnoStill a noon.
10:01:34dwihnoCustom batteries will be the death of all cool gizmos.
10:01:53Doggerbatteries suck
10:02:02Doggeras if they havent come up with something better
10:02:12Doggerthey just dont tell us so we keep buying crap batteries
10:03:48Doggerlaters :)
10:04:14dwihnolater. congrats, once again.
10:04:26Doggerthanks :) it's going well now...
10:04:28 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
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13:25:14 Join quelsaruk [0] (~swordmast@
13:31:19quelsarukseems like no-one's alive today
13:31:30LinusNi am
13:32:23quelsarukLinusN, did you read my message yesterday?
13:33:36LinusNsomething about translations?
13:33:52quelsarukyups :)
13:35:12LinusNi don't remember your question though... :-)
13:37:26quelsaruki just said that as i'm still without internet (nor even computer at home) i can't update languages patches, so if you don't mind..could you check that for me?? pleeeease :)
13:39:22LinusNyou mean check if the spanish language file needs updating?
13:39:38quelsarukthe patches sent to the patch tracker
13:39:47quelsarukand that are still open
13:40:01quelsarukcheck if they work and include them into the code
13:40:17quelsaruki'd do it, but without computer, is very difficult
13:41:29LinusNoh, i see
13:41:53quelsarukummm.. i must go, lunch time. See you another day!!
13:43:07 Quit quelsaruk ()
14:01:49 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
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15:09:56 Quit paulheu (Client Quit)
15:11:50 Part LinusN|away
15:13:29 Join LinusN [200] (
15:28:43 Quit Neurosupherot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:57:37dsgbtw... anyone know who committed the Icelandic translation?
16:12:11Plughlemme look
16:13:17Plughrevision 1.1
16:13:18Plughdate: 2003/09/14 11:43:50; author: bagder; state: Exp;
16:13:18PlughRichard OBrien's initial Icelandic lang file
16:30:55dsgHmh... k.
16:31:17*dsg thinking of updating it...
16:35:46 Quit adi|home (
16:35:46 Quit uski (
16:35:46 Quit webmind (
16:35:46 Quit k3no (
16:35:46 Quit BoBB (
16:35:46 Quit Hadaka (
16:35:46 Quit Hes (
16:35:46 Quit dwihno (
16:35:46 Quit ze (
16:35:46 Quit dsg (
16:35:46 Quit AciD` (
16:35:46 Quit LinusN (
16:35:46 Quit MT (
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17:03:10 Join Jan [0] (
17:04:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:04:51Jangot a question 4 ya
17:04:58Plughso ask it
17:05:16Plughwe're not formal. You don't need to ask permission to ask a question
17:05:19Jani don't know if i can flash my recorder
17:05:31Janbut i liked to ;)
17:05:50Janhow do i know it's flashable?
17:06:15Janthe documentation is too confusing
17:06:25Plughlook under the debug menu. I think there's a pair of double bytes that identify the flash rom
17:06:34Plughif there's numbers there, it can be flashed
17:06:41Plughif it's ?? ??, it can't
17:07:13Janit says "flash: M=?? D=??" and "ROM CRC: 0x222F v1"
17:07:41Janso it can't?
17:07:43dsgJan: No.
17:08:14Plughsorry. That one can't be flashed
17:09:06PlughDragon has been doing a lot of work on flash, but hasn't gotten that far yet
17:09:17Plughyou'll need to replace the chip I think
17:09:38Jandragon wrote something to the mailing list, that made me think it probably could be flashable...
17:09:42Plughvery geeky and techie, and not very easy even if you are
17:10:32Plughyeah he responded to you on the list
17:10:41 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:10:41PlughSince you don't have the proper chip, you can't flash it, regardless what
17:10:42Plughsoftware comes along. You would have to exchange it.
17:10:42PlughThe boot ROM is diagnosed with the ROM CRC line in the same screen. I have
17:10:42DBUGEnqueued KICK Plugh
17:10:42Plughto update it to say "no ROM" instead of V2 when ROM space is identical to
17:10:42Plughflash space, that was my error. The only known boot ROM has CRC 0x222F.
17:11:08Jani couldn't even open my recorder, because i'm lacking the right tool ;)
17:11:22Janso what is a "boot ROM"?
17:11:40Plughbootstrap code for the CPU
17:12:21Plughloads the barest essentials to start the process of loading the flash or firmware off the drive
17:13:51Janso I don't know why he mentioned this thing...
17:14:10Plughlooked like you mentioned it
17:14:31Plughoh I'm mistaken
17:14:34Plughyou didn't
17:14:56Plughyou mentioned ROM
17:15:08PlughI guess he took that into account in his answer
17:15:59Janok, thx
17:17:49Janbye then
17:18:02 Quit Jan ("Leaving")
17:37:00 Quit dsg ("foo-d")
18:26:27 Quit AciD` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:35:09 Join maff [0] (
18:47:44 Quit maff ("Leaving")
18:50:23 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
18:50:47 Quit k3no (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:51:19[IDC]Dragonuski, do you read?
18:52:45[IDC]Dragon(seems not)
18:58:59 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:59:25elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: hey there, I just wanted to say great work on the flashing stuff.
18:59:31elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:31DBUGEnqueued KICK elinenbe
18:59:31elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:32elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:33***Alert Mode level 1
18:59:33***Alert Mode level 2
18:59:33elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:34***Alert Mode level 3
18:59:34***Alert Mode level 4
18:59:34elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:36***Alert Mode level 5
18:59:36elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:38***Alert Mode level 6
18:59:38elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:40***Alert Mode level 7
18:59:40elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:42***Alert Mode level 8
18:59:42elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:46elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:48elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:50elinenbeRothman Institute (TJUH)
18:59:52elinenbeRothman Institute (TJUH)
18:59:54elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:56elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
18:59:58elinenbeRothman Institute (TJUH)
19:00:00elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
19:00:02elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
19:00:04elinenbeRothman Institute (TJUH)
19:00:06elinenbeSt. Joseph's (Reading)
19:00:08elinenbeRothman Institute (TJUH)
19:00:10elinenbeMass Gen - Boston
19:00:12elinenbeRothman Institute (TJUH)
19:00:14elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
19:00:16elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
19:00:22elinenbeVirtua Mem Hosp of Burlington Co
19:00:24elinenbeUnderwood Memorial Hospital
19:00:26elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
19:00:28elinenbeCentre Community
19:00:30elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
19:00:36elinenbeTemple/Lower Bucks Hosp
19:00:38elinenbeSt. Joseph's (Reading)
19:00:40[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: Thank you. (and you can stop flooding ;-)
19:00:46elinenbeRothman Institute (PA Hosp)
19:00:48elinenbeTrenton Mercer
19:00:50elinenbeMass Gen - Boston
19:00:51 Quit elinenbe (Excess Flood)
19:01:26 Join elinenbe [0] (
19:01:48[IDC]DragonCtrl-C ?
19:02:12 Join JunkeyWRK [0] (~junkey@
19:02:43elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: yeah....
19:03:03[IDC]DragonOnce I posted a cooking recipe here by having the wrong stuff in clipboard.
19:03:17elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: it is impressive that you put in a lot of time on something that did not affect you at all... that's nice.
19:03:46[IDC]DragonTell that to my girlfriend...
19:04:09elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: what I was wondering was could you make it so, you could flash an ajz directly from the archos? so, the plug-in would do the work of compress, etc?
19:04:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:04:57[IDC]DragonTheoretically yes, but it needs time and space to compress.
19:05:24[IDC]DragonUCL is pretty established now.
19:07:01elinenbethat's true.
19:07:21[IDC]DragonPlus, you can "play" it. For .ajz, rolo kicks in.
19:07:48[IDC]Dragonucl may even save some bandwidth on the haxx server.
19:08:10JunkeyWRKhello all. quick question, has anyone reported the archos turning on by itself with the rockbox software installed? i've caught it turning on by itself a few times and frequently find the player out of juice (probably because it turned itself on and never shut off). the last build i got is probably a few weeks old. i've checked the wakeup alarm but it doesnt seem to be set, unless im not reading it right. any ideas?
19:08:41[IDC]DragonSounds like a hardware problem.
19:08:57[IDC]DragonSoftware can't turn it on, afaik.
19:09:14JunkeyWRKreally? what does the wakeup alarm do then?
19:09:30[IDC]DragonOne guy made a mod to change this, so the RTC can wake it up.
19:09:43***Alert Mode OFF
19:10:25[IDC]DragonIs the wakeup in the normal build?
19:10:36JunkeyWRKdunno, this is a daily build
19:10:49JunkeyWRKa few weeks old, tho
19:11:25[IDC]Dragondo you have an FM?
19:11:40elinenbethere should be no wakeup alarm in the daily build −− at least not for the player or recorder.
19:11:46JunkeyWRKyes, fm
19:11:57JunkeyWRKsorry, shouldve said that
19:12:33[IDC]DragonSo it seems FMs can do the trick. Didn't know that.
19:13:23JunkeyWRKtrick? you mean turning itself on?
19:13:30JunkeyWRKhmm...lemme test it
19:13:36 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as [IDC]Dragon|away (
19:13:48[IDC]Dragon|awayafk, sorry.
19:19:42LinusNJunkeyWRK: yes, the Fm model has a wake-up alarm function
19:20:20JunkeyWRKis it functioning or is there a bug?
19:21:09JunkeyWRKi was just trying a test...i was playing something, then i set the wake up time to a few minutes from the time i started playing. it started to shut itself down but just froze there
19:22:14LinusNis it connected to the charger?
19:23:14JunkeyWRKyes, i just disconnected it and it shut off
19:23:30LinusNbtw, don't mix up the sleep timer and the wake-up alarm
19:23:43JunkeyWRKnow i set the wake up time to a few minutes from now
19:23:59JunkeyWRKi think you have to stop playing music to set the wake up time and have it shut down properly
19:24:29LinusNi don't think so, just telling you what happened based on the test i just did. i can try it again later
19:25:05JunkeyWRKsomething tells me if there's a valid time in that parameter it's going to wake up and start playing
19:25:16JunkeyWRKbut there's no off parameter for that function
19:25:41JunkeyWRKunless 00:00 is the off time, but that's valid really, midnight
19:29:52 Quit hardeep ("[BX] For a good time, call 1-900-4BitchX")
19:32:09 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|brb (
19:44:12 Join AciD` [0] (
19:49:05JunkeyWRKwhat is "Car adapter mode"
19:55:36elinenbeJunkeyWRK: that is a setting that will make the jukebox turn on if it receives a charge.
19:55:36elinenbeso, if you have it plugged into your car it turns on and off with the car!
19:55:43elinenbethat way you can have a jukebox just for your car
19:57:26JunkeyWRKah, that's cool :)
20:17:19 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:17:27 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
20:23:53elinenbehardeep: any news from the playlist viewing world?
20:26:13hardeepelinenbe: i just got back from vacation, haven't touched anything rockbox related in a while
20:27:52uski[IDC]Dragon|away: yes, i read
20:35:56uskiif you want to know why i cazn't flash, it is because i have a stupid SST37 chip...
20:36:04uskinot because i don't have a boot rom
20:47:32 Join track [0] (
20:48:52trackI have an idea for the Rockbox website
20:49:07uskiwhich is ?
20:49:21trackHow about a way you can trade custom sound configs or custom WPS's?
20:49:31trackIve made new 3 sound configs on my Archos
20:50:10trackMy 3 sound presets are Flat, Techno and Auditoriu,
20:54:08 Join AciD` [0] (
21:00:23 Join Kamayaka [0] (
21:04:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:09:53 Nick [IDC]Dragon|away is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
21:10:22[IDC]Dragonuski, I'd like to refer you to Kamayaka.
21:11:30[IDC]DragonHe's the future source of flash chip! ;-)
21:12:12uskioooo :)
21:12:17uskiinteresting ;)
21:12:39[IDC]Dragonand he's lot listenung right now...
21:13:26Kamayakawell, just tried to get worms working on my xp, giving up :) listening now
21:13:38[IDC]DragonKamayaka, your posting about the chips hasn't made it to the group, right?
21:13:43Kamayakadid anybody get my mail to the mailinglist ?
21:13:51Kamayakawell, seems not :\
21:14:05Plughdid you post on the unsubscribe thread?
21:14:24Plughok, then there's a chance...
21:14:49uskisomeday i posted something on the mailling list and it never appeared
21:15:07[IDC]DragonIt always has worked for me.
21:15:17uskii don't doubt of it :)
21:15:30Kamayakausik, if you need such a chip just drop me a mail to if there are enough ppl im going to order the 30 peaces
21:15:43[IDC]DragonSorry, I have to leave again for a while, please help Kamayaka posting.
21:15:46Kamayakausik -ik +ki = uski (sorry for that)
21:16:25uskiKamayaka: what would be the price ?
21:16:32 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as [IDC]Dragon|away (
21:16:36uskialso, is there a way to get 8mb DRAM ?
21:16:37Kamayaka2038003EUR :)
21:16:40uskilol ;)
21:16:59PlughI think I'll buy a new one
21:17:01Kamayakai asked for the flash, the 8mb dram ive bought at bimex half a year ago
21:17:12uskibimex = ?
21:17:19uskianother shop that sells it for 50$ ? offered me 30 SST39VF020-90 for 3.25 + tax (germany 16%) no shipping i can go there
21:17:50uski(knowing the usual price of such chips i can't buy one at this price...)
21:18:07uskiwhat about SST39VF040 ?
21:18:13Kamayakano idea didnt ask
21:18:18uskiif we're going to change the chip, why not putting a bigger one
21:18:24uskias the pcb is prepared for it
21:18:39uski([IDC]Dragon|away will confirm)
21:18:45Kamayakadont think it will get cheaper, but i can ask ive there enough ppl
21:19:26uskia SST39VF040 will be some more expensive but it is interesting
21:20:18Kamayakadunno if rockbox will get larger than 2mb :) only 0.5% of the rockbox users will have the 4mb then.. whom is going to develop features only working on that few rockboxes ?
21:20:37uskiit canb e itneresting for devel
21:20:46Kamayakahrhr :)
21:20:50uskialso, we might store plugins for example in the flash
21:20:52uskiand so on
21:21:02uskiif im going to change, i think i would try to get the 040 chip
21:21:17uski(yea i know, i always want more than others lol)
21:21:24uskiyou should ask them for this chip
21:21:46Kamayakaif there are enough ppl, we have 3 ppl in need of 4 chips or do you want more than 1 ? :)
21:22:07uskihmmm if it is the 040 chip, ye
21:22:16uskiif it is the 020, perhaps 2 but not more
21:22:40Kamayakaokay, just drop me a mail and ill note down your adress
21:22:47uskibut let's wait for [IDC]Dragon|away, just to be sure the PCB is prepared..
21:25:14Kamayakaif i write to the e-mail list... i need to write with the e-mail adress i subscribed to the list ?
21:25:29uski(i think)
21:25:48Kamayakagoing to check this (no idea what has happend yesterday)
21:25:58uskiNote: The list is only open for subscribers. You can not send mail to this list without being subscribed to it!
21:26:02uski :)
21:28:07Kamayakawell i think i need to get rid of 100 different e-mail accounts, but dont want to use my main e-mailadress for such a mailing list...
21:28:21uskiheh yea i also have this problem
21:28:35uskii open one email addr for everything
21:28:40uskiso now i have 1000 aliases
21:28:54uskinow i created a "general", a "trash bin" alias that i use everywhere
21:34:12Kamayakaanybody in here who can build me a 8mb release mine is round about 3 month old...
21:34:29uskigrab it from the daily builds
21:36:16 Join yeft [0] (
21:36:25Kamayakais there an 8mb version or does the rockbox itself determines the amount of mem ?
21:36:26yeftwhat up
21:36:33yeftanyone in here speak russian????
21:36:36uskitake the 8mb version
21:36:59uskibut if i remember this feature is int the TODO list...
21:37:43Kamayaka2003-10-27 18:20:00 1 5 1 5 5 1 1 5 5
21:37:50Kamayakayellow are warnings ?
21:38:30uskifor you:
21:38:32uskidrivers/fat.c:1277: warning: `rc' might be used uninitialized in this function
21:38:58Kamayakawell i would love to get these kind of warnings at work :)
21:43:37 Join scott666 [0] (
21:43:53 Quit yeft ("|| n e m e s i s || v2.0 - by d0n - ||")
21:46:09Kamayakai got your mail uski...
21:47:50uskiok ;)
21:47:58uskiKamayaka: see ur private messages windows please
21:48:35 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
21:50:42 Nick [IDC]Dragon|away is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
21:54:33[IDC]DragonAbout the 040 chip: I don't know if all PCBs are prepared for it, mine was.
21:55:01[IDC]DragonIf not, it would be just 1 wire to the CPU.
21:55:15uskiit will be 100% compatible ?
21:55:26[IDC]DragonBut I still don't know what to do with the rest of it.
21:55:29uskii mean, if you put a 040 on a pcb for a 020
21:55:54uskiplenty of things ! you can put multiple firmwares, put the rocks on it, ...
21:56:05[IDC]DragonIt is "compatible", because the footprint is the same and my tools are made for it, since I have that chip.
21:56:08uskiyou might even consider storing some mp3 data to use the archos as a dictaphone
21:56:22uskiok then a 040 is good
21:56:44Kamayakauski, you could solder two 020 :)
21:56:50[IDC]DragonMaybe a mp3 menu guidance would be nice, for blind people or car usage.
21:57:17uskiyea exactly
21:57:18Kamayakanext stop play button
21:57:24uskiso the hdd does not have to start when you browse it
21:57:33uskiyou will always find an use for more space...
21:57:44uskiand it would be very bad to have an occasion to put a 040 and to lose it
21:57:54uskias it is 100% compatible, ...
21:58:06[IDC]DragonI did it because it was the same effort.
21:58:53[IDC]DragonBut I doubt there will be a practical use since it's so incompatible to the rest of the world.
21:59:23[IDC]DragonI'm able to hold the 2 images uncompressed.
21:59:55[IDC]DragonBut this is also no benefit, starts earlier to wait longer for the HD.
22:00:26[IDC]Dragonandwe're talking about 0.3 seconds or so here.
22:01:01Kamayakaokay, the mail is out
22:01:14Kamayakadrop me a line if its in your mailbox...
22:02:07uskii think Kamayaka should really ask for 040 chips
22:02:14uskinow, he does what he wants to do...
22:02:28scott666my FMR is dying :-(
22:02:32uskiwhy ?
22:02:35uskiwhats the prob with it ?
22:02:47Plughif mine died I'd mourn it
22:02:59scott666F2 and F3 are broken, and you have to mess with the headphone jack to get both channels
22:03:06uskiooo it is easy to change !
22:03:10uskinot a problem :!
22:03:16Kamayakauski, i will ask for the 040 but only if i get at least 15 ppl in need of any flash chip
22:03:18Plughmy headphone jack is starting to crackle a bit
22:03:23uskibtw i am about to get some replacment buttons in high quantity
22:03:39scott666how are you pulling that off?
22:03:40Plughit's only a problem when I've got it strapped to my belt while biking
22:03:41uskii will probably be able to "sell" some news buttons
22:03:56Kamayakaa "news" button ? :)
22:03:59 Quit track ("Leaving")
22:04:07scott666aren't they like glued on?
22:04:10uski"some new buttons"
22:04:13CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 48 minutes at the last flood
22:04:13*Kamayaka slaps uski around a bit with a large trout
22:04:15*Kamayaka hides
22:04:28*uski finds Kamayaka, takes out his gun and fires.
22:04:31scott666its so easy to tell the mIRC uses
22:04:31*uski BANG BANG
22:04:37uskiscott666: yea ;)
22:05:25*Kamayaka blood splatters all over the desk including the charging rockbox
22:05:59*uski goes away, trying not to get blood on his clothes
22:06:30Kamayakadna will get you
22:06:55Kamayakaand whom will buy the VF020 chips now ?
22:07:14uskitry to replace them with 040
22:07:21uskias it is fully compatible !
22:07:27uskithe price should not change a lot
22:08:27Kamayakaanybody got my mail ?
22:08:36uskiwait some minutes ;)
22:11:35Plughnot yet Kam
22:12:46Kamayakaseems as if im too stupid to write to this mailing list...
22:13:06Plughthe mailing list has terrible lag
22:13:08 Part JunkeyWRK
22:13:11scott666as long as the subject wasnt 'unsubscribe'
22:13:15Plughcheck the web archive to see if it went out
22:14:46Kamayakanope :(
22:14:55Kamayakacan anybody write to the list in my name ?
22:16:22[IDC]DragonI could, but would prefer if you can sort it out.
22:17:07Kamayakadropped the mail to '' from the subscripted e-mail account but nothin happens... (not even an error answer ...)
22:17:28[IDC]DragonThere will be no answer.
22:18:07Kamayakagoing to try it with express newsreader
22:18:36Plughif it's not in the online archive then it never made it
22:18:40[IDC]DragonAre you shure you properly subscribed with that mail account?
22:18:58[IDC]DragonIf so, it should receive ~50 emails per day.
22:19:03Plughsend a message with 'help' in the body to
22:19:04Kamayaka>>>> subscribe rockbox
22:19:04DBUGEnqueued KICK Kamayaka
22:19:13Plughthat's good
22:20:56[IDC]DragonThe drawback of th group is that you can't post without subscribing, and you can't be subscribed without gettingthe full stream of posts emailed.
22:21:16[IDC]DragonThat's why I used my spam account.
22:21:35Kamayakai get huge amounts of email...
22:21:36[IDC]DragonWhich I now have to use a lot, to answer and post.
22:21:54[IDC]DragonThis is why I'm [IDC]Dragon here.
22:22:11[IDC]DragonNot Jrg Hohesohn.
22:22:35[IDC]DragonHohensohn, too stupid to type his own name.
22:22:55Kamayakamail is there
22:26:31[IDC]DragonIf you organize a soldering service, there will be many takers, I guess.
22:26:57 Quit Kamayaka (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:28:01 Join track [0] (
22:28:15 Quit track (Client Quit)
22:28:44 Join Kamayaka [0] (
22:28:54Kamayakacrap game :(
22:35:26[IDC]DragonOK, time to say goodnight.
22:35:44[IDC]DragonKamayaka, thanks for your effort with th chips!
22:36:10[IDC]DragonYou must be almost as desperate to flash as I was.
22:36:46Kamayakajupp :)
22:37:07Kamayakabut the main reason is im a soldering iron fetischist...
22:37:31[IDC]DragonOK, I'll check the log later.
22:37:38 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:38:48Kamayakaim leaving as well duo to extrem headage...
22:39:37 Quit Kamayaka ()
22:39:49 Join maff [0] (
22:40:43mafflo all
22:44:18maffhelp: my JBR20 wont charge at all. THe charging screen appears, but the JBR just sits drainging the batteries
22:44:59scott666oh, you might have the deep discharge option on
22:45:43mafferm, its just got a new install of rockbox on (just unzipped to the drive), and thats default settings
22:46:14scott666i suggest looking through the faqs on the rockbox page
22:46:59maffhmm ive done that quite extensively, and cant find anyone with the same problem.
22:47:17uskimaff did you wait after plugging in the charger ?
22:47:25uskisome times it takes some time to start charging
22:47:36maffsorry, wait for what? i plugged it in, and pressed on
22:48:34uskiwait some minutes
22:48:38uskilike 5-10mn
22:49:02maffsorry, i should plug the charger in and then not press anything?
22:53:46maffhmm whats the reasoning behind that? Is there a seperate Rockbox charging screen?
22:54:37maffhmm OK. Ill give it a try, but its been plugged in 5 minutes and hasnt done anything. Is there any way to initiate the rockbox charging screen manually?
22:54:44uskionly when you plugin the charger when the archos is OFF
22:55:10uskiPlugh: the screen does not show when I plug the charger and my archos is already powered on
22:55:35PlughI dunno much about charging probs. I just know there's a charging screen
22:55:55maff<mine doesnt seem to want to find it!!>
22:56:12uskiit is not a problem
22:56:26uskimaff: turn on your archos, withtout the charger plugged in
22:56:31uskithen, plug in the charger
22:56:38uskidoes a small plug appear next to the battery icon ?
22:57:18maffyes i think so (although my batteries are too flat to double check)
22:57:35maffbut yes it does
22:57:42uskiso ur charger is not dead
22:57:47uskiso, when you plug in the charger
22:57:50uskiwhat does the archos do ?
22:58:33maffif i plug the charger in, and press on, i get the ARCHOS Jukebox charging screen......Then after a few mintues, this will disappear as the batteries run out (i guess)
22:58:55uskidid you try with another battery set ?
22:59:15maffthese are new 2300 NiMH's
22:59:30uskiis rockbox configured to use 2300mAh batteries ?
22:59:36uskii think the charging mode is different
22:59:44uskihigher capacity batteries requires a higher charging current
22:59:58uskieally strange !
23:00:10uskido you have something to test the voltage accross the batteries when unplugged ?
23:00:19uskishould be no less than 1.0V
23:00:29uskia discharged battery is 1.0V, a fully charged is 1.2V
23:01:02scott666 uski: no. the battery mah is only used in calculating the time remaining
23:01:13uskiscott666: ok.
23:01:18maffIf i take the batteries out, and charge them in a wall charger, they power the JBR fine for a couple of days, then they conk ok
23:01:33uskistrange !
23:01:45maffthis seems to indicate some error with the charging circuit to me?
23:02:28uskibut try with other batteries to be sure
23:02:38maffthe batteries are fine, for sure
23:02:41uskiif it does not work with other batteries, you should use ur warranty
23:02:45uskiyes but, juste to be sure...
23:02:57uskiafter all, the circuit of ur wall charger is different than the one in the archos
23:03:13maffi dont have a warranty - it was an eBay purchase
23:03:18uski(i know, it SHOULD work, but it is better to be sure there is a problem in the archos)
23:03:55maffThis is rendering my JBR utterly useless :(
23:04:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:05:11uskithat's why i NEVER buy this kind of products from ebay
23:05:18uskiok, it is cheaper, but if i can't use them..
23:05:26uskianyway, do you have some electronic skills ?
23:05:41maffa little yes
23:08:55uskiso you could open ur archos and try to see if there is not something burnt
23:09:32maffi would, but im not sure what to use to undo the screws on the side! They look like weird alan keys
23:09:58maffach! i really should read the site more
23:10:13maffTorx screws....right ill try unscrewing and see what i can see
23:10:22uskiprobably T9
23:10:24uskiwait i check
23:10:57uskiyea, it is T9
23:11:05CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:11:05*uski is proud of having guessed it
23:11:52maffcheers for the help.I dont know exactly what ill spot, but it cant hurt to look
23:12:32uskidon't be violent and you wont break anything
23:12:47uskithis kind of problem can be easy to solve, as it can be a real nightmare
23:12:50uskithere is a part of luck here...
23:13:01uskialso check that your charger is giving enough "energy"
23:13:03maff:) i hope its on my side
23:13:12uski= a good voltage, when you take power from it
23:13:27uskithe voltage might be good when run "empty", but if you put a charge it might drop to some volts
23:14:01maffhow do i find that? its a radioshack type affair, switchable voltage (3-12 volts), 1200Ma Max, switchable polarity
23:26:40uskiaaaah !
23:26:45uskiit is not the original charger ?
23:27:05uskiwhat voltage do you use when you plug in to your archos ?
23:27:37mafferm 9V?
23:27:54LinusN|brb9v should be ok
23:28:01 Nick LinusN|brb is now known as LinusN (
23:29:46LinusNyou could try 12 if you want
23:30:03LinusNif you dare :-)
23:30:21maffi have done in the past, and it madew no difference
23:31:09LinusNyou recorder might be damaged
23:31:26elinenbeLinusN: how is the pre-buffered recording coming?
23:31:37LinusNelinenbe: haven't worked on it for a while
23:32:08elinenbeLinusN: it seems development on Rockbox has slowed significantly from a few months ago...
23:32:31LinusNbagder, zagor and me have been very busy
23:32:37 Join AciD` [0] (
23:32:53LinusNi'm still very busy... :-)
23:56:40 Join track [0] (
23:57:55uskithere are no more a lot of things to do
23:58:02uskii know it is not good to say this but...
23:58:14trackhi linusN

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